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Full text of "Illinois Appellate Court Unpublished Opinions: first series"

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7J-3 g / 



JAN ItJ I960 


191 - 38467 ^^- 

hlhUAU U* PE4AQS, 


KmiM H. OliE'iilST^ «t &1» 


t34I.A. 619 

A^j?ltAL I'M on 

fit OHiCiiao. 

Opinion filed Apr. 30, 1324, 

<lf the oourt* 

this l9 £U(k &pp«&l hy th« d«feitdaats fT«M ft 
^idigHWBt In tb« iivmioiiiftl Oourt in t)i« nvna of #8^*00» 
im favoT of the plaintiff Lillian H, ^iiroe for ye&l 

The ^sc vas trl«d b^fort t>^« court without a 
Imy* T>^« «vld<sno^ short, m^b^taatlally, the followin^i 

Oil Aiigttst 8, 193^, tli« |^laiBtiff» a llo«B«*d 
timX eatatA bTok«T« »olioit*cl $li« d«f€nd^nt» Ob«&«y» to 
l«t %9t •ik(i«AT<Mr to 8«11 tb« property in qucction^ 71S 
m^tth Iiiiidflni itfftwif ^ qak Fayl:, Th« propArlf »t that tlM 
mtt for aikljt, «ad ^»4 alr««asr bft^m pn^it in the bands of 
about tw€nty«»slx r«al ostato a^nts In Oak Park. On ths 
nuMi data, (%enoy« wbo was part own«r of the propfrty, 
vroto to tbo plaii^tiff a^oorlbingf in detail, tbe bouoo 
and lot, stating tbftt tbp prioa was tl9,900*00} tbat th«r« 
varo mortgagoo on the prapftrty aggraimtlttg 113,990. 00} that 
it aonid bo arrangod so that only $3S00«00 in oaob vould bo 
rociuirod; and stating^ furtbor, *wo ar« vory anxious to 
dispooo of this bouso during the fall r«ntlnf ooason, and 
If it is in ordc^r, will bo glad to glvo a bonus of #100 to 



no .A.I^8j» 

fouT •alesaui in addition to your own eowoltslon in tht 
«att«T If thai will azpadltt a aala«* In an effort to 
otitaia a inatower for the property^ the plaintiff adTor* 
tlaad the property twice in a pepar ealled« Oak itaraa, 
publlahed in Ctek Park, In that adhrartlaamant, the property 
warn deaorlbed* and it vas therein stated/ 13500 caab neo» 
•asary to make this ycmr hoae*** In raeponae to that ad* 
▼ertlaeiaent one Irving Levlnton (who abortly afterwarda, on 
$n$pm% 39, beoane the aotual pisrchaaer) and hla wife« vhen 
out driving, looking for a houee, and by reaeon of harlag 
aeen the plaintiff U advert laeaMiat, oalled at the plaia* 
tiff *a hose, and ehe aent hex daii^ter, Mildred Pearee 
with ievlnton sad his wife to aee the property in ^ea» 
tion# There they met Cheney, sad she lat reduced the 
Mrvlntoaa* They wtre all there about twaaty oiiautea* 
Mildred Paaroe teat if led that the ierintoaa looked at 
the plaoe and liked it; that at that time nothiag waa 
aaid about the prioe| that the next day Mrs. i.evlr.toa 
allied and she ahowed her through the houaaj that after* 
«arda» pura\Miat to an appointaent, aha willed up ^*r, Levia* 
ton; that Mra. Levlnton had, aeanwhila beea taken to a 
hoapital; that thej talked to him over the telephone a 
number of timea and he called thaa up on the telephone* 
the plaintiff teetified that after the property was shown to 
Levintea, Qheney oalled up and aaked tltfit the Leviatoas 
thou^t of it; that ahe told hi» tfre, Levlntoa waa quite 
pleaaad with it, also, Levintoa, but not the priee; that 
she w«nt oao«» afterwirda, to Cheney* a house and he said 
be waa g^d aba aadeaade pvogreasi that on Aagaat 15» about 
a week after ahe had alown the property t© the Leviatoas, 
aba reoeivftd a letter from Oheaey reduoiag the price frea 


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•*» ^A^.UOii t, 

•fitf$> mam «Mtt|>«j . 

1 Ml ..•' ,.- 

llStOOO.OO to fl?»&00,00} that ttht talked with Urlnton 
<Mi the tlephonit Moid b« mtid h« rould not go oror $X7^000»00, 
and oho told hi* oh* would tuggoot th« offer; that aho ouhi* 
•Ittod it to Ohenoy and he oald he oould not aooept it off* 
haad« that h« would aooept Lerinton's ttma of eo muoh a 
lAonth* but «mnted |500»00 ^ore; that aha talked with Levin* 
ton over the telephone said he aaid he would not ptj orer 
|X7«000«00 if he had to put up a §^r&ge; that that wse the 
laat oonreraatiOR she had with itowinton; that after the 
<«mtraet w&e aigned • August 29, X92Z «» aha waa notified 
by one Sheehan^ und went ri^t away to aee Cheney; that he 
told her that Lewinton did not oare to eloae the deal with 
a v9«aA| that Cheney aaid, **! waa aure you were entitled 
to the oowniaeion» that X made the T^mmTk to the astleaMui 
for MT. Sheehan** ^e further tf^atified that after ahe fovnd 
the aale had heen nadot ahe aaw c^ienay at hia houae, and 
aaked hia about the aal«» and €^.eney aaid they olaived ehe 
had abandoned it and that the rnsrohaaa had been elooed 
through another agent; that ehe told (^eney that ahe was wery 
ameh aurpriaed beeanae she had introduoed hia and had Mtda 
the eale; that he «®id he oonsidered that ehe had «ade the 
sale; that ehe aeked hia on what teraa it had been sold ta 
Leylnton,and he said on the teras that she had prerioualy 
oade, with aonethial; about a saraga; that he put the natter 
up to the other agent and the latter appeared to think ahe 
would not olaia a coamiealon; that Oheaey said he felt the 
•oaaiaaion waa due to her; that he told her Lewinton had ai^Md 
the oontraot, ttildren Pearce oarroborated the plaintiff, and 
aaid that on Auguat 37, they oalled on Oheney and asked hia 
what it aeant, why they wer«^not entitled to the eoaaission, 
and that Oheney aaid^ in eubetaaoe, that he so ag;reed with 

'^t"r3 |. 

9tir ^' 

> WHl •l<t 







f r 

W Um 




HA • . 

«!« 1^ mmvi 

'^tmi^ ^ 

^^'.f* «>f *■■ . . :!ff 



tktti tlmt h» iMd a«lc«d 8h««hAn why the plaintiff w«s not 
•tttltled to tb« oomalssion* 

A.7tlol«8 of agreiHMfit, dated August 29^ 193S« 
w«re offerffd In erldenoe* They «how#d aa agreeaent to aell 
to J^avlaton for |I7»400»00» paymb}.* t^^OOO.OO in oaali, vith 
a uTovleion for a da«d after oer^la inetallaients hmd been 
paldf aiid» aXso^ & pTOTlaion for a itortgago for tlia telaaee 
0f the purohaae prlo«. There «a« offered In eTldence, alao^ 
a signed meesoranduai betwem the aava parties* proTlding for 
the ereetlon by Lerintcm of a garagt, not to ooat erer 
$1»000«00« and that he should i^nt the dwslllAg houss 
at aa sirpttass* not to exceed fioo.oo* 

Cheney* substantially* eorrsbsrates the eTidenee 
off fired for the plaintiff, Es adnits neetlag the Lerinton's 
t^T the first tifiis* when Mildred Psaroe shoved ths« throu^ 
the house. Ke says he heard froa the plaintiff that Lerlntoa 
vas interested In it. He* ftlsOf testified th^t tlis diSal sas 
closed with te^lntoa for ^17*400*00* and in addition he s»t 
an iaprore^ent on the property of ll*100«00« Levlnton adk 
»itted that he saw an advertisement in ref<^reno^ to soas 
River Forest property* and that he and hit wife droTO out ^i 
a&d were sTiown the property in question* s^nd mst Oiheasy en 
the prenises* He testified that he said hs would not IHls 
to pay ttore than ^17*00C»00 for it; that in a telej^one oon* 
Tsrsation witt the plaintiff* she said it probably eov. id be 
bought for tl7»3C!0«CX>* but that hs answered* saying be was 
not iatsraoted in that prioc. He* further, testified that* 
about two w«eks aftsr* hs and hie wife had disawsssd it with 
a few brokera* wad when they drowe out they ooneluded to 
stsp at Slisebaa*a • a real estats offies • and see witat they 

9^^ 9^' tiit-.'i^'^:-'" h;. 

i^ ^aXiImHf 


<^»i«^ mn 

bad; th&t they were told at that offlo«, of th« property 
In Qu«fltloa| that thay» iftTl^tom and his wifo^ told iUed» 
A real ootatt* oalosaatA at that offioo^ that th«y» J40Tliiton 
and his vlf«» had been a^ovn that pror>«rty hy th« plaintiff^ 
but ooi.'ld not got together on prioe and t«nM and had drop* 
poA the natter; that Keed suggested that there algbt be a 
way of working it out; that he told Re«d that he^ thewit* 
aeea» had the motiMfi that &« the plaoe needed to be laprored^ 
he suggested that the prioe he graduated; that« as Reed eeea* 
sd fairorabis, he told bin to figure it oi^; that he, the 
witn^es^ taad^ Reed a proposition siailar to the one in the 
Artiolee of AgreeiMmt; that he then gaTt Reed a oheolL for 
$500*00 as earnest money* and sifipaed the oontraot* on erosa* 
•JOMinatios he testified that he elided the oontraot aboiit 
two weeks after Mte* P«ar«e had shown hi« t^e propirrty; that 
be bad not sMt Cheney* nor known of the property, until sbs 
took him OTsr; that no definite prioe was auikde at that tiae; 
that he had several oonTersations with sirs* or Miss Fearos^ 
regarding the property; and that through the plaintiff he 
oade an offer of #17,000«00g 

FJPOfli the foregoing, it is difficult to reeist tbs 
oonclnaion that the plaintiff wns the eesrntial proouring 
sause of the sals. That the trial judge 9tt%A in so con» 
eluding, does not seen to be eren plauelbly maintained* Lsv 
in ton had the right to cloee the deal with whom^ and ae he 
saw fit. But in retaining the ecrrioes of others, be oould 
not bXot out what th«5 plaintiff had done for Cheney. «»« 
bad bs«i giwen a proaise by Cheney that if she would pro- 
ours a pttTsbaser she would be reooaqpeased; and haring pro* 
oured a purobaeer* the promise beoaas anerged in a binding* 


E fc'..^ 

U^i ;i; 


.0' . 

» S4 


and <• S9iX as «h« was oonoern«d« an executed oontntct* Th€ 
ta«1( that a slight ohaagt w».8 nade in the t«T«a« vhereby 
i]iat«ad of the fixed prio« of the eospleted sale being 

117,500.00, it was |17,400,0C, ^ith the QtJ»lifio«tion that 
the purohaeer ahouid hwlld a g^ftvnise, which wai not to ex- 
ceed $1,000*00 in cost, on the pre^ieaa, is no euhstantial 

evld5!»nee that the plaintiff failed to procure an able tnd 

willing purchaser at term® eatiafactory to the defencJjint, 

Cheney, hiisfjelf, testified that he told the plitintiff that 

from what he knew he thou^^ht ahe was entitled to a oo&«ission, 

aa ahe had brom^t a onatoBs@T ende&Torlng to buy the lot at 

t«2M« ii»ila7 to those mpon which it w^ia sold, inhere the 

arld€!n0e of both agent said principal is that the aerricei 

hare ^a^mi rendered, it ia strong proof that a cofla:inleai'.''B 
has been earned. It i» tht claim tor the defftnd&nta th&t 

the plaintiff abandoned the possible sale to Lerinton* Tha 
ewld«nce does not support th?it contention* Mildred Fearce 
testified that after the time she firet showed the property^ 
•he called Levlnton up, pixreuant to an appolntwent to talkf. 
with Mrs. LCTinton, but the latter bad been taken to a ha»» 
pital. iha sayti she ealled Mr. LSTintoa up on August 27, 
and asked hla if it woi id not be pleasant when Mrs. Leyintof 
earns hoas from the hospital to have her go to the house ia 
quest ioA| that she told Hr. Levintoa haw auoh Ifrs. Lswintoa 
liked it, and how imoh she was intfixested in it; and that 
Hr. LSTlnton said tlmt wae exactly what was going to bapp«u 
She further testified that the deal %aJL already been slOMd 
through another broker, and she asked Levinton, at the tias. 
If It was on the plnintiff»s teiws with Cfhensy, att(S hs ad- 
mitted It was. The plaintiff, herself, testified that she 
talkad to LSTiB%oa« aftsr he had been shown the property. 



tM ft 

♦^ fi^f 

»J5 T«t S* h&M 



onofi or twie«« ABd» furtlier^ that nhea Leirlnton aaid h« 
liked th« pTO;>«?rty» ut oould not pay tfie prlo« of llf^OOrtOO^ 

and would not go over $X7*000»00« abt told hl^ia ttiat tht kiiav 

ttiAt tbe pcirt]i/v».8 oonduotlag the gala wan *vAf« ^ut a« soon 

as she oouldt she vo^^d suggest tbe offer and aaJc hla to 

aalbS ona| that ehe then submitted the offer to Cheney; that 

Cheney said he oo M not off*ha»laooept it^ that he «oi Id 

aooe^ LeTlntoa** tenao as to so much a months but not as to 

#17«000«00; that he wanted 1500*00 aore; that the then talked 

about t^t sitiaatioa with tevlttloift; Bud the latter oaid^ 

^t won't pay over |17»000«(X> as long as 1 hawo to put up 

a garage** fhe ageaoy to sell the property wa^ glwen to the 

plaintiff on August S* 19^3; and the oontraot of sale is 

dated Jtugnat 39, 1932, showing an interim of only three we^ks, 

and Cheney, who first net the LeTintons at the house, s.s the 

resvftt of the plaintiff oalllng him up and askiag hla to 1M 

thera for that purpose, says he talked with LerintoB generally 

about the houso, and that that ooourred about the 15th or 

30th of August, and^ further, th%t he had sereral talks with 

tiM plaintiff and her d&u^ter, quite obrlously there w^s no 

abandonaicait. Further, the sTidenoe of the plaintiff that she 

r^oelTsd a letter from Oheney on August 15, reducing the 

price froBi #18,000*00 to 1X7,500*00, shove that the aegotis^ 

tiOBS were going on and that the natter was still aliwo, and 

thsat the only obetaole to inisediato oonsuaaation was a differ* 

snoe of 1500*00 in prioe* In view of what the record ahows, 

to claia that &!heehaa, in the langimge of defendants* brief, 

"was the proouring and effioient cause of the sals" does not 

quite reasonable. 


3^ ■ 

'-*2 • 

»r-f . 

*• I': ■:*!?■ a., .V 

<A<iJti^ a* ^Mn^ 


*^ 'j: -.y^-j-^- 


•« •••* Hum 9€^ ; 

■■-vCj/.; ;,^^ ^^ 



fhtTfn ar« many dvoided oates on the flubjcot, 
tout upon ABalysla* It ie found th*t •aeh depAUdU pTloiArllf 
upon Its partieul&T f^Qts, and that no two &y« allks* Im 
MyMai ^* ^^oy^ ^^® H^* 383, tb« oourt taidf » It it 8\if« 
fiol«nt If the salt ie effeoted tbrouti^ the efforts of 
the broker or through infentttion dorirod through hia.** 
Oitioir .Ifff^yf, ▼• Boh^i^t, S5 U. T. nd; Stewsrt ▼• tether. 
S8 Wis. 544, aad l^j^fiOOlB t. |ipO^,i^^<^^^y, 56 Conn. 156. In 
oiir opimloii the plaintiff ims the proeurlng cause, and 
vss diligent Knd not ofaargs&%>Is trlth hsvlng sbandoned ths 
pTOSpeotlTS sals* It Ie olaised for ths defsadsnt that 
*ther« was no oontraet for any liquidated aaount of oo«» 
aissioa,* and that there is no srldenoe in tlis record as 
to i^iat ooastltutss the usual »nd. eustosary eovsissl^ft 
whieh is Qlainsd by ths plaintiff, Im ths statssent of 
sXal% tlis plaintiff sst up that the plaintiff bseaos aad 
WRS »* entitled to the usual rsal estate coaaisaion rlus tlOO; 
that the puroh^se price to ¥r, LeTinton was, to-wit, tl7,500, 
and that the custoaary end usual ooaalssion is thrss per eent 
on s^^id m4 Qt I&25, which with the additional sua of llOO, 
aalies #635 due and owing the plaintiff.* The trial judge 
entered judgment for #632 •00, which w s three per asnt on 
|17,400»00, fhs defend'^nt (3kSBsy, in ths affidewlt of aerits 
for the three defeadante, denied that he, as agent, rs^sstsd 
ths plaintiff to find a piMrohassT or that, as agsnt, hs 
proaissd to pay the plaintiff the usual ooaaission plus flOO 
if the plaintiff should procure a piurchaeer. But in addi- 
tion to that denial, it ie affiraatlTsly stated 'that on or 
about Auf»st 8, 1922, defendant Ohsnsy told the plaintiff 
tHat that pTf^pBTtf was for sals for tlitOOO and offered to 
9«y the plaintiff the usual rsal eetate ooaaissloa plus m 



4 WL- 


bonus of $100 for nogotlatlng a salo of the proporty, but 
the plaintiff did not negotlato a sale of tht property for 
|19»000 or any other a?3iount; that it vai agreed that said 
^mrnXmaian and bomit war« to ba paid only in the event that 
tka sale of aaid property vaa ooaauMMttad through tbo efforts 
of plaintiff as agent. As It appears, therefore, that the 
stateaent of elaim set up that the e«sto«ary aad usual ooa* 
•Ission ms thr«e per oent; thftt that eae not denied in tbs 
affidavit of merits; and that in the affidavit of aerits it 
vas stated that the defendants «*e»greed that said ooiaatisaion 
and boaus were to be paid only in the event that the sals 
of the property was oonsunsatsd tbrofui^ the efforts of plaitt* 
tiff as agsntt* it was not asoessary for the plaintiff to 
put in affirsatlTS STidsaos as to the usual aad oastoaary 
ehergsa for oomlsaicm* Jk eloss asalysis of the affidarlt 
of merits demonetratse that it was not ii^teaded to deny that 
the ufual and ouatiMUkry charge was as set up ia the statement 
of olaia* 

Ooasidf^^ringj earefully, what the reeord disolesee* 
ai^ the arguaent for the defendant, w« fsel boimd to coa* 
olude that there was a fair trial, without any substantial 
srroy, and that the judgnent should stand* 

The jud^ent, therefore, will be affiraed* 






* « ftXXJ^.^ 



••''V o#i« ttimii mat 




234I<,Ao 6l9 

'ii:;ai» rami 

Opinion filed Apr. 30, 1384. 

ifit. imnm 0»00M0R tSellTer^l the opinion of 

9sr this «p^«al the cl«f»nd<iat 0t«kff te r^ymrw^ 
% dc«r*e wbloh oardeTed that tbere b# an aoeoimt&ng b«tire«n 
the parties Gonoemlng ©o^mlsaions mowing out of eertalm 
r«al tatat* tT^nsaotiono. 

Ooaplainant in hla Mil alltg^d tl»t In tb« 
•Oftth of 0«tob€r, 191S, foe entered into an orml «gr««s«nt 
with th« defemtunt to foria a lialt«d oo*partn«TftMp &• 
r«(il •»tJs,t« bTOkoTs *in«ofiix' as tl^e teuM p«rtttln»d to tiM 
s&king of land oontraota fo» ethimi for tho pmrehnso^ nit 
or ozehKn^ of land* foy building proporfeleo, loontod in 
Obioiftgo** Xt vfto further fellogsed that the nlofendant wmo 
an oxp^Tlenood real e«t«ite broker with referenoe to lendn 
attd vnnohfta «nd th»t the oonpXalnant wee an experienoed 
broker in reletlon to propertlee loo&ted in catieego. The 
bill then eete up elx reel eetate tmnenetloiie* vhieh were 
OSnvMnnted iznder the ngreeaent and eI»o fire other real 
•et&to tianenetiofts wttioib vere not oonenssntod uid ont of 

vhioh no oomlSBiono wt9 oemed* Tht elx ooaMomnted treno* 
ftoti^nn ir^re known and designated ae followei (1) Oooper- 

eid .A 

V&lXl«jBMii« <3) &*iA:ey*ieirtl«tt* (2) rol9^•Qoop^r, (4) 

It is fuart)i«r alXttged that In the OTftl aigpMMMMitente 


/the tin* during f^loh it sbould (K»ntlm»« ves not mentioned* 
Imt tlmt it «»« inpliedly Tmd«Y«toedi tad iigv«*d that it 
•liottld eoctinufl until disoolTed by Ottt^tfil agrft«;t!«nt« Tb« 
bill then alleged t^t all profits a^d losses reoeiT«d ss s 
result of Kueb furfensirsliii* w«rs to be diTiied serially betveem 
thsa; that the profits mmA lee see bad bewR diTided betwsea 
tbe parties as ts three ef the ooasusMSttsd transact ions; 
sad as to the rinaialng tbarae tbere bad net been a est tie* 
K«nt; that there was §560 .00 aue and ui^;>iiid on aooount of 
th« l^ottasatoaie Oc^tmty iKn^i |X37&«00 reaaiaing unpaid 
en tha Oee|»ei^WlllijMasoa traneaetioa; and that th*r$ had 
ba^ xio aooounting or diirielon in referenee te the sale of 
the J^ddington |»roperty« the jporiaeipal ooatroTsrsy oa 
laus appwUL is in relJttioa to the ooasissloBS earned oa 
aeeotmt of the Faddington property* Ooaplaiaaat taking 
the position tl^t he ims entitled to ons^half of such 
soaaiesioas and defendant oont<mdlng that eeaplainaat has 
BO interest in thea* 

It is aXlOgsd in the bill that in the aonth of 
^uly» 1913« the (ftsfen^mnt rectueeted tbe ooaplainant to 
assist a^Qd oooperats in brlnglag about am exohaaga of soa» 
Sd^OOO sores of land lee^ted in Kev Msaioo and ovaod by «M 
John 0. ^jftd* for the Paddiagton ap&rtaeat balldiag loested 

in Ohloago, owned by oaa «• F, ehellebarger; that eoaplala- 
aat bad put the defendant in touch if 1th Shelloberger ia 

SJflSTlMililQA^ ■*^' 





01^ XT,. 

y«f«r«iioe to the Muttey* Xt lo th«ft alltg«d tluit b«tli 
plftlnamt mn& 6»t«n^si% aotod a« •««At« for tbe roopoetlTO 
pYOpOTtloo; thftt tboy botfa oxhlMtod tho Frnddlngtoa aport* 
sent iJuiXdlng to Band th« owner of the Iftad in X«v isoxlot; 
tlAt ooaplalniiint Invostlg^tod «a4 wide i^ report of the in* 
0000 of the Pitddingtoii piroporty to Bitiid and <*ob dlToro 
OOoaolono* too &%»i«rou» to mention at the request of eald 
Laiidlo* oofLferrod wit!) Bind aad the defeadaat at the Iatt«r*e 
offioft in refer€&o« to tlio exo)iattc» of tbo properties; tliat 
praotio^dXy ^Xl of tito oorrespoad^noe^ vMeh w%8 of great 
irol^ni*^ wa» o&rried 0!& 1^ oonplalsant and di stated by hlm^ 
altlioiiilti vtittea om def^n^l^^t.ts otatloaory} that coaplalsaiit 
did the work in referonoo to another tranaaotion pending at 
the m>mm tIttO* i^ile -^e dofend^nt %ASOd hie efforto to 
Olo«« 1^ l^asaingtoii trasyaaetloiii t^t in ^anoarjr, lfI4« 
Iprlor to tbe oloaing of tl>« l^ddintgott deal the defendant 
ml thou t «my emm9 or reason* infonaed ooaplalnant that 
notvlthfltsndlng the partaoreltip agreement between tteett« 
ooniplainant h^^d .0 interest in the Haddington tr^mar^otion^ 
nor in the ooaiml»Biano ^aminting to 145*00 «00 firising out 
of flfueb tf%n«aotlon» aXtlxoui^ ooaipli^inant »a« ready ^ad 
wiXXing to do his pikrt of the irork. 

The defendant anaverod the bill donyiag that 
thero waa any partnorehip agreetsent entered into bet«oe» 
Hien and aXlegod that for a long tiKO prior to Ootober* 
1918^ Im had boon a regular lioenaed broker* oonduoting 
hie biuiinoao in Ohioago and that the ooapXainant vaa aleo 
ifligagtd la the oaaio buslneae in €hioago| that it had long 
be«ft thO oustom for real oetato broker* in ef looting aalea 
or oxoiUBiii of roaX ootatot where one broker repreaented 



MiM S«4» 

on« paTtjr staA wMit1i«y th« other party to th« traiiMiotloA^ 
%• p9ot th«ir oo»mlMio>tt« and divldt It •qu&lly^ tjiid ttet 
•uoli «rrfiii£eia«iit had )>«eii «nt0red lato l9y the pcirtits* 

The answer further •«t« up tiBtat thetn vms atrtr 
Mty ftgr««««xit to dlfld* th0 9xpmm— afid •oanlssioA in refer* 
ftiio* t9 the s^ddlngton property} that the defeadaitt wpxitm 
•ented \»th Fland and @li»ll«b«rger aad tliat he alone vma 
entitled to ttie eottmieslen* The answer also aete up that 
•MQilnina&t did not properly aeeount to the d^fend^nt for 
eesHilaaloaift earned in s^i^ of the ether deale« but that 
he ifnudulentlir oono^iaed the. ajeotot he collected* ThO 
def«»nHij^t In hie answer denies that in Svlj^ 1912« or at 
nay other tiae^ he ret^xested eoi^ainant to assist hia 
in the Paddington transaotion and denies that ooatplalaant 
imt hi.i» in toveh with ^eiXel?ergsr» the owner of the Padding* 
ton %|MtTt»ent tmlldltskg* It further denies tMt the defend* 
ant had rendered any serTiees in referenee to thie natter. 

the «anse was T^B^rr^d to S^rsxrille v« BrowlLiac* 
#. Hester in ohaneery of ^e ciroult Oox^rt of Qook County to 
tmte the testii^ny and rei^«ort the ssjie with his oonelusions* 
1^ Master prooe^^ded to take proofs and after he had taken 
lOST pages of testimony* his term of off! so expired* He 
filed the eridenoe ^hioh he had taken with the Clerk of 
the court. Afterw&rds oonplttlnant i&OTSd the oourt that 
CranTiUe «• Browning be appointed a speeial aaeter to ess* 
plete the hearing and to make up hie report* Thie sotlcn 
was Ob jested to hy the dr frnaant and it wae denlei by the 
dbaaosllor« ^nA the eauso was referred to Roswell B* i^son« 
one of the ansters of the oourt. Thlt order was later set 


^i»^ 't«Lr«ir«* 


ft«id« am) aftcnmrdt oa motion of th« «MrplalaKBt« tb* 

thft oau»« to Mil tm suoh spaelAl mk«t«r to oonolder tho 
«Tld«aoc th^7«tofort talioii (uul to eovplott tht taking 
#f it and to talto up bio rmpoxt* Aftonrnrdo in acoortfamoo 
with this ord^Tg tho partioo api>oared bofore Browning* a 
opooial sntotOT^ an^ Introduo^d further pyooft and he nado up 
his roport* He found that in 1912^ tbo parties entered into 
an agre«»ont to carry on *s business for tbelr autual iSf- 
tomat ezehanging proportioo in genoi^l, land or xani^ot 
for flat Imildim^if a« roal eetato brotcom* and tkat ia 
•uoh ox<dm&|^s they wor6 to diwido the ocmniaaiona and 
Mitot oj^naos oqualXy.* Ee furtlier fo^und that a fSMOiisaion 
Of l4d0*0Q, i^ioh WHO r«o€iTod by ooB^l%lnant on a loan grov^ 
lag out of th« Q&ria deal in the Kasaas land« ahould b« dirid* 
•i bowituao it wan not exoeptad when the agreon«it of 1913 waa 
Hidt| tl^t tber^ olioisld aXeo be wm aeoounting by tbo oo»» 
plai^uit for oonni;@$lona growing out of tbe 9rillianao»» 
Oooper deal wliioh w#re inwolwed in a lavouit by one Beeaon 
agKinat oostplElnant* mudt aooounting depending upon tbe 
determination of that auit; tbat the deffndnt should 
aooount for the oo8UKi8aii>na growiair out of the faddington 
tvasAaotion* In referenoo to this the apooi&l asaater fonai 
«th&t the ooAplainant and defendant were working on tbat 
proposition for a long ti»Ot notably in an attewpt to 
oarry throu«^ a trade of the groola Plantation for the 
Haddington apartiaent and finally the trade of the bull*» 
lag with one liend waa closed*} that while the Paddington 
tYannaetioa waa Ooing aM* the partiea wero working on 
Another doal known aa the Folse doel; that eonrl^tlnant 

♦rft .tr 






0s:99 a«Mit of his %Um to the rolM matter and the d«f end* 
nut to th« PftdfUngton. Th« »peelail Master aleo found that 
no notice vms frlTen by the die fend nt to the ooeipIaineiLt 
of SMy intention to bireeJ: off their agre^isent until Jnn* 
uai7» I914« when the Paddlngton ooanintion had already 
bei^ earned* 

01»Jeoti)na of the dbefendant to this report irere 
ovemiled ami they wsire order t© etaad a« exoepftions. 
Before %h» cd£tuftoeXXoir» the defendant wan g&Ttn leare to 
filn im additiosaX exo^istion to the ef feet that the 
n|i««l«X sMiter aftni* hie appolnto^tt znA before entering 
npon his d»ti@e had not t&lcen the oath or giTen the 
hos^ re?|i3iyed by the «tatut«» The coi^rt oTerruled all 
nxoeptionn ^mA enterM a decree ia eeeordanoe vlth the 
reiK»rt of th# speoial amster* In the deoree the ^lurt 
fo\md that upon K.n inoi^otion of the rroord that the 
•9n«ial mnter did not s^jdNiorihe to an nnth or file a 
Iftond* h^t ftirther fotmd that the failure to do ao wan 
waived by the def erj^suat appearing before the epevial 
annter $end offering teatinonytirithout objection* 

The defendimt proneoutes thie appeal fro» the 
d«»oree and iiripes a« grounde for rerprsal that (1) there 
wn.9 »B authority for the appointment of the apeeial 
nanter* (^) that the epedal aaater having failed to 
^Oce the entli or filo the bond required, the prooeedings 
before hin vere lllogaX end void and (3) that the ovev* 
whelning weight of the eridenee ie to the effeot that 

oo9t>lalnant vae not entitled to any part of the feen 
received from the Padtiington tvanaaotion* 




1« The 4»t9n'is.nt oontends thsit there w»« no 
muthorltjr for ^e appolntnent of th« •poelal aa«t€»y hooauso 
thft offlo» of m»M%9X tn oheuio«xy Is eromtod hy tho statitto 
(&eo« 1, Ohmp, 80« OsOiUlU Statuttt) and that seotion 5 
of that ohaptisr prorldea f&r the appdliit«ent of a apoelal 
saoter *«^«Mr?»Y it ohall happ«ii that Xh^rt is no i^ster 
la eftiaae«iy in aay eou»ty, ot wh«n auoh aaattr ahaXI bo of 
oounasl ot of kl» to olther party Intorootod, or othorwiao 
dla^aXlfiod ot uaiihXe to act la any suit or aattor* and 
that this soot ion authorising tho a^polataHmt of a spooial 
«a4it«7 was mkt appllc^hle in the imstant oaso bseauso th««r« 
aro sovorta i^stors in Oook Oownty who wem in ao way di»» 
filial if led uftd^r th«s ^tat\it«# Aad it is arguod that ths 
oourt shoiald havo app^oiated ono of mxioh aastors and that 
th«ro vms a© awthonty for the &p;^iatai«at of ths spooial 
wastor. Sq think this &rgt>rti«iit is mnsmiad. tho p«vor of 
s oourt of stianoary to appoint a is».stor and to rsfer a o^uso 
to hia wh«Tt an issiiis of f<^ot arises* is inhsrsnt in this 
oouTt* 3u^ poirsT is anelsiit snd irsll ostahlishsd* 17 Fnoy* 
PI* it Fr. 903; ss« also Hondsrsoa i^anoory ?raetics« eso» 135« 
If in ths Instant onss a oourt of ohanesry were not autborissA 
to appoint a spssial aastsr* it would falX Air iJtiort sf bsiag 
aMs to do justios iMtwssa the part lot* Bsrs ths aastsr 
in ohanosry to wbon the eanss vas rsg;uXarXy referred ha^ taksa 
1037 iMLgss of tsstiseny whsn bis term of offios STT>ir«d» ^ad 
it o«rtainXy is not in eoason&noe with scuity and good oon- 
soisnoe to rfsf\;iss to appoint li apeoiaX aastsr or ooaaissionsr to 
taks ths halanos of th<^ proofs and to aaks «p his rsport upon 
all ths «Tideno« addinosd, Kor ars vs tithont authority to 

suetAln the ftppoln^?!i«iit of tlite spcolaX mastur* 8*o, I 
of aujr (Siimoc^xy Aot (Obap* 22) prorldes tba% oourt* of 
obanoery * shall hftvtt poimr to pit»o«c4 thereiiif »eeo7<i» 
Ing to th4» mod« herfriimfteir pretorltMd; aad vliort n* 
proTlsion ie aui4« by this Act, according to tht gtnczal 
iiB»C« aad pxftotie^ of oourts of oc|\}ity«** Stetl^m %9 of 
tlio •««• olmpter proTid«9 tbat a oourt of eiuaiotTf «&)r 
"upon defaiatf or upo» i««is« )9«lfig ;}oliiod» ref^r tlM 
omxB^ to « Mftottr in ohaneory ot opoelal ooaaioolQiior# 
to take mad report o^rldtaeOf with or without bio oon- 
olusloBuR th^Ttmpoa.** la lamaigortti r » ^traalt>rm IS ill, 
4^g yth&Te am o}»|oetioa wac M&dft to the ^.ppolntaieBt of 
a opooiml oojKiioftloiior t© txocmto a d«^eT@« of the court* 
M *a« said; *Wo ostiBot »ay tbat tht Circuit Oo\irt orred 
in appalnting a «p#olstl oo?smli?ei'3n«jr or ssaster, to carry 
tho dooro9 iato oireoutioa* ^nlthois^ It vat busiaeta proposly 
apportalalag to t^« dtxtloa of the resident aoiator la that 
county, yot tfei? ^fiurt w«« Ttatod wit^ tfeo authority t« 
appolat the apaolal oommisfildaer, to ajreouto tbo deoroo** 
J>^^ i» te^M ▼• ^yia« 30 511. ISO, irhftyo & spoolaX aaator 
bad Xmmi ap!:^iatod, tht court selds * Xt is ^uita ooanoa 
and aoooasary for n court to reaort to the aid of a apeeial 
at&ater, for mmy pvcrv^sm»»* 

In th» inati^At eaat a« tbink tha appoiatacnt of 
Crawrilla «. BrowaiBg aa apeeial aaater in chanoery waa 
aatiraly propa»^ Wwther ha ahould b« teohnically teraad 
a apeeial naater or a opooial ooasilaaioaar ia ijaaatariaX 
and uaia^rtant* 



9, Hot do w« thiiik th^r^ la nnj nerlt In th« 
d«ftnd^^nt*« oontcntloa that the prooeNlings b«fore th« 
ft{»«ci«l naster w«t« null and Toid^ b«(nua« the «p«olaI 
iaft«t«r h&d not subseribed t') the oath ^r filed a bo»d« 
fhlle It would hRTf been proper »nd regular for tbe 
special sast^T to have d<»at fto« |rtt th6 defendant by appear- 
lug before mx&h epeciaX iMuiter «ad toklag p9a% in the pro* 
oeedingft %h»T9 without aaJcing anjr objection* e&n&ot no^ be 
heard to queetloft tlie prooecdln^. Ei&d the defendant when 
he first ^ppeaared befori^ the epeeial auieter raieed the 
point now nade it is obnrioue that tht oath and af ficUrit 
m\%ld bftfv then been filed and th@ proceedlafS nade regular 
Uk 0w%jf i»MtlmX%t. fhie vac not doiie^ bitt the first 
««a^ai])ct neens to h^ve bM» mude xtpon the hearing of eic» 
oeptitnie to the report before the aha^oelXor, This waa 
too late and the defendant ^y appearing before the epeeial 
master and falling to mka any objeotions, ie siov eetopped 
from q^Koetioning the report* ; ;,ardrid^ v. Hyan^ 134 III. 247. 

3t It is further contender? by the defen^nt that 
the oTorwholtting wti#%t of tbe evidenoe eetebliehee the fftot 
that no euch rngsttmnmit was entered into between his and the 
eovplaitiant ae found by th9 aiaeter and the ohanoellor« and 
tber«for«« the oomplainant vas not entitled to any ooasieeiono 
mixnmd on aeoount of the £ih«llebergo9»l^ddlttgton transaotion* 
To paos on thie queetion it ie neoeeoary for us to dieoues 
•OMOvktit in detail %}^ evidenoe adduoed by both partiee vhiili 
ia voluminous* 

the evid»no€ ehows that for a m^wber of years 
prior to 1911 both oooplainant &nd defendant WW ong^god 


in bu8ln««« &• real ostatc brokers In Ohicfigo* Oo»» 

plainant*8 bu0ln«e8 was oondv^etttd by him under the xuub^ 
of Southard and Tr&lner at 390S Oottagt GroTt av8nu«» 
Willie the aefendnnt laalntalned hit office in the down 
town district • At about that tlae the erldence shows 
that O0]iplaiaant*8 buainena was in a bad way finanelally^ 
oooaeioned ae be testified^ by tba dishonesty of one of 
his employes* A great nany elwil suits were brought 
a|f?^lnst hiai and ^^enta obtained. The testimony of 
eoffiplAlnamt is that there vf^^re fifty or sixty of euoh 
suits and that he had been oited in some of the oases 
in whloh |ud|S8ient bad been rendered against hia in sv^ 
plemen^ry prooeedings in the M\aiieipal Ck>urt of Chieft@o» 
but was unable to pay any of the judgments. Tba evidence 
also shows that etsaiplalnant was faaillar with the sale and 
exohanga of apertiafent buildings in Caiie^sro, and that the 
defendant was familiar with the exchange of ranches loeatsd 
in other states for Chicago property including apartaent 
bixildln^i. At about this tiae (1911)^ the parties set 
and it was sui^^tsd by the complainant that he and the 
defendant foim a partnership for the purpose of exebaaglBg 
Ohioago property for rabohes located in other states* eosK 
plainant stating that he was in touch with a nusiber of 
•swirs of Chicago property and that the defendant bad a nu«- 
boT of customsrs who owned large ranches; that the defendmt 
refused to enter Into ouch partnership, stating as a reaso^ 
that on aooount of oomplainant^s financial difficulties, 

he did not want to hawe his businsss adxed up with the 
complainant' 8 as a partner. The evidence further shows 

that an agresasnt was entered into at that tins. Co«plaHi- 

ant testified that it w^>s then agreed that where a dsal was 

•■?** .;i-'?. Sf^if't 




.1 «V* l 


■ad* for th« •xobunge ©f prop«Ttlft», eAoh tbouid obtain 

hi« CKjmleisl cms fro» bi» own tu«tofli»r and tbat this wa« 
d£>a« In a miastoey of d«mXs ana until »«pti?ffllieT 2$, 1913 » 
wbea the p&rtl«» «mter«d into SAOth*? and dif f tfT«iit agTta- 
mmt wljftjrctoy It »a« &gre«A that aaeb would devot« all of 
lila tia» t<» th« tiUMimBM of txolMHigliif pTop«nie» and dlTldt 
tlitt pr©fit«, «xp«ii»«« eiad l©»«e« ©^juatUyj tlimt tfelft l»tt«r 
imiMi#«i«iit mmm oral niad tbat %h» poried of ti«« fo» wtiloai 
tfe» afy«e«ii«»t ws;.a to eoatiim« ima not ia«ntl©ned, Cto %lM 
dtli«r h».»d, tfe« d€f«m.<n2Mit t»»tlfi«»d tl»t the agreeaeat w&« 
ttet In esMMi til® partit* «ff«©t#d aa «x«^«iig» of pTop«rti«»t 
tli«y iKjuld p©^! tli« ®0i8ad»siaii« amd divide t%«M •Qually 
aft«y d«ta«tlag «iip«a»««. Ai3«X d«feiid-iit»« position ia 
tliat xmf^^t this ,isirm»^»9a€mt a mstbair of d«al« ware ooa- 
moKsm^^d m^. the mvmimiom aad «i^aa««a dind«d *Q\»ny» 
f»m tisiat th« |»arti«« aagoti&tad a ima^t of othox aattor* 
wliar# thm deiila waxe tiot TOnstn^aatad, and that tha agrao» 
mma!^ mm atw? aodifiad ox efeanged Mtw««a the partiot until 
i^mwry, ltl4, ffe« daf«»«2teat*a poaltioa furt^«T ia that 
tmm 19U until 19X4, aftOH of the partlca eonduatad bia 
atpi^rat* fwil aa t»t« ferokiaxmg* 1wiaiaa«ftt that thay* wa« 
B0 ©onnaotion betwasn tha pattlaa. ^xa^pt wh«x« thoy teaU 
narkad \kp0n a daal. 

I^ia atftatty and th« ehanaollor fo^md la a«co»d» 
ano« with tha oont^ntl^n of ooapUiaaat. Th« «a^t*nea of the :«ia 
terial evidanee i« «« follaaa! 

Oan^lalnant t««tifl«d that ha haa known tha 
iifijiiiitimt olno© 1906j that t>oth w«ra than angag«l m *^« 
:raal aati^t* huainaa.; oompUlnanfa ?l*o« o^ huainto. 


^t^r** «?»if^ '^fv 


being at No* 9#0S Oottag* aroTc urmxam and th« defimdsnt** 
buslnesA In tbe Tribune Building; that in 1911 h« talked 
vltb the defend&nt about a real eat&to deal known aa tbe 
IkTle-Oooper de-Al; that the defendant repieeented OaTlo, 
aho evned a large ranoh in Kansaii. and dealred to exohange 
It for Ohie&go property; that the eoatplalnant repreeented 
Ooopex, who owned Ohlosigo property; that- it was agreed at 
that tltoiOf on aooo\mt of the eoApXalnant*e flnanolaX diffi* 
aaltl«e« that in case thi« transaetion waa put throu^, eoa» 
plaimmt ehould |j:et hie eo«B^i«alone from Oooper and the 
defendant fro$F ^Js^vie; thst the deal wae oonoiunatedi; that 
oos^lf^inant oolloeted |387S«00 frea Ooopor ae hie oeanleelon 
mnd the deforsfinnt |4»000«00 fros Darie ae hie eomieeion» 
all of whloh wae in aooordanoe trith the terse of the agree- 
ment* Oottplalnant further testified in Tef«r«noe to thie 
deal that after it wae oloeed Landle aeked Cooper for 
|X»000«C)0 on aooount of oojismissione; that Oooper aeked 
oii^plainant if It wae all riglit to pi^ Laadle« and that 
the witneae aINitod that it wm«| that a oheek wae giwom 
to Juandle by Cooper for $l«00a»00 and afterwarde another 
oheok for #937*110; that this mut a loan nade by eei^plalnant 
to defendant find that the defendant repaid it; that it wae 
not ono*hftlf of the ootraleel&ns. The evidene« further 
ehowe that iMYle gawe hia ohe^ for |S^OOo*oo on scoount 
of the oo«amieeione to defendant and eonplainant teetifled 
that after the defendant deducted expesnee, the defendant 
gawe hin a dneok: for one»half of what reeeilned, wis* 
|139t»^ and at that tlM eoaiplainant i^we a reoelpt for 

thie to the defendajit ae followe; ti^^ 

• ^^. 1912. 

' T u •':■ 


Reoelvftd front Franklin liandis^ tl398«38, on aoeo\uxt of 
SftTla* oo«nl8«ioa And «xp«ii8crB« ^. o. Trainer** 
Ck>iQ)laiaiAt furtber t«fitifi«d that he did not know why 
dofcn^ifSLAt ipiTO hint ft eho^ for this ssmot «tmouat booaxiso 
it was not R division &f th« ooM&isslon. 

We hawo giron all th« tottimonjr on this sxibjsst, 

wxitk of iMoh wo have not adverted to in this opinion* our 

eareful oonsideration and hare heen tmahle to escape the 

oonviction that it does not mxpport the deoree. It 

ie perfeotly olear from ooa^lainant'e own testiaonjr 

what was done In the smtter. It is unreasonable to oontend, 

a* OouAseX does, that ooatpXainant Xoaaod the defendant 
1X937*50 sad that afterwards it was repaid* Moreover 

this is not aXl of this transaetion* The evidenee shows 
thut ooapXainant was imi4 |4d0*OO as ooaffiissions in o1>» 
taining a Xoaa in iUUUMts, which was earned as a part of 
the transaotioni that he did not aoco^int for this to 
the 4^fend^nt| and aXthou^ denied hy the oompXaiaant* 
it is eXear fro* the eridenoe th^t the defeniant had on 
nunerous ooaaeions asked oompXainant why he had not paid 
oas«haXf of this aaotiat to the defendant, and the rrpXjr 
was that it had not yet heen colleoted and probably never 
would bo ooXXeoted; that the Xast time when this satter 
was discussed between the parties, the defendant produeed 
the oaaoeXXed ohecA showing that eoapXainant had Xo&g be* 
fore ooXXeoted the Honey. This transaction was not sen* 
tie«wd in oofl^Xain%nt*8 biXX beosuse he says that it took 
plaoe before the oraX agreement «ae entered into betwe n the 


^bn^iaa^ oJ eioj^zcaBsiasj 






fftTtittn^ Tis* &9p%%mb%T 36» 1912 ftnd vhiob la th« dat« of 
th« eontr&et imrolved In the lAstant m^m9, altbou^ b« had 
9ai«ged In bis MIX Another Xiuna&etion • th« i5«<dt«x*»B&rtlott ^ 
irhloh took plao« pfloY to the Ooop«x^J>RVlt nattfr and wbloh bo 
•llogod wft« one of tho tT&asaotloAs for Yhloh he sought 
»ft ftoooimtiiis* Or the trli.1, hoveTtiVt ^^^ ^^ ^^^< oourt» 
k« ^sil:«« t^o position tli&t nolthor of theoo tTa&oaetloBS 
aro properly iiwrolvod In the prenent proooedtng* 

$» to i^« i»«ltov»BRrtl«tt Tx^noaction* the OTidenoe 
ahowa that about lt|i th«s parting Ut^n to negotiate In rff«r» 
tnoo to this a&tter^ wwplsinant rop««»«nttng BartXett, who 
owned Chio^igo property an<S tho deftmdmnt BaokoTt i»io ownod 
land outride of Ohlct^. Tho d«al w&a conmtiHaated. Bartlatt 
aeTear paid any oomai^aioa. Afterward* th« defendant hrougiht 
suit a#tiaat Beokar to yecower a ooassBisaton. Thl« aattar waa 
diapoaed of and the oommiacloa divided •^rnaXlf Twitwoen oo«- 
plftinant, d«f«aiant and ei$» fhipp, «» attornty who had bean 
a party to th« transaotloxi, Tho ©ojstplainant t^atlfled t^at 
th« atreemeat axlating batwaea than at that tlae waa that 
ha waa to obtain his oovmiaalon frora Sartlatt and the 
dofand&nt froa B©eker» and that whlla ha i^^t one*third 
of tha oomalaaion paid by Saokar aftax daduoting ax- 
panaea • S674,00 -this waa not payaant of tha ooaaia-* 
alon« hut waa given to him beoauae after the dfe(»l waa 
oons->iiriMated» he agreed to and di<S advance atoney toward the 
proaeoution of the auit af:ainat Seokeri and it waa in aoooxd- 
«.no« with thia agrecaent that the noney waa paid hln. A oon» 

aldexatioa of all the testimony on thia queatisn )»a land \m 
to the poaitiw* oonol\iaion that ooapUinant nawax adwanoed any 
aMiay nor agreed to do so, but that what waa paid hin waa on 

"^iA *rf .^.^r- 



9di ' 




Ml *>4rV* «ae DT'i^i^JMit 


Aoooimt of %&• oo»mi»»loA and %h« only eoaat loo ions oollootwd 
i& that timiumotloa woro tlsiooo ^Id 1»y dookoT. 4ad tbo 
orldDiico io thMt ^Ulpp v&o n. pHttf to the transootloa aai 
fOT tbfit roiMOA ttoo ooainlasic^a w^io ditidtid imto throe porto* 

A» to tho 0o<^pot»«illl«iOott tnjuMkOtloa, the otI* 
doneo ohovo 6oo|^«r wsio oo«plainimt*9 otiotower and WiiiiamooA 
tho def«n4mRt»0| that in tJait trajuiactif>a tbero woo oowre/od 
to Ooopoy ooao »iiiieh pr.spcrty in liai^ooo* aad it io tho 
t«0tl»o^ of tho d<!%feactaat that Cooper feeforo aoking that 
doal Isoiotod that both oowplainoftt sod dof«?nd^nt oontiauo 
to rft|»rooosit him ^o oo to diopooo of tho loaoao laiido* Tboro 
Iji soaio dio^uto em this point » hut thfe fact io thot oof^^lo^li^ 
out and dofemteat did ropireoont Oooi^r in the tilliaaiooa 
t»»JiOftetioat <wid in th«it aottor Ooopor paii » eojesisoioa to 
O0«plainsuat» gliding 1^1® *«o ohooiai, ono foT |S7S«D0i and afto»» 
«?.yd» anothoT fox ^§00«00. OQMjpl&lno^t aftortpt-rao reportod 
to tho ^fond^at that Q&opttit had ijaid hnt l^tOOO.OO and 
r«id«rOd a written itosiltod ©tot orient to tho defendant ohooing 
thiot Wwi otatoiftont aloo oontained a mu^E^or of itoao of 
OKponoo and of tor deduting tho exponoeo frost |1, 000*00 whioti 
vftO onoHa»lf of tho aa&oxmt ooMpls larjtvt oald ho had roooivod, 
tli«T« wtm a roaalndor of |S5&*&S» which aisouat tho oosplaiaant 
paid dofonaiaat* C^isplainaiit did not toll tho dofon tajit that 
Ho had oollootod ^S75*00, hut it oao »ado t© oppear that ho 
had roooiTod \nit ^^OOO^OO. Oja tho trial of tho oaoo, oo«plai»» 
wot toetified that ono Bo^ooA of Kunoao claiaod that t3500,00 
•OMKioeion wao duo hi« for what ho had lonc in tho awttor, and 
that ho had hrougbt ouit againot ©oaplalivont in that otetO) 

and that it oao otlll ponding in tho Snpreao 3ourt| and 

for thio roaoon ho did not pay tho dofon^lant half of tho f3875.00 



p^a*%«- fe. 


litiloh h* had ooII«ot«d« If B«eson was olaloiing |;d500«00 
fyoa the oonpXiaiiuit* eonplaliuuit oertalaly ^oiiXd not p§tj 
|I«000»00 to the defendjint after deduoti&f exptiise*. The 
•xrpl&iimtloa in not ooniTinelng sknd we are tmable to eaoape 
the oonclualoa that eovplalnant was not fairly aooountlng 
f^x* all the money he had received in that «atter« 

Ooalng to the Faddington de«l the testioony 
ah0W8 that ahoiit November or December^ 1912, which wse prior 
to the cXoee of the Oooper Wllllanaoii deal, K« J« Trainer, 
a brother of the eoaplalfyinti who wna in the real estate 
hfueinea^ In Qhld^go repr«>3 anted one late SeaalMU vhd 
mnmd a plantation looated in Texas* spoke to oOMplalaant 
ajbout it and the latter In turn to the defendant who re* 
presented @hells1>erg;er« owner of the I^ddington property, 
a»i $M a result of this, negotiations were had whereby 
it was s«m#t to exohengs the ?addlngton property for the 
tm^M plantation. After oottslderable work had been dons, 
tSM Matter was abandoned* Afterwards and aboxit July, 1913« 
tbe defendant tbrou^ one Seagrares^ wbft seeats to hsTs been 
oonneoted with a railroad oosrps^jfiy in the southwest* was put 
la touoh with one Ksnd, who ownsd a largs ranoh In isw 
Mexico and through the efforts of the defendant, WtmA and 
flUMilsbsirgsr were brou#^t together with a Tiew of exehaaglnc 
their property • A tentative agreement was made about Jan- 
wtxy X4, 19X4* which se#mi to hare been later aodlfled In 
the following June or July. There was an sxshangs of the 
property and the deal was eomsissMatsd. Xt is pslnol pally 
to rseoTsr oas«half of the ooMiilsslon paid the defendant 
by ehsllebsrgsr that ooai^lalnant filed his bill. Coaplaln- 


".^^¥4 -.t M .• • 

■t:':r,>'P tT 


#f«e*« or «Xif«e 


• I 

Mil .'# 

« t 



^v^ •«« •^at^tft;icw >'<" 



■ 'a 


&at*s position la ttoMt h« la antlil^d to oa«»telf of 

tliooo oownleoloiui on ftoeotiat of tho oval mgroostnt b#» 

tiraoft him »-m tb« dtefftndfmt of Soptotsboy 36, 1912 » »sd 
ttiftt b« aetlToly suiieiirtod In btixigliig about th« •arcb&ngo 
of tho proi^rtie«» 

Qoagpialitftiit t«»tlfi@d that ftfter Olosing tbo 
Oao9M^illlla>:^so» tr^tnsactloii In K»ximi», ho and tb« do* 
fofk^itt wo3r« o£;R8iltig in Oil tb« train to Kanoiid 01 ty &ad 
««T0 tailklng about tk^iv ataXlags with oach oth«rt tho 
4«f©ndai&t atatlag tfeat Ifeo w»« faffiiliar witH Jpaneh p«>* 
p9iwtf and tho oosplitlisaiit iritli aimtrtwoat lyoUdlag prop«rtf 
in ^loago; tSsat tti« <l«f#ad«fit tliOB aalds *Tou !tt»ow 
tl^ese bulldlnit amd wo will d^voto %ll our tiiM to it and 
<llTid« tlim proflta nm i^&ra tho osrfonftfto %iid loaces*; 
and that 03iii|»l*l]iaAt thoiNi aooe^tod tbo pi^i^altloa* 
O^fl^XalBAnt t#®tlf l«<i that oa mua^srouia ooe&sloaa tht do- 
foniaat »|90k« of him a« M» i^rt]Mi| that aftor that tloa 
thoy hoth lookod ovor Mrtoxal i^ioooa of roal aotato out* 
9ld« of diiox^ and oadiHKroshfrd to mak^ a niaibor of doaXo 
by oxohangiiig a«oh properfef for othoj proporty, »o»o of 
vhloh V9ve suoooofift^l axid soaim ^msruooosaful* Tha unoaitrow 
dlotod ovidonoo* hmmrnr^ la that both fiartiaa oontlaued 
til ■alntaln thfli^ oopasrato offices aa thay had th^rafofoTO 
a»d oondueted thol7 buaijioaaoa la the aa»e »a»nor» Tho 
only ohangia that apT^Mura in tho avldonoo la that thoy 
AKmrently p%it in ao»o tlsa In th«lr joint afforta* It la 
<^oa7 th»t thore m&a no aubatantlal oha*co if tor aoptaabor 
36th In the nothod in vhi<^ tha tvo part lea oondsuitad thalT 
r«opootlY« bualnaaaoo^ Tkla oonToraatlon aa te»tlflad to 
by ooAplainant aa having takan plaoo on 6o]AMilMiy S6th« la 
tellod In tot* bfy tha defendant « aa ha alao a\d»8tantlally 




teKLM All of the flMitsrlml evldenoe offered by t]i« eo«* 

Xb addltioB tc» tbt oral agreoisftiit^ OMq^XAln&at 
ooii^«b1« tbat he ]^t IB 90Btldermbl« timi» and lAbor on tlM 
trBBS€tetloB; that aii^out Oota^er 35th» 1913t at tb« r«<|u*tt 
of the defenA^nt, he west to the latter* • office and ther« 
set Handle tha owner of the Hnv Iferloo Eenoh| tbet he went 
rlth the dfjftnd nt, Uteuid and otbtr pertlee to exaualne the 
PiMidlBgt<m upart^tent ImildiBg* ehloh le lo<»ted on the north 
aide of Ohim^^'i th»% he preipured «> eteteaoBt of the :reoelpte 
BBd eiEpenses of thle e^part-^ieBt buliaing, delivered the •«•• 
to H^Bd and two 4AfB lAtcr put la tOYeral hours In eonf er» 
enoe with HeBd explaining the {statement to hlB; that after* 
WKTim SmoA ret\;trned to Hew Me:Kloo« ^nd that ooaiplalBant 
pT^jOLT^A a great Maay telegraMi amd letters whloh were eoBt 
to 8iad» «adeavorlii€ to have bin ex<^»iiee his raneh for 
the a^artiMBt Ivulldln^ that asost of the letters and tele* 
gi»»e were aotvially written h/ the defendant* hut that oea* 
l^lalBi^t aesleted in preparlnic theat. He further testified 
that about ^Taniiary I4th he sa« the defenvlant and at that 
tlaie the defendaat demanded paysent of several Iteos of 
mfp9m»m whl^fe the parties had inouxred la the sereral deals; 
that one of the Itens Mntloned was 30^ paid for a telegnus 
to one Soott of jllabasft; that defeadJs^^Bt told ooBplalnant that 
fteott had put defendant In toxich with W^nt, the owner of the 
Vew Mexico zanoh( ^&t at that tlae the defendaat told the 
oottplalnant that the latter had no Interest In the PaddlB«» 
toa transaction, h«t that the matter was the Individual h«sl» 
BMS of the defendaat* Ooaplalnant aloo cTfered testlaony 

»•■> ;'^ 



9f ether vltB««sefi to tti« sfftei that oa dlttertst 
oo-mti&BA th« S«fexid£.&t 1ft tbf -pxi.seikc&' of 0th«ra 
iiswl T»fPTT«^ t© tl»t l»fc<S.aiTi|it0a tr;*«aactifttt a« tKdU|^ 
it ir«r« a taatttr in which lie and «0«|pXaiiiafit w«t« 
jointly iBtf'Xfst^ted. I^tt«« wltB^saes tostllled ia 
9ub8t«i:ioe thftt tbey w^rft pxeaiint %ad htayd tU© dtfeniaat 
»af in th9 pjr«««n<»« of e^jspaai^is^t tbat oovpI&lAaiit 
alitniXd look ftf|«y t]^i FOlM doul ^.iah vas &aot)ieT 
iroal ««tato tTmniiKOtioii aad t^at h«« th$ defeadaat, w«t« gOiaf 
to t!i« QT&md J'molfid Kot«l t^ «#e Eaad ia r»fer6ao«» to tlio 
)Pft<Mingtcm witter %n^ tliat the isompl&iimnt, ref errittg to 
tho latter ssattoy* asid: *wo« ha're gweb t. deal »nd aot •!• 
tet^TttXi^ to Mmoelf « ]^t« su@l3 a deal* A T@«dii:i|| df tht 
taatlaoi^' of t^oao witBosi^o does aot au!d oswli to oeai^lalai* 
mat* a ^ooty of t^tt «»«•• baa&tsae It 1« cdoa? tliat whether 
tlwi aef «a mat aald *«•*♦ oir *1* in aot at all oertdia* 

On the other hmo^ Sdv^mrdi F. ioimedjr* who had 
aa offioa ia tho oaao suito vith d^feadiaat »ad oao 0*J* 
0«hriag« toatifled that thoy w&rt famllla? with tha aogotla- 
tiona be lag earriod oa la ri^f er<»aoo to tho Paddiagtoa tre^s- 
aetioa» &nd that oa difft^reat oecsisioao who& it appoavtA 
that th« deal va« to \m o0asu«Hatod« tho «»aplaiaaat said la 
s\ibotaaoi& thmt h« wqm sorry ho «a« not la on that dool* Tfco 
aaooatradiotad «vid«aoa lo that ea OotoliOT 36, 191S, eoa» 
plainaat wtat to doffjncaatU office and th«r© i»ot Haad for 
tho flrat tiffiO* At that tisjt tharo if*-!* jiT<'»ent ooarolaiaant, 
dofoadaat, Kaad« Ourry ?tnA IMlg^tt. C^aplaiaawt teetifitd 
that waa th« firot tina ho mot Kaad; that defen^aat otatod 
that thajr w«ro i^iag out to »e« th« Pad<$iafirt^ aad roquaotod 

oomplainaat to uootrngmMf Hhm^ and %o nakv up a ttrntimexit of th« 
760(Plpt8 Afi<^ <!lljflm7s«iMift%« lx[ oonxieotloa with the Gliding to 
itft t0 miabl* fismA to d«t«rAin«> wb^tber be wotdd txob^iig* his 
!!•« M«xloo r«4aoh for tlie building; tb«t thty w«nt to tte 
fmddingtoii aad ex»ml&«d it* eo«plmli^nt b«lng ^lv»n flget^t 
lA ref erenow to th« rocelpts imd ^lisVurtoaeiits; tb&t at th« 
4«f©iid,«iat*8 T»Quest ooarplalj&»,nt rttunutd to fel© off let, 
«ftd« up fi etfttonoitt and tubnltted it to Band Who vm« tlMB 
in QhiOB4S^i that thl« »ao on Saturday an4 on t)i« follovlaf 
Moi^ft|r» at tb:« d«f4»n4mnt*o roi|ue«t» ooatplaii^at again w»nt 
to tbo lAttoirVs offio« and had a oonf^ren^ vltT^ Hand a»d 
vant owet tli«i atatement wlt^ bla la dat«il« H&ndy Mggott* 
Gurry and d«f«nd&at, wfeo ir<^T«f |»r«ient at Lsndia* offic* on 
iatnipda^t taatiflad that at %hM% %im JUi&ndia told ooaplala^ 
ant that if t)ie Xattax would «aka up a atatavant of tha 
veoeipta and dlat»niraa«tnta in relation to the l^ddlngtom 
Imlldlngf aa ha had iIoim in othair tranaactiona, daftndant 
mml^ pair hiai llOO.OO if tha daal vaa conau8ii»%3.ted» and ttet 
cottpli%inaBt aOoaptad tha propoflltlon* Tbie la <lenled by ao»» 
plaiaant, Thara la othar arid<?^noe In tha raoord, aoaie in con» 
naotion wltli th« r«jddington traBa»oti(>n and constl-Jemhla «ot« 
in ralati^n to othar mattOTO in vl^iioh tha partlaa wtrt Jointly 
int^xaatad* hut aa think it nfould aarra no uaafuX purpoaa to 
mmXjW or dlaouaa tha arldenoa furthax* 

tJpon a oarafiil oonaliajratio^ of all tha aTidtaca* 
va ara of tha opinicm that it oaaaot ba aaid that there waa 
an asraatitst anterad into hati^^aen tha partiaa in Saptaahar* 
19UI aa would aaka th« rel&tlon batwaan the partlea iuch aa 
to raquira any noticf^ to tarfain'i.ta it. wa think it parfaetly 
^aar» in viaa of tha am«no«, that the agraaaant hetaaen 
ittta partiaa aaa that whararar tharc aaa a tranaaotion brought 

^. '.:m#j"v- 


ftlxnit bf the Rutiml efforts of tbe partie*^ tho oonalsal^/na 
mtd «x]»«xiseii ahouia !>e dirlded m^mllfi fad that It did 
not eff«ot their •ttpftrat« tmplnes^es In any otb«T r^sf^^ot^ 
and tb« finding «f the ;«^a»teT tijikd ehanoellor to th« ooatnirjr 
is riOt te-Sdd on mny evidenoc in the reoordt 

fhe ifdnftining cruestion is, does tb« evidonee show 
tli^t cowplalna^t did anything to ft«@is1i in brlnginic a.lM«% th« 
exfla^&nge ef th^ property between E^nd mad £lielX#b«rgert rh« 
faet that he did nemm mtTk in ooimtotlon witH the defendasl 
in endenvoTing to exohisnge the pTOfmrtf for the Teme pleat** 
tioa is ioastteriftl^ he#auee tha^t treneaotion %me nerer ooa* 
«ttaaBit«Nl* All of the eiridenee eha«»» with little or no oeii* 
tKndietion, that both Haad nnd Bhelttib^.T^T w<»r$ ouatoaere 
of th© <l«?f«nd«3it; th«,t th# ef^mplainnnt never oA»e in teneih 
•gfi^ $h«il«l>erger nt all tii refereaeff t© ^e aetterj thet 
h« taw Ifei^nd '^tt ©a two oofls,-slon«#-» thft day they wimt ia 
«iim«ine the Faddlngton hisilldinf -tnd the foXleving Monday* 
Both Jiand and ^helleherger testified thst Itandie wee their 
hrolLer, mad that they iMid no <9oi$ne(Jtion wit>i the ooai^lalaaat 
at ulX* fh« onlv eiridanff?' thfit &^,n he eoneid^'red ee tending 
te chow that eciapXainent did ^nytbing in ref^reao^ to thie 
traneaotioa l& in th^ tt?o oonfercieieee with Reuid at Leadit* 
office ^nd the prepemtion f*f the eteteaeat of reoeipte sad 
difthiuraea^iats la ooime^rtltjn ^Ith the i^dtington huilding^ aad 
in this reepeot Ifisad, FlK8att« (hirry and the defendant teetlfy 
tMt %t thut time the defen^^nt stated he would pay ooaplaiaaal 
flOO.OO for preimriag the stateaent and the only evidenoe to 

the oontrary ia the eridenoe of the ooaplainaat. fcoreower 
there ie the teatiiaony of Leelie H, Vhipp to the effeot that 



%%% ^»tmi<it,nt aiKi eoa^tlalziaat r«re 1a his olfloe In vvfei** 
•not to obti^liiini; m lowi on tlk« lP^d41ag%on building in 
mtit %h«f dfml im« o<m»%mmakt*iA^ and his t«dtiaoay is to 
th« «ffeot that at t^»t tlmo tb«5 ooaplmin^nt h%« n« ia- 
t treat in th« trsA«8iotloA« ?«« nro, th«r?»forfs, of the 
opinion that tlie ovorvhelmltig tr«ig^ht of tho ovia«noe i« tli&t 
tlitt IPm^ington tTanoaotioa vao xiot a joint aattoy^ but soltly 
l»70uglit altcmt )»]r thft dtfaMant and th&t ooaj^l&liuint «ao not 
entitled to «Miy p«irt of tlift oo«»i0«lo&* 

The deor#e of th© aircmit Court of Cook Oounty 
i« r«irei»ea aM th^ oAnee remanded with dlreotlone to die* 
ttiae tk« bill fox imnt of e^ultf* 

ntl»€il., F,4t 4ISID fHOUSOil, J, COKQIll* 

as • 28277 


S«f«Bclant in Error* 

>234IoAo 619 



Plaintiff In Error, 

Opinion filed Apr. 30 1324, 

MR. JUSTIOE ©•C30NNOR delivered the opinion of 

the court* 

Defendant nas found goilty of a dir«et oontesipt 
of oourt and sentenoed to 48 feoure in the county j&il« Re 
sued out thie writ of error to reveree the jud^ent. 

The record 48 prepared by thf» defend^-nt le in 
gre&t oonfuslon* Very little of irtiftt hae been filed here and 
designated as the record is properly before ue for coneldeT* 
atlon* The Judgment ord^^r of the court finding the defendant 
guilty of conteaipt and sentencingh^ together with the bill of 
except ions signed by the judge Imposing the sentence *ats the 
only tvo matters that can properly be considered* 

In the judgment order it appears that the defendant 
was ruled to show cause inajLfiJ2lftX-Jihy he should net be held in 
eoatempt of court, because whil* a certain clTll oauee wae on 
hsarlAg* the defendant struck oppoelAg counsel a blow with his 
fist in the presence of the court. The judgment order then 
states that the court heard evidence and the argument of eounseX 
and then found the defendant guilty and imposed sentence. 
Afterwards the mittimus was stayed pending the defendant's 

3X^ LItZ2 

•A b^lll aciaiqO 




C6 •«« «iiiir«9 -tft*^ 



■ t.f:! 


applloatlOA to this oourt that the writ of error be aade 
a aypersftdev^ and he wa« glTen tim within whioh t* file m 
Mil of «xo©ptlon«» From the bill of cxceptloiw it appears 
that aft«r the defenlant and opposing oounsel in the ciYll 
oaae left the oourt rooa and had gone to the elevator^ some 
dlatance froa the oourt roo«, an alteroatlon arose between 
them conoemlng a dispute they had h«d before the oourt In 
the olTll suit; that the opposing oounsel called the defend* 
ant a liar &nd the latter struck hl« when they were near the 
elevator shaft and out of the presence of the court; that 
two t^iXlffs of the court who were near the elerator shaft saw 

the altercation and took the defendant and the attorney before 
the judge where soaie matter in the eivil cause has just bssa 
disposed of* The court Interrogated the defenrl^nt and the 
bailiffs* Hhe bailiff a adrlsed the ooiixt what had taken plass 
near the elevator and thermipon the court said* *1 an holding 
Mr* Sherwln guilty of contei^pt of court for fight lng» Mr« 
Sherwin hiring struck Mr* Tahbloneky.** The defendant thereupon 
stated to the oourt that Yahblonsky had celled hin a liar twlM 
in the prssenoe of the court smA repeated the spithst after thsy 
bad left th€ oourt rooa and were standing near the elewater* 
The court then stated^ **You attespted to strike hin in ths 
court room just before you w«nt out* The fact that I did not 
hold you then in oonteapt» does not preclude as froa doing it 
now,* The oourt further stated *I an going to punish yon for 
oonteupt and am pronouncing sentence on yon for atteaptlng to 
strike this aian right in front of ths bench before you left 
the ooxirt less than six minutes ai^« It is trus after what 
baypaned here you left the oourt, but you art now back and 
especially after what happened outside, 1 am going to punish 

It jMf. 

»* fe- 

70u«" The court then found the defead&nt guilty Of ccatt^avt 
and i«po8ed the santvnoe as stated* 

The bill of exeeptlona which oonsists of oeven 
tyepwritten pages is signed at the bottos of each pag« b/ 
the trial judgs* Attached to the last pago appears what 
purports to be a number of affidavits which the defendant 
has abstracted^ but it is entirely ole%r to us that thess 
were not considered by the trial oourt and eninnot be con* 
sldered by us* The so-called reeord also oontaios another 
%ill of exoeptions from whioh it appears that sereral days 
after the defendant had been found guilty of contempt and 
sentenced imposed^ he went before the Chief Justice of the 
Municipal Courts the trial judge being the Honorable Warren 
H* Orr« Oounty Judge of Ftanoo^ County who was holding a 
branch of the Municipal Oourt In Ohicago and who i^^parently 
«as not holding oourt in CQiioago at the tiat» and aoTsd Xh§ 
court to vacate the judgment of conteapt entered against hia* 
The Chief Justice properly refused to do anything in the 
natter* but perisitted the defen^iant to file a bill of excepV» 
ions. This bill of ezeeptions consists of four pages signed 
by the Chief Justice and attached to the last pags appears 
what purports to be a notice served on the States* Attorney 
and a nu»ber of aff Idi^vlts; these likewise are abstracted 
but there is nothing to show frora the bill of exceptions 
that they were presented to the cajief Justice and of course^ 
they cannot be oonsldered* 

The defendant states in his argunont filed here 
that the attorney with who* he had the altercption, filM 
In the Municipal Court a number of suocesslTe suits in eaeh 



^■/ i,''" k''Ali 




of rbioh he was def«&t«d; that they wer« between the saoie 
parties and InrolTlng the ease eubject^setter^ and there 
mppe&ra tn the record a certified copy of the eo-oalled 
"half^sheeV* ah owing aattera that took place in the oantev]it 
proceedings also certified copy of what purports to be a 
oomplaint made by Yahblonaky against the defendant; a eef-> 
tified copy of th« <*half eheet^ filed in the case of pks»l t, 
lelaan and another certified copy of another half sheet in 
a suit of the same titls^ and a third csTtified copy of the 
same character* fhsss are J^st put into the d»siansttt labelled 
" record*' t . They are, of course, not in any bill of exceptions 
and are not proper and ehould have been stricken. Thie record, 
sf course, was prepared by the defendant* It is all abstraotsd 
asLd argued as though it wave properly before im. The only 
Iftrt that caa be considered is the Judgmsat order entered by 
the Honorable Warren M, Orr and the bill of exceptions sigAsd 
by hi a, 

the defendant contends that the court had no Juris- 
diction to enter the order finding hia guilty of conteaipt aind 
isiposing eentenc© because he was given no opportunity to file 
his answer J and that if this were dons, ks would purgs hiMSlf 
of the Batters of contejapt* Of oourae, the defenoaat was en- 
titled to no 3Uoh right under the law, Where a contempt is 
OOiiffiitted in the presence of the court, it is a direct con» 
teitpt rrnd being suoh, there is no necessity of filing an in- 
formation or an affidavit on which to base the proceeding. 
% jjuch ease the proceeding ie sumiaarj', and evidence is 
•Oldoa heard, because the contempt occurred in the ocular 
presence of the court. People T» jjhllid, S59 111. 239. The 








oontaapt of ooiirt. If aiiy» for wMoh the defendant was 
puniebed ivas not a direct oontonT^tf l>«Qaus« it i« apparent 
tbat th« sent«noe was impoaed ]:>eoau8« of the alteroatlon had 
outside of the court room niMur tho elevator of vhioh tho 
trial judg« had no notice or Itnowlodg* lufttll he wae after* 
wtiTd9 Inforaied by the oourt haillfft* It Is true the oourt 
stated that the defendant had attempteci to strike the oppoa* 
lag attorney in the preeeaoe of the court when the olvil 
witter iraa onnhttmringy "imt apparently from what the trial 
e&utt aaidy this had l>eeii condoned heoauee the court per- 
■Itted counsel to leave the court without irnpoRing any puAlsh* 
nent. i$o doubt the court had considerable provocation as 
appears fro» the record, but on the record before us, it Is 
clear that the sentence Imposed on the defendant was occasioaisA 
by the altercation that took place near the elevator, wc think 
the court was not warranted in the olrcumsta-ncee in finding 
the defctndant guilty of contempt, and the Judgaent is, therefore, 




25 « 

0«f •AdJUlt la tTlWt^ \ 

:23 4I.A. 619 

UmiOlPAh OOUitT 


n&lBtlff la fiTTor. 

Opinion filed Apr, 2U, l':^24. 

m, 3VmQt 0«OOlifOR a»1iT9r«<S tlw 0plale»a of 

tilt 90UTt» 

ttiMilefl to r!»ir^rs« ft- j^34|^i^t .df tM %taici'E»BLl ^i>iaT% of 
01teil<i»ago^ ©nt<ire4 ft|^.lnir* It «adl ia favor of the plaintiff 

tmf I9^«a4. 

FXalatiff *e ooateatloa 1« t)y^t M vas a ttockboldOT 
of the ABftim^nt eor|x»rmtioa aad tbat «lst roguXftr sootiag of 
the bosurd of dlreotoirs a ilTidoadi «ao (loolturod yajral^lo to all 
of tho «tOfliEfeolde3*« la aooordbKaoo witli tJsolr feoldiago; tliat 
tlitt ais^^nt of su«ii dlliri4i»ija uador tho vooolutloa yooAOd ¥f 
tlio Board of MroetOTO «»i« and ovlag to th« plalatlff, oaa 
1903* 39* 

?laiatiff*« j^oltion to that tfeo oTld«»o» «lo* 
oloaot that irtille ttte aiTldead dtolorod ira» paya^lo to all 
of th« atockfeoldarat th«s dlrsotoro of which h# too aao, 
nalTOd payi^t temporarily aad tl»t a roaaoaablo tlao liaa 
olapaoA* oad tfe* paywoat not hariag booa aado, ho lo oa- 

titlod to hlo jttdgBoat* 

r '^ 

1 n 

^ f 



A nti«b«r of Qtt#«tloA9 9,tt dlsouatsd is tli« 
l>riefs» but m %h«i Tlev w« tsuk* «f t)i« «a»«« it viix onlf 
b« n«ocacsAy|t tor u« to |>a««> upon 9»» of th«iR« 

the aul(Mitfmtl»X faets uro laot la disputt. Th«y 
%r« a* foll^wts Tbe t^oisrd of Oirc^otoro of th« d«f«adft»t 
ooTpor&tlon oonaletod of flTO BO«d»«r«« fboy ^Id % &o«tlAg 
At #ii^ foil? of tlto dlirootoro troxe pT«seBt« It «oo stated 
ftt %hm sBOotiAg tlbat on aoootmt of «o»« of tli^« oor|i07fttioft*o 
mmltmmtm v^o t*(^sr«^ owimg soney to it ^lag la f in^molal 
aiffieultioot %M l»isimoss! of tli« dofendaiit oosf^ay oma 
poof« !iad it ims i^ot l^bioiii^t adTloeblo to tmf the r«guloir 
fipftrtoirly dividend Dm tlio oonrnon eitoek« but thut If tbo 
dlT#©toi?w w«>uld »gro<(» the r«fUlaT Q^iarttrly dlTldond would 
li« dooXfiTOd on mXl of t^o ooiwioii stook, except oo to that 
islilo^ wm-M hsld ^ar tlbo €li?ootOiMi " (mppit^ntXf tlie dlrootoYO 
ItoXdiAg a RaJoTitjr of the oto^}|tlmt ftXl of the «llreotom 
j^t9»^n%t inoli^isig th^ plaintiff agrood to this. &uA there* 
«(|^oa » reeolutioii voe pmised which le eutetsAtiJtlly 1a aooord* 
liiAoe wltii the teetliHOi^ of th<^ teTt-jr^X w^ltaeeeee g^rwm om 
the ttlftX* the xlAutee etftte that th^^e vee en evteaded die« 
oneeiOA of thf^ f loaAoitiX ooAdltloa of tho def»idftot ooapMqri 
thot it vfto polRtod out th^tt tl^€ buelAeee ime uAsetiefeetovy 
OA aooouAt of lmelA««« fftlXuT«« of eevoTrnX of the defendftAt's 
ouctoaeye vhish would reeuXt In ooAold^rAble loot to the 4«w 
fOAdiAt* The ftlimtee theA c©atin\xe« "It was thtA euggeated 
that If air0otoTe« Ckxlderdf 8iroAeoA« Hoeheehlld (pXelntlff) 
&Ad 0« n. aod<tftrd« wouid valTA paya^At teeipcTArlly of th« 

oovnoA ato«k diTldendUi ntm duo. It w^vAd be »dTls«bXe to yey 
A floeh dlTld«Ad of Xj^ OA the bAX«.Aoe of the >«■■•■ e%#ek* * *» 

vlt^ the dsflnlt* undcYst^oidlng th»t tX fto«t futtore tlai* 
ivh«n oosvmticxit to th% ^^mpAnj, tb* four dir«etor« abor* 
««ltioiM<t would hm «fttitl«<S to rea«iTt li> «Mib dlTldttfA 
ott t^«i» o(»a0»ii0R atomic laoldlae* as (»f S«pt«al>«Y 80» 1980 • 
It ««• ftsi^««A« h9W9!Wti^ that payaimt of tbi« oatli diTldant 
tliou'id l»6 subjeot to ft dceiftlon froK the bo&M of Dir«oton 
ana wouli aot b« ^t^r«d on the teoo^s of th« ootq^Atty vantiX 
th9 aoard of MT^otom l^a aotu&lljr authorltod p«|rtt«Bt of 

*j^r«otor8 P* B« Ooada^ra* Svontion %ttd Stohoohili^ 
th«t«i9i$Mtt olipaifiod thoiip wllllag;&«r»s to agree with tho &b«TO 

*0» motl&a duly Aad«« oooooiiod &nd oaTrlod wuuii- 
iiOtMlff t%0 mmh ^iwMmiM «70 ^oI&Tod la &coorditBoo vltb 
tli« ai^im to otoeltlioldcro of record Septets^? 30 » 1930^ 
^fmhX» Ooto^t I, 1^0 (oxo€|»t i& tlio eooo of i^osoro. ooddajd* 
mrnimn, l&xi^oo^lld i^md 0. w« £M»d«l^t7d)» C^maoa Stook l^f 
(oxo^ptiag aa aboTo)* PtrntttTT^A Stocsk 1 S/4^#» 

tlio f0v«^l&g roooXttti^a of tb« Board of aireotoro« 
^i«^ lo liSi MNftiASioo ft«o«Tdlim to the tootitvoay of tho vlt* 
iiooooa, ehowii that fio dlridoiml w»m dool&7o4 so t&t ao tho 
direotoro vesjro ooao«Tntd, and tltat plaintiff, l>eliig oao of 
thm^ and ^Tlag agreed to tb« rosolation, la not oatitlod 
to MalRtaln thia aotion* The irt oolutlon in ti»«reifle in 
atatli^ that no diTldl«Rd aao deoXarod ao to the direotovo* 
It »ontloi» tho diroet^M opoolfleallf ^ ntm** Xotbing 
oould b« m999 oertala than that no diTldond vao dooXarod 

ae to th« direotoro aa «tookholder«« iJid th« evid#nor abowa 
Idoktf in faot noao of thos bairo ^tmk paid any ouoh dividottd* 

•» ^ -J ^ » v« 


iiOY#oT«r tb« )ud|SJMieikt o<mId not •t.iod muUr 
pljULatlff '• 0va theory of th# oaM* It is olt&r frea a 
ooiittld9Xftti(m of th« •^d9ii«« thatt ftt th* tint tbc t»0«» 

Xutlon of tbii tJoard of direotors ftboire aeotlon^d «&• 

|Mi«««ii« that tlir fimnofte of the defeind^nt e<»cpaay «er« 

•mrifci A« not to TT^rr^fit th« |»aym«iit of i^ dlTidottA on tht 

mmmm «to^* fh« rvia«tio« olsovo tiMst the air^otor* voro 

<Km%«»platiiig & r««f imkiioiftf of tteo eo»i;»a4aty; that thty 

Hmum aaui It «$« statod th^t if tJ^« diirldMid on th» omk 

wm «t0«k «fto not regudAjriy d«oXa.fOd« tlM ro^flaoiielftf 

would be wBkdo difficsult* If not &jRf!0«tlblt« Thoy il1«o 

taiov t^t If tilt aaimU sto^iclioldtTO dl^ not rfto«iir« tb«lr 

irofiftlor dlTldond on tlm ooffl»OD atoeii^ tho fact tiMkt tho 

9ompm3^ l»»d not dool{it:rod Ito oo«Mon otof^ dlvldeai would 

tooooffio iml»Xlo$ t%»igt tliijt i^uld f^ffoet I to oiredlt* &o 
tlttit the rooolution of the board and all of tfefe «Tid«noii 

fidoosly otiovtt tfeuit It mm distlnotXy imder«tood &iid agreed 

^10$ the di^otors wer« not to reeeHro aj^r dlTldwad on th»tr 

ootmon «to«ft: until tho Q<mfmmf*m finiaiiooo voi>ld authorlso 

rniug^ pajroont* it to olmx that ^« «o«pony at t!^t tlno 

did not bave tbe»o&oy« no dlvldond h&o ^on pold tlnoo 

that tiait on the wmmm mtook and tber« la no iboirinf that 

ai any tlo* aftor tbo pMim.^ of tbo ro»oXutlon« It had 

Ottfflolont aMsaoy witk whiob to pay a diTlAtiid on tb« aomaam 

•to«k bold 1^ ^o board of dircotoro* 

Tho judgBi^mt of th«t )£imloipal OeuYt of ^leagi 
io f#<rer«od witb a finding of faot* 


fuoxia OF whott 

Hf find M o taot tlutt no dlTidond wm do* 



dm^fkmjmA mi %h% oootton tteolc of the def en^lant o^mpmmjf 


» • 37154 

nxiiatiff* In Srro?- 


tsMOE mem^ 

Xtetendfuxt in Eyror* 

234I.A. 620 



09OK ooum* 

Opinion filed Apy. 30, 1324„ 
im« «mttX@i: THOifiBOII dftllTervd ^b« oplnioa of 

the oottjrt* 

8. A. fif«aali And &• §• rrei^ehf m« S, A* Freneh 
A Oei.^ brou^t tfele aotlc^n »ig?^lR«t the d«f«nda&t Brown to 
r«ooi7er a waX «»t»t« ©cwwiiiiiiloii, •I»4ii«d ^ tfea plalDtiff 
oa th€ ijasis «f tli« f%ot that t*i« p^XalBtlff firm bad ef- 
feate4i a ©ootyaot feetis««ji th« def?ia«!i*»t Brown aad one Ct«>|e, 
wli«Ta1»y 8T9*a wa« to exehamg* a flat toiaXdliig la th« Oity af 
mi(»^ foar a fam in OMkaaa; Brown to oonTejr the flat Wild- 
Ini^ td amis ttad Craig to oon^foy the f«:rB to Brown, Tba 
^rtioa aaivad a juty and anbmitted the eTl<!6no« to the 
eoMTt^ and after a hemrlng^ tha ooiurt entered a finding 
againat the plaintiff partnership and in faroT of the defend* 
pntf fox ooata* To r^Yerse that Jxidgment this appeal has 
heen parfeoted* 

All the errors referred to in the argnssnt, presented 
la support of the appeal, hare to do with the action of the 
trial aourt with reg^.rd to propoeitioas of Inm, vbieh wars 
suhnitte.i at the olosa of the oesa. It is the oooitentioa 
timt th« oourt errad in aarkiiag eoaa of those pyopoeitions 
|^refttsed«» and in laarkiBg others as *alloaed»# In <mT opia* 

U ^^ yj •x 

O C- 


9 .c> i fta 


Ion It would •«?▼• no useftil puurposii to tet fortb the pro- 
l»oiiltlon« of latr hare* In our opinion moat^ if not all« 
of tliooo wlilob KT€ dlsmiBOod In th« argument, )iaTO no applioir 
tlon to the facts dieoloaoti l>y tb« taatinony aa we find it iB 
%hn r^oord In tbia oaao, Furthaxttora* it is eattlad tba.t 
propo^itiona of law BitTfe no putrpoaa eo far aa thia court 

la ommm^fU MllJift ir« i#l4f.¥flr> ftK?,*> m« *PP- Oourl. 
Firat I)l8txict, oaaa Mo, 37990* Opinion fllad i&eceiabeT ?6, 
19^3^ and oaaaa thmre oitad* 

tb« fftota aa abown l^ th« evidence are in aub» 
8tano€j ao foXXowa. T^e d®f«^afeiit Md a large flat building 
iili$Oh he desired to «ith«r aalX or exohango^ and ba liated it 
for that parpi^BB witli a ntmber of real eatate brokera in the 
Qi%f of Ohioago, mitmg tkm tbe plaintiff* Jn the plaintiff 
flrw the one who had to 40^ praotloally entirely, with the 
proposition iarolwed in this oaaa waa ona Fatton* than 
Brown lietad bl» property with the plaintiff fira, ha left 
a daaoription of it at the plaintiff's office, together with 
a atsitaaent of the eaouissbranees and, aa he teatif iad, ateted 
at the tlWt •aay d««X you got up let «a know** After the 
defendstnt had thua listed hla property, the Craig deal 
apparently eama up. At thi© titdo Browm waa in poor health 
and waa In Miohi^n amoh of the ti«te, cMiiag to Chloega a few 
diaya of aaoh week* He had art agent wiMiaa name waa Whitehead, 
who apparently had eowplete eharg?e of hla real eatate affaire* 
Whitehead representing the defendant and Fatten, Of the 
plaintiff 'a firm, repraaenting other partiea, nade a nwaber 
Of att<5wpta to get together on a deai inrolwing a aale or 
ax4diaa«i of the defend^ntU fiat building, but none of the* 


■■^ M 

i.v-w s»«« 




«it«rlallt«<l. rinally, on« Ramsey, y«preBentlng Craig, 
got t^gtther with Pat ton In an affort to «ae whathar tha 
lattar had anything to offor in ©xahanga for tlia Or&ig 
tBXm in Cfaiiuaia« Patton suggaetad tba Brawn property and 
It waa ahoiwn to Oraig and hi a wi fa aa^ thay ^eaoa lataz* 
•atad in it« ThB mattar ass tak«i up with Brown and it 
would aaoB from tii« teatii»my that at the tlna Brarn waa 
1» a yathair liad aonditlon physically and tha approach to 
Brown w&a aiada through Whitahi^ad. Brown wtut imwlliiag 
to antt^rtain the suggaatad daal imlaaa he knaw mora about 
tha fani. Whitehead tattified that Brown waa unwilling to 
inour B.nv exprnamm inoidant to aandlag ao«aoiia up to Canada 
to Inwaatigata the fara» Ha further taatiflad that it waa 
to the interest ©f all the brokers inwolwcd^ inoluding hi»« 
aalf , to hftire the deal ga througjh^ and ha rapreaentad ta 
tha other brokera that ha though if he want up and inwesti* 
giatad the far* and foun^ it all rig^it and he waa in a poai» 
ticm to riseoiaii^aid t^a daal to Br©wa» the latter would g» 
ittto it| find it waa fii»Ily arranged that irhitahaad waa to go 
«^ and look the farm ower, at the expcnea of the hrokera^ 
snd to thie end the plaii^tiff firm put up about |13»»00 and 
Whitahaadput ipthebmlanca and gawa tan daya or two waeka of hia 
tina to tha wo]^ that waa naoaaaary* 

A written oon tract waa drawn np, tha parties ta whid 
were Craig and Brown, in which Oraig undertook to convey the 
Oanftdian far« to Brown and Brown undertook to oosway hia 
CSiieago property to Oraig* Thie contraot waa exeauted by 
Oraig. Whan Whitahaad returned fro« Canada, ha talked with 
Brown and told hia he ha^^ concluded from hla inspeotiOK of 

•> te'^^ 

t45 M€>: ; • ■ 

1(h« tmTm th»t tb« deal wmm a (^'ood one foT Brown to 
aftlce end he ur@edl Brown to go into it. Brown wma 
etllX roluotftnt to ao do* and health tod ooiM obort 
titto furthov, liut ^9 finally olgnod tb€ oontraet ea 
oondltioa, hovoYor^ that he should not be obliged to 
pay any ooiaimi melons imleo? the d^e.! went tbrou|^» oaA 
ill thit oonneetion he roQxilrod ^iMtehead to giiro hia 
a statOBtent in writln|s» in the th»po of at letter^ in 
wbK^ Whitohoad otated that arown «as not to be obllgat* 
04 for ooaKsieeloBO imleea the deal vao eonau»aatod« 
WbitohoaA tootlfiod that he then told JPatton that Sroom 
Imd algpftod the oontraet » but that in order to indiaoo 
hla to talto that action it had been neoessary f orb in to 
agroo to th« oondition which the defendant had iapoaed^ 
to the offoet that the defendant wao not to be under 
obligation to pay ooomiseiona tmleos tiMl deal wont 
tbrou^* Fat ton took the atand sod in hio tootlaony 
donied that Whitehead had ever ii^do that etatonent to 
bi»» It clearly appearo froa the reoord that after the 
defendant had executed the oontraet it reaained in the 
pooaeaeion of thitohoad* who wae Brownie agent » and 
afparontly always reoainad in his poaooesiom* 

SubaOQuently, Craig reftiaed to otirry out the 
contract. The defendant Srown Made OTory effort to aeooa* 
pllah a conmiaoRat ion of the contra. ctf ercn going oo far 
as to senA Whitehead on a aeoond trip up to Canada to 
Instltvto logal prooeedini^* These proooedingo woto 
newer begun^ howewer, beeaiuao an oxsalnation of the title^ 

preliainary to the institution of the procoffdia|pi» dewelopod 
the fact Uuiit title to the fam was not in Craig but was 

ct me 





;««ir ^^t; 


.'' i •>«/ y». 

«^ «<itf^ ^ 

;V-.;vX;-'ri- frSr^i^ 

,*-i-T j;^^' 

in his wif«» Tb« r«oerd also shows %bat Crttlg and Ms 
irifs wsM not Xivlng togstbsT ):mt had ooipayikto^l^ and 
•3IO was doaliiMg vith the fum etid trootlAf it as bor 
oim. it A]|^psftmi ffOn the rsoord tlutt ths jre«ksoa why 

tlis dsfendimt ssoouted th4^ oontr^ot only on oonditloa 
that Ho «%« not to ¥o tmdoir any otolig;&tion for any oo»» 
aioalons ^mXea^i th« d^al vont t!ix®ti|^« was that Omig* 
•von at that tiiM* was tnpoai'lAg to bo roliaettmt to go 
on irith tho d#ai» m^ ihitohoad told mtmm that that 
mo €hraic*o ottitMo* fxoept as ladieated. tha faets 
to whioh rofoyonoe hao hooit mads* oovo not co»tYOTcrt«d« 

Wo airo of tho oplaloa that om thooo faots tho 
tSfi&l oouirt hold ooiTtotly th«t tho plaljatiff oas not antitl^ 
od to a oo«Bai«si®ji» fho «videiioe f&llo to show that tho 
plaintiffs hafoitght *th« deftadmnt and tho oonor of tho 
^Staadian fans together » mm allogod in plaintiff 'o hill 
of partioularo. Oraig ms ahoim mot to he the earner of 
^0 (:^M3a4iaii faim* mTmvBT, tfeers^ is ao ovidonoo show* 
ilig OT tondlag to ohew that thc^re *-« «▼«» any agT«*oa«xit by 
tateo d»f latent to pay tfet plaintiff » oosaalsaion to px'oottxo 
a oontTaot of olther oalo or «x©hmngo« The protf^rtj wm» 
ffi«r«ly llstod in th® pl«s.lntlff 's office frith tho requost 
that any doal they had to «ngf?:o«t he auhsiitttd* Kron If 
it ho aootsiOd th8.t tho plaintiff firm was the deferidant»s broker, 
in bringing about the a^ooutlon of tho oontraot in onoatloa, 
«• «ar« not in a DOAltion to say fron ths evidolioo %k tho 
Tooord that tho trial court was aot warraatod in oonelndlng 
tbot Ihitehoad w« a tho dofondant's personal agont and that 
althou#i tho dsfottdant had signed tho contract, ho nads 
only ft ©onditian«l driltery of It, if any at «ill# for 


T»l. -J • 




•t4;ftt ft^ 

th« coatzmct aXw&ys remained la «hlteh«ad*a po«««s8loii and 
««• al^Md and turned orer to hla by Browa* only <m the 
eonditloa that he was not t^ pay oom'^iasioas ualeae the 
deal vmnt through* iknd* further^ we are net la a poai* 
tloa to aay that the trial eeurt wae net r^Lrraated la 
oonoludiag fron the teatlaoay that the latter faet waa 
eonaunieated to the plaintiff *a repreeentatlTe* 

2§ aplte of the effort* of the dcfeadaat Id 
ha-ve tlie ooatmet es^rrled out, it waa nerer earrled outt 
and* for the reaeoas we have atated^ and eialta apart froa 
other Queetlona thsit are dlaouased In the brief a« we are 
of the oplaioa that the defen(atiint newer bcoume liable 
to pay any oos^lsalon to the plaintiff firm on thla trana* 

the ;}udgsient of the Olroult Qeurt le therefore 

HAXhon, F.J. mo o^QcmoB.^ j. cojicuk* 


Ari# 'ft^ 

ai t^ 

*^ u**v 

••ajit 4 




8 • 37896 

awiao asm, ) ^ Q / T 

|}#t«ndsnt In KrroT» 

nsmtli^f 1» Error. 

20 / T A ^C O A 

wmk TO 

MCrXlCX^Al. 00UH7 


Opinion filed Apr. 30, 1324, 

the am^tt* 

fh« t^^j^lntiff aetti bTotiglkt thl« ««tlo& in the 
Xtmlolpiil Qmxv\ 9f 0hiei^f:o Afainftt the defeiKSant QiiTnet«echi» 
•••Iclag t^ r«<iov«r th% amcnsnt eX»i»ed to b# due on a eerie* 
of eleirea pxomlssoTr iiotes for #30 eat^* with interfst* 
?he deftad.'^mt imm dtily served vlth wmimhis end entered hie 
eppe&raaoe together vitte & demwiid for & triiitl by Jury* On 
motion^ the ieten :^f{t*e tine vaa extended for the flliag 
of hie affld*irit of merits end vitlhin the tiae na eo extended 
hie af fldarit of momta vae duly f iled^ in whioli lie alleged 
in eulMitnaoe Hint he had heen defrauded hy the plaintiff « in 
oo«aeotion with the oan»id«ratlon for the aetee eued uponm 

The recNird reoitee that the enuee haTinc: eoae oa 
for trial iB the regular oourae« and the plaintiff hei»c 
^eeent and the defeiKlant being abeent» a Jury vae eallod 
and ewom to try the is^uee, after w!iieh the evidenee wae 
henrd and a verdiot rendered^ finding the ieauee afainet 
the defendant end aeeee^ing the plaintiff's damages at 
m3«4S<» Judfjpaent for the plaintiff for that aieouttt wm 
duly entered on nareh 6» 1988. Under date of Mareh 13» 


V-^ O -1- 


J t-'^im r •«;«■>, 

AX Hm 

t^L.* «, ;3^ 


Xfsa^ th« «lef«ndAnt filed hf notiom to Taeats th« jYtdgvtitt 
•Bd that motioA mis 0T«vrulftd by the trlKl oourt* TberMtfttr^ 
tlM deffimdmnt i»u#d out tbl« writ of trror* 

Th« vrit of, irrax stArohes tlift eatlre rooord* 
1^ flAd notblAg In th« roo^vd to Jufttlff tlio aaioimt of tho 
Toxdiot and th« Judgpi^nt enteTedt OTJea thoii^ v« assuao tho 
plmiAtlff proved bis «»«§ a» &II«god in his statoiiOAt of 
el«ia» M ai&«t, nt^Mlng tb&t t2i« pl&l&tlff w&o entitled 
to II Judipstnt af^inst th« dof«ndant» on all the notee oued 
tifXkiiy tKe ftflio^iftl of the j^idgmont oould not i^iopoxly bo n« 
iprent «« tbnt wliloh mio tntered* Tbere vere elrron not«« 
for ISO oaoh« wlthoiat nar Internet opeoif led« due in one* 
tPMIi tbteOf foux'^ fl'v^et slx« e#T«n« elght« ninet ten and 
eleiren aonthe fy«« d»te. tkey *^te dated April 2b, 1^17, and 
the Tordiot wee retufned Muroh 6, 1^3 • 

It sppsmys fro^ the affiditvlt filed in euprort 
of the defendant *e amotion to eet ^Skelde the ^dgiaent thet upea 
reoelTing plaintiff •» notice of a motion to place thie e&ee 
on the short oauee es^Iendary eouneel for the defendsnt aade 
etvexal nttMipts to ex&adne the filee in the office of the 
Olerk of the Oourtt bnt they had he^ mieplaeed and eould 
fi^t be fo\xBd and that he asade InQuiry of the elert ae to when 
the oaee woiad api>ear 09 **»« ^^^ -under the working of the 
new rulee* ae to erart eauee oaeee and he vae told that "at 
the e:?piration of the ten daye notiee« the oaee eould be 
pXaoed on the cnll at leaet thirty daye ahead*** 

«e are of the opinion that where a Jud«^ent hae 
been entered on notee for an aaoynt greater than that ar.par* 
ently due ther«on, in the abaenoe of the defendant whoee 


tfll^ w^ 



tog*th«r wltb 9. diJWMid fftr a Jury tfl&l« la on 
fll«« \ipoa th« eaae being T«aoh«{l tor trl»l In t)k« rtg^xlnr 
w9Lf0 a XilMml polloy should be adopted In acting upon a 
«otlon to aat aside the Judgment^ eubmltted by tbe defend* 
ant within a few daya th<r>reafte7« tbe defense beini; an nlle* 
gation of fraud going to the oueetion of the eonsideration 
fox tbe notes sued upoa« 

imdex &11 tbe oiroumetaneeSf In our opinion^ 
the trial court erred in denying defendant's motion to 
Tacate tbe judgment, fbe judgaent of the Municipal Oourt 
in I^Tor of tbe plaintiff and against tbe defendant, for 
|73S.48« is revearaed and tbe oauee is reaanded to tbat 
oourt fctr a nee trial* 

tAtum, r.j.AMD o*€ioiiiioR» s. mmmk 


:.(f.;i A<^"*«.r!-f^^ 


17 • 36264 

rsoFtiS Of Tm st&ts; or i&.lUvX&» } 

. . *, . ,234 I.A. 620 


riaintiff In Error* 


or ckxoAOO. 

Opinion filed Apr. 30, 1924; 

of %h^ oourt* 

Aft lmfOxsifttio& waa filed in th« Mimlelpal Oowrt 
of C^loago aiplnst tlie defendeiit, I*t.r<iii«r» ebarglnf hla 
with att«ia|Jtimg to 9t«o4 •t^miiry ourront oolno, l«g^X aonoy 
of tfee i^t«d Stfetiso of AjBOTioft, of divero donomlnrntioao 
• ♦ • of the va,liio of IXO.OO, * ♦ • tht ]?TOp«rty of tht 
niiSEOlo BOll 7oX«fhott« Ooaq;>&fty, a oorpsmtioa*** Tbt la- 
fosiMtl^Ei furtlter oot fortli tliat the def rodent in osmittlng 
«a oTttrt ftot toimrd the ooiBilcsloii of the offoiuio ohs^rgodt 
pXaoed a ]toy Is tbe Xoek of it tel^plnono eoln box« amd tvraod 
the koy ®ja*l f^poaod tii« box witli th« Intsnt to stooX the 
oolno f80ntlone<a» but tl^t b« fftllod In tb&t eonneetloB «aA 
MMi inttroopted. aofcad^nt tnterod a pXoo of not guiXty 
oAd walirod a Jury. Tho ovldtao* wa« hoard by the trlaX 
•o«rt» after whlob# the oourl f owad the ^efendaat giaiXty ae 
ohaTgod In the inforawitloii and the defendant oao OMitoaced 
to Iwprloonment in the Konuio of Oorreotlon for a ter« of 
30 daya. To t-Brerae the jvdgnest entered, the defendant 
porfeotod thia tippoaX* 






yh« onXy point vzg«d In support of %hi$ mppml 
iMis to do vltli tb« w«l^t of the eTid»ne«» itn^inf thit 
dftfi^iidattt'a oontentioa tb&t th«7« «»• no eTld«iio« at all^ 
•Yibttitted in bohAlf of tho roople. tomding to proro that 
lii« MIS guilty of tbie ohaygo laid 1a the iaforMttioa« ^ad 
th»t» tberofore* tlb« finding and judjgment of the trial 
•oturt W9T9 •rnmooiui and should bo reverood and «ot aoido 
1»y^ this oo\»rl« 

fh« tolophono ooin box inrolTod la this oaoo 
Who located in % ttlftp^hono hooth on 1^« sain floor of tho 
li, s, Aray Ho«?>ltal» looatod o» 47th otreet in the City 
of Ohio:^go« On« teloaoy, a guard in that Moorital, too* 
tifled that ahoiat 8 o*elo^» on th# opening of laroh 7« 
1323, he board tfe« laartt boll, which ie eoiwaffoted with 
thio ooin lB«a, ring, whersmpom, ho i^BRO^iiatoly wsUrod 
0¥or too&rd tho tolfiphoso ^oth, and saw tho dofend^nt 
ooalng out; that ho theroupoa told tho def«ndant ho vaatod 
%Xm for otoa^llag aickols out of tho ^3t« wher«u^A» tho 
dofondmnt oaid, *iihy, no» fo% got aio wrong** Tbia guard 
to^tified that ho then told tho dolendaat to otay ineido 
for a foo minutes, nher^'Upoa tho dofcndant he^n to tuoalo 
with the guard and apparontly attospt to oooopo) th^t this 
tWisllBg lod ovor toward tho stalmoy and down the ataira, 
as a result of whioh tho defendant finally ran out of tho 
front ontroaee with tho guard after hia, tho ohaoo leading 
asroos a driTO and into a p&tk or pai^cnay, i^oro the guard 
Sirortoolc tho defendant Jxnd brought him baok to the Hoopital, 
aiul as ho oao doing ^ the defen n.nt put his hand in his 
pookot and bogaa throwing niok^ols around the otreot. Tho 
gaard further testified that ho oalled on eoaeone eleo 
mm^ to help hia, and a^in the defendant showed fight 






and ther«> ««a apfyftrcntly soso further tussXixig; t)uit after 
IriM guami got the dlefeiulant dovn, with the aseiatanoc of tlie 
•me vho oftse to kle ald« fYoii tbe Ho9plt&l» he eearohed the 
defendeat wad UvM la hie poekete |8«89 la ai<fteXe» &Bd 
fcmar telepbone el^^* When the <lefendaat wae retimed to 
the Hoipitalf the polloe were oalled amd the defead&at vae 
taken to tbe Tollee Btatloa. It a|)ip«%T« that he had a Ford 
WM9« etaadlag la frtrnt of the Hoepital aad he wae takea to 
tho Follo«> StatloA itt hia own oart Ee droTe the ear hla» 
aelf a ad tvo of the i^olloe offleere aat In the ha ok aoat* 
The hoepital guard abo'W referred to, teetified that aftey 
the defeadaat h^d heea lialteii into the Folioe Station he 
aearehed hie oar and tQvmA^ vmABt the froat aeat on the 
g^eoli»e tank* tvelve 0imll teXephone keyii. The oartaia 
of oolleetore for the Illinola iell telephone Coapany aaa 
ahoim the keya 3uet ref^srred to* whioh had heen Introduoed 
in evldenoe* and he ttatlfled that they irer« ekeletea Iteya 
a»d further that they i^uld oi^«i the eoln boxoa of tho 
felephoae Ooiqsaiiy* 

the mitneae laat referred to teetified that ehertly 
before nine o*oIo^ on the OTening in aueatlon* he vent to 
the Hoapitiil and aaa^i^ned the coin box in the hooth froa 
whloh the defendant had eeierged ^uet attar the ringing of the 
alam belX^ aa testified to hy the guard* He explained that 
*^e ooln hox hao a soaX on it* and 2 «^ont to laroatlgnte to 
aee if th&re van a aoal broken or any robhery* and I aeen that 
there vaa none on the boa and X teated the alara to eeo if It 
vaa working properly •• He further teetified that the paper 

aaal ref tarred to waa *oTar the eoln box; that he foi^nd the aoal 
on thie box unbroken and the alar* working yroperly. and ineide 


"^f r^:fm 

the Btz he found about |13«00 1& wm&f* AnfttK«y aaiploiret 
of the t«l*i»liOii« conpaajr tettlfled thut he Inetalled the 
bell and al&m deirioe on thle ooln box tncl th&t the mlan 
would bo oet off if a Iff were Isoerted aad glTon ^^a trifle 
•f a tuan of about* iiaybOt l/ft4th of an Inoh,* and that the 
box irouid opea If the kof vere turned all the nay. 

The aefendant took the stand and testified that 
ho had gone to the OoToxnaent Hospital on the erening in 
qrueotion to vleit a man who «m« in the Hospital* and that 
when he first entered he went to the telephano booth *to 
orim up OQr aunt* at I wao eoming out* and eo f 07th« %nd then he 
gxobbed tto** that he did not hoar as^ alara; that he did 
not inaort any kof in the eoin box in the booth; that he h*d 
so key with hi« and that he did x^ot attonpt to opoa the ooia 
box* in oajr stannor* On ^rooe*exe«i$ati9A ho wao ehovn the 
koytl whioh hnd been takOR fr«i hie oar and ho was aokoA 
wb&t thojr were a^d he aaowered, "fell, they wouldnU hawo • 
1 don't thitik they eould fit any box in the hoepital if they 
tried th«R«* Wt ma then aakod why he had run away and 
ho answered* "2 didn't run away« Re eo«o «p a4d gprabl^od m$ 
and naturally X puehod hia away froai ■••* 

la view of the foregoing etatoaient of the teetl«OBy* 

it le our opinion that the arguaont Made by the defen'lant in 
support of hlo aupcali to which we hawo abowe referred, is 
Quito tmteaablo* In oonnootion with that argument oounsel 
for the defendrnt states that the e«ployoo of the felophoao 
Ooi^my* aho installed the alar« on the coin box Inwolwed in 
this oaso* •testifiiNS that the alarm, oould not be set off 
without breaking the soal,* sad it was then pointed out that 

i^fjf h^ 


■ S Jii« ymi 

the «aploy«# wtto •»uiiiM»d %hm ^ok shortly after th« 
dffeiidaqftt was arrested found the seal Intaot* The teeti* 
■oiqr of the Titness «ho las tall edl the alam sat not as oob- 
toadod for by oouasoX. l^vhere la his testiooay* as wo 
Itave examined it In the ritoord^ does he state the alara 
oould not he set off without hreaJJclng the seal. Ho doiM 
gho soa3^ would be broico^ If the box was opened^ but It 
Is not the oontentl^a that the def^nds^nt suooeedsd In 
opening lt» but that he merely atteaqnted to do ••• The 
tostlnoiagr clearly is that the alant will be sot off as 
sooa as a icsy It inserted In the box and ^rwm the slight- 
est turn, 

fho erld^noo shows beyond peradwentnre of any 
doiabt that wh«a the d^ftadant was in this booth tho alarsi 
whl€ib wmild be set off In the laanner described abewe^ be* 
gaa to ring, and before the ga&rd oomid readli the booth the 
defenctant stepped out of It; that as soon as the gnard aads 
It known that he proposed to detain the defenmnt, the 
latter put np a f ig^t and made a n^urly suooeesful effort 
to oooape, in the oourso of which he tried to dispose of a 
^vaatlty of ni€i:els sad telephone sings that he had la his 
po<dcets; that a bnnoh of skeleton keys was found in his 
ror€ SMLTf whl^» it was testified wonld open telei^ions oolm 
boxes* 71x9 keys are attaehed to the reoord and speak for 
tiMMUi«lTes« We are rery ole&rly of the opinion that, on the 
eridenoe^ ^e trial ooiirt was Justified la the finding wm4B 
and the jud^sent entered* 

Other points are taade by oounsel for the defendant 
in his brief bat they f^re not referred to in the argnaent 




I»3hiaent*d mad vbbA^t the rul« 19 of thla oourt th«f wiii^ 
there fore* \m d««B«d to huv9 be*a wajiTCd* 

for t^o TBMaonM «tftttd» th« judg^cst of th« 
ttufiloip&X Court la affiraed* 

uxhm, ?.j. AfiD o'(xm0R» #• 608oim» 

26 - 38380 

Defendant in Error, 


Plaintiffs in Error, 

^^.^ <c3 "LL JL # ri • ^ 






Opinion filed Apr, 30, 19?4. 

UR* JUSTICE THOMSON delivered the opinion of the 


By this appeal the defendants seek to reverat 
a judgment of the Criminal Court of Cook County, sentencing 
them to the penitentiary for a term not to exceed the aazimTia 
fised by statute, as a punishment for the crime of conspiracy, 
of which they were convicted* 

The indictment involving the defendaiits contained 
•Ix counts* Utider the first three counts the defendants were 
charged with conspiring to extort money from three brothers, 
doing business as Stamoa Brothers, in South Chicago, In the 
last three counts the defendants were charged with conspiring 
to unlawfully interfere with the buaineas of large numbers of 
individuals, firms and corporations, engaged in the bakery, 
restaurant, grocery, meat, general merchandise, and other 
businesses^ in order to extort money from them. All the counts 
alleged that the conspiracies were unlawfully entered into 
and carried on, on November li, 1919, and for a long ti«# 
prior thereto. The activities of the various defendants in 
connection with the alleged conspiracy, as shown by the 
record^ oovered a period beginning as early as April and 

Hay 1919f and extending into September and October of 
that year* The defendants contend that the verdict and 
judgp«nt against them are contrary to law because up to 
July 1, 1919, the law in Illinoie provided that one convicted 
•f conspiracy should be imprisoned in the penitentiary for a 
period not to exceed five years, and, under that law^ the jury 
fixed the period of punishment within the limitations speci- 
fied in the statute, and in this connection the defendants 
argue that if there was any such conspiracy as charged in 
the Indictment, the evidence is such as to show that it 
was entered into as early as April 1919, when the former 
law as to conspiracy was in effect, and that any acts that 
oay have followed should be ionsidered merely as a contin^ 
Itaaioo ©f the initial conspiracy. This contention is not 
tenable • The evidence in the record shows that although 
the conspiracy complained of was entered into prior to July 
1, 1919, when the ?ar0le Act providing for indeterminate 
sentences went into effect, acts were committed in further- 
ance of the conspiracy long after that time. Oonspiraey is 
a continuous offense* The Statute of Limitations begins to 
run, as to conspiracy, not from the time the conspiracy was 
entered into but from the time of the commission of the last 
overt act in furtherance of its object. Oooke v. Ttto People . 
231 111. 9; Ooha v., yhc People. 124 111. 399. la an indict- 
ment for conspiracy the time is to be measured from the com- 
mission of the last overt act and not from the origin of the 
conspiracy. The time actually alleged in all the counts of 
the indictment in question, was November 1919, and the various 
acts complkainod of in connection with the formation of the 
conspiracy and its execution, as testified to by the witnesses, 
covered a period of approximately six months prior to that time. 

Bi bar xoo tf^Jt^e Tja* eiSi- ^>3rf^ ais^ltE* 


BJ/Cil^v , ,_^,-.j.,^ ,^ ^^^ .'1! _/■+'• 


"ijOAi:.!: i^aoo 

That being the situation^ the verdict and jud^ient of the 
Oriminal Court were properly based on the law which went 
into effect July 1, 1919, 

The defendants further contend that theevldmoe 
in the record is not euffiolent to support the rerdlcts 
against them* In this connection it is argued that inci- 
dents testified to by certain witnesses were improperly 
admitted in evidence and that motions made to strike out 
such testimony were improperly overruled, on the ground 
that it did not involve all of the defendants, nor did 
the witnesses referred to, testify that they had ever paid 
anybody any money or that they had ever been asked for any 
money* Assuming such to be the ease, it wouJid not necess- 
arily follow that the evidence was improper. To be competent 
in a conspiracy case, where the charge is that the conspiracy 
was foriaed for the purpose of extorting money, it is not 
necessary that the evidenoe: shew that each defendant was paid 
money or that every witness was required to pay money # If any 
evidence offered tends to show a concert of action along a 
given line, or action by aa individtjal defendant, T^hich in 
concert with the same or a similar course of conduct by 
another defendant, was designed apparently for the common 
end complained of, such evidence is competent. From the 
very nature of the case the evidence submitted in proof of 
a charge of conspiracy will be circumstantial. It is argued 
that there was no evidence of concerted action or agreement 
between the defendant*. While it is true that a oommon 
design is the MBence of a conspiracy it is not necessary 
to prove in such a case that the defendants actually caa« 
together and agreed to unite in such a design or to engagt 
in a eomon effort to aocoapllsh it. It is only necessary 

., .^ 4. ^ ..,6, -V 

■riSK ^c. 





X/tM \ 


T<f r 

CCMiOO -. 

•rff inn^ 

\c 1 


. 1 •^«o''nfc?; 

:;sLif -i 

t«i ♦«•; 

CCitOJt ' 

aommoo a 



•■13! •-9cn:i-- 



•itfcC '^ 

'(fit &J$JI^ 

to show that th« defendants^ either by acting together or 
ssparatsly^ pursued a course tending toirard the acooapllsl^ 
ment of the same object. It makes no difference whether 
the evidence shows that the various defendants employed 
the same means or different means or that one defendant 
performed one act and another defendant some other act, 
with a view to attaining the same object, for in either 
case, the jury will be justified in concluding that they 
were en^ged Sin a eonspiracy to attain such object. In 
such oases every person involved in a conspiracy is deemed. 
In IsiTj a party to all the acts done by any of the others 
in furtherance of the commoj^ design. Qohs v. The People. 
124 111. 399. 

In this connection it is thecontention that the 
trial court erred In permitting the testimony of the wit- 
nsssss Gendek and Hageda and Young, to remain in the record* 
Gendek testified that he was in the grocery business, with 
his brother, and that in September 1919, the defendants 
Boatman, Blevins and Walceak came to their plsce of business 
to get them to observe certain hours in the conduct of their 
business, and the witness explained to them that it was im- 
possible to do so, whereupon, the defendants named, threatenr* 
ed that imless their request was complied with they would sas 
that the witness and his brother would receive no merchandiss. 
On that very day the bread deliveries to the place of busi- 
ness of the witness and his brother, were stopped, the store 
was picketed and through that means deliveries of sugar to 
the store were itopped» When this happened the witness went 
to the Union Headquarters and saw Blevins and Boatman. Later, 
they came over to tho store with Ifalosak and another, and 


^^.'IteAw ftoneie 

.4-oH^o s*^ 


•ci -■ 







07 *-|n|rifr .'« 4 

-'>*r tr»i 

*a^ •<» P-. 

ai Jl* awCf «te9q4)ro5Mi 

?9 i^4UL 

oi«^ ar 

demanded $25*00 for initiation and dues^ by the payaent of 
whioh they said the witness would become a member of the 
Association and they also demanded |13«00 further for picket 
duty« The witness never paid these amounts but gave the 
fourth party who was present with the three defendants named, 
a obeck for |2t00, which was never cashed. The pickets^ 
however^ were withdrawn. Kagoda testified that he was in 
the grocery and meat business; that in August 1919, the 
defendant KaXozaX called upon him and demanded that he join 
the Union, but the witness said he did not care to, where* 
upon he said, "If you don»t join the Union we will come out 
and bother youo* The witness further testified that later 
he saw Walssak, Boatman and Blevins about his place of busi- 
ness, and saw thea stop a baker who wa.s about to deliver 
goods to him and also a farmer, and that he heard Walosak 
direct the latter to drive by - "this fellow is on the bladk 
list," He further testified that he later went outside and 
asked IJalosak what he was doing and he replied that they 
were going to put the witness out of business and told him 
he could not buy *a nickel's worth anywhere;" that he drove 
STsr to Armours to get some material but changed his mind 
when he saw Blevins was there ahead of him; that on this 
occasion Blevins told him to "come down there and we will 
fix it up;" that he saw them in the afternoon and at their 
suggestion he gave WaloxaJc |16«00 and there was no more 
picketing. He testified that' he paid the $16.00 so that he 
could get his meat; that he got a receipt for the money and 
a card from the Buthhers Union, but he never attended any of 

its meetings and apparently he did not consider himself a 
member of it» Young testified that he was the proprietor 

>ft i-eruts^j 


cMrh t.i' nji^^ii^ln-. •'"o't ^'^^^^P to^r^^r'^b 



T -W*^ 

Bl «.»' 



Jii-i Jlii .'i:x. 



.«- ' .■.:.I. ,■ ",,'11 ^ 


■'fJfCi^}^„i ' .'••••r^ 

.20 X. 

"ii ^rtfuJ t,'6 *'V«' 

«« T «»rf* frrr 


of a email grooery and delioataasen store; that In Septeoibar 
1919» Boatman csune to hia store with three other men and 
demanded that he obaerre certain hours in running his store 
and he replied that he might as veil olose it ixp altogether 
if he observed such hours; that after some disoussioa they 
left and the next day there were pickets in front of his store 
and that by means of their presence^ deliveries, of goods to 
his store wereproTcnted* In our opinion all of the testis* 
money referred to was properly admitted. 

The defendants make the saaie contention with 
respect to the testimony of the witness Oheoko« That wit-* 
ness testified that he was the Manager of the Woolworth 5 
and 10 cent Store in South Chicago; that he met the defend- 
ants Vind and Pipes at a time when there was an attempt to 
"UnionlM the store;" that at this time the witness assured 
them ho was willing to |»y the Union scale and comply with the 
llnion hours but that he would sign no agreement as it made no 
difference to them whether their workers belonged to the 
Union or aot« He further testified that in the latter part 
of April the Woolworth store began to bo picketed and that thii 
continued up to the middle of July, when an injunction was 
secured stopping It; that these pickets stopped customers 
from coming into the store, blockaded the cntranoeo, and 
called the clerks names; that in the course of theso proceeds 
ingSj the defendant Yind advised the witness that he had better 
do something about the situation and added "There will bo 
trouble •*• He further testified that he was called down to tho 
store on the morning of July 30^ 1919, and found all the win* 
dow« in the front of the store had been broken. In our opin- 
Ion, this testimony also was proper* Testimony was submitted 
tending sufficiently to oomieot the window breaking with tho 


-r', r«»r- • » *::•■ 

ixns n 

irol»au«>».ti: 91B0B tettr i 

1 at ^9t^tq QXQ ' vmh ^fK^.-.. 

,fjj.,- v,^ 



??!f if 



-i£ t^.x:.i -0<, 



defendants as to aak* euoh evidenoe oootpetentt One Oeklerlco 
testified that he was a ohaufieur in 1919 j that on one occafiK* 
Ion, the time of whioh he was not sure, but which he said was 
about two years prior to the trialp the defendants Blevins, 
Boatman, and Walczak had engaged his oar "to go fishing;" 
that at first only Blevins and Boataam were in the oar and at 
their direction he tujTied down Commercial avenue where the 
Woolworth store was located and just as they were going by 
that store ♦'the windows started rattling and so we went along 
the street and went otit to Indiana;" that as they went by ths 
Wool worth store and heard* the crash* one of the men sitting 
in the rear said, "Step on It and let's go*" Very apparently 
this witness was a hostile witness for the prosecution. He 
apparently had a great deal of difficulty about fixing ths 
time of the occurrence about which he testified. Apparently 
this case had been tried previously and after attempts to get 
the witness to fix the time> had failed, the prosecution was 
permitted, over objection of defendants, to ask the witness 
whether he recalled, in connection with his testimony at the 
previous trial, that> referring to the incident in questionf 
he had been asked whether during thxi sumcier of 1919 he had been 
engaged by any of these defendants to go on any trip with thta 
and he had answered, "Yes*. In connection with the ruling 
on this objection the court asked the witness if that refreshed 
his recollection and he said it did. In »ur opinion, this in» 
Qldry was properly allowed. On cross-examination the witness 
stated that when they passed the Woolworth store they heard 
a sound as thou^^h the windows broke. On re«direct examination 
he testified that the defendants named saw hia around 10 
©I clock in the evening and told hia they would want him about 
oidnight; that after the windows were broken they told him 


Jtto "> i 

'^:^fiS.^:: ^.xtol.soa 

t t 

i ;-■!;•' ,jbV<5,%»'^ 


^ c^ •• s 

< ^iT--. 

to go around the comer, and then told him to "step on It", 
After again refreshing his reoolleotion as to his testimony 
at the previous trial, it was brought out that after the 
ocourrenoe about which he testified, he was told to "keep 
still." In an effort to show the attitude of this witness 
the prosecution was properly permitted to show the efforts 
which had been made to get him into court* 

The defendants contend that admitting all the 
facts testified to by either of the three Stamos brothers , 
to be true, none of the counts of the indictaient are thus 
made out* In o\ir opinion the record does not support that 
contention. Jaiaes Stamos testified that he and his brothers 
were i4 the hotel, bakery and restaurant business, and had 
been located in South Ohicago for 30 years; that in the lat- 
ter part of April 1919, their contract with the waitresses 
ran out and thoy had a strike; tha.t the defendant Pipes tad 
a number of del?5gates from the Union came to their place 
of buainese on }Szy 1; that there were fifteen or twenty of 
thea; that Mrs. Pipes presented a contract whioh she requested 
the witness to sign; that he stated that he could not de so as 
he belonged to the Restaurant Association and he suggested to 
her that she go and sec the president of the Association; 
that she replied that she did not hare tOy and told the wit- 
ness that if he did not aigo the contract she was going to 
take away the Union card that wee apparently hanging on the 
wall^ or somewhere in view, E.nd the witness replied that that 

was up to her, whereupon shs came inside the counter^ picked 
up the card and called to the girls who were at work in the 

place, to walk out, which they did, after which, she went 
pver to another restaurs-nt, operated by the Stamos brothers 


.»*i .- - 





iSei^AiO^fta^H ®iC;/ 

^Omi^'ii »Q!&^i 


nif^lGOS^.' iir:.r::A:'i:-^*ip 

\' Ak'-tSitA 

■ (j-'i'iij.^D &di 

tofit tuff h^ts 


Odi ^J&-5,\« «2i;ss;f 

rxfti^cTcf itfi-^BA'r 

and called out the employees there, on a strik*. The follow*- 

ing morning there wa« a general strike at all the restaurants 

in South Chicago, and the proprietors of these restaurants 

closed them up. The witness above referred to, testified 

that his restaurants were picketed; that later, he and his 

"brothers went to see Mrs, Pipes and she said that she ha* 

nothing to do with the situation,- that they would have to see 

the defendant Vind, wh© was the president of the Trade and 

Labor Assembly; that two or thrfte days later they went t# 


the plaoe where VlA^and Mrs. Pipes came to the door first 
and said that their committee did not desire to see all the 
delegation that was present, but only the Stamos brothers, 
and therefore the latter were admitted alone. This ^ itnees 
fur&her testified that ht saw the defendants 7ind, Blevins* 
and Boatman and also a stranger he did not know; that Tind 
stated that "You fellows come to this town and mUm all kinds 
©f money* You get rich and never think anything about the 
Unions* One of the brothers replied that they had always 
recognised the Unions, whereupon Vind said, among other things, 
"You fellows got t© do something or get out of town, one of the 
two;'' that one of the brothers replied that they had done no* 
thing to cause them to leave town; that Vind then said, "You 
know these strikes cost big money," whereupon, he took out a 
pieoe of paper and put down three ciphers, with a apace left 
in front of thcBrf and handed it to one of the brothers who 
looked at it and then asked Vind what he meant and Vind re- 
plied, « Can't you read it? It is just exactly what I aesa;* 
that the brother then handed the paper to the witness, who 
remarked that it meant money and the witness then asked that 
he and his brothers be permitted to retire to another room for 


aiixvs . ---^5 'i^nJ.x^cxiL -gui 

mtr r^iii^Q 

+•» i*«r<*f*' 

■ -t&^siMitkO': eifl^ 

*i ^o ta* «/T 

't%§§%BM fit AV^#l 

■,■■,'■' ^ 

a few moMentSj whloh they did; that vtry shortly they returned 
to the other room and offered to pay ^1,000; that Tind said 
the ooiomittae was to have a meeting that night or the naxt 
day, and if they were willing to accept that amount, Vind 
said they would see the Stamos brothers again* This occurred 
on Saturday and the witness testified that on the following 
Monday they went hack to the same place with $1300«00« On this 
occasion Vind, Ble^ins and Hath, as well as the stranger refers 
red to, were there. The brother who had the money was told 
to put it do?m on the table and he did so, whereupon, the 
witness testified, the defendant Vind took a hat and plaoed 
it over the money and it was left there. At the Saturday 
conference Vind had demanded that the Staaos brothers sell out* 
they were operating three places of business in Soutli Ohicage 
and they did sell out two of them* At the Monday conference 
the defenciants there present directed the Stamos brothers to 
call in their suocessors and th^ went to the next room and 
telephoned them to come over to the South Chicago Club, where 
these iaranaaotions were had* They came over and met Vind and 
Mrs. Pipes and Blevins* The other 3tam»s brothers testified 
to the same general effect • There aresome differences in 
their descriptions of these conferences, but in substance they 
eaoh corroborate the others. Counsel for the defendants tontend 
that the money was not paid by the Stamos brothers for the pux*- 
pose of preventing a boycott, and that they closed their places 

voluntarily, and were not prevented by anybody from opening 
them* After reading the testimony, it is rather difficult to 
appreciate how such contentions cancbe made with sincerity. 

It is also contended that the testimony of the witness 
Billis did not tend to support any count in the indictment. That 

b9i * •^Ittois v-asT ts&i {hit id*» ,it:s(NtOfi "»»t M 

M9# •«• fWRxr 'ilTT Tdffi-ot » : :»w.,cil feat: 


Vi^-:;:'/ J xi/^vo 

••#i<i «i«il# kmwot^ x» , ..c.- ^ 5^j^^,.,^.., .., ,^,^.,. 

..< a. 

M#lV tlf^ I9 ^|0^ 

tad* t 

witness was a restaiirant keeper in South Chicago* He 
testified that the second day after he bought a half in- 
terest Ini the restaurant, he was visited by the defendant 
Pipes, who asked him to join the Union and ho replied that 
he was a restaurpnt owner and not a worker, and she replied 
that where therp were two owners, one of them had to be in 
the Union. Re further testified that three daye later sho 
returned and ag:ain insisted that he join the Union; that she 
wanted fl5«00 as an initiation fee, and he finally paid 
|7»50, smd remarked in a joking way, that she probably got 
a coiBmission out of it, whereupon, she became very angry 
and soon after she left, two men came to his plaoe of 
business and tried to remove the Union card which she had 
left and these men notified the witness that he should be at 
the Union Headquarters on the following Thursday, The wi*- 
nesa further testified that at the time appointed, ht went 
to the Union Headquarters where he saw the defendants Pipes 
and Boatman and they asked hia what he had meant by making 
the remark he had, and he explained that he had said it as 
a joke* The defendants refused to regard it in that light or 
to receive any explanation from the witness, and he testified 
that when he endeavored to explain matters one of them oaid 
"The more you talk the more fine you goti" and thatrfter soao 
conference they told him his fine was $50 and that ho was to 
pay it within a week* He apparently settled the matter for 
|35* which he paid to the defendant Pipoo, and he testified 
that the ^tter told him that if he didn't pay the fine sho 
would make him go away from Ohicago* In our opinion tliit 
testimony tends to support the charges in the indictment* 
It seems entirely clear that the efforts of these defendants 


^A.'f.^ t^lZ^- 

•fiB a/ff 


jiw-tn-t- : iSJt 'tB®'*!:©^ 


who are named by this witness, did not amount to a "bona fide 
effort to get a Union member, but It was a perfectly plain 
ease of conspiracy to extort money from the witness. The 
witness testified that he never attended a Dnioa meeting* 

The defendants further contend that the testimony 
of the witness Smukala should have been stricken from the 
record* The witness was in the grocery and market business, 
employing no help. He testified that in 1919, a committee of 
five visited his store, including three of the defendants, 
and that Blevina did the talking, telling the witness the 
hours of opening And closing his place of business, which 
they demanded he observt; that the witness explained that 
he could not afford to do that and they replied that they 
were going to force all the stores to observe those hours. 
It appears from the eviicnoe that this witness did not fol- 
low the directions of the delegation that waited upon hi« 
and he testified that about a week later the defendant 
Boatoan returned t© see him and stated that he noticed that 
he was not following the directions that had been given, which 
the witness admitted, observing that the same was true of his 
neighbor, whereupon. Boatman cursed the witness and said they 
had not laid down the rules as to hours, for the witness to 
break them, and added, "If you don't close up we are going 
to put you out of business." The argument against this testi- 
mony 1« that it is not shown that any of the defendPnts demanded 
money of this witness. As hereinbefore stated, it was not 
essential to the competency of the testimony of each witness, 
that money was actually extorted from them. The testimony of 
this witness showed an experience which was similar to that 
which was had by many other witnesses, some of whom paid over 


6 b^mtm ««^ «^w 

4»f :«»ct!:^ 

■or *T'" ^^ti: 

JTx^ : .::? an 




.;, ''>A I -Sti!: 

TO i>JS(^ lR.4fw tin f rfM 


money as fines or dues or \mder some other disguise^ and 
some of whom did not. All such evidence is entirely com^ 
petent to show the gensifal line of conduct persisted in by 
the different defendants, some of them appearing in the 
testimony of some witnesses and others appearing in the 
testimony of other witnesses* 

It is further contended that what is referred to 
In the brief of counsel for the defendants as "the Altmeier 
incident** sustaios no count of the indictment* That viritness 
testified that he was in the wholesale meat, fruit and vegv* 
table business, having two markets in South Chicago, employ- 
ing 25 men as meat cutters, clerks and drivers; that im the 
latter part of October or the first of November 1919, the 
defendants Boatman and Bievins came into his store and said 
they understood the witness was selling material to the steel 
mills, where there was a strike on, and they told the witness 
that they had turned back a load of meat he had sent out 
that morningt He testified that Boatman said, '♦Yotire supply- 
ing these mills and we are going to run you out of Chicago," 
and that Bievins said, "We are going to make a bum out of you, 
- you have done too well here in South Chicago anyway;" that the 
witness replied that he had always been a good Union man and 
that he would go on his truck and drive it himself and that he 
proposed to supply the steel mills, inasmuch as other markets 
employing Union men were supplying his customers; that hs was 
having no trouble with the steel mills nor with his employees 
and he saw no reason why he should discontirue selling these 
people, whereupon, Bievins, said, "All right, you are not going 
to do it, we are nmning South Chicago, and we are going to 



V. xT» ffcjja XiA 

■'mil: «k« ^©aoffi 

flrMS-'^r. srre'fto tjrtr rf.rrQ^fft?:'^" r^-r-or "^'O vrcwi-ts^i^ 

ij^ 1'.' ^f- 

r'lf'i rtrctt IB,,-, , ♦ 


waXe a bum out of youv" The vltnese testified that pioketa 
appeared before h|8 plaoe of business on the following day 
and remained there a week; that Bievins and Boatman appeared 
•ach day and walked up and down In front of his stores and 
stopped customers^ telling them not to'*go into this man*s 
8tore> he is a fink and a soaby- unfair to organised labor*" 
He further testified that shortly after that there was an 
explosion in the rear of bis building* Thie testimony was 
ebjeoted to on the ground that it was not oonneeted with the 
defendants. In our opinion the objection wasproperly overruled 
in view of the testimony of the witness as to the threats of 
Boatman and Blevins, In our opinion^ for the reasons already 
stated, the testimony of this w itness was coiqpstent and ■^rial. 
In this oonneotion, the testimony of one Kenny is to be consider- 
ed* He testified that hs had been a butcher for 33 years and in 
1919 was in the employ of Altmeier and that he was a member of 
the Meat Outters Union* He tbestified that in that year a strike 
was called, and in this connection he had a talk with the defend- 
ant Aaboraki, who was the president of the Meat Outters Union; 
that the witness asked him if there was going to be any settle- 
ment of the strike and he said there was not going to be any 
settlement. He testified that he told the defendant Amborski 
he would not get the wages he was getting at Altmeier' s if he 
was obliged to secure employment elsewhere, and Amborski re* 
plied that this did not concern him and he added that they 
were going to put Altmeier out of business* At Amborski 's 
direction, the witness saw the defendant Walosak and the 
latter told the witness he had better find work elsewhere, 
for they were going to put Altmeier out of business* 

It is contended by counsel for the defendants that, 
regardless of what may be said as to any other defendant, it is 





: • ' 

'. Elicit. 



«^«^ S^fUb 


not sboim that Amborski had anything to do with any trans- 
action testified to in the record^ beyond ehoiring that he 
vas president of the Union and presided at a nesting at li^ich 
a strike was called on Altmsler« We have just referred to 
the testimony of the witness Kenny to the effect that Anbor** 
ski stated they were going to put Altaieier out of business* 
the witness Toaaeoosky testified that he was a meat cutter 
employed by Altmeier; that Amborrici was the president of 
his Union and IValosak the business agent» and Boatnan and Ust- 
ins were other officials of the Union, This witness also 
testified to the aotirities of these officials against Alt- 
aeier* The witness Stefansky testified that he ran a butcher 
shop and grocery; that he had no trouble with the Butchers 
Union in 1919, but he did hare trouble with the chauffeurs. 
Bo testified that he knoir Boatman and Aaborski and that they 
eame to his place of business and directed the observing of 
certain business hours; that nothing happened to his windows 
at that time, but they were broken when the Ohauffeurs Union 
was on a strike. In connection with the testimony of this 
witness, the defendants' contention is that their objection 
to it should have boon sustained. Theobjootion was overruled 
on the promise of the prosecution to connoot the defendants 
with the breaking of the windows. The contention is further 
Pl^^t that the prosecution f411od to so connect up the testi- 
mony« In our opinion the record shows the contrary. The 
witness Morrison testified that ho was a switchman in the 
employ of the Baltimore A Ohio Railroad Co., and in 1919 was 
a taxi ohauffe\ir. He also testified that ho know Boatman, 
Blevins, Vind and Walosak and that on one occasion they had 
CAgagod his oob, about ©o'clock at night and thafc ho had 

%£f tat* 







^ -' JK m.*- 


'5^r JO 

)d ma 





drlvexx them down to the Union Hcadqiaartcrs, and that after 
leaving tliere they drove to 94th street and CoBuercial a^nu^ 
in South Ohicago^ where all the defendants named got out and 
got 8om§ bricks) that they then directed the witness to 
"drive dowit to the Bush^" which ime a term applied in South 
Chicago^ to the Polish settlement • The witness then test!-* 
fied that he did not know Stefansky but that he knew where 
his store was located, at a triangle comer in South ChicagOy 
and he testified that » on the occasion referred to> at the 
direction of the defendants named, he drov« aeroimd the corner 
where Stefansky 's store was located, and as he went around 
the corner he heard a orash of glass, whereupon, one of the 
men in thsi. oachine told the witness to "step on it«" The witness 
was not very definite in his statements of the time of this 
pccurrence, on direct examination, but on oross—examination 
he stated that it was "three years ago* which would make it 
in 1919* 

We have referred to the testimony of several witnesses 
who, in our opinion, clearly involved the defendant Amborski and 
who connected him with several transactions testified to, and 
apparently carried out by various defendants in furtherance of 
the oonspiraoy charged. ThO witness Oheokt, the manager of 
Woolworth's 5 and 10 cent Store, in South Chicago, who has 
already boon referred to, also mentioned Aoborski and stated 
that he was frequently seen in front of the store during the 
tiao it was being picketed and when these pickets were stopping 
customers and were blockading the entrances and calling the 
girls naaos* 

The defendants contend that tfche trial court erred in 

s*-" I « /ail 



«i *riT» tTl-roO iBtrt 3«f# :f^r{;f bSi3&tlOO uitfrc^hn.. 


a number of rulings on the testimony* Ws hare already 
referred to nost of the rulings oomplalned of* It is^ 
of oourse, unnecessary to make the testimony of any wit- 
ness competent^ that it appear that the occurrence re- 
ferred to in the testimony, involved all the defendants* 
As already stated, a conspiracy may be proved hy circu»* 
stantial evidence* OirouBstanoes disclosed by the testis 
MOny in this record, clearly establish that there was a 
conspiracy to extort money, and a concert of action on 
the part of the various defendants involved. When a con- 
spiracy is established by the testimony, the law is that 
the acts and declarations of each oonspiratsr, in further- 
ance of the conmion design, are to be considered as the acts 
and declarations of all of them, and such acts and declara- 
tions are evidence as aginst all of them, whether they were 
all present or not« One of the witnesses whose testimony 
is complained of is Lena Coleman. That witness testified that 
she was employed at the foolworth Store, working for Mr. 
Oheske; that she went out on a strike and remained out a 
mo&th and then left the IMion and went baok to work; that 
the only defendaoht the witness knew v&s Mrs. Pipes, whom 
she had seen many times; that during the strike she saw ens 
©f the girls "beaten up*; that the witness and the girl 
referred to, whose name was given, left the store about 9 
o'clock one Saturday evening and that four girls attacked the 
companion of the witness and "beat her up"; that they were 
workers at the store; that they tore the girl«s sweater and 
knocker her down* It is argued, as to this testimony, that 
its only purpose was to insinuate that in some way the defend- 
ants had something to do with the incident referred to, end 

,rao^x&»i^r odi* iso fiR^iii %&^m.i/a 4R 

^*0X S;i- as 

^wOA <fei/B 

vat ^;lM ssJ 



3 »C •*::;' 

J^rivij '.. 


that in this manner Hn effort was made to arouse the passioiia 
and prejudices of the jury. In our opinion the testimony 
was competent* The witness Oheske had testified that the 
store at which the witness Ooleman was employed, was picket- 
•d for weeks and that in connection with the strike cal led 
at their store, the defendant Yind had advised him that he 
had better do something about it and he said "There will 
be troubls," The testimony of the witness Ooleaan shows 
the (jfefendant Yind was right whea he told Oheske there would 
be trouble, and the same thing was proved when it was shown 
that all the windows in the store were saashed« 

Ooaplaint is also made by the defendants of certain 
instructions given by the trial court • It is poi^tsd out in 
this oonneotion that the court gave three Instructions on the 
subject of reasonable doubt, which were given by the prossou^ 
tion» Too many instructions on the saas subject shoiild not 
be given, but we would not reverse this judgment for the giv- 
ing of these three instructions. Moreover, the defendants ars 
not in a very good position to urge this point, as they thea» 
selves offered five instructions on thfts subject, four of which 
the court gavs* 

Complaint is made ol another instruction, wherein 
the court instructed the jury "that in order to make a valid 
oontraot it must bs entered into willingly and must express 
the intention- of the parties* Any contract which is the re- 
sult of coercion or intimidation which induced a person to 
enter into it by fear of resulting injury to hlaself or his 
property by unlawful acts is not a contract and has no force 
in law. Tho court by this i^struotion does not mean to itt» 


' ^ '»"^ 



!.s€j €»it»&*^' 'lal .*^Si 


VIA A^OJ^CratvA «(tf t<d'^0' 
••ti^ Off MHf tiU 


tlmate anything aa to what are or what are not the faott 
In this oaa«»* In oiir opinion the giving of thlB instruo- 
tioB was proper* It is trus as the defendants contend that 
there waa neither any CDunt in the indlotjasnt nor any «▼!- 
denoe tending to show a conspiracy ♦•to foroe anyone to enter 
Into suoh a contract.'* But it is the position of the defend- 
ants that whatever any of the witnesses were shown to have 
done, they did of their own free will, and that any payments 
of money that were made, by any of the witnesses to any of 
th9 defendants, were legitimats @jid proper payments for law«« 
ful objects and that there could be no conplaint because seas 
of the witnesses joined the fJnion and a»»>ds certain payments 
in oonnsetion with that matter* The Inst motion was pertli^ 
tnt in connection with that contention* 

fhe defendants ooniplain of another instruction 
wherein the court instructed tho Jury that *no labor union 
has any lawful right to levy ^ fia® against a person not 
belonging to that union, and any atteatpt to levy a fins 
against such psrson and to collect the sane by inducing 
his men to q^t his employ, is illegia, and a conspiracy 
to accomplish this end is a violation oi the criminal law 
of this state** the argument made against thie instruction 
is that there is no testimony in the record to sustain it,- 
that there Is no evidence of any fine or levy agninst any- 
body or mH any attsmpt to collect such a fins, by inducing 
employees to quit until it was paid* How counsel can adp» 
vance suoh an argument is difficult to see* Counsel is 
either not familiar with the record or they assume that the 





court would not become ao« We are not sufficiently familiar 
with matters of this kind to know the term which might accur- 
ately be applied to the payment of ^1,000 ox $1,300, made 
by the Stanos brother! but that they paid it is as clear 
from the rscord as anything can well be, and it is equally 
clear that they paid it for nothing except to buy their 
peace. The witness Abatzie, the proprietor of a restaurant 
in South Chicago, testified that he attended a meeting at the 
South Chicago Olub at which the defenda^nt Pipes was present, 
among others. At that meeting there was aiscussed the ques- 
tion of the witness entering into an agreement with the 
Waiters ttaion, and also the matter of hours^ The witness testified 
that one Gosharls was at that meeting; that at the time of 
the trial he thought Oosharis was in Europe; that on the 
occasion in question the defendant Pipes asked Cosharis for 
|50«00, as a "fin© because he didn«t walk out when we called 
a strike at the Paris restaurant." He testified that 
Cosharis replied that he didn't have any money and the defend- 
ant Pipes told him he "shouldn't get back to the restaurant 
business unless he pays the fineo" This witness further testi- 
fied that the fine was paid; that the witness gave Cosharis 
the money and the latter paid it to the defendant Pipes, 
On cross-examination he testified that it was stated at 
the time that the reason we "were fined was because we had 
violated the rules of the union*" We have already referred 
to the testimony of the witness Bill is who was required by the 
defendants Pipes and Soatman to pay a "fine" of $S5«00, 
apparently as a punishment for the remark he stated was a 
joke, to the effect that the previous amount which had been 
demanded by the defendant Pipes, as so-called initiation fee. 


^XXiMX/p^ 9l il ban «»c 

••; • --jcf *c.n bfr'C-vt trm 

res 3Xsi:<f;^Yas ts )bicf>»i2Xa^d* cec^st 


TO'i .. C 


lo ••ail" 
A ft«v J»«»«^t atf ixa0»T aft* -oi 

..;f ^^x.. 


SCO -".a 

•T ''tt'f 

was a payment on which she would probably get a oommls*- 

Finally, the defendants coarplain of an i»- 
struotion given by tho trial court, in which the jury 
were told "that it is illegal and unlawful for any par- 
son or persona by force or injury tending to violence, 
or by intimidation to compel a person against his will to 
do or refrain from doing any act which under the law he 
has a legal right to do«" The objection urged to thia 
instruction is that it ignores the conspiracy feature of 
the ease and tells the jury that if there were any acts 
testified to, such as are mentioned in t^9 instruction, 
the jury should find the defendants guilty, regardless of 
whether they were the resiilt of a conspiracy or not. The 
instruction is open to no such oriticisa* It says nothing 
about the jury finding the defendants guilty. It contains 
a correct statement of the law on a subject which is per- 
tinent to the issues and is fully justified in view of all 
the evidence before the jury* 

We find no error in the record and the judgment 
of the Criminal Court is therefore affirmed. 



■ 'i s 

tit wf t aM^t'tm t^: oh 




. :tllxf8 e;fn£f)a©'t< 

- ; ■ _ '■ : 

f!i9ifSui ; 

J w«iv 

it * Bt339 

••| 234I.A. 821 

App«lliriit» 5 ATPEJiL FROM 

f • U UmaQQt BROKtaRAOX 00 
a CMOTpoxatloa^ 



Opinion filed Apr. 30, 1924. 

m. ^Qna& tuomou ^•li▼en^d the oplAloB 
of tli« oourt* 

th« pimintlff, W, t, Iiu3rdo0fe 8ro)texftg« 09«« 
l»»me^t this »uit ablaut the a«f«Adaint» Jkbm R« Baker 
A OonfttJiir^ In ttM ttimioipal Co\ir% of Oblot^go* •••kimg to 
reooTOT d«uB&g«« for breaefe of % ecmtraot, oat^red iato 
Itff the p&rties imder dsite of April SO^ 1919. By th« teroB 
of the <30$t7aot» the defead&ftt agreed to sell and the 
pXaiatlff agreed to buy 1«000 oaoos of oamiod oalsom at 
ld*QC; per oaoo« for Jt^ly •> Auiruet d'FliTery* Only 310 
oaooo were deiXiV(^red imder the: ooiitraot* The Iseuoo vero 
•liteltted to tho Gourt without a Jury* restating in a 
finding for the defeiidd.nt* JudipBOiit vao entered ao^rdiagXy* 
to rereroe which, the plaintiff has perfected tbie appeal* 

The paiti«$e had been dealing vith one another 
for a nx»iber of years* the d^fenUnt eometinea eelliBg C»odB 
"ae hroJcere and at tivea on our own aecount** ae the witneae 
Baker teetifted. At no tiiM Aid the defendant oiro a eanninc 
faotory of it« own. Tbie faot wa» knomi to the plaintiff, 
and whett the oontraot aued upon wmi entered into toy the 
tiee, it la ateitted that the plaintiff knew it *owld he 



0M m*9 

•%•* 4t> 

^mm. ^ m 


i ' JtTr* to 
p itma n a 4jra ^oa^v^ 

, -^JW.l^' 



ii«o*99a37 for th^ d«tendaeit to get thn Bmlmam. eontr«ot«d 
for» from others^ for the purpone of filling; the oontraot* 

The oontraot im« ftpparctntly •jc«0uted on a fom 
iMvd by the defendant • It Oftlled for XfOOO oeeee Ro« I 
r&Xl Btiuulard Alaelra Pink SulBoay at I1.5C per deten ox 
96*00 per oiMie* The ootitraet contained a peragmph reediag 
e« folloves 

•SHORT OILIV:s:hT: seller ehall not be liable 
for #»oTt» late or non-delivery oaiseed by deetme- 
tion of oannery» shipwreck, floods, etrlkee, ehort 
pOLiA. or atlmr unavoidable ea^uee; in whioh event 
after ehortage le dieeovered, pro rata delivery 
shall be ®ade by Seller and s-.cceptS'd by Buyer « 
Biiytr »hall, in ease of deatmotion of Hie plaoe 
of buaineee by fire or the elen^eBte have the right 
to (mnoel &11 or part of tbie oontraot by glviii|; 
©ellfer written aotice within a reaeonable ti»e«» 

Tbe oontraot was executed by the plaintiff aa "Buyer" 
a»d by tfee defendant as *Seller**» and below the signatures of 
the t*o parties was e, t) ird line oia whiob there appeared no 
sig^ture and at the end of this line, there was printed the 
word *Brokeaf*t 

Xt is ab^wn by evidence in the record that selaMl 
wfeloh are used for canning purposes are oaught in fisb traps, 
located 9A the somds and near the nouths of rive re lalong the 
Ytpi^er Paoifle ooa«t of Uorth A«erloa* The extent of the 
0at(^ in any year depends entirely upom tbe «»sl»er of fish 
that OOMS to the traps of their own volition. They aajr;) 
not be attracted into the traps by any artifioial seans. 
The^runs* of salttoa resulting in the oatohes whioh are avail* 
able for oanning parposes, occur annually. As a rule the 
Tvm begins early in July and ends in September, it some- 






no ^1^#^e■af 

• • • A'MM 


tim»m happens th«t th« run In a glren fear nay b« below 
noriaal and th^re then rtaulta vbat la known aa a * short 
patfk** AXtbou^ thera nay ba a noTaal nm of MlMftt 
cantmlly* there say ba a aaall run at given polnta along 
the ooant* tbua fielding a eonpartRtiyely small auaber of 
•alMm for oanning purposes to «a6h oanneriea as are loaated 
at tlioae points* depending for their supply, on the oatali 
■ada in oontlgtioua vatera* It was shown l»y the sTld^noe 
that the tam * short paak* as uM^d in the trade and in the 
asntmot hf^re sued upon, aieans a shortage at a parti oulay 
•annery* and not in the total prodnetlon for the season* in 
the industry aa a whole. The «^Tidenoe also was to the effeet 
that 'It is not the praetioo ajaong the trade for a broker 
who eella for particular canneries or paokara, in the *T«!nt 
of its not getting the fuU amount of the order, to go into 
the ^pen aaarttet and eupply the difftrenoe.* 

The def^ndsBt interposed two general .efeaaea 
to the plaintiff U euit. It was the defendAot's oontention* 
first* thiit it was an agent and not the prinoipolj .«.nd seooad* 
that if held to be the prinslpal, it had entirely eonpllad 
with the tensa of the oontraot, because the eannera aupplf 
Ing the ealitton for thie contra ©t suffered a "short pa** in 
the 1919 seaisan, which nade It poeeibla to dallfor only 31 
p^T cent and that deliTerias to thet extent were nade to the 
plaintiff under this contract. 

There aeeaa to be •^nonfusion of terva in the 
srgiwisntn prasentwd by the reepectiwe parties, as we read 
than m the briafa. One nay have executed a contraet, not as 
mm agaa* for another bat aa a principal* and yet he nay be a 


«4. Ot «dUff #1^ 


■^ f-.)*!^ 

M mm A 

ft bTokor merely, and his llal»illty on the contraot ««ft«ured 
laif hl« obli^tlona mi ft broker* In o«r oplalon, froa all 
the evid«no« %n tMa r«oftrd« the defendant did not ftzooutft 
tke oontrftot sued upon fts the agent for & pr 1 no Ipnl* In oftsa 
•f ft braaeh. the plftlatlff oould sue and hold liable, \adev 
tbe terms of the oeatraot, nobody but the defendant* But it la 
also true tb%t ttee def«nd?^,fit wae a broker and wae knoirn to be 
•ueh by the plaintiff* In other words, the d«fend»at vftc the 
l^molpal in a brokerage oontraot* 

ttr. Mtjjrdoift of the plaintiff oonpiny teetlfied that 
he did not knots the defentlant T»as aotlng a« a broker in thie 
tfft«0ftctlon» ^e have difficulty in apprfcit.ting that etieh 
(M»uld be the oaae* It ie admitted that thci plaintiff knew all 
the time that the defend^iit was not a oanner and that it otmed 
ao eaanery but aould* of Beceaaity, f&ll thie oontraet by ha^P* 
tug ahipwitmliiBada by parties who were oaanere, to the plaintiff^ 
A, broker la a siddle^an, who, for a oMmiaalOB baaed on the 
▼alua of the tTanaaotion, negotlatea the aale of oo»^oditlea 
for othera* That la axaotly what the defendiint wae and eiie^ 

waft preoiaely the nature of the tranaaetion inrolTed in thia 
ftftftft, ftft ahown by the eridenee* 

Murdooh testified that )|ft probebly aigfted the oo»» 
traet a\ted upon on May 9* It vaa apparently eigned by the 
defendfint Oft Jlprll 30, In Chle^^gio, wher«) defendant wna located, 
and then aent to the plaintiff, the latter being loested at 
Bimini^bftM, Ali^ftsft* The defendant wrote the plelntiff a letter 
toid^r d?ite of April 39, ahlife lliirdooh aaid he had befete his 
ftt «Ad before the tisft he eigaed the contra ot. In this letter 


^1 MTK 

•^ef' ¥tf t?^«**fft*' 

• ir.t a: 

9d$ H«!|i 

r» %^9it^i Tintti -tit 


:-*r 4- 

^f-y^mii.-': ;^u 

, •'■*• ■^v.?> 


if-'AkA i'49( 

• ♦ • 


th» d«f«ndr<nt adirlscd th« plaint Iff, •%• are ••lllng 
Qalaon today fira » • • |>lnk« ^1.60 • • ♦ July^August 
•bi|«a&t • * • jovjt brokexag* on all salsa for thiiMaBt 
fron the ooast unlees «e advlea you to the contrary 
will ba2^« Our paokera hsiT« tl^tened on xas; tb« soat 
llbaral today only piay u« ^^ • aoat of them lislt xxa to 
2if%*^ Vh&der data of May !# the defeadiint aant the plaintiff 
a telegram which wae douhtXesa received, and wbioh Murdoeh 
admits nae probably recelred, before he signed the oontraot, 
and In this talsgraa the defendant adTlssd the plaint if f« 
Mioag other things, «?«iok will be short, • ♦ • Offering 
strong reliable packer, tovr brokss»ge two per cent." 

Appajrently the plaintiff was buying the saltaon which 
a»8the subjeot-msitter invoired in this oontrsot, for o^rtaia 
oustoaers* In the course of his testimony, ^?urdoch stated 
that hs *inui representing Mt, Baker (the Baksr of the defendant 
eoaipsiny) as a sub»broker»* That oovld hardly bare been on any 
theory except that BaAer or his ooapany had oads the oontmot 
In question, in the capacity of a broker. The testiaony just 
referred to was given in connectiom with an explanation of ths 
witness oonoeming the latter he had written the defendant in 
October, 1919, 9t.f%^T the parties h«.d had k controversy over 
the eubjeot-matter of their contract. In that letter ltords#1i 
advissd the defendant that, 

*Ths trouaulS with this deal is that relying 
on t«:ie Jtily»Augn»t shipment clause, buyers have sold 
the salmon end ars being called on to make delivery, 
sind then, too, there is a fssling in this section which 
finds expression through ths Southsm Wholssals Growers 
Aseooiatlon that the Cioast lnt«reet« ars pursuing msthods 
which ars unfair to the jobbers and consumers and they 
are inclinmd to stand on any Isgal rights they jjay havs, 
Ths Murdocdi Brok«?mge Company, in their oapacity as sub- 
brokers reprssenting you, have presented to contract 

*«#«^* Y«f ««t IIS' 'f:|| 






1»uyort yoMT oorrespoiid«no« but th« inayer* do not 
aoo«pt foxxT Tlow of the nattor snd ftro Aitrlsod 
tliAt th«y lufcve ftulMtiiatial rlgjbts 1a thMO ooa« 
tmot«« They also fool that bohlnd thooo ooa* 
tmoto to a stYcmg eoaoom irho it no frload of 
tholn ^md who oan woll afford to oarry out thcso 
ooatmota* or* If liablo^ pay tho daaagoo su»* 
talaod* I do not doubt that your vooordo aro 
olear la the sattoy* ao otatoA la your letter* 
but tho eontraet vrhloh wao slgaed by the buy or 
aad by you* aa oollor does not sbov that you ro* 
yrooontod any principal* eud th« buy era thoui^t* 
aad I wmy be pardoaod for oaylng It* that tboy 
woro di^aXing with you air«ot aa sollor aad aot 
as broker*" 

In the light of the oorrooi^ottAomoo reforrod to* 
smd ootwlthataiidlng tho pooitioa tal^en by the plaintiff* 
In the last letter* vo &ro of the opinion that tho plaiai* 
tiff jftuat haro known* at the tiaic the oontraot «aa oxeouted* 
that tho defendant aao oontraeting aa a broker* It «a« known 
not to bo a eannor or paoker Itoolf* it refora la Ito oorroo* 
yndonoo to ''our patters** sad to tbo faot that tho latter 
leere Halting It to a brolcerago eowalaslon of 3^jt and that 
plaintiff *s brokera^^ ooansiealon iras to bo 3jk Aa an apparent 
laduoeacttt to the plaintiff*a ereoutlon of the ooatraot* tbo 
dofeadant In its tolograa of Uej 1* oald it a<a« ''offerlag 
otroag reliable paoker** 

But »o are further of the opinion* that vhether 
defend-^nt'o poeltion was that of a broker oaly or that of a 
prlBeipal oeller* there 1« no liability on Ite pert* to the 
plaintiff* in the suit brou^t for the breaoh of the oontraot 
■Me* in Tlow of tho paragraph entitled *tbort aelirery* vhleli 
luui already been quoted. That paraipraph aunt be glToa a lofloal 
interpretation* Buch aa will be in hataoay with all the other 
proTlaioaa of the oontraot* It «ae apparently put In the oon* 



tm^itJ tfir? 

m-^ ^m ttU 

'/ ,'«*. ^h•■'y^ i 'J'5'** 

■ :-^Si 

. 'I' -^ V 

fit •i ,rf«| •#/ :sk' ^f 

'■■"■;. i-ri^i -ffj 

tyaet for the mutual protvotlon of both parties* Tlie 
Itvfit, in this pasmgraph. was glTtm the rl^t to oaftool 
all or part of the oontraot upon reaeonablo notloe^ 1a 
ease ita pXaoe of buelneas vas destroyed by fire* la 
ease of a * short paok;* the tmyer vas aa»ar6d» uader the teiaa 
of the <jontrriot» a pro rata dellTsry based on whateTtr the 
paolc turned out to b«» lAstead of Using shut out fotlrely 
tey reason of the tsaklng of full dellTertes on prior ooa- 

On the other haiid« as a protedtlon to the defend* 
ant, it i»fts proTided that the latter wae not to he liable for 
either short* lat<k or noiii»d(»llTer3r o»used by '^destruotioa 
of the oann«Yy** That of course oeuld not refer to the 
defendant's oannery« for It had »oa# aad plaintiff adaits 
loiQWlsdgs of the faot that it had none* It oould only re* 
fer to the joinery fron vHloh the ealMoa^ contraeted for« 
vas to Qo«a« This paragraph further provided that the 
seller was snot to be liable for short* late or non-dellTery 
aaiuiad by "short padt.* The evldenoe in the reoord la to the 
etfeot that this tern does not ssan In the trade, a fthortacs 
in the total produotloa of the entire industry* but that it 
a sbortaes at a partloular eeaBsry* 

Such «o\}ld aeea froa the evidence la the reeord^ 
to hftTO be<>n the interpretation plaoed on the aeanlAg of this 
pari'grapli* by the parties th easel tss* As to sotte of the 
testlsongr offered on this question* it was the plaintiff's 
oontention that it was inadaiseibls. In ovir er^inion it was 
all adalsslbls as Iwarlng directly on the QVMtlon of tbs 






i\iiii*.t iifd^ Ml 

i'? '?!'■%!'> i,:f 


«.;l *i"y4 f-A 

l»t«irpr»^tloB pl*««d toy th« parties on tbelr »uttial •Mig^^ 
tioM un^^T tho oontmot, a« they had ex»out«d It. «!•»•▼«» 
it My b« ftaid th»t way ambiguity txltt* In Itmguagt iM«d 
m II ooatraot^ oourt* will •ad«aTor to pl»e« th#«i«lTM la 

th« poaltitm of th« pajfti*.. a-na wher. tbi»y. by tbelr conduct 
•Y oorare«poiidieno«, elth«» oonteapoTaneou* with tb« wxtoutlon 
of tb« oont»ot OT after lt» «xeautloft and In oonnectlon with 
tbe oajrylng out of lt» t«rm«, nw Bh&mn to bnv* giwen tb« 
0Mtf»«t » certain o©n»tru0tlon, tbe oourt* will »i^t It. 
Aay «TldMio« sbowing or tending to obow 81M* a oonetruotlon 
of tho tof»s mA proTlalona of & contract toy %be paxtloo lo 

n* nrt r. ^i- ^^'^^^^^ Q^- ^- ^^^s^ *^ ^^^- ^^ 

Falker T. mSw^^n m^^^l -^M ^ , ^1 ^ 216 111- 610; MshBB 
^ m ^tv Gr^al QO. w. OUy fit Blo^aH^^B^ 334 UU 90. Itoro- 
oiror, where one of t^^ imrtlee la e^own to hart pUeed a 
o^rtala oonstruotlon on a ocmtract. to the knowledge of tb» 
otbor, imd without protoat on the part of the latter, tho 
oonatruotlon so placed Mv^n It. will pr*wall. MlfF ^* I3Ii 
9 ^i p. ii,it. Oa.. ftyx^mi aftreet ▼. g^>mt^o wb^rfiryy ^)f|^ gt9l*CT ^ 
157 111. 6«^. swan before the contract waa entered into, aad^ 
aa already stated, aa an apimront Inducement to the plaintiff 'e 
entering Into It. the d.f^ndimt aald they were -offering .tro«i 
reliable paoke»« and In tbtlr letter of 4pni 26. they referred 
to -ouj patera.* An* ^a early as the tolegraa of Hay 1. the 
plamtlffa were adrlaod that -l^ek will too short.-* Under 
date of Juno 17. the def^nd^vat adTlsed the plaintiff that tho 
•alaon would be ahlpped -toy J- t. 8«ll#y * 0«. o^ ^^^'^ 
Herring * Sardii- Oo-. Seattle.- Tho plaintiff was thus 
adrlaod as to who -our packers- were. Murdoch testified ho 
«der.tood from this letter that tho defendant bad «i4e arr«i» 


ml > 

> w.-w 

■ i'j A 

1^ ^iS i?4ai*'rft*jrfi 

•y »%*-93S 


rf^ '•.^?. 

. . 'T il • tJ C 

w£" aJ^I «»i:i^.c^ 

r ?»ft,/ 

<^ «r 

Mutt with or made a oontmcrt vltb tbtM p#opl«. tm<l«»r dat« 
0f AiMPiat 18, th© d«f«fiai*iit aarlMd th« plaintiff that 
•ottT iMt<*«r» and «tll oth^r» d»old©d that they will not 
sAkt aay d«llw»l«» until th« j»i& U f liil«li«d, •© If it 
will )»« n«c€««»ii.ry to p«>-T«^t«. •▼•nr lwiy«» ^^^^ «•* » 
square d«al.« Titlt m» In reply to » «o«aualoatlo« from 
tho plaintiff to tho defendant undei dat# of Aii«iurt 16« 
«• do not find that letter in the looord tout apparontly 
it wn« «a iaqul'y *« *<> ^^^^T dftliwrloa wtre not ••ning 

If the plaintiff m» imtoTprotiag tho oontraot 
to mmn that •«teo»t pw** rofemred to a ohortago in tUt 
iildu«tTy as R wholo md not a shortago is tb€ pa<* *t a 
giYOR oaaaoxy and th€T«for« that ther* would bo no ooo^t- 
ion to pTorato rr®n if def«ndit»t»» paekert were ahort im 
thair paok, providtd tha gooda ©ontraotad for war* avail* 
abla in the gtntml marlait* ita position ahoiad h»Ta bean 
aada kmmn for it wA»% have rtaliKOd thst auoh ^9 not tb« 
Hite*pr«tatian *rbi^ the defendmnt aa» plaoing on the o<Mft- 
tvaot. The plaintiff not only di^i not do thifi but it in- 
tiaated the oontmry. for, by ite letter of in«wt 23. 
refftTTlttK to the eoatraot iwrolved. ahioh the plaintiff 
aay« "you" (aoaniag defendant) aignol* t^* pl^la^iff aaya. 
•to do not aee bim a pnokor who put out au<* * oontxaot oan 
withhold hie «hi|«ienta tmtil hie entire paok ia made, ha 
baa definitely .nd poaitivly agreed to aaka ahipaent. dur- 
ing the montha of July ond Auguat, and our buyer, will expeot 
♦beao ahii-onta to bo -ado on or before 4m«uat 31at.* thi. 
letter ahow. clearly that at that ti-e the pUintiff wa. 
^idarlng the defendant- liability under the oontraot. 
.. that Of a broker (for plaintiff admit, knowledge that 




*««i|' tfe 0#« 


lue 6& 

dfffsnaiMit tmfl not^ itself* m |Miek«y) nad there I0 aitblng 
In It to iiidl<M&t« that the plaintiff •» interpretation of 
tlMtMm "fllioylt paek* referred to a shortage in ths industry 
as a vboXe* It Bterely oontended that where a packer had 
•old for auly-August delivery, hs was hound to delirer then^ 
without waitlmg to s«« if he was going to have a short paok. 

Mmrdooh testified that fee (ai?pare»tly reff^rring 
to the plaintiff) re^j^lred a hrokerage oosufslesion of 11% 
on the 310 oases of S&lsott diellirered %aider tbls eontraot. 
It l8 denied in the briefs that plaintiff was a siib^hroker 
usder def^ndfi^ntt on this trannaotlon btit that Is hdv plalA* 
tiff Is refifetred to in Murdooh'* letter of October 11, to 
which refer«jn0« has already been made, and it is to be noted 
that la the letter of Jt|»ril 26, defendant a^lrlsed plaintiff 
that "^our (defendaat^e) p».etkexm wlix only pay a broksrags 
oos^i^slon of S}^ and further, dsfends^nt says in this 
IsttsT that *yoitr (i»l&intlff»s) broksrags* will bs 85t, *t.ich 
is the ooMMlsslon Murdoedn testified he reoeiyed on the mwiisy 
of oases dellTSired tindar this oontraot. A« to the letter of 
October 11, ooun««l for plaintiff states in thebrief filed in 
this QOMXt that it '^saaifestly* dsale with eontraots other 
than the one Involved here, no such suggestion was «a4s when 
the d<^fendant offered it In evidence in the trial oourt* 

It la the plaintiff's contention that when the 
defends&nt ^rots, in the oourse of the oorrespondtnoe bstwssm 
the parties, that **¥e ars a» mmiioms as you to get the goods 
forvardsd and full deliveriea made, but out prlneipale have 

to ooneider others bealdee Snrselves,* they wer« taking a 
position whlofe is inoonaistent with the one now contended 




W 9brr, nr 



f07 and oofi vhloh supports pXftlntlff *• position* fo ayo 
HBftbXo to agro« wi^ that oonttntioa. Tbe defandbuit it 
MtrtXy showing by that expressions that it is anxious to 
•e« aXl goods sold undsr its eoatraets* dellTered, Imt 
ttot its paoksYs have to trsat all oontraots aliks and 
th^re is nothing in what dsfsndant said« as 4ii«t«d« t« 
indiOTits that it eonsidersd itssXf bound to dsliTsr to ths 
sirttnt of XOO^s tindsr ths oontract* without isfsrd to ths 
question of a short paok* 

Ths Qontraot ^stwoen thsso parties proridsd that 
the dftfen^^&nt was not to be liable for shorty lats or non* 
delivery^ otus^d by short paok:« in vhioh event pro rata 
deliTsry would be «ad« )»y the defendant anlaccepted by 
tbe plaintiff. It is ftdaitte'l by the plaintifl thfft the 
eridence e^s to the effect th!»t the tera * short padc* in 
suoh oontr^ets ae this* referred to a |»i,rtieijlar oftnnery 
%nd 3fiot to the aggregate of fisb of any particular rarietyt 
pa^ed by all ogmners during the season. In its eorrespsodp* 
enoe vith plaintiff, both before and after the oontraot 
was entered into, the defendant rspsatedly referred to 
''our pmokers" and to the brokerage ooamiesion they were 
allowing defendant, and early in the oorreepondense defends 
ant designated two o&nners or papers whs would ship ths 
salnoA oontr&oted for* It is not denied that these paekers 
suffered a short paoh in 1919 and that the d^lireriee pro» 
rated on their oontraots amounted to Sl^* The ^ods re* 
eelred on this oontrnot oaiis through a oonoem referred ts 
as INUksfleld 9t Co«» whioh, the ewldf^nee ehows,^a8 a selling 

or shipping sgtmsy, repressnting the paokers abore referred 

UAS I*. 


:t? '$»jift4 

■s:^t*.fTT »,i'l 

%•, «md the goods teceiv«d were ahoim to hart b#«i fro* tlM 
06inn«Tl«s naamd by tto« defendai^t end to whioh th# difendwat 
had yttferrftd. In its eor;««pondf nee, as ^our p»ok9r«*. 
|%y«»iif on th»g» dgIlVTl»« bad oot b»en a&de to dtfenMnt 
Hmt on dymfta dTfcim on the plaintiff toy th^ packer* • shli*" 
plii« ai^Pt«» Wakefield S^. Qo* 

thie being the eituatioa, m ebown by the erl* 
deacet «^»<i giTlag to %%& temt ^f the oontfmot of the p&rtlee^ 
the meaniag »uffOXt«d toy tlie evidence, we are of the oplftiom 
tkit the SeftndEnt 1« mot liable in d^Mgee toy reaeoA of tbe 
short delivery of the g^d« eontr^cted for, whioh «ae due 
to the ehort padt experienced by tbe defendant* • |>aokeT«« 

f0t the reaaowi etated the jttdgaettt of th« HuAloipal 

dourt t« affirmed. 

nYLOt, i»«j. *»Q o»oo«iiOE, J. co»0«m# 



104 - 38380 


H. PXSHL T£UfiiSF2E 00tO>AST» 
a oorp*|^ 

Appellant* ) 

20 / T A <^ 9 1 




' Opinion filed Apr. 30, 1924, 

MR* JUSTICE THOMSOH delivered the opinion of 

the oourt* 

Th© plaintiff Gelder brought this action against 
the defendant^ H* Plehl Transfer Conpany^ to reoorer daaage« 
alleged to have been the result of injuries received by hla 
whoi he was struck ajad knocked down by a Ford delivery truck, 
iMlonglng to the defendant, and being operated by one of its 
servants, the contention of the plaintiff being that hs was 
in the exercise of reasonable care for his own safety at the 
tlas» but that the defendant's servant was negligent in oper^** 
ating the truck* The issues were submitted to a jury and a 
verdict was returned in favor of the plaintiff, fixing his 
dsaages at the sum of $2,000* Judgment was entered against 
the defendant for that amount, to reverse which it has per- 
fected this appeal* 

The occurrence which is involved in this case took 
place in the east and west alley, running, between Clark street 
and Dearborn street^ one half block north of Randolph street 
In the City of Cbioago, The plaintiff was employed as a stage 
carpenter at the Garriok Theatre. The north wall of the Oarrlok 
Theatre building, in which the theatre is located, is at the 




V •iii.Siii*'' 

tijtMiifp ^Si-^ 


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■ir^ ba^ 

south aide of this alley and the stag* entranoe opsns out 0Bt» 
the alley* On the opposite side of the alley^ across froa 
the stage entranoe and extending for eoae hundred feet or more 
•set and west* there Is a loading platforn* the level of which 
is two or three feet aboir* the IsYol of the alley* The south- 
ern side of this platform is flush with the north side of the 
alley and the platform extends back fifteen or twenty feet to 
the walls of thehulldlngs with whioh the platform is oonneeted. 
The plaintiff received the injuries complained of about four 
o*oloek in the afternoon on June 16^ 1980* At that time there 
was a two horse Aaerloaa Express Oompany truck standing along 
side of the loading platform above referred to* with the horses 
to the west and the tail-gate of the truck located a little 
west of a point opposite the Garrl ck Theatre stage entranoe* 
A number of the employees of the theatre were on and about 
the loading platform* some of then sitting on the platform 
aloag its southern edg* where it bordered on the alley* and 
a little to the east of the Express Company truck. Others 
were standing up on the platform and apparently they were 
piisslng the tlise out there* pending the completion of one 
Of the acts of the play wblch was going on in the theatre* 
it being m matinee afternoon. The plaintiff was not working 
at the theatre on the day in Question but had procured some- 
one else to take hin place for the day* and he had been mak- 
ing some repairs at his home* and being in need of some 
hardware* he had come down to the plaoe of business of Lusky, 
White it Ooolidge* hardware merchants* and had purchased the 
articles he desired* This firm was located across the alley 
from the Qarrick Theatre* bordering at its rear upon the 
leading platform above referred to* After the plaintiff had 
his purchase he came out onto that platform through the 


tr- ■jf'***^!! 

7fc :fe>*.- 

-^Ic -. 

^^flG'sT .<*. "^O :*"C:0t.«' 



J^rios. ■*« *i<-..- ,» 


rear dooz of the in^reraises of Lvmky^ White & Ooolidge, How 
long he remained on and about the platfom does not appear* 
The evid«?noe Ahowe that In anticipation of the early cloe- 
Ing of one of the acts. In connection with the matinee at the 
Qarri<£:k Theatre* aomeone at the stage entrance had signalled 
the men out in the alley, rho were stage hands/ scene shifters 
and there was a general aoTement on their part toward the 
stags entrance of the theatre. The plaintiff, with the others, 
startsd across the alley in a southerly direction and a little 
to the east of the American Express Coopany truck, and appar^ 
ently he wae in advance of the others* The Ford delivery 
truck belonging to the defendant approached from the west, 
Isetween the south side of the American Express Ooaipany truck 
and the Qarricdc Theatre wall, and when it got to a point a 
few feet east of the eaet end of the Express Oospany truck, 
it strudC the plaintiff and knocked him down* Apparently, no 
bones were broken but he wae severely bruised and he remained 
unconscious for about twenty minutes* The chief injury he 
experienced was to the head, wheire there was a laceration and 
where he received a blow which resulted in what the doctors 
pronounced a concussion of the brain* Up to the time of the 
aeoldsnt the plaintiff had been in good health, and weighed 
^•tw«sa 180 and 185 pounds* This was the first injury he had 
tnrer experienced* After several weeks he returned to his empley- 
sent but he continued to experience considerable pain in one of 
his llBbs which had been severely bruised, and this gave hi« 
BOMS difficulty in walking* He also had wsry severe headaches 
aad a persistent feeling of great pressure in his head, which 


'f?^ 3>.£i# 

sxc .-;i;.^ ^^'i':..^im 

fc*' > 


■' f^a: 


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r^v #e 

'5ft xy;^VA . 

not only bothered hloi during the day ^ut also at might* 
In six months his weight was rsduoed to 138 pounds* 

Ths record contains the testiaony of a number of 
witnesssa who had known the plaintiff for diffsrsnt periods 
of tirns^ ranging from a few years to as much as twenty years* 
all of whom testified to the effeot that he had always appsar- 
•d to be in good health and had always been a man of genial 
disposition and a happy teiB|» rament* and o^e with who* it 
was always easy to get along, but that a few weeks after 
reoelTing the injuries in Question, ho had becoae, morose, 
sttsploious, and oonplalning; that whereas formerly, his 
Eosooiatoo at the theatre had always worked along with hi« 
pleasantly, after he returned to his work, the rererse was 
the oase, and he would ourse and owoar at thoai at slight 
proTOoation and at times without any provocation; that he 
would habitually turn a oonTersatlon to the subject of his 
injuries and express his wonder of thefaet that although he 
had never done anything to hara the driver of this truok, he 
should be run over and injured as he had been. The evidence 
further ia that he had always been a genial man about his hoae* 
His family consisted of his wife, and a married son and his 
wife. The age of the plaintiff at the time he received his 
Injuries was 56 years* After receiving the injuries oosplained 
of> he repeatedly threatened the lives of members of his family* 
Ris condition came to such that he consulted a specialist iB 
brain and nervous diseases in December, 1920, about six months 
after the injuries were feoeived* This doctor testified as to 
the conditions he found upon his examination of the plaintiff 
at that time, and he stated that the conclusion he reached 

^'1^' « ^'t J-^ 

•tf m 

was that the plaintiff waa afflicted with a form of insanity » 
and be fiirther stated that it was his opinion that it had 
resulted froma travna* or injury to the head* This witness 
testified that he reoommendecl at that time that the plaintiff 
hs glTsn a distinct change of climate and enrironment. Accord* 
lngly» the plaintiff went to Oalifornia and at the time of 
the trial of this case, he and his wife were still making their 
home in that state. The doctor last referrsd to testified 
further that he had aiade another rather superficial examina- 
tion of the plaintiff a few days before the trial and at 
that time he did not show any particular signs of insanity 
although he still showed some nervovs disturbances and that, 
in his opinion, he was greatly iatproved over his condition 
in 1930, at the time he left Chicago. 

As to this wirrous and mental condition of which 
the plaintiff complained, claiming it to have been one of the 
results of the injurisa receiyed at the time he was Imocked 
down by the defends.nt's truck, another doctor testified in behal 
of the defendant, to the general effect that in his opinion 
the conditions complained of by the plaintiff did not oonsti- 
tuts trauaatio insanity nor wore they connected with any 
injury; that in traumatic Insanity there is no luoid or 
clear period between the time of tbe traumatic in;}ury and 
that of the mental abnormality; that the lack of cheerfulness 
and the presence of depression or some such similar stats of 
mind, never results from trauma, and that in the oaee of 
traumatic insanity the patients do not recover, but remain 
1^ the oenfused state which that form of insanity produces, 

laatil they dis« 








Thtre wer« el^ren ocourrenee wltnease* for th« 
plaintiff . Thoee of them who expressed an opinion as to the 
speed of the defendant's truck, at the time the plaintiff 
was struck, g^ve It at speeds rarying from 15 to 30 miles 
an hour* The Evidence of the driTer of the truck and one or 
two other witnesses for the defendant, who expressed an opln- 
Ion as to the speed, w s to the effect that it was 3uoh less 
than that* 

One of the errors urged by the defendant in support 
of this api^eal involve® the giving of an instruction toy ths 
trial :jourt. In the words of the statute covering the matter 
of the speed of motor vehicles, to the effect that no person 
shall drive such a vehicle at a speed greater than is reason* 
able and proper and that if the rate of speed of any such 
vehicle operated upon a public highway, where the same passes 
through a closely built up business portion of any incorporated 
city, town or village, exceeds 10 miles an hour, such rate of 
speed shall be prima facie evidence that the person operating 
suoh vehicle is running at a speed that is greater than Is 
reasonable and proper, having regard to the traffic amd 
use of the way. The contention Is; first, that the part 
of the instruction dealing with priiBa facie evidence would be 
Misleading to the jTiry and, secot*, that the statute on which 
the instruction was based, had been repealed and was not In 
eHfect after December 31, 1919, which was prior to the occup- 
renoe Involved In this case. In our opinion It aay not reason- 
ably be said that the giving of such an Instruction as this 
would mislead a jury, by the reference it aa^es to prl^aa fade 
evidence. Ths second objection urged to the Instruction Is also 

•df T«1 

s» « i 



t-S^l&iOiliiiV i« 

iU-f to 

ii»<7 *T»1" 


««X4i ftJL 

«i^3Uia ti «.'. 

' >^^ 


untenable^ in our opinion* The motoT rehicle law approred 
in June» 1919^ and effective as of January l, 1930» dirides 
motor Tehioles into two divisions, the first consisting 
of those designed and used for the carrying of not more than 
seven passengers^ and the second those designed and used for 
carrying more than seven passengers and also those designed 
and used for carrying freight, Th\is the vehicle involved in 
the case at bar came within the second division. Section 23 
Of the new Act, Oh. 95a, Sec. 23, contains provisions with 
respect to the speed of motor vehicles included within the 
first division above referred to, and this section is appar* 
ently a reenactment of the provisions of the former motor 
TsMole law, as to speed, which are referred to in the in» 
struction oomplained of. Ttie following section of the new 
motor vehicle law which went into effect January 1, 1920, con* 
tains provisions regarding the speed of vehicles of the second 
division, as above defined. It is the contention of the 
defendant that the provisions contained in this section and 
which therefore governed the operation of this truck do not 
iBOludo the provtsions of the previous section irfBB^oting vehicles 
of the first division or passenger oars, but that the provisions 
of the section affecting vehicles of the second division or 
trucks, merely provide for variotis aaxlarua speeds, whioh aro 
specified as to trucks of various gross weights. Wo ars ol 
the opinion, however, that the provisions as to speed, whioh the 
now aot applies to motor vehicles of the first division, are to 
be considered as also applied, by the provisions of the next seel 
ion, to vehioles of the second division, for the first paragraph 
of section 23 of the Act relating to speed of vehicles of 
the second division, is to the effect that the speed of all such 
vehicle s shall always be reasonable and safe and shall "be goverr 




j'i''.- <3«-. 



if .^j7D 


i*<j<.**}'!;j#^-. •;-'f5,<l' J;|Q|' 

."7;^ fti 


jMfy ijQ 


edf as near as may bs^ by the general requirements of 
section 22 of this aot^* whioh is the section relating t« 
the speed of TshioXes of the first diyision^ and this seo» 
tion then goes on to say^ "but such speed shall not exceed 
the following rates^** following which are several paragraphs 
glTing various permissible oaximun speeds, as applying to 
trucks of various weights. We are, therefore, of the opinion 
that the instruction oomplained of was proper* 

Defendant further complains of an instruction 
given by the trial court to the following effect; 

"If, under the evidence and instructions » of the 
Oourt, you find the defendant guilty and that the 
plaintiff has sustained daoages by reason of phys- 
ieal pain and suffertag undergone by hin as a nat- 
ural, direct and proxintate result of an injury re- 
oeived by him in the manner and as charged in the 
declaration or some count thereof, then to enable 
the jury to estinat* the aaoiint of such daaages, 
(if any) as caused by physical pain and suffering. 
It is not neoesttary that any witness should have 
expressed an opinion as to the amount of such dsis* 
ages, but the jurors ^oay make such estimate frea 
the facts and circumstances proved by the evidence 
oonaiderlng them in connection with their knowl- 
edge, observation and experience in the affairs 
of life," 

The contention is that ths aaount of damages, 
•caused by physical pain and suffering" may be taken to include 
doctor's bills and loss of time, as well as strtot eeepenMb- 
tion for pain and suffering, and that, therefore^ it was error 
to say that in estimating such damages it is not necessary that 
any witnesses should have expressed an opinion as to their 
amount, but that the jury mi^^t iMke an estimato from the 
facts and circumstances proved by the evidence, considering 
them in co^ection with their knowledge and pxpericnoe in 
the affairs of life* We are of the opinion that a jury would 
not so understand this instruction* but that they would oon» 



9t 1/y 



vivt je 

slder U a« referxing merely to those damgeo which they 
mlpjtit award, if any. toeoause of the physical pain and 
s^fering experienced X>y the plaintiff, as shown by the 

The defendant also ooarplains of another instruc- 
tion given by the trial court, on the question of damages, 
reading as follows: 

«The Court instructs the :Jury that if yj^ V'^t^ 
fSr the plaintiff you will be ^«<5^^^^f ^^^^^J^f 
ttlne the amount of his damages. In d«terminin| 

the amount of damages *^« f ^'^'^^^JL iu?v haie 
to reeovcr in this case. If any. *^® ^^„^*^* . 
*%i0-ht to* and they should, take into oonslder- 
Itlof^rthffaots'^andcirUstances attending 

the pifmtiff u mjw as f ^^ef^^y f ^,^TS«s 
before themj the nature and J^J^f ^f .gi^i^^^ * 
physical injuries, if any. so ^^^.^^ J^ fTbody 
ftT« shown by the evidence; his suffering in ooay 

aS fiX 1? -ny. ^'Tl^'H^'Tf II? Ss^^he"^ 
injuries, and los® of health, if ^^^^ ** ;^® 
luiTmay believe, from the evidence ••^o^e 
thS i^ tMs oasJ, he has sustained by reason of 
suSh iniuriesj loss of time, if any; ^^^ «ay find 
l^hiS^^l^ch sum as in the^^^^-J ^ ^ S 
under the evidence and instruoxions ^* ^"^^^ 
!S this o».e. will be »*?!'<«>"?•"'!? J" „ 

:Lr.ef?S^e^Stoiffi"--d ^SJ^eHy'l prepowl.x- 
anoe of the eridenee." 

AS to thl. iBBtruotiOB the contention is that eo 
far •« it wxranted the abiding of da-gea for the plain- 
tiff. los« of ti... the instruction did »«t li-lt th.»ard - 

1^ of auoh da..s.s *» '-"^ " ^^^'^ ^* "'°"° *° '*'* """ „ 
.retained h, xeaaon of the in^uxies .uff exed h, the plainti f. 
„. ala. that the instruction failed to .a., a ei^Iax i- - 
,,.. a. to da-a... which .i#.t he awarded fo. the pl*intl>f 

LLatel. -t we do not feeX t..t the ^.ins of i a«,^- 

.«♦ t>,i« court in diaturbing the 
to such error as would warrant this courx 



d hSff%aii»i' 



'ITflP.t i-c 

• •j'rJi^ 


z nrr. 

Judgaento The inatruotion tells the jury that if they have 
ocoaalon to coneider the question of daaaget^ they hare a 
rig^t to, and should^ talce into ooneideration the extent of the 
Injuries as shown hy the evidence, such suffering ae the 
evidence showed the plaintiff experienced "resulting froai such 
physical injuries" and the plaintiff's loss of health, if 
Ittir^ us shown by the evidence, and if the jury believed 
such had been experienced «by r ason of such injuries," and 
lamediately after that phrase, the instruction includes the 
element of loss of tirae# The jury could not reasonably \mder» 
stand this instruction as warranting the awarding of any dafl»» 
agss, for either bodily suffering, loss of health or loss 
of time, unless they were of the opinion, from all the evi- 
dence, that they were the result of %he injuries complained of^ 
It should further be said that the trial court gave an instru- 
ction at the request of the defendant on the sane subject, 
and there the jury were clearly tol^d that before the plaiOf- 
tiff could recover, with respect to the ailments olaiaed^ the 
law required him to show by a preponderance of ths evidence, 
not OtiXy that they existed but also that they were "the 
result of the accident in question, and did not proceed or ariss 
from any other Gauss'*" 

Ther' was considerable evidence introduced to the 
effect that the alley in question was what is Icnown as a ons 
way alley and that the traffic always moved through this alley 

in a westerly direction, entering at Dearborn street and 
going out at Clark street. This evidence was admitted over 
objection of counsel for the defendant and its admission is 
assigned as error. It is contended that the fact that the 

rrfif' -^d'^ 

■ -'\i qt/f ->•' 

si^i c^ 

tf&ITft « 

it a 


:xo -^e 

•«awjso a»-1:?«i !fixc mn^ 


':J-'^:f *Kff:f' 

!* ?»<9l:'t© 



i'"'" v\» ItX 

^'Zair^ :i.i4 ■■-.■. 

^ '^ -^iroa 



d#f«ftaaatU truck was going one way rather than another oannot 

be urged as any erldencc of negligence, unless therels such 
a rule of traffic, based upon an ordinance, and on that theory 
the evidence was Inadalaeible, because no ordlnanoe was pleaded 
BOX was any evidence offered relating to an ordinance. The 
tusstiOB of the adMissibility of this evidence .was first 
mised when the plaintiff's first witness was testfcifying. 
That witness was asked if he knew whether or not tlie alley 
in which this aooident took place was a one way alley. Objeo- 
tioa was laade solely on the ground that the question waa 
laMSiterial. We are of the opinion that such an objection 
was properly overruled* Traffic in an alley say com to bo 
all one way without the interposition of an ordinance and 
solely aa a result of either custom or a traffic regulation; 
and, therefore, it might not be necessary to plead sobs legis. 
latlon on the subject before evidance upon it would becoas 
competent. All the witnossos who testified on the subject 
stated that it had always been a one way alley with traffic 
BOTing westward. The plaintiff was one of those who testi- 
fied to that effect. 

It is contended that no knowledge that this waa 
a o^ my alley was brought hotee to the defendant's servant 
who was driving the truck, ^^e are of the opinion that the 
record shows the contrary. From the t stimony of witnesses 
submitted by the defendant Itself, it appears that the def enf- 
ant 'e truck was driven Into the alley from the east and that 
Whom it reached a point just west of the American Express 
truck, it was baokod up to the loading platform at an angle, 
with the front of the truck in a southwesterly direction and 
with only the right rear wheel against the edge of th. plaf 



W ^ 


9f r-t 



, 1 -b . ^^ 



■»Q ^Cb 


nMtt'sma til 



tm tfsc'' 

hKJt, i. 


^lami, . 



*^ ii»A 

• ifr-:,' 

3J!?C> r 



.•■vi;!£i» a,«f^ ^{i'. 


fOBi» whiob would put It In a poBltlcm to get out of the 
alley-, to the west, upon leaving* There was evldenoe by 
eeTeral witneeeee to the effect that there was a bueineas 
eoAoem «hieh dealt In safes bordering on this alley near 
the west end, aad that on the afternoon in oueetion there was 
a large truok in the alley at that point, from which safes 
were being imloaded and that the alley ^ras praetieally blooked 
by that truolt* That the servant of the defendant Icnew of 
the faot, that the frafflo in this alley oustoaarily aoTed 
from east to west, was indioated by hie own testimony to the 
effect that when he wae ready to leave, he noticed that the 
west end of the alley was blocked by the trudt above referred 
to, and that lie left his vehicle and walked over to the truck 
from which the safes were being unloaded, and asked the man 
in charge how long he was going to keep the alley blocked, and 
that he was told that It woiild be an hour or an hour and a 
half, and that inasmuch as the east end of the alley was not 
blocked "I thought I would go out the east way,* The testi- 
mony of other witnesses was to the sams effect, and one of 
these witnesses, in describing how the defendant's servant 
started out of the alley, stated that he "turned his truck 
around in the alley," We are of the opinion that the court 
did not err in admitting this teatifflony. 

In conneotion with the subject of the traffic in 
the alley in question^ the defendant submitted an instruction 
whicdi the court refused to give in the form submitted, but 
which was modified by the court and given as so modified. By 
the instruction, as submitted by the defendant, the jury was 
told that "the driver of an automobile in question was lawfully 
entitled to drive the automobile through the aUey in question 

'7 »jqr 

r U B. .•< •! 

tit ot leoo 

iiir ;ii/ 


« *•'• 


in •Ither an eaiterly or a vesterly direction. Re w&a not 
reouired to drlv© in a westerly direction only and you axe 
act at liberty to find the defendant guilty of negligence, 
because the driver of the automobile ohose to drlre eatt 
la eald alley*** The court modified this instruction by 
adding the word* "in a manner which^ under the oirouauitancea^ 
was reasonable suid proper, having regard to the traffle and 
the uee of the wayj" after the words "westerly direction" 
at the end of the first sentence »aiid also by inserting the 
word ♦'solely" after the word "negligence* and before the word 
"I»#sau8e" in the last sentence* For the reasons we hare referr« 
ed to, in connectioa with what has been said regardizig the 
•Tldence subnlttsd on the question of the traffle in this 
alley, «e are of the opinion that the tviftl court did not srr 
in modifying this instruction and giving it to the jury as s« 

ths defendant oaJcss the further contention that the 
plaintiff was guilty of contributory negligence as a matter of 
lav« 1^ our opinio^ that contention is not tenable* Ths 
plaintiff testified that he stepped off the loading platfom 
OB the north side of the alley and took two or three steps 
toward the stags entrance of the Gar rick Theatre, when he was 
struck; that he looked east and west and saw nothing coming 
and that suddenly he was struck and that he knew nothing of 
what followed. Another witness testified that as the plaintiff 
stepped off the platfom he was looking west. One of ths wit- 
nssses for the plaintiff was a Urs« Tyson. She testified that 
she oaae out of the stags door of Woods Theatre and was walking 
In the direction of the Qarrlok Theatre, "and all of a snddsn 

mt9 •10 

•^f tT/f* m ?fA.. 

'.>:- ^i 





an automobile oaii9 along at a pretty good speed * * * and 

I went up against the ira.ll and he turned quickly so he 
would not hit ae ♦ ♦ ♦ and turned into the erowd of men," 
As to the speed of the truck this witness said it was 
going very fast* we have already referred to the other 
erid^-noe on this pointt The decided preponderance of the 
evldenoe was to the effect that no horn was sounded or 
other warning signal glwsn* It seems clear from the testi- 
mony that as the defendant 'ip truck cleared the American 
Express Ooaipany truck it swerved to the north to sose ex* 
tent. I|^ crossing the alley from the north to the south 
the plaintiff was a few feet east of the express Ooapany 
truek« Apparently he ims first struck by the front fender 
of the defendant's truck on the left side« and this had the 
effect of wheeling him around^ and as the rear part of the 
truok went by him he was struek again* Olsarly^ under all 
tlness olrcumstances^ the question of the plaintiff ^s con« 
tributory negligence was a Question of fact4for the jury 
to pass upon and it oouid not be said that the plaintiff waa 
guilty of contributory negligence as a matter of law. 

For the reasons glTen* the jud^cent of the Superior 
Court is afflxmed*. 




As'i X.*T »« 

^vsim ^f.MamjtMM «m 

!• JbPK* 

- J <ji: ^::: 


4 ')l»;t 

■f 3?^ UT. ■' 

"<' rd''S\^'T*'''^"'"7/- a '-^i^ r*^* 



i4ix».7jw;i v.i; 

• »Uc id/ 

«iiia^« ;i'oiiira:«€t a«i>- 





«*■ ■' 8jt #T<tffi^ 

, ^r. 

116 - 

WATSOM M, i4URlX)Ci;, doing 
lmAla990 Mi' tHfLuJulAU D* 





234I.A. G21 



Opinion filed Apr. 30, 1934, 
m» justice tHOIKiOK d<^llTet«d tbt opinion of 

t'hm eourt. 

By this appml tlie plaintiffs, doing buBlB««t •• 
mt^o0k & Ooa^ny» seek to reTera* a judgaent for oonf enter- 
•a agMn«t tfeeas la flavor of the defendant May«r, in tht y.iinl- 
eipal Owart of Cfhloago, in an Action torou^t loj th9 plaintiff* 
to Ttmw^if an smomi% &11««N^ to ^ diae them from the defendant 
as a real estate oomleeion, whleh» it la oontended, had ^#€11 
mvned m oonneotlon with the exchange of certain propextlea 
iMtvcen the defendant and another. The laeuee were submitted 
to the trial oourt without a jury, and a finding and 3ud«B«at 
for the defendant ^ere entered on »otlon of the defendant at the 
oloee of the plaintiffs' erldenoe. 

The serrloee on whloh the plaintiffs olal» a 
mission ma due them wer« rendered by one araha.. who was oon- 
neoted with the plaintiff oompany a. a real estate broker, 
araha. testified that he first -t the defendant about July 1. 
IWO, at whloh tl«. the .lefcnd.nt ga^a M. a .-orandu. of 

^v« «<Mt th»«e being bu8l»«.« ?*•* 
foui pi.o«« »t property, th« flr«t tbr.e E 

l^ Sg ' 



«I5 #• 0mjdim* 

.IT M ? ■**< 

• ^ti 


p«rtl»« AnO th9 fourth a reald«ne«» stating tt»t h« w&ntad to 
ts»4» th«M for ain oqulty in an ap«Tt9ient building a^nd asking 
the wltneaa to co« what he eould find for bin; that soToral 
days lator he again saw the defendent and subaltted an apart- 
sent building owned bf a man naaed 01son« which he told the 
defendant oould be exohanged for his properties and that the 
defendant said he would Investigate the Olson property; that 
on a later oeoaslon he saw the def^n^^nt^ who stated th^t the 
property submitted was satisfactory* The Olson property had 
a first Jiortgage of about |60»000 on It and a 80c«nd aortgago 
of l^^&OO* Graham testified ths-t the defendant stated that ho 
would exfiftiaags his four plooes of prop#tty» which were olear« 
for the Olson property* subject to the first mortf^go but not 
subject to the eeoond mortgage and that Oleon would haw* to 
pay that aortfafO off If the deal was to be made. It seems 
that Olson* 8 property was in the hands of another real eetato 
broker* i^oso naao was Sehendorf. Graham testified that ho 
giftsiitted the defendaxit*8 proposition to Sohendorf and that 
the latter conferred with his principal and ret^raod with a 
counter proposition to the effect that he was not willing 
to take the residsnee property on that basis but that ho would 
convey the equity in his apartment building for the three pleoM 
of bueiness property, belonging to the defen^ant^ and tl5,000 
In cash, Olson to pay off the first aortgag^. Graham further 
testified that this proposition was not accepted by the defend* 
ant but he, in turn, made a nsw proi^oeition, which differed 
from the one made by Olson in that it Urrolwed a cash payment 
of only no,000, itooordlng to Graham* s testimony this brought 
the negotiations dcwn to about July 12. Graham teetified that hi 


•t i»#«a« •< 


•tf $tu 


•fRQ < 







wrote Bohendorf* glTlng hla d«ftndfiat*s last otSet, and not 
reoelTlng loijr an«ii«v froa hlB« to« eaXltd him ore? t2)e t«l4i* 
plioiM about the end of July) that Sobondorf explained that 
he WHS about to leave on tola Taoatloa and it waa «rran|to4 
that arahan wite to talce the matter tip personally rith Olaon, 
and he t«$stifled that he did so« Olson declined to aake the 
deal except upon the basis of the three pleoee of bualneaa 
property of the defendant and |l&,O00ln oaah» and Grahaa a« 
adriaed the def*^ndant» who "atood pat* aa Grabaa eitpreaaad it» 
refualag to pay more than |10«000 In eaah, ataha« teat If led 
that the aiatter remained In that condition for several w«eka» 
during which be saw the d«f@ndant fiwe or alx tinea* and 
about the middle of Augisat the defen-ant told hia he din not 
waat the Olaon property, which «aa located on the Kout^ aide 
Of C^iioago, and asked the witness to find him something on the 
north 8ide« the witneae looked for a building on the north 
aide and aubaiitted aeveral biiildlnga to the defeninnt, none of 
whioh were aooef>tabfle» Drahaa testified theit on aewer?;! oooaa- 
ions during the letter half of August he aakeil the defendant 
why he did not stick to the Olson property and he aaid he did 
not want it* He further testified that about the first of 
September* the defendant told hia he had decided not to trade 
hia properties and he augg^ated that the ritness should not 
9m» to aee hia furtharp aikd Crahaa did not aee hia again* 
uatil aoita ti<&e in Oetober* when he oalled at hia office with 
one of the plaintiff a, having learned that a deal bad baaa con» 
avaaatad between the defendant and Olaoa; and in that oonver- 
satioB the witnees and hia ewployer olsiaoed that they bad been 
tbe procuring oauaa of the tranaactioa und were entitled to 
tbair oosBlaaite and the defen-ant took the poaitloa that 

Aajt ^.« • '^'*'T*;."^ •f-a.'i 






imm Limtt: 
♦III*-.* • 

»'S::'3.'^?f »f.; 

axmhui had at^andoned th« daaX and that It had later be^^n eo»» 
•uaMkted through the ©fforta of oth«r«« 

•oh«i)idorf» e&llad as a vltneas by the plaint if ft» 
tastiflad to the ef feot that Olson and the defendant hftd entes»* 
•d into a oontraot abov^t the 5th or 6th of S^eptesber* the treat* 
aotion InTolTlng the excduuig* of the Olson property for the 
t^re« pieces of business property owned by the defendant and 
the oftsh payment of $6t000. Sehendorf tetstifled that be negetlat 
ed this dea^l but that he received no ooiaailsslOBS from the defend" 
a»t but that Olson Itad paid hia« 

After sovie oross-^xaminatlon of this vitnese by 
oounssel for the defend^nt^ It would sees froa the reeord 
that he was «ade the defei^Mnt*s witness* after vhish hs 
testified that he* retreefmting the Olson property* had his 
first talk with ar&ham aNett thess properties* about the 
middle of ^\itt«* at vhioh time he subaitted the Olson pre* 
party to drahaa and asked hia to submit it to his olient; 
that he nmreie saw Oxahaa after that but he had severs 1 conver- 
sations with him over the telephone between the aiiddle of June 
and the first of August* during whioh period *the deal was 
eorking bask aad forth* we oouldn't get together • • • they 
offered four properties subjeot to the sewentyf ive hundred 
which we ooulda»t make beoause ur, Olson wouldn't taks the 
houss* But he would take ten thousand dollars in lieu of tbs 
house* We oouldn»t get it through at that.* The witness then 
testified that the deal »• hinged* in that fom until he went on 
hie waoation and that when he ea«e baek a awith later fee deal 
•was off«» He further testified that at the euggestion of 
Olson he then called ondMUi to ess if they eovld get the deal 


•: f n^j r r x. z 

vfi ^o 



Ml 7iS 

to « 

througli «aiid Mr* amlUMi told ■• «• oou1<3aU put th« deal 
through. • • • H« eouldn't g«t the diffcir»no« that h« wanted 
1ft OMih. K« tlMn said tlia daal vaa off* Ho ooulda't imt It 
througjb..** The vltaoas teatlfiod that he then dropped the 
deal until Oleon apparently got after hie* a^bla^ and at hie 
euggeatlon the vitnees iNmt direct to the defendant, and about 
•i|i^t daya after that, the deal waa finally made. 

01«oa« alM ealled m» a vitneee by the plaintiffs, 
teat if led that the deal ime oloaed Septeaber 30. Thla pT9» 
MMi^ly m^ the time at vhioh the deeds were exchanged. He 
tfatified that prior to July 1, arahaa had sad« a tentative 
offer to hi« vhioh the witneea aaid he would aeoept. ?hs 
toetiwoay ^«« not show how long prior to July 1 this was. 
Olson further testified that after these first negotiations 
with amluuK, ImrolTlng the defentliLtt's property^ he "did not 
see hia for a oouple of ssonths * *" * I didn*t get to see auoh 
of smy thing of hln for a while then. He just didn't sees te 
get anywhere. He didn*t oo»e around.^ He testified that the 
last tins he saw Qrahan was the latter part of July %nd that 
IAmi dttal whioh was finally nad« with the defendant was ssMROBsats 
SspteaPDer S0» smd the contraot was signed soastlas prior ts that 

After this testiaiony Qrsluui again took the stand 
and testified that when Sohendorf oalled his up, upon returning 
fro« his wnoatlon he ** asked me if I had dropped that deal. 2 
told hla on the basis of the anount wanted by Mr. Oleon, we 
wvuld hare to drop It as Ux. Hayer refueed ts giro Olson that 
■aeh money. Xf he would see Oleon and get Olson to agree to 
take a Issssr sua^ X would again sse Mr. Mayer and sse If ws 


'j^ 7r^:-:?i:ts>"'f 





oaiad put the deal through «" H« addtd that Soh^ndorf did 
not »ay w!i«ther or not h« would. At this point tho plains 
tiffs rested th«vir ooao^ and the defendant itade a motion for 
a finding In his favo*, whloh motion th« court allowed^ as 
already statod* 

It is conceded that It is th« tattltd lar that 
vhoro a real ostate broker is ffmployB<3i to negotiate a sale or 
exobange of real estate, and in oonaeotion wit^ snoh employ- 
Kent* he is the me^ns of introcti^cing his olient to another* 
with whon an enohango or s&le is effected* the broker is en* 
titled to his ooamission* although the olient hisself oon* 
oludes the negotiation* s^nd although he nay fin&lly olose the 
sale or exchange upon terms other than thos* originally speoi* 
fied hy the client. On the other hand* if a hroker fails ia 
his effort to ooastsMHLte a sale or exohange* and entirely 
fibandons his efforts, and a sale or exchange is later oo»» 
•iflMMktod through tbr independent efforts of another* althou|^ 
with the eustosKtr with whom the broker iras working* the broker 
will not be f>ntitled to bis ooiaaleslont 

Xn the ease at bat* the broker, Qrahaa, endeaivred 
to effeot an exohangs of properties between the defendant and 
Ol8on« Olson was willing to convey the oQuity In his property 
to the defenl'int. In exohe.nge for three pieces of prox>erty ownil 
by the defendant and a cash payment of llO*©©©* The defend* 
aat was willing to pay only $5*000. The deal was finally oon» 
■(ttwaated on the basis of a paysent of |6*CX>0* and this withlm 
a wery short tl«* after the defctndant had Invited orahaa not to 
mXl on hla further In connection with the matter. 

va #•:><*. 

•# 9 


In OUT opinion, the plaintiffs «*<5e otit a pyja^ 
f^oi^ oa8« to l5h« ef feot that this <J«al vas ooa«\M!«ated as a r«« 
ault of th« efforts of their enplox^a, G«tha«, who aot«d as 
tha dafandant** broltar. That th« other brokar, Sohandorf* who 
xepreaantad OXaoa, did not oonalder that the daal had b««n ooa* 
suBBMitod hy his iadepandoat af forta, is appaxant froa tha fact 
that ha raofiiTod a ooiaiBiaeioxi from his olient» Olson* but 
wm» from ^ytr, the d^^fanditnt* t^a ara fur t bar of the opi»» 
ion that the avid^noa in tha racord dote not aho* t^t Grahaa 
alMAdoaad the da&l« Ha did a&y to Schendorf* the broker repra* 
•anting Olson, that the daal oould not be put through on tha 
basis of tha oaah payment whloh Olson was daaanding, naaalsr, 
#10, 000* Xt is shown that ha was not abandoning the trann* 
notion, when be auggestad to Sohendorf that if the V^ttar could 
induoa his oliant, OXson, to agree to t%ke sosething lass in 
the way of a cash pc^yaaent, he ^ould be glRd to submit it to 
bis own oliant, the defeadDnt, It seann rather strange that 
within a Tory a)^0Tt tlsie after thia, the defendant should dia» 
sdns Orahan froa any further oonneotion with the anttar and then 
proceed to oXoao the de&i on the T«»y basis which Orahaa was 
su^eating to Sohendorf aa a possibility • OXaon finaXXy accept- 
Inc a payaent of #6,000, or only $i,000 mora than tha defendant 
liad been of f eriag • 

for the foregoing reaaona we are of the opinion 
tbnt the triaX court erred in finding the i a sues for the dafend* 
ant, at the cioae of the pXaintiffs* evidsnoe. The iudffaent of 
|ba ttuniolpaX Coxirt ia, thfrtfoxe, reveraad and the causa ia 
remanded to that court for further proceedings not inconsistent 

with this opinion^ jtJDOVXNT ASfSKtKO AID CAI3SE t^^JiAHDEft. 




ma4$ Im- 




*^a:*if#'i;i'?? ,0: 

135 «• 36401 

iAM ftnULA» 




234I.A. ^21 

or OHiOAoo. 

Opinion filed Apr. 30, 1334. 

MR. JPBTXQE TiiOmm d«liv»rsd th« opinion of 

the court* 

By this app«&l tk« d«f«ttdsat fosdtyk, seeks to 
TOTeTte « jiidg»«iit for iKtssOKisloii of o«>rtalti prettlses« vlil^ 

ipas obt^iintd by t^e pluiatlff , PenkAla^ in Rn motion of foTolMe 
entry mn4 dUit«i]i«7» brought by the latter in tbe Munioipal 
Oouort Of Ohl€^.|2;o« 

It appe&re fr«Mi tbe reoord that on July 15» 19^ « 
tbe pl&intiff and hie vife ente7<i<l Into a oontsset with tbe 
^fondant and bis »ife irhereby tb« forser ikgreed to sell saA 
tbe letter agreed to buy, oert«.ln property for 1^150 • 00* The 
ooatr«ot aokuowledged th« r«oelpt of 1150.00 on the purobeee 
prloe and It provided that the baUnoe wae to be paid within 
flTO days after title bad been exanined and found good. The 
balaaoe me to ooneist of 11,000 in oasbj a first mertgm^ 
•f 11,000 due in two years» and a second nortg^gt f^x ll.OOO, 
♦500.00 payable on or before six months and |900«00 payabls 
on or before one year. It further appears tbet the defendant 
and hie wife took ppseeeeion of the property and lived in tbe 
bttfMeat flat, for ehioh it was agreed tbe defendant was to 
yny $11«0C a month - apparently pending the oonsuwation of the 

12- 'SS 


mimi •* mx 


U Th# defend nt paid th« first aoBtb*« wnt, a«o\mtlng f 
|11*00« but he did not pkj the rent for August op 9eptoab«>r 
lin« and OB Ootobor S* tbo plaintiff aado a daauid for poso* 
ooQlon* «nd lat«r Int tltutod thoae proooodlii^i. 

it further »pp««ir8 fro« the testlaon/ of the plals- 
tiff that ho e&lled upon the defeadAut to carry out hla a^^co* 
aant for the purohasa of the property, uniar the oofltr?«et to 
aell, »n4 the defendrint refused to carry it out, e^TlBg as his 
reaaon that ha did sot hav« the »oaey« Tha lawyer who drew up 
the oontt&ot of sale and represented the plaintiff in eoaafiso* 
tion with that transaotiom, tostified thet on October 4, be w^s 
yvosant when th« plaintiff offc^T^^ to go abaad with the sale 
of the pveperty and the defend^iut declined. This vitaeas stated 
that the d«f«^njM»nt insisted u|poa ia9king his first nortssgi 
il«SOO instead of |X»000 aad tbat the plaintiff deolii&ed to 
■alc^e thv^t change in the tcras* and as a (K>n»oquenoe the daal 
fell through* 

The defendant then took the st-^nd and stated that 
on October 3» ha had paid the plaintiff tS,000 in ourraney for 
the property and that the plaintiff had dellwered his warranty 
deed to the defend >nt at that tlss» He further testified that 
this payment ws« mute in the presoiee of three witnaases, whsa 
b» nMs*d* lions of thssi appearo^ to corroborate his teetlMMiy* 
tba defenadant offered in ewidcnce fbe warranty deed in Q«*«tion. 
lbs plaintiff a4Sjaitted that it was signsd by him a^nd his wifs. 
This deed bad been raoord^d under date of October 5* On oroaa* 
•saaination the defendant testiflsd that this onrrsaoy con* 
slsted of a largi bundle of billa; that there wore about thirty 





■t— ft fi**^ V IT**./-. ^4.- 

>jielt»K/c mi t 



•«Mnr .» <»i«9^»6 t«j 

T'^^"v.-*^ *?rr.« ^ 

flftlM and 0.hovL\ forty tirtBtl«»^ but that b« oauld not 
VMi4»«b«y Just how many thert wtr« of tbo diff«»r«at AoMmiiw 
tloQa, "boe^suno the irlfo brou^t all tfce Money.* H( testi- 
fied that hie wife brought the »oa«y fro* a ftafety d^poeit 
Tault of which one iioTiteky was the proprietor; that they 
hmd had a box In that rault for eoae tiro year«» la the nue 
•f his wlfot but that he did net rtaewber the smdMr of lt| 
ttiat ho had II Hai^ aeooimt at KeYlteky** bank* and that ht 
had a*Miirliiit book of a building «ad loan aei^oolatioa'* In eldeli 
h» had about a thODU9)%nd oollara* but that he did not reoieabeT 
wh«th<«r his wife drew that out or not. He testified furthef 
that he had boon vorkifig atoadlly for thjn past two years for 
MM Mloh^oka (one of the porsone he named as being present 
at the tlno he paid the plaintiff |3«000) t!^t his oamlngi 
iHkd anowitod to fifty or fifty»flTe dolli^rs a wtok; that the 
■enoy whloh had beoa in the safety deposit box was not the 
mommf whlcAi had b«en earned during the past two y«im; that 
the last two yoart *Z hawo a box, I hawe been sawing ay own 
money* I that he hs^d the aoney with whi<^ he paid for this 
property on J>ay 15, the day he entered into the contraot; 
that the reason why he w?nted the contract to provide for a 
first ffiortgagt of tI,OOC, and a seoond of |1«0CC« although 
he posoaseed the eash, wfta *beoaus« I had ay noBsy by Mr. 
liieiqr»ha»* who was apparently sitting in the oourt ro«i and 
wn« identified by the witness; that Miehyska paid hin this 
Koney on October S; that on thpt date iCiohyska paid ths de» 
fendatti IS^OOO, and that the fSOOO he got f roM Mlohyskn was 
the |»»00C he paid to the plaintiff at the tine he got the 
goe4 to the property* Tho defendant was then asked whether 
ho had negotiated for a nortgage on tho 8th of August, with 


•*,'fri -"v."!" ia P\rr O: A'.»*» ■' .■?''^ ff 



^ :i;'-»?5jg G-'O.; '■j7. 


^ sat ]fii:. . 

:4>« 4CfsvJ«i«« sort ^ 

•d* tr/ «ff Mil 

'C^ iSf«» 

.•"^ ^-^^A 


m o«rt»l]i building and loan aaftoolatloA^ for th« nm of 
tl«500, sin-i h* said h« did but th»t be did not go thro\iii^ 
with it b«oattso h« did not need that noaoy* Ho ««• tboa 
M):od whether h« signod a mortga®§ on tbat dar, ooworing tbo 
property in qiieation^ and b« aaid b« did not. Ha ima than 
abovn a mortgnga bond of the building and lean aaaoelation 
raferr«d to and bo adaitted tbat it oontalntd bis tigaatura 
and that of bia wifa, Tha dafendsnt teettif led tbat bo bad 
r«o«ived tba 6Mt&dL ta the property and paid orar tba |3»€00 
in ourr«no)r« to tb« plaintiff at tba plaintiff *a bo\iao on 
%hm araning of October 3» at abont 8 o»oloek. 

The lawyer who rapreaantad tba plaintiff In hia 
nagotiatlona with the defendant took the stand and taatifisd 
tbat th^ warranty de^d in question bj^d baan in his personal 
poasasalon on Detobsr 4, the day ajftar tba defendant olaiaad 
ba bad paid tba plaintiff for tba property and raoeirad tha 
daod* Aaotbtr lawyar wbo ^em^B aasociated vltb the ona just 
referred to, teatified tbat on the evaning of October 3, at 
tba ti3;a th© d«f«nunt olaia^d tba t)laintlff iMid turned tba 
deed oTar to hia, wnd tba def€Hai?tnt haA paid tba plaintiff 
13,000 at tba Xatter's bouaa» the plaintiff and bis vlfa vara 
praaant at tba Iawyar*a offioa, hawing ooaia tbara by appoint- 
ment to axeouta the deed* Another ^itnaaa oonnaotad vith tha 
building and loan aaaoei%tion, whioh bad baan aantlonad dur- 
ing tba axaaiwution of the defendant, taatifled tbat tba 
defand«^nt &nd hia wife bad a^aoutad a sort gage bond to the 
building 'and loan aesooiation for $l»e>00 and tbat later 
tbe plaintiff and tha defendant bad oona together Ut the 
Miaooiatiom offioea one aranii^g in Sept ember, and tbe defends 
aat aaid ha did not bawe noney enough to oloae the deal, and 

^A MM ji<^ .rrc:ti?.t?J0l5^^ fl«0J' "'??'' «.^^ -' « 


*: * ",. 


* \4S * p ■ ' ;■ --. y ^i ' 



tlmt lit W4I #900*00 short, in addition to th« m^rt^fs^m 
!!• f^rt))t9r t»fttlfii»<3 that at this ti».9 tha oimer deollaad 
to aodApt a ll»500 wort^fe, but tiMist^A tliat it ahoialA b« 
for |I«000» a« the oontraot piroridM* Ha further t««tifiad 
tl»t tha loan i»hioh tha h^l^ding and 1mm aaaoaiatioa vaa 
COlAg to Mklco, waa not oarriad out and tht daal fall tbrougjli, 
booauaa tha dafand^^nt and hia rifa said thay had no aoaajr, 

Xn aisppoTt of tho appaal Qouaaol for the dafandtnt 
arguas that tht plaintiff had ua<|itAstloa«bly givan tha dafondk 
aat a i*arranty dai^d for the property aad ha c?ill« attention to 
tha faot that naithar tha paptent of tha noaay nor tha dalirary 
of tha d«ad« sta testified to by th« defendant* wera spoolfio* 
ally d<^niad by the plaintiff* Tba raeord doaa ehov th%t tha 
plaintiff waa not ra<^lXod to tha otand aftar tha A»tf?ttXini% 
teatlfied. tho r^ajioa of It la plain fro» the raoord* Tho 
trial OQurt took tho poaitloa that It ima so olaar« fros tha 
d«f©n<1:\ntVa own toatlstoay, that ho was not tolling tha truth, 
that ho d*olded th«f- cK^a fo* tha plaintiff without heariaf 
OTldanoa furthor* thila tha i>lalntiff did not taJeo tha atasA 
in rabuttal, ^nd oatogorioally deny tha dafa»d«iit*a taatiaony, 
tho taatinony suhaittod by tha plaintiff in hit oaao in ohiof 
wmm utiarly inoonaiotnat Flth that of tha dafandant* Aa al* 
yoftdy pointad out, tho plaintiff ttstlfiad that ho had of farad 
to carry out hi© oontraot with tho dofandant and had tanderad 
hln a daod, but that tha da&l had not goao throui^h baoauao tho 
dafand^vnt had ropreaanttd that ha did not hart tho aonay* 

Xt ia oontanded th&t the dafandant vaa inaultad 
ond Intlnida^tod by th« trial oo^jrt* thuro oao no jury in this 
•aoo* In our opinion ottsti ohoorratlono aa tha raoord ahoas 

!^ "^ 




-^' ;M-.'?vMi 

*ftKE> i|' 

%h9 oourl iMkd« irer« varrftaled bjr th9 d«Yelopa«iit« At th« 
trlAl. Th«3r furalsli jqa «xeuui« for tb* dcf«Ad*]itU failure 
\m Mil the thre« irltne»6«a« vbo» aocordi&g to hia tettiaon/g 
««r« pr«««ttt vli«ii h« pjftld this IS^OOC in ourreney* although 
9tm of the three wltaeaees ftppo«rs from the record to hAT« 
bt«B present In ooiart at the tl»« the def end nt gare his teetl« 
MM^* The trl^I court «ee»e to hnye been quite lenient with 
the defeni&nt. In view of bl« oontxadi otory etory« for eeT- 
•rel oontlnuanoes were given. In oraer to glYe the defendant 
itt opportunity to eubnit all of the proof he bad. On the 
•enasion of the last 4Bontinua.nee» one of the lawyers who 
testified for the plaintiff and irho had reprteentf^d hia at the 
ti»e the oontraot wee entered into* told the eourt that ho bad 
seen the defendant um his «»ife on tht day pr rrlous and that 
they 0aid they had been advised by their lawyer not to be in 
oourt vhen the tm.»0 oame up ag^^in* aM they were not in ocurt^ 
liBd f^irtber^ their lawyer was not in oourt, but ho had sent 
over n brother lawyor who had not been in the oaee previously, 
to eite some omeeo anci sake soiso legal nrgHBont to the oourt* 

2n our opinion^ not a J'ord of the testlatony of the 
dofeadant oould be believed by anybody • He f Iret says that ho 
poid 13,000 in cash to the plaintiff, ia the presence of three 
witBOsaoo, none of whc« he Oi^^lls, althouf^ one of then is sit« 
ting in the oourt roonj and odTter saying hie wife brouijbt this 
Mnoy from the safety deposit box, in alnoet the next breath 
he says that the IS^OC^ in ctuestlon ws,s paid to hln by Me e»- 
ployoir (the van sitting in the oourt roo«) on th* day before 
bo paid it to the plaintiff. He aoido other admittedly falso 
eteteeiento. In our opinion tb*re is not a word of believable 



Xr* ^ 

' i<«^ 


143 • asiit 


234 I.A. 6 22 

Iff } SUySJRICR COli»T, 

mamts a* leooKi, 

0001 CCPIITT. 


Opinion filed Apr. 30 1924, 

m. ^mnm mmami ^uremd the opimoa of 

the ®ouxt* 

Thie «Fa« an Rotloa of as9«\»ap»it, brouglit by tbc 
incilvidwilti «i@mp?li!ing the Xmrn fixna of Clelaad, X4rt A Fb#lp«, 
anpeiisist th« defendant Moore» to ireoover fees claimed to bo 
d«f% tlt#ai for e«r?io«« rrindered. By tble appe«^X tbe def«nd[«s.iit 
o««?k« to revert© a Jud^i^nt for 1^88.50 reooYered by the plalii- 
tiff»« ftw d^clssmtlom filed by the plalntlffe cont&lntd a 
oount deolarlELg ^on an »0ootiiit stated and it alao oontained 
tbe QQmmon oounts* A oopy of tbe aocount aued on, att^ehed 
to the deol&Tatlozi read, ^^l^or «erTlo«B jrendered la the laatter 
of the Estate of Hsrold K« Vlydoa, at the iBst^moe of tbt 
guardian of the pereon of tb« iUnor, «— |350.00«» This oaeo 
baa boan txled twioe. On the firet trial a verdict w»e readerod 
In fsiTor of the defendant. The aotloa of the plalntlffa for 
a new triml twivlng b«#n allowed 8u<^ new trlBl ^ae had» reeult- 
AftS In th«j iUvigBient from whleh the def^ndJint haa perfected tbia 

One of the plalntlffa teetlfied thAt he %nd hia 
la oolateie rendered aerviej^e ae lawyers* at the reouest of the 

m»m ^ i»^ 


\^ r 


r« •iff 

a«ftmdaat, and that the** ••rrle^s eensltttd in th« prepamtioa 
and p7«9«ntatlan of his acooviata n.» gutirdian of the peraoa of 
j^rold »• Yira«ii« 9LA^ la 3r«pT«»«tttlng hla in the FTolMito C*\irt 
In oonn«otlon with s oontoot oror thoet aeoounto vhioh bad boon 
o«oaaloa«d toy th« objoetlona thereto* intcypoaod tof tho Statt 
ftuUt of (Ailoago^ at Ou&rdlan of the «ino7*o ootato. The do* 
fomdaat odntoadii that t^le t««tla&iiy vs.8 laproper^ a« being 
«.t ▼arlano* with the r<l««tdin|^ of the plaintiff o» «nd that the 
ttisil oourt erred in overruling hie objeetl )na tb? rsto« In 
our oplnloii there ima no T»rlance, for the tettlfBOBf la Queo* 
tion vae adetiealblo isador the 9<mm&n count e. 

It la oonteiidod that the trial oourt erred In 
denying the defendant *» motl^m for a directed Terdlot* both 
at th« oloee of the plaintiff a* ease luid at the close of the 
entire oaso. the defen^nt oay not now be heard to oontewt 
that the teetlisony etilmltted in behalf of the plaintiffs fallo4 
to tmkm out their oaoo^ i«n^ tb%t it vsi^a error to deny hie «o» 
tion for a dlreote<! Tordlot, at the oloee of the plaintiff** 
oaee^ for he w^^lwod any right he aay havo had to press that 
Katter» by failing to sta^nd on that aotlon and by proo*e4iag 
with his own proof* ^hen all the t«tetiAoay had been subttittod • 
that submitted in behalf of the defendant as well as that s«^b» 
ttitted In behalf of the plaintiffs « It le our oplnioa tbat 
the defendant's notion for a dl rooted tPOrdlot was properly 

It appears fro» the record that at the olose of the 
oontest la the Probate Otfart, ower the aeoon^te subwitted by 
«bo defenrtiimt as Ouardiaa of the ^Mwon of the i^inor, flrdon. 
that %^ oQMixt Miterwl an ordUir fixing the aaount to whloh the 


*TiHtb f-fd 



.4 '.ixar 




dtfmai&nii «a« entltl«d« a^* Guardian^ oa bis &ooouat»» at 
IMSO.OO, and a further ordey glrlng the ddfendRnt leavt to 
pAf th« plaintiffs in the caee at lmr« as fe«a in full foT 
tbelr ••TTloeft 9S attoTnojr** refid«^red to bis In oonnectl<m 
with his aeoouats and th^ir p7«Be?itatlon» ttaa 9\m of |3S0»00« 
it 1» contended Imy th« d»?fendant th.^t th« latter ord«r, eat«r-> 
•d l>y the Probate Court, doe» not oamstitute th« baal* of any 
loiS^JL lli&Mlity on hi© imrt to the plaintiffs, aueh at would 
ma»%le thftaa to T»oov«r Jwd^ent agsalnst hi« for ^35C.OO, and 
in thX& oonneotlon it la oontemied th&t the evidenea fails 
to show that th« daf«nd£vnt bad reoelTSd any suoh anount t^ bo 
tutnod over to tl5« plaintiffs* 

The abstraust filed in this <»s« is so fax fT«« 
a oosplisjcio® with the nalf'S of tbis eourt* that it vould 
hSTO bo«n strlokem on motion* It Ib pr« otieally inpossibl* 
to ^in mf Infcrstatlon froa tho abstr^ot as to what ths 
testimony was* By r^f ©rring to fhs rsoord w« find that ons o f 
the Plaintiffs testified that tbls contest, orer the defend* 
ant* a aooounts as Oujardlan, in the FTObate Cto\art, was taken 
^ to the Bupreao Ctourt; that tli« oontrowersy involred over 
tikose aooounts «as finally aettled; that in & oonwersatioa 
the witnasffl had with the defendant on one oociislffln, the defeiitfi» 
ant advised the witness of the ssttlesoent of the oontrowsrsy 
«wer theae aooounts; thst in tbi» oonwersatlon, the defeai* 
•at explained so«e aaatt^fis involTing a controversy reparding 
property, tbet had arisen after th« death of the father of his 
ward, the Biaor« Virden, anc^ in this connection he aentioned 
Ur9» Virdea and aa older brother of his ward, Fred Ylrtea; that 
the defendant had stated tbat,^ in connsetion with soM sort of 

«5trt ^ 

^4*e>iy ■ 






f« flk^r^feifr T#V» 

s ••ttXement which htLd l>t«ii had by th«a» th« deffentlaiit«''hftd 
l^tt«]i Ft^ to Sffttl* with hey (bis AOth«r) and tbt tttA 
••itX«d with hla and giT«ft his |a,350.«' This iritii«»« testi- 
fied furth«ar that in this oonTtrsation he reaarked to the de« 
fendimt that the fees of the plaintiffs^ eMountins to fSSO.OO^ 
we»e Involved ia the GettXffai«at of the rroeeediag which hmd 
fene up to the SVBftmm Court and that th« defeadant stated he 
had &p«nt it %Bd &dd0d that he thovi^t the pXaiatlffs iklg^\ 
g«t that BU^ out of the State Bjanik* fellow lug this» the 
witness and th« d^fe&d!?.at went to the offie« of the eenioy 
«entiey of th« fira^ Jiidge Clela»d» where a funihtr eoarerei^ 
tion w^j} h%d« %M wt^^ieh Jfmdge Cieland smd tbe witness ooatend* 
ed that th# def«!wl&iit oired thes |^&0«00 aad the defead^at said 
90%#tblng to th« effect th&t h« ei their had spent it or tliat 
he needed it» but that he would try to get it for the plaia* 
tiffs* this witaesB further testified that la a later eoa* 
Ttfiwatioa the defeadti^at told him th«t l£Te« Tirdea had agreed 
to settle with the older «on» fT&^ for $1800«00 la ooaneotioa 
vith some partition suit iarolwed la %he aatti&rs to ^htoh re» 
ferenoe haa already been mi^B^ m.d ia this oosversatiaa ths de* 
feaiant stated *tT9^ hat agreed that 1 aay bare |MI0 sad X 
ooald have this |2&0 to pay you." 

J^adge 01 eland teetified in eorroboratioa of the 
vitaees already ref<»rTed to and further that oa oae oecasioa^ 
durlag the tiane they were having their coatroversy with the 
defendant over the |S8C,00,whieh the plaintiffs olaiaed was 
due then for s^rvioee, ia the preeenoe of the plaintiff 
rhelps, and the rltnese, the df»f*»n nut rrodaoed a eheek for 
|a50»00» payable to the order of CI eland, Lee « Phelps, and 

«i» «tfl r ilia: 

«■"*' U -iv, * 

-.■^-A-rf-*^ •4m^ 

*♦ 1P»»«TC 


'**'• rii.=» 

' "V-.+xlJV! s*r\ 

by Fr«deriok B« Ylrden. The rttfendnnt objtcted t«til9 
t««tifflOB7 on th« f^70imd that th« oh«clc vmo th« best erl<9«B0« 
•f its oontenta* Mr. !*••• the vltnrss froa vhoee testlaony 
we h&v« quotfK) jibove^ hcid eteted In oomneotioia vith this testi* 
jBony^ thftt on one oooiieloa ia a ooBTereatlOA vltb tbe defendant 
1m had eta ted that la bis opinion the defeartaat^vbe was a alnis* 
%9» of tbe f»«pelp had ^ne at>ffietbing vhleb he» tbe eitacee, 
felt he, the defend^it^ eovild not afford to do* naitel/* that 
after pxoduolng this <Aitdk dravn to tbe order of the plaintiffs 
aad elgned by F7«derl(ftlc Tlardea, he bad aelced Judge Oleland saA 
Hr* Fhelps to let hl« have the ohecA: until, the folloirlng lion* 
4ay» as It WAS poat*dated &ad he bad proalsed Fred 71rd«a he 
aouid not put It through \mtll tbca* and Mr. Lee f\irtber tea* 
tlf led that m this oonTersatloa he raaladed the defendaat 
that he hm-d nerer again turned tb»t ehedic erer to tbe plsln^ 
tiffs* and that rrederl<dt Ylrxien bad told tbe vitnese that tbe 
defend nt bad persuaded bla to tear up the oh^c^ and aake out 
a nev one for the aaai aaount* pajrable to tbe defendant per* 
•osally* ivblob oheek tbe defendant had Ossbed and obtained tbe 
aMKSy, and. hnjii ett^ted he would get the asoaey out of Me trard*s 
••tate la eo«e way* to pay te tbe plaintiffs, tbe trial oourt 
ruled that la view of tble latter teetlaony* tbe objeetloa of 
tbe defenlant, to tb# testimony of Judge Clelaad* rsgardlac 
tbe oheek* was not woU taken and tbe objeotloa w%s orerruled* 
and properly so* la our opinion* 

Judge Oleland proce<?rded to testify that as the defeadF 
ant banded the Obeok* drawn to the order of tbe plalntlfft* and 
slated by Frederlok Yirden* to blm* be eald; •Kere Is your 






i880«00«* rh« wltii««s ««• about to put tb« ohtok la his 
P0ok9t «{ien the def ^d^xit said th&t th« eheck naa dftt«4 
tbit foll(7wiag Hoadiiy aad h« aaked thst bt b« parmlttad to 
Y«taia It until lt« du« data and thftt h« vould thaa return 
itt «h«raiipoft» the witnaaa hand«d tht dtnek badic to tlia 
def«ttd?tit» Jud^ Olaland furth«y testified that tht oheok 
aas narer rctumad ».nd that tlia |35G«00 Iwid vnivt baaa p»ld* 

On iir<»««<»«x«aiiaatloii of JFudft GUlaid^ sowMal 

far tha dtfan-ijmt «tteaiptad to lay the foiia<^tlon for la* 
jNMMitbiiMit Tof inking bia whathaT ba bad nat taatifiod on tlia 

faxvar trial of %h^ oaaa *ac to the aarria^a yem parfar«aA 

in this QimmctiQUL*^ C^Jaotioa to thia i!|u«»tion aaa mim» 

t&latd aad tha daf andi^t aaaigaa this ruliaf aa arrov* Tba 

ruXiBig w&>» pitopmT baoiituitG In hlis» direct a?r»alnatlon in the 

mn^ at bar the witnaa@ Imd tastifiad to iiotkiag oonasmiaf 

th» aarvl»a« parferaad* 

tha pl&lntlff Fhalpa iilaa taatlfi«d« aorrobo rat- 
ing th« taatlMOi^ of tha othar two plaiatiffs* The def«a*» 
ant by him taatiaiBnir flatly daniad noat of th« faato taatiflod 
to by the >laintiffs« He ^«nf€ tbftt ha bad ayot had la his 
poaaoaalon^ at any tlaa, a aha ok aiffaad by rrndariole Tlr4en» 
payable to tha order of tfeo plaintiff 0* fim or that h« hal 
arar ahown any of tfca nf abara of tha fir« a oh«ok Mido pay • 
idila to th# flTttt but ha atatad th^itt ha did ohov than a ohook 
dram to hlo oan ordar* paraonally. 

rradoviok M. Virdan wi^« produoad at a rltaoso on 
bahalf of tha daf«adAttt» Ho id«ntifled tho ahaek. oigaad by 

him aai dnura to tha dafeiid^at*8 ordrr paroonally. for |ifO«00« 


3«rOG V: 

. ^^^ 

*^i -vr.^r^^t'«fi<i5i- 

it-'«*^N!iff lS*«f 



Mid hff tlivA tftfltlflftd tb»t b« ]i«vtr gftT« the d^ffnd^nt anf 
•th«r oheolc Tor thut Amount; that h« nvf^r afrdii out m oh««k 
pftyftblo to tb« ord«r of the plalntlfft, for |^60«00 and 
(RTt it to the deffsm^^^nt; that tto« reason whf ho giiTO tho 
ciMiok to tho defendant » vMoh was dxmim to hla |>or«oiiall7t 
f<rr |SSO»00« «a.o th8.t tho d«f«nd«uat wudtod to h«Tt HSOO.OO wltli 
whioh %& O&0IS* la tmsiiiooti and }:« only had |X360» ^oo ho^ bo* 
lag a frload of odao, I ««• glad to adTancft hla th« remaiitiaf 
^S0*00« That la th® vbolo ptaorpoae of the tranaaotlon." m 
further taatlflod t^at th« a^ouat of this oheok naa to apply 
on wh^t tho defuniant oonsidi^rod «aa due hla froa hia wardt tho 
hrothoy of tbe wltaoiw^ for tho Int tor's * board and ko«y«" 

&y refarrlag to tho rooord* wt find that on oroaa* 
iMaittiaatloa of thia wltm^aa ho atatod that ho h^n. had lunchooa 
with tho dofoadaat oa a day duriag tht wook proTloiia to th« trial 
aad that at that ti»o tho dofoadaat and ho had diooaaood thlo 
oaaa aad the d^fead&nt asked hla If ho r«ofi.llod tha partlo^Iart 
about this oh«ok; th^t tht dofoadaat told hia ho vo<iiCLd prob&bly 
b« <mll«d ao a witnooB. Ho atatod that It waa not tho faot 
that tho dafendaat had told hl^n thst ha aaot doay aakiag oat 
a abaok to the ordor of tho plalatlffa, Tho vitnooa farthor 
doaiod that he had ovor told tho plaiatiff looo that ha had 
m4» out a (^«Qk to the ordoy of tho plaiatiff a aad glToa it 
to the dafeadaat and that tho defoadaat had gattoa hla to tear 
it up aad oako out another and ho denied th»-t ho had erer ox« 
ylalaod to the plaintiffe that the cheok that ho had drawa to 
their order had booa a oouater oheok aad not one taken froa 
hia regular oheok book and for that reaaon the check did aat 


•tftf , 



tMtrt mt(- 

Urn jfiif^ fktfx 

#1 fl^TT 


fa Z;,ArU 4M Mi ^S^ Ja 


9di ©# hum 

•bov in his ttiilM; aXtbou^^ he ax2ailtt«d on on* oeoation brine* 
lag hi« oh«ok book to ih% plmintiffa* oflioe, to oxhibit 
his stubs in ooxTobomtion of a statoaont ho knd aiulo to 
tb««» but he onid that otatOMont di^not rtfor to any ohsiA 
dJWWii to ths order of tho plaintiffs* but aust haro had to 
do with «o»o othe? oh«ok. At this point thcrs was app&rsntlf 
eoasidamhle oonfusicm in his testiaiony as to Just what chsdt 
ho was talking about ulien he was referring to a chtok which 
had not bof^n taken from his book ant^ thrT*for<» did not ahew 
on his stubs* and aftoir sons oros^Hix&t^liHitidn on this aattOTt 
ths witness said* *WoU* I think it nust have been a ohsok 
for Ololnaidy l*oe 1^ Fholps* th«n*** Thsrsupon* this tritnoss 
adnlttod that ho h»e told the rl»intiff« at their offlo»' that 
hs had a^de out a oheok to their ordtr and that th« def ATK5i».nt 
haa askod hlis to tear It up and 6anm ons to his order « whic^ 

h« did* 

On redirect e^Rialnation this witness appsr<mtly 
nttespted to get ^t of tho position In which ha found Binself* 
hjr saying that the plaintiff hftd told him to say what ho had 
just testified to at the oloso of his eross ezaainatioa. At 
this point the court took up tho «3»«iinstion of the witness 
sad asked him why hs had «ads out a idiisok for ths plaintiff* 
and he answered that there was ^380*00 duo «io« and hs waatoA 
to pay tho« if he oould but that hs was not able to; and that 
he had glwon this check to the defendant for the purpoee of 
paying the plaintiffs; that this ooeurred on Septs»bo» 8ft* and 
he asked the defen^i^^nt to hold ths check until isptenibor «9* 
and ttakt the d« f end^nt omm hash to him eith the ohsok m^- told 

Hi A.* iB» 

-ma* i- 

ti^nn-i*.:.,r .^.^^ ^^ 

#4 otonuUa/tKM »^i 


tea «4HI «Mk;*,^^ 

hia to t«ftr it itp nnd gilp« hltt» th« def«ii)d%,at* a qmt ohcek^ 
vtiioh h« dlfS^ tli« latttir oheok b«lii|; for thtt •«»• ftaouat but 
dvatm to th« OTtt^r of tb« (a«f<bnd;Attt« Cioun«el for tho dofmUl* 
•St tlum •XftttlBMi tb« *rltnea« ftiul h« ag^a stato^l tteat tht 
d«fMi4imt hftd ft«ked hi« to t«aT up th« first ehoek, lund ho told 
wiMiii smd «|i«x« that coBVoroation took pl&e«. Mo fturtHor «d» 
aUttod to ooMHscl for tl}« defond»At th^ t v'heii th« latter aolcod 
lilii for iai'ona^tlon alKmt thio ho luid told oounooX that ho 
iMd aOTor glT<Mi but oa« a!hft<^« the co\;rt intftrrOKittod tho 
vltsoosi furtboy fts to ttiiy ho had »t f Irot doniod glTlAg the 
ohook drnvn to tho ordor of %h9 pliiimtlffo« tnd bo o&id tb«t 
Ho bad not r^oallo^ It ^ifitll Mr. lo^ bad refroobod bio Mttoory* 

HooTy o» thio i@0tl^oiiar# thf -r« oo'uld buro boon o«y 

otbor Tordiot %iia ^udj^ont in thin ooo«, tbsji for tbo pXoiatiffo, 

l« diffio\ilt to ooo. Tbo dftftn4unt ©omteado furtbor that tboro 

woo orror o® the i;*ar% of tbc trifl oo«rt, in «»nn«otion with 

MHO rooorko that wor# node by th« oourt* osd nloo in ooaaootiMi 

with tho r«?fusml of litiitnsotlono* In nolthor taottor do wo fool 

nxkj orror vas o<mmlttt»d« iSo f&r os tbo 1 ]|»truotioiio voro oosi» 

ooraod* only tho rofuood ia»truotio«o aro itbotrftotod* altbotti^ 

tboro io ft I in* or t«N> glYlnf tbo gonorol purport of tbo giron 

instruotlono. Many of tbo rofuotd 4n^tn70tl«>n« bad to d* witb 

Ks&ttf'ro that bod no oppllootion to tbo ciiaootiOAO wbiob tho jisry 

b»^d to d#oide« trmi if tbert h&d bo«A oofio error ii^ ionyisf 

oem» of tbooo lnotruotlono» wo won'd sot dieturb this jodipMst* 

fior roao^io alroody Tofcrred to* 

Tbo jud0xont of tbo Si^oilor Court io affirsod* 


,^«ysr W«. 


jn* iH'^ ^TW! 


m #i %'e^^ ^ mM 

&«SJ^ M'i^i^'i^ 

•f^yp^i^ |.> ■■;:■* 

•U9 iHm$^ 






X78 • 88454 



OHioAoo mrx^u, oom- 


234I.A. 622 

Ai^FSAL rnou 



Opinion filed Apr. 50, 1324. 

I, .mSTIC^ THOiliOI delivered tbe opinion of 

the oourtt 

The pl&lntiff Quiim brought tbis aetloa in tb« 
lliiia.eipaX Oowrt of Ohio?.^-o, «^in»t the Ohioago Hutvul 
CROualty C?owpafly and tk« A«&«7ioaii Mutual Life In«urano« 
Coi8|>»iiy, alleging %ha^ b« wkii in the employ of the def«ad» 
ants uftder a written contract, on a salary of #500 per moath^ 
fro«i February 1 to April ZO, 1923« during which tiae he T>eT» 
forced all the dutiee required of him and he alleged that 
there ime due him, &e ealary under the ooatraot for the 
period referred to* |74O*0C« In bia 8t&te«ent of olalM the 
plaintiff »ftde a further o1a1» for IXOO, as attorney's fees* 
as •provided by »tatute.« the d«f*»n<3ante filed an affidavit 
of sierits denylAg liability and alleglAf that they had Hade 
a full settlement with the plaintiff on May 6* 1932. The 

defendants also filed a olaia for sst*of f* in the sua of 

|6tl9» which they allegedjjad advanoed at plaintiff's reQueet, 

and on his aseuranees that he would reiahurse the defendants 

to the extent of the a«ouat thus advansed by the« • to his 

pretended sales«ta for whieh he was responsibls to the defend- 

"• W^I 





antt**^ Plaintiff filed an affidATit of ««Tlt« denying the 
olala o&de by the defendante in their elaia for eet«off • 

On Ootober 34» X933, tlie eftM oajie on for hearing 
in due oourse, end the d«»f<*n<lant« vere not preeent, whereixpoB % 
pxrf Wks oaXled and the plaintiff submitted his evidenee^ after 
whieh a Terdiot was returned finding tte iesxies fer the plain- 
tiff and asseesing hie claaiages at the sue of t740. Thereupon, 
jttdgneat was entered against the defennants for IT40.00, *for 
imges due plaintiff as a laborer in form as aforesaid assessed* 
^gether with the oosts bjr the plaintiff herein expended* and 
liaadred dollars (|X00) attorney** fees taxed as costs," 

On Soveiaber 13, 1923* the defendants submitted 
their BOtion to set aside and Yaeate the Jud^pftent whioh ha4 
been entered against thea, in support of this notion the 
defendants subaltted the affidavit of one Buiaer, president 
of the defend^mt Ghioago iautual C^yntalty Cottpanj* in vhieh he 
Mt forth that on being served vith susmone, the defendants 
had employed ane Riaden as their attorney and had relied 
upon hl» to wateh the oas* and protect th«lr interests; that 
sons difference of opinion arose between affiant and Hisden 
and affiant requested Rlsden to deliver the files in this case 
to another lawyer naaed Filkiagton; that Risden refused to do as 
affiant r«<|uMitsd; that Pilklngton refused to enter his appear* 
aaoe in the ease until after Risden *s T'ithdrawal; that Hisden 
did not withdraw his appearanoe and affiant relied upon ^Isden 
to notify hin of any further action in the oass* 

Vhidsr date of Koveabsr 37* 19S3* the court denied 
the action of the d«^fend^nts to vacate the judgpent. Qnder 
date of Oecejnber 8* 1938* the def»nd=^!nte prayed an appeal. 


mitf i^tt^flS9t 



•■-•' 5. 






Th« reoord stattt that tbe app«al prayed wa« an appeal froa 
tha jud^^nt, Tba bill of axoeptlons appearing in the reoord 
00 B tains only the affid&Tit aubaitted la support of the notiom 
to Taoato and a not&tion of the exception of the defendants 
%» tbe ordwr of the court denying thtir motion. The hill 
of exoeptions then reoites that the defen^^aate then preyed am 
appeal from the judpicnt of the court* No point is aada that 
tha appaal aaa tafcan too lata and we shall pass on the aarita 
of the eruestiona presented, fhls bill of exceptions was approved 
by the trial court on January 6» 1923. It appears froa the 
reoord that on the same d&y the court entered an order^ apoar* 
ently on the court's own motion^ aaanding the order of Horaabar 
37, 1922, whioh was the ord^r oTerruling the defendants aotioa 
to Taeata the judgment, bo that said ortler would also be ta 
the effeet that the eaV^off filed in the oaaa *ba and it is 
beraby dlsmlaeed on order of the court.* 

In support of their appeal the defendants contend 
that the trial court arrad in denying their ootion to Taoata 
the judgment* Motions to Tacate judgments within the Judgaent 
taxa or in the mmioipfd Court of Chic^g;© within SO days from 
the date of the judgment* are addresead to the sound diseretion 
of the court aad will not be disturbed unless an abuse of euoh 
discretion is sb*«n« One seeking to hawa a judgaent sat aside, 
where there has been an jgx narta baariag tn the abaence of tha 
defendant must, in supi^ort of sucA aotioa, abaw botb that ha 
haa a meritorioua defense and that he has aated with due dili- 
gence to protect hia righta and Interpoaa his defease upon the 
hearing of the oaaa. in euoh situations, it is further the 
rule that the negllganee of an attorney eaplbyad in the ease. 


tKff «t 





Sit, tfii^ 


; bmx€ 

wlll,b« iwputei to >il« client, Mitsohe ▼> City of Chie^go^ 
280 111. 308. ai9»rl7, \m4(>r the shoving Mide by th« affidsTlt 
presented in support of the notloii of th# defendants to T&eett 
the Judgnent in the esse et bar. It cannot be said that the 
trial oourt abused its dleoTPtion in denying the aotion* The 
affidavit not only f tailed to make a showing of dme dlligeftee^ 
but it difioloeed negligence which aust be iaaputed to the 
defend;: nts* 

The defendsnti further contend that the trial court 
erred in entering Jvdgeeat against then Tfithout disposing of 
the issues aads on the elA.ia for set*off • The issues being 
ttftdfi up on the plaintiff's olaitt against the defendants ^jul 
the claiK for set^^ff by thft latter against the plaintiff « 
the entering of a judgnent in favor of the plaintiff and 
against the defencUnts^ vas an effectual dieposition not only 
of the plaintiff's claia btit of the defendants' set-off. 
The trial coirt iraa without Jurisdiction to enter the order 
of January 6» 1923« after the apr>eal had beem prayed and 
allowed and the appeal bond approved* But, in our opinion^ 
that m no way ftffecta the questions presented on this appeal. 

The defendants further contend that the trial 
court erred in assessing as costs against thea^ flOO ae 
attorney's feeSi, on the theory that the plaintiff 'e olaia 
was one for wages* when the eontrary appeared by the plaintiff's 
pleadings. It Is appsjient frost the statement of olaim that 
plaintiff 'e claim was not a wmge elaia* and therefore be vae 
not entitled to an allowance for attorney's fees. Goo dr Idas 
V. iaton^ 140 111. App. 373. 


,e»^/i<9 >e ^ft|C .vjggui 


■5!^ -iki-CT 






;> r^"- 

w-^rai • 

:*^ »••/ 


St it also oontendad that th« trial oourt erred 
in taxing the attorney *8 fees a^^inat tbe defendants Im oon* 
neotlon with the judgMBOt rendered* vhen there ems no finding 
in the Terviiot that the aaount sued for by the plaintiff and 
nenrded hy the yerdlot* nna for mgee* In o\xr opinion* the 
latter point is also e«ll taken* If Bryant t, Yi^ndalia R, R. Qe. 
184 111* App. 384* this eourt (Third Sistxlot) held that under 
the statute entitling plaintiff to attorney's fees* in an 
aotion for iiages# vlier« the tria^l is by Jnry* the qutetion 
as to the asoimt of the attorney's feee is for the ooiirt; 
but before suoh fees nay be allowed it Is nseeeeary for 
tbe Jury to find that tbe amount due is the aaount denanded 
of tbe defendant* in the irritten demand nads by the plaintiff* 
and find that the anount is due for labor or eagee* In the 
ease at bnr# tb0 Jury* by their Terdiot* Bade no finding to 
that effect* It urns, th^r<!rfoTe, error for the oovrt to in» 
elude in the judgment tamx^^d the plaintiff* the ens of 
flOO as attorney's fees* and to tmc the sane as eosts against 
tbs defendants* 

The Utinielpnl Ck^rt jMgnentbls affimed en 
condition that the plaintiff file a reaittitux in this eourt 
within ten days* in the anount of #100 •* being tbe aaoust 
nuarded bin by tbe trial oourt ae attorney's feee and there 
taxed ae oosts against the defendants* 





809 • 28485 


Appellftnts* ! 

ClROlJiT CX)t3Rt, 

Opinion filed Apr. 30, 1924, 

m* JtJ$tIOE Tiinjisoii d#llT«T»d th« opinion 
•f the court. 

The eofflplstlnant KeGmv filed hie Ulll in chanoerf 
ngitlant the defendants Jensen end vife« netini; the oourt te 
decree the release or SAtiefaotion of e«Ttain Judgsentef the 
eurrendi^r of a trust deed srnd note seoured thnrehy* hel^ by the 
defendsnta* imd for nn aeoounting between hiss and the defend«nte» 
ee to ffl&tters arising out of a trade or exohangs of real eetats* 
In this exchange of real estatSp the eosplainant had conveyed 
oertain property in the Village of Olenoos^ to the defendants 
and the latter had oonreyed to the oonplainant^ a tisoonsln 
fwjm* tfes oonveyanoe of the Glenooe property, by the ool^>laiik» 
ant to the defendants, was Mide by the terve of the deed^ *0ub* 
Jett to inouBbranoes aggrsgisting the sMm of Klsren Thousand 
One Hundred and Thirty Eight and ^S/lOO ($11138. 35} Qollars; 
also subject to all unpaid interest on said mortgsg^s to dats| 
subjeot to general taxes to the sjsount of $175«00 and to ths 
payment of all speelal assssssents dae and pcpabls this ysar, 
1918.* l?5e ooilveyanoe of ths Wisoonsim farm by the defendants 
to ths oowplalnant, was sAde according to the terms of ths deeA^ 



<• f r».''.ic 


4INMII1 "**' IMMI 



<* subject to first and ••oo&d i&ortgagts •.ggfpiXing the nvm of 

Th« icsues «k« hhUUi up by tb» pleadings, were refer* 
red to a aaatev in ohanoery wbo heard the testimonj and sub* 
sitted his report to tbfl oh^jicellor« as to the oredite he re* 
tSMse aded be allowed the reepeetiTS parties. The oredite thiis 
allowed the ooaipXain«int« in the report of the asstez to the 
obaaoellor^ aggregated |671«69, snd those allowed the defend* 
ants aggregpited ^99*999 leaving a balanof which was founa^-to be 
due froM the defend^tnts to the eoaplaln«nt anointing to |371«70« 
the saster also reooounended that the defendants be decreed to 
release or sstisfy the Jwlgaents and also that they be decreed 
to return the tr\ist deed and notes as prayed by the ooaplaiaant 
in hla bill* The ohmnoellor followed the reecwnendatioas of the 
aaster and entered a decree aocordiag^y. By this a^eaX the 
defendants seek the reversal of that decree • 

There were a aiasber of items, in connection vith 
which the ooaiplainant olfLlmed amoimts w^re due hiai f ron the 
defendants in the ttiJclng of the aooouai , and there were also 
a nmribsr of itsaa in viiloh defsndants claiaed aaii^jnts wsre 
due thea from the ooeiplAinant* With few exceptions, all these 
iteaui were the subjeot of conflicting testltaony. As was pointed 
out by our Supreme Court in Union Colliery Oo« t. riehhaek^ 999 
111* l6S» it is the established rule that the aastsr^s findings 
approved by thft chancellor, will not be dieturbed by a court 
of review, unless aanifestly and clearly %g9inet the weit^t of 
the evidence, citing Blegel v, Andrews A Oo,, 181 UU S5<r, 

When the respeetive parties met to close their 
deal end exchange their deeds, the rarious items entering 

U at 

'-''/«! * 



aif ^"5 -,* 


*i*#.igaB *iff 

'M s^i;, 


tAW:^;^^ *.rf* f/^-vJffH 

.1»»:|*?r fWfr 

^^rf»tr^^ v^^ 

T<'i t^f^*» 

lAto the adjustment of aoooimta inrolTed in the tiro propertlii«« 
0uoh an lasuranoe and Intertf^st and tazea and things of that 
kind, wfir« figured up imd a balaao« struck, by vhloh It was 
found that the oomplainajit should pfty the defendants, $371«6i« 
His daf fondants oontend that this a-toointed to a settlem&nthe* 
tvsea the parties and it m9tmn to he their position th?t It 
au&oxmted to an account st&ted, lyut In omr opinion auoh a pre* 
#seding does not posesss the e^I events of nn aooount eta ted 
nor irould it pr^solude either of the per ties from later sain* 
twining that the adjiuitmect of their respeetire accounts at ths 
tijss the transaotioii «ae closed, imroXred the doing of eertaia 
thin^ hy eaoh of the parties, subsequent to that tiss >&nd 
from eo^tendisg that those things had aot been done as agreed* 

It further Ep|>e9rs to be the position of the de« 
fendants, as outlin^sd in the reply brief filed in this court 
in their behalf, that althou^ the conreyanee of the Qlsnooe 
yropertf to th^i was made '*9\}bJeot to" o&rtain enoumbranees la 
cH>aneetion with whioh the plaintiff «ae giren credits in ths 
aooount as fouad by ths master, suoh a oourss was error beoaase 
it had not been reel ted in the deed oonnreying the oiencoe pre* 
perty, that the defend!>>nts had '^as^umed*' thoee enouabranoes* 
Suoh a contention la not tenable. While it is trus that the 
holder of such an inousbrance might not get a personal jud9» 
meat or decree against the defendants, it %euld nerertheless 
be true that, as between the oonplainsnt as grantor and the 
defendants ae granteee, the ooln>laiiMuat woi.ld be entitled to e 
deeree in such a proceeding as the one at bar, reimbursing him 
for suoh fayaents as he had betm obliged to sake on eneurfbrances; 
subjeot to which the Glenooe property had been oonweyed* 






s^jrscetf "irf^Tr ^*v# ^..^ / ^.f* 

M-? ,ft; 


. ^t ti^srzf wf 

it>. r v...< • '-, 


Aaotheir oontentlon B&de by tbe defends ntt it that 
•rroT wms ooanitt^d In oredlting the ooaplalnant vlth e«rt&lm 
itwm. In th9 taking of the aooount« althougli thota iteva >mA 
not baan plaadad* In a bill for an aceounti&s it is not nao* 
•aaayy for a oo^plalaaat to plaad all the Itaao on which ha 
Olalsa there la a oredlt dua hla, before a credit ©an ba alloip^ 
ad» in thft taking of an aooount* 

Varloua other oontentiona ara «adt with reftrenaa 
tOf spaoifio itews InTolTed in the aocoimt, ^n1 we ahall refer 
to than in order, as they are «ade» 

(X)» the reoord ahows that whan the partlaa ar* 
ol»ag«d their daeda, sjq allowance was stade for taxea on tha 
Dlaneoa property and as f!aa Indioated by tha paragraph in tha 
d«ad» that asjount waa UTS. 00* The ooaplainant tent i fled that 
that was the boat *gu«8»« the partiee were able to ftaka at tha 
tine and that it waa than underetood and agreed that if It «a« 
ultiaataXy found that the taxes were leas* the cosplainant vat 
to hart a oradit for tha dlfferanoe, and his taatlaony further 
was that whan the tazea were paid they were $136«0t« Tha de* 
f endant Jenaan, corroborated by «»• Martin* a lawyer who re* 
presented hisi at the close of this real aetata exchange* whose 
brother and partner represented the defeniants in the trial 
of this eaaa* t stifled that nothing was saii at the ties tha 
daal waa olosad about rebates on taxes* The oastar r«eom;aenda< 
a eradit to the oonpXainaat on tkis itoi* 

(3) It appears frois the reoord that at the tiaa 
the transaetion in Quaatloa waa elaaed* there was a aaohaaio*f 
lien o^ the Glanooe property asounting to t390«0C in faror of 

•U 9M ft 




'&ZlSi it\ 


om« Edward*, which %h9 oomplAlitajit Rgr««d to ta):« tmrt of, and 
ht %««tlfi«d that he had don* so, and it waa stli7ulat«d that 
thia Xian had been releaaedi Tha oowplainant testified that at 
thetima the tTanaaotlon mtm closed, ha gave th*defend»nta, aa 
aeourity for the earrrisc out of ki& agraanemt to take oara 
of tbia maohania*a Ilea, hla note for |37X*65 with twa la* 
tet«at notaa thereon and a trtwt dead aaeuring thasi. It 
will ba noted that thia wae j\u»t the ftnouat which it waa 
foi^Ad the oowplatnant aho^d pay the defend^ats, on their 
figuring tap theiir reapeotiva exf^dlta at the oloalng of tha 
deal, and it ia the d«?fend&nta* position that thia note aad 
eeourlty was given on that lndehtedne8«$« Tha identity of tha 
two aAiounta would aeea to support that position* However, 
llT* Martin, the lavyar for the defendanta, repreaanting thaa 
when the da&I was oloaad^ geve testiiBony rhich woi'ld ^aem to 
lend eoae supaojrt to the o iaplainant's eontention# He testl- 
fled, referring to thia note and trusBt deed given by complain* 
ant, auytng "The note was given on the eontlaganoy that MeOraw 
wo\ild do oertaln thingaj In other words, that he should got rid 
of eona mceh^nle^a liens that had been filed fifainat the 
aieneoe property; the Bfubb&rd foods Lumber c>o. or material 
company ^ind aoMi other, Kdwarda Ooapaay X baliavo, and UeOraw 
clAiised to have paid thena and produoad a letter el&lalng that 
they had been paid, and th«*n the question of payaenta aa«a up 
vhloh MoOxav was owing to Jensen, • as to the validity of thoa 
and the aaounts whloh Jensen olaiaad to have paid tfoGraw, and 
ultlfliately resulted in a diaputa, and on the toasia of that 
contention the notea were not surrendered, or the trust dead, 
to aoOraw," tha aiaataf found that the Boohanol's Tien In 
favor of Sdwarda had boon Ukan oaro of and releaaad, and !•• 


1/ .1* '^ -v --f.. 

"J f K 

p ■ 

. . 

t •':•/' 'ft ^ 

et^caiGr>ended that the note a and t'jrutt d9«d* wbloh tht eov» 
pldk.iiisixit Qliiiflied to have ^vaa, to aeoure that motion on 
hia part* ahould be r^tuxned* Aod ttye oourt «o d«or«ed* 
l^ view of the teetl/fiQajr to whlola we hare refexr«d, we are 
not in a poaltlon to oonolude that th»r^ wae any eyxor la 
t>ia,t re^Td. 

(3) The cc»pX&liigmt furtbey testified that there 
w«» another medlmRlQ'e limi amauatlftg to |tl«00» In favor of 
the iicom ilardwood riooT Ooapany, at th« tlaae tfee propeytl®* 
were t3faii«f«»ii«d and that thia wiite a pasrt of the eiiouab¥«neec^ 
eubject to wiiloti thi? .iioOraw property weia taken by the defendi-vnti, 
Holder the deed to them. He further testified that they had not 
paid It and he had been obliged to* Martin testified that thie 
item did not figure in the deaX« and Jeneen testified thet 
nothing wma eaid about it when the deal wae closed. The meter 
reooatmended that the eomplainant be given credit for it and 
it wae so decreed* 

(4) The aolB|>lainent testified the.t another ite« in 
the enowabranccs, eub^eot to whioh the s^oOraw property h*d been 
ooareyedt wwi a judgment in favor of one Qeer« eaovinting to 
tX38,33, and that he hart been oiwipelXed to pay it, A eatl»» 
faetion ?ieoe on thie Judgsient wae imtreduoed in tviaenc©. 
Itertm also teetififtd that thie itaw did not figure in the 
eiretmnge of the propertiee* The waeter fmmd the O'tiari'iinant 
wae e^titXed to a oredlt of thie asioimt* and the decree so 

(6) It wae further the teetiuony of the oowpXain- 
ant that after the partiee had exchanged their deeds he had 
l»id certain intereet oowpons, whioh had been aseused by the 

defend'mts* tiiRD of $16«00 caoh und one of it30«0C; that be 
yftid thee« •OB0tlM0 In noffuheT, 19X8» including 7f int«T««t 
vcpon th«m fr«ii their due dat»«» Attf^t 11, 191S. These notes 
vers peid to Atwood, Pe&se A Lou<dcs, and Jensen testified that 
the latter had told him these notes were paid in August. Ono 
or two letters were introd\2oed in evidenoe, from Atwood, ?eass 
4t LouGks to the defendants* written sometiae after the parties 
exehangsd their propertiea, solioiting the payaeat of these 
notes. It seeas olaar that they wore not paid at the tiao 
they fttll due, in August, and that they were unpaid at the 
tioe the parties exchanged their properties. The conweyanoo 
of the Olenooe property was aado subjeot, aatong other things^ 
*to all unpaid interest on said aortgnges to date** The ooa* 
plain&nt was allowed orodit oxt this itea* 

($) The ooaplainant testified that when the ex» 
change was aade, the defftnl^nte represented that Xha tares 
on the wisooneln fara w«re ^816* 7C, and this aaouat was |««A 
in easting up the aooounts by the parties at that tias* Us 
tsstified further that he was obliged to pay |ta«40 in exaoM 
of that SKouat for the tastoa, Xt eeoMi that the Wisoonsln taxes 
were leiried a^ninst this fax« and an adjoining fars* togethor 
as one piece, and the owner of the adjoining fara iMid paid the 
taxes originally »n^ he in turn had boea reiabursed by eoa» 
plainant to the extent testified to. As already noted, the 
ooaplainant testified that the parties agrsed» at the tlao» 
that appropriate rebates were to be aads Im sass the aaouata 
takon for taxaa prowod iaaoeurats, while the defendaM Jenson 
testified t h*t the contrary was the easo. Goaplalnant was 

tmii : 

#S4VS (DC'' 



, ^^)fw? 


*'• v" 

«/ i!?"?y 

•fit * •«/<?« 


^ •Ui^'^fj^- 

l^dS 5"! 


glT4ia a oredlt by ths wtatar on tbls item. 

(7) It appeftro from the record that at the tliM 
of tht oxctoango of the prop«rti««, the 01«noo« property oon- 
Teytd by the conpXalnant to the defexulasta^ together with 
otber aitnooe property* owned by the ooeiplalnant and not oon* 
▼eyed« w&e oorered by a blanitet Aortgng* amounting to $1450.00« 
This diortgago vtnt to foreeXoeure* and for a tiaio a reeelTer 
imt in charge of all the property* and in the receiver •• 

final roi)ort» he ebowed receipts fron a building on one of 
th« lots* owned by ooaplainant and not conveyed to the defend* 

ante, amounting to $SBO*C>0 and diebureeaents aaounting to 
$1M*86» leaving a b&lanoe of |12B*14 ^paid by the reoeiver 
to Jensen or for hie account*" f^ia anotait had been apoarently 
retained by Jeneen* Ttw ^aaeter credited the aosplainant with 
thie Itea of |13SI«14* in asking np the account* In connection 
with this iti^ the defendaite contend that they were entitled to 
a or edit of #138.00 for internet paid by the receiver, ae to 
Lot S* and therefore properly chargeable to the ooKplainunt* 
This clai« was dlaregpirded by tbo waster and wt are not in a 
position to say that this was error* It is not ahowm that 
this charge was mot taken into acooimt by the receiver* in 
OMting up his accounts which showed* as ws understand ths rs* 
cord* a total excess of credits over debits* as to Lot !» 
asHBunting to ilt6«14« 

(8) It appears froa the record that at the tias 
of the sxehangs of their properties, there was a Mortgage in 
the niwHe of one MMSsy* which the testlnony stated* after- 
wards becaeie a judg»ent under the nans of Clay, for #386.88. 
This its« was included by ths witnsss Itertlm as one of thoe^ 


.3K. ^^■" 

^'TfTO i« 


''-. Ct/W 

iii . J ''.T.r 

■J>0 «*: 

* al Hm 

^titWt^WT <rf.* »<-t >« 


-:^'; *.,« ^« 

'.4 i?^£d ^]JiM 

'f J ■/* -rr ♦.-/<■ 

• -'V «W 4l 


•ubj*0t to vbieb th« defendants took th« Gltneoo property* 
Thii judgnent w«« a lien on the Gl*noo« property of the 
OMfipIainftntt whloh be did aot conrey to the defendanto* at 
veil as on that property vhleh he did oonTey* It seems that 
this jxidgwent had heea paid, and a release and eat i« fact ion 
left with the defendants* oounseX, and the aaster reooMsended 
that it should hB satisfied «md released of record by the 
defendants, so as to olear the title to the ooaplainant** 
Oleaooe property, still retaiAsd by hlai* 

(9) The reoord also shows that at the time the • 
perties exoh«nged their properties, there «aa another judg» 
iMnt against the oooplalnant, in favor of one Wicder, for 
|400t00 8»d eoit^lainant elained that this was an itea enter* 
lag into the eneuHbraao«s, aub^oot to vhieh the defendants 
bad taksa the aisaooe property. Oefendaats* testiaoay 
was to the effeot that ooHplaiaaat claimed that he only 
o««d |300,00, but that in clearing this Judgaent off« ths 
dsfendants h^A been obliged to pay |475« The isaster found thcfc 
the ^udgBsnt vas for #894«18 <iad that it was a lisa agalMit 
the ooBiplalnant's aelnoos property which he had not ooaweyed 
to the defondaatsi thut the Judg^nt had been paid and a 
mortage eonneoted with it had bs«n releasad after foreclosure 
proceedings and that It should be satlsfloA and released ef 
reoord by the df^fendants, as to the Olsao©« property still 
retaiaed by the ooaplainaat, thus elsariag its title, Tho 
master disregarded thft contention of the defendants to the effect 
that they should be credited with the difference between the 
1475, they clalmsd it had taken to olear up this matter and 
the #300.00 which ths oompl^^inant had represented ae bela« 
involTSd U it. this omixse taken by the paster see., f 

#* fiur 


;' 't O'* 

hare fmk b««ed on the faet that the d«f«Ad«At« l«t %ht 
■att^r go to a foroolooiuro* 

(10) It 1« ooBtottdod 1»y tbo M«plftlnant« aad 
adMitted bi' the dof«nfl!^nto that tbo lattov had oolleetod 
|40«00 rant on a building, looated on one of the aitnooo 

lots owned by the eoarplainant and not oon^eyed to the defend* 
ants, after the oloae of the reoeirerehip, laoident to the fori 
eloauro of the blanket aiortgagt oa all the proper ty» aad 
aooordingly* the ooaq;>lainant was oredited by the aaator with 
thia itea, 

(11) The dafendftnta olalaed that taxes and 
apaeial aaaaaaaMinta had been lerled against tha eesQ>laiaast*a 
Olencoe property aa a whole, inoliiding both the lota oonweirad 
to the» ana those ratainad by the eoiq^lainant^ aad that la 
OTdf^r to pey taxes on their ova lots, they had bean ebliga4 
to pay and had paid the taxes on the lots whi^ oovplainaat 
bad retained, and that on these items thsy were entitlad to 

a orf^dit in the ^taking of the account with the ooaplaiaaat 
aaoimting to 4348* 51. The aaatar allowed the defemAuits a 
oredit on this it«i« anoimting to |S99,99« Ve fiad as test!* 
wmy in the record, contradicting that aubaitted la bohalf of 
the defendants with regard to the payasat of tbeao taxaa aad 
Bpeeial aasassaents to the extent olaiaed by tbsa» oo^nag 
the coBplainant's Glenooa property, title to which he Te» 
taiaad and apparently still has. nothing appears in the re- 
cord, in the report of the master, to indioets h*« he arriwed 
at the figure of $999.99. Aa we read the itene in the record 
they aggragsta |Ma»Bl and therefore the defeadants ars aa- 

i Kt i 'i-i • ■ •' ■• -^'J A'i 


ffj 9n*.fii 

ZtrttS^t^fi ,. 

9fJt fr! 


titl^d to ft further oredlt of |i8»S8, 

(la) ThB 4«f«jndaiitw further elu^Md that they 

»•»• •ntitled to m OT«dlt» repreoented by this- aaouat they 
bad expended In laying a eement oldeimlk and saklag eertaln 
repair* an a building an one of teeOmw'e lota, which vae not 
conveyed to them but whleh wae retained by the coaiplalnsint, 
but, which ifae inTolyed in the r«<3eiTer»hip, which Included 
all the oonpleiaant*a aienooe piroperty uad«$r the blanket 
Bortgege her<?lnaboTe referred to* The defendant* elaised 
that thle wotk had been (Lmie on proper authority from the 
eoffipladnant and %t Me r^oueat* klH of whieb the ooi^laiaant 
denied« This ite» was in the easo oltimtlon as all the 
others on whloh there wa* a conflict In th« teetlaony. The 
aaater hoard all euoh evldeno®, baaed bis reco38sendatlon» on 

the teetisoi^ he heard, and, after arguaente before the chaa» 
oellor, they have been confirmed* Ae th© record stands* we 
are not in a position to disturb these findings* 

As abore Indicated we are of the opinion that the 

df'fendants were entitled to a furthet credit* on the taking 

of the aeeouBt* to the extent of |4S«33* The dmvT*^ appealed 
froa is therefore nodi fled* in so fax as it dseress that 

upon the accounting betveett tba parties, there was due tr^m 
the defendants to the complainant* the sua of |971*70* and in 
so far as it deorees that said defendants pay the ooaplalaant 
said sixa within fire days from the date thereof* so as to 
vaks the daoree find* that on the accounting th<^re Is due the 
OMiplalBaBt fros the defendants, the sua of |iI«*S8* an-" so 
that the deere* will further be to the effect that the defend- 
ants shall pay the ooaplalnant the said aaount of 1329* 3S* wlthla 




rrf tir 

•^ tot tttrMr» 

til tig .M.r^xrt 




tb« tlB« speolfled therein. In HU other reepeote^ the 
<!•«»•# is afflmed* 


TAYLOR, P.J, AMD 0»C0!r»OK, J. COffCtTR. 

>^ww r^^t tlm n» ,at<^i*'*^ .^«^ *M»-*# «wf# 



(lo«pl«iiiaAt ana Orwis D«f«n<i»at» 

02T¥ HALL B^aM QOt^s.BTi, 

A ©orp*, Defendant and Cross Com- 
plainant, hpp^lXee* 

23 4 I. A. 6 22 

Opinion filed Apr. 30, 19S4, 

MR. JUSflCS tliCiiiEm d«liTtrei! tb«» opiaioa of 

thin aouxt* 

tlia ddffiplnin&ntt i^rry f • Staadidga* la a 
imraeliQlag X^m^nt la tltm m%f of Ohlt^fo* the d«f«aiiaat 
!• a ««iif|3ioxatl0m oimlitf an off 1«« Iradldian ia th« Cltir 
•f C9»l^go« lEii#wa a« tli« Oitjr ha^I o^uaTa Building* ttte 
law 0ffiiia of tl^# ossRplaiiHUit naa in th^% Iniilding, on 
tl}« nintW floor* The %op ©jr tirentyfiTst §l09t of the 
Imlldiag «»![« 80 tLTimn^^ aa t« b« ateptubla for uaa aa 
olub Tomm, %n^ II vraa uadar loas« to a oluX» ii&oam as tba 
AYiatlcm Oluto of C^ioa^. imAet the teraa of that Icaoa^ 
tho pTemlaea v«3p« to hf oe^^ispiad by the toi»iat "for Qlvlb 
t9tm» aad for no otb«r uao or purpooa** In Jant^ry 193I» 
tlio o<?aiplaiaaiit took oTor tho ATlatlon CTiub lontOf «• ho 
atat#d to t>)« d«f«n^?%nt at tbo tlwo, '^for tha purpoao of 
ollovlng tht' Lawyora* A»s?o«latlc« of llllaolo to hava h^ad- 
4|«airt6ra wlt^ tho ATlatloa dub of (^leai;o«" The ooaqplaln- 
a«t vaa a proadiiia&t ■— %tr of that AssoolatloBy ^nd, at ono 
tia«» !h^ h—n Ita i»roolc3«nt« 

tbo laaea talcM otot ^ tho ooapXalmim fro« tho 
ATUtloa laidb, ouplrod Jfuna 3C, 1W8. OM^XftiMst took up 




•4b» mn\ 


- ''0 Rac7 


nitb tbt <l«f«itdftnt t!h9 ns^ttc^r of the resunml of tlj« l«ft»« 
in Mmoi.rf, mt rhieh tlatv h« wrot* tht defvadttiit that "th* 
Utvyffrs* Aesooiation of Ulla#lt in gr«irlag Mid feels that 
M th« tad of t^ile jro^r it vlll be Able to pmj en ImoreaMd 

teatftl* Th0 Ae^oointiOA ^^loo aeairte thst the utrum^gumfrnt d 
1di« p«.«t yeair ahall oontinue.** Be went oa« la thle letter^ 
tFhi^^h v^s mrltt^n ou a letteylietiiid of tb« L»irytrs* 4eB«ol«tian 
0f lllliiola^ to «t«^te what he irne willing to ^y ee reatA^ 
«nder a. oftw l«it.flO« OQaplalttaat aiad defea^i^at in <ttte tiao 
•Atertd into « mm !«»•# for one yetur» wblob oontaiawS the 
mum pntwlmXc^n me to t)\«' uee of tbe pr^^lcts vbldH Hut prloY 
1UM.80 bad ooat^ifkfta and whi^ b^e be<in iqiaotod ebove. Tb«t 
le%«e etxpit^M Jt^ne 3o^ XS33. Sboirtly before tbe expirati«» 
af that X«ase» the ooapXniiisat begma to negotiate for aaether 
Xaase to mm for tbree yc^jra. After S'omtt aagotlatloa« a 
laaaa aaa dxaaa ij^« e&xiiag for tbf- mmm rental aa bad ba4« 
yald dmtiag tbi» laat alx e^mtbe of the prieif lw^aa« aad ooa* 
taiaimg tkm aaaa etlpulatlaa ^» to tbe uee of ^t pireaisea* 
aa Itad baem. iaoiu«tad ia tbe pri&t leaaaa aa^ alaa a el&aaa 
PfowidlAg tQt a obffiTge to be laaie for el^fwator eexrloeo to 
aaid top flooy^ aftt^r t«n o*olo<^ la the erealag* The oo»» 
l^laiaaat exeouted thle laaaa but it waa nawar eigaad by tbe 
defaa(3aat« EoweTer^t^ oo«pX^la»at raaalaad la poaeaaeioa 
aiai^ psti^ tb« 7#at atipulatad for la tbe aav laaaa» up ta 
«ad iai^tidiag tlmt for Septesber^ tbe latter bela^ paid oa 
tbe flrat day of tbat aontb* 

It mppaara fraa the raoard tbat prior to the 
ayrlng of 1933, tba pre^lsee in cmeatiim b^r) been uee4 for 
ol\ia» purpoaee otily««* by tbe l^avyera* Aeaaaiatioa of Illi«> 
aaia, Tne ATiatioa caub* tbe Araqr # Bawy Oiab» tbe Asaaela* 



tlda of Odnmere* ai«e cniu1i» th» mini dub, ana aiiailAr 
O¥|^lil<fttioii», tt]i<^ It furthftr Appear* th«t d&no«« h%d 
oo'mslon^llir \men oon^iiuot** tlj«?re by th««« orgaalfeatiOBt, 
Th« 0MqpX«tlrmi%t oond^eted it rc>9t%uraAt cm tbe pr««lett 
fdr th« ••rrlBg of lu&ehiKm ftt booii^ i^hloh «»• palirmiisod 
bqr 1^* LMPjrosw* A9»0€ti«itlos stoflbon, and oth«T«« 

It furili<;r »<pptiMt» tbat scoM tfMiolac «»o bad 

«Mi« to bo bold «Lt Bi#t b^ tb@ v»rloi»i oliibs referred to. 
To mooooaoteto tbooe«adiiig th« iK^tttr, th« ««i^>X»iBMit 

ftyimtfod «^lth tb# dofe»*l!iifit for UtOi^ole^v^toT soirioo on tht 
oiromiagK tb« d«ae«?« w^n? btld. n<i» oontibttod thr^ui^ tbo 
BpTing m<l msattOT of 19S$« snf^. tJBtiX $«pteftb«T, On tbe 4tb 

of i«i»tiirfQ«r tb« d^i!»f@tidaiit iiotifitd tb« ooKf^I&iAimt tbut ^« 
4«ao«o being oos<luet^ on the pronls^o In <2u««tlo& ntuit bo 
lamodl^toly diftoontlmted. It vm» tbt position of the do* 
fondant tl^t tb# <}Of[|pX&lne.nt wmo connoting publie ^nnooo Ott 
tb« top floor of ltd buil^siing} tbat its SEgonto bad but rooonV» 
If obtained baAVlodgi of tbe nnturo of tbo istno^o; tb^it euidi 
ftf falTo wi^T«f dttrinontfil to its fii^^rty tnd oomtrary to tbe 
toxMi nader vbiob tbe ooetplalnant wii.8 in T^^eBooeion and tbat 
iaXeei«» tbe dinnooa voto laaiodiiatolf tllaoontlnued^ nil evening 
oloT&tOT oorrloe to tbo ^let floor would be diaooatlnuea* 
It »ns o<HHplii.lBnnt*a oiMitention tbmt th# d«Boee ooapl&ined of 
by tbe defend nt In Septeabor %nd vbiob tbe letter tbftn IneieteA 
•boiled be dleoontlnued, w^iire tbo oa«e in obafeoter no bo bad 
been oon^uoting in the lo&eed preaiieeo for eoao fiontbe^ to tbo 
knoviodgo of tbo dofen^nnt ^nd wltb tbe letter* a ooascnt »ad 
tbat the def^ndAat wmm ootoppod froa prer^^ntlag tbolv oo»» 
tiaaaaaoi tbat be bad repreaented to tbe defendant tb»t ho 






oeuld not siad wo* 14 not go on vlth »»othpr Imum taia*«s 
he eouid dtriv* ftcwe A(ivUtlOA«^X T^vftnut froai tbt aoure* 
%i tl!i*fit <liuie«« ftMft thftt with that Iuioirl#44|i the defend*- 
lat hftd p«niiitt«d hii^i to oontinu* in potetttloa of th« 

tfet« iMHipl»itiiiAt» StMididgft* flle^ his bill of 
«o«plAl]it ou nvpttsm^t- 1% I9K3« pf^ylng for an injmotlo«« 
Testmlaiiiig; th« dof<m^amt from imterforlng with his oofrapaney 
of tho ptmtk»99 in queatloa atrnd lurtheT that the dftfenlAnt bo 

OfMi|iiXl<^d to exomit« and d^Xiv^r to htm, t^e le^so of the 
irr^mideo for t3^i<^ p^Tiod ho ginning July X« I923« whloh loaoo 
tho 0o«plai]iaiit h04 osEOOuitod* 

In tht aji«w#r fll«d hy the ^efencS^nt, it wo« 

el»i»«d that ttio ftgrooaw^nt for the now throe yoar loooo^ 

hoing onil* wa« wold ^mdor the statute of f ri^uaoj th?tt the 

QOiB^^lnant wa« & hol^h-OTor tenant under his prevlouo leaoo^ 

and tlkftt Whothor ooBi»itorod %» » tenstnt under tho now loooo* 

whloh dof«ii)dlfiat hmd reftsoed to ttr^autmi^ mm • holdhowor toooAt 

fMdor the prowi^uo loo»o« the oo»plsklm.nt had riolatod tho 

prowlslon oontsiinod in both of thoa« ao to the u»t of tho 

|)tr09ii«eo» by reason of hiseon^^ueting the dsaoos in Question. 

Iho defendant also filed e> oroos bill in whioh it prayod 

that tho ooMplalnant and erooa-defend^nt bo restmiaod 

from further oonduotlag his <bMioos on tho prooiloos and also 

prsylBS for forfeiture oad a dooroo for pooooseioa of tho 


ZoavMi wore duly joined on theeo ploadla£S, '^nd 
tlio mmm wns then referred to a Hastor* on tho o^ostioa of 
whother a preliminary Injunetion should be iesMM in fawor of 

%Yf 9ompla.iMKti% or of tlio d«f«Bd%nt« um ptmfd ^y tbo 
v«iq^otiT« parties* After sxttiuilr* hoarlAfi tho Mas tor 
jtiWilttM hlo r«po>n« to poii ading tl»% •« Injunctloa bo 
Iftoood oji pimjfoA by tho oovpX&laant* SxooptioBo to tho 
flAdiafi In tbl« roport woro otistained by tbe elMjkoollor 
M4 tbo latt<ir loottod a pr«Iljiliyiry inji^otloa a« projrotf 
by tho dofoftdiSAt* to rtY#roo t!)&t oraor* tbe ooBpl«iliuiiit 
boo porfoo%o4 thlo Intorlomitory oppool. 

<lM^ ooateiKlo th»% tbo rooord dooo not 
dlooloo* ouoli m ttotlQzi om th^ port of th^ dof oatfaotf ao oay 
bo cN>n«l^!«TOd a sufflQioiit bii^olo for t^.« towporary la Juno* 
tloa vtiledi tho ootirt tatoroll. Tho rooord o)io«« that ooiaio«l 
for oomplfiin^xit «ado tbo atotlon iipoa wbiob tbo ev^tt ordorod 
a r«f«ren«o to t^io m$t^%tt t« tako tootlaiotiy upon tho loortio 
of "ifh«itli«r a proXii^li^ry injunotlon ohou^d h9 is^uod in 
f»vor of thfi oosflaiuant or tho i«fetia^^iit«' The losvo vao 
thuo ralaod ao to wtaoh of tht pt^rtios vao oat 1 tied to a 
prollmiiiary iixjtmotioa. «hoa tho Maotor o^dmlttod hlo 
roport« rooomMmdiRg that a protlAlaary iajtmotioa bo 
«iit«r«4 ao prayod bf th« eoffipl^-lsajit, objeetioao to that 
ropoTt wor« OTorruXod aad wtre at^^r^d to •tsnd ao oxoop- 
tlonii. Tbo rooord of tho ord^r tiHton oat^rod roeitoo tbat^ 
oa aotiOA of tho aolioitoro of dofendaat and crooo»oo«pl&ia- 
tM^ tho oxooptloBO to tht HaotorU report wore ouotalaod^ oad 
furthcrt oa thoir viotlmi^ to oajola tho daaeoo la quootioa* 
It «?40 ord«rod that ooaplainaat* *hio agoato» oorranto and 
attoraoyop bo and ho 1« aad thoy aro hereby oajolaod aad 
rootralns!^ uatil furthor ordtT of vhlo court fro« adrortlo- 

iM%g ooaduotln^ ■alatainiagf aaoAfliif or oporatiag oa or la 
oouMiotliHi with tho t>ria«ifto» deooribod ao the llot floor; 





^tr f^ii-Ti'^fT.IS^t' 

IS9 north Clark ttr^irt, Ohio^go^ Illlnol*, b«i]i# •tlktrwl«« 
knoim a« Oity mil mqwnx9 BulldlAf, any dAiioa, d&n«lag party 
•r «ttertmliiaant under thtt auapioea of or vnA^t tha nana of th« 
U|>*lii-*the«> Clouds- Oltabt or ucty mieh daaoe or aBt«rt&lA»#r)t to 
ahiob tha i»u&Iie wtf resort or b« Invittd tithar for an ad^ 
aimiloa f«« or irltbout auc^ an ai^ls^ion fsa or la ooaaeo- 
tlon with aliioli rairaaua atay %ia darirad !^y aald fterry v« 
tlanildg^i and aait Staaaiaft la t-ajolBod froa adTortiolag 
aaid pranioes for fm^io 4aaoaa %M froa adrartlaing for 
glrla to r^aort tliarato as daaeava.** that rc^aord la not 
•^kbjaot to "^6 objaotioa tirga^* 

liar in t!i# iaju&otl A^X or<Sj^r void for tanotrtalaty* 
aa ooiKpIftlnaist ooBt#ads« In our oplaioa tha or^^r is at^lthar 
iaio«rtaln itor a»l»ipi&ita« thm md^r merely anjolaa oeaplaln* 
ant froiK oonduotlng ^Ml© danoaa in tHia pranlaaa la i^aaatl :>n« 
•ithar «a imi lAjtlTldnal or »jt tita cl9»»Io«>Tha-'0looia*0llidl» at 
to vlil<ib aa atM^ll bara oomaloa to raftr la tar. 

!l^t tilt oraar ai^paalad froa la cot aoft^tory* aa tbo 
oottplalAaat furthar oonteada^ aooaa aatlraly elaar. Th€ ordar 
do<»«iiot hata tiM aft act of dlaposaaaalaf tli« oooiplalaaat tet 
it aeraXy proMMta ]t:la i»a of th« tfr«al«aa for ttia boXdlttg 
#f yalAJlo danoaa* ablob* It waa eostaadad* aaa a uaa ooatrarf 
to tho oondltloMi Sjq»ooad on tlM OMi^XaiMuiit't taaaaoy. 

It lo oeat«Adad that tha «rota*Mll fll«d ^y tba 
def«iiiAat aad tha furayartir rollaf th^rrla aoatalaad« vara aot 
gtBMtta to ^la eoffpXalaaat'a Mil* Oa^pXalnaat AiS not daaur 
to tha orooa-blXX* nor la aaiT ethar aaaaar ralo« thio quaa- 
tloa» but h« jolnad lasut oa it and praoacdad to a Itaarisf 
tteraasf add thar«fara» irraapaotlra of tba t^niaatloB of tha 


.■ t .SJ WJ 

7t«T;T:.:r Its 

# «#§ J^- 

•tBiSMiM ^ 

JK) (M1^ 

-tttvia 9^: 

tfcu: d4#« ,: 

IMNft " 



rmmm «« 



mirltv of th« «»ftt»ntlo» vem mftde* tlie ooaplalmuit mn»% 

IM d««iii<l to hxkrtf mtXr^A th« Q«iostiOA tmA ho «fty sot 

s<oloo It now. fotrley ▼• ^wmoher. 909 III, S90| 31 O.J. 

Sll. for tti« aoaio roaoon tht eoBplalaoAt aojr not itoo 

rKloo tha q^iostlcm &« to tht v-orlfleatlon of the orooo* 

bill* A full heArlBg «o8 1mA on tlio aorlto oa losoo 

jolaod oa tfe« Ofooo-fetll tey tbo p&rtloo. Citv of Layyuno^lll^ 

▼• ,tety^, nu^^^tff ,?H^^l<? ^r^yy <^pm. i^^ xi^* ^i»9« s^* 

Xt mio not aoc^ooorjr for th^ OT09s»oottpl&laoiit to ao^ntlTO 
la it« orooo-bill tlto ^[ttootloa of koovlodgo on Ita part* 
of %h^ dh^T^et^x of tfe« dfitnoeo oom^^lalaed of pTlor to 
SoptocibOT. timt m^» ptiroXjr o isettttT of d#f«aoo on tho 
purt of tho (»mmit-&eU^.iknU Tbo «ooo of WiIoo»»fcMadiroy 

Hfef ^yP* ^- a,nJg,, |:,Jlovi|f# ftt,^f Ofi^i> ^2S 111. ip-, »0«, 
aai other oiio^o oit«4 bf ooapl«>l]»&nt» la ooatoadiag tlio oott* 
t3rary« aro not la fiolat. Tbo pr€ll»l»&ry Ifi^uactloa ordoy 
appoalod frott la tbe oi^so at bar^ wbb aot l»«u»d oa tho 
orooo*Mll aor oa tb« ploadlaco aft«r lo8«o ^olaed» bat 
»ft#r a full boaxlBti oa th<f aorlto of tho ooootloa as to 
1^1^ of tl>« partloo rflia oatltlod to a prollalwairy lajuaotloa. 

§Bapl&laaat ooatnada ^at tho ^efeadaat, la Its 
OTO0««liill« did aot ohov tbat It had no adooaato roasodx at 
lav a« to th« poywuioat rollof prayed for la that bill* &ad 
farther* that It fallod to proTO that It waa a oorT>oratloa« 
aa aXlog^d by lt« aad that It a^a tbo ovaor of tho proalaoo 
im Qitioatloa. As to theso aattora It aoed ttaly bo poiatod 
oat that tho Quoatloa of tho fofua la wlhloh tho pattloa 
Jolaod tbolY laouofi ana thf ohoioo of oonq^lalaaat; thiit tho 
oaoatloa of tho porfMs&ont rellof prayod for la tht orooo-blXl 
to aot ittfOXvod on thla appoal) that tho ooapXalBant hlmsolf 
brought hla bill ajgalaat tbo dofiodaat aa a oorpo>atloa| umi. 







llMit %• Mty mt ci\;i««tiG>a %h» titl* of hla »teltt«d l«adlord« 

1% ie th(» oo»plai»nnt*a ooftt«>iitiatt thftt te «a« a 
%«ttUit of ttt« pr««i»«« itt qu«f»tiott un<i«r the !•&•• wbish M 
iBtfid •vfiMtMl for IflNff term ^flnaisc ^^^y 3^» 1^39^ ^^^ euSiBf 
in ISHI iu»d that %bl« l»ai«f« l»{|i li««ift tnkim out of tfei« $t*t«t« 
of frtikvM fs^ p»H p^-rfftvmmmBg imwmnA »• )st h»d b««n 1r 
pooeoifftaloiii tltvotti^ ^iily »^i»^ A^ugwot krA a purt of 8«pt»iriMi» 
.^nd %h^ (i^.fmtMiaM% hmA «olledt#d tli« rout ttlpulAtod in th»t 
i#««« for thooo aoAtho* It 19 thm &€f^ttd»skt*n oofttostlom 
tlMkt tho oottplaicmiQt it m hol d - ov jr toaaat vm&mt the jpxiox 
loooo. loT tho pu3^«#® of #ot«i«iiiiiig tHft ioouoo iiroooatoa oa 
tnisi ibp^Aol.* thKt f«t*otiQii io not Mktoi'loi* fhothoy ooi^XAi»* 
oirt mm in po»o#ii«»l<.A WB^t ono to&o« or tho oth«r« ho oon 
•id>J#0't to %hm mim0 rtetx-latioiio ao to the uoo ho «ight oolso 
of tho fifomiooa* for thooo jrostTlctioiui wort ft4teitt«4Xy tho 
mmm in hotb leineoo* fi^o i^rlnoliml <i«ottiOB •& thio ofi^ool 
ftO thuo pt^9f^u%»^ %m ^h^th^T tho uoo of th« I're'ml&c-s by tho 
ooii^lftl»«&t» of iRhlch tho tofendsd^t eoii|»lahla»» oyk! which it 
ooftfht to «o}»lii^ mn.B in vlol^itioii of thos« rootriotiooo oa4 
vhothor tho faote ftro mit^ «« to ooto|i the dlAf^Bdstat froa oo 
MMpls^inftag: »s to tlmt uoo mud fToai t^Tlsi; tho vm9 o«Jol«od« 

It is not th« 4ofofL<3»iit*s contostloa thot it hod ho«» 
ifootitiit of tho foot thot doaooo had bota hold ia tho pTeaisoo 
ohioh v«r<e oooupiod by the oo«pl«^la«at« Xt to a^sittod thot 
daitMS ha booa h«l«$ there, aet only wi^ dof^ndfentU knovlodf^* 
bot that dofoadaat had oad aov hoo no ohjectloa to tha holdiaf 
•f daaooa on thooo i^rtaioos hjr JBfljieL XLUL orgfraitationa. tt 
ap9oaya froa tho rffoavd that a Bia*or of daaooa had beoa i^tob 
thoro bjr too irarioua oliiba aad oniaiiisatioBa« ohiaii had oooopiod 
tho pTtttiooo through arraagttaoflEta «ado by tho« with tho oo«plai» 









Ml%« To Xhm lioIdiBg of iueh daaots on tb« proAls«s« b» 
•bjeetlOA wtft erei tiLl»«d« 

Bat 1% is d«fea.1sist*t eomt^tJiOB tiMt tlM Mi 
plaliumt b«g|^ th« pr&otioo of boldi«g dMiooo la tl^ooo 
pr«tti«0Sa advertising tmt girls to attend tb« dsaoos* 
adtoittlAg mnj aad «T«r7bod7» «jUi tlist mmM of tbe djjioiftg 
snui fsr fron whmt it sfaould H&ts bosai tbit thsro st«s %• 
bo aor« or loss drlakiBg at thoso daaoos sad tliat thsy 
voTO not ft t six ths bom fids eltdb fuftotioA irhiob iHid 
^MTftotsrlssd the danoss w^.iell letj bssa glTSft ^ ths 
various olubs rsfsrrad to; that tHoss |mMi« dUMOS s»d 
thoir ^uursotSY bad bs«m vakiMirm to the dsfsadsat or its 
agsnts \mtil l&t« in ^s mmmmr of 19333 thmt ss moa ss 
eortAia iaforaatiaa abo>it thsss <btao«s osas to ths defsttd* 
sat« it osuo«d soas latest Igst ion to be aado sad ss sooa 
as it rsoslTSd r«porta rssultiag frs« that iarsstigstioa, 
ooafinang ths iafonmtioa it H»4 first r«o«iTod» it aaasad 
oosq^Xaiaaat to be tiotifisd imsdlstoljr to mmm ths daaess* 

k mT9f^iX Mouiiaatioa of ths sTidsaoc ia ths 
rsoord* «hioh is volwiia0iis» has lod sa to ths soasli»istt 
that« thsrs oim bs ao <raastioa of the f sot that ths dsasss 
la maestioay «hioh «er« ooedusted by ths oonplaiaaat Im 
ths Isaaad prsalses, v«rs imblio daaoes^ loid thjiit they had 
the effect af vUiiaf ths top floor of the aity h«ill aqvars 
aulldlag^ sa ths svealaga they vere hsld» (vhioh oaas to bo 
aaarly ovary ovimiag) a publis daaos hell* 

On ths «aoatiun of the shsrstoer of these deaeee, 
the folloviag faots aro sl^owa by the testiaoay* In the susi* 
aor of 1933. apparaatly about July I» or possibly oarllar. 

-■ #^- - 


X^Vt3 i,:v • *»«<■ .1'- :,«'? 

mm «cMipX«kiiiAAt b«giai to ft<lrtrtlM for girls to Attoad 
tlio ditaoeo* K« inoortod laind odro7ti«i«iB»nto la o^vtrA 
publio nttospopoTo, irhioli* vBder o homdlag *airlo* ro«4l 
lui foXlowo: *ais-X«» ottmotlvo for danolag rrcaln^ irit)i 
^•ot group in thf ail}r» DtMi&rbom 4120* " the tolepbono 
v«f»m3d to imo XoQfttodl on th« loaooA pro«lsoo» TiM 
•MqE^Xftinunt te&tlfl«i th^t oao O^HaXIoir (vho vill bo 
roforrod to Xatov) «eio on tho prooiooo nXX dftf to ono* 

not th« tOXOplSGAO OB^llO ftud t<^Xl th« C^YXO whOII tO OOttO* 

9f KOAiio Of tills iiaT«rtlsea<»nt » n\3mb«>T of girXs watt 
proeured for tb» ^noos* lo speolaX effort eooss to hsiTo 
boea sioosssairir to got mtm to mttoafl th« dsaoos* for noas 
is aieotic^a»d la tht r^cord^ and y«t thsr® vors four or 
flTo ti«M>s as aaaj soa la atttatSaaoo st thoso aaaoos as 
tiMTS woro girXa* fhm fli»tiioiaX pX»n vaid%t wt^lob t^s 
diouMa «07« o^aaniotod lair^XTod » <^ar|;a of XC oents to o«A 
«tta« vg^on his ontxmaoe to tho pre«lses« ss a ob«iA rooa 
tUmwff^g aa<i a further oli^Tgo of XO oeats for oaeh daiio« 
ift whioli lis took part* the vmxL Xf^xiuht daneo tloksts 4t XO 
osats a]piteo» Aftsr sadti daaee th« asa haadlad a ticket ta 
tlio girXa with aboa thoy had diaaood aii<l at tha «id of tka 
SYoalAgt t^« gX>1>« pirestiitod tliolr ti^sts to the ooapXala* 
aat anci ho paid thiHB fi ooats for Ofioh tiekot thojr t^umcd la« 
Icoeping tho balaaoo )il«soXf» Tho r7l4f»tioo shows that for 
tho aost fiart« the girXa had no oo«?\3»iataaoo with tho aaa 
la attondjsnoo aor th« atsa wlt>< tho d^rXs* prior to th^lr 
n««tlAg oa tho fXoor tit theso <&»jioos« 

Tho Gvldoaaa aot oaly shovs that Uis daaoos ahlOh 


v«r« ooAdu<rt«d OR tb« pr ««iAiis ««ir« pubXle dliaiott but it 
fui^tbey 9ho^im that th«7 w«t« «• r«g«trd9d by •▼«T7<»m vbo 
iMui Aii]rtblmg t« ^ vltl^ th««« Tb«» <»oiiplAlRftAt m«lat%lMd 
ft *flooy aMisiM.|^if* at th« (laao«», but b« t««tif Ud tbttt *b« 
oovkld mot imtob «Te3r3rthlJEig»'* ao be arraAg^d wltb felloe 
bftddiqiuftrtaTfli to bstTw a \mlf9inie<l |>0Xlc^aiaii pr««<^At wfe«n 
tbe dim0«ji »er« g:-oittg «n» F5« explained tb«tt •th* dnnrd 
wa# growing a»<| ip« to«»k «fv»iry pi-<iw.utl9]!i to aTold liipr»» 
l»ri«tieii df mmtf Iclikd**; tl^^mt <*bt witdcrstood it «m« custMi- 
arjr to hxvm ^ '&MXf0nmd imlXmmfm at d%iio«s» and I did i»&t 
wm% pT%mM%im» fM^ w0t% tais^e e^t &mf atb«ir dasoes^ iidt 
to b# taj£«fk tbeir«i«* fht ^OMplsliUimt teat 1 find tb^t *lf ft 
yomig Iftdf ^aE«M tb#if# ««d «(»i&d^«t9 )i«rft«lf imbftooiiiaglyy 
flb«' Is 3to*diattly told t^ Im^rt ^nd !« for©#d to l6iRT« tb« 

Oini« Alle«i»«fta tf^stlfl»d foT eoiirplftlfflkfttj tbat b« 
vftft ftftt»<;»i&t«»d tritb th€ IM^p^artmfsnt of Publlo ^^olfftsro of tb« 
City of Uhi<:^i^«| th^t <30iRplalii«tiit e»llffd up tho dopftTtsoat 
to laquiiro wh«tb#T tbiiy '^votsld laspoot fiubllo ^ao« bftlla* 
fta^ tbftt be wfto Ti^f^TmH to tbo «)ruir«&ilo iPirotootitro A^soolft* 
tif^t ^i«^ **aad« ft ofooiftlty of iATootigftting pubXle dMio«o*s 
tbftt ooiit]p»l» Infttit th«» ftstcod if 1^0 vitaooo vould ooat ttp *»» 
bo van tod wtmmmm from our offlo« to Tiolt ^ui dMioliigi* tbftt 
tbe wi'UiOfto did 00 9.M fOttJid tbftt **the danooo trtrt oottduotod 
In R T«»y oydorly ws»n«f*> tbat priot to that tlao tbo Iftot 
tlMO the «ltao«s *bftd booa to ft public danoo,** *%« about 
flTo foftro ft|so« 

Ono Uirooft* a polloo offloor, of tb« City of 
Wdmw^9 to«tlf|ittg fox ooi^^l&isftat* deftorlbod bio ftooi^i* 




n#Rt by his OMMnttdlim Ottio»tp 9M *'b#inf dttalXed to 
tills 0»n(m hall*" TIit«« of %h^ girl* wtio *a«v«r«d 
pl&lim<it*8 a<lTfiTti6«i«ipnt and vlio att««dtd tli«8« diiii#e« 
y«g»IarXy« <taxittg July e^id Mtgutt 199St tUMpt for tb* 
latter balf of Jitly «rh«& they v^rt. eii^i^ at aod«l9 at 
th« ^i^rifulA ra«hifm Bh9^ in Chicago, v^ra •Isttm^ 
BMKid Lilian Oae of th««« in t^atifyiai; for th« n<m» 
plaiuaat, a« to th« pyopifr fliia»a«t«r of the a^aooa. rfsfarrad 
to the girla pr#««?wt aa *the soat r«ap«otabl« girls that I 
hmva •atn In 4fiiioi» feaXla** this wit^aaa taatlfled th*t bar 
br^tbar bad attaiMlta tb# <toasM* Altboisfb aba bad att«iia4 
most af tba d&n«(aa* gba sould ramiibay tba tem^ of only 
•an wltb abott »ha bad 4ii»s«d« e^er than her brother* 
Oarroll^ taatlfylniE ^^^ aoaplalnant* t^ttlflaa that *tha 
p9Qpl« thsit go ta tba daaaaa tber« ar« tha ordinary ty pa of 
(^anoara that yoti vlll find la any danoa ball la Chlo^^a** 
fbla aitaMa ana anotbar palio« offlo^r of tba City of 
C^loags «^« travalad bant In tba vialalty of tba aity 
Hnil Eeiaara Bulldini; lUMt in axplalalni^ his ^te9%n99 an tba 
laiat floor of that buildings ba aald It «a« baoauaa *lt 
ana an ity past* ^w^ ca tin offioer, i m »upvo9%^ to i8Ta8tl«> 
0ita all public pli^«Mia of aauaeaont to «ee that tbla^n art 
foiag along right** 

A girl naaad mff^j, Yho fractutntad tbota daaaaa 
t««tlflad for oo«plalaaat» tbat *b« did not knov tba aaaat of 
aay of th« aan tb« ra| that ob* dl<! not know thtlr oaaao but 
aba kaav ^aa| tbat all tbo did mi9 to danoa; thmt oba «jn«t 
daaoad wltb anybody aba oaaO ap and aakod bar for a daaaa aad 
baaded bar a tloictt*" All of tblo t«>9tlaioay aaa glran by 

•I *#lta#i^f •sfr*^:'- •^«' 





■•"' ■(c^tls. 

f> K <:n^. 


•«iq)lmliiant*< vitnaMi«8, Ther« was other teatliioxif to 
tilt 9am9 g«a«ml tffaot glT«a by vltB««««« «rbo t«ttlfl«d 
f^r tbt d«f«Bd>^t* 

Xt would »«ea that t)i« oo«|>XaiaMi% raallsad 
HMt the u«« of th« l«aff«dl prmdm^n for tbe holding of 
thoso dAn««« wtm sudli m did xkot Qom» vithia th« t«nui 
of hie Ie&»«« ftnd in an ai^r^nt of fort to briag mkct \i«e of 
tilt pr«ttisoo irithifi his loeso^ he oonstitutod hittaelf « 
•olttb* ^loh he o%ll«d th«l' Up-Itt-tlite-Cloudo«Club." That ho 
hittftelf ao regerdod thie olub, ie ladiosited 1»y his 01m 
teetiaony^ to the effeot that im o ooitTeTftj&tloii he testified 
iMI had with Mis 9 Oxttoor* defendajtit** «f«iBt who vas tlM» 
mnaser of the City HaXX Sotutro Building^ « Xt ims dieoosaod^ 
tltat boiiig a elvS»B I did not baT« to pajr for a lieeeeo** 
nth furt^OT refor^oe ^ t>^is olisb. the eoarplninaat testified 
tbst it «R« orgftiiisod about m^y 1, 19SS; that its purpooo 
was dancing; that he m,». the iJTeeidentt oao O^ilallojr (elrsady 
referred to) «raa seofetary, am a one iomom oao sergoant*at- 
anai; that they had ay^ioatioiui for aaoborohip frosi ZOO or 
400 yo^mg Xadioo; that at the tiao of the hoariBg« Septovbor 
24f X933* the elub bad a oooNrrsbip of 90 to 60» Re testi- 
fied that he fono4otod a Ooastittiticm sAd Sy^liavo for tbo 
oXtib ia mj; that they were adi>pted at a regaXar aeetliig of 
the olub» atteodod \3f Hornan* 0'liall«ir n3x6 hlssself. k oopf 
of tho Owsotittttioii aftd Bf iiowo was prodnood* wbieh he testi- 
fied he had ty^od "ftbout the Xst of ieptoabor; those are the 
by-Xawo whioh wero nade «p and adopted about that tisO| tho 
Up-Xit-Th«-caotulo-CXuft did not ha^o aay ooastltiation or by-Xaw« 
before that tiiso; it was about the Xst of septeaboT; whether 
it was throe or four daye before or threr or four days after 
the Xst of aeptoabor, I do not know." The eosplainaot wao 



w»%Xfiiiid toy th* def«ii^^nt to dlaoontlmat tK*M ^ao«s« tof 
ft l«tt«v aat«d 8«ilNdMMr 4* OMqulfliiaftnt t««tined furtbvr 
%hmt H« i0i\ out ttOslMmhip onirdo in tbl* olul^ is A^il or 
iiiir 0,04 tint ta%(siso «Por« thM first ooTdIo t)k«|r (got out* That 
1x9 wuot Iiairt boi^o aiiotK]t«i» in tlils^ woe oooeluoiroly tboom 
I17 tho t«8tl(»0A|r of fhif pwiMtet of th« oordOf olio tootifioo 
for tbo dofoiitiont. I^o ooai|»loiooi^t tostlflod tltot b« order* 
od tl)« pTlntlnis; of thooo oar^ s^t tho Bo«toii f^toro* Bo flld 
iMt ntMBO oiqr othor ^laoo iii tblo ooottootioa* cmo aroom 
tootlfi«a t%i«t ho got ordon for tb« prlotliig of <»ftr<lo for ^ 
ttio Tj|»«»ixr-th«»C^ou^o*C^iiii froo tho mBi&n storo; \hu% %tm 
f Irot or<S#r woo fooolirod m,mu% J?aa© IS, a oaapXo of tijio 
oaM ooo iiitrodi;ioo€ i'i ovii«m«it. It woo in t^o ohopo of &o 
o#rorti»iti.g 0Eir4L» reiidi.iiig« «iii$»Beiiig in tbo Q$^.r<loii of noooro* 
mim wondOTfia Muolo* asid mot BostHtlfta lAOtriuslrossoo Itt 
filiiiimgo*'* Thou fol.lo«o4 tls« tiinoo vtiiii t^ taiooo ooro hol4» 
tho pXa«i» ^d tlt«i mono «i;^X»»flto*3lQii^dii*cau%*" mo vit* 
tmwM te«tlfl«d to furt^r ordoro for tl»oo4 Aad aiailor mrdm^ 
ao bftTring hmn t^QtfVwed or ^mo S3, Jtsly T, aad Aogiiot S0« 
Ho t*»tlft«>:i thi&t the Xtat orS«r be filled for this olvbto ooo 
rodolTod Oft &^t<HilMr XX0 and ttao wimi o vootoorohlp ^rd, tM 
first oord of Vmt k.l]i& ori^sred* 

Tho oooplolaaat t^dtlflod tliot fto fur the oliU 
only thTOO «olo mootooro - tbo thx^o offlo«^ro vlto boro oXroady 
Woo referred to} tlsot mkO-iiT the b]r»laivo» he, »o presl^ent^ 
hmA tlio oole powor to reo^lvo &e«bore or to oxpol the^i that 
tlio Wf*lo«o of the oiv^ proTlded thot "ou^ doaoea aholl bo 
bold in ol^ rcK»S8 provided by the por^ who obAll bo Ito 
|Hreald<mt« and ouol^ party sbftll poy all oxposaooa thereof* nod 
•tell bovo 00 S5le 01m ptt3p€V%f» all fvada dorlvod tb^refroa# 
mA ooali KOcdMiir oa^lToo all olala to e\ial) fuado osd all porta 

*.^ ,»*»«►»*> s.-**:'-? "'isvtifneo^t'^ 





lug th« olutif tlmt li9 hB<.i %h«m printe^i In ••v«n.l iot«« 
*ao,OtK> or 25,000 of thtfm probaMy** wben one of tho Kllltr 
glrlB «•« on the 0%«ad« ttstlfjrlAg for tho oo«pl%iftui%9 •<« 
pxoduood hey a*Rbo»ihlp o»td in the Up* ln-Tbo-cioud»»OX«f^« aaA 
t««Uflod ohe got It *axo\iiid %\m lot of StoptottVor*" 

la 0ur oplnloAy th« ooiioIu»io» i« Irreoiotlblo tTm§ 
•Mip3,aiQjui1t*8 o«n teotinotgr aa^ tho othex teotiaony to vlilch 
T9if«T%ikm hfts twoa «idf in tbio coameotion, tih^t %bin oo* 
oftllod i^^vHh «%8 in no somo >mi^ » dub or orgauiLiiatloai as 
tiMi ATlAtlon OXt^ OT tli« SAvytw* Atooolatltm* or 9Mf of tho 
oth«f |!H^ ft^ fl^ 09giiJiiROti<ms whi«^ tiisid )»««» ooottpylaf tbooo 
pTomlooo midey %%m 80a^XAiiiftat*« looso* tl^o l?p«Iii-»T>)e-tlo«ido 
(yi^ wmm tls«< ooirpiaiiui&t* i^ larerftdy pointed out» Iio o«14 
i« hlMoolf, in of feot» in t^le tteti»9i^* It olemyljr ««• do* 
Tio#d b^r hi«, in tin tttf^sipt to l»ring tb« public aumoM ^o 
«9t« oonanotlng witl^lm ^o pyoYiolotiK of bl« 1jOMO» undor «hieli 
bo box A tho ipiir««io«o to bo twed "for olub liMso** In otir 
opinion it eonnot bo givon Xhiki of foot* tlth tbe deaoeo oo»* 
duoted In tbo isentier dooorlbod^ the top floor of tho 01 tf Hall 
•iwurt BuiXiHttg booa^ao a pubXio daivoo boll mzidl it ouroly imo 
mo9m the Xosfi oo After tTi# ooiupXalnont ooiUtaotod tho» oidor 
tbo oi3«plooo of tbo "Op^lir^Tlse-OXottdbi-'Cliib*'' tb mat opinion 
tbo oituntloR, in tblo rospoot would net bo olMuogtd oiren if 
tbo «|}'p»Xn-*Tho>'a3.oiidii<»Gflttb** vero oonoidorod n iggt^ U^ orgonint' 
tion. That ouob n um of tKc proaioeo voo mot vitbin tbo ti 
of tbo lonoo M9d ons not eo&teetpXotod by tbe portieo when 
tbelr relit-tlons &8 landlord and tenant one entered into# oe< 

to lie to bo eloay« 






«• mum ttow to tb« fKynteiitlaa of th* aftaplaiBftBt^ 
ttet tlM» 4»f«ttdakmt lE3Mm mi ali«ut thes^t daneet n^cd ^« mam»t 
in whiol) tii«3r w(»:r« eomtlueted %nA that it U tli«»*for« ••to^ 
p«ct to oo«i>«l th«lY <ll««otttlii«ft]iet* Th»t the vmrlvvui «lirito 
vliiali liaT« b««n lUMMd «• oomx^mmtM 9»A its«T« of th«e« pro* 
k1»«« ^rlmr to 19^3» frt<m«]itl7 ^tlA danoes th«y«« la aot 
QUMtiontd. Costpli^loftBt tGfftiflod t!»t *Xlo« Qmumit ftt tiaM 

di«9t&4l0«4 Wltl^ «K» titO 4UUM« 1^ th«rt« »«ki&g so ft^OOt thOtt 

•ad so forthy @ftd 1 told lior irtti^ tbc olu^o were tMt hold 
th« diuiooc*'* thort mt« timsk testlisoiif to the «ffoet that 
ti^b«m oMq^lalnimt tmo tiogotiatlng with tN» d«f«ad&At» tluwoi^ 
iliso QxmmT^ for ItMNM fOT further i^rlodo* he rtforr«4 
t« tho faot ttustt ho «%• not going to too oblo to »oot tho 
|jM»r«aoi^ y^ntfti irttioh «&• boin^ pTOt!^o#d tmltoa IM mto ablo 
ti^ l»9it0m»t hit Tovonett froes dsmooo^ that pooitilio&»l)«««Tor« 
WMi ontiTOli' ai^plioobie to ^# <dyfe» doaooo ouoh •« iMkd al« 
«»|rs IM4HI otmduotod tlioro by the varlot^ clviM whiofe hovo 
lit«ii T«forr«d to* It jm-f aot bo toid to hovo oorriod ^M 
oli^toot Inforonoo thot ooiqpl&liiaat «&o pr9p—%MS to mi«« 
voironut i»y xtiaaing th<» pTewX»t» 9j» m. diiaoo hall oi»ob to tlM 
pdiiblio* Thore imo ooho tcistiaoasr ottbmittod in oo«plaiiiaat*o 
bolMiIf to tho offoot thut »« Mzlf no kv^iX 9t my 19S3« 
OM tff t^# oe^rdo of tbo Up»lfr»1%o»€!londo*Cl«^* ndmrlioiaf 
tho dn»d— in ^nootion* vius ohoim to 4,^00 Ormmmr nnd that 
im n oo a g ro rnntiott vith h#Y In th« lattoT port of Jimo tho 
MMnrk«d« *tou nro advortislng for girlo." Itios Oronoy do* 
niod both of thooo inoldonta* Thot sho oould not hATo >oor 
ihowa muk n msi, at th# ti«o testified to* and that oo»»i 
l^niannt and hi« witnoooM mot haT« boon la orror in tho 
tootiMUigr rofbvHid t«» to ohowm by tho mroof thot no anait 
ooTda woio oTon printo^ until tho niddio of Jttno* Thnt 




plAiaant an4 hitt wittk««e«« w«r« not olcar on th« M^ttArt 
t%9titi*d to, la flbovn by the fact that aXtliou^t one of 
fiMM atattd tisat he tav aacli a oani aililbitad to )£i«s 
QffUMiY in April or Maf, tha <ioaiplai.ii&nt biaaalf ttstlfltd 
iliat h.% tliought tha vltnasR la Quaatlan ivaa AOt |^raa«Bit 

lliaa mmwrnr t«»tlfl«d to har nagotiatloftt with 
tlM <K>fli|>IaliiaKit» eoACwmimg hia laaalag tha prawiaaa for 
tiMi f«v&i04 lM(gl»itiii|c ^^f 1* ittS, tfeaaa nagotimtiai* 
^•iiag in ti!i« aarly part of Jtma, On ^vm.9 It, ahe Itft 
thiiQago on a iraoatlm and dldi not rttum \mtil Jul^r 5« 
.@)i« teatlfled that tiefora alit laft aha had. agraad with 
#dni^lalaaa% that l^a e«»Rpimaatlo& to ^ paid by his for 
•irtra alinm^r a^rTloa^ at auoh tlsaa aa It »ig^t ba 
fta^dad, «a« to Im |3«00 aft hour, \m% that wbea sho ra* 
tttmad t^» found tha laaaaa hmd 1»aaB tiada tsp la her 
ftlMWAOO (apparenilir by aow^ne 1» defaniaat^a offioa) 
with a «^auaa that th# i^rfo for axtra alavator aarrloa 
vaa 1K» ba |S^«00 an h«ur« up to an agfrasata of |tO0*oo par 
mmacam, aftar whioh a\20h aarrloa ima to ba furriishcd without 
eharg^^ llu&t tha Xaaaaa^ mm aa aada up» had baan algnad 
^f aoHplainant n^nd ra tiaw w Wt t« dafandaat but th%t dafaadaat 
aavar axaautad tham« abai|>Iainaat had taatifiad that tha 
olauaa in tha laaaa vptmrn^nfiS. tha agra^Mftt aa agraed t» 
by Mia« OraMBr* Mlaa Craaar taatifiad furthar that aha 
AgpULn laft Chlcniga on Auguat 1, mni T«tum^d on Auguat I7» 
aad that o$ that day aha r«oeirad an anonyaoua teXaphana 
aall^ after vhidh aha oonauXtad dafandiuat*a night alayatar 
■HH, and a fav ni^ta lat«r aha reudjaad dovntovn haraalf 
Myd tM^tflliad the paopla who 9mm» late tha buildlns* 

Ye ♦i^-'> ?#»j>«w 


f$fi.- , .. :#- ; 



#ft^r- "7*1 




• ■mil 

On« F«iui«r» eleiTfttor starter in tht city HaU 
S<{wiuri» Baildlng, testified thmt around the ailddle of 
Aiigu«t» he heard aoafitblng iriiieh be brouicht to the attention 
of Hies Craseri tbat he g;ot hie lafoxwKitloQ tr^m the alglit 
eleirator meb nnd frd» eeveraX teaaate, and that after ha 
keartl fxaa thea, he talked vlth ^la« Cvaaer al^ut the 2l8t 
floor i>a^ the thiiiga he had heard* Da oro»a«exa»iiiation 
by aouaaeX for ooaplaiaaatt it aaa brought oat that this alt* 
aase first talked with iiiea Osamer abovt the aiddle of iagast 
aad that he tt^lker to her ** about the reports of the elevator 
aea who said it aas noisy oa thi^lr shift»« people «elriag 
a lot of £i£)iRe«"* oo»lag ^itwa iatoxieated«- di^ not hear 
that kladi of xioiaa hefote at the ether aaatiaga^* this noise 
was singiBg and yeiXlng** Thi« wltaesa tastlfied that 
on Saturday ni^t» ^^teaher 1« he attended ona of the 
dane^ts, at lliaa Orf^jner'a requeat^ to otoerre what went on 
and report to her* Hiree laTeeti^tore were eisployed hy i^ies 
dtKner for the aauie p«r^®e after th© bill was filed In this 
^aa» Another ^fritneea* who wan tm el<^vator ofterator in s'.cether 
baildlng of whioh Uiaa Orastar was the a$«aager« «aa alee sent 
to the aiat floor of the C^ty H&ll S^fuara Boilding* when one 
af these danoea was being held 09 Septeabar 8* Theea and other 
ai%»aa«ea« • one of then a aslarad porter who had bats eaplayed 

in the preaieee in qaeetlon by ooapl%ln»nt • teetlfied to impmn 
mt danelttf whl(^ they had saam» eoae sales of gin oa the pre* 
aiaee and also that they had eeea oonslderable oonevaptlem 
af what they daaaribad ae "hlp-llqttar" by soae of the aea 
inNHMnt* la rebattal, aoiqplaiMait testified that he h«id knowm 
af aa drlakinc at theea daaaeai that ao ealee of li^ar had 
takes place 9 as t<»etlfled ta« aad th«.t the daaeiac bad Hwaya 


% '■*■ 



V« 4* «•% fUgurA tbe«« Qucstioaa of the tale or uso of llQxtoy 
«» iim^yoi»«T Auftol&f a« HAtorlal to a dooloioa of tlM Ismio 
fvooontod on tiiio ft.ppo«3L« Tho iiq>orl«jit ouorlloii la %ho 
iMttnoy and mothod of oooduotl&g theoo diaooo as publlo dia— f f 
aAvortiaiog foir glxla» tho proitiaououa dunoiag of straafoii 
at 10 conta ^ d%iio«» of vhlob the girXa r«taiait4 aa their 
aaaiMMiaatlon S oento for OTOTy danoa thoy daaoad»* mad tho 
otboy foatyaroa of tlitkt mttuxo to f^adi vo haTO ;«f«rrod» 

lilaa Otmssar teotlflod that up to August 1« 193 $« 
ilMI MMror ^otijrd ttee nsao of the Mp-In-'nie-»Cloud«-01ul> and 
tlmt olao did not know d£i§oe8 irero balng ooaduotod in the 
proalaea la c^vaatioa imder that aaaa; thtit aha did aot ktam 
that any diiiioaa vere he limp rtgularXy oondueted thert? la the 
oTM&lAge or that any danoee ?^7t heicig oondueted by what 
aho referred to «» the ^jpoy^aa-yow^onter-^ethod.* She fut* 
tbey t«etlf led tl^t etien she lookod into th« aatter^ ef ter eha 
hmA returned from Mlnneapolla aad had roof^lTod the iaforastloa 
aUready r«f<£rred to» and re^s^^laed about the building on the 
«ight of Augiaat 3S» ehe aav about 30 sirla go iato the build* 
img unaaoertod and that ahe Icnew none of the* aad aoae of 
the Boa eha aav go lii| th&t up to tble tiaa ehe did not knov 
*that the Slet floor waa being naod for the purpose of ooaduct- 
ing a dttioe to vhlcdi unoaoorted eoaea aaao and ta ehleh there 
vara gathered aimeroua a«n euoh aa I aav 1b the eerridora 
there while 1 im« valtlags did not have any idea tb»t tueh 
a thing aaa going on in the prealaee at all prior to thet tiae.* 
She further teetlfled to eeadlng f^aaer %ad the other elector 
nan froa another building, to the 31 et floor to ^tbaerro the 
and r^koort to her; that aha ofnt raaser to the aiet 




TTf-^ f*«T 




. ««. . r t M .- 


•5f i'',o,c 

Aoov for tM« ynar^—m on Sigturdaf nlti^bt, s«ptt«lMr 1} 

IdHftt liS kH^^n^y vaa L&b^r o&x «b« did not »•« hla until 

TueadUKy^ i&«pt«mlMST 4» Ami thAt »fter ))• r«T^^rte<l to b<»r 

•In* iim«<!i'7t«ly notlflM th9 oom^lftlimiit 1ft vrltlng th»t 

tli« dabiMM wuit b« 4isa«»AtiniMid* in this X«tt«T mhM •ftttmA 

HMt *tH» 9vn«m of th* tmildlng obj^et ▼•fir sorloualjr to 

tlMi ftlii^tly a«a<)ir« tliftt Mr« tMlag Mniiii«%«A <mi tli« 31«t 

fXoair «M li^ftTO glT«ii Ml orders thut thffy nust bt «topp*4 

•t 0]ie€« 7h« daiiG<»o» I imd^TiStandy arc op«n to anyone 

mud «• no&Tly ai» X oa«i gikth«r «7t eoxpristd »o«tly of tho 

foffolgn «l&m$nt* Tb« sp&oi ofto rented foer olub rooao and 

not ntt m dsaoo liall*** fhw oonplalnamt repli«d tb«t tlio 

4tft»o«« in Quostlon vex« tlio •«ii« no b&d becci oondiiotod aXl 

ftlongf^b^foro tbo |iic«s«nt loaso vfto ent«r«d Into* vliieb 

«»• «nd0 iritK full kmmle^^ on bo? part that tHoy wore 

l»olttg oo^ftuetod and worf^ to b« e<»itiMt«4« B« ro^iioatod 

tbat hft l»« not f^oquixed to dltoontlnn* irtiat ba tAd built 

up at oonal durable axinmao and vitb dtfen^J^nt'a kAOwladgo. 

tho d«fondaiit waitttainod ita poaitlon ftnd indioatad tbat 

•latrntoY aarriaa to tba 21at floor during tha oTaninc 

would lia out toff ttnleaa tha daaoaa oovplainod of ^9X9 atiypod* 

and al^ortly tbereaftar ooan>l»ln&nt filed hia bill toalcing to 

r^atrain intarfaranoa with tha danooa ooaduoted by oosplaiA* 

airtt* and da endant filod its eroa»»blll aaakinf to raatraia 

tho ooaplftinsnt fiPO« further uainf tha i>r«aiaa« for tha 

oxurrylAc on of thaao danooa, with tb# result slrasdy rafarrad to, 

Jt la our opinion that upon this raeoid tha ehaac 
ealloT aaa justified in oonoludlng not only thst tha 

ftinwa in quaation vore in tha nature of public danooa^ bvt 
that* \aidsr all th« evidence, the use of the loaned preaiaea 



f«r thi» i*iri>oa« was aot irithln th« pTovlsioas of tb« 
l«a8« by irbloh oomplainAnt had po»«ttt9loii of then for U8« 
»• '*oIt]b roo««**s tbat the 0p»2n»Tl?c-Clou(Ui*OIiili vaa in 
faot ooflplaivvant fUEtd th&t l>y us* of that daaignatloa tho 
<baioo« v«»re not brou^t within olthtr tho Ittter or tha 
•piTlt of %hm laaaa and tbat prior to th« tixa th« def«fnd» 
ant direoted that tht daao«« be diaoontinuad (or within a 
naaoiiabla tine the3*aof)*lt« agimta war« uM awmra of tba 
natura of th€ da^aaa and tba sethoda liy which thtf wara 
m^xi»d cm and that the f aots Isvolirad wara not auoh aa to 
praelttda dafaadaat fr^ r^eilwlng tha Tallef prayed for 
and gratttad ^y tba prallmiiiary laj^motlom appealed fro«« 

For the raftaona giwaii th« ord«r appaalad froa 
la afflrsMNl* 




mm^ f AM CKMVtSftT AdS0CIA;i<7»« 

YXLuan m wmk oak. 

234I.A. 622 

0001 OOOiTIs 

Opinion filea May 7, 1924, 
KR* JUOnO» 0«C^iB<m d«li?«rfdl tlk« epliilon of tht 


Or Aiii^ttst 0» toss, «^«l$l«cliia]it filftd it« Mil 
ikgiilitsi John L» iSyiwlLic«i6t« Htfov, %tiA Mi4br«w BMitHowlcl, 
lMur»)H^l <»f th* VilXa^ Of llij^r Oak, pfrayiaf tHitt a vrit of 
lAjunotion l>« Issuiid r««1iT&ialBg tli« 4«f9iidant« frvai iBttr» 
fcriiMi ititb th« B»liitez)&ao« a?%d establlstilag of a eo»«t«T7 
^loaglAg to oQwpl&laftAt. 0« tJtt ^jr foIXowlAg* i^uKwat 9, 
1093, *a order ««^ ontorod anftrdliig %bo writ of i«jiHio%le« 
at prayed for. On Ooptiaiftmr 4th, follovlair,tko d«foadiat« 
fiXod & goiioral dosurrer to tlio bill and on Soptoabor 19^, 
an ord«r tm« entered giTliig the ooa«ilaiaa«Lt lea^o to file a 
a«9pleaeatal Mil. <3^ tliat date tlie MttpUiaaat filed aa 
04 and eujnaeateatal Mil* Oa Sfptov^V 99^ tlie defeaHftata 
filed a geaeral dewurrer to the aaaaded and oupploaoatal bill 
•ad oa tlia aajto day oa aoti^i of the oovplalaaat an order 
entered ea^olftlag the defeacSiLate froa iat«rferAa« wltb the 
MLiateoaAoe, eatabliehseat aad ooaduot of eoaplalaaatU 
•oaetary. rroa this otd*r the deftndaata prayed aad were 
alloved an apT>eal, but thle appeal oaa aat perfeetod. fho 

• i'SSX ,7 Y^M DSlil cioialqO 


iA|ui»etioa writ m« d\ilr i»«u«d and M9V«d oa t)t« d«fttt<iynit« 
On ;i«aii«7y 4» 1934, an order ««• tntcrod OT^rrullsg d«f«iidftat«* 
diNrarr«r to th« wi«nd«d ftad i«i|>pl«n«iital t>ill an^i on tho tau»o 
di^ mnotter ordos* w«^« oiitftrod affnyiag th^ dofoAdftiito* aotlon 
to dioaolvo tho Injwnotloa ?in(! it Is to rt^oroo thl» Imt 
or dor t}iat tho d«fo»d»iita fvoooouto tMi appooX. 

Tho ord«r owmrding the writ of injuaetl^m o»o 
oato rod on tlio fftoo of %lko ftmosdjed eukd ovpi^XoAontail bill oo 

tliat tbo ^itOKtl >A to tm dotens^inod %» whetbor ouoh a ^uoo 
mk9 otatod in tlie oamidod x-nd oirpplOtt«»tAl Mil o« ivouid 
onrmftt tlio i»)8imiao« of tho writ* 

fk0 a^llo^tioiio of tlio $m&tnin^4 and ou^^^lOisimtol 
bill 90 far ao it 1^ n«otojs%r|r to ot^to thoo in ddtOTmlaiaf 
tlto qisootloa boforo vm aros that ais May 35« I0a3» tho authosx* 
itioo of tb© mia^ of Surr Oat iMuifiOd am ordinssnoo grantiag 
to one :i:)»i\i«l Hewitt, Itlo aoaoolatoa aad ao^ifpio, or ouoli 
oorporatloA as ho and hio a#r.-ooiiitoo might tht^roafttr orgoniio, 
poraiiooicm and authority to aoipiro* layout, oondtsot, Aaiotaia 
and oporato a ooiRotery witliia tbo liiRito of thK rilla^oi that 
Howitt or biff ao^lgiui obottid pajr |7IK>.G0, to tbo Villago troao- 
wrov in ooaoidoratiosi of tbo paooiAg of tb« ordinanoo, aad tbat 
It obouid not tabo offeot until tbo oftao wao faid; tbat i«iod» 
iatolf aftor the paoo«ipt of the ordiaaaoo howitt paid tbo 
If BO* 00 to ^o Villago troa««aror« 

tt is furtbor allog^od tbat on tbo day fol lowing, 
IMf 34, 1988, Sowitt on bobalf of tbo ooMplalDaat oatored into 
a owttraol for the purebaoo of 6t«a/S aoreo of Isnd lying aitbia 
tbo oorpofato liaito of tbo Villago a«d agreed to pof |ge,0OO«0O 
tborofor, oad tbat |10,000»00 of oueb ]mrol»koo prioo bad boom 


fttid mi 9uob ooiitra«t« 

Xt i« further «1 #««kl tlNit o» July T» 1933^ 

•apitel Of |75«000«00 proforrc^^a stoek undlBfO «liftro« of 
•'iMk of no poT TaltM^} that t!io |saTj>ooo of t^« oorpomtloa 
«oo to oota^blioli OMI somtaitt s oo«i»t*i7S tbot all of tho 
oapiiia tit&€k ba4 Ihnni «u1»oorlbcdi fo:r aiid ISS^OOO.OO paid la 
upon t!io sulwotlptloa to tho pytforred oto^} that oo Jvly 31« 
iitS^ Sooitt ooolgBOd All hia rlilkt« titl* aodi lotaratt la aad 
to tha oontnkot for ttM purcdltt^ftO of tlio load to tho ooaotorr 
aoaoolatloa; tt^t tlioroupoa It tMiooMio tilllgaiMl to pay tiMi 
IMK>«0(>0»00 TOittainiag dtie oa tho par^moo prleo of ^o Iaad| 
ttet tha ooatplalnant for tlia pfarpooo of eotabllaldJiig aad «aia-» 
talala^ a oo^^^tovy upoa the Xi^ad ontorrd Into a ooatiaot with 
tha Cyoloao Faaoe Coapaay utitYo^ tSie latter agrted to build 
a foaoo aramd tha land for $tt«00^ ,00; that it oatorad lato 
ftaothar oaatraot aitl» « graalto ooapaay for l^o osootloa of 
am aatraaoo to tb« ooaotary at aa agrood ooat of |9t00«00| 
tlMt It aatarad lato aaotb^r oontmot vltb tho atiaa ooapaay 
for the oroetlon of a aaiBorlal wiw—iat for tlio oua of |SS»(>QC«,oo. 

Zt la furtlior al!0((ad tliat th* load la ott^v^ioB v'M 
looatod withla tba lUilta of tb« vlllago botaooa Malatod stro<'t 
oa th« oa«t» ^otno arosiio oo th« voat* I38th ttraat ott ti» 
aarth »^ad XSTtb stroot on tba aoatbt that tlior* aaa a burial 
mdo la tho oometary July 39« 1933» aftar a liooaao vat ragularly 
Uaaod) that aftaraarda th« off lolala of t*a Tlllmgo throatoaod 
to aatar upoa tha oa»«tory Uad aad oxlnwa tbo body aad to pro- 
▼oat parsoas wl» ^^f thaa aa#if«l Ut ooaatructloa '^oik froa 
dolaic oo. 

4 ».m» 


m.f^>Lf- rSiif3\1 -i? 

^sm #4i* fi 

It is further alle^d t^itt afttr th« order 
•«t«r«(I avarding a writ of injunotion In ftooordanos witb 

the ^Tn.ytr of th« original hllX, which order wat entered 
AmgMt 9» 19S3, the Yillaga Authorities pasMd an ordin^ne* 
dvolaring it to be tmlawful for imy fim or eorpormtioa to 
oonduot a o^^tory within tho liMito of tho rillogo or within 
one mite th^r«50f and providing * ponalty for a Yial*tlon of ths 
ordlnsnoo of not l«8s than llOO.CO or more tbnm 1809* <)0| th^t 
on the a&fflu dmy tho willagi offieaXo |>a«sed another ordinance 
which reciuired the r«i»©Wfil of »ny body theretofore burled with- 
in the Tillage llsjits, mnd prowlded further that oay perwon 
who failed to reijiowo any d«uk6. body eo burled, upon oonwictioa 
ihould "he fined not lea^,- than iKXli^OO or «ore thali t90C«00* 

It la further nlleged th&t prior to the iMiosage of the 
two ordlnmnoea last xefi^Tttd to» ooatplaln&nt was eafagod ia 
touiXdinK foaoea around the oe^^t ery end iaprowiag it by lay- 
i«f out ro»Aai t|^t it had aoXd lOta* the puroiuiae priee of 
whioh aiEgrosatad fSO^OOC.OO; thiit it had eatored into eon* 
traots of fipproximatoXy 1150,000,00 for laprorementaj that 
after the iiaaaaisft of euoh ordlneaoee tho d^feadmta threataaad 
ta go upoa the land and preTent the ooaplalaaat froa doing any 
further wort: In oonetruotiag the laprowewenta or froa huryiag 
any dead Itedioa sad threatened to exhuaa the hody that had 
tlierel^ofore been buried* 

it ie further alleged th»t the eaaetery wae eur round- 
•d OB all eides by fara lands not under eultiwatloa; that there 
wtm only six houses widely soettered withia a quarter of a aile 

to the north of the property; that on the west there was no housa 
wlthla a ails; that ths nearest house to the eouth was oas-half 

mfM fe«T«#j8» 

' V *"ri''!', '"■ 


««^ a^i 



i/xtfA? i^SS^ 



•f % aiil« avay ; thm% tbenr mis a fam )iou0« to th« «»•% about 
100 fa«t frott th« land vblek was the cmljr boufts sa tbst side 
of tibc pT<»pftTt7 within oas«-haIf allsj that th* Isad was not 
•MMMfl that th«7ft vas no river or utreaa nimilag tbrou^ it 
fTOfi! vbioh the surroiaidiag territory <*y«w Its vatsr supply; 
thi:«^t the sstabXlshssat of ths osMSttry i^uM not injurs or 
on4bui«or the hoaXtlb of any odo liTiag asar tbo ooaotsiy; that 
tho ti«o ortUaaBOoo last rsfsrrad to VN»re null aad roi4 as to 
osttplaiaaat's pvoporty* 

Ybo prayor was tb&t tbo tofiittiaats bo «ijoiasd 
Jhmi ifttovfsrifig with sositplaJiQaat ia the sottstniotioa woirtL 
Otti tbo eoaM»tery &a^ in ooodl^otiag the siuso. Tho asMiao4 saA 
oupploaont&l bir was verified* 

0Mi»laiiia»t ooatoiKls that the apiNial should bo 
41s«lseo4 €>a the grismnd that thie ciourt has no jurisdietiom 
to pass nptm tits validity of au erdiaaaoe of e willaio* while 
«0 hawo heretofore dOTiiod the dosrplai&aat*s ootiom to discos 
tbo appaal whioh deter%i»os tho qtiostion adhrerse to the wm» 
fdalaant* yet we think we oon^t to my that oooplelnant aio» 
approlMHido the law* This oourt has a^plo itutbority tt» pass 
on tho validity of ordinanooo «kn^ we havo done so in n m s otooo 
oasoo* There so«as to bo soaie oonfusion in tho brisfs and 
argMsoat that whsn it ie nULd that an ordicaaee is void it 
sMMuis that it Is lAoonstittttioaal. An ordiaanoe any bo in* 
valid or vol'1 beo^.uoe the legislatnre has not anthorisod ths 
■uniolpality to XSj^isIato upon the partioular subjecrt* This 
involves no omntituti&aal question, hwt only a oonatruotion of 
Hio statute* ftad of ookirao, this eourt has jurlsiiotion in all 
oases on auo^ questions* Sut whether we have juTia4R.otion to 

.' > J- 

'%!<^ff-i;t Stirifi''^ 


JV 'ft.' J^*v«,» 

9Mi« vpoft oonititxttloaAl Qt»««tioii» litrolTlng th« Tmlidity •f 
•A ordin&noe la »& mvpmkl fvon im liit«rloout«r7 ortS«r« it 1« 

VMintMiiiaary for uo to dtttftr^iii0(«Mi«« holding that this eo«rl 
Ittit «ll«h |»0««v »JNBJ ly^ V* yg^/bCilX. tl 111, App. 272; l^f 

ailn, l^ilwl' ^l ^,ir, ▼• ^1 If II r^,^f ft>i,,, xie 111. A9i»« us 

««« i^¥Uf §^,m9 niJh, %' ▼. IISMEa. 1Q* il^- App, 3110,- 
trtiAl« lh« «oatm«T i« h«l* tn |^.,||irfytffi ▼. iiUttflb «»! ijl. 
A|>P* 3i2« )l»«0ftit»« irt art eli^ittrli' of tbs opinion that th« 
defendants aiTt entoi^'pedi fTon e^ueetlonlng the rlg^t of eonplaln- 
nnt to <M)n«i%irttot nn^ «inint».ln tit* ci«n«%«T3r In (|u«Qtlon« 

fh« re»00rtl dl»ele8#» that on Knf 237^, 1983, the 
▼lllngt i^.utltoTlti«?3 im«3«# fta oxdlmn©* gra-atlng to Oftr*i«l 
Seifltt, hln eniio«lti.tftt nn«l «»«l|pMi, or to «isoh oo^oTntlon 
nn they ml^t orptslee, a^utboritir to layout, oon^uot and a&ln* 
tnln ft 0tt««tejfy cm the pToi^ertf In Queetlon ispon tfee payment 
0f tfSO.OO* fhitt pnynent me mn<le» oontraote entered lnt0 ^ 
Hevltt« e<:»i^liiln0int oypjiltntion orinnleed and t)ie lievltt 
lnt#r0«te anel^MNI to it* In these elrouaetf^neee, def^n^^Mitn 
lynglht £10 1 to be pexnitted to prrrent the ooas^leln^tnt fToei 
#eaipletin$ «^d oarrylng on ^e oet^teyy after It hnd Authorieed 
the «iBtahllahffient of It* So fi^ ae the reoord ebowe the oo»» 
dltiana w«re not eltnnjfed* th^rm le no elaln nnde that the 
nenetmetloa and smlntenanee of thle «e»«tery will be any 
detrlnent to the hMilthi, enfetr and eovfeyt ef the Inhateitante. 
On the oontrary. In tte WMttded and evppleaental ¥111, It le 
alleged that the hemltli, eefety and eesfort of the inhahltantt 
will in M war te larpalred* the dewirter ebllcee the court te 
aewn«e that to he tMyt. k eourt of equity hae inherent power 
to prevent the defendant from deetroylng eonplainante • eeaetery 

^f ^ 








tb« %hr#Attii«4 notliMt of th« d«f«ttdfiii%« %9 •.fg/LimMt all 

A further p9tn% mdtt hf tine defendants •••pe to 1M 
that vtiilo th« orfilnsBOO ginugtto^l to Hovltt t^e eutborltf %• 
«MistruQt and ik&lntftlii n oo«etor]r within oorporate llaito 
of th« Tillage it |UN»iri4«4 that t%« oo!a»t«r3r v^i^* to ^ lotatod 

011 tta ox* mt^ itiir«« of laM lylmg 1>«t«o«n UStli %nd 127th otroctii 
»d^o«nt to moiwm «TMn»ft« in th« Villus of Bext O9X, jrot tbo 
««f«iidiiifi^t flMNnetory^ oonoiott of n^re thAt^ #6 ao^oo. ii^^at tht 
f«ot« aafo ft« to hotr «moh laiid «&• »iit$ioriso4i to ho usod fo? 
ooffidtorr |mn^ooofi» vo mirt vttfthlo t* s«f} that quaotlon swiy 
dovolop w<»ii tb«lioayiBf of th« oetflio^ limt <m the tooot<S boforo 
isft« KO ftr« lamblo to tmj %h^% wmplnkimf^nt i& iJii^roTlaf tho 
60 S/i a«T*»« fiolatt^i th# tow** of tf*« ordiaitnoo* 

tiio orci#jr of tho Dlro^it QovLTt of Ciook ciouaty 

Is affi?«eti. 


ir«( ol n 


•*f lif ML""''""'""'' 1 2341. A. 6 23 


m CHiCAOo, 

£a « first «lft«s aetitttt la Mgnnuyit eosnioaoecl in 
th* Munieipia Court of C|iAe«g« 9b ^im 110 » ItiSl* IpXiiifitiff » 
af ttv ft T«r4iot in its tim%T T%n^wmA d& <hin« #t 19230 r««»T«red 
ft $A€m»ti% f0v #SI6»76O0 ftit ^i;f 2» i9iS3» ftfftiaet ««f«»d«jit for 
eertnin ftagntr ••lid and ^«liYer«a, ^md d«f@iid(%Bt ftp|»«ea«d« 

l^r tit# ver4l6t th« jtixy f«iaii4 t]M isfiift* sKAlatt 
d«ftiidiiit» imd ft»««ft««d i»lftiittiff*8 ^tm^99 m% tH« •m ftf 
|a@«7#l», *iMid itttiiim«t t&t to ^ftt« of ▼«r4iot** farior it 
tlio oatiy^ •f t^ $i$M§nm% And «f tor tiM oourt h»A OTorrulod 
di$fen(i«{it*t jftotioas for m now trial and in orroat of Jiid«oofit» 
yi^iatlff fllod 8. written iBotion aiskiag tlio court to incXudo 
itt t2to Jiidi^ont %h» mm of $2 « 89 $.03 <roipr« son ting i«t«root 
ftt 8j( f«r oBiiiNi tti^^l lae^tdOf from Mgnot 33, 1.9^ , to the 
^&to of tho Yordiot) ond to entor jndgnoxt ogojjist dcfoMdant in 
tiM total rsott of $29td&&«05. Tbo awtiOB wa» deniod rmd plain* 
tiff has aoolKflted orooe^t^rroro la ibis i^ppoXXate cNP|irt on tlio 

To plaintiff *9 original otatosont of alais JtfUiigMl^ 
on July 20, X%2X^ filod nn affidaTit pt aerits, ovom to ly 
Atofthnn J. XiiOnat ito iiroaidont* on y«bmftr]r 10 » 1925, >f 
l0ec99 of o«iart» plaintiff filod an floondod atatOMont •f claim, 
to idiioli dtfondant, V tiinlMo, on llnridi 2nd, filod an affidaTit 


■*'-H«i-li»''ftM i^^itf- 

» 'J- 


«f ii0rit«« C« plvintiff** motioii this m.9 Btrielmii froM tlit 
ti%9» 9m4 en April 2ir(I» dtf ondimtt Jtf MiiUni»» fi3i«4 «iM»th«r 
s^fivt&Tit of r^rltt* Tlii9 «»• alM strlelwn^ and •» r.pril 20th, 
A«ir«ndei.nt, 1^ Mi]t]eii«» fli«d a third af fldf>Tit af mtritt tM 
plftiiltiff*8 «iii«nd«4l etmt«8i«at of eXci«i mliieh tl&Q court «Xl0«i4 
t« etandf mud on th« d<^f«ii»t me th«r«iii »lXeg«d tlit ««§»• ««M 
«» fftr tri^X, 

Xn pXaliitiff*» MMiiidt4 »tiit4ai«iit «f oX«iai it i* 
*iXtgt4 Vnmt tn M»rth Xa, X920, one Ut&jrtvXin» O^ircia entered 
inttt m writt9ti ei>atra43t wltli <ltf«iid«>mt for the sf^Xt to it of 
•#rtfti» »ii«ftr« TImk ©osttv^^t i« «^t d«t In tlU-X «tad It if 8igiit4 
Iqr Xtt«lXftr*y#x %r«k«r»g« ^« «M lor ttit«tli«r 1»r«](«rac* finit And 
it aide mig^md^t «« Iwiair *aoe«pt«d,* ls^ tiMi iNiXXdr and tlM 
%Myisr« Zt m%9 forth tlmt #« eaid €»%» tli«<'r« h«.0 ¥•«« soXd %• 
IHi«»ii»«B & wOBipsin^rt of Ohiomgo* XXXinoist for t3ui aoooant of 
ll»ro«Xl:ito §aroi».t of Mm York Ci^» 22,0€& ^ogo of ^rAmiX«t«d 
sugar of 9. oort&in g^ts.4@» paalr«d in douliXo ba^o of XOQ potuide 
not ««islit emeht ioftd to iNit <S$XlT@ro(l, a«000 1»ago during K^« X9S0, 
«iidl 5,000 b«g» during oaeli of tlio »ontl}» of ^n«t «hxXy» ^«i^at 
ond i;;»«pt«aiV«r» X920» *«t |X6»X0 por XOO pounds, f«o»b« roiXwior 
orjf«, tt&rine Cit^t MieHigitii.* Among its prorisions «ro tk«t pi|r^ 
iient s)iiiXX 1»« '^not cash at sight, pisgrabXo in Ss« York or Ohioago 
funds on prosontmtion of biXX of Xading sn^ dttpXie»to inroieoo}** 
th^t iiie tteXX«r*s obXigs^tien (^» to dsXiTsrjr io eonpXoto upon 
presentation of biXXs of X^ing; and thnt thff ^seXIor roserros the 
rii^t to rednee this oontra^t t^entgr per sent {90%) if sngars are 
not predneed at Marine ^ity, »iOhigan»* It is further aXXeged in 
tho statesient of eXain in substonoe that the aeXXer proooffded in 
th« fuXf iXlnent of his eontr^iet; th^^t thereaftor« on ugust 7, 
X9aO, the eelXer »nd the hujror (defendant) entered into a further 
agvo«»ent nodifyiag said originaX oon tract therein the seXXor 
paid to defendant the sosi of #3f,a00, hoin^ the asMunt cXaiaed hf 




4«f ««dLaat ti9 luiTt W«tt I»at %or it Igr rcAMii vf the f (B.12«r« df 

tlM t«l.ler t6 deilTor all of th« smgmx in th« <!9aaiititie» ani 
Kt tJb» tioMB tp«eifiedg #nd tkie yttrtia* i;i4pr«<^ t« • reduetion 
of 30^ of tlie totnl wnomit of tmgmr vrovi4«<i for in th* eon* 
tr£iCt» in aeoordanoo vitli tlM rotfnotion dlaatia thoreof* • tlio 
aollor agroi^inrSt aftar si»iA rodnotioK and tho doduetion of aXl 
angar tliaroiofora daliirorodc to doliTor tl» tinlaiioo of 7«22B 
tega of sttgar to diffandaiit nyoii tiM toma a»d at tlMi prioo oon* 
tained In tlM> original ooa tract; tliat in aon8id«r»tioB the roof 
tbfi dafandattt afroad to a<»c«»^t th« l»al^ao« of 7»S.^S ^aga toA 
pagr aaid priao of ild«XO yar 100 pounda; tliat tliereaftor* ynv* 
oiiaat to said ttodif ieation* tiM 8#ll«r d«liT«red to def aiid»at 
tha 7*3^8 Hago in oaafo* fron tiiaa to tiiio fron .<^nirtt«t 11« If^ 
to and inaluiding ^vptmi^w aa* 19aats t^at all of i^c«o laat «o»» 
tiontd ahiinants ^nd deliv^rloa ware pmt4 for in cash On dalirary 
*witii tho oxoa^tion of too (2) aartain t^i|w»ato« to*irit: tha 
sMlM^nta of /'^gaot S3.]pd» aonsit^ting of 800 ¥e«8 in ear C# H« !• 
A P* #4311!S» |12«&80, and $00 %a«i& in o«y F. a, a, #ad3«d* llSftdO, 
aid<!^ »«^ld tiM (S) aa;ra tlika dtftnd&nt ro^aatod Xajroolino a^trtia 
to deliyer to li vitl^ont Uia pagrnent of oas^li an daliTory* %nt 
an eredit to %9 pm%a for ^jr aaid defendant within a roaaonnlilo tteo 
aftar th« daliTorjr tharoof« and th&t aaid Maroalino Oarai^ did m% 
dalivar th<(j aaid tao (S) aara upon credit upon tha dataa afa^^* 
•aid;* that dafandant* on OctolMr 2^ 1930, paid to tha aallar tnk 
aaeonnt of said tao oar« tha sioi of |!»tOOO, loaTiag an unpaid 
"talanoa tliareon of |:30»760s that thcreaf tar* on Juno 9» 19n, tiM 
aallar* for a eanaideration* aaaignad «nd tranaf arrad ta plaintiff 
all of hi A right f titlo and intaroot in fend to oaid aooonrnt oad 
tha balanoo oo dao hin, • plaintiff baaoning tho 9ym9r tharaof t 
and that« althottgh a raaaona¥la tina has long oinoa alapaad* 
daftndant hao aot paid aaid halanoa or any pctrt tharaof • «id haa 
rafnoad »o to do* tmA hjta "nnroaaonahly and vanntiottaly dali^fod 

, ftj-.,.*.-; t-tT .'' •. ' ^ ^Wi'MBPIKiA 

^.it?^ ISl h 


th« pugwettt iMrm^t^* «AMr«f«r« pl«i»tiff tarings mlt for said 
ImltoiM #f |3t)»t0O« 1^9 interest Rt H ^vr iiwi— i» iit %gr tiftttt^ 

Xb thf $mA «Mad«4 Aff i<iavit of m«rito, filed April 
t0* It^d* defondioit ji4Bi^t«d tbe »»lclag of th« ooatraot of kair«h 
18, 1920, with IUtmUm aayoift. but alXogod tl&£t it Umfmidtmt) 
iMd aULM •ut«r«d iat« ••you otlitfr ivsritton «otttraot« with Qemitk 
for th« purelisi»« frtm hSm of approximatoly 43*000 1»age of suirftr* 
v«Ad it is furtiior ollocod in oabototMNi t^ut daf f»iidaat hud no 
•srooA^nt ott ^mgttot 7, IttSh^t ivith O^rolAj, «Si«i'«lgr 1m «»o %o do* 
liver 7,238 Vago of wvkgm to itt or under ^i^eki ho pai4 dafond* 
««i $2lll,a06 %o««ttoo tf «Qr failn^ro wn hid yart t« »mlEo doliTorioo, 
0T midor oliieh o«]r »«difi««ti«tt 9f tho eontraci of Marcdi XB, 19ao» 
vao iiado] tkat on tho oootr«iZT Oaroia, on l^ly so, 19130 « aad pro* 
▼iotts thar«io« atat«d tlM^t it ^m.^ imp^n^ihlt^ for hiso to fttlfill 
hia oontr^^Qio iritli dofovdant, %nd >»cmld ialio «edTiiAtac« of tlio 
re<!l«etieB cl$«ita«i In »aid sontraot* ^id i8iitli»ri»ifd d<?f end mt to 
yttr«^tia»o in th« opon R&rfctt 17 « 600 %»4g;u of fsiig&r for s prie« Bit 
to 02c«ood Ha^lO for 1<Q^ pesundo. t]b«»r«%>y liicitinij: his dwoo#o t* 
m lior tM« on tlio 17,«00 iMg-s, totalii^ ^8,900, i^di o«ld 17,<0C bags 
woro to* and did. apply on alX tlio eoatTKOts IwtiPoeB him and 
dofend^tt tliat defe»dc»iit did not «gro« <3a %gnst Tth« or at aiqr 
otlMr tl»«, that it would aooopt l,t&9 h«^ ab m Wlanoe dns undor 
Mid ootttraeto} that taroia did not tbip to dtjfe«d»nt in the ton 
oavo sontiontTd l,dO{7 hags on August ^3a^ td apply on tho oontraet 
mod npon or upon onar nf said oontrttcto, nor did dofondaat roooiTn 
•aid 1«600 hago nndor oaid oontaraet or oontr^^cto, nor did «^amin 
oxtond »ny erodlt to dofondMit thorofor, npr did dsftndant on 
Oetohor a, 19ao» or at any othor tino. i^iiy to aaroia tho oun of 
i8t©00 to apply on tho t^irohaoo prioo of tiM ton oaro, nor did 
it at ansr ti»t agrto that a halottoo nf #K),7tfO wao due to aeroia 



'■. ''A'TJH^^ ?;■•], 


' -.1 rf^U '• '1 <'• 

for sAlMi •nniy Hubt A«f«Mt«st 1« not lAdc^tiid •ItHfetr to 0«T«lm 
•r i» plnintif f in ««1<1 umi, or in «tiiy nait •« n WJ^aaoc 4«« on 
the tiMi carA» for XMm rcawm thr^t t3M l^^OO Wkga •f flngar win 
II* t inr«aM««4 trmm 0»x«iA iMt fim liit«iX«fwy*x BrclMriige (;«• 
on ««M^s% 3:»» 19m ^ itbtt tlUHi luiA tiM |Mi»a«««l*n tli«r«*f miA 
««i^t»miU<i it««:if to IM «lM aoXo o«a«r in rt^ly to d«f«ii4imt*o 
^«rioos that ^tteUor«7ox Co, th«n aoiod «o c«n»rftl o^osi for 
•oreio fUMl &Xm for i»iB«roiio othor j^rooasf finoo tmA ooryorfttioas 
and ftt th« «««« il»« hottght aa4 sold ovgar on lit ovn aooonmt no 
o »«r«dluiitt( thi«t on »«king oi&iA ptr^biso from liit«Il«r«»fmx Co* 
iofendiiat ri»li«4 upon tho a.mtt«r*« rft|iroii«atation«, and a^prood 
to yogr it fo^r tho X6cm hogB th« sna» of |2ft»Tee, ana* oa Oetohov 
i« X9ao» iHiid At on AefiHmnt th« mm of ift«O0e« lAo^ring « haUsMMi 
of #ao,760« v^iiii 0014 hoXoftOO ^thio A9fmik&mt orodi,t«4 JineUor^ 
^x Co*, on tjk« th9a oxistiag lnd«h^#oooo dno ^^^h^^n lb Co« 
froK a^«Uor*9ox Co« in neoor^jiaMo «ith th« «gf««s«nt mndo at tho 
titto 0/ the purdhaieo of »<iid s^itfor;** that at that tijoo loid pro* 
Tioiift Owroto iita«llor«*f*x Go« «a« iwdohtoi to dafondmit in tho owi 
of t$9t^1^X«e6* tt9»» «iii<aii it hftA {Miid dofoadaat $au>»000» loarias 
« haXottOO dtto of |a3t6n*$lis ths^t in maldUift ooiA ipiufohaoo dofoBitalt 
''did not hnow mA haA m »»mm of fcnowiag that liititllor«9ox Co. «»• 
meraSky acting aa an a^ont in the ir^Aa«feotioa* for daroin; that 
dafends^t holioir«»d th^^t Ifteoilar^fox Co. wait th« cr«n<^r of tho f«car 
and do^it with it aa a jprinoifuftX in tho tranoaetion aad not aa am 
ofonts and th^t nany nontha af tor aaid ynr^iMMio dofondant for tho 
firat tiiio lat^noad tl^t Oaroia alalaad to hoTo an intaroat in tho 

t» tho trial Ahrahaa i* Itinhna «na oaJLXed aa a vitaooo 
"bf pXalttiiff nndtr a^etion 53 of tht Ihtnioi^al Conrt ^at and ho 
ivna ojoMidttad «^t c»on«iderahla langth. 7ioo othor vitnoaaoo 
taetified in plaintiff •» baKalf . including Harry 1. Knollor, of 
Mii«llar»#ox Oo*» i«d Carloa fiaroia, prteidMIt Of plaintiff « 





«rf I 

M ')kii»^ 

a '4 

vlM in ItaO WHS in cliaxv* •' tiM V«« Tork •ff loe •f JUur««lijM 
Qurtliu On Wh«If •f 4ef«»dMit nuKiA kiiilu» «a4 B«ft II* )Uii«st«r» 

rcv^ffctlTeXy pr«»id9ttt «tMl n«iMig«r nf (lof«ii<iajit« t«0%ifi«4, as 
4iA three etli^r wit]s««tt«»« Maiiy X«tt«rii miid demnieiits ««r« 
ljitr*4iie«4 Iqr ilk* >«trtl«», > rihiir • Di]E«« «b «3iipXoy«<$ ef 

i»«ii« ef faott «iiileli the 4^17 ^n^^^re eaXXed ui^A t# determine ^ vni» 
^^etlier %]»«' tee o»re« eontalniag the X60O h«c* ^^ eiftSer in 
^eetieBy were deXivereii te defen^isAt hy JliieXXer«ytx Ce. «« 
e^S^Bl^* ^9^ aai<l MareeXiBO 3j&rela« the earner « te ^ppXy upon the 
>$^X«ii«e of th^ etmiit^r eenimg t» d^fen<l^atc wii4er the oeiitr«»cte 
lietweett it »itd a»r«iA« er elMther «-ii^ eere eiere reecired ^ 
4efeii<lf8«t fr«m Wmm%X»T*f%% Cl»« k^ a lpriiioipia» • defendi^t in 
geod faith WXi^v^ittg ll«ieXX<sr*F«x €««» t^ he tlM» eener^ end in 
good faith aii^Xjing tltt^ K&en^ reeeiTed hijr it fx'on the euheeqneat 
««le mt the sugns' te the li<:pi4»^ti4»R ef a deht d«ie it frtm, 
]l»eXXer«lfe% i^e* 0ii this iea^e t!bB @vid^see ie eenfXietiiig* 
CewieeX fer defttndaat ^fimestXy eenteiid thnt -tii^e Tc^rdiet is 
iiii«^fe«iX7 3€^n«t the wcfii^t ef the evid^aeet ead eemBseX ftr 
pXAintiff # nith eantal earttestness* er^e to the oftstr«»jy* Se 
osefuX m^^^^^ "vtXX he serted in entering inte a diseuei^ien ef 
the eridtmee eentained in thi^n YeXtmin«u& record* i3ufiiee it to 
eiqf thr^t we h&Te ear^^fuXXy reTieved the abetr.^et, meny parte ef 
^M record^ and th« hriefa vm^ argsonenie of reej^otlTe o<>unaeXt 
e^ad are of the o:pinion that the T<;rdiet is futXX^r siiotaitt«d hjr 
the ^videnoe* mA «re esKaot eNy th»t» ttnder \3^ eTidGnoe« the 
verdiet is ooatrarsr to the leur, «e eXeo eoateiid«d« 

CefeiidiUit's ceuneeX further contesd th»t the oottrt 
orred in fidi»ittimg certain evldenoe offered hgr pXatntiff erer 
defendant** e\>4eetion. The oentcntien ha» referenoe to tho 
adHisaioii of pX«intiff*6 exhihit 40* being a itortion of o so* 
eiaxod ''serrice Xedger," hitpt bjr pXaintiff»s attorneys in ^c 


Htr Mi; 



1-3 Ifc 


ummmX «i«rs« •£ HimiT bii«ln«««. It wa» off«r«d for thi par* 
]Ms« vf Mtrv definitely f Ixiag tlM di«]Nit«4 dates ef tt« c«a» 
Tereatieas «hiek teek pi«&ce is tlM effiee ef plaintiff** attemeya 
in CtaleaMift 1iet«*«n Minkne ead one af defendant** attemesre end 
iineiler mgi^ene af plain tiff*a attameya* Tlie eyaeifie abjeetiaa 
raiaad ta tiM intraduetien lif the ejiiliii:>it in tba trial ceiurt ia 
nat tlie •tmm ea ia n»« hmv auidc* It ia tli* mla that un 
abjection ia lindted ta tike graiuiAa i^eeified and daee nat c^-wmv 
othora nat ap«P9ified« (Flraf g at^ B«j[^ ▼• Oerry ^ 195 111. App, 
513» 518* m^ Oftsaa tiMra aitad* Had tlM abjeatiene nav MJtde been 
raiaad in the trial oanrt, and been eansidered well talDan« tlMijr 
prabably eauld hare ba^n reaaaTed by tlie intraduatian af fur^^r 
VFOef, (^t^ffi^li T, gfc^eplBft It » ftff !^t Pl^*» ^« 3H1. 3X4* 320; 
Sanay ▼• Hina>aiffe « 131 111. 46S, 472*) cawiBala* a«ntantiMi 
alaa hae referenaa ta the adnitting in e^Tidenee aver abjeetian af 
plaintiff's exhibita 41^ 43 and 43* tlieaa vera raapeetirely 
aertain «if i idarite of »erita» ail a«»m to by Minlaia, filed in tiM 
oaHaa by defendsint en l^ly 20^ 1921« cmd an liare^ ^d and .wpril 2ad* 
19a3» and vera offered far tha pnrfaaa mt ivpea^nant af aertaia 
partiana of 2£inlns te^tinoi^v iMEid not npon tlai thanry tk&t ^m 
affidsTita pr&^ente^t A^t9n9%9 inoonaietent with tte defenaae »at 
forth in the final %f fidmyit of ttorita filed \ry defendant aad npan 
alLii^ tbe ease went ta the Jnry* Suah affidarita were adKiaeibla 
far purpose a ^t iapeacte^nt or .» adknieaiene ai^inet intereet* 
(22 ^irpaa ^ufIb 39T; ^a»» ▼• -%idaLbaii>i « 42 XU. ^pp* 379» 38Ss 
ilf,l f T f l W i T. ATory Caal and Min ing Co >. 143 Ul. App. 39T. dCl; 
geonleU Banh t. >^ody ao7 Ul, App. dd3^ fed.) 9a da not think 
that the trial e«ttrt» in « (knitting in ^Tidenee i^mf or all of the 
exhibits referred to^ oevfiitted any reyereible error* 

Gavplaittt is H«de of a portion of the conrt*e oral 
inetmeUons to the Jury. froM a raadin« af the entire ehar«a 
no think that tha $arf wT9 fairly sad propa»|y inetrueted and 






.f ^!.^ 

m »*f ^- ■ ■ 

'■^■^:¥: t:ti;o-' 

mt iO k i ^ta 

tliat tli«y e^uld not h»T« been misled ligr tlu parti«uX&r portion 
eiMiplAiatd of* ( Gr»«ttlmr| c t« C hilAg a Co., a42 111. IIO, 115; 
g€i1i T* Horth ^cr jcan IH^ »»> 263 Ill« 304» 31S*) l^irthorRore, 
it <lo«e not atppoior tliat Hbm portion of the ohargo sow oosplainoi 
of WM opooifioalXy objected to at th<t tiiM* ( Pocai'to^o y, 
Halberg ^ 24* XXi, 96, 97.) 

Hogording th« ere«3*erroro ao^^i^pMdt «« do m/9-- think 
that the oourt should foATO inoiu4«d in the ^dfpLunt inter-^nt 
on th« amount of tho Terdiett iaO»760f At the rsto of 5 por 
cent from .^g^uat ?■&» i?a^ « ;^2,a05«O5» a» eontonded hy plain- 
tiff* 8 eonn«ol« bat «o do think that the court ohouXd h&re Ih* 
OXuded interest in tho ^dgjn^mt for a onbataatiml ajnount. Vi/hlle 
defond«at*s pre^id<?nt teetifiod that tho blXXe of Xading for 
tho ti»o oe^Ot containing the X,6Q0 htt^s of sufi&r, %^rc r^ceired 
by cSofondscnt about ^igltot 2S, X930» and ¥^Xo ^ the; torso of 
ths con tr set pa^mont vao to bo «ado *not eaoh * * •n pr*^ u&ntmtion 
of biXX of l^dint: ^nd dnpXio^to inToiet^o,** &tiXl it apposrs froa 
the iostiBiony of C&rXea Gareia ctnd certain corr^apondenco that 
M ohort tlao was given defonds^nt in which to 9^ for the ongvr, 
Turthemore, plaintiff @lle|r«^ in its oBonded otatosont of claia 
that defendant requei»te<^^ thrrt the too cart of mgcr shetiXd be 
doXirerod to it ''without the payment of e^oh en deXivcryt but 
on oredit to bo paid for urithin a reaoonabXe ti»o after the 
deXlTory thereof «** and that hareeXino ai^a*ola did delirer the ct^jro 
"upon ereditft* There ie evidenoo to th« effect that eoauioncin^' 
about 30 d«jo of tor the deXlTerj of tho euKar fre-iuent dcmando 
V070 »ado fro« time to time on defendant to pajr seid balanoe, 
and on Apri^ IS, XPi^iX, MaroeXino Garcia wired defondaati threatening 
•nit if piKymont of said balanoe of $20^760 was not shortly made* 
AXX those d«n«Bd8» howoTer, proved unaraiXing and on JVan« XO, 
X9SX» the present action was ooarcmoed* The Jury by their r^rm 
diot aXXovod interest on the amount asooosod "at S^ to date of 

r/« {.« VAM ■» ^ Ttf. i. •• 1' bis >l 

jjt'l^lf "'V' 

. I 

^XlrCT .^nuofliB.JL 


\ fi'^iir- 



T«rdiott* Isut tli«3r did ii*t avsr fr«B what <lat« i]ii«r««t should b« 
flM»iTntt«40 iMir did flMT' a«lui Miy tt9Bpttti>.tloii of iatercttt. In a 
iMt« in 20 JU« H« /.• (]l,^«) THIX^ i0h«r« tlM p«ii«r or tb^k) «ourt %• 
an«ml » r«rdll«i 1af «4ding l«t«r@«t is diteiiss«4« it it sald{ 
*^«n the Jury %sr tlMir v^r'liot Allow iiit«7«»% vltliout oaMpittiaf 
it« but it <ift!a ^ fiSOortediiod \fy a MMtlMnatiecii oalouiattion* 
•itl&er trmk th^^ ii%^ isivea in th« T«!Vdiet itaolf t or furnished 
)3gr tho |il.e«Edl»gii or f^Hmv r^mv^m of tin© c$t!,0f?f It i» H«id« 'jjr 
^to groat w<eij^t of mkiimx'ii^^ tlkf^t tiM 04Rirt nui^ miilM tiM 
()CNHi|)ttt^tion*<* (§#{$• i«l«o» ^kMP^ ^* % yt t| | |.f , %d Xii* A^p* 438] 

.3i£»sa«^»-£aL^:^ "J^^^ xii* ^>p^ «sf. et3i i,^acto^y v. ^^^-p^nsu 

97 1U.« Ap|», J208» ,tl3.) Xo ill* ©s@« Of ISXSX '*'• IfetelfiSt -^^^ 
lil. A^p* d7« 92 » it Afpoero i^nt tlio |itvjr AOfioo^od ylaitttiff *o 
d«m(i^« &t « oertftin ohbr *with iist^roet «t 9^ Ihron SviXy 3, 19G4t* 
and it w%o l&oXd 9arof«r for tl^ *30ti7t ^ifon ^ntxy of |u:3c»tat tr» 
eottlNit« ^10 iiitor««t aind giTO judgnont for th« wn lUMod ia tlMi 
irftrdict ]^iu« Dio iatiir«»«t fti oottfiitOKl* Butt tiiid^r tho pleiidiiu^ii^ 
^lo eYideao« «Mid tho i«a#i080 of ttio Ttrdi^t in t^ pr«!e^at Oftoo^ 
tli« eonrt «9uid i»i»t h«kYC %o«Q ;ftt« tifiod 1» lurt^l^i^ily in&Xvtdittf 
in tt)0 |ttd|^«i»t int&r<»Bi os tb« «tisount tf t3&« Tfrdiet fv^m •f^cast 
S3» 1920 1 tlio Jury not hi&Tiag im^ie&tod tho dato fiiHi uliidti 
itttoroot slMmXd ooiesotteo to mm* (Mm» fateJMWffiMWS v1?* ▼• 
lUl^^li 31*^^ ^li* A9I>« ^^^» 52S.) T«i iw- tSiink tfcu*t intor^at 
in o oii%ot«»tiai oHiOttAt olMwid h»yo Imioii iaeiadtd in tho jud^ea^ 
ooipooiAilf ia Tidtr of tlio holdiags ia the oooo of ly^BSSJftiftJfiiJMik 
%ifo Iao« Cf t ▼• JUJy^t 13i lil* Ai^p# 105* la th^ t co^o oait woo 
\»rou^Jkit on a lift iaoaroaoo ]K>iiey fer $1,000 » cuid the Jury ro* 
taraod » T«rdiot ao#>esoiac pl&dntiff*i domogoo at ^^OOO* *wit)i 
iatorooi at tho rato af 6Jt frw a dRto of doath^ " aad tho 4u<^«B^t» 
oatorod hy th« trial oaurt* folloood tho Tordiott direotiag 
roeoT«ry fraa d«sfoadoat af tho warn af ll^OOO "with inters a t» 
in foxa as Aforesaid hy the Jury ar>8oo.'?ed»* Zn^^caaieh f^a ihs 

* fvii?-: 






f«li<^ ^ its t«m« Biiid* tlM HfOOO |^fty«bX« upon tint r^ociyt 
«|4 «|^pr«T»l by th« 00Hp«iii3r •f yroiif s »f <ji»fey>i> ttet »y|>«Ilat« 
o»ttirt for tldls Aintriet iMid tlM^t tlie Terdiet* and ijaa Jud^Bamt 
faXloviag it0 «• t« tli« MMnmt 9t JUit«if««t U 1i* aXItvtd* vtr« 
lB««rr«6t» fl&t «p9«lXat« <Mrart tmrHmv hmXd tlutt it vss 
(ipparttnt frem tiie Ttrdiot (as it is trmt tkie wrdlat ia tlM 
fr«8«Bt eas»a) tlunt tlie jtiry iat^jadad ta aXXan ta plaintiff 
intarc^t 4»n tteie nmmiit «f tlie deaaacac aaa«af3«4; tliat it aaa 
ayparant fraii tli« r«ear4 tiiat plaintiff abould tM aUUiaaA i»iaraa% 
fraat Uia dat« nHMm fraafa Af ^^ath wera funftialMid ta dafaadant^ 
if mah data KpiMiar^d, Imt ivhieli data wm» sat aantaiaad in tha 

reoard • ^it biil af axo«|itia«a ttaraXy alieidJig ttk«i yraafa mt 

death vera furaialMid bafora anityfarauglits tliat tlw remrA alitaaA 

tlie data an fifeiate the sttit «aa ^pauj^t; tiutt iiitaraat at tbt 

rat* ttf {^ 9«r «®ttt p%T annKiM fran thi^t data w»6 iaaa than pXaia* 

tiff vas antitXad ta raaaTar; tli«.t %h9 triaX oaurt^ tharafara* 

aigdit pTQ'p^TXjr ^^^«^^ aaniitttad tba interaat fr^m tli« data tba aiiit 

waa liraiii^t and arandaTad a ^ttdipa^it far tha jpariaaiyaX ami Misaaaa4t 

l^Xlia aaid intarast; and tliat tlia api^XXata aaart had yaaar ta 

raiider aaah Jud0B«nt as tba triaX oaurt au^clit to haTa randarad. 

Aaoardin^Xy* tha appaXlata eaHirt in tba . ^ ^gXsh oa«« antarad tlM 

ludgnant tli&t tlNi trial aaurt ahouXd hava randarad* i^'a» in tha 

9r«?aant aaee* «« think that «« ahanXd rttt^rm* tha ^ud4paant antarad 

hgr tha M«tsieif«3L Ca«rt an 4uXy 2» 19^30 and aatar a 4nd#aa«t h*ra 

for tha MMnnt of tha d^^afaa aa aaaaoaad hgr tha jttryt #aQ«V60» 

yliao intaraat tharaon at tha rata of 6 9«r oa«t w*^ annon fr«i 

tha data af tha oaaBnanoaAent of the miit {9^m9 X0« 192X) to tha 

data af tha Tardiet (Juna a, X923|9 anhataa tidily tao jra&ra* 

intaraat a«A sMauatin^ ta ^8tOT6» vahiiMs tha tat&X judipaant to 

ha antarad hara of la^^add, ujfom which 4ttd«iant intaraat ahonXd 

aloo ho aXXonad ^% tha mmm rata fras JhXy 3» X92a. 






1^ f«ir«ra«<$ «ftA ^4|p«iit 9ntcr4»d ti«rt in fafvr Af tlM ylttiatlff 
tm^A »gfti]iftt t]t« d«f9iid«iit» ^«*ii:«ini it C«Mp«ny» for the mm of 
|£2«a3«» together with Intereet thereon at tjio r«t€ of 9 p«r 
eent |»er ^nnutt Trim 9yL%r ^, 19ad« All ooata ia this appollate 
«o«rt will ^0 f«iA 1^ ««id dofoMtoait* 

F&t^ tmA Mm3emtin§ IJ** o^noiur* 

aoi • 

MXVIfXJ B. TATLOH lUld CALYXV t« Tiltii&ll, 

imiiii E. tmwn^ 

34I,A. 623 



MR* jmi33Q^ara j^sfxeB &Exm^ Biuvsngs tux oi»x»'xas oir *ras zemt. 

% tail* »]ipiiiX El]iisl« H* fugrior Mtk* to rrrtrM a 
<l«ttrM 9f f«r«GXomtr«» watert^ lagr tlMi ^Irenit Court sf (^«k 

•jca«s:pii«a» ta th« ma»t«v*« «rigiiiisiX ^mA mkppXmmntttX rsytrts^ 

foiii&d tliat tlM «^iti«» «f tlw ««»»« imvm vltli 0Wi9XAiA«a1lS 
that tk«r« tnui dtt« t» it frts H|»al« n* t«grl«r tlM sm •f 
|lt046#4l^t t^C^tliar vitik i»t«^«»t ^^r«ttii «.t tlM ]^«stiX r»tt fv«K 
Jtely 31 1 3.9^^ (4«t« Af tlis »A»t«ir*» «]figiii«a report}; tliat Hmrm 
mm »X«e dtt« tA it |X38 fer «t«ii»gr«flMr*a f*«s» |X6X«39 for 
»a;»t«r*e f«iiii« and |X65 for soXlHtort* fooo (lAdili ftmid tkroo 
aiBOimtQ noro tiix«d «• oooto); oRd tlsui^t tlio total mn^ dKo tmo 
;;lt5&3»75« imiA tli« oourt doorood that a«f oadoxito pa|r to com* 
fXoi&oat oaid totoX omi vithla XO A»y8« to«otlior with oooto of 
unit, oad in «»»o of 4i«fKiat im p^jruettt that tiM aortca^od 
yroBittoo Ho ooXd^ «to« 

0« mqr X* Xns, Minalo R. Ti9X«r toorroimd fi>o« oiM» 
pXaimoat $XXOO» oad to OYidonoo tho i»do1»t«daoto oxocvt^d ond 
deXlrerod to it hor bond, pXodf^iMe hmr oX«Ton (Xl) shoros of 
otook ia tha ooapXaiaoat aooooiiitioa as eoXXat«raX oooiurityt 




liAi ujgritelm t« 9«gr »«14 mm Iji weiay p^grmiat** «i«*t Mil 
fturtimr a«r««iag t« F«9r »X1 fia«»t ««M»«Mniia» •%«•• ««t 

im tlM eT»At •f lltiffftti^Bt aU •X9«n»t« and ns fttt«m«yU 
f««. Tft further »««mr« th« p«9M«iit vf th« "bond she nnd Iwr 
iMlitaMl^ CalTia F. Taylor, «m the nioMi dcy •x««ttt*4 nttd d«liT»r«d 
to compXAliiAiit th« «ortga<« In qEBoetloa on eortaln lajuroTftd r«al 
•«tat« in <^ok C««iiV» I<Lll»itti«* 1^ti« aM>rt««e9 wmm 4iftly rooordod. 
It was fanTldod thiir«i«t MMUSJJyfe* ^»* ** «*»• •^ wa-ato or 
i!Wii^9«syaMiit •f taaw* •» «•»««««•»%«' or f «U«rc to kooy tho ^rosiooo 
leoorsfit or im tko otvsit #f • lMr«aah of any «f th» eoT^Rsaits. th«B 
the «d!ioX« of Uio priBoi^il omi snd latoroot should iBBttodiatoly 
IMOOMO d«i0 &mA iM^^Xm aa4 tht flwrt«(a^ «l|tht i»m«dlat«Iy >>• Toro* 
eloo«d fiisd tho »ort^mt< iiiglit OBtor ob4 ooHoot tho rvBto; ttet 
o r«e«lT«r nlg^t 1»« afpoint^d with boikaI 90i«r»s that th» mm of 
#16& mii^t %9 iBsXitdod im on;^ 4eor«« fQT s»oXioitor*o fo««; aiHt 
tkftt »XX tmmeftt a^TOMMd for itiottir«fio«0 ti^xos, ossosflMiBtB obA 
ethor XioRS sight Im yoid )»»d hee«Bo a ]^«J*t of tho prineii^al in* 
delitednooo. trior to ^hm» 'f§ X9Xf$ Hro* Taylor ttft,4« two i^^gnMHto 
OB tho losBt «eip^«g»tiiig ii&0« hist BO furthor i^wgnooBto thoroaftor* 
Ob O«oomhor 4, ltl@» e<i«ipl&i»«»t filod a bill 18 said Giroait 
Gfmrt (easo ito* B»4d2Q5) to foroelooo tho MOrtcago* asd i» ^«flB«X)r» 
191{»» Joaofh OttTlB* 9«««ldo«t af oon^lcLlBaBt aasoeiettiOBf vao 
o^poiBtod rooeiTor of tho i>r«eaiaoo «Bd he took yoonoooiOB* Bvforo 
oBy oTid^BOo hnd ho^B hoard, tho easo vao eallod for trlol ia 
•^optonhlnrt 1^19, oBd, OOMQ^aiBaBt BOt appOf^rlBC, vao di«RiatMrd for 
viiBt of presonotiOR* coaplaiBiiBt^o oolloitoro did Bot Ioiutb of 
tho diomioval uBtil aftor tho torm had pooood ond thoir otth«0(|Bo«i 
offorta to havo tho ordtr »ot aaido ooro ttBouooooafBl* ^fporoBtly, 
CiuriB ooBtiBBod iB poaoosoiOB af tho proniaos, oad ob Jmlj IS, 
IVaO, OOB^loimoat filod tlio preooBt hill (eaoo So. 1*65186) to 


^:1: ■.-■^ *.i i-*'-A. 



iwnr: ti^ 

rttir«ol«B« tha a«r%g«f«* On July 24, XMO, Curlm w«b« rgalji 

At INialed to tills »pp«l.i»t« oMurt^ MViipULag a» «yY«T tluit 1m ludL 

b««fft Aipj»oiiii9d wltliMit pr»iHir <ivldew99 mMA solely upon tiM 
»lXeg»Ltl«as af « M3.1 vdilcli was mt y^yiri^d. On Oeto^r 2, 
l99Qg 09ttii^«l fftr ofispl'iiHftst filedl a wrltt«» oegif«0slaii 9r «rr»y 
jund th« or4«r appointiiic Curia imi r«eeiT»7 v<ta r«T«riM;c% Imt 1m, 

v&s nSfldn A]^poln%«d ]r«««ltttr lagr 9rdor 9t omirt d<^*« not appear 
fvmik til* Brq#«ltt« r««siir« ^fnire us, iwt bis r«port bu Pttc«lT*» 
te«s iftpp«cart luad ia the d««rtt« app««a.edi f r«m m<mtl#n is Made ef 
this rtf(»rt *^ft>ie l3gr t)i«i i^«eit«r li«r«t«fore appoiated lay tM 
•r^er af tl&le (^ir^it) e^mri,* 

tbe preffttat ^iXl, filea ;^ij I@, If^, coatsiias tlMi 
u«u£^ «^ll«l(atiftaA ef farc»»iiir« l3iili>« Aa4 it is alleged that 
defeadaats at^aadaaed tlia prinaiaes, alla«»d tlia liuiidiag ta ¥aoiaa 
aaseaiti^iiy s^ad aat«aiilil«^ and failed ta pesy tfiucts, latmrasae, 
^at«r raten, 9ta*} aaid ti^at it Wa««>« aeeaasary tlM^t repairs 1m 
made en tlit %ttiXdiag ta prev^ftt it l^iair aandewied sad tara doim. 
fSter def«ad«unis* ansiMsr tmA eettpXjila»at* » replieatiaa had haea 
fi^df the Qtmn% i^as r^t^TTted ta a saster ta taka yraaf a aad 
repart o^ieiasians* 

0a Jioataiy ^t itaa, the perified repart af the reeei^er 
a»o Xiled, He therein states th&t he was first appsiat^d re- 
e«iTer af the presiiaes oa Jaaaas^ 24* it^l9, and<«r the first fore* 
eiesare Hll( th^t he l^ea faaad the pr«aiises ab.mdetted >f defead* 
ante aad aafit far oecwipatiea} th&t ha preoeeded ta aahe neoessAVir 
repftirs ta the baildiag mA expended the stas 9f |6iM,i5, aad sXsa 
paid all baek taxes aad water rates sad reaeaed the iasarsaaa^ 
expcadiB« |t3«2»« Makittg the tatai aacpeaditaras 9T54«f*| that np 
ta tiM data ef the repart he had reeeirad ia reata the tatall aasi 



SH^ Hf : 





«n» ^90»76» An lteiU^4 it«tem«»t «f r^eoipte loiA •xp«iidltar«» 
is [tttaclwd .tA tli« repArt^ fri« «liioli it nyiptar* tluit Ifet hmA 
T9m%^A «ii« fXai In th9 tiaildlag for 7 nontlui at ^2 per aeiitSi 

and fDr Id montHs »t 1^4 |»«r au»iith, >4Ad }iJi<d :'0iii«'l t39i« otlivr 
flat t» *^» ^^rin* for oirer ^ M^ntlifi ^% :|^X0 yor Bont^* 0)>* 
^ootiotts ir«r« ti%9^ to tte royort Isy d«f<?nds»t«, to th« of feet 
tiitit the recTitlTojr l»#^4l not boen r.elhorlaod Isy Kuy orcl^r of oourt 
to »ako ikts: T^p^irnt ^n& Vh^% the reeoiiror hinA r«i»tod one tX&% 
t« *'<3'« %irift»** hi» eon, %t ^ €ker.p«r i*fc«t3i.l titan to feho other 
toiMiBt* D«fftii4®»te dl4 not tirgo that t3io roi^fi^irB «*d[o voro sot 
nooooo&ry* t^nhef^qu^ntXy tlio r«o«tiifer*o report aad tho objootiono 
00 vo roforred to tlie «*^oto wa^t^i* to 'nhon tJie e^oo had previously 
hooii r&forrod* 

&n m^mSmT @d« i9^a, t^ ii»^tor*e rmptrt^ it^gtiiSbtnt 
^ritk tlie «Qa«viiot Xongtln^ trsA^erifi of tho ^Yldeaoo X&Ja&n hoforo 
I4»t v^r? fiXod* Mff roooooftoedod thi^t s> deereo of f«reaXos«iro 1m 
entered* Ho fOttBd« imti?,r »l.j L.^« th?i.t on Mmr^ii X§« 193:'.'« thero wro 
duo to Q«»p3.«iinttlit #X»046.4'^; thc^t i!he r« ^eifor hsed prodtie«d 
propor Touoh^ro for ali of hia oxpeiiditur«0; tkat alth'^ugh he »iQr 
ho:VO iftjido Topttirft witiiout a 9p«J0lfi« orcl :r of court yot Hkmy woro 
seooosarjr ^^Bd iwir#d to tl^ heiiafit of the proaiooo; thrt tho 
o1»|ootiomo to tlie ro^oiTor'o roport oh^iuXd bo oTerruled twoattoo 
fl»t 0tt»tf*iBO(i hy tho oridonooj oiid th&t co«paain&«t*fl oha^so of 
^tS for t<iolicitor*6 foes («<« lialtad in tho aorttoco) woo roocon* 
fthXo* Tho saistttr otatod tho oiccouat of the ^mmmt due eon- 
pXolttont» in whioh oppoar th« i!ihf--Tf(i'j for oontinuation of an 
ohotraot, 16*90, etonograph^r's fsen $136 (nooooooriXv ^mvloxed)^ 
»nator*o fooo |X4««3S and eonplninnnt'o aoXioitor'o foo, |ae9* 
fie oXoo stated tlio ro9«iiT«r*n aocount, shoYine a dofloiOaoy dno 
him of i90*76« Tho roe«iT«r w^w> not vJLlowed «)ny ooMMHit &o fooo 


^l^f r 



. .'SIl • ^fc 


f«r his •«rTio««* Tlui musteitit fm^ttatr fotuoui tlusii **»• vuTiiei^dt 
aad pr«f«r Vs^ndor of tliw iflMntiit ^t wMt %r$v mmdm Iqr ol^lMnr 
•f th« d«f «n<l«at« tmA tltat MMipXaittMit rii^tAiUly r«fii«Ml 

«• til «••" It Aipp«i«8 tliAt 4At tiM QMWftttfieMivitt •# tlM li««ariai 
tilt «<»].i«it«r t9T clef «it{lBnt8 gtatgt^ that iM wnilA *^m1bi • 
%«iNl«r ftf 11100 i» f«9we»t %f ttll d«1»t0 dtt« til tht »»rti«C®t* 
iti«r«a9»» o«n#I«lnfttit* • Mi3Jl«it«y V0fmm4 thff t«»A«y u9«» tJi» 
grmtm tlmt tiM floftoiittt wms lmittffi<ii«iit to vm^t 13ie isde1it«4ii»s* 
^« u^oa th» iitrtiipitliw «t»iE«tlMr with ^tet iui««a»«»jy soiwys 
adTia}t«4 tijr tlM ««ni]plAiiMiait t« i^r^siorre iSm |^v«f«r^i tlw tAx«s 
and m f^rtk** St d««» mit afi^iKV tliat deftBaiuits »i)t«i«llar 
t««id«}r«d |9Uie& in ni»ii«yt ft? ii« •^mtiTtiXeat* «r tliat tliwy tlum 
•If ftt as^ «ftttoii»€qiieiit tliEi« pT^p^wl^ t«M«r«4 «R MMmat mtffioleAt 
im tatlsfy tlie iitdi0i)t@<3]it»0 ^« iif)#i» tiMi ai»rti0«g« M»i th« m^mnjn 
«3£f«iid«d f«3P »«o«»«i»x*f r«ifi»ir«0 taJE«»« iiifluriia«e» «to» WfiA tiM 
<s«»ta 4111^ »ftiieiti>r*a foe® then ineurr^d* 

B«i«7« ^i« oo«irt 9tt»Md upoA tlw •xe«pti«)Ui to tiM 
iij^«%«r*6 wmfBvt tlt« e(^«« ««xi» ro^i^f-errod to th^ mAstor for iMm 
fttrfOao of hlB f inking « uj^ob tho erid^aoo «lr«o^ lMay4» tlio 
r«iitfia Toliio of tito fSMmXm»t «M ott Xogr 1« ltS3« lio filod hit 
8afi^l<9Bi0«iAi r«fortt In tiliiflii 1»» fowftd ^hm.% p^ior to t2u» appoint* 
naat of tlto ro^ivvv in n^emchtit^ I@ia» tlio «ntlr« Gilding # 
iili«n Xofit oocitpied, ^ad rontod for 114 iMir aontln) tluit Vam r— 
e«iT«r liaa aino« rentod it for #24 per aofttli) and tli^t #94 for 
nontli wao t)M fair »nd re;«.0oa«lil« r«ntttl T^lno of tho i^roniooo* 
Vor anking tliis royort tJi« Mi^si^r ohKryod 116 oo o foo* 

iieToral pointo ^rm »a(t« "br oo«ttool for Xro* Tojrlor 
oo grounda for « roirorool of tlM dooroo# Xi io firot oont«nd«d 
tfeiaty «ft«r tho Bwking of Uw tond«« of fUGO, "tlM bill wmm 



«yj.j^^ '- 



»?'A4? %>$ f^ 

telf ^^- 2: ■■ : ^1.«■ 

irithimt c^ity," mn th« nmrmnt tfin<1<trffd vn9 In «xo«fl« of ivhat 
«Aff yroxKxrl^y dtt«* T« UUls «« ci^aiiAt asmbI, and wb mcrc« vlth 
ih« s«&Bter*« finding* eoiifirm«d. I17 th« ooart» that no f«uffiei«nt 
•r p7op<;r ^nd«;r of th* totud sonmint duo wao eTer Aodo. It is 
aXoo eo«t«nd«d that tho aonount wiXovtd im th» d«oroe t^r tiM 
repairs m«ide ^sy th« roooiTo:r eaniiot Imi tauetainod iMooiaoo sot 
authoriiod by a pr«Tioiio order of oourt* /^ain wo e^xnnot assent* 
In Atnoo.<^ ▼• Ssfjrttasa* ®3L Hi* App. 2«5» 8«7, it is a«ids "Tho 
yfiiTtwk9 mm9 paid out by t)i<s mct^iyttr i^rc; paid without any erdor 
or pemisdion of the oourt* Und«r tho mXo onoo obtainittg ho 
ooitld net ^ allowed anything for ««ais thus oxponded* But under 
tho later and mare lil^e riO. ruXe* it io p^nsitted the reeeirer 
to show to the oonrt thi^t the etmo thus expended without dlreetion 
of the oourt were in the intero&t tf the reoeiTership oeto^ 
3^d homeficlal to it« and that the cost wm not unre?$«nna1>l6, 
whereupon the court may* in its diiiorttion» elXew such expenditures** 
3^« Hoffro s ▼. UyyjkEa&t 4C; XXl* App* 291, 294, it is 8tat«d that 
reo«?iTer*» action ^ay ho approred \^ the oourt irtiere repairs 
are node withrmt pox«io»ion if tho mm. expended io Tory flaall» or 
if it he i»hswn that he aeted in i^eod f^ith ^Skd for the host 
interests of the property intrusted to him* or thfrt it was neeeseary 
to tiot immodisiteXy in order to prerent danngo*' ('ioo* also* 34 
QyQm 3&1*) Under the facts di&olo»«d in tho present record it 
sufficiently appears thut the sums expended for repairs wore 
re&^onahle and of honefit to the property, %tit*X tho reoeiyor in 
making the repairs aoVt^d in good fmith* and that tho ropoiro 
wore noGossary ts prevent tho building hoing torn down hy tho 
loathorities of the Town of Cieero where the building was looated* 
Xnasnaoh as it appears that tho repairs wore made hy the reoeiTor 
while he wae acting ao such hy appointment und«r tho first fore* 
olosure bill of Dooosibor 4* 1918* which wae dismissed in 
j^tOMhor* 1919* it is argnsd tk»t tho reoeiyor*s acts in mnking 

4INI 1090 




f^kJ&i *'J 

•5){«?#' *^ 

.■j4jl ihI ^^m-^ ^ 

i}^-i :-■:*,;!-. 



^l fJlWl 

Mi ^yri 

-M %%J*i>^i^4*i*- 

mk hlktM±mn 

the v«vairH ■«•%>§ o^nslder*'! «• the •ttn ^f e«irpX«liiMit* 
fT«A If tlMy V« no coii«l(9«r«d» It Is tii« l«w ih' t In •^ro^ytlonAl 
«as«« « iBsrtf««t« in i»«88«8»|aa sagr 1m» allo««4 f«r »««t««a]7 
r«yA|rii «sjMl iiafroT«a«ntt ii«'^« In food f»ltli «iid f^r the 1»«i}«f|t 
«f tht pro|i«rty «iiA to pr«T«»t mknU. (iiSffiBa&l ▼• Kdl#^«h^ 
11 Ui. «1, TOJ Pf^JJilll^fff ▼. MMm* 1& UX, 2«l» 388.) ft 
tlilQk tills I • A »oiii««;|iAt «xe«|>ti9]imX 6?!««« ?ii]ftl3MimMr«» th* 
dlmlttSftX 0f th« blXX under wh|«)i a recelr^r l« app«int«td o««« 
not <!|eQ]ii(%rg« hln frtt* an aea^^untinf^t dci<$ h« is mxl^jsot to t}s« 
eimrt*s erdctrs ms to ma^fh fto®o«%ntlng untlX lie Is fInaXXy d|s* 
oh^rgsd (,^4 Cjro* 4i^«) And w« «r« of the opinion nndor aXX tlM 
faots in «Tid«no«» tiaat iSI4 « iitontb« 110 fonnd Vy thm mpf»t*ir, was 
tho f ni:r and roa^rm^o rontmX Y«ftXttO of tJio preslsos as repelrod« 
t;<nd thfit oo8i|»Xalnant ^honS^d not 1^ chargod v^th any buss for ront 
of tfee IdtziXdin^ ^oyond i^at lAm r«o«?l"»^r mctUfslSy To«!«?lir«d fron 
Vem t«nant»» es skovn %:r M@ rrfort« Jto to the ceiinXalnt con* 
pemlnr, th® r««€|y«r Xe«^l«g to kit san t>i« upper flat (oonsiBt* 
Ing of fonr rooms) at $X0 por non^» vdilXo tho Xowor flat (oon* 
sis ting of fivn 3^O0me) wms loaded to otiioi' parties at #14 psr 
«f»nt2i« «o do not find tliat it ha« »my «itl!»stant|al sMtrlt* It 
opposiYs that t^o son MOTod Into tiM flat idiitn ihe buixdlnr «»• 
In Its deXapldat^d oondltlon and renalnod th«re whilo tHo r«pa|Fs 
nor« being n&de ^nd aaslstod In the Aork of makinc the repairs, 
for Tdiloh he made ne charge • There is no erldenoo of faverltlssi 
or frand In Xe^r^lng th^ flat to bim, or th^it the laonthXy rental 
recf^lTed from >3|n was too Xoir» or tli;?t the flnt could haf* 1»oon 
leased to another n% a hli^h^r rental* 

Gonnool kIso eontende thi^t the oourt erred In aUoving 
oonplalnant eoXioltors* foes to the oMOunt of 41i8, and that 
the ob^rgee of the n^^ii tor fof his snrrle^s ere exeesalTO* As tn 
the soXioi tor's feess the swMint alloeed was flxeri in the nortgago 
at that mm and it oertalnl^ has heen amed* £mA we oannot ooj 


:f. y^ 




Finding ma vmrniblv ermv iM Um r^tMr^i^ tli« d*«r«i 
•f t!i9 Ciroait C«urt %» affinB«d, B««i«im ttf the i»niffi«i«at 
*^»tv««t fiXod ligr ftpp«IX«nt*» eoiiii««X AH »dditi»MLL nlistraet 
«»s fll«d IQT aipp««iiM| eonaewi. Tlie eoat df Uiia additii^aal 




'.;■ i«? 

■■f ^rt-tl'f -^s-f 

jam A smamt 





m cuxamm 

UM^ fmrnrnm itrsnai mimm -BmsTmrni tm o^ihiok o» tkr cctrnt . 

Xuniol]^ Ca<iirt of ChiCB^ on Ha^ I5» X9P.3« to r»««Ttr tlio 
fOB««ssloii of A*sto3r«» !•• iI43 tosi ©iio«^ h^nmm* in umiA 
citgr* th«ir« nmM m trlaX witluwt & $mrf xHtmiXUng ia tho aoiirt 
flaaiAg def«ad«ttt not guil.1^ smd «»teri]ig ^ilgMieat «ii;&i»«t 
pl&intiiT for ooot«« imA ebo ei|»^A3.M« 

It tmft Jiteittodi »a tho trlta tJiat plaiJitIf f wai) tht 
ovner of tlio preaiiioo «id tli%t defmn^m.% v?^« stiXl la tin 
pooooottioa tiioroof • «^i^ 3m OG0ttpio4 o« am off loo for his 
ro«X ootato Ittoiaooo* Flotatiff oeimyitid ih» ooeoitf floor of 
t}i« ))i;til<iia8 00 o r«ii«lAoaoo« Bef^adaat ori^^inally took pooooooioa 
of tlie £^ior« ttad«r « vriitoa I.«i9e«« 4ai«d Umy I5» 19]mS» oigMHi 
iQT AaArow Joasoa* cte lodoor, amA ^idioroia t^ «tor« was i0»««d 
to (lef^adnat for a %9vm of fivo jroAjro «nt^ia« Vogr 14^ XI^^S* at 
a monthXy rental, of ^S$» pooraMo oa tlw X^tb d&j of «^oh aaA 
ovorjr autatln. j»^t«r the oxooutioa of tho Xoaoo miram Joaooa 
dlo« aaA i^XaiatOff b«9a»o tlia om^r of tlM» ^ll«tiic« tmrnrnM tiM 
aoaal ooTvneato eontaiaod la slaiXar Xoaatts i>or« tlu»t t3io *l # >o f 
agroas to sarroaAer t30o yooooooioa of oaiA ^rtmi^u to oaii 
Xooaor upoa tho t«rmiaatioa of th« tom»" aad "f^irllMr mgrttmm^ 
<turlag th« oeeupaaoy of «»i<i A«»ioo4 prcttiaaa^ to aaiatala mA 
lEoop tko saao ia ki» good eaaditioa aad rapair as tkm 


tr < 





be upon tfkkims p<»««««»l«A th<ir»of » nataral »«ar« Injury >/ 

•f ir#T«mlH»r» 1930 f di«fo»dic«t told pXalatlff he 'vmia fig^uring 

on fftxi&g up t)>« piaoo** vnA itiid lam iMmld Xlko to hoTO mi 

option or pririXogo of h»Yi»g th« tfim of the Xnuam ojEtcnd^d, 

▲ fow 4ogro lisitor plaintiff e^iXe4 at <l<!)f«n<t^t*o off i80» ondv 

of tor furthor ctonferonooa tiii^ed tho follovin^ endoroooont on 

tha Xcaoo* of tor it hf.d Im^n writ ton theroon tfy dofottdaalit 

*Cliioo«it Xll«* M^rmnhtit ra3ra» l9ao« 
]f0r 9«4 in (SonoiSe ration of one dollar tmA 
other good «ait raXunl^Xo €Oiitti^@r«3^tionii« T^flTjUiflt 
i» hfi^rolb^' givon looooo for suft o.-^t&noion o^ tho 
witliln l^?eeo fr^i M«qt l^$ X9Z^ t# liosr X4tli» 1928 « 
at a s^nthXsr r«snt«a. of Fort^ (#40) l^XIiaro* 
(@igiio4) mgm ^onoott (ftomX) 

BoTiooo «rA oolo honof iolaT^r 
niidof tho wiXl of #«n<ajroir Jon»on« 

MUk portioo to0tifi«4 ihot pXidntif f 4id not rooeivo 

tho '^ono dollar* iionti#no4« Pl«yUtiff tostifie^ lh»t oho at 

tho ti»® o.ole«& hi» wh&t th-:tt ^oli«jr wm^mt^ ond that ho rdpliod 

that *it cli<iii*t »#'3ai an^j* tiling: jaitd th#2-t hO' *^roto it Jtiot aa • 

ttottor of fona«" ,B«fo]»l«i|it tootifi^sd that shortly aftor tJM 

signing of tho «n4oir««gia^&t ho fij^od up the storo^ onploared » 

earp«nte-r to put on o ohmir rsil atnd ttoipe othor ^uaigoo« ho4 

ootM painting and decoratia;? don«» htud oono ao-v elf^ctrie light 

fixtaroa put in, all ot o total oxpoaoo of ahout |549« «ai thfit 

h« spont additional aonty for a rag and now furaitore* O^foad* 

aat i&loo te^tififfid that oomo timo thftr«after plaintiff > skod 

hia if h« would e^aeol th* "sndoroeaoat on tho looao «ad h9 rc« 

f^ood to do 00 • Early in April* 1923* plaiatiff aotifiod 

dofaadoat that sho had ap^^oiat^d oao ;»tophoaftt loeatod at So« 

lt^5 £• Clark ^tro«t« Chio^^, as hor agoat for tho l9«ildin«» 

oad re<iao«tcd ddfondaat to pay roat to hia« and oa April 14th 

dofend^sai sent a olioeh to ^tophoao for tho tpnx for tho laot 

aonth of tho loaoo* hegianiag April 15th aad ondini? May lith* 

.it -•- -& 

X* r^ 


/'-» «'..'<»• J ■; -.4 al, T y-. 

«!£[;}- IW 

/^J-n!. ^i^r 



19^3» fpHicih dMQk aMflMlli giu»Im<I» Iwt 4«f«n(laiit did not 
then* vr 46 1 sjiy tlm« prior tlior^tOt notify plaintiff tr 
>t«|)linno tluii 1m (def cndnat} ivould oxoroioo hlo o&id yriTilcgt 
or •pti«nt as ondortitd on tiM Xoa««« «nd ocmtinno »s n tonoiit 
of tlio store for tho odditionol term of fiyt; yo&re. On Magr 
7t ^923^* plaintiff e«iin««l to bo perttonally oorfod npon defonAont 
a ^«rltton notice* notifying bim Uint hio teni^oy in the otoro 
*viXl toxBiinoto on MaQr 14« 1923t* an4 directing hiM to ott7r«n<ier 
po*iiges«ion to plaintiff on thai day. :tiXl dofondont did not 
notify plaintiff tli&t tet nonlA enoroioo th« luiid priTiiofo or 
option* and on th@ dtiQr f ftllewing tlw cTcpircitiMi •f tHo torn df 
tlie leaee* £«y 15* X92Z, plaintiff t finding d^fen^amt otill in 
poooosoion of th& store* casesenoed the ]preaent notion. Uefendont 
tei^tifiod that •n Key X4tht tho li^st d^ of tlio tens* )io vmto 
a Creole ftr #40» pia^alilo ta ^toplionn* and ftlse a letter oaA 
miYolopo addvtnood t« ato]dMino« and gave all t« a aaleasan in 
d»fftttdaat*o oarploy to nnil» tim oaloiSMn teetifiod tliat Im put 
the let t#r and ai^^ek in tb« ewf«l«pe* ii%i<idli ?/«« properly addreoood* 
andt in tlie preoenoe of defeniant^a l^rotlMry dropped tlM letter in 
B Mail iMax en the e^we d«^t «^i^ ^^^ ^ 3^ed tlie letter* nihieli 
^K«o 101 ordinary letter saying *plea«e find cheole." oteplMnn 
teatified that he nmr^r reeeiTod the cheok or l«tter* 

Wt are of the opinion that the finding and ^d^nent 
for defendant are eontrary tn the OTideneo and to the lav mM 
oawiit Vo motained. ^^en the trial Ittdfo onterod tiwi findlMi 
hff sts^ted in aubstaaoe that in hie opinion defendant exer<)iood 
thn priTilogo er option given him loy the endoreenent tfhen he 
made eaid repairs* ete. to the ^tore* plaintiff living upstair o 
at th« ti»« end knowingly raiowing the 9m» tn he nftde. It io 
to be Botieed t))ftt nnder the provieions of the lease plaintiff 
«aa nnt obligated to maho tmy repairs dnring the texmi that 
dofendsnt nade the repairs* eta. to the storf er offioe at a 





.PKv.- ?$»? »&^f:'t-WT:-^ It^'^ 





tlAft ulieii tbe ten— hi&d y«t slMat 2«l/S r*ar» %• ran; lUid that 
tl&«3r w4»re •f macix m 0k«r«MBi^r aii would 1»« vf 1»«tt«f It t« him ejnO. 
•f XitUttf if any* iMim^fit U plaiiitlff • Biit« wmiTiac tkit 
qi<i»s»tl«i:» t^^t th«r« wm» lift oonslderatiftn for fXalatiff** afr««* 
m*iit tft flT« def ondnat t)to yriTllAge tf li»Ti»g tk* X«a«f •xt*»A«d» 
a« mra%«ndftd ^y pXuini-tft*» cmmu^X^ tlw a«r« faot tliat A«f«ndatti 
Incntrred oxixsriiiis In iMkliig tlie r«ip«dr» did nnt MMttBt to mi 
»eG«ptM}«« of Um pr&TlI«|^ 0r bind his to poy ^reat as a t«n«at 
for tine a<S>!ltloiiaX firm y«a»«. ( epy^it t, Crg^Wbl^, 5>39 111* 
9, X7»} Bjr t)i« «iidoro«m«iit 011 tiM X«@s« lio tr^o glv«n tH® rig^t 
of oloetioA wbetli«r hm ^Nmld r««ftttt mu |>iftintiff *« t«Rttat for Idho 
odditioaoi fiTO j^&mtn »f. Him inoar^avod rostol* ( Tlnccnt t« 
ijge^^^yUg X$B XIX. Afi^« 3«1», m^») But ho did B»t notify ipl«ds* 
tiff tNirforo tlio original tout li«^ oac|4.rod ^ftt lio had 00 ol«e^d* 
( Potgrof ▼• l5Mii|£t 2-^ XIX* 116 ♦) And olio wao entitled to • 
roMOOnn^i* notici^ »o she t^mld Icnour idiotH«r or not «li« ^d o tenoat 
for the i^tore «f tor Moy 14* 1923* (16 /»« A i^« Baoy* lev» 2Bd 

jeffiKCft*) And it mp-mmr9 th^i oToa «tft«r MiQr 7* id23« ^^h^fi plain* 
tiff, %y Rotioe^ dir«9t«d d«!>fead«^t to oarron4i«r iMoooooion to Imv 
at tho oxpiyi5»tion of tlio t^^taig May i4th« U«9 did aot notify teer 
tJiat lio had ol<fe%«d to <»3t«rei»'9 tJst«? »%id priTll#gEe or option* 'und 
«0 do not think that tho a«r« Bailing of the l«tt«r end oli«?ck 
on Mxiy l4th, if it im» moilc^dt sKooatoi «WR to a iNilaiod ol^otion 
>y dofondant thi»t ho vonld bo hoitnd ».e a tenent for tho ir.44itional 
f i¥0 yo^o at tho inoroaiMHIi rontol* 

For tho roaooao in<41oe^ted tito |ad|^9nt will ^y reyorood 
with a fladittf of fftcto» vad jndfinont vill 1»« entorsd h«re that 
plain tiff reooror of d«$fond»at« i^illion B* H«nri9k«Ni« tho 
poooooi^ion of tho proaiooa dooorihad in tho conplalnt, and^ hy 
Yirttto of tho proTioiono of ^«etion 110 of tho fraotioo Aot« aa 

M ».'. 




••ii:»tTu«d ill 2MaM ▼• iMxm:* ^^ Jtii, 4n» 4t6, um Q.^«9Ci 

will ^ r?a«a«t5»4 ta th<«i lt1ttitiGtp»a Oowt for the? iamianov ef 
• writ 0t rt stitution aaA «xwettti«« f«r (i»«to« 

•fj I 

■7. .'■vX'^ -.l.JO' 


W« find «» fftei« in thin eaete tluit t^f«iid&ni« 
WiXXima B. RefLriclc»«n« iSld iMt m% amy tlit« ^riar t« 

May ISg X*J2.^t •2Mir«i»e tJi« priviX«^ «t eptlsn glvca him 
^ pX»i»tiff » liy virtue ©f tJie 'tad^nr »«»<»» t «r tht Iras* 

Ki^ m, I933t «iid «t tli« ti»tt Of ttt« trijil* ^9f€ii4.aat w«ui 
uttlawfiiXXy withlmiaiiig pQ83$R»i«n of tbM prflalsea a«de3riW4 
la th« cdnt^l&l«t fr«n flalntiff • 

r}-i*^e»ff?.» ^ 



?m^t s^'f 

3T« • aatss 

Vitfius OQum, 



23 4 I. A. 


in r^i^leYin in the ClTQiiit Co«iri tf Cook Cofttn^ 94tBimtt% T^wain 
jT* %Ba» Bailiff of th« Kianloi^ia CNniri ^f &hi«imi» MftI ilMridaa 
I^atIc 0iar«|^» to ?«Q«>yeir p0»^«e9ioii i»f » o«rti!iiit «iitMwl»il«» 
*tog«t)Mir nitli All of tlHi ae«»ftiHijri«8 «iiid •quipaemt ttunr^Mi «iA 
t^r«t» bfrlongine** t%Mi iiMsJ^iff took t^ pr9|»«r^ under tlit 
vrit iMd 4«liiF«r»d tiM MHMI t» plmilltiff • i^ttr « trial ulthtiit 
« ^rjr th* oeurt found tlM !•««•« f«r pladntiff aad tlb»t ilM right 
t» tlus |Mie0«!«ai6» of til* ipn»p«rtar «»» im hia and «0A«*s«d hi« 
dMUig*» at «ne cent* J^d^Miit mitt «nt«y«4 ag«ia»t d«f«nd«ait« 
on th« Y«rdi(rt« »M $&id '^geil» bailiff « eto*« psrfe «t«d tlM 
^r«s«Mit ap9«ml» 

dA« adf 101111*8 pl«a« ta plaintiff *e d^slaratlMi was 
that Jm i«a« antitlad ta tha pa»»aaaian af tha prayar^ vaylaTiad 
b«««it8a he taok it uttdar a i»rit af att«iohnant far tha awi af 
$423*969 aa«d aut frMi taid Idutloipal Caurt am M^r«m\fr SS^ Itass^ 
at tha valt pf Kr«aiar Hoaiazgr Caapanar a«&ln«t D. J« Xahaiqr* that 
Ealiaiqr and a»t plaintiff aas tha ov>ner Qf tha prop«rtgr nt th« 
ti»«9 and that tha aana aus vuhjeet ta attaohMtnt* 

Tha fallowing f aots in anhstanae vara diselasad npan 
th« triaU lanring i»aptanhar» 199St^ flaintiff «a» in tha Inainata 
of laaning nonajf an AUtanebilaOf and far •anrenianea uaad tha 




'^tf *JE0 

• 2* 

priRt«4 f«rms •t Mt«s and «hAit«X M»r^c»f«» tlMm in «s« tgr 

hm y w Mw a itt Ant* ixtiMittct* Ptt ^^•pUMiHrr 2S» itaa^ mUU 
D« J* Mthaagr iMirronvd ntn«]r fvtm plaiKtiff atiidc i9 ••ciilf* tlM 
X*«ii« iii^Bftd fOid «i«XiTer«d U him thr«e olUiiteX jMytgact tttUs* 
•fgrcgmtiag #000* all d«t«4 t»«|^lMailMFir ^OHi • on* f«iP HOO Ait« 
ftn Oot»V«r ^^9tli» ftnotlMir for $100 (lii« «n K^TcsWr astUt aaA a 
tbird fttr |^ <» ^c on B«o«ii1W3P 2dtli, I923« i-rliit^^ fams af 
»ete« giTlttff tlM MMt ttf tiM p9^e as *'J?«ariant((tiii Mito latfllitimt* 
vi»T« iii»«4« aa4 aver «£iid nioM on tint f Iret %ym a»t«8 t)M ii«m 
"Vatluia C«h«B* «&« ot«M9p«4 iA. lnvie^r Igrp* 1^ misdis •f a niVWr 
i»t«n^« Tksr^ugli iii@4Te]ft«»fi« tlift third i»»%9 wi»s not «• stiaiyod* 
To oeoure th««« throo notoo Xmhaiidjr on tho oont da^r olgsod a 
QiiottoX ]m»rtc«4S«t «^i^ "vmm on a printed foxtt t^ion us«d Iqt tlM 
Farimmiit ^^to M%^9ae0§ ^"^ it* nana afi^arod en tti« sortKOfo 
«ad OTor ndiieli wk^o otaniked In lairgor tjn^o 1^ a mbbor staaip 
th« flUKSo *lSatliaa %^ii«* It i« fiiatod im tkft aortfafo tiuit 
Mahaxijrt in oonoid^ri tloii of f800« ooiio ^xid ooBTe^rs to XatkMI 
OoHon t^ ailtOMObiio (dodoriMng it) **to«^1lhor vdth aXl o<iKii^ 
A«iit ti9arooii» or wMeli m«^ h^raaf tor ^ addod th«roto»* Mid it 
appoaro tlt«it ttio mortcimo vao a^knowiedged Igr Mahajoy tj E^ttonuy 
in aeeor^anoo with the etatnto^ ond vao roeordod OA sHrytflabor 
S&t 1922* Xt doaorilrad %h» throo not«« mentioaed* It prOTidod 
thikt it shouXd 1)0 laafaX for tl» aortgai^or to retain yoooaooioA 
of th« stttOBWbiXe untiX dofaaXt In the pa^yimoAt of tka notoa 
or any ono of than* Xt further preridad thfit^ if tmy writ ho 
ioTiod on th<^ aut«»obiXe« or if tfao aort«sa|eoo for amy fumm^ 
ahouXd feeX iaoecuro* «to«» »1X unpaid oiaao of Monoy oooarad 
tjoareby should^ at the Aortgaipoo*» optiont hoooao innadiatoXy 
d«o «Ad pagrahio* end he ehouXd haT« tho ri^ht to taha iwoodiato 
poa^oaoioA of th« autoAobiXo. and scXX it upon eiriAit Xo|pa 
ROtioo Of the tiwo ttAd pXaeo Of tho oaXe» &nd froA tho proooodo 

f ' 


♦ * r^iii-X h ~i .< i , }'%''■ I 



pKW *X1 «x{)eni«»t fia* and th« anoaat r «» m lni» « wiMMtid on Um 
iii(ii«l9t«dii«ft«^ and i*«titrii tmy }ml«mf wmt»iniMti: t9 tlM aArtcaftr. 
TiM firnt iio1(« dtt« •!! OettlMir 25th vac |ial4* 1m t the MoanA 
ttnte tlii« 0n llav«sih«r 2Sth ««• not 9»id« BVan th« haiUUTf *• 
rettirii on th« nitAtlMMilt writ it ^^^gip^m^it thi^t he teolr 9«SM0»i«a 
theretthder of tha «tuta«»1»iX«9 together with *X arf«t ii|^t» 3 
iMmpiiV mM X eixtr* tire mA etrer^* tma ^u&t Sehcagrt def«aA«it 
in the att^^eliMeiit yvoMediiiiriig tmiXA not %• fMmA h|i«» «».• in* 
{^iry. '^iMIe the imtenwhile and e«i4d efpiiinieiit were in thn 
poeseeeion ef the l^aiXlff ihejr mure t^jfeen l^y tho sh>^riff waMtev 
the rsj^Xeyia writ* £t vRs^e admitted en the iri«^ that the euit** 
ae'biie «!ikii£i e^iuipttuctt, taleen hy th^ baiXiff* heienged in Ifehaiqrv 
««ih|eet te the tmw^m^$ i^Kd liMftt the »bimi jpreper^ w&s t&Jriii 
hgr ii3»e ehei^iff fif«K the haiXiff* St wm% aX#e s^^nitted that the 
haiXiff uNmXd iMt ietiTey tl»K preiNnrt^r te plaintiff on the 
Xatteir** demand* At i^ o«n«Xneien of plaintiff *e erideneoi 
defendatiie for the flrat tliae ^mii in e|»n f&mirt tendered to 
l»Xaintiff the 6iii« of |40&»1N$ in full pmynfint Of the gun^unt due 
on the AertsagOf hut the tender wom refueed* Befesdaate reXied 
upon the at'ctelmettt writ and eaid tender for their defent?e« 
It wae eheim th«t the att^etaaoiit fvoeeedinfn were regKXart that 
tht attaelHient atxit mat moiiiimoed on Soveniher 28^ 192^^ threo 
daye after the unpaid ohatteX ayortfta^ note for |XOc< heeaMO ^e» 
that the haiXiff took yosiseaeion of the autonehiXe find equipaent 
on JEl«c«$aher X* X92^t and th^^t euhaequentXy the $LttachBient «r»e 
euatalned and a iud«Mmt ii |. f ep entered. At the eXoee of eXX 
the ftvidenoe defendimta w»t4A for a finding in their faror lut 
the notion una denied* 

mie aain point roXiod nfon >y eonneeX for ^gont 
B&iXifft etc** for a rereraaX of th? jud^nent is that» tte 
deht heiag the priaeipoX thincs ^ ^ eeneidered a«d dnfondanto 


".?-^"%^ ^v^'ci""^ ?»l?iT 




'^"Xftviiis am^ 






hftTinc at 1i^ triol ttMUiTtd i* plddBtif f tht laMumt due hia 

ttll$?.er ib«$ o)u^tt«l attirtsac^t ^^ f lift^liiig Mid ^<g»t»t tf tbt 
trial 0<»iai't ehduXd liairft Iteen against the plaintiff Im this 
rfpI^-Yln p]roe««dittg« ;^ eanndt a^rte «ith emuui*!* It is 
«I«K7Xy «J!it«%Ii«)M<l V ^^ •Tid«ao« thai, pl&iatiff had a ^u^ttsl 
B9rt||e;j« en the ««t«tto'bilc find •f)ui]i8«nt in que&tien* ?8eurin« 
tlur«« »»tciii iB t!i«^ j^£;r«4i;ftte sum «f #900; tJi».t the Mirt^aiic 
»&i) froj^eriy &oKn»«l$d|>*d and ura^ resord«4 en ^«pt<nilMir 2S9 
]i9&2} tM thfi tli€ MOdiid aot« #f $;L00 ttatured on HoTeaSNnr 2it 
I9S2« ft»4 W3S net 9#ld» asid therelrf tb« sertge^ftr h^,4 K»de d** 
fault. Tl'if': ItgrJl title t# th« pr»ti«2*ty 1« «|it#fttioA then im» 
rested In tht plaintiff sR<t h3(? wfji entitled to re^e« 4t t» 
hXn poii9e««idn* (|H^_v« ^-'^It^ t «t 111. 2:??5 ^tiaaftift^ t« 

Att4 t}i« f a<»t l&»t tlM property had !»••» &tta^e4 Igr » •r«dit«r 
ff tlii? «#rigi»g«r eft Mrww^r W^ l.992« e«iiXdl aftt Aei^i^tw plalji* 
tiff 9f his rl^t te tlMf ip«3»e8«i«n sa^ retentloa of tl» 

tfo9 pr«aont sfortg^geg plaintiff » as i«sar^&Ke«« «a« antluirised 
to talc* >«&9efi^ilon» if thi& ]|^ro]^rtsr ishoald 1»@ leTled upon or if 
»t ftfQr tine hit siutuld f««X iiis«9itre« sadA attaotaMBt o«iild a»t 
d«f«fti bis ri^t to ]*o4tte9 tlw iiyopsrtgr ta liia po>j«Bslsa» OaXgr 
V hit pexnisslon or non Action ^tsivM tlie yoroytrty ^ 8«ld undvr 
the attA«h»«at yroseediats* (2siil8£ ▼• (Iri nnell ^ 6* 111. "^71.) 
Asid « cn^sequsnt Vender %or the aort^aiio?*^ or tk^se elainiag wadm 
hi» 114 ii(>t» «s,t li&^t 9f9>T%-^ to f'Tve^t the title in the Mortcucar * 

(Msia ▼• II^BlnXf ^<^ ^u* Ai^« 397; y^i^yyiSs£ ▼• iiflifem* ^^ 

111* A|r?> S^3«) In Jones on nhattol ttortgnir^a* and M** •««• 
<3M, it is 9&id^: *At emnott lav a tender jsftdo cif ter forfeitnre 
do«0 not operate? to reTest tltn title in tJie aMrtsrssor* •• »s tn 
9)3a^l« him to reeoTor at l9^« fhm aertftiiffoe is not &t In* 




> ■; .i 

^s i^iii 

* '' j''*w'' 

l90tuid to r«e«i'rt th* «MWit 4^9 itti r«etar« tiM yr^jH^r^. Xf 
tlM MArtgagor lii^t taif Hght it i« iMirviy tm t^itaULA rlgltt of 
r«(l««n^tioA« A t«»Aev of th« d«tit «ft«r f off ci tare d»«0 »»t 
rtirvat the title in tiM iMrtgiMSttr* Hathiae; vlMirt Af a9e«i^tnii«« 

af th9 temper will lis^Te tli^^t «ff«et afidextlK#aiB>i th« legal 
tltlt of the »9rt{s^^« in tlM» property «»rtg«god»* In jy^ t. 
C,«>TJL]fi > 67 111* 21^, @31» it i» aaidi ^f, li*w»T«rt tkm 
»»rtgag«« rft#«i<i«« tlMi proi^^rti' to |io»f$««ei»n l9efor« s l^vy* *' 
If Im^ iftlttMi it f?iK tli« offi^y aif tor tko lot^t in saoii oooot 
tl9» «a»catioR tpoditor** only r«io(^ io ligr gositiUftwo )[p!«ooM 
ogaliiet Ui4» m^rt^0||ot« H» ««iii tiy th^t iiefiji«« 7«e<3h ai^ surpluo 
in his Jsuuidst ^t eajinot doyrit^ hiJi of tho praporl^ or Ito 
fOJB998»ioiit b09@:ti»o im h.»& ao^ir«d it logally imder a contraet 
oliieh i» lawfitl« l%».t w» %kOTO l^ro «mid ai.|»pli«8 to eacoo imo« 
tHo i»ej»B«esion« }gy tim tayoto of tiM ift^rtgago* r«Mmiao witk tlM 
»9^t0ai|Eo:r» »M i^mwm it fvoriits tluit tiMi aortgogoo a^tall soil 
tSio fropoi"^ and |Mi^ ^Hii tmr^its to th« mortgagioif** 

And ire do not tMiOe thoro io am^ »orit in the furthoy 
ooot0fttl»»t of QOit»»tl {X\ t^t the jud^ont slioulO )>o r«Tersa4 
Wesiiioo rlaiatiff'ei namo did not definitely af|>oaap as wirtgagao 
in tJ[t* ttortgagt or a« fi^o 1» fj^ y of th« oot«o» tliorolqr ronitriiig 
•aid nortgego and notos ?oid for nncortaiatgr a« ugaixot tiM 
attiA<diiilg eraditort iK»d (2) tiMit t%Mi finding and Judgjoont oImmUUI 
at louot hmrm %09n for dafondaiito ae to t)Kt squipmeat lUmm 
B«atioa®d in th« 1iaiiiff*9 return on tk« atta«hn<^nt ira'it* 

tno Jttdgaont of tiM Cironit Oonrt is aff iraod* 


fitcdn «ad B»mo»« J^«^ ooaoor* 

'^ JS4^ 



, ^ ttw 

MOO « »aiM 


JOS sjaiuuui; imA iiB3. 



''^ '^"*"' .,.en.... 1 23 4 I. A. 6 24 

In ft& aetlon to recover eonimiaeloiiB for proeurlng, «• 
all«g«d, a purohaatr for Aefandoxitn* hott»« at i^o. 5X34 Frlnoaton 
avenuo^ Chlcai^o, th« ^ourt foimd th« isau^a la plaintiff 'a favor 
and aaeaaaad hia dat^c^aa at 1400. Ju^i^c^t waa antarad for thla 
anauct a^sainst dafoit^danta %&d ihay appaaXad* 

PXainiiff , an aoitXoyaa of an aXavat«d railroad company 
and not «mg'i&gad in %}U8in«'as aa a raaX e«tata 1»roJ:«r, «aa tha onXy 
witnasa oaIl#d In hia beheilf , Tha t«(8timony of dafandanta traa 
oorrol^orated in aaatntiaX particiaara by the partiaa who uXtimateXy 
ptirohatad the house, >r. and Kra. Lempla, and by anothar witnaat. 
Tha avldanoa dlaolo»«a that early in April, 1922, plaintiff had a 
ooBTtraation -with dafftfi-lwitfi in ^fhich they «aid thty wera d««iroiia 
of aellin^s tha hoaaa and further «aid in eubstanca that if he vouXd 
get a purahaser for th^ o«Kie, at a prioa net to th«B af |5,300, 
they vould giva him aa aoaaaisolons all he could obtain fron tha 
purohaaer ever and above that net priee; that on April 5, 1923, 
plaintiff procured dofendanta* signatures to a puiper in whiah 
aaid verbal agreement vaa eat forth in wrltint^; that about thla 
time noi^otiationa for the purohaae of the house were eommenced 
by the Lamplea with defendanta direct, the for&er hrxving learned 
from aouroea other than plaintiff that the heuae waa for aale; 
and that theaa negotlationa oontlnued during the aaonih and there- 
after and finally resulted in tha Lemplea purohaalag the house froa 


tf«f«ndant» in th« a»iith of May, 1933, for |6»700, tb« papur* btlns 
Araft«d In the office of « real estat« broker ntuaod iiatthevs, and 
tho oonvuflUBation of the trftxiiBaot ion not haTing 'boon brought about 
lay plaintiff *« offorto. Dofoiilarito* main dofenae on tho trial was 
that plaintiff vat not tho procuring eauta of the sale, and, after 
a roview of all tho teotiJBSoay we thlnlc it elearly app«*ara that he 
waa not. And we are of the opinion that the findinff and jud^neai 
of the trial court vert jaiy»ifeetly against the weight of the otI* 
denoe, «nd that ^.h« Jutlcjiaent 8^.0^11 ;1 ho reverend* 

finmsiiKi) mm nmnjio or ?act. 

fitoh and Bamea, JJ«, oonour. 



I . Kid *ih»rfi-rfia;^ 

300 • 280 s8 nu:^m of ?act« 

"9% fln4 at «n ultlsiat* faot In this oaph that 
plAlatiff wftii net the procuring eavto« of the ««!« of d«fttn4ant«* 
h©«B# to thu Lcwcplnfi. 

■HQ^^ * m>i 


234I.A. €24 


Q0OE cixnnT* 

MR. fHB&iDxi^o m^fim mimsr muymm tm &3mnmi o? the coout, 

^ttJT found d«fend&at guiX^ vmA «•«•«••€ yialntiff^s 4MBmg99 at 
fl.SOO. tlAlittlff r«iKitt*ii ^)( fr«a the ^rdiat and th» M«rt» 
•ft«7 •▼«rziiJJUi« d@f«&d«mt*e aoiioa for a »«w trial lund is Arrest 
•f ^diSpMAtf •Bi«r«d ^44gmmt agiiiftat d«f«iid&iiit for lUlK)^ mMI 
this «|>p««jl folXoved* 

flAintiff*» de9iflt3^ati«B ooi!8i9t<id sf o»* WWit and 
ehajrg«d itt tube tattoo that dafttndnaitt at Chia»«», ete«» an Jeumarf 
87, lfJ90» with faree af ^nns, naXioisiifAy «(iid wantasXjr aaaattXt«d 
plaintiff, and th«tt wei^ th«r« rialently »ala»d and laid hold af 
him and l»aat him «;jnd kioliad h|ii, and stirueh h^m in tlia faae with 
a ontyidar «nd mXmt with a glaae ash ^agr, and tar« hia olathos, 
larttkv a iNdr af hi« flrpaataolaii imd Wrtti««d imd laaaratad ana 9t 
hia «yts and Mff faati, alieralR;^ Iw ae^ greatly in^rad, bath 
internally ^Mid externally, and anffered gr^s^t i^in, and aaa 
hindered in the p^rtormmnm^ af hia husineaa fdTfairs, and aaa 
ahligcd ta txiMend the eioa af llOO in havine hie brulaaa and die* 
ordara healed^ eta* 

To the deolartitian defendant filed a flea %t tha general 
iaana; end alao a farther plea fflonnting to a flea of aelf defanao, 
ta alMioh plaintiff filed a replioatian. 

Only tao witnaaeea Uatified npan the trial, 9 plaintiff 
and dafandsnt, they were exeained end oraaa^ajueained at length. 


It «fp«Kys iimX A9t$t9AtmX was tli« l«8o«« 9t « buildiagt at 
B«» li asttih HAl»t#4 ^trt#t9 CMft£^« •» th* ground f&eor tf 
Khieli b« Q«iidttote4 a r•at8ttrF^Bt #«el on tho apiptf^r floors » 
hotel or Iftdtgtsc toouoo* Tbe iMtoI proaiooo voro lM«to4 Iqr 
atoiai furBisliod Iqr defoiKl«a&t« FXniatlff » o eari^tt««r logr trod^ 
woo o rowoF in tlio iMitoXt anil oarly in tho oToning tf ^foMiniy 
2V, 19:^ t «a« in tho off too «r witting roott tJMro*/ oagnc*^ ^ 
rooming «n4 @it tlni«e oonreroliig witli n f riond* ak tbero vno 
litUo or no boat in tl^io n^&rlsy otooMi radiator plaintiff ooTorol 
times pounded on tho rndig^tor witli a pair of ooioooro, »o o 
signal thrt tiio ro^lB w«^8 eeld and hoevt was dooirod* tSio royonttA 
ponnding o^n^ood oonoidoralilo noioo in tlio rost^nr^it 1»oloirt bo«» 
eoiftoo of eoiiii«Giing iron yifoon ond ^.ttr&etod dofondioit^o otto»» 
tion @nd evidentl^r dii»tttr1»«d him* AoooapMiiod Ifry on* loTletoo^ 
o waiter OMplojra^ in the restflOirgtnt* i^fendr^nt esao npotoirst 
inquired of plaintiff tiimt wan tiao itoi&fting of the noioe aund^ 
mocording to plaintiff's t^s^pitiifienyi on b«in»r inforsed tli^t tfeort 
was no otofiae in this r&diatort ooHsittod a l»mt&l itnd vieiions 
»«««£nlt «kn4 Itat toi^ar ap>n plaintiff, «^ded and aooiotod Igr 
l»eTlotoo* '% do^» it nnsoc^ooHry to aet for^ tike dotailo of 
the i>^truiggli« tnj(%t onsa@d« i«ffi«i» it to 9»j Mmt the oh^ rgoo 
ccmtttineu in th« deelar^'tion* ikn to the aotanlt and d«f«id«nt*a 
unwarranted ftOto and the resiijilting in^nri^e tuad donnc* to plain- 
tiff, were fully onetained Vy the latter* a tefitiaoniy* c^fondast 
denied eow^iittiag ^oiy of tlu i«eto ohnrg^A^ %ttt the ^Uiry •▼t'l^ntljr 
iMlieTod plaintiff and did not l>oUrro defondent. Fawlotoo did 
not tofitlfy. i>ofendant*o totftiaony was to the offeet the«t after 
ho f:ot np«ta4rs «nd mode protootn to pXojatiff oe to the noioe, 
the latter oalXed hin unprinti^hle nanoo and stmok at hia* and 
XhrA then 1m int&fidiately ran awogr and oallod the police eSho 
eiilieaqHently G«aao. It thno i^pears that defendant* s yXoa of 

■V;,- nn.,^r. 

v^trievrlin^ tluf) t«istin»ii]r» thnt tiM Ttrdiat is ntt mctaiaca \f 
a i^repond nai«« af tha arldtnae* 9V t^»t th« ^dgaeBtt after 
tilM roBlitltiirt i» «acc«a»lT6» aa contended >3r dafamAejiVa 

Xiaf fiad&iit* a eeun^aX alao catttaad that tha Jitd^ant 
alMHlA ttm re^%r9%A Vaeaiaa af a aartfdn csueistlon aakad af defsadaat 
»A eraaa«a3u«iiutia» ^ plaintiff*)? attamajr* It ama ahathar dafa«4U 
attt ftttd IfeTlataa aftar tha fighting had Mat 1ia(»» arras tad and fiiMA 
in. a paiiae oatirt* Th<» ^astiaa wis abj^ctc^ ta» tha objeotian 
i3!2r.edi&t^X3r suntjiined hjr tha eaurt* and tha aith«6» did nat sjiaar^r* 
<^hile tha qaaatian waa laq^ropar* vm &^ nnt think aedar all tha 
taf^tiaoaaor thjtit it m.e &a prf;|udi9i^ ta dafandaat aa ta a^j^rant a 
rafaraai af tha jttd«MaU« 

Cempi&lat ia auftda tf th«» RiTiag af iA^troctianat imml»araA 
3 attd S« aff«red ^ ];^Xaintiff « heouaoa* ae ecatendadt thay iraara 
dafaadt^t*« thir^ary af «aif d^faaaa «f8 »9t forth ia ana af his pXct^a* 
Zt ia a rmffiei^^at «;aairer ta ai^^ thist th® instructloiia ara net ah* 
^tatiaaahia In thie regard ^eesaaa it Rppes-rs fr«a def«adant*a 
tsfitimaay aa th« triaX th-vt atvid th^arjr vas aha»d«aad and that tha 
i»««a af &alf d<;faaaa tvan a^t In tha aaaa* 

^ji4 vra da aat thiiih thjat tha trial a«mrt wrtA ia allaa^ 
iag pXi&iatiff ta tectifjr ats ta tha yartimii&r aata dana tgr P&TXataa« 
defaad£jeit*8 enplayao, at the tiju» af iha oasMAittiag hjr dafaadoat •! 
Xt% grieraaaas ocmpXaiaed af • Xt aaff ioit^atly «ippa«jpa thi>^t ^Oi 
ware prascat it the tisia* fxidia^ and aaaiutiag ct.oh othar* 

Fiac'ia^ aa rer^raihla errar ia tha rae«rd« tha Jadsaaat 
af tha Circuit Caart is affiraad, 


Fitah aad laraaa» jj«« eaaaar* 


-rj- J 


^rii*^..**; ., ■• ft'iJ 


'^" ^ 




,4».5X'IrflS 'VfTtt rfft»* 


LiUY J. fKWmi. 


234I.A. 524 

vmrxciPAL COURT 


U WWK8IDIH0 JRf?iTieH f.!?Tli|.W BiStlV^m^ Tffl OHKIOW ©3? tT^ CCftTHt. 

ft lica«ii«« of $Xa2«X9, ola|au»4 ttt iMi da* plaintiff ea i9f«Baaiit*8 
pr«sii«»ory n«t<r» tht (»oi2rt« &St^v «ft«h iN^ty lui<l t«»tif iad aai 
*«rt{iin do^uoM^iiiarjr «Tld<ia«« h^4 ^e«a intrd<iuoe4» iiifttraet«ti tint 
Jury td retuurm m irordist ia fXaiatiff *« faTOJr ftad t» «•»•»• hmw 
^mmg9iB ia sistid ottimitt* flam Jux^ 3Pttar««cl aao^si a verdiet aaA 
jttdipieat f«7 lU^ ima •nt«T»d s^aiast diofiendiUEit and this appeal 
foXlavtid, !• brief (md itrganeat kas ^®a fiX«<! ia this appeilata 
Qoart t^ piaiBtiff's eaua«<7l« 

Oa t}^ trial pXiiiatiff iatr«dae«d tb« nat« ia eridnact 
Mid lifter t»%tifyim tfomt tiM '^ajlaiide du«t iaoludiiig iatertstt 
was |122»19t rusted hsr daaa* Tim aata is d»t«d Jsiaaorj 30« 
I9aa, sad Iqr it d^faadaat i^7«HRls«d ta i^agr ta tile arder af ^Xaia* 
tiff 60 dagrs aft«r diit« ^« iraas af IdSG, with iatcrest «t 7% 
far doiaisa af tsr mslnritgr. On tha Imek af tka aata ai^paara tha 
sadorasmsatt *6rodit ^bMm^c^ uey 1* 19a2«* 

Xa def«Bdiiiiit*s affidATit af »«rits ta pl&latiff^s 

aaaadsd stataasat 9t oXais li«r deftasa is statad as folXawss 

*thm% oa ar BlMut April 29« 1922, »h« delirsrad 
to plaintiff tisr rsduetioa aad oriaoelXfttion a c»rtai« 
iasssM bond, »a« 2784^380 1 Vm% snid baad w»s aaesytod 
Inr plaintiff far s'>i.d purpass* «ad that in oaasidsra tion 
%iMT90f piAiatiff scrasd ta nnd Aid c^^aeel tho iadsbtad* 
aaaa af d f«adtait a« said note u9t forth ia plsiatiff's 
SBwadad statosurat ^f claia, ?»ad rolensed djefeadaiit 
tkiarofraa; tbi&t tlier« is nothing duo aa onid aato| sad 
tlM^t d^foadmit is not iadftbtsd to ploiatiff la tho 
•r $122,19 or siu atkor ••«« • 

^4 ^r 


]^tndjant*« •▼l<i«fio« '^n tlur tri«l tended t0 •utu'lilisli 
mile 4«fiin»«* <xhm t«aUfi«ci in Mii»%iiiitt« th&t alM«i AprlX 29, 
Ifsa, after %li« walariV <»i^ (^ iMi%«t »)mi hiUI a OMtwrtatimi 
vltH plaintiff » an fi«ro«t of tlw ^tiaitaMa Lifa AaasrasM ^oiatji 
Hut i^lndBtiff than aai«t sHa imuld alXaw <lef«ii«}»Ai ta retiixv «a 
laeoiM band af tli« i<aei«tgra an aaaawnt af which ttom naia iMd iMiaa 
giTan* and vanid hava ttaa prinaipal eanaaBt af Ui« baa^ radnead, 
and iM aa»ttid«rmtia» Bf ai&td ratiiv« vaiild aumoel tlie iAdabtadaaaa 
ravt^niAC ^« ds Itoa naiai and Va-^X in aaoavdaiuia witli md€ easK* 
var aatiatt dafeadi^t iratumad ta plaiatiff aa&d iaaanw iNiad^ lfa» 
37aoa0d, iddttad ta Hair an M«^ ^» i9^» and wrata a iattay 
addraaaad ta th@ -iaei«tgr« la tHa fax» «« jra«)aaatiid bgr plkniatiff « 
and d«llv#r«d it ta flailatiff « ia «lii<^ d^feadaat atatad that dlit 
r9lit&.&9d f^l af b#r .ri^Jit» titia »ad iataraat ''la Um |iart 9t 
tiiia bond ta ba di@t^Btlaaa4'* and r^turae^^ tharandtli a&id baad 
*far tlM |!ttrfi«a af nakia^ radaatiaa tliaraia** TlUa X«ttar «a« 
iatx^daoad la arldanaa* aad dafaadaat fux'lliar ta^«tifi«d that 
thai^aftar i^laiatlff gi^va haF aaathar iBisana h9aA af tha ^^aiety* 
irhiidi «ma ipasrahla at tha r^Ut af $8C)» par maath aftar tha aca af 
$& yaaya» and »hi idai wf^«i far a MsalXar ^ataunt, ^» ta nanthXy ia-* 
aaattt thaa tha arlglnal i;>afid. Plaintiff taatifie4 ia rf^bnttal 
the^t aha nerter a«r«ad with d«fea^attt ta aanaal tha halaaea daa 
9a tha aata* Zt t)ai» mppm»^» th«;t thara waa aa iaaaa 9t taat ta 
ha |M&aaad upaa tgr tha Jarar* c«d m vtv mt tha ayiaiaa Hiu»t tha 
trial aaurt erred la dirt^atiag tha 4U17 ta ratara a Tardiat fair 
l^aiatiff, upoa h^r aatiaa aaaa at tha 9l^»m 9t &1X tha aridaaaa* 
aad ia aat«ring ^adgaartt apNl that vardiat* It ia ««1I aatilad 
that "apaa a aotian ta diraat a fiadla« tspon a aaatrarartad 
^astian of f»ct» tha gpaaatiaa ia wiMthar thera ia aar aTid«aaa 
ahiati fairly taada ta aappart the ^saatantiaa •€ tha partr acaiaat 
wham tha fiadiac ia aal»d| it ia aat eaaash« ta Jaatify tha 
gr^mtiai;^ af 9aah matiaat th&t tha 99itr% mmy ha af tha apiriaa 

1 d 


that ttfMi sighing tha rritl^nMi a Terdiet Fg«ilnc(t th* ji^rty 

»«UdjiE t>i«? motion wcmlfl haT« t« b« «#t anldft*" ( B^ilf^ v, 
a«b|jiga, ^33 lU, flli, «lf^; Ltt>»y. gi«ir«iU Jfe XilT&hy t. Cofl||, 
399 111. S06, 213; MS^L^A ▼• M^JfeMi. S63 III, 486, 49(J.) 
And t?e think thiat d«f ondiuit* « •rld«nta aft t« th« f»gr««»9iit fth* 
•aye 8h« madft rlth i^lalntlff R^ier th« »»%»Tlty af th« n©t« 
?at4 i#i#ii plslntlff wn» otlll tll« hdld^y, if b«ll9r«<i hy th« 
jury, wiiia eoiijstltvte a g»od defemaft t» th« pr««<fiit ectlon. 
in 8 :or|Ris ^tls tiftge ill« ^^«e* 84S, It is said: *!XiqrfliftAik 
Is not neoeteiupy tft ^l»oli?5jpgf( a Isill ©r • iii»t«« * * For lii- 
fttr^ao«» a ^111 %T «. sote say be dii$ charged b:r the aei df tk* 
p-artit* by miY»'ti«itj by i»<^c<»rd .'«b4 B*^tl!if!Hetl««# by ca«pr«Bii« 
Mid Rftttltm^^nt, by » r«l«38«» * * or in araiiy oWi«r w«y«** 
(i««»s^ee« 8#cti«mt 11B« iai» Its »f tbe leeotlable Insirm^nt 
L««, swi'^ §fiXla ^» '^'liSXi ^^S 111* App. 541, 845,) 

.f«r tb*? r«aa©Tj» indl<jated the .tud^cat •f th« 
KitTiicl|^«l Court it T'^verftd »nd tli© o«m»« i» y«»ATsde<l f»r « 
«€w trial • 

yit«k ftttd Bani«fi« 3i»$ oonour. 





? .''■ *■ ? ..-^ i 

/ + ,"!';■ 






'22flI.A. 6 24 

O0OK cem«T, 

ttfiUtnUBir? BT TXS COtmt; On OottlMil' 2«» 1933, SUf 
Johftit<»tt and Hiuralid y« «ir«ime«a filed tltelr bill is Um» ^«p«ri0r 
CMurt Of Cook Coantar* W^^fiAg ii^xX %h» writ ton oontreot iMioooa 
Slof jr^lmsom nnd ^oltor H* Koomor (do tod l^oott^or 6, 1930 « 
mod filed for r^^sord V Biooraor in ^ho offioo of tlio rooordor 
of doodo of ^ok ^^Btjr on :^e^xtiaxy 14» 19^2) « uid aloo n oer* 
Win sfff idairit of luoomor^o (filod for r^jord on aetol»«r 7« 
1922) • l»o r««OTod oo olomdo upon &o»plainmnto* title to oet>toin 
reiil eotato in Clii«ago» Tbo emeo vno referred to & moster 
to toJai etidenoo ond rofovt tiM o««o toffotlier witk hio con<» 
elttoioBO* %ilo IIm oonoo wi«o pondins ^for« the mooto^rt 
KOomor, \ff loare of 90«rt« filod « croe»*l?ill» progrin« for 
e^oif io p«rforai;«&oe of tlie eontract* l^r Ofro«oont of Um 
yartioe it ^k% ordered that the ^rldenee alreedsr tolBon end to 
lie t&]»B upon tke orii^inol >itXX and onewer W eoasidered ao 
tolM» iifOtt the ioonoe raioed %gr tk« orooo*bill end aaoivero 
tiKoreto* (»n Kagr ^» 1923, the Asioter*e rei^rt »aa filed* Ho 
mode nnBorone findlncs, end roooanonded tliet a dooroo te ootoreA 
in oomyloittoato* fetror in aocordienoe vith tlie pTnifT of UMiv 
Hll# «Rd, further, hnt iiAonier*e oroos«biXl W diaeiieeed. 9m, 
^nlX 11, 193.^, the deoree appealed frooi wao entered, in ^idtioh 
th&* OGurt, after OTorrmlinc oil oxe«ftiono to the aaeter^o 
report, approving And eonf liming the rei^rt, end makine fia«linfto 
in onlittAntial aeoerd eith thoao of the naetov, ad|ndted and 

^ o^ 

,:c-mi<r>vt . 

A«er«0dl tiMit Um or»»ii*biJLl ho di«dL»»«(ji f«r wMit •f •ctaitgri 
that tlM v«e«r<latiftii ef »«ild eontrsot, »Rd of K#«m*r*s 

»ffldi^t, conntitute «!l(»aa« upon aemplAlnimts* titX* to Hm 

ih«r«rf?«s{ tet that «fHnjplftiii»ni9 psQr to K««r»«r th« mm 9f ^515, 
yr^Timiflsr ^aid li^ hia f«ir lAtortnt on m MrtiftiA noirtgact «»* 

Mt»nAtm\ htm ••»iKii#d m w my i w tvinre, »xt^ MBplAlimfits 
hatw a«aig»ed ^a a ormmu^nrt^v th« «Ottrt*» fictl«n In d«»re«irtg tliAt 
ocusplftintiiits tiliotild p«y to <Sef«ndatit s 4>d 4Bi]ni »f ^&lft* 

On end i^rlor to BoonalMjr d« 19^6* JIQUKr Jolmii^ii mm 
%Ym •wMr in fo« otapXo of 62 lots of T»eaat gtmmA in dUoo^* 
Ooolc CouB^, lUlnoio. On mRt dogr Sv^lmmm^ o vidomv* yartgr 
of th« flr»t part, ©ntexHJd intd a ^^iton eontdPaot «lth K4«mor, 
l^arlgr of tteft @t?eond F*yt» iiia«r«li«f , V tlie flrot fAVagaraph, Jolm • 
•on »s3Po*>d to mXl trnd ettnr^y to Kooamor H^ ^^morsl imrruntr doad 
ttao 6B Xoto» to l»o fnld fojr &» md otai wmstroxity doodo voro do- 
IlTorod to Ko«3mor» juid %t a fixed mm for oa^ lot, roB<rinc frmik 
#1,300 o«<3li for inoido l»%& to |&,O0O c&on for oomor loto, oni 
mnkiag * totaX o«ai •%• %• paid for aJLX of said loto* of |95,0<K}* 
In «aid p^srti^ra^ ontion io aado %ln^t &XX of the lots are onewi* 
t^erod with a tni«t do^d, given tiy Johniton to Menxy ?• Xraneo, an 
truetoe, dated /oiipiet 20, X9X7, to ooonro an indelitedneeo of 
1*15,006, due 5 yeare isfter date, Ve&ring interoot at «^ per anxMn, 
9«arnl»l« aeMi-annually, ""i^iioh enounhranoe ehaXX ho paid out of 
the Ittreha^ priee of eaid lots ao proTlded in thio eontraot.* 
The ooeond paragraph nf the aiprooMent io as foXXoi*ni 

*(a) Tko fartr ^f the firot part ehaXX fron tiao 
^ tlBO jdltblAjlM ^t^ *<• ^.-^4y-4f^ *^iitllff foXXewii^ 
the oxeeation of thio oontraet cenrey the ahOTO deeorihod 
Into to t .f prjpty •*" thf eeoond part la pareeXa of aat 
At>l« ,V%f^U^iyn latl Itaafc ^•r the priee» ahoro eot forth. 




Th« porter *f tlM first part shall aoespt 1b v«9>B«At 
•f 0<&id li»%m m prtmi9nuTf iMt« of eT«ii 4at« with tlM 
vmrrentjr 4m^4 f«r th« X«t cs(iY«y#d» liss^riag Interest 
at th« rftt« of six p«r e«*nt (A.^1 i^r sjniniM, d»« on or 
¥of«r« on* ymur {if tor df:t« nnd for tho oimi oIwto »ot 
forth m» tho pttr^aoo prion of a;^l<i lot Xoos tho 
l»jrlnol]^«l sMouat poi4 ^ tho p»rtgf of tho sooosd pert 
to obtain tho rol«taso of smld Xot fro« tho llo« of tho 
ohOT« H<taorlhod otHNmhronoo; oc^id ttoto lo to ho seeurod 
Inr a truat d«< d exooatod tmd dellvorod hgr tho partir of 
^ft sooonC part« «iiich trust doed ^alX ho suhjoet «»d 
mhordlnato to tho Hob of & first mirtgago or tmot 
dood to ho iiodo Igr tho party of th« oecend part to 
sooBro a looB to oroot a bitlldlBg ob said lott Tlth^B 

..^... ,,ur,. ,.>y 1feUI,l^fgff1^J^III tf W gf,i^f^,^l tho parl_, 

of tao ooooBd part «hiM.l h^r writ ton notloo Mdrosuod to 
tho partgr of tho first part tmd d«llTorod to hl» 
dooiiaiato at U^.Bt ttm of tho Iota Of the nhovo doacrlhod 
paroptsirtjr ob which ho propoooa to hoclB oxoaviitioB for tho 
•rootloB of hulldlags nod stiloh ho desiros eoBT«3r«d to 
hlK Igr BarrfiOEitgr dood; i^Bd tho p«»rt^ of the first part 
ahalX Inaodiaitely thfiroaftor ox#oifito goiior»l wi^rr^oitgr 
doeda QonT^^flBg tho lot» so doslgBated to the p^rty of 
the socead p^rt for th«! prieo aferesnid e»d d«»liTer tho 
»^Bo in oserov to Ch^rlos • v'ehlyt<prit« c/o tnlea Bask 
of Chicp^Og S5 Ifo* ^f^rhoFR^t» Chiergo» llXiiiolo. 
tho p&r ty Of tho soeond p^^^t thorompoa shiax prooBre tht 
Boooosionr roXoaoo doodo fro« tho ot^or and Voider of tho 
INMTto^B Th»uo«iid dollar CllSyOOO) oBOvwihraBOo ahovo bob* 
tlOBed of th« Iota so eorivey#d, and IsBediately ther«j>/tor 
oh«£lX oxeottto (tnd deXi^tr to tik& %i^<iV%w a^«nt his &ot«s 
eB<} trust do«ds for tho bs'JLsnoo of tho purc^ese prloc of 
th« XDta* iio eoftY^yod^ roapoetlTsXy* Said reXsi^nfO doodo 
sttd tho R^t«6 ^nd tm?;!t <!«ed0 evidoaelBF. ^^« t»fiXaaoo of 
tho imrohriBe prlee of »ml4 Xots shoXX bo heXd l3y tho oocrov 
agont. X»tfvi«^dlateXy thert&f t«r tho perl^ of tJkm aooBBd part 
shaXl proQBro f Irot aortga^o Xoaao apoB said proporty for 
tho purpose of tsr^otlng v^lX^lags ob eald Xots coB^cyod, 
ifffon th« 9xe6utlon ami reoordlag of «b^ first Mirtgago or 
wmrtf^n^^e tho oaorow agaat ahaXX toi&«diato3^ tho ro after 
doXiror th$ shove wtexred to wt>rr^Bty deeds together with 
tho reX^ua^e doodn to the p»rty of tho second part* sad i^X 
tho OisKT; tlao ahKtXX dmXir®iP to the p^^rty of the first ^^^% 
the a«oond mortg&ge no tea aad truat deed o<>ouriBis the 
VaXi^oe of the p«iroh£:i:^e price of e«4d Xoto.^ 

Za the third &ad fourth paragraplui It la stated that 

tho lots, eoBToyed >i9 ahore proTlded* ohaXX ho laprored Iqr 

Ko«mer *with iniiXdiagst to oast net Xese thaa |6«000 OAOh;* that 

withlB a reaaonabXe tlae after aay buiXdlBg is eoapXftted oa aay 

of tho Xoto Koeraer shaXl yrooood to aeXl the aasui* prorided a 

fair aarhet prioo can he ohtiiiBO<l» aad out of the proceeds ohaXX 

iamedlaioXy pay tho aaooad aortgogo aoie girea to Johasoa ta 

aoearo a part of the purchnae price of the Xot ob «hieh the 



*Y ^' 

'ecic/ 'VJ 


%iiiXdin^ I0 vreotftd; and that n^wt of th* buildings sluai ¥« 
ftftXd, without J«hBfton*« vrittem owMvnt* ualeos a mtifrioicmt 
e»«h |ie:y»«iit in auMit ligf tfeM fttrolUk»«r t« diftiduirc* suid s«««bA 

Xb this fifth aad sixth pMratflpTA]^ it is prsrided 
th«tt «d.X iat«r«Mt ^s and vhext it f^^XXs dne on st- id iX&fOOO 
•ii«iaibr£iit«« shaXX b« paid )iy Ka#m«r to th« hoXdctr or iioXd«]rs 
of the TU)t«»* «iid th&t Kosmor ehaXI mXntt |>^ a}.) ni^QiaX t^.xtm 
and spooiaX &ssoss»«mis« «xo«!pt «>& <x!Mit fourth bsXsw« dao aaA 
p^nhXe fti'tsr X9^9 ^nd &Xl «<»ii«traX taacss <hie sad p^ahXt oftMP 
X93X« en e.<f^d Tm»X «»tat«S th^vt Johnson eh^X ?^ »X1 g«!ii«raiX 
V>jsoo thoraoB X@viedi for the y«Fjr X920» and ahaXX aXoo pay alX 
•oso»^«nts for aXX sidowrXka on or about the i^r^niaeif? that ero 
ttov Of»ftj>Xet«d» or wiXX b« oon^Xet«'^ "viihin 6 Months froa th« 
deto of the ootttaraet* and Johnson agrood to ue& to it that aXX 
oidovaXhs ^mt mmpl^t^i. ^thin ^aid tiB«; and that Johnsfln «haXX 
pro<mra fr«i th« Chicago TitXe St ftum% Oo* ®. gokp^tmnty policy » 
hrsught down to th<» d^t« of tho oontraot* for the pnrehi^ao ^rioo 
fiNgroed upon for tho Xo%«» and deXiirc^r the umL9i to the a«ero« 
fMKont within 3Q dajro* 

Xn th« 9«T6nth perairra|ih it io provided th^t *AJUL Xoio 
oihioh shaXl not ha^o boon oottT€;yed** to Koemer« *itt acsordanoo 
Hlh tho tamo of thi» <^ntraoi on or boforo 22 ■ontks f ro» tho 
d^ ^ hora^f^ ohaXX»* u% tha oxpirntion of s^id tim«» *ba paid 
for i f e».9h ** by Koemer ^t tha prie« proridfid for in th« oantraet^ 
and thsrcmpon Johnaon shaXX axoonto tmA leXXrar to Koamer 'genaral 
warrrnty doeds for s<«id Xota sm proTidsd in this eantrf*oi«* 

Thfi eourt in tha d«orae» faX lairing onbati^ntiULly tho 
findings of tho M^iftor, found |.iatar aXJa thut within XO dcqro aftor 
tho making of tho oontr«et Koamar dasignatod to Johnaon fiTO of 
tho $2 loio» and in August^ lOS!!^ two Xots» and a portion of a 
third ftdJaeoAt tharsto, as Xota to be conveyed to hin and nndar 

'ijb « 

th« ior»« Af the eontrAtti; th(.\t Jelmnon ex*im%»d d««<l* vf con* 
T«3rs!fl«« of field X^t» to >f}«»rReir »b4 Aeposlted th« f*««a» irith 
oehXytenit tlMt eecrrow s(4S«At; thmt eliortly {ift«r th« <^i»t« ef ttai 
MBLtrnet ;r«lui<»OA <i»tt«#4 t« Tm» proenred on ownvr** gai^rsatgr 9#Ii<y 
fron th« ^)ii««!i|^ fiti* lb fm»t '<^0*p which w^tF Xtft ^tlt ealA 
Trust t'O* ta faollltat« %rmn»t9T of tH« loie, wliioh imre to Vi 
imilt tt|M>ii AO dooAo f»«r9 ebts^incd from Joh»ren| tli^At Kt th« dnio 
of tlio contrsiei tlier« imo n fir^t Kortgs^C® enemnbrostjoo vpon olX 
of %lMi 6S Xoie f&v ^X&tOQOf Witmrttd % truti^t do€d to oal^ Kraaoot 
ec«it»yliig s»n ^.ugaat SO, X93S; Ui t oftxj;^ thft onomition of t>» co«- 
troot Jolmooii iMsid ^M int»r«}t3t ttpon thi« efieuat^ttxtee from NOLgawt 
'M>t X^WO to B^aoes'^r 6, l.taDt «f»ovintl]ig t« l^^69. and Ko«Tticr oalA 
th« >:)ja.l&K«e of tite Inttireat to r^lsrHcity ^J» 19^1, ?a8M>vmtlng to 
^lasj t&' t 0li«at JtuimoXT «S^» X»Si» %-p0n tha di^llTosy tf doeda %• 
t^ae fiT« lotOt I'^t^^OK^ ii^& f«.id ttpoft Lm4^ cmcnm^rani^. nn4 I'l^^ter^ 
About M©y t# X92Xf the fttrthar 2»ii» of si, 500 wm» pold th«?r»ont 
00 that »&id m&^OOO on«i»ahrii&oo ws:^ rednof^^ to $1X»O0O| thutt 
Kooraer m^e ctefmtlt In th« f^iagpmont of the Intereot (|3S0} ^€ 
on ^ttgttot 2- , l^2J?t up4»n erid ^neusi^ranwf »» rodacert, »nd o«js» 
pl»iajw\t« r,»id thr*t intoreat, and, after u<5U8t 2(), 1933, (tho 
dat« of the astarity of said fnoiaRl*r«5neo p?? r^^JueoA), «orr»a|fed for 
an «Kt'!msion of t3»o pfigTBOist of th© «ortgai|0 i» :ebt«dMiP«i; thi«^t 
Koomor oXfte ma^e default la tho pognooBt of the gotieral tajcoo 
ufOS tlio i^««l9«» "^or tho irons' I^tl, end .7ohn»on, in ord#r t9 
yiotoet hio lnt@root, imo ooon^olled t« oxpond tho ow Af 
tho;r«fors that KAomor ml. so suido d«tfaiult in th« nn^raiofit of oi»9 0ioX 
j&ooofiisatents* and Joha»on vraa 00Hp«Ilod to moJeo oortAln pnrmonto 
thovofor h«t«00B 9«o«Ki»er IS, 19S1, and XNtoonhov 14, 19?/?, 
^Sf?70g»tiiie ^,dT6,77, of nhioh enm ^2,961*44 hooMM d«o md pa;7« 
ahlo prior to Ootohor 6, 1932, (the da9o tf tho expiration of •»!« 
ooatrntot) and wa^e peid by Johnson or eoniplaliiaiito yrlor to either 
6, 1982} )Mid th.At ROAO of oaiA pnQnftOAte yfT:,B repaid hy KeerA^r. 

fb* e<iurt furllier f^nad that Kleiner •r«ot«>i flT* 
tWKfXat buildlncs upttii ««id flTft lota in moMrdMiM vitk 
t«ffMi of tlM) o«Rt7«et» nad »ub»«qu«iitl3r er«et«d an Xd«&pArlH«n% 
WlXAiiig upon said tiMi Xftts tmd « p«rti«B tf Um third lott 
th«it h« »«irer thcymif tor «r«et«d «ngr •tii®r ^ildln^c ttpr^n idRgr 
ftth«r lotBt ihftt during the f^lx ef X^SII* Kt«ni«r a|ipXi«d t« 
Johntton fur «t Xlja |ii^« | ntmhor df Xot»t 3L«8a than th« whoX* 
rwBoinlngf «aid. "•ff«red t« p«gr c »h* f«r a «»iit«|rwi«« th«r«of, 
iMt <7«hn»on» tiho then h«Xd iitXe t« alX of ft.^d r«Bfiiiiiiag l*t«« 
* r«f ttsftd t«i oonTcy any mmlMrr af 8«dd Xot» X««s than the wh0X« 
f«r 9ttJihs* tlu%t th«r&&ft«ir» and 1»€»f«3re Oetelier 6, X92a» 0«Teral 
e0«f er«n««ft «®r« h«Xd lM»t«««n eflantrlalnantSf snd ^^rtiva rapT«Mntinc 
th««i» tiRd Ko«»m«r« smd pi&rtlea ir«|>r«!ia«ntliMX ^In* '^hicdi oonferttncaa 
imr9 iMTQught at^aut itt !!a»«]*n«r*a ini»taneo f«»r th« puryts* ef aeovriiigt 
if i^asiWflft « KlIfM&ilsa. ®^ *^« ©•atr»«* la ^me^^tioa* ••»• that 
<ii»BV«y«AOesfrffla tiftd tM tiMi #f a Ximita^J n«nil^r «f smid Xeta* Xass 
than th« ^»Xe« en pa^mtnt df Qaah thar^tfer «l|^t ^e praTided far** 
and for the further pnviMiaa af stadif^riag »aid «ontraat» *aa that 
oampXalnanta wouXd ^aaept a e«rtain ameunt of the porOhnt^a priea far 
said Xat» in o&ah, and t^oc^pt at pn^WiiBt far tfcia bo^l^nee af the pnr* 
oh(^e« priea, nentienad in «»^id eantr^iot* a fir at mrt(iraga ar tmat 
da«d up«n aaid Xata;** that no laoclifiQ; tion of tha oantraet wan 
arrived at 9V ii&d«« imt a«aiftplainantn notif iad K#amar that tlMqr 
nanXd so through vith tha oontr^^^at aneordiac ta ito taxmot notwlth* 
standing tha faet th&t ho had atado dafanit at th^t tiaa in tha pagr* 
jnant af tha ganeral taxoa ^nd sp«oiaX eat^aa'jaMnta; and thnt Koamor 
««o natifiad dtaring aaid negotiationa thr t ooaipIainAnta would not 
eanoant to tm 03ctenaion of the eontraot \myond Cctohar 6» X9a2« 

Tho o.^urt furthar fonnd thnt ahont Ub^ 13, X98:2» JohnooB 
eansod to bo eonreyed to Harold '. Johnson, oo*cnafXAlnant horain, 
an nndlTided ona*hnXf interast in dll of tha lots, exeapt th«oo 
thar«tofor<; oaniroyed to Koamar, and that, at the tiat of 





flllng of tliclr 1>111« oetrapXainaats w«re the pwnev as 4«iBt 
tenantB ef th« real eatato} thnt after lof Jehnaon dellTcred 
to Koemor the deed to Bi\id two lota and the portion of the 
third let. the letter aeT^r at any ti»e, aiiecif jgd er deaijmate4 
to Jehnaon« er to hie oo«>eei8pXaln»nt» any other lota that he 
(Keemer) desired to here oonyeyc^d to hlja under the oontraet; 
that the onXy repeat er d4m«tnd made Taj him for the cenyeyanee 
of other lots v&s on hie prepeOaSi to pagr oaah for a ilmited nunher 
ef Xota seyeral »onths prior to Octehc;r 69 19322 that eocaplaJinanta* 
when eaeh request or demand urns nade, refused the eeney /md, in ee 
doing* wtTt within their legal rlghta; that Koemer had the right 
at any tiiae prior to Cotoher 6» 19^2* to obtain the conyeyanee of 
fiye er store of the lots at any time, after performrinee by him of 
all terms of the contraot* and w s obligated to erect buildinco 
thereon* and he also had the right, on and prior to 8»id date, to 
offer to pay, and to pa^, owfjt t for a^l of the remaining lots aai 
to recelye ® eotivevance thereof, ^t that he did tt#t ti% aiQr tine, 
after the aonyf^yaaee to him hy lof Johneon of said tuo lota sind the 
portion of the third lot, recpaesit tim conv^jyaneo of any more of the 
lots to he paid for hy hint ^ the seoend mortgage plan preyided for^ 
and *nei^er did he offer to pay oaeh for all of the remaining unlm* 
preyed and unconyeyed lots, nor vas any tender made hy him to the 
Qomplainants, or either of them, before » on, or after Oetoher 6, 
1922, of any sum of money vjhatey-r for all of the unconveyed or 
unlmproyed lots, er for ai^ of thorn, until after the oeam enoement 
of this euit." 

The court further found th^t on October 14, 1922, (after 
the expiration of tho eontraot) Koemer had tendered to him a dee4 
of eony^'yanoe of nil thie remaining unoonveyed lots, and he was 
reeiaested to pay the balcunee due en the purchase prise for all of 
the lots, hut th;*<t he did not then accept the deed or pay eei4 
b&lanootsor did he tender said balanoo until February 31, 1923, 




ttt » %im* when the pr«e«ttt A<3tioR \knA htttsn p«n4iac agaittisi hl» 
for «)>«ut fmir noiitlis} that »■ sxsiid dis^* O«to^«r XA, Itas^ 1m 
did not }mo» th%t ntth « doo4 vmuld bo tendered to liSa} tluitf 
o» F«i>ra6ry 3t>* 19239 itrtillo the Ofiuao w&& poiMllttC ^foro tiM 
nn.8t«r» ho filod his crooa«bill« aad« on tko followias dogr 
l^f«r« tho m^otffVt ^ tcndorod to eoaipl&iaan'to tlM owi Af jjttT^OOO, 
•Ad offorvd to pKf i4luitoT«r odditional siua »i(Slit iM n«o««attTj to 
fogf tlM fall aiM»u»t thiit vmuld be d. «« «t tiut time imd^r said 
ooatraot* on ths aasosiptloB iiirt tho eontraet w^e Ktill in full 
fore«« 'but thut cowpl&inostta r<$fu»€td tho t^«dior« 

tho eourt fttrth^r found i^at noitlMr t3i« oontroot in 
«ia«i»tion nor tho operation thereof wns oxtond<»d I17 anything dono 
or ottittod iQr oomploin«»»tsi, or \iy anyono noting for th«B« or bjr 
snjr epeoifio or inplied ogroflment between th« p^^ties; thftt ii^Iof 
John&on» fmai De6<mb«r 6» it2C)« en^ bath QtrnplMins^ntu, froM tho 
tlwe Harold F* Jolmoon ao^irod hie interest in the prif»laoo« and 
down to and including Oeteb^r 6, 192 « did &^d |3«rfo£med« aa^ ut nil 
tinee were re»4«fy, nUlo and ellling to perfom, all the temo and 
conditiona of the eontra<»i, to be dono ?n& p«rfom»d by the firot 
party thereto, and th^itt oompXsiinanta were nerer at any tiiM in de« 
fMilt} th«' t on the eontr^vxy Koerncr nade dt^fioilt; that he failed to 
pay i^^neral taxoa and special siaeeosnottto ao rehired Mnd«*r the eon* 
traeti thnt after the conTeyanoo to him of aaid too lota and a per* 
tion of said third lot* he "w&a noTer at hmj time recvdy and idlling 
to taike tho ialanoo of said lota in bloolEa of fifo or aore and 
ijKproTo then according to tho teimo of the oontraot and ]Mi|r t%9 
then by cxaeutln^: ;?md delivering to eeaplitlnanto aeoond aortgacoo 
for the oontraot prioet** and tH/^t* prior to tho n—i«ooa«^nt of 
tho proeoat ouit» he «ma neyer ready and willing to Atto«pt a oon* 
Toysiaoe of lpi^^ of the reanlnin^ nnoonTC|rod lots «nd pa^r taah thore • 
for aa pro-rid«7d in the oontraot. 



^ »* 



'HtM* » ^t ij>i. 

t 1« 


■9mJ a>ti4g ijpifc^' i^it 


Um contretot and iiii expire? ti»ii» Oo teller 6, X932» K»«PR«r 
l^aiA m piuri of tHe interest th^% had aecruvd ^ring that 
•B th« B«rtgim« C'iioiixbr«A«« then en th« pr«pertgr» iweuBtisai! 
t« th« t«ta ottH ef ^U. 

': «^^> t0 i 

i^Pt#.l» (t9nm^5<ter$ng *^ c«mtrri*ft, suit rryl.oilBg: t)te} CTi» 

Hums l» #si2'2ftti&JU;^ d|ffi»r«a-t frmt %h£i ^i^&m^At i3«iiA.$^,«^r «Sii«ii 
t« tlw talit* «jf tiM rMMdniftic l4t« iM«lk TUmagmiif^ "^j tt»t Mftblac 

•iii? tH 

!KT ii~ " '- 'i^-- 

furtkMr d«»lgne>ti»as iitt4«r th« ooiitartt«V mU^t &•»▼• an ««■• 

And in» A0 not thinlt ttbnit tte •Tidaaao Mntaiiia o«aiiti«l*t 
further cottt«nti«ii8« (a) th&t th« J«l!m»#nii «n»r« not At All tis«s« 
9ri«r it tliir d9t« <if tliA «x|iii*£ttl«a of tiM •#»tr&ct« rte^^ «%!• 
and williBg to p«rfes» iiie t«i»» sad eftBAitl«»s thmrmmf tn tbcsir 
^<art t« IM 9«yf«s»«d» %«t wAd« m ttitdicd «ff«rt t« iMilDt It la* 
pda^ilVLd fmv &a«vii«r t« ip«rfiiim« or (!»} tliAt l^laf ^vImmm mp m»» 
pXainiiat* mt Um d«tt« of tlM otatr^st^tt Itn exfiratlea or th«rt«ft«r« 
ii«r« not tlu» ««ni«i>ti la f«« BimpX* ^f tli« |»r«nl»«« (ftxoepting thost 
X«t» eoBTeyed t« K(»«7a«T iit hi« d«i»igafitio»«) 

@»cui»«i l^rtbeir doat«ad8 m^i, th« jriilai««a«« ligr t«ad«rtai 
• dd#d to Ko«{ni«r on 0«tt1»«ir |.4» l^a^t {•$^% di^ «ft»r the ex* 
9lrfiti«a of tlw oomtr»«t) ff Hm rtat&iaiag ttaodavc^d X«t8» tlMrv* 
^ «l#<»t«d to contimm ^hi oaatra&t ia 'foreo, la oar opinian tte 
poiat is ^dtlbi^mt merit* M do aot t&injk that tho Johaooao ««ro 
tta<s^'r ««j o%)iigi.tiott to mskle® ^oh toad«f]f* /)ad« aador tlM f»ota 
aad oiJf^iti^etiinoo^t the etXm^t Of K:oera«r*6 f.iiiXare to actceyt it 
oad pogr {'or t^ i^x«yortgr i^rior to th« filial of th« t»lll oa 
OotolNir B$« 19Stp wpM to pit hta» u»i|»o@ti<»n^ly« ia d^foalt* 

Oo^aaooX further ooatoadu tli^^t ^iof JTotaooa's eoaroyoaoo* 
oloat M«igr X&0 X9%Z^ of Aa undiyided oao haSi* iatoroot ia tlM 
jiroaiooo (yIs, tlu»oo lota Foaaiaiag uaoon^ojrod to XOonMor) to 
Kf&jroXd ?• Johaooa* ooa of liof «ad oo^emopiaiaoat h«r«ia« whorolqr 
Umj Voo«abe th« ovRoro ia Joiat toaaa^, «a« a %roa* of tlM ooa* 
tsTftot oa Kiof Jobaeoa^o pnrt* ^ do aot think oo* mA it ayyoAro 
froM oao of tho oourtU fiadiaca, snpiy Haetaiaod \tf tho sTideaoot 
that of t«r aeid ooaYoyoaoo aad prior to tho fiiiag of tho bill hoth 
oo My loi a aata voro ro«d|r> olilo oad wiliiae U pojrfom all toxaui of 
tho Qoatr^ot na ««:roed to ho porfonMd Iqr '^lof Jolmaoa. 

Aa to Koomor«B teader of ^7,000, oto«« aodo oa 
Vohmxurir 21 « lf39« oftor tho ooatraot had oxyirod aad ahout four 

••fcJW "T^ t 


:ua,.;;.K!( ■".>• 

t# iE^ 


iMKtkui after o«BtpX«iii«iiit«* ^iXX «i«.« fiXt^t loid nft^x' th« takliic 

the »»iiteiP f«ttiiil thr, t tlM tender e«ai« too l«te wnd thrt eeai* 

pleiiiiuita «»r« wnAttv b» obligation t« »eoeft tiM ««■•• Tbe oourt 

in effect eonfjTwed the me findlnc* in tho decree. Cmmeel f^r 

Keeraer eeatend in «tt1toete»i«e tliatt inanu^ «e the eentrect did 

mt ootttaia mir ea^rete yroTieiett t» tlui efftot tli«^t tlae mi» of 

III* etteente ef the e«atr«et» the tendey« £l though lRte« v«e andk 

He oiiiipl«lf)«nte wero iNmnd te aeaeft* smd that, be nee, the oourt 

erred in efiteri»« the deeree ei^peeled frm, \'m 0(?nnet a^ree* 

Keentier*e &roee*t»lll» greying fer » epeeifie perfexnimee of the 

eeniraet* wj?e net filed until «be day before e&id tender wae n&de* 

The d^r^tien of the <»«>tttrsiet vm for n :^riod of 22 nonthet •>:• 

firing Oetoher 6« X9t3* ^inrinj^ that i^riod Keemer had Oie right 

«9on hie d«»iga4>ition to fiKT€^ii«^»e eertnin lote «t th(^ prieee nmied 

^ad «reet huSldinge thereon nnd^r th« eeeoi^ «M)rtg:«ge s»li&n» He 

only made tno deei@a»tione* He alsMi had the ri^t to |ittrc^a«e all 

of the lote for eaeh en or hoforo Getoher $« 19^« iitf tor »akiag 

Sfiid t«o deeigABtion^ sm4. re^^oi^ln^ tl^ lote he felled to oorq^ 

with hie a^T^f^ento a» to Vsxmn oad ei>oeial ao»«fti«ente« and ooia* 

f lalnnnto vore obiigod to esqpend largo wm9 9ft nonoy to yrotoot 

their Interest in the proportgr. cleitrly, under the cirfl«iii»taJi00o 

disolesed^ eooi^lainente had th« right to demand th^>t Kof>m«r ehould 

oowyly with the eontraet* and t&Jke all the remaining lote at tho 

priooe neaied« and }?ay caah therefor hy Octohc^r d» 193^% unA, if 

thie oaa not done hy th^t tin^^ to een»id«r the eontraet »e no 

longer in foroe, and «,ct aoeordingly. In ^.oo^ r. ^hnffer ^ 248 111. 

^fTt it ie eaid fjiy. f30«l)|i 

"At law the ttno fixed for the yerfonaoMio of n 
oontrnct ie doonod of the eoeenoe of the eontrnot. 

yrU^r ▼• YewM j ^ aoaa. 444* ) hat oourte of eemity 
frequently reliero a p«rtgr freoi th« eeneeciuenooe re* 
salting at law from hia f «.llnre to perfom hio eontraet 

EsOstM^ ncf 

#*li*«ft»& tfo»^ 


,f^ .',.,«.;t"|^ 

'i4Mii- ys^'% ^3w 

ila* l9 not of tlM «•••»#• •£ tlM o*tttr««t» «lMir« 
•iif«ro<»€iit of Urn strict rul«9 tf litiw wtmXA r«8«lt 
in « f«rf9lt«r« of non^y pmid vr fr<ip«rtrf dellTwrtrA 
under t)ur (MiBtr«et« •? would •tlMrvi»« V« iis*<{iiiti»¥l« 
MMl ftgnliKt |S««A «ijt»«itii««{ Iteat 1m sttoh eit««iB a 
r«as«iia¥l« «xa«s« f«r tlM a0ii»9«rf«nBr.n«* M th« tla« 
fixed for pisrt9tmBMm Mi»i 1m tlwim In ord^r to wHrr&nt 
a oomrt of o^ilgr itt 0<»i]^X11jM| o^poalflo porfoxittOAOO 
on boh»lf of tlio d«lliinaont party** 

^B H«Olt»T*' .^ t. ^iJSSIS^ ^* ^^^* ^^^* ^^» ^^ ^" BdldS 

*A otart of o^ity haft no jaor«? rl^t ttoas a oonrt 
of lav to dloyottno with an oxpr«o» otifulatioa of pax* 
tioa in ragard to tl»a» 1« eontraota of thla natttro^ 
«^re no fra«d« »ocidaiitt or mlat^ica hao laterroiiad* 
7o rttlirfo frmk tho effaot ol ottoti etipalatloiia» oxoayt 
on tlia grounda aottod* imtld i^raetic^Xly d«agr tlio rli^t 
of p«rti(?6 to inaka than. ^oh rttXlef wouXd re'-mlt la 
gr«^t injtt^ttiiN; to TOBdora." 

tM m^mi ▼. liM^^i ^ lU. 38. 4X. it la aad{ 

^JUaada in tm.« aoantry are an r.rtioXo of ooBBnaroo« 
and pjsrtias witlrlug oofitn.cta for their MaJLo« rt^l^ myoa 
th« o)»lif atlOBO of pnrohaaors aa a maaaa \fy idiioli thay 
are aii«l4od to traiiaaot tealiM»a« Froa^titiido la the 
diaeharao of oaidi obllgatioaa ia aa oasaatlal. as la other 
ooaoiareial traaai^otioaa; and Jaistiee to ^mi vaador requireo 
that Ottoh oliXigatloaa ehaaid oe literally eoaiyXiod with. 
aaioaa the atiyal^tloa ia ragard to ti»o la aaivad* or 
thora ia oeMO oaoaae for a fl»a»eeii|iliaaoo»^ 

Xa MjXlar ▼, ftX^ . IZ^ XU. ^Xn^ S8i» It ia aftlAs 

**t|jBO ia origiaaXXy of the aasoaao of the eoatraet 
ia the Tiew of a «Mirt of e<rmiVt ^^Bu9n»r9V it w&y^eiaem to 
have 'beea p«%T% of the raaX int^atioa of tho partiaa that 
it »hmild >te ao, aad aat to Kave l9«<«a iaaerted na a Merely 
foraaX part of ^o oaatraot. ao thla ia ten tioa aair either 
bo aofarateXy o:»qpreaae4, or sftogr ^ liqBlled f roa the aMtaro 
or etmetare of the agre«aeatt it faxXowa that tiaM ma^ he 
oriirinaXXy of the aoaeaoo of a eoatraot* ao to aay oae or 
aora of ita terna* either loy rirtao of aa ex^roao eoadltioa 
la tho agroaaaat itself aaklag it ao» ar hy re^»oa of ito 
hoiag iajaied.* 

xa pi,}mm ▼• mt^pi ^i^fi ^.a 9f.>> xad xxi. &46« 

•tt, it ia aai4: 

**▲ eoart of oqiaity ia hoaad tigr a ooatraat aa tho 
MikiOl hatro aade it* aad hao aa aatharitr to oahatitato 
for it aaothor aad differeat agsaenoat* aad iM^tioalar 
Xaa^age ia aot aeaeaomry to aahi the tlao of iierfoimaaoo 
eaaaatiaX. if right aad ^ustiee ia tho ladiTiduaX ohbo 
doMaad it* An agroffacmt maat ho aempXied «rith ae sada 
aaXooa aoaa etiyaXatioa ia aalTad or there io a Jast 
aaMHao for nan^aoafXlaAOO.* 


But 1P9 «r« i3ot li^^ponedt usder all th« fiiOii !« 
•TidMie»9 to liit9rf«r« vltJi tbe GO«rt*» fintflag, 9Ad tlu^t 
f*rti4itt tf tlte A««y««« r«X«tiv» t* tiM n»o«v«r]r Wsic Iqt 
Kft«r««v f jp«M tiM •MiplAlnaiittt ftif ••!« ««i ttf fSIS, iMiittg f«r 
inter* «it igitieit Im imid on tiM XjrfUivi M»nfirn««* ""^ oaanot 
afr«« with ««H^l»iiiantit cimn«<tl that th« well Ittotm 4«crtrin«« 
that bfi i»lio G«iiR««» into 9 omirt of «$<iiiit|r aM«i 4i« t^itSTt is 
not »|i9lie«'^l«« 

tli« {|«tx«e df th« i^peri#r Court is aiffinMHl* 

Jrit4sli tta4 B]&2nMi«» JJ«yO*ii«ttir« 

%mi ii.' 

S6X - »oi« "^^^^ y '' '^T'K / 

^ Y.<«:^ 

OWaoKy T. rMM rOKftSL^ Ad»lnl«tr»tor ^^^ 

of th« Itttate of Swniol Roper, [ nO/lTA A 94 





SR PRKSit)iK<i juuv^ aHxmjnr xmlivsksd ths opiiiioK o? iKs; court. 

On October 2Q« X9?I, plaint! ff» mi adminlttrator 
(he «istat# of Saisufil Rop«r, deotaBod, ooaaoaeod th« protont 
aetion a^^lnQt tho City of Chlc%^ to r«eov«r dainagoo for nog* 
llgontXy OAUoing tho ^e&tb of t>i« deeoH^ed, & man of about t9 
yoftre of ago, oarXy In tho morning of A»|^st 24, X92X. On tho 
irlaX In »TtiXy, 1925, tho jtiry rot«rn«<i « Tordlct finAinn do- 
fondant guilty and astiossing plaintiff's da£aa««e at |2,500, 
and th« court, aftor ovorrullng dofondant*s saotions for a now 
trlaX andS in arroot of judgment, entered Jud^ent upon tho 
Tordict ai^^nat dof«indant and this appeal foXlO'wed« 

PXaintiff** originaX docXaration consisted of two 
oounts. In tho first it is aXXeged in substsuico that "on to-?rit, 
August 2'i, X9:31,* in the lifotime of Sai&uoX Boper, defendant had 
control of a oortain publio street, called CaXunot avenue, in tho 
oity of Ohic^o; that not regarding its duty to keep tho street 
in good repair and oonlltlon, defendant, on the day aforesaid, 
negXiftentXy oufferod saii otroot. about 200 foot south of 4Xot 
street, to be «nl remain in bad repair an'^! in an uneafe and 
dangerous oonlltion. In that there were two Xarge holes, near tho 
eonter of the street, onXy partiaXXy fiXXed and ^thout any Xights 
or warning oignaXa, so that automoMXes ani other TOhi ;aeo in pass* 

9i0fs « w 




Ing over th« hoXen would r«0Aiv« jolts and Suth, of v^loh oondl* 
tion dofondant th«n and ih«r« heA noticv, or by th« oxeroioo of d\» 
(iar« •hould haTO had notlco; that whlla oaid Ropor "with all dut 
o«r« ond dillgenoo** was thon riding in an Antoawbllo upon Calunot 
«T«nue in a northeriLy diroctlon toward* 41it stroot, said autosiohilo. 
In pasting ovar 8)%id holes, was thsreby so jarred and jolted t)|at hs 
was thrown with great fore* o«t ©f It to ond upon tho ground and 
was thereby "then and t>>«r« killed,* Then followed in the eoont 
afiproprlats allegations relatlTe to the surrlying widow and childran, 
wh« by ths aeold(?nt had been daprlTOd of their maans of supi^ort, 
tto« The seoond cotint contain^ 8ul;»t ant i ally the sane allega* 
tions, stating with mi>t% partieuliyrlty the size of the holes. To 
this deelaratlon defondant filed a plea of the genaral issue. On 
^uly 9, 19S3, during the trial and z&ora than one year after tha 
death of the daoaasad, the ot»urt, on plaintiff's motion, grarited 
hijQ leaTS to asaend eaoh count of the deolaratlon {wnd eaeh ^m» so 
aeiendsd) by inserting therein in an appropriate pl/s^oe the allaga* 
tion that the death of the deoeassed "occurred on or about August 
24, 19^1, ;ind within one year prior to the oosEoaenoament of this 
suit.** To the deelaratlon as amended defendant filed a plea of 
the general iseus und a plea of the atatute of liuiitationa, plain* 
tiff desmrred ©re temii to tha latter plea, nnl the court sustained 
the A^smrr^T* 

The bill of exceptions diecloses that on the argusiant 
on the de»iurrer defejMant's attorney skade the' po Lnt that the original 
declaration did net state a good eaus* of action. In that neither 
count showed that the death of the deceased oocurred within one 
year after the aooldent, toai the sASBd&fsit , stating that fact, waa 
filed 1^0 re than one year after said death. 

I>afandant*s counsel hare urge the easts point and oon- 
tend that the trial court erred in sustaiiiing plaintiff's densurrer 
to defendant's plea. In our opinion there is no nerit in the «en* 



t«ntton« Vhilt it la wall tot tied that, in an action brought undtr 
tht Injurl«8 Act for oauolng d^ath by wrongful aot, the <5oolaratloa 
must allege faote shoeing that the action it brought within one 
year after th« death, (H^trqjg ▼. Chicai^o Railwa^ytl g^^., 290 111. 89) 
«e think that the ori^^-inal declaration euffioier.tly statoo a cause 
of action in thie parti uiilar. the action irae coauBenoed and the 
original declaration fil«d on October Sc, 1921, about two months 
after the happening of the aeoident, «nd it is alleged in each oourist 
thnt the accident occurred on August 24, 1921, on Calumet awenue, 
about SOO feet south of 4l8t street, Ghioago, and that said Hoper 
was *theii aa^ there kill^** 

But v« do not think that the eiri<!©no« sufficiently 
shows that Roper at and before the ti»« of th« accident, was in 
the exercise of du<* care for hia own safety, as alleged, to warrant 
the wcrdiot and Jfudg»ent, The ewldonce as to the details of the 
•ecldent Is confined to the teotiaeny of plaintiff's witness, John 
Arrlngton, the driver of the autoxxiobile. Othor witnesses testified 
as to ^at they saw alter ths accident. The autOi2«bile was a one* 
fleated roadster and flTS persons were riding in or on the ear at 
the time • Arrin{.i:ton, the driver, and two girls, one in ths lay 
of the other, on the seat beside hin, and Koper and a siaa aa»ed 
Jabre were seated on the gas tank in the rear, f?:;olng b^^okwards. 
lieither of the two girls, or Jabro, were called as witnesaes. On 
th<i aftftmoon preceding August 24, 1921, Arrin^^on took Roper in 
the car to Hamrtond, Indiana. They returned about nine o'clock in 
the erenlng, and Arrln^vton left Hoper at the Green Mill Inn, a 
soft drink parlor, 'Pirtere he was «reploy«d, Later Arrlnpton picked 
up Reper at the Inn ani they went to Tarlous plaoss and finally, 
about l:lf) a, m« on the morning of August 34th, the ear, with ths 
occupants seated as above nentlonfid, vas aoving north on Calisaet 
av^^ue, at a speed of about 20 miles per hour snd aporoaohlng 41st 





%>tT» irm« a •«t«t« Jolt, m4 B«9«r, wt>^ v«9 ewatt'l jsn t>.«» f^a 

A.rrl»gtOf» th»r« wa« « atvi^ln, eoTored with a ucrfrr c«fi, on w«^ 
«»a tf th« »»«otfe m4 nt%% i«« tWBOc, tJ8i ^« 11/5 a«t lm»v ir»!«tH«» 
•r o»t at tbft ti»» ©f »%• iiocia»nt H^ptr v»» ^oldlag w %9 •iiy« 
ihlBs, Aooorliat' t© t3s« tcetlzs^fay of ^eftcflaat't ^ltrat?««, M«ij»)»ii, 
» f©lie« •ffi««r, ^t «3tiuRliafd tla« t»r!it «ftcir tto« aejia^at, tJh«r« 
ver» i^f tttpplftt ar jpnt^t^otieB* eia the t©^ of the t«eJE w>ij«h « pey«» 
»<ttt, •Htliif th«r«oa, o«ia^ ii»ie« feikIA of, m^ tfc«,t th« top ira« 
rouR^, I'r^er t.b« f»45t« diseloa** W9 think the if«.rdlct ka^ Sxx4^ 
••lit '^re ??,j:^ltiPt the w«5tc?it ©f the firt^«-r«»« on tJie ^n^ttinn of 
th« t«?ircise of ^ne care for bis ©*« •^ftty ©n tfc«« ^nrl ©f Rep«v 
«t *»i<! h«?for«i da* tlmi* of the steeliest. lfgTan£t!^f| t ▼♦ £ill ££ 

Jafti^EEiM. n 111. rsa, ^41; ti^Myi ^^ mm:M, ,^- h. A^. 

th« QiMifttt r«se4ii<l«4, 

i*itch «a4 ^Arxi43«, *?J«» o<&n€yr. 

365 « S902S 

MAtJsusa Ftnucz, 

or CRZCAflO. 

234 I.A. 625 

muymtam tkk ofi^iIoh of the comr. 

In this Qft«*, eoiia%«»c«i<l in S«9t«nib<ir, X919, tVier« hart 
b«eii thr«t Jury trial*, all rowultlng in T<!rd lott in faTor of ds* 
f«adi»nt. AXt«T the first triiil ta i^«pt«E£ib«r, 19X'» tho court 
grfb8t«<l pl«iii^illf *8 motioik for & £i«w trial • After the second 
trial in li©re«;ber, X9?.Q, Judgmsint was entered against plaintiff 
for costs Sind he ai^pe^ed to this stijpisllatft court nnd ths Judgmisnt 
was r«Tsrs<»d an^^ th4» oatiso re»i«^lod u^^on tho grounds (1) that tho 
▼or^'ict ayad JadgiRont vor« osanif#»tly aitalnat tho weight of tho 
«Tli<?nco, nni {2} th&i this trial cf^urt errod In rofusln^f to glvo 
t© th# jury two InBtriJct i©n» offered hy i^lalntlff, (5??>5 111, App, 
645, opinion fllod Boeftffiifeor 30, 19 31, hut not |»uhll»hed). Tho easo 
was redooketod In tho UimiaipAl @purt, an^, in lune, 1925, tipon tho 
third trial, tho $nry rotumel a verdict In dofondaut's faTor :tfid a 
JudpBont for cost* was onterod agr^ln^t pliintlff aal ho porfootod 
tho proe<int appeal* 

Isi our forsser opinion, to which rof«>r«tnoo Is m»*de, wo 
stated tho is!3tx«8 as proaent^^d hy tho pleadings and the facts as 
disclosed froi^ the OYl ionoe IntrtJduoed on tho soeond trial. After 
rowl owing the ovidenoo oontainod In the present reoord, w)ilch lo 
ouhstantlally the snRe as on eald 9«0(ind trial, we ar<» of tho 
opinion that tho TorfUet sund jud^^nent now In quest ion arr so 
Btanlfeetly against the wel£:ht of the evidence as to require a 
roTtrsal of the Judl(^«Mit and a remandioi^nt of the o^uso. Ho 


5. ^ 



brief lUid Argunent on b«half of Aefondant hat boon fllnd in thio 
eeari. Cemisol for plaintiff not only eontond thsit tho jud^ont 
tthould bo rovorsod, but ih^t Jttd«;ftoni should bo onterod horo 
agftiaot dofondant for #400, tho oaioant of plaintiff *o oliiiai* Ao 
tho OAOO WAS tri«d beforo a jury, wo aro not authcrlxod to ontor 
otioh a Jttdi5m«ist In faror of pXatwtiff , ( Qlt.Y fif 3i>rln^ V/UXox ▼. 
*^??3^^".£ y«M«y &SA i^«. ^f^ 113L. 4»7, 506; Morth aide a^gft i Dooi; 
^« V. Uoldtttoi^ , sae 111., 209, 212; llnigti. t v. SfeaSi, 290 111,, 

The jttdgnor/t la r«vsro94 and th« oause Is r<%mandO'S 
for a now trial* 

fitch and Bameo, J J, , eonour. 






XAmrr c. 


§ jwmiTf Mnm^ 



{ 234I.A. 625 


lilZCZFAk (MmiT 

ME.. :piui@];s»i m^^nm tknmM m:Mym^B tsm ^nxim ^ tw wmt • 

•i«««4 39anj*B 9»tiU«iiy fiX«d ^ yirtii« of ««rtaia ^roviai^AS 
jttdgmeni for ^900 y«B4j»ip«4 nt^iiB^t )%to e« ^fOMio^r 30 » 1933« 

lit iur tttur fhii ijii«r«f^i3ti»ii ^f Ikimel BmUUhpmtA tmA 59th '>tr«9i« 
< ltt » »f 9 » ^"Bk^. belli 9iar9 vero Aflmc«4« B»ny lKr««tslit wtit stc^iB^t 
^«rr«tt«t is »iil4 iteiiioipttX c^vnrtf oi4»o %•• 9S9»4$9« aiA« nAiiU 
t3M smtt MM y»iiAi»g« JN|]f99t1pt« om J^^iary ^« 1.9S3t «tt»7f«««Nt 
«i omini^JT cMait* c^immi Ho* 993|»#99« c^Mitsi Mmsfry nln.$mUm d«Mg«9 
•f |fla<3 t« hife ««pr lor r«mmm «r Bttjryjr^s i»»«li.s«««»« tv tlM l«»i 
ittfStiMHKl mi&i B«^i^ mktmvmd liii «|»9««r«B#» %gr stt^mngrt Mii 
d«iiMidiir4 » jury trlaif wmA tlMiv««ft»7 la aft tiiM* •» immmxy 15, 
19^3^ fU«^ «it)i 1ilM» aX^tk of tli« Sfitnieima 0«ttrt ea nffidwrit of 
■«riia» Glaiain^. tlMii «t th$ ii»o of tte oollisioa l-«rro%t«t*s 
ear w^m ^i»M aoslici^atly <ip<»ra%«d, aiiA 4<^nc/iAg «^iV B<tcXiC«ii9* 
in tlMt aporatAaa of hi* (B^jney'o) aart 9T ihit Parratt«t*« aav 
wKva ^mtm94 ta liMi axt<mt of i999« Hm affi4aT&t af aarita 
la vwrlf er«ua«d in tiM oMiaa nut^rv C. Panrattat va« f^nrfl^. 

MBSSZ»^ ^^ ^^ MBlMr tteraaa !• *989,4»9< 

It «a«ra tiM fUa 


»ark of tke oX«rk mu 9t afld d«t«* AffsrvAUy tiM el«rk f«t 
Uui pKper tm»ng the fil«» |« •*»• !•• MV^iSff in «hl<di ^^<»3nir 
UBS tte plaintiff, Mid it WkM vt r«iri«t«r«d i» •«•• «•• tM^O^d^ 
in ^Mliieh Bsrrjr «a0 tli« d«f«fidi«iit* On Jannsfx '^^tit, it att 
App^o'.riBft ih;^i IBtonef ImUI f iloA an af fidaTit •f strits in can* 
X»« t93»099» witliin th« pxiif«r ti»«» hm we^d d feuXt^ci f«r w^oit 
•f moil fUtfidsTitt ^A^ An tJui following d^agr tto« jud^n^nt ia 
queti^stion anaifi&t Bisirrjf wmi «tit«r«d« Xt ajpi^aya fr^iQ ilw r«o«rd 
tk«t» pre o« ding tlM ^Btrjr ftf tiMi Judgnentt tli« e^t^na* •amt oa fnr 
triiO^ 1i^f«r& fkM «Miri '*witb«ut • jnir** tliat P«rn>tt«t «»• 
yresentt that Barxy mis iilis«At nrid «»t r«pr«s«at«d, and that tJM 
•«iurt «f ter h«i>ritt8 «vid«ii«« f«itnd Btt.ny gaiXtgr »« «lLar|^«d« nsd 
M««ss«d JL^err«tt€!%*a d8«Mi«s at #000* Xt furtlwr apyeaty* tkmt 
neither Barry nar hia attttmey* X«%m«d of tlw «»try nf thn Jad|f 
mmn% untiX s^hont 70 dM|r» 1^«r«after» itlMU nn ex«eatinn v^tft »rr«d« 
•Ad that 9tt /ipriX X49 XVZZf Barry* l|y his ettarn^ys and with 
X«f;y« af e«itrtt fiXad a verified p€titi»n to Taoate tha imd^aemt* 

Xil the p«titlftB tha faeta a«1l«i£JitiaXly ea ahtva ant* 
Xinsd* aa v^XX »a f^ots ehowis^^ th^t B&rsy had a Maritoriana 
dafaiiM t« f«rrottet*0 euit* irera B«t farth, and Barfy aaked that 
th9 ^.'fanXt and Jnd^nant ha Taaatad and «at aaida *hy raaaan of 
a iiictaha of fact hy th« oXerk of th« court in faiXing to ka^y 
dafani ?at*» affidaTit of uteri to in the fiXas of thia «aao«* On 
AprU aoth* Farmttat, ky hia &tt«ra«y, fiXad a donunrer to tha 
patition* and hX<?0 a pXaa olid an anavor* On tha hairing tha 
c i^rt OTarmXed l*arrottiit*a dMwrrart hnt snatainod hia pXaa and 
dianiaaad Barry** petition* 'ilia pXaa aXXacos that B^rry^s aaid 
affidKTit af nerita *hraB not* throur^h tha nint^Jee and €rr%T of 
tha eX«rk of tha ooiirt« pXaood in tha wrong oonrt fiXa«" knt 


•iit^'' l^if. 



in thia QMrt ligr tlM olork * « bc«iat»* ftf the neglis«ne« of »9H. 
9<9Utittii«r*0 attorTuvyff in th« pret^rjr ration ftf sfti^ »ffi<lftTlt ftf 
merit* tmv flXiag* •r »«k«iiii« in their Affio*** f1^* MIX •€ 
«3E««9ti(mt diiioXoMf thut OB Vm !i»srine th« Mily «Tid«iiM intr»* 
d«««d w»8 & GOfgr flif s)»l.d offidATit of M4?ritft» ubio^t as m\mr9 ••»• 
ticm«At ^-PV**^^ te ^ ««rr«9t3l^ entitled tus to th« parties jilAia* 
tiff Mid di5f«iidiiBt, *nit hi?-8 thertjon th« mu^Ver •t$^,459* instead 
ef the nuRlMir *ftl3»09^** 'i% d« iMit think that the evVJetite 
•«ffiei*^iitiy euciitfi^iJie the ••eentid allegettioa e«tttikiiM(d in 
y«rreitet*@ ^99^$ Tix« thAt th« mietelEe «se esiised Iqr the itegli* 
geHMi %t Hm atttjmerB ^«^ Bi»r73rt or twww ia their •ffiee, i» 
puttiKg oa the f^lYidaTit ef m«rit» &n erreffeeub miaiher* Zt d^e 
not eaffieientiy Af^«r titat eeid r^ttflmeys* er anyone ift their 
«»pi»y» w«^«! gttilt^ of Regligenoe in this ref»rd, hitt it doee 
Hpi^ftr ih t the affidavit ef »«rita» pifoperly entitled ss to tho 
9«urtie« pleintiff ead defendimt, ims in good f «»JLth filed with tlM 
olerk in «f t tiMi« ^e tMiih there there mun sntii n Misteloi moiIo 
V the eierk &e «mrrs«io the Too^tion of the i9k40mm% «n4er tho 
proTisioBS ef sisetion 2X of the l^nieifol Court Aot fruiliUlll ▼• 
Jawrlooat l^in^eed Co,> 1X7 lU. App. 292>, nud thitt, to prerent a 
failnre of Ju&tiee (Soo* If lliuiioipel ^'enrt Aoi), tho ord(*r or 
^dipent appoalod fr«i ohould ho rove rood end tho eogoo roMondod* 
Aoeordin^7» the JuditpMiBt of tho Xnsioipel Oeurt ^JUmisaiae Barry* e 
petition ie reiroroodt end the eimeo is roMuuidod vith direetions 
thet the KttBietpiil Cmirt Taemte the defenlt tahWi ec^iast Borrjr, 
ORi also Taoato tho ^di^Mnt for ftOO rend^rm^ t^ffdm^t him on 
Jennsry 30 » 1925, and that there ho a trial npon the merits of the 
is»ttOs as prevented h7 J^errettet^o statement of elaim and Barry* a 
Sfdd aff id&'rit Of merits. 

fit^ emd B«imoo« JJ«, oenonr* 


'dt ii *-:#'f .' 'l^M 


*fl#, Y 

395 - 29053 

C«KqpXikixiBAt acd Appall ••^w"^' ) OO/fXA ^P'^ 

Tft, I Ai»ii>KAL jmoM snrsRioR coxmt 

t>«f tod anil. 

On Ani^s>«il oX CHAiibJSS A, BHiLiOW, 


3^ tlila £iki»^)0ftl. OtarX^ii A. Brlllow 9«ek« to r«v«ir«« a 
^l-icree of th« Sup«irior ceuH, of Oook County, ^nter«d ^tily I'',, 
1923, ••^«r«ln It vmn adju3geid that tli« reooiM of a certain con- 
triOt feot'»«en :3rlll»w jyad ©ae Lovl S. Pleraon, datftd Ayrll 16, 
19 30, and r«cor<ie4 in tlio r«aord«r*8 offioo of Coox County on 
July 2n, 1920, "be rejsKjved a« a oloud upon ocwaplaln^^t *• title to 
eortalB real eatitu, Ivjiproirod "by a thro«»oiory apartsaent building 
oontalnisg 16 apart&anto, in eaid county, »nd that Ooorgo J. 
Bab^.r«r, on« of th« def eui! .unts, forthwith rotum to Briliow tho 
•US of |l«ooo« 

Pi^rsoA, a r«»id«mt of Indiduin^olla, Indiana, vaa 
tho o^Bc^r of tho preodffoo on April 16, 19 3o, tho (^.ate ;)f tho oon- 
traot. On July l?l, 195?0, Pleraon a««J rirof? tho contrnot f^rnlnatod 
on aooo>mt of BrllloWo failuro to puro^^aao tbo uroetdiooo ms<IOY th# 
tf^rrno sot forth, anrt oo notlfi«f! Bapll?.oir, Cn th« followin/j ^ay 
Uaboror, tho o««ro« ag«nt, at tho roqu^^ot of Brilloir*o attorney, 
dollYorod tho oontraot to aaid at to may for tho purposo of rooorda- 
tioa, and on tho »fmm day tho latter rooordod it wlthoat Pioroon*o 
knovlod£0 or oonftont. On Auguot 24, 1920, Pioro'm, then a widover, 
sold and deeded tho uromisco to Sophia Gold for the same oonsltor** 
tioa that ho irao to roooiYO rro« BH.II0V lanler tho oontraot in 
quoation, tIs, |48,<>00 not. On Jl^ay 6, 1921, tho proaont action irat 



9mm«in€i%A hy aox»M* Q©l<l filing h«r fetll to r«5rK>v« t>i« r«cord tf 
the contract at a cloud tt?5on her title. On J*»bruary a, 19^2, 
Abrifcham Chc»ltr fil^* hit i»etitlon« r»pr«e«uMii^ that h« had 
ytirelmse^ ih« pr«als«8 fro» 3«9hia Gold, and ajiMng to b« sub« 
ftitntfte) a« Qf^mpl^it^imt an<l for loave to fll« «b aaMififled «ikl 
•ttpT»l«si#iitaI blXl^ praying for the same r«llef« The petltlan 
was granted aa>^ 0uoh l^ill filed, in wKlcin Baborar waa &ad« an 
additional dafond^iHt ,aud auXtad^ui^ntljr the aim^i^ wad put at iaaiaa. 
On A^rll S5, 1923, afttr it h«fcd t}««m oat for trial imH had «!>• 
^earad ojq the trial oaXl eX IticlifQ foall, Brillov filt»d a oro«»* 
bill, making CShoelar, ?l«rflon mi4 Sophia iold detandanta r^cid 
fraying fcjr a rm««ifle p«rfor»i<ane« of th« a^ntraet. Thi« oro««- 
l9ill waa net put at iBevm ae to )»3^y of saif^ dafaniartta th«»r«to 
^oaitll aft<»r th« l^js«»«a, mmH hy oo®ii?l«iinaiit *« afti««d«<^ jwd «ai>«> 
liilisn^ntal "bill an<! anwwara tht^reto, hjwl ^a^a trl«<! 1b op«n csourt 
btfort Judg« Foell and h« had aanotmcad his d«ol«ion» IXirin^ 
•aid haariiig, wor© tlian t*o years mftar Fl«»r»oB hM onnrayi^d th« 
||r«mi»t« to Bephla Q«ld« Briliov tei&d«rod t@ Piaratm in opaa 
e(>urt th« mim ©f 190,000, on o(}»4ition that the l^tttr daiirer 
to Brillow a warranty dood to tha praviifies ?jnd a jjraar'yaty polley 
covering: the am;;*, which t«Hader was rafuaed. BrtXlow naTor iaaA« 
•ay prerloufl tao^^ar, and Piar»on had no int«reat in the pret'leaa 
after hie a&id oonYeyasioe to ^phia aold, 

Aeeordiiag to the contraet Brillow agreed to purchaae 
th«» prwiileea for 149,440 (inoluding brokera* co^'ioi ssl one of 01440) 
and to aemme aa a part of said priee an eadatlng firet aortcec* 
indebtedneee of |S4,500, ^i^ to pay the balanee "within fire days 
after the tltlt* hat been examined and found good, or aecepted by 
hisi* and Pi^reon agreed to sell the presiiees at eaid priee and 
to eonrey to Brillow, hie h«lre or aaiiena, a good smd jaerehant- 
abXe title thereto by general warranty deed, but 8ubjf>ot to ex- 
isting leases (Brillow to be entitled to rents £2iQm data a£> ^9r. 

llTery of d««d}» o«rtaln taxes »rt4 &«««s«»eutB montioncd, part/ 
wall ttcr««n«&tt« buiX<iin«; lin« rvstrletlont of r«oord, «te. The 
eontraet •tat«d that ^rillow bad paid #X«000 te Hal>«r«F a* eamaat 
■«tt«y, to ^« applied OB the purchase vh<in cdn euasmat ed » and that 
Pieraon ahetild within a reasonable time furtilsh a merehantable ab« 
straet ef title, or userc^antable C097, or a title guaranty poliejr 
ttA^e Tsy the Chieaco Title ^ Trust Ce« It was further prefided 
that the ootitraet tm^ said eam<»st money should be held by H^bever 
for the sxatual benefit ef the i^arties esneemed, sna that 

*'lii ease eiaterlal defeats be fc^nd in eSili title, and so 

re,i>ort«d, th®rj, If awc^i .^.eftets be not O'-red wltViln »i?.,ty <<.ays 
after siiofe notice tb«*r©df , this oontra«t ©hj-ai, at the pur- 
chaser's o^tioa bec©T!i4e ja,b^o\-itely n^ll ijiia void, and ejfvid 
aaxnest maney shall be returned; aotioe of such el pot ion to 
b® i:.,iYen to th^ T^n^'ior; bmt th« pureh'i©«r aay nairertheleea 
el^et to tak® i»uoh title as it then is, mid in sHoh ease the 
T«itdar sh^ll e-snvey, as al^o've *ji^;reii?d; Tjrovl'*«d, hoieorer, that 
sufidi purchaser shall haye first given a vritten notloe of such 
oleot.tan, Tsflthin tan d&ya r^fier th« ea^ixation of the said sixty 
days, sad tendered ;»erf@r^%nce hereof on his piiTt* In default 
of «mah notise of »l#etion to pciTft^rm, and acaoiTpanying tender, 
within th« time so limited, the |>urol:is.ser shall, without further 
aotlon by eitrier party,. b« dem-K;?! to H«iv« si^tvaMioned his olaim 
la^oB said pre^^ises, mid thereupon ibis contraat ^h^jtll eease to 
h-ave .^ly Sqt^i^ or effest as atgainvfit -"aaid premises, or the title 
thi^reto, or fi«ny right or iriterest therein, but not otherwise, 

:i;a:;:-ul.'j s*i1 ]>ureh.i8er fail to i»srfeatt t^iis contrftct 
j^romjptly on his |»art, at th^> tiiae an^ in the manner herein 
s|>«oifi«>3, thf earn^sat maney paid a« sibova, shall, at the option 
of the Tender, be retained by the yendor as liquidated daisages, 
an4 thin ^ontraot shall thereupon bsfcome and be null and Yoid. 
Time is of the ese^et of this oentraot, ?md of all the eendi- 
tione h(>T«,of.* 

In the deeree, the eourt, after stating that juris- 

tUotlon vas ret^iinocl for tii« purpose of trylnis the issnes under the 

oross*bill, fcund ^^%!^^ alift that the written t»ortione of the 

on a 
tract (it bein^printed fors) >*ere in Brlllow's hiin;1wrltlng; that 

Brillow also vrote in his 9Wia handwriting a letter, dated April 16, 

19 30, froB Haberer to Kail 0* iiassmaim (i*iQret>n*e biroker) at India- 

ni^olis, and enclosed the contr«ACt and latter in an onTelope, and 

sullsd the sanae, for the purpo»fe of obtaining Pieroon*e eignature 

to the oontraet; that the contract and Istter shew that Brillow 


th«n had kno^I«4£« tbat he vaa to pay, and that Kab«rtr and Ka«' 
v«r« to dli^i^*, thn l^rckAr's eojaad««ton of $1440; that RastnEMui sub* 
■ittfid th« draft of oont^aot to ^^lursoB, •htalac^ hia algnatura 
thereto, a«5 wit' in tiro or throo doar* rotum»<! It, togothor with 
« gunirTinty olicy le«ue4 hy tho Ctiie^ft Titl4i & Truot Go., to 
Kaboror, who th«r'>aft«r or'S«ra4 a continuation, oil's said oompany 
«ado iti) written roport, lown to anl including May 5th , date4 iiay 
13th» 19^0, nnd dellT«r«id tho •«»« to Hohoror; an4 that Hahoror 
doXiTsrod oaid report to Brlllow, who, on May ai, 19^, dollToroA 
to Kafeorror a writton notioo, together with the report, otating 
that thP ron^rt showed titXe la Piemon, owh.lect to five ohjtctlono, 
roq^eetiag that 'all »at«rlal ohjeetione" bo mired pror?5>tly, aB4 
furthor fitutini^ that t> ore chould he *bo dtrfieulty in th-io nuitter, 
ae thi? ffioet Impertarft thing y^vi \ip.v^ to ^o it to proouro « releaoo 
from the r«nt aooXgi^K.'saBt,'* 

Th« oo«rt farther fcun4 that, /although Pleroon -wao 
rnaL^jf ahle and "rllllag to oon'^y this pro«jig#o un-ler the t^mn of 
tho contract nid^ ^iih hl« *lfe who was the© liwin$;, had aliened and 
ao}ma^7lm!god (hut not delivered) a warranty deed to Brill ow, yet 
tho aale was never aonrosinii-ted; that tho only material ohjectiono 
to the title (oxoer^tlng thono euhj«ct to whieh Brillow had agrood 
in th? oontract to takff title), were a tniat deed to one Charles u, 
frank, ^ated Aiay 15, 1517, and escecuted by ono Anderson smd wifo, 
and sn aesigimeni of rents to smid frank, bearing the sane dato; 
thfet the inlete£no»B eecure<1 by the fraElt trust deed was ftklly paid 
on or boTore Juno 17, 1913, f\n^ frank on said date executed and de^ 
11 vered to Plerson a rol^taoe <feed, rol<«a«ing said trust deed to 
hltfl, and on th* aiace d«gr eTOcxited and ^elir^red to Plerson a ro» 
lease of said asslgiSTtOnt of rents; tat Plerson thereafter had 
said relf^aoes in his pose^^saion but hnd not eaused then to be filed 
for reeord; ani that the saae Wf»re not 'lied for ri»oord in tho 








T99or<i0T*» off: if 9f Cook unty until August 2, 1930» 

rh4« court ftirtlior tpxm^ th«t 4i«rly la Jixno, X9v>c>, 
l^ierson called upon BrllXov at hit offloo in Chioau:^^, oidiitltoi 
said relensoo 8lg;nf!^ \>y J'raBk, and aoked BrilJtow to elono th« (Soal; 
that on July 7, 1920, Ploroon o^^aia oaa&o to Ghico^o, bringing irlth 
hin oaid roleastto, r^d at Ba^ror** offloo draftod a propoood 
acroomoat for tho o^o of the jprosiooo to BrilXow, whioh >rovldod 
for th« payaont by Brlllow to Pleroon of H,0QO an! for art oxtonoios 
of time for 60 days for oonousuBatliitf tho puroh^iso, tmd oaXlod upon 
Brilloir, asking hljn t4i oitlaer elooo tho doal or exigent « atA pay for 
tli« ostcmsioii »gro«m^zii, but th&t Brillow rofunu^ to do eithor; that 
on July 21, 19 X, Piereca, h&Ying oaid roleaoee with him, a^aln 
«allo4 on Brlllov is. Chieago, and d«ftati«iod that ho oXosa tho <^«al, 
but "Srlllow roftif»od| that thor«u»oa i^i^raon otat^<5 thai ho deolarod 
tho coDtraet t%r^iaat«d» ant! i omafter oaw Haboror and doinandod 
tho rotam of «al4 guaranty poliey, and oubtoquontly ebtalBAd tho 
uam*, on HaborerU o:^''doT, from tho Chioago titlo it Truot C<». And th* 
oaurt further fv^und that Brillov jaov^r at any tlmo oloetod to tako 
tho titlo as it waa* 

Tho 6ourt further found that liaboror wao tho agtat of 
^loraon in oosie r«»spoot8, but Uiat ho -mmt outaido of cuoh a^SArioy, 
w«« not Pii$roQB*a loyal «H^€nt but vas partial to Brillow; that it 
vao Habor«r*» duty to hold tho oontraot and eameat monoy for tho 
benoflt of both p«^tio8« ian<i that he ylolated hio duty to Pioroon 
in dolivoring the oontraet to BrilXoir*o attomoy for rooordatien; 
that Hahoror rrtot^irod aaid 01«usX) oamoot oronoy fxtMO Brillow in 
tho fora of a ohcoic, datod Ajirll 16, I920« and dTMOi by Brillow en 
a Chicago bank oMd payabl* to Kaboror; that Haboror hold oaid ^ook, 
ttnof»rtified, until July 26, 19^, whon It wao paid by tho biwik; that 
ho otill hiMi in bio pooooooloa oaid oun of |lt<>^i mb*^ ^hat it would 
bo InoquitaVlo to allow hiia to koop tho taao* 

'■ ' 9*^ % 



It is aoxit«md«d l9y oouxisel for BrilXov thiit sont pf 
th« BtAtArlaX flndlnga In th« (i«or«« ar« oont rary to tb^ W9i|^t of 
the oTld^noo, %n<l that the ilooroo is against tho low. After a ro« 
Timr of the record vo o(*nnot ih^roo «dth tho coctoaiions. It is vol! 
•ottlod that the fiOtUiass of a chancellor, hasoi upon the conflict- 
Ing testimony of witneeeos^ whOA he miv and heard testify, will not 
lio dltirturliod upon appeal tvHoss clearly and palpably erroneous. 
(SiliM£ At lyUfil ▼• IJ^SMllSS* ^82 111., 192, 21Sj X|||£y|fe ▼. 
KittRajtli ,. 184 111. aS4, 8MJ Woodi r. IfiaBBJBSU 372 111. 521, 5i?8). 
While the testimony of Brillow is is sharp oocfllet to that of 
Pii»rfon on soae material point*, partlettlarly as to i^at occurrod 
at the interviews In th^ fomffir*» office in ioa^o on Jily 7 aa4 
JvtXy ^, 19^0, wo are xmal-le to »*y thmt the coitrl'e fiadlnf^o are 
olearly erroneous. Jm^. it is the Imr that In case a contract for 
the 8al9 0/ lon^ is pl&oed In the haiuds of a t^drd person to be held 
in escrow It should not be placed of record without the ngro'sment 
of the pities, and If it is reoorded a court of chancery say sot 
it asldo in a pr^p&T eaeo %» a cloud upon the owr^er's title. (Jsaflt 
^« J^roehllc)^ . 2^ 111, S97, 404). And It is also tho lanr that whero 
a contract for the sale of l^nd hao been rftoordod, and, for rcaoono 
not appoarlng on its faoo or of record. It is no longer «iforoo?U>l<9, 
a oourt of equity in a proper oaae aay reaiovo the record of tho bomo 
as a cloud, ( aojb x ▼* 8qu<^;b l^ p^k Coinaiiaeloneys . 215 111,, 200, 203). 
^d, as it seeaas to us, Brillo^*8 rights by virtue of the eontraot 
either ended when Fiorson elected to terblnate it (for Brillow*i 
fault, as the svldenee shows) ^ or <»dod trhen Brillow did not sleet* 
and serre notice, etc., to take the title as it was, within the tiiao 
liAited by tho oontrmot. ( tlltohell ▼. ?^hite . 295 111., 139, 139 { 
MiUqy ▼, 3hon.. 500 111., 180, 18S). 

And we do »ot think that the oourt erred in the rulings 

.i.'9*^?* ?>■'■ 


■ »» ■ (Sji •■ 


mm to ih« Admiatlon of e«rtaln «Tld«no« offered Vjr Mwplttlnant flund 
th« r«j«0tloB of ocriain «vld«no« offered 1»y Brlllow. While the 
adritted letters «ind toXegrwie t« «n^ from Heberer a»j net h«ve he4 
hinging ^:tp9ii Brlllov they wert ol««rly adnietible fer the i^urpoee 
of inpeaohlAg eome of Ha'berer*9 t«etiitteny« 

Ftndlnj^ tie rf>T«r«i>)le error in the reoord, the deeree 
of the Superior oourt will l»e affirmed* 


yitfth and Bamet» J^<7. , conotir. 

»>sl^ }^ .' 'srmr rr 

JR»« 9r. 



i-L^K h'u- Mi. 

409 ^ S90«4 

CARHtB A, Q^Orail «t «!•, Adrolniv- 
tr»tor» of tht ll«i«^t« of H, W, 

Complainant* mnd Aippcll«««, 

lfti>IBai SSCtJRIlT COM? AIT 9t ^,^ 

Ob Aype«I ^f C. B« IXTIUt cma 

J?. M* STABIflS, 




234I.A. 625 

(jouar OF COOK com.TY. 

This i» %. »eoon4 N,pp«ttl in t)»« 9«s«« On JTanuary SS^ 
19!S3« th« Ciiroalt court d:iiuiil«»&ed for vtint of o^uity the bill 
fll€4 riurlxm th« lif«tl]e« «f H. W« Ce99«r« an^l th« fimt appittti 
(Cft«« Ho* 27735) w{i2i tak:»» fr^m that d«Gr«e "by the adnliii strata r« 

of bit •iitat«. On ^^arnt^mY 5» 193^, thi« Aopellatc* caort rey*r««4 

the cause 
th« a«cr«« Mja r«a«ii1 #4 2^*irtth direct lon» to th« ooiirt to urter n 

(leor«« )«^iilttst 9^d d«f«n^l«u^t0 ( '^i>ir« Svourlty Cois^fuay, C* B» 

Littl«» P* M, SiAmes «fid Lottit H. 3riAM«) Mid in fa^or ttf •<»• 

pXalnante* in «co«>rdrinot vith tb« f^rnyer of the hill, upon eon* 

^lalnantt tempering in open oourt SAii twe eertifleates of etook 

for oaoeellatieBs eosd giTiag ererUt i9 the defendni^ite for the 

anount of said July dividend of ^175, together vlth legel interest 

thereon froa Jiay 1, 1917, • Yhe prler opinion of thi? court is 

reported (227 111. App, 161), to v^iloh referenoe is made. The 

iesuenoe of a writ of certiorari was denied hy the iiupreme court. 

After the nandate had been filed, the Cirouit court, 

en May S2, 1923, entered the t^%T%^ from i?hioh the present appeal 

is taken. Included in the oourt 'h flniings is the finding that 

•efl^lalnants tendered in on en eourt sail twe eertlficates of stoek 

f«r eaneellatlMl end offered to jciwe credit to defendants for thn 

aseunt of isaid July dlirl<!end, ^179, with interest fro» July 1, 



1917. And thu eoart »<lju'lg«d and d««r«i»d that the 100 shar** 9t 
the ooific^n «toek and the 100 sharfts of the pr«fi)rr«d ttoeJc of th« 
iMfirt ft«ouritj Compfmj (for whioh M« "V. CooycT paid #1S{,&0C In 
April, 1917} t>« oano«lled; that his n«Mi and the namnu of his 
heira or adminiatrfttora ht resooved freai tha li»t of utociciioldara 
of aald ooaspony; i«nd that R«id dafendanta pay to oompl^inonta, aa 
•4nlniairatora, tha mm of #1S, 097.03, with interaat from the data 
of tha entry of the daoreo uvatil i^ald. It ap^eara fren tha €99r9% 
that »«i 1 mm of 115,697.03 waa arrived at by adding to the principal 
Bvm of $1^,500, itttereat ther«@n at %'i per anriiBu froai d^oTomher 26, 
1917, (the date of tha filing of tha hill) to th« date of the entry 
of the decree, smd deducting »»id l^7i and intereat theraon at tha 
Mune rate from ^mXj 1, 1917. 

After the present jJXMcljBJL record ^ae filed in Ihia 
i^pell&te Qourt, on notion of a;!9pellant0 it waa ordered that tha 
record, abstract a .%nd brief e, filed on the foraor «^paal, be oon* 
aidered in the ^reaont appeal. The bill prayed f0T an aooountlng; 
that the pureh^ee by H, 1. Cooper of aaid 200 aharea of atook bo 
deoreed to hare bean obtAinad through fraud sAd deeeit; that the 
aale be aat rioida, ih«> ^toek fiQpon aurron^ar be cancelled and hla 
nana be removed fro» the books of the eompany aa a etoeli^.oldar; and 
that dofen^»i)t8 be ^90Tme^ to pay said a«ue of 112,600 *and intereat 

Geunaal for appellanta urge three grounds for a r9» 
reraal of the deoree (1) that tha Cireuit court, notvithat^^ding the 
direotions contained in the mandate, aheuld haTa ordered nn accouot* 
ing; (2) that the daerae against appellants, Little and £}tamaa, 
ahonld not have boon in exooas of |S^§CO; and (3) that the oourt 
•rrod ia allowing Intoroat on said sun of 112,500. Vo do not think 
thero is merit in any of the points, la further aaeoTintln(^ was 
neoessary to deteimine the aaount duo ooanlalnants. It was net 

^ *n*^*.#*.- 




4i«T)ut«<) that H. 9, OoQp4»r httd f«ld $13,900 for the tto<tk. Aa t« 
thft li!«l:^lllty af AiopellrantB for th« «ntlr« Mi««iit sought to bo ro« 
•OTorod, wo ««i<S In our former opinion (p. X7a} ; *Aa<i tho 4o-> 
fondftnto, X-ittlo, ^tarnoo and Crlaaso, alreot.oro of and in ooatroX 
of tho company, aro aloo liablo to coAplAiriMAt in thia i»n»eo«!t<11ng, 
for *all who got jsuXn hy fraud i&ttot ^o*r tho Xogal ccnooquenooo of 
tho wrong thoy do.* ( Yreolftfjid r. llmr J orBO jr Stone Co., 29 &, J, 
3q. laa, 195), iusa thoir llalblllty is not liniite<3 to tho oui&o of 
■oaoy thoy ooTorally roeolvod,^ (oitlng oasoo) • And wo think that 
tho oourt pruperly ioolu^od ii:iter«ot on t>aid oivu of ^X2,&v0 froB 
tho (tato of the filing of tho bill. It has aoveraX tiiaoo l^oon do* 
eidod hy our Buproi^o Court that, in oquity, intoroot is aXlowod 
hocau8« of «qtjit.«hlo eonaidoratient and tho^t a court of onuity ma^ 
«1t« or ^ithhoXd Intftreot ae, under all dro aotancoo of tho caoo, 
it doomo oquitabXo and .Itiot. ( Xoadpr v. Whtto . 168 111. 7e, 83; 
gol*!on Y^ C^rvonk^, 27S 111* A09, 435), In tho Corvonira oaoo it 
to said: *S«lth«r tho hill r^or tho oroos-hiXl staJcos any elaUi for 
intoroot, HU.l the case is not on^ of i ooo in which tho otatuto 
1»roYiaot that intfiroot shnll ho ^aio'^od. la o<iuity, howovor, 
intorost io alXowtd bocauso of oquitahlo eonsideratlono. * * Tko 
Contral Truot Company hawing roocirod funds which belonged to tho 
trust and oaTlnga hank, if it rotained theas without aut.Vorlty of 
law, shoiad aooount for intorost from tho tiao a dosand was aado 
for jpayaont, whioh waa when tho cross-hill was filrd. fhittoaora 
▼• Pooplo . 287 111, 4R3." The circiffiHtaaoos ahoTra in tho prosont 
oaaa are such that a court of o«juity is oloarly justiflod in i^llow- 
ing intorost. 

Tho dooroe of tho Cireult oourt to affinaod* 

yitoh and Bamos, J.T, , oonour. 



ojriY :i;^AX r^ircno y-TtncK com? ait, 

A ••rporiitl0a» 





07 CHICi^« 

XH, PKi^iXBzsG ivsneie aHxmJV MUirm.^ t£s ojpxi^xoi^ op tek count* 

tm» 1« &a a9ti<»ii la f(»i'«i%X9 detainer* 0MV6«tte«d en 
VoTttnlmr S« X902, to T9Wf^t fQ%'''>«9Bi9n 0f tb« fdXldving dmrnmri^^ 
'pTmki»»9 in Ci3l«@ig0s *flBm n«iir«8t«i}4 tmd edii6«s9iii» s}9«-0« mw 
••fittfiod Igr Xo^fteX Xu^ iA the JHrimiMm Str««t &»taties ef ^m 
l4lg«ai Sfttsv« i^'Titiott vf thtt )i0tr«9«XitMi ^at Sidl* 'SXemi^d 
lUdXv^y ^mmptoKJt** 1^ oaus* vn^ %vi^6 'b«f0r« a jury* OTtAiii 
il0eu»entairy (sTi(ie»«« mm» liitJMIdattsd liQr 3^X.«ifitiff aji^ its ««»«'• 
int^ndeat t«atifl«d« At tlic <H>nclnsida Qf ^XAlntiff** nrt^nmt 
the court refused def endaiit* » matifis for & dirostod Turdiot la 
hia f&T9r« iilbsrettyen defendftiit te«tlfiod aa » witnoaa ia his our. 
bahcdf* At tl9i« eoaoltt«loa of &XX tlio GTidea«9t th0 court ia* 
•tTttotod the jury to return o TerdXet fiadlJi^ defeadcoit ^iXtgr 
of unXaisfHlX^ wlthhAXdlAg f ro» fXaliitlff t)io poso«<i«loa of Urn 
pr«aioo» nad tht^t tho right to tho pooooosioa theroof w§^u ia 
pX&iatiff • Tho jury r«tiiraod ouoh a Tordiet and <m ApriX XB« 
X923» Jud^«nt v»« eaiorod that pXaiatiff roooTor yo»i»e»f!ion9 
• to* this eppoAX foXXotPBd. 

Tho aadiepttted f a-oto as dlsolaood frosi tho oTideaoo 
aro {iS foXXowss Oa l>oooHa»or 3X« X9Xd, tho pajrtios onto rod iata 
a orittoa «ffyo«aioat« ulir^rohy pXaintiff for a iitifftiX«it«d awnthXy 
roatia Xoaaod tho iMrottisoa to dofoadaatt or gmf him a Xiooaso 





pi ncottfy and u^e th« ««aM» f«r ••rtAin yvur^sAS tHfntimutA^ fmt 
Hie 9erl«d iMi^lmiiag lanmary lflt« «iM ^o^ing Janvayy ^^t Itlt, 

"stud fx<«tt montk \m MttntH tlMtr^ftfter*** until t«nniR«ted ^ i^lnln* 
tiff ••fct any timm^ Tagr it giving to defend «jit a lire 4rytf« netic© 
in writim; of itfl iatentiAn •• to do. Tho Agroenrnt i» '>itl»» 
otiuiiiAliy ih» 0«ano an io f»ot forth in tlie opinion of thio 
ajipellAto oottrt in tho mm of i;iy4fy,ritia Vf>Bdi ni;; ^^.rrtw C o* ▼. 
^SBi§$i» ^« !W448t Coyinion ftied l«ir««i]tey 2T» i9a3, not fot 
piblioliodw) BofendftAt onterod into |ioo»«efiion nndor tho Xo&eo 
on 9f*mk»Tj 1, X<»19» land ther^odTter ikiiid tlio w^nthl^y rimtal to 
l^laintiff* On ©«te1«ir ^, 1923, pXiiintiff cimoftd to >« p«r» 
oo{ia3i:^y o^pfed on <i<?fendant is notioe in waiting terwintting: 
d«f«n«*.'a«t»» iear*B^ Of t3Sio fr^tmiootn on Octo'b«r 3i, X982, emd 
directing itim to on^mndoir |io{i9r«90iiion thereof to px«intiff os 
ts&at day. THio he fUd not d« tmd j^laintiff ooaer^onood tbo proeont 
motion. i^®fend«uit w»o otill in poonoooion at the ti»o of tHo 
tri«X. It fui'thor a^poared t3iat plaintiff vaa a leoooo of tho 
pr«Rioo«« tOiotb®r with oth«.T pr<miBoa, fra» the "Chlor*^ filerotol 
MmiXw^tt^* «Ad th^t def®n4ant imXd p^osos^ion a^s a eu>>«tffini%nt nn<iev 

fh« action in th% ^ ,«! ffiff!l <3«j^« I92^* ^(^^ ^^ foreibie 
detainer undsr tm m^x^«ment and noti<9« of termination of tho 
tona»ioy onhotantiolly th» i^mm »m in the piironont oe.ft*^ KAd no 
hold that oueh on &^r««ment ohotiXd bo rogordod as a le^ee, 9nh» 
^o^t in "b* twrwinated upon notle«| imd that, wh^^ber it "bw con* 
atmod a0 » l«ka»o Of thp »9aoo« or na a^^a-oly giving a lioott»o cr 
priTilogo thoroin, oifhjeot to t«xsiftatiott u|>on notion, 9» ^etlot 
in foroihl«» detainer, hroti^^t to reoovor poooostiiion upOn tho 
tenant** r^f^oal to ourrondar aftor oorvieo of tho mgr—€ 
notioio^wottld Uo. ^4lii «o oaid^s *Xli onOh aotioa Urn ^lootitn 

te^U/* :»r 

m .0^ .,i, 


ie »0t in whMt ill the tltl« to th«r >re]iii«es, tait i» eiMi •! 
poBseaciCkB mnd thit riebt to po ««••«!•»•* <CiilBg Ijaty t« 
ftaf^i^lU S3 in. 473; aSSmaiJUl ▼• MJtSMt *• 3tll, App. 3it« 
taffixmcd in 14« Xll, 3i4{ Yhtam^ t. 9ltiiije» , 337 111* I2>7«) 
*7li« <sia4istic}]i sf titX« erninot 1i9 tried » \Mt only tlM» rii;)it ef 
p<i«o«>&t>ioii«* ( ifaiBy T. Mi^ai» *^^ ^^^* l^*** i79,) Onaer th« 
undlMputi'il 0irid«iift« ira ttainlc it eiesr tlst^t plaintiff mxa entitled 
to reoortsr posnes«ioi% of tb« premieett in %ii9 pre8t>nt action c«d 
thftt the c<mrt wwa fuXXy ^ttKtlfi«jd in dirc^etiag a verdict in its 
fwror and in ^nterinn; tli# Jtxd|»ent ettvelftd fiiMi* Coaplsint is 
WMfce ^imt tti<$ trini wmxt ^rim€ in n»i ibileifias d«f endtint ta 
«tn»«er it certain ciaestien wHiek related te tlie title ef ih» 
pre«i«es* fks o&nT%*n rmling w^a par«9«ar« 

l^lkft $nd^mn% of tlift lunieipal Oo^irt elitould b« affixtted 
and it ifi e« erd«red« 

Fitch and Barnes^ JJ*^ odnottSf* 




( ■> I 

",-.r-tX ■■■' 

4X3 • 29093 

9RAIX 9. lU^rZC:^* 


MAtUi t* musmxx •% ax«. 




^24T.A. f^26 


UM, »m^i3iZM^ ^siftm mtmm msa^mm tm oi^xisiov of tib oomf • 

Bgr tills fi|»p«ftX FifAak @« Hajioek sweka t* rrf«rM a 

Iit23» iAi»r«ia tli« (Mmrt diMti«9«i f^v mmt% 9f eqo-i^ hla blXX 
of (mm-pXf^iiti fiX«4 n^tmk^t !^» X§X!>» (fl«#}Kiiii^ t4) h«n vmmr^ 
a ttortRln i^ff ia»Tifit ^md ittlt»cXal» d««d, » iMr^a^*^ ^'%0Bent»» 
mA m»<)h»mi,9m^ Xitm cX«|»»« a» eXtudts ti^eii Mis #Xl«g«d titX€ 
to tHd fPf^smifloo ill qiiO£tio»), miA ipranted rt^Xi^f under thi 
eroo>««*'biXl to ro4o«Kf fiXod B«<»i»ilNiar X4c X92X« of BAwedfA a* 
aoialQlc* An ton EeliiifBle oxid !ht9€ EeXiiiolii 9mA i^mwim tho ««rnrt« 
f»XX««iiiis ilio y«iNirt •f tlio maotori fouMd ^kat itito dood %• 
Xajioiik, under nthieh ho oX«d»8 titXe to tho frfiBisoo^ was iMt 
im o^soXttie conTcyanioo 1m t w«o glToa ooXoXy aa ftdditlonal 
••eurity for «tii iAdektodaoo!} due hi» upoa aortgac*" haXd ^r ^^i*» 
ttiid furthor found that tlM? Koluieico «ero the oimoro of tkm 
'prmkiwm*^ mLk^tQt to oaid aortco^soot and voro outitXod to «a 
aoooutttlais for tlM ronto oad yroflto reoelTod k|r Xojioolt oiiioo 
h« took poon«ir:«ioUi umA doorood tli^t «i»Ott tko oo^ortoiMMUt of 
tho Bot fiMount (au« to hIb, »asd tko pognBotit tlioroof • ho o^irrojr 
th« i»r«»l»oo kgr ''(UiteXaia dood to Hm Hotnioko, Tho ontioo was 
taken oa ayytaX to tlio ^^fiposo C««rt, kat oa &etokor SOt X922^t 



it wtm tr«»sf«rr«<l t« this &pi:^«XXat« o#«ri f«r ili« reason that 
It luUl Wen «r«a«fiaiy a#p«A]Lit4 %• ttM ^yrwM Q«ari (209 XXI* 
37a) t «mA yuroiiaBt te tto moadate tlM trAas^srl^t •f tlM n^tstrd^ 
«te*» W9T9 taor« filsd •« QetolNtr 30, X923* 

Oa VeveMlMr ax, 1922^ tiM m»st«r« tA wluni the 9ua— 
hud Wen referred t« titke ^reef s and repert the e»4Be together 
viih hie eoBoXuelene of t&>Q% bjhA Xam^ flXed hie r«!pert» The 
trans crifi «/ the evideat* ^e&Xoses that cansiderahle eTl* 
4ca)tet ereJ. mmd dommmnXBrf^ «ffer«d 1tty sfpeeljie jmrtiesi v«.e 
teJoeB hmfiBre hin, Uhj^otlofte t« th« rey^rt vere ar^ered t» 
•tend iMi ejioeptione. On the hei^riag b4»f«re the ecmrt aXX ex« 
•eytiens were orerruXeci and the ma«^ter*s report wt^e in &1X 
respeete af^iaroYe^! stnd eonfirmid. m»n^ the m&ster*s fiwdlaf 
ere, in e«%etaa«e, the f«XXe«i]igs 

that the j^reiO^Ma in ^#»tiMi Mttsiet Af a Xat« Si s 
X2B feet, irlth a freae e«tt«ge tl^reon, luid are hatioi ee ^97 
>euth Tripp /^TelHM• ^hioega, «ad in A^riX, X9X@, wrm werth frea 

12,800 t« id^ooe* 

thBt en Deci^Bih^r X6t X9X6, Bdir}%rd A* Aeinielr oiiid vifd 
exe anted a ^tatatAXT* warreat^ deed, aenvcying the presieee t» 
Salieehf ead delirered eiaw t« hls^ th^t it stated en its fad« 
that it ivat siTeft far the oaaslderatioB af ea* daXlar «ad ather 
pHid and raXnahXe ooasidti^rf^tiene, that it w^» aat reeardad until 
Fehrac^ X, X«X7, and th«it this ie the ^•m€ aadi^r ndiioh Hajieek 
eXaiBs titXe ta the praaiaea* 

that oa >i«ipteteher XO, IfOd^ Xaria KeeeXer, hjr v«>rreat|r 
4(tad, re carded ^Xy XO, X90t, oaaTejrcd the yreaiaec to Jaha A. 
Baiaieh end idfe, sImi, aa ^^riX X2» XtXX, oanresred tiM preKisaa 
te Rajieek^ && trastee, hgr tra«t dec^d reoarded April X4t X9XI, 
te eeonre their aete far $X,30C, dae flT* year* efter date with 
intarest »t 5*X/3 p^r a««t per iiwim, ptgrahXe seai-eamially; 




thAt •« l>^o«i1wr 14, 1912, jAlm A* Belaick iui<i wife emwtnf^ 
ikje preaDl8«» Igr «arr««lgr i«tt4l» reMvAM April 4, 1913, IMI 
Aiit^ik RelBlek, iilt«t ^n ^epteaVer 25, 1915, eottTVjrtd Uue premi*** 
to Cbarlfts V«sley«. cm tm«t««, tgr trwsi 4«e4 r«o«rdtd cMipUaibvr 
89, 191&, t» sttottm hlB xiAtc f«r #280« te« MM 9rt«r ttficr ditt* 
villi iiit«r«9t «t 9 per otmi p«r anoMi, »Tld*»e<»d )Qr two iAt«r««t 
Bot«»t that tlU.s iBorHfaf* «m», mtbira^ont t« 9«o«fl(lMr 16, 1916, 
piJLroh&s«d ^ ll&Jieek; and tb».t •« April &, 1916, Antoii lUiniok^ 
• 1iftflh«l«r, eimmf9f94, iim pr«MiM» Iqt «arrs«itgr d#«d, r«oord«d 
j^il 10, 1910, ta Mwasrd a« ilftiaiek. 

thRt mA ntamaktttt a, 191d, ]ltt|i««k filed IoIb Mil Is 
tiMi '^p«rior Coert •f 0«a]e C^tta^ («iie« £•• 329,257) to fOMolooo 
fi«dd trufit de«d fr«ii ^olm a* Koiniolf and wif« to hia as o«(3iirity^ 
for e94d ^,^9$ imA tkat m few d^ijre tiMsreef t«f , B«&€s)>«r 16, 
1916, £dw»yd A« Eeiiftiek and wife oscecttttd «Kttd delirored tiMi 
i»rr«atgr d««d in queiitioii, first wMr& remtieiied, to Eajieok, 
Olid ftftox" %4(9w9^ k* B^^inidi: a»ft been »enred with noHeeA* iB oald 
•nit to foreeloM!* 

that en April 16, 1917, Fp«d Feialokt bachelor, /^ni»n 
ReiAielr »tid elfe, :sjx^ ^ohn Heittiek, ^.g b&ehelor, ooBvejrod tlw 
preMieee ^ qUAitolaia deed, reoordcd ^ipril 23, 1917, to D«rid «• 
(^Idsbyi that on OetolMJP 13, IdlQ, aeldsbgr (by the nnoe of ymtt 
B« Oeldebgr) by Oftortso^^ deed, reeorded October 19, 1919, e^areped 
tho pr^aooo 99 It* l£* Xo3rrl»o«, as aorl|pH|oe, to oeeare 9ald«bgr*o 
tua notes of eta« 4et« for $5, SCO aad #4,CO0 reepeetiToly, dae ia 
eao year mod boexlili iaterest at d per e^at per lufmnftl oad tluit 
thore Appeared of record a siateaitdat of levy by tlM bailiff of 
tho Muaieipal Court of Ohlo«i«o, and aiao |ad|pMats ia differoat 
ooarte aad ia ruijtam aaiouBta, asaiaat amid aoldeby, priar to bla 
eaeaa tiag aaid aortcoge doad« 

That oa H .r^ 30, 191?, forcible dotaiaor preee^diaifo 
aipo oiw^eaoed ^ lU^ieek ia the lliaioipal Comrt of Chio««o 


• ^A ..%*- 


L^^ 'Id 


, '-.;;s>i**?» jji?*,,^ 


«iaiaai Mrtaia d<»f«iiAa«itB in ptcscsaivii ^f tlM prfoiifMs; tli«i 

S&69597) liiatitut«d liy Ha^lmilc in ftald ^9«rl«r C««urtt on 
»»ti«ii «f tha SftlKlekag s» lajiuiotioii was i«s««4 Hf*^bM$ XaJlMk 
r«»0trBlnis« the furihmr T^mmttmWm t »r1<1 fttr«11i].« dttaincr 
1^3*0 (MAdlaffs; tfe^t Alktea iteixiok aorod tfitt of tli« pr««i««B •& 
April 7t I933| and tliat on ^Vitte ^g 1918, >3r eUpulotlOA tf Hlw 
tnTtl«F»» Hsjioi^lr'a Mil !ia«! ^«f«naiaat'8 crone ^111 In said f«r»« 

that on Xareli 31, in?, tlMiNi »n« fUod in the re<wr4«rU 

•ffioe of Cook Counter on affidirrit of /^ton Hoiniok, «Ado on HoluOf 
of iilsso&f &t^ ftoA Eeinli^ ond imhst EoiitiolCt jTif,, in i^oh it voo 
otatod tliAt th«|r i3l«4m an int«r@st in tl^ i^remiooe and eeek to horo 
it o«tml!)Ufflihed; ^toit Anton E«iniekf to«otJi»r with Mo Twrothero* 
Frod iURd ^ohnt Jy.f liTod on tlio |^r^»io«» from i906 to prlX Tt 
IfXtt, ^ring «!^t<^ p«riod no r«mt wa« f«i<* to «ii^ne{ that in tlM 
»pi*ins of 1917, ;\nton AeinieJe ipointed the cott«^ oil the pi'osor^ 
( t an t^p^nee of ^, olhi<^ ho hormood frion &oa48hgr} <»<^ ^^^ *t 
tho tiso /nton Itoiniek »©T«d out of the preaioot, /prll 7, me, 
Hajiook p«id hta Hi, for Moving ©aqp«rnooo, ©» Ha^icftk ol&iifi«,hiit 
Hoiniek ol4»ino it wnt for oortaln gmTtl hsalod omgr hy Bojiook* 
Thai in ^^^joiropy, 1917, h«i^4io«k, upon re'^fti^t of Anton 
loinick, drliTorod a iitat«o«nt to ^i« of tho njsmxnto dno ficjiook 
©B »<vid t^ aort«r««oa of txaoo ond f3S0, including cotzrt oootc, 
foeo, And int«i*aot np to Fehruaiy 1, 1917, ond sdoonntin^ in oil 
to $1939«90| tJiat Rejiook i«nUfiod that olion loi Aolivorod tho 
c^t«s£nt ho Bftid to R«iniek, "If ijron cone in on Februc^ lot, 
thooo ftj*« tho fi^peoj* th«t on :$^imn3y 31, 1W7, ono rnoret, 
«»n(|aett<i in tho rool eotAto husinooo, okt£>^in»d tho ftlsatr^vct of 
titio to tho pr«nio«» frow Hajicok for th« purposo of nosotiating 
o loon thereon ond posring off a»id jBortei»«o«s that daring 
Jfokxnnrp «ad Xoreh, Viterot »o««» too oppliee tiono of m hitildi«g 


»**-.• •i*#ftt'l&l« 

^ stt >*^^- 



« I 

mfll*^ v»4^i^^:j3 

roftt»«d| Utut •» j/etlN:tt«X7 ?# 191/ » )lm4i««Jl vv«t« •edA Fii«r«tt 

isiT«a j«m ottc «««k in vMLoli t« «!••• tfew d««a in tli* f«nwr 
Ettiviok 9x^9«rtgr}** thut o« ll«r<ili ?» 19X7, S«jift«]c tti;cda vret* 
Pii«7«t requesting tii« return of tli<» $k>«) tract* and eajrinff* "It 
fi»«Mi yaur peapl« »?« n»t «i]ia«r« in this m»tt»r;** «ttfl t3i«.t 

•ii«rtl^ «ii'iar Mmroii fth» iftt#riit r^tiU'ii&tS Um a'bjtvaot t« ilajiojjk* 

Jlamt Hwjiookg im r^f ejr«ii«« t« tli« statammt of lnd«l»t«d» 
mmu itae h|» (uteifldn }io gav^ t« ^ittoii E«iaid]t im JaattAiy* 1V17, tmA 
Wfttvo ||« kiad recorded tJSta «*rrd«i^ d««d tn him dat^^sd i3«9«m¥«r 16, 
1916 1 tvvm MweJfd ^a, E#iiii«k) t^^tified in evi|»alijiyi«is *X Inww 
>^tt»ft Heimok ^&a t^yiii^ to gilt mmn^ %» p«y ma •I'f ik»d r«d«€iK| I 
told him X ^set&ld giw ^ilm «i oimmim to atttke iMMM none.'y «»«d t9J him 
t9 go land dif}pos« of thtt jp^roj^ox'-ls^t and tlM^t ndiotowr Im got akovo 
agr f Ipiroo Z w^i^ii willing to glTo ^limi « * Z g^^ve hiat « o«^tM4n tlao 
to got tlio tmm^ » 2 IMnk it wan itntil Jr«ii1»ju^^ry 1, 1917, (tlio ««%• 
ko fiS t0xim»4M T^mT4»A t^bo o&xtimi^' dood tvmik XAiroFd «• Keinlokh 
*<* * 1 jtt^t told ]aj|» lio ksid got tiJMo until W^)»^umxj X«>t, ,^fe^JCiStidl 
| t | 2 ^ « aftor th^.t I game hi» no smm tisto* kit t ho sigleit lin¥i 
hiM it l:r ho kt&Mi wanted it*" 

tkat Ha4io<)k h&Jb 'hoen in pas^eui^ien of the jirteoiiaosf i'tam 
April 7, 191&S that ko koft «gllo<$t«d reato tkorofren on<l kao aado 
oortain vut^wJlxu ti^nd iai^3rov««^oat« tkerooa) tJutt h» ham paid taxito 
froa UiQ yoax 1917, i^nd h»o redotaiiod fron a t«x Sfido tkndfji da to 
Of Jiine 0D« 19HH mat in April sobd lU^r* 191U, ko k»d th« kuildftag 
yaiated^ e^l^^ndiag #23l^« 

Th»t Ha^ieek t6;>tili«d tku^t ka pt^a one delXi«x to LAwmw^ 
^« R^inlak for tho (^laain^; of »uX^ ws^^rr^ty d««d of Doooakor If, 
1916, i^xiC iki<road t» aii;iai»s tko tkaii ponding forooIoMuro onit, 
ooKouirnood on Deoer&lior |}th| th&t, kotjcvcr, ko clid not s^iroe to 
rol««8o, nor did he a/torwK.rds reloaoo, tko two aortgogoe, for 

•tM7 XI. 


■>ifM? f .. 

' ■ " ■ :( 

• •i^ 

IIIOQ aMA iSHOt nod ^ih»% -^t %hm tUm »f Um extmttlM vf saiA 
wurrnMly 4««4I /^nion ielftl«li rind ffimiXy «in<s Fycd H«iaiok ««r« 

tte pr«HiMs Mid in Dtt««m^«r» I.H3t e«ttir<^f 4 tlMoi t« their Mm* 
^t»a» ar« both d«««»a4HI} thfti #«Ibi lUiJti«lc, J7«, «»ii of JTeim 
A* tm^ «i^«t 4i«d «ik lMk«lMtl«7 in itaiSn i*itTi»g ii|» sttnriTiag his 
l»roth«rii SAmdrd A*, >^iit«m aiki l^«d, f^» his only hsirs nt law smA 
ii«xt stf kisi thet Bdwsvd • Esietioik faid iksthiiig ts his hrothsrn 
fsr thsif iii%«7-^st im th« prtanisss lAisn ia A^xllt ltX&» Aat<« 
itsiiiidii e«NiY«7«id said yyiwin^s t* hi»| th^i Mf m»tmf wmB pmtd t* 
0«ldslgr •!} aeoetmt ef his tiw i»»t«« f«r $5»aoo said fd^OOOt sad 
ts s^otre whioh he «x«i^%s4 s«»ld novligag* d««d in 6etnh«ir« i9iff} 
th?.t ssid aorti^iffs d««id is a ci«ud u^a th# title ts ths fy«nises; 
th».t @#lds1|gr» ths ipr^ntee in ^M^ dsei fr«a i'atSB« jrsha« Jfl^•9 sad 
Vred BeinislCt olsims as iat&rs»% la ths froMlsss hgr rssam ths:rssf| 
thai said d«^d la a sIdMd n^n tho tiils ta tlM yroalaasi sad tiMt 
the Tsrieaa 4c)dfl9a«nt«» t^mre livatiawidt sfsiast Galdig%gr Mrs aat 
Xisas n:iM>n ^i« Ft*<3S»isas« 

that said inm asriigacss fa:r IC13&& aad #39e« art still 
hald hgr Hs^io«lc» aaoaaeellsd aad aarslaaasd; th^t th^i^ caadact sf 
Ss^ieslt, la giving the ahstraot •f UktXt ta 9a«rst aad ia stating 
Ml aseoaat sf th« ;%ai»aats das hi» af ta FehmATjr !» 1917 » sad ia 
statias that ths Rsiaisks ai«^t hava had sdditiaaal tiaa if thar 
aishadf all gses ta «^w that hs s|»|)ly rsgsrdsd ssdd wn.Trfmty 
dsed frssi XAaaad A« Eciaieh, d&ted i^^««aiber 16 » 1916« ta hia as 
additiaaal seearitar ta th& asrtgacas hs alrsadgr had »nd nst as sa 
shsalats oaaTvysaas; th^^t Hajicefc paid as ad'^^ats snasidcratiaa 
fsr a^d varrcOitgr dsad) laiat it is aat sa ahsslate oaaTftTsaas 
^mA «ij« aat sa intaadsd Iqt ths parties thsrsta ifeusa aads} that 
it aas givaa <*far tha yarpass af siTing additiansl ssoaritgr tn 
Sa|ie«ht sad gitiae hia aa aypsrttmitr ta sell tha prspcrt^ if 



^ ^ ■*T r' 

■.:.-\tn.5:>i ;:.S'*. 


hm omiXd •btniii A t^f^.mtmyim ]^rio« t%r th« •««•« tnlciag tlior«* 
trma tiM iMMvili dMt hia aftd Figriilg tlM W34HM« t« tlw R«1b1«1u2* 
llukt Hm «<|ititAl»i« titlt «• Hmt fdrwiM* it in XdwNTd A.» yr*d 
Mi4 A«t«i i^iniokt «¥q1i ennlng an oadiTidtd »b«* third iater«st» 
•«l»|«e%9 litrnvev* to tftid »»rtgac«ii •/ #3^1^ mmI |SS0» hold 1»gr 
H«4i«*Jfe$ lynd tJiai t2ui •!|iiiti«c nS Vam vmiM ajr« Mt ivitli ]Uji««Jc 
iMt idlili Hm ev9»t«^iW9l«lni(]tt»9 taid Rttitti«lw« 

tlui »iMi%«if iriKMMHRMiAded tlMki fia.4ic«]c b« r«<fttir»d t* 

fr«ii the tIaM he took p«t«9«8«i#a| the»t asii L*^mnmt %9 t&ktm %f 
liwii i« ^« «iul #«iiMK hlat »ii aecNiiiiit •f said a»rlf«|^»» •xp«Mi«»« 
«t««f lihAi h» iM 9iiid th« ii*t ittiXmm dis* hliit mha* idHiB 9«idt 
Ihat h« iMD dis^A'lod til mmmif oMd proiiMd l§ sai4 B«ijtia]c8 Iqt 
li.rd.|^er d«e4 9gi€ t9 imn^Kiid^r fttMMi»vift» 't« ll^il that his biXX ^f 
««Hlkliiilii h® diflBti«(i«d far vimt »f «q)ttitari mi^ thsit ^li« reH«f 
prngr^d f»ir i» ^tei (»im«^HXI. ^f th«t li«iiii,ekB Im ipr«iit«4. 

jyrtur «. veTi^w of th« &h9trAet tf th* mretrd* aad Hm 
priAitd hridtw Aftd atrttttifliits «f #t$iiti]ig •MaauMl^iii are •! tlw 
•9iiii«n th^t thft fliidin^i •f tlM »»«%•» «i« Mif&y •ast«ia*d Ig^ 
lh« 6Tid«iMi«9 emd that th« d#«r«« In «^itahle voA shmtld ^ 

IImi Mftitt WNttteatii^fi Af tt<mii««i f*r lUgiMk i« th«i tht 
«m3r?8»tgr d«^^d »f ldw«iird A« IM»i»i«h ««<id idf« ftf ilR^itMih* dat«d 
Brnt^mkb^v 3.6, 1916 « should b« odn«id«r«d ao br aba^lttt* oovTiisraMiMt 
mA wmX «« ffiTiag I'tint soro^t additifttuJL seottrit^^ r»r the im* 
d«ht94^MM dtt« hl« tmdsr th« ttm Mtrt^ag^s m«iiti«a»d* .^iMni all 
•f ^ut «Tid«flt0« is Qmi«id«]rsd» imeludittg certais t*nt|»MQr •# 
Haji««h ^linneif « referred to in th« »»0i«r*t r^ysri* «e ar« 
uitahlA to aft** with csaiauMii* It i» argnad %ha%t iaajmsh as 
;^?.t th« dxits «f lihs d«*4 Ihsrs was ms yeraanal Indshtadassa da* 
•ttd ssiag to Hajievh txmA iMw»jrd A« aaiaioh, aa ssssatial sl«uAt 


"j; .c :; 

!• X. 

la«lc|jlK« Vt thinK it • Miffi«i«»t 8at9«»r %• tlM nygMiiat t« 
Mgr tlu^t *t tiM %la« •f the •xt«itl«tt •f tlMi A9*4 tlMr« tms 

•f |:iJO0 t« H/gieok, x^hi^ i]ia«bt4KlB«»t ImA lM«ft oifiitraeWfll 
ligr the fftthttir «stiiA »»tlwr •f JUlw»r4 a. H*liiiak* fldid said n^Ttgaj* 
«&« tiMB in f rooftBfl of beiBj; toritcXesed Isj Ha4ic«]c« AaA it 
«P9<ftys titf'i f«r mttr« tlina t]ir«t wNitkA eStmr Xkm •JM«iti«B of 

th« d««<i MWi of tlMl a«i«|ftk» ««y« iA fitCtlMki ^•MSSifttt •! tlM 

9r«U.8«»» a»tf RA4i«*k »ft«i« im iittfiMyt t« tolai |Mis»«>«i»« %r t« 
Mlleoi ]r«r«t. (l£S£| v« JlS^JtM* ^ XiX. 4S3« 4ft6.) And it alM 
«9P«fap» tli&i noitlier ^ijen tlie 4««d m^a ex@eul«d i»»r tli<&re^t«r did 
Ka^ioek aiarr«ad«r l^tut tt»ttt8» wtiioh iRfre «e3iired tijr the MQr%efiC«« 
vldob tm li«ldt atr dia, h« r«X^<s^^.« a^id norlgiifes •f r«o»vd« 

Oth^r peiitt« eup« ttrg«d iQr «MnMMrll Mi |p«Md« f#r * 
vmr^rnaX af Um d««y«« iMiOit wsA^r ^» f&0%» $%»d DifeimttUMMi* 
diftolii»«dt im d««B l« h» iffitlNMt Mftrit* 

th* de«70e ^f tlie Circuit Cftttrt is affinMid* 

fit^ Mid BjsdPiMia* l^«,M»tsaur« 

vt ? 

d;: : t'^ 

V.fA . MMO 

wvmBxxM, ) 234 1. A. 626 

This is an %pp«»l frois % jia4l^ftnt r«coY«r«<l by plalo- 
tiff for |&<A>0 fdr p«r»on«a injuries r«eelv«d itoTcwIisr IS, 191 9 » 
when h« »«kS nearly fifttsisi ytars elA, M« was «bploy«d toy th« 
Briuahaw I'rintln^ Cs^tpojay vlildli oefiupied offices on the sixth flosr of 
a touil^lng Qimea bgf Aefendattrt, the buildliMy; iv*« squii^pea vith ts« 
elSYdt^rs, «Bi« for |»«s««H&g«rs in the front pnrt sf the building, sad 
the other f«r frelgjii in tfee reer ^^art. When sarryiug or jnoTiag 
Xnrgta henTy |i%«lBSb#;#;t the eia^l^yes in the tiuililiRig were e.eeust<»»ed 
«n4 yeis&itte^ to use an^ rl^e In tbe frei^t elevator, otberwls« 
they tfiok the n«.B»«wgi?r «le^i!itor. 

0& the eeension la ^uistion plaintiff took a pudioasri 
with {laeliD^i^s i& the ffelgM eleyater entrsmea en the sixth flear 
oat rsng the Veil for the tiurr^oee of haTing then taken dieim for 
(teliTory outside ef the bitllcliDg, as aeaust^»e4 to 4o for hie «»• 
flayers. Bis t«»tiate»y w»s to the effect that the elev&ter not 
casdag up in resi^OBse to his rings he ureni Iowa ta th« fifth 
floor, ^imd Jtist as he vas steppla^i: into th9 <<il orator e» that floor, 
for ihe purpose of rising vtp where hie paei(a<iee were ta he leaded 
hy hiK on the elewator^ the elewator o]perater took hold of hia aad 
shaved and kieke<i hin, end he waat throagb a krokMi ralliag aad 
fell froa the fifth fleer to the fourth floor, a dist^iAee of elidht 
ta twelwe feet* 


The •l«'v«t«r 9p9T%%or t«stiii«d th»t ht JnaA bttn taJIdac 
vKp l>Tin41«« •f vdper en th« «ar Tor th« H^qJi ^riniiu^ Hou«« on ih« 
fifth floor, an<l whll« •» t>t« wfty tt|» with a Xtt«i, be*rd plaliJtlff 
rln^ln^ t)i<> t»«ll, a»4 nhsking lUid kicking thu fil<iT«t«r <1oor on th« 
•Ixth fXoor; th»t ho tolcl hl» to **cwt it outj* ana that wbll^ tho 
•lOTator vao 'being naloisbditd at the flft^ floor pitaniifr e««ie doim 
to ih*t floors t»iat ho told t>i»iBtiff to go up »talr»**wHoro ho bo- 
lon^oi;* thftt pi^i^ljitiff said ho «r»«l'iB*t, aiQ.4 rm into tb# ,3fflco« 
of tho iieok J^viBiXng Boufo; that hm ran «ft<ir him, get him by tho 
•houI()4!»ro (md oho^k hi»; that plalKitiff plek«»4 up « otlok^ c^uaA oat 
«ad walkod t<i> the '^lsY@^t«r ^xid trit&d to hit Kim, 4iAd bs^oiKlAg up in 
hio of fort to iprod him with tho otiok, loot hlo bal4i»o« «t tho tof 
of tho otairo aa4 foil bftekw%.r4» to th# fioxt floor, 

Tho Imsutro i.e fi»« imha»ittft4 to tho Jury v«ro 
vhothor th« tloirator o|»oratov at tho tli«(» of tho a«s«KiXt» If it 
oauood slaloiiff ♦« foil fmi injury, wan noting i» tho ooopo of hlo 
o»?»loyn4«sjat ao oonrant of <l«fmi«««it, an^ w^,et>i'or «t thai tliao thoro 
ojl«t«»s^ tho rol«jtioja of carrier rmA -^awsongOT b*»tT«?r dofomdoat taxA 
9l«intlff • Ao tho otl'lorico proootat«4 room for eontroTeroy ao to 
%Ortli Quoctioas thore lo no oec4!;»lon to ^ioeuot %9d>*lli«at *o ooatoa* 
tloa that the oourt orrod lis not <Jlrootin« a veralot la hor bolialf . 
Mftr are wo ».V;1« to oay that tho Ter4lot wmo aanlfootly 
analaot tho v«l|j,ht oi tho eiritiofieo. It io tmo that aa to tho oc* 

otirroiior* itoolf thoro vao only oao vitaooe en eaoh ola«^ plaintiff 

MKJ (lofe£tti(mt*s2^Vho jury unquootionat^ly aoooot«r) tho yoroiac of tho 

former. If truto, thou tho aaeault took pi mm ao plaXati ff vaa aboy' 

to stop lato th« iiloYator, and tho operator thoroby proTODto4 hie 

entroaoo Into it. Vhothor tho operator in oo vloing aotod rightfiOl 

or wrongfully ie not tho t«ot of vhothor ho was aotlag in tho oeo]i< 

of hio Msployttont. Ho ha4 ohargo of tho freight ol orator, vhloh wi 

run for tho opoelflo purpooo of oarrylng largo tmA hoary paokag«o 

n .•y-/ 



v^ »nA doiVB f«r th« tdnantt of the building sad ftt ih« Miat tiae 
oarryiag thitM iA eharg« of thm yaaluig**. >»l4daUff had brott«;ht « 
fa«lukg« la a pathaai'i for his c»ploya» to the etX^v-^tor on th« floor 
abOT«, wa4 It was roi* tbo purpose of getting tb« satfto Xoadod oii and 
•arriod by the «X«T%t«r tbat pXalntiff aott^t to ^ator it. Hm vaa 
to load thtm on the tstltvatoir, go aloAi^ vitb And naXoud tboa. That 
vao th« cuntom* Xt vaa net eeisontial olthor to th« oxooutlon of thM 
purpono, 8o far a« tbe op«rator*« -tuty irao cono^arYied or tho rolation- 
Bbl|i of oitrrlar and |iao«eBgey «»xl»t#d, tbat plaintiff obould bsiTO 
ont#?r»(i tbo ol^vator em jsoy i»arti«rwl,ar floor, Whllo plaintiff maj 
baTO booaa pr<}|>«>rly *3folM<1ed from tbe «1 orator If tho yaekagae iroro 
bolBe UBlf^adod on tb« fiftl» floor at that time, yet saoh relation- 
ohtp iraa not de«tri»y«d in •jootlng hla fro® It, nor vao tho oo«*ra- 
tor acting «3utftido of tho «e«>^« of hi» osi^ioy:.,«nt in prerenting 
hio «ntrfc<iic«, Jlut it waa a vlelatlon of tbo duty o«lng to plain* 
tiff ao suob ^aosongf'r, if^leh bo beoa^o In tho aet of ont^riag tho 
olovajktor for »uoh j^mryooo. to uAO tionoooaaary foroa to eject hia 

Tbat f^araono operating alnvatore, whether paaeongor or 
frol^bt, are OOWBiaii earriero of pafteer^s^ro who are lairfully end 
right fi^lly thereon, and are bound by the aese dogroo of oaro and 
diligence end oubjeet to like Ilablllileo aa in otbor Bodet of oon« 
▼eywco, li the Bottled nil« In t^ie ai;%to. ( ^f)rl,ng?| ; v, ford . 1S9 
Ill« 450, »nd aaaeo there eltod.) Citing easea from other juris* ' 
dl4$tiona abero the ^rlnol^o waa api^lled It vae said in Ch^^oafy A 
l^ft<?yi, ^;i,,„% £&. y* Higasam. ^^^ ^H. M6, wbero a fiaeaanger o» a 
frolii^ht train vaa etruek by a brake^an, that while It was a general 
doGtrlne a|»i>lloable In a proper oaoo "that no ttmeter le ohargoablo 
vlth tho aote of hie oorTant but when he «totfl in the ezaeutlon of 
tho authority glTon hia," yet the ooatraot lAleh exleta between a 
ooiMMon oarrior and a paaeongoy io a i^wuttmXy on bahalf of tha 

'if-^l^ ^ 

«arri«r that t)i« |ia«»«ne«r eUa^ulA !»• i»rat«ot«4 against ip^raonaX 
injury frwi ihm a£«nt« dr nerYantt ©f th« earrl^r In chargo af tha 
•on-vtycuao*. App3.yin^ »%ieti do«trln« tc plaintiff •» T«ralon *f tha 
faet«, »a v« thinlc »ay b« vione, d«f«n.i«Qt «oia<l ba liabXa. 

If, howaTar, ib« oparater't T«r«ion of tha f««ta ba 
•Aopted the aaea wc^a atmn under ih« trlnel^Xa avoiiad by ap- 
ycllart at)l^ llmita Xiablllty of Usa aiafttar to aeta of tha »ar* 
▼atit that faXi viti la tha ooopa of hla oA^layi&aiit , and dawui tha 
l^•latiaa of ixk^si&r and aarvaQt uunpeai^A when ha stapa aslda trum 
hii matter's li>u»inaaa for a<m^ puxpota -n^XXy di8<K«Linactod with 
his »»Ki»loymeiit, (IS^Li*ligj3E ▼• ^ohiigtoe|, Frintji^ ii C^.. 203 III, 256), 

Whtl« .fttrl«8 ffllghi dlffor aa to which ▼arol^n !• tha 
eorraot one, it le a tattled ipula of i^Jfoaodtjra that thl» ?50urt will 
not rav«>r8« ui^en tha f^ota uciXa«« th«»ra 1» ^ elaar prar^>oAdar«aca of 
th# aTi.^«noa agiilii»t th« j?ti^*o Terdlet. Wa oaf)Rat ««y that th^r* 
VK* ia this aaaa* 

Tvo inetr\ieti«as ar« aati^lained of at hsiving bo baaio 
in tho 0Tldaiio« toniing to akmy th^^t tha o«rT«»t la aoaimitting tha 
atoault va« aetij»£ withla the scope of hie aaiplaynaai. ffhila thera 
wmm a eoafliot of avi^snoa an that polut thara was «i«q»Ia avi^enoa on 
i^iah to bate tha inetntetlono. Without stating thaK at la&gth vo 
da nat agroo that ihay XeaTe out any neoesaary al«>iacnt, 

OoBiiilaint is nade of tha refusal ta ^iy an instruction 
prastsnting defendant's theory af her ansa to the effeat that thav* 
coul^ b« no reeoTory if the assauXt v%a aasHaittad outside af tha 
master *8 >)uRineae end of tha duties tha oiEierater was ealled vjiMi 

to <^lscd-iAnipi, «nd if clon«i to aeoeaolish sona «)d pftraonaX to the 
servant. There we-ra variou* other instrt^etlons <fiifan «t def »»nd«nt *a 
rei^iuest vhieto wa think ooTored the doetrine laid ^ewn in tha refused 
in St met ion, Kanoa there was n« error in ref uaiim it* 




<': E 

' £)■■ ji}*M 'im 


• S* 

It ift ad»o clained thait th# Y«rdl«t i« •xo<i»siY«« Utit- 
•id« of th« oI«d.m«d Injury of «gt:irar&tinc plaintiff *• imped laeat of 
•0««eh in «ttiitt«rlng and aittKiifiortng tb« TeaAiinn Injurioa froa tho 
assault voro not aeriouo and vould not call for «o lar^e a judj.ja9nt, 
ii& bonoo wftro brokon mid therft was no p«r)iian«nt phyoXeal Injury, 
asido from a soar on the ooalp and ooato dOTlation of tho a^tuM of 
tho no«<* 

tboro w%« «;uoh oonfXlct of t^vll^noo both %■ to the fact 
wbotbor iilaintiff ♦» Iwpodimeiit 4n that rotp»ot wat woroo after tho 
injury, «Rd vh«sth«r it coti3 4 be ag^aTated by tueth a eJiook and in- 
jury, Xt 1» a »iibj«ct apon iVhich tho oharaoter of tho tootiJUMqr 
leairte tio in con«i<^«rable doubt. If from the evlv^enco the jury 
believod there was aueh aggrav%tlon, or ad^ed * smart money* to the 
coffifjeneatory d««!age« T'&t if^ilful or groee find outrsmaeus ciisoonduot , 
as Hiight in their dlaoretlon be done for un improToked assatalt 
(^IllfiMEll. 9±* ^» M&mSX* S30 111., U2^ iM&i 3>a2 V. Wpodworth. 
«i M.«« 1^ *^®»» (^^» ^'J 5fi^» 3n), yet ws think the facts hardly 
warrant a judas»«nt of thsit size. We thinlc the ertaerioe clearly 
shows that i^laintiff was ^ confirmed stutterer at the time of the 
aocident, jind utany idtneeees Saw no dlffcsreiice in his speeeh after- 
wards. And we are not ii»pr«8se4 v»ith the 9x^«t% teetL^oony offered 
by t>laintiff in support of the theory that su^ laipediBent of spee^ 
mif^ht or aould be aggrnY^ited by «J0h an injury or ohoek therefroa* 
Yhe thearies on that sabjeot, as presented by the expert witnessac 
for eaoh side, are dienetriQally opi>osed, )Wd, so far as they are 
based on soi^ntifio r^a^aning the theory of defendant's exo«^rts is 
the isera persut^eiTe, Bat upon whatewsr theory the jury aseessed the 
damages we think they are som^^what exoeeeiye aa-i that there should bo 

a remittitur of at least $1000. If suoh a raraittltur ie made vlthia 
ten 4ftys the judgment will be affinued; otherwise it will be rrnrersed 
and the cause will be r^narided, 

JjnflSmi} SM OAMB QV A RSKXTTITtm TO #4000, 

Oridley, P. JT,, sad JTltsh^ J., eonour. 



IM its USTAf S Of SAiroa. K. BUttTlK, 

iMielXla^ ttx«oiaUr •f the last vlil 
414 t«0i«M1lt tf 3«MI«I K. ]UrUii» 


ex*««itor 0f the la«it will toid 

2341. /v. 626 

coox cotrmr* 

im« jiraneii BAimis Bmzrm^ litis emn^ 07 thx ccoitt. 

tlM tr«l»fttt Cmurt «f c«ele Conjity iJU«iMd |UO0 «« 
fees io th« Centra Tr*»t G«Bq>ftmy »f XUia»l« as ffo-oBctUlayy 
ex««ttt»r ftf ths lm&% will and ttatun^st «f S«nii«l «. SartlB. 
G» app««:i t« th* eironit €5«itrt tnm Hkm order a lUev •r4«r iraa 
iMt«r«d thar«« fron v^loh tlUl* aj^paal is talwa. 

»«ld am»»l K» XartiA was a ra«idt«t af Rav T*rlt, 
•Md la* last will sad taatummt Yaa aiMLttad ta prabat* In 
that »tat«. It aattad -^. B* Mart|ji« thd apptllaat, and »«ld 
trust d4M^anr» tlM aypalX«a» as axaontdrs. .mi tht trust 
9mi9mr GMtld n4it nnaUfjr in Bav T»rkt w* B. Martin ^mmm 
tha aala axe ca tar thart. end latar. i^9mh9T S, 1919, a 
yatitisn was fllad la tha i^rahata eanrt hsre ty hia nad ths 
Cantral Trust Osayaingr* swom ta hy ^^ia al«ac» f#r aaoillary 

At ths tiaa 0f SsKuel K. hartiaU death hs hsld 
rsal sstats in ^ook Caitn^. sad said tntst a^sspangr (Uaatsd 
in ^hiai^eo) htld his taa aatss f^r tha sggraiiata svi af 
#^,000, sad sartaia statin s«d haads as aaliataral sasari^ 
thsrafar* Thfi bands mr^ aa0ttiat>le sm<i ths »tach had baaa 



«ildl«rMd 1^ 3«wi«l K« lUurtia. tkka mtUo «ltfeArls«d tlM 

priT«l« •«!•• witainvt mUm aad withmit AmaaA mf vq^mt •€ 

t]u» nous* ^^eli MXX«t«ral wm» XftnA •m raali Itt the inrimUtrj 
fiXed in V*» York Vy the mx^en^tttr thero* nnd as p«r»*»iJL 
pr»p«rty so Hold in %h« inTontory fllod lioro on April 27 « 19IIP« 
tiy til* odfioillary oxooutoro* ^ftCbilo Oftld notoo ««r« paid Iqt Um 
Hew York ox«reiitor JOno T» Itao* oi^f^IXoo refitood to ourrendor 
th« ooXlotortOi iMt eontliiftod lio Itoaid it «o meh oo«oRolLl«y]r 
0JKOc«tor» ooBtiiwiat ^ •tXioH tlM intortst on tlio boado oad 
diTidenda oa tli« stook* 

B«foro f iJUmt tko OoQk Cotiiitsr inreiitory oaid Xsrtiii* 
io oorreoyoadonoo botoooa ^e eo»«aoilX«ry oxoattoro* took tiM 
position tkuit tko i««^ -U ltnp of onoh proyor^ ims in low York* 
and nodo on oimototion to that offset of tor tho siipt^turos of 
tho onoiXlory oxoontoro to thoir inyeator^. Xf Um «iiAOt«ti«i 
ooo intondod to c|ttostion tiM otwrtU |nrisdiotion OTor tho 
eoXXotoroX »« not Hsaots in tliio atato^ it wait nnt foXlOned up^ 
OS shmiXd hoYO boon done» Toy nmy oetion to lirin^ it to tho 
ftttontiOB of tho court* On tho oontrary, oin^Xlont HUurtint 
apporsntl^' upon the thoorgr that onoh ooXXatoraX o<>natitntod 
assoto for cdnlnistration iior«» net onXy rocitod tho s«bm in 
his potitinn for Xottors of anoiXXaxx s^ninisstration oo ^yoroonnX 
eetato** and liotod tho oimm in tho inrontory, hnt aXXowod appoXlw 
co*onoilXary oxoontor to d^aX with the mmm ao aosoto in IXXinois « 
at Xoast oftor the dobt to tho Xattor ««a paid - untiX tho 
prooontation of tho Xatt^rU finaX aeoonnt and roport* ttans up 
to thiit tiso st&ndinc in the attitttd« of ao<iui«soin4 in and 
oonaonting to sudh aMUULstration* And it iras not until dKIEMC 
MMiiiifmNMllUKL appolIoBt*o ohjoetiono f tho finaX aeeonat oo» 
•TormXod* ind tho appoal fron %tm mliag nao pondiag that «n 
ordor oas oongjlit end ontorod on hio notiont directing ogppolXoo 




■•*■:• t.;' 

■•,«_■';*'*;■.,;<<'•■.-' ,%• 


&M fe«|i 



to turn 9-7^T tka utoeJca and bttmAa tt Api)>«lljuit mu tkm K«v 
Y«vk •xeout#ir« 

2a Xitrtla^a i«tUr sf Ayrll 8, xno^ witUn to 

that Iw li^ iNi(|!a«9to<i l;lifilr Joint mttomvy U got « ruliM^ o« 

the ttflitter* m^i that *if tbo eeiurt 4«ol«lo« y<ia oj** ri«^t 1 wlllg 
of eottr»«, droT? th« qfa««Uta and »im tlw luTeiitor^,* 9lM 
n&tUr appcoyo to Imfw tjoeji att^wlttod t9 tho aoaiotoat of ttoi 
l>roT»«t« ,fu%e Iwfcvliig ?3fe!irg® of *itt0«iUjm» r«Xiiti]i6 t# iav«a* 
torloot m^ m fUrtter »tigii^ mm tak»ii lm tl» muttoir oxcopt to 
tntoryooe objeotloa* on tho too&rijag of tli^ fiand acr^oimt to oioi« 
l«iU»otioii for &i^|NillrAat«<s mtwima la tlie a^iniotFatlon,. /^prielliiat 
loiev^ hot^eTajr, thut ef ter tlto pu^m^nl of th<s a®M to tho CoatraX 
truot CoMjsangr it, yftmiao-i sr4a «t©ei[ mml bonds* la lt» capacity ao 
oo«oa«ill&ry 9J»iotttoif« «ad a» tmioli wao oolleetlag tho iatoroot mi« 
Aivldoada th»t ha^ acoi^od thorooa* If ho ti« aoi latoaA ta oiUa 
l>y tn« ft^i>3roT4a of t^ iawatairy »» |aintiy suisttittod ho 0mmU 
aot a»vo waitod aatll. tlM» tiao o«»« for eloslag tlie ontoto Wforo 
oa^mlitiag to tHo eaart tlut tfaoetion ^letlior tlie aitaf of tlia 
PT^p%rty aXrea^ a4»l«lKt©ired it|ioi} mohoroor la B«^ Tork. nt tkat 
tl«« it liad to«s8iaj^3r lioooso aa i%oad««lo <ftto«tloa* Xt did n»t affoot 
th« rl^^t af dl»trlteuUoa Imt olayXy the value of aorvieoa f#y 
a^lalfitratioa alr#A4^ had» to iritilcdi H&rtla toy hlo alleaao aad 
iicqui«aooa«o la aat yroooaiias Urn aattor to tho propor tyiimnaX la 
•aa tSaw« - provldiag he w^s aot i^oaad >y the deolsion of tho 
fadg««a aaslataat • aa«t h« hold to ha^o gl^oa eoaooat* mad lo 
^r«^ freoXadod fyaa aaw raltla^ th« ^aoatioa of tho itm of oaid 
^Toparty for adwlalotratloa. 

^hllo tho arctMoata apoa th^t qaoatloa preaoat a 
Rilij«ot ahleh U9tm tho laotaat f aota 1» not froo fro» dlffleuXtloo 
lad apoa alX iMiaaoo of idiloh thoro is aot eatlre hnnmmy of 
IplBloa, yet It lo aaa«ooaoaxy to go lato Ita aerita. if, as 


tl?a •* 


^; .1 yr^ v^....^.' 

A.-'ii'' %^V 

'Ta :^:^*t'i ^vllS ^tiav 

vj^MMA Oft 

91QS^. •'■•• ./;. - ■•■ . •'■..i-fl^h:' 

^^m^fi y 

Hff S'ff fH: 

«« Utiiiky u&XA Murtlii i» ••t«pp*€ nyea tli« fo7«g«ljaig facts 
fr«iB objectliii; m% tfads iAt« Any t« the «Xlewwi«« af ••»• 
fMiBfttida f«r •«rrlo«« alr^t^dy 7«Mt«y«4 in tlMi adtaiiiistratiAB 
ttf tiM e»tAt« with hit lOMwiftdff* tM I«i9ii«4 ««^i«»««««« «ai 
09il««at« It it » feaniliMT d»ct:^*ifl» thnt *iiih«r« • mmn has ha«« 
«ii«nt when in c»insoi<9n«« ha awgiit to havt spolceB^ ht shall 
be ^Icharrad fr^ns 9ip«nk|j|g idiaii eoaaci^aae rsquiras hiM ta ha 
«il«at ** (3 IhMi. £i|« ^T* UtA Sd«t B«a« 818«) 9nd without 
•ifthor&tise upaa its appXieAtiaat ^»* think aader th« f »ata 
al9aTa stattd it shmild caatrai t^ ditpasitiaa ^t this eaaa« 
A«eardiasi7 tlM mrd^r alii he af fizBtA* 

4.^ '•>*■«. -^i 

f^ * 

♦ t.v 

3f4 • 98952 

^f^^^f rxnxL&tsviit 



CO. 0^ CHICAGO* ll^imiiif 


234 I. A. 


(>jr CHICAGO* 


PlidJfttlff br«u£lit mil on a poll^jr Issuvd Igr dtfandaMt 
inaurinc Ms t«tiriiie aiiiit«Mibi3.«t « ^•''<< malca, agaliuit tiMft far 
its aetaoX valua net •xeesding |«00. fha jury found tlM isa«aa 
for pX^antiff and aasaosed his dMia^aa at $617*10 ivhich Inoludod 
Intcreat at 6 p«r ««iit on #Ml«a9, fra» tli« tUm i3M ineuraaea 
van payablo* 

Tha pointa sada Iqr apfalXaat art that th« praof ^t 
laaa «aa aat filad In a^t tJjaa, tlmt thara wao na legal «t1« 
dartaa af tiM dflftagoat and int^raat wa« not allaaabla* 

Aa ta ftraof »t laaa* ?li« aajr was »tolaa li&roh 21» 
1981 » and aa raportad ta def«n<i9i>it tba oaxtddagr* About taa ar 
thraa aaalca latav defain'5»fit*a aaalataitt t anagarp Milahav, alM 
took plaintiff** applieRtioft f^r ihm inavranaa* eoM ta aae him* 
and filXad out* 9T partially filled out, on one of tha ooap^ngr'a 
blanks, tha proof af laaa. Re aaya ha lafi it with plaintiff] 
plainUff aaid ha took it with hiai. »syiMs» 'avarythiag vould 
bo all right* • On thia paint plaintiff vas avidenUy nist*kan 
far d«fand(ait praduoad a oiataftent af tha praof af Xaat* a«om 
to by plaintiff on 9Virm 17th fallowing, akiak aaa raceiTOd by 
dafandr-nt in tha mnil and fia niMnpod an June ISfh, vhieh was 17 
d«qr» aftar tha laaa. Tha palioy raouirad th« proof mf laaa to 
ba rondarad ta defondunt within 60 dagra* and tha jury aada a 

i» ' \|<>MJ^. 


t2d .' 

«* '■'■' 



• Zm 

09«ole4 finding ih»t it wns n»i «• r«B4«r«d* This finding 
«9uXd iM itto«nai«tent vith th« ctn«raX Tcrdiet w«r<» it n*t 
for Ui* f«e% tn> t th«rc wa« *!»• sulmitted t« th« ^ury tlM 
e!a«stion whctb«r defendant luid not by its coaduet waiT^d tkni 
proaentAtion of proof in thu% tiao* 

loarine on th« eiuoiition •f imivor it a9^a;ra tltet 
plaintiff eallod up defendnnt ^ telephone tho Xattor part 
of Itagr »nA talkod vith ito laonaffor aoardoa* o^ying th« 60 
daya had expired and ho wanted to know «di»t the oonpany was 
90im to do* naintiff t« «tif ied that Roardon replied that 
he understood the ear heid hoen reooTered hy the peliee; that 
plaintiff infoi!«ed him thst it wao a different ear^ and tho 
nms^r aahod hin to cmoM to the offioe^ «hi«^ fm did* «hon 
tho nan^ager asked for the leojre to the oar and for the poll ay , 
oa^n«« •the heat t eon do for ywn i« to giTO yon $4<K>,» 
Boardon did not testify* this eonT«?raation waa eorrlMrated 
hy snother witneae* Kileher testified he noTer made aach offer « 
hut plaintiff did not olaixi he had« 

On »um a» 19S1« defendant, tmrtmih aiIoher« then 
manager, wrote plaintiff Oi^ring it oonld not honnr his olaim 
until it hfid i«rd fr«n tho central police atatlon th/^t the ear 
reeoYered vaa other than the oay reported stolon* If the ^ry 
belioTed that d&fend&nt offered to pay l^dOO after the expirt<tion 
of 60 d«ty«, and, ae Indiented by s«ld l-tter, stood willing to 
adJUEit the cl&in en s^tiaf^totory proof th«t the ineured oar 
had not been reeoyered, then it apparently stood idLUing on 
both oecasiono to miire the roquirenwnt of proof of l*os el thin 
60 dagrs. There was OTidonoe, therefore, upon whioh the jury 
nl^ht hare found that defendnnt waived the requireaent* 
( Dwelling Hon ee Ins. Co . y. floedall. Ifi9 111, 17P; Citiaeno 
ln»£jsa- ▼• t>toddard> 197 in. 536; Ini^nnr t. /etna Life Ina ^ 



•':■* J-v? f;$rt^ 



* «ftf.-- 

Ssi*» aa4 111. Ayp, 3X2. ) 

As !• proof of A«MC«s and tho fnatstioa of lat«r««t« 
(holy oa* «ritiM«« t«utifi«d on thic oub^oet* Ht kaA %«m Ml 
ftatOBOlilIo «ai«0 Ruma||«r for o«t«ii yoHTo^ loftXisi; villi f%w(k 
oars* oBd o«» «9^r«iitlx faadXlor with th«lr market taIuo* 
The a^sonojr of uhioh li«» wrm mmactr ooXd tho o»r to ylaliitlff 
in tho prcTlouu D«o«Kl9«r« Flciintiff oXalaod that it «rmo 
pr»etie»XXy now* ii«T«r ha'riiiir iMies driven »orc ttaim throe times 
«»4 BOt farthor tha» 30 mlXoo* :»«id nitnooo tostifiod tlM 
■arkot Ta^o of » now Ford at or ahett tho doto of tho loss was 
IR68.309 httt that thoro iwuXd %e «i dopr^eiatioa ia omIi amrlEot 
T&Xne* from D«o«Mhor to data of Xaos ob a oax* driTem dC miloo^ 
of 3o*X/3 p€!r aeiit* Thoro w&s aXoo proof that tho oair had mot 
with am ac;;ido]it ro^irimg tha fottdar and runaimg hoard to ho 
r«pXaoad* far ^diieh defandant paid |X3 to tho mom idm did tho 

Xm Tiov of mioh proof tho djoaagos aooooood ivoro 


tho avlde8c»» di»$Xe9«td suffieitiit do4iht &9 to tho 
liimtitjr of tho o^r roaotarad '^ tha poXice to warraat dafand* 
ing tha action^ ao that in our opiniOB tho Jury aaa not varjrsatod 
in iheXttdimg in te root on tho vaXso of tho oar t^w vax&ticmo 
ioXnQr* AoooTdimt to tha ta^^tiaony of pXaistiff *• oam vitmoot 
tho OhXy OMO idio toatifiod a» to damanas* tho Jtiry shomXd haTO 
oompotod th«& at t«o* thirds of |M3*3f« »«MXy« at 1374.93, 
and as iatf^raat was net propsrXy aXXowahXa, tho JudgpMnt wilX 
ba affimad for that amonnt if a ramittitur is made within tan 
dssgre to that oum* otherviaa tha jud«mant viXX ha rrrarocd and 
tha OHmao raaumdad for a new trial* 

this hainc a fourth oXaas oaao ahore taf*hnioal 
pXoi^dinss «ra not ro^pirad appoXXant^s oXaim thiit waiTsr was 
not pXaadad nood not ho eonsidorod* Sor ao«d ao disonoo oithor 



the c«ath«rlty of Um mMMf«r 9t MHittmit maii«c»r t« l)iad tiM 
MMpanjr with rea]|^«et ta iuoh VAiT«r« Ttet yslat iriift not raisttd 
b«X«v, «ad iA th» aVs«n«« •! e«uat«r pr«ftf m^ antlMritsr Is 
iiiferfthl« frtn tlM «vid6»M« 

tfeuirt «»• M •rror la tlit court* & rtfu&frl to eulvit 
to tlie iuTft «t Aef«iideiit*« r«qFaoti» opeolia flndln^o^ lAwtiMr 
d«fondaAt extondttd th« tiiio for fiXiag proofs of loo«« Mid «h«a» 
If Rt all» pXiiintiff irondored def«ndriBt o atat«Bi»nt thcroof • 
imy findiAs la r«»poa»« thoreto voiUd not hevo booa iaoonoiatoat 
with tlM» g«ttorta vi^rdiet rondorod «hi«h, ia tIow of tho apooUJl 
fiadiag* Hutit hiKW reotod oa th^ theory of o#dd wairer* 

Oridley, i». J., and Fitch, J., concur. 

« ".jyO ' 

! ' • t 

^ , ■, . , :yibt.ii 



In ^ y 




234 I.A, 627 


ooox oomrrf • 

KB* jtTBTxcic m^ms»i Dia*iin8j«ft f»i oraizos or th« cmmr* 

thi« saiNi, Xllw tJiat tf J^rUfM ▼• aiSBiftt sii 
III* 479« YWMntA the ip«sti«a ttf yritiritgr »» 1»ttvR»«« mi 
«rtisMi*s Xit« uf»n ma iMt«M^il« fttr r«]^lrs asd tbt Ilea 

Xa li^Ui ««««» tloi nor|gfig«e r«|a.«Tia*d tiMi CHt«Mbll« 

frMi a Kara^ lEeep«r ute iim4« tlM» artfairat «tt^ t^ iawir eavirt 
gaTc priaritgr to the i&it«r*« Xica* Xa tb^ Ipp yj ^^^ aaaa* wamn^ 
Mm att|pr«flia Ooiurt li«X4 tha »ar1i|^aK«a * a Xiea did nat j^mlA to m 
aaliaa^tai liaa fmt rfi>«ira aitliajr f)r<ni tha naoaaaitj 9t vAkiag 
tlMn OF f raai eagr iafXiORlioa of mthdritgr fraa tli* aartsagaa 
ta aalea tlMMi* 

^^Xe aectiaa 4 of tlit act ^roridiair for aa arUaaa*a 
llaa OA o2i»tt«Ia for lalwr, «%««« (Saaaioa Lavo 1931» p« tOftg 
CahiXl*a ^tai«« i^* SS^ Far* 4$) axfraaisly proTidaa th^t aitok 
Xlaa atoaXl iM aia^jae^ to t^ U«a of najr Waa f Ado a hattoX 
aortgaga upon tbe mmL% ahattol raeordad priav to ttea ooaaoaoo* 
MMi of aaoH lioa« it vaa ooatoadad la tk« JflMrlldk aaoa that a 
pvoTialan la tha aortgace that tha aortga^ar ahoaXd fevep tlw 
praporty ia first eXaaa aoadltioa at all tiaiat nt hla a«a axpeaao 
Covo tha aortipacar iapXlad i^thority to o«aaa a prlar Xlaa to \m 
pat mpoa tha chattaX for aaaoaaarir rapalra. Sat tha ooart hold 



ij> ^ 

• ' 

*li, srr 

liA* w. 

<mft9^:«» ,1P' 

'':; Jfvi*: 

t^tf •'* 

• 2m 

that seiUMF frMi «kt r«l«ti*ndhip Viweta Mkm mttrt^n^^r iai4 
tlM inort|to4C««t nor tlie I«ii|^ac« nf tlit is«tnni««t vaa Uwint 
«ith*ritgr t« tlM a»rtsa§»r t« cr«at« my Ii»MIltar on iMluvXf 
•f the mttT%gti4S99 • 

7hM 8«ft« «OBt«ilti«tt !• ««4« Iqt «9P«XI*« ia this «a«« 

yagr ««*>^ in fi4Y»ii«* for gftragt <diarg«8» if«l^»ir0« «!•*• •• tlb&t 
Ml li«» or oI&S» 9f Xifl« ttagr attach t« ««id ^«p«r1sgr« Th« 
li*ldittg iB the ghrlia% «»s« th«t tfc« laiiiitt»^ in tli« tt»rtcaff« 
la tliat e&«« did »»t ^thoris« llie m»Ttge^T !• ereate «iQr 
li»l}liit;gr ia Mftiaf of tht Mirtgxc** i« t^tOLly ai^piieahlt tt 
lh« IflMfiiftCW is th« M9r^«li;« is the ease at bar* 

¥her« la aa natavial dlf f«r«ae« «f fact 1»et«een tht 
IMI «aat«9 aalasa it If ttmi la Hkm jhyXAfJ i easa tha 9»T%gmg99 
dl4 not loiaT af tlM» rtf^aiira Isy the nrtiai^ until th* Iait«r 
aai»a«ae«d ha ^maXA h«l4 tht «iitasiol»ila far the r^p^ir hiXXf, 
»hll« la tha aaii« c»t Var it appaiirii that kRaYrl«(i4ji:« of tha faat 
that th« «ttt«mhila vaa la a9|>ailaa*« ^aeaaneiaa far rsp&ira 
«Mi« t« appallaatsi aetiaa ahaat a wmU h«fara thay d««aadad 
|iaa«a«ciaa aad raplevled i3sm prai^rtgr* 

It it urged hjr ap^llaa tJutt mi^ delegr ta ohtaia 
faa«a»«iaa af th« property after al)tainlng eaah kaawledca 
aetape the aartc«faes froit aseertiag the priority af their 
Ilea* Bat «• find Twthlag ia the erldeaea tJliat fumlehas a 
liaeie far the dootrlna of eetappel* Tha praparty aae ttartgacod 
ta plaiatiff to aeoare aatee aggrageitiac ti412 af iteiah aaly 
aae h»d faXlen liag, Tha sneant of the Ilea olAiae'i 'fay 
def eadaat ie |«03«S3 t^r aat«riale ead lahar furalshed hetaaes 
iHigaet IB, 1P82» aad Sapteaher ?, 192S« There la nathiag ia 

'■:i^ 'T^y^'^^l-^.t^ff. r^*f 



tlt« T9mv€ twmt litf-oh it ««« b« definltaly t, is, ted Im»w Miiaii 
•f the «MMnii mt •xpim^tvrt in lailMr luid «Ai«ri«l ««• Mad* 
«ft«r |^«liitlfffi knov t}i« fliitti«MHlt «»« in A«feadnfit*e 
f««»«c»i»fi, nor !• Umivw lUiy thing In tli# r«o#r4 t« fihciv tlM 
▼alii« of tiMi attt«BMibiIe« wmA wliether wltlMttt eii«)i repairs it 
v»» not •A^quAta »e@or|^ for Um nMnuit of Uio »nrt4img9m 
Tlt«r« is antkifig In tlt« ftvideties, thftref«re» fr«Mi vliioli it owm 
IM »Aid titat fiAimtiff 8 r«e«iiN»d ««if IwMifit \ty mifdk doXiqr •r 
tliat Umjt 4i4 ansrikiiii^ to iniSsit«« 4«f«ttaASt t« ooHplcte tlw 
repAirs ^f ier tlMiy a«f|iiir9<l lc&»wl«»d4S* ^^ tluni* Tls.«i*« i«« th*r«» 
for«!t nothing ia t2Mi r«Q«rd upen i^ieh ta i;»refliettt« tlM» diAotriiv 
^t 99i»pp9X*, th» Bi»-T9^ }m^p»r «a4» htmn^ t» t^iJK n^tio* «f tlw 
ii«n sf thfi ohattei i»r1sga|^ t« wfttich tlio ^tfttat^ mnkmn hi» li«ii 
•li%|t«i« tmd %km reemw€. eluowa s« e^mmmXm.iijaim ^tve«ii plain* 
tiffs ftB4 ^etvmfksmt in this simis nntil 4jtmmtA open tli« XAtt«Y 
for p(»sit««Bsinn urn* w:>Mf or fii^f »c% tf tiieira npon vMeh 
defendunt pl»»M r«li«ii^« ?li# elim#<it« nf «stnpp»i Are lAOkinct 
jsiid iM» fi»« n»'^%fm l« tt»« f«ictfi «f tfctis «« t© dilffer«fitifttn it 
frm mtUM ▼• aamit* JMQU i» ^*w «.ppUe%ti«« sr tJwi l«v 
iifcid dAioi in ^he l»%tmr* The case was tried without a Jury. 

AtfitArtfingijr ill* ^4ffn«mt of the t^witT e««rt will b« 
reirerwrd nith a finding of fi^ei tlu^t tlie ri^t ef pAsmtesiAn tn 
tlis pTApATtjr «3Mi in up p« XI Ante «iMi, as tiM rssnHi slmvsi etili 
imXA pAs;o«s8isn unA^^v the' vrit* - 

wmatjum nm a n^Disc of pact, 

HvlAisjr* P« l*t And Fiteh, J[«« e^nmoPm 




319 * 26977 

fnmxvo 07 VACt^ 

«« tiaA ^pKlltmtm htctfi tlit rUgkt t« Urn 

OS. ■ K: 


•i ^i.iSt 

822 • 23980 

OB Appeal ©r 3l)lfAHD a, BEHttLUMP. ) ^^ M T^/l,. ^^.T 




i^l9«ll«ftt •««»k« a r#T«r«»l of «c ©r«!«r 4 leal losing 
his clal« for l^gel »«rvlepe r*n<!tr«4 to a sr«eeiT«r aand hl« 
»u©c««f<or &pT»t)iai«4 «ii<l«r a bill for forecloour* of a oortgag* 
tru»t 4««t! fll«d \ij Hope Tbo^^pvon against G«org« w. Hunter ct al* 

Wllllwrn 4. Hat ineon, the appellee, vks appointed 
receiver of th« pro^^erty to i^uooeed one !^ith who ha4 reeigse4 
4t receiver thereof. Baeh wwi givexi leave by erder of oourt to 
«r3Rploy appellant BerglunS as hi« counsel in the reeeivership 
ranttera. THe reeor<l i!iaoloa<»a that Bergliimi also »cted a« 
eolicltor for coffipiul»^int, for ^ich he reoeived eosapenjiatioB, 
■114 that there were oeonelans luring the litig'itlon ^rtien the 
interoists of eoatplainjint and the Lntereste of the reeelvor were 
*dr<5reo to onn another. It lo for tbat reaeon the chinoellor 
dleaHlove^ co3!aT>l*Jlnnnt *e olftlei, 

Oa .T-m« 1, 1923, the reoel^er flle<! hie final rofport 
an 4 aeeo-iint^ to which o'iniplfliin'mt ril^sd objeotinnt, ^rhich, in view 
of a ettT)\Cl?)itioil euhsequtntly »a«le between there aa to the euneunt 
of the receiver '• fean, were not urged* On the eane day app«ll,ant 
file<i hie petition reciting the oerviceo he had rendered both 
rooolToro and making claia against appellee, ao reeeivor, for 



tjfiOi'i'z. - ^rj5 

ri »*«•'; 

• 7^ f fm 


#8900 at rft^ffoaaVile ftollolter*t f««s for su^h ••rricos. Ho forraal 

written objeotlon vma made thereto, but oa a hsarln^ lA opon eourt 

thf QhiuioAllor asked A^fntiAant H^jntAr, agitilnst whom tho 4«or«o of 

fc»r«clo»vir» wat «nt«r«<!. If ho obltotod, mnd h« oald! ho ^l«l. At ttai 

hoaring ap^oll'^o prolucod 4«o\aa€*Rtary nyi<1«n«o oho'ving that xp* 

oollont 2«rglund va» actlciis a« ttoXioltor for compX'Ainant afttv 

ho waa apT»oint«d oolioitor for th^ r^jooiver, --m^. that ho to actod 

when tholr interest o wore in cofililct, ilvpplemontiiig tho o-ri'ioQoo 

•o hoap't tho ehanoollor haa oortllloa ao an ozl^ilbit tho iLust«r*o 

roport diselosln^s that ^iorglurid ha4 taleon an aotivo part in the 

lltigaticn In hchalf of e^^zplaln'snt. Thi^: oxhi'blt «aa oartifiod 

upon tho theory that diselosing, as it doeo, •it<^ aorvicoa tho 

ohancoXXor too]c Judiolal notice theroof in doiominin^ the ;^ro» 

prloty of dioaiXowlng appoXXimt*© p^titiori. 

On «Ful3r $, X933, the day of tho hoarinc* tho i^otltion 
v«s dioaXXowod and an orlor^fiscing tho stsaotmt of tho rocoiTor'a 

foea. On July XO an ^r^9T wao ontttrod dlsoharcing the roooivor, 

Ob Jtily ^ B«!>rrXu»d wao aXlo'frod an appeal frons the order il a- 

alXowing hie cXalm agminat Ro^blneon ao euoh receiver , whtob ho ha« 

t) orf ootod, 

4ppoXXeo urr^a that as ho nado no ohjeetion to ap* 

poXlant** petition for ooarponaation, and waa diaohari^od hoforo 

apooXX^t waa aXXowod an appeaX, ho it not rigbtfuXXy dado pfurty 

appoXXoo, and that tho aT>p«aX aheuXd ho diaaUsBOd. It nay bo 

doubtful whether oppoXXant, not being a piirty to tho oaso or 

intereetod in the oubjoot &attor of tho finaX doeroo, o«i appeal. 

(Jle««£ ▼. MM&O,. 1«5 Ili- »•'»; ^A*Kfm ▼. M.UltS£. l'^^ ili.,XX2.) 

But in Tiow of tho f not that the order cilaaXXowing 
^^ooXXuit*e eXaiJi ahould in any oTont bo afflrii.od upon its Msrito 
and the reoult would be tho oamo if tho appeal wore diaaioood, vo 
Aoed not ooneidor thooe qut^etiono of proooduro. 



fh^ rftoord clearly dlnclosee that appell&nt va« acting 
in « dual capacity for partifts vrhoac iJit«refit« wore %t tic&os fiin* 

On Jbi«T«u^«ir 4, 1921, complain nat ma-dft rrom proof of 
••rvicft of « notice of Biotion by complaiasait, ^Ich he si^<»e4 at 
hi* colieitor, to approva xhe aaDter's r«pert, «t<fttiDi^ in hit 
»ffi4avit ti^at lie w&s t)i« <^uly atititvori««d af«nt ani iK»lteiter of 
co8ti»l&inant« w-n JsusB?i.ry 2i5» 19*?^, be ttd<JT»«R«(3 ft Icttir t© ap- 
pellee in which h« aaid he taptepmnitt^ the c^ap 1 ainani^ /«ad 
acting in hie h^h^lt ht wr©t« to the receiver ©n fclruary 29, 
19??^, Kjfpres^ingr dleap^roval of payments ffi?^e "by the recti ver fer 
repairs, etc., end eaying that the caaplaln^jTit wished hi» to make 
no payments over |7S thereafter except hy ©rd«»r of court aporoTing 
the came, A eimllar letter frcm the cowpl?irjajat to the receiver 
wae written iieptemher 14 followiniE, aeiclng that before purchasing 
eeal er incurring further ohllgations the receiver cisneult ap* 
pellant iierglund. theee letters iisoloset;! hostile relations be* 
tween complainant wid the receiver. The Ki.aster*s report also 
disclosed other services rendered by jber^liind to coti^iainant in 
the o«|)v=icity of the latter's aoilcitor» It is umiecessary to 
detail them. As said in farffell. v. (^yeai tV Wester^ Te^ > ^, , 161 
111., S323 

•It is a rile of a salutiiry oharaotsr that a receiver can 
not be permitted to employ as hie counsel on« i»ho is en^jared by 
another party to tho proceeding, an<1 ifhonever the rpiations of 
such f;o^in«(el ire hostile to ^nolhr'r party t^ tha proceeding 
wherein the receiver must uct, it cannot be tolerated that the 
rec'^'lver Tay «n»ploy euch hostile cjoun^el,* 

The cejrt the^a eitee High on Heosivers (sec. 216), ani idvarfs on 

Receivers fp. D3) , laii oth^r authorities svi».t iinia^r this #*^oletoRe 

nrinciplo, 'T^ic>^ is applicable to the facte of this ease. Other 

aut)"oritles on the suhjeet ar*? cited in n pffron t. Flower fit ^. , 

36 111, A9P, 800, The Sfi»e principle ie recognixed in AAtmM t. 

WoftJt. S Cal. 306; Spoieey v. iAorohantf guchanige Banls . 110 Wis. 

506, 617; feerchants A irfational ^^ank of Detroit v, ilont . 43 ttioh,29S» 


In t1«w of eonfllctlnf; lnt<^T«fits and hostile mlatioat 
betw<»«a th« toaplaliiont t%n«{ tho r^c^ivtr dlnolored by the raoord, 
W9 think thffr« "sra* no ilmr'fi of ('.iacrf^tlftn by the ehafic^llor in 
dlsallOTs'lng iipp9li3Bi*» ciiklja. Aecor'^lnt^ly t,h« ord«r of dlo- 
aXlovaiioe will bo afflrwet' rottfvr'U^sa of wfc^ither or not w* mi^ht 
aporoprlately diomlRii the flfcp^<?al for ^*\nt of propesr partlos. 

Grldley, F. J., and Tltoh, J., concur. 

234I.A. 627 

M3 - •29001 

mimsLhL iBstsLAsriB cgmpa^, 


th«^ judgment app«»X«tl fr<»» vao for dMui^eii for 'br««ili 
of eoiitr«M»t* In tht jre^a' 19 S^ d«fttxitdiiiit Vcldttahoff gar* to plain- 
tiff, (kwa^TMl £ns«l«kt« &0M|»«{4y« fivo 0T<l«rs for oleotrioal pArts to 
"bft ftoiil<t!t<9 fox d«feRd4*JH, tw© ord«r» i« Kay, «m« In Svptoi'^bor and 
two in Oeto"b»r, oacfc emlling for « 4ifr«rwjt number of ^arto. Th«8o 
or«!«)r« v«ro written on a r©giil?4r Ijrintor! fora of (SefeR'tant •»• ^*i4oxw 
fioath the blsjfik for Aosignation of go^do or^orod wor« thcr printed 
word* *Shij»iiing dirtoitono,* J'ollowing theot lerordo in thtt laet two 
ordoro w%B vrrttt.«n, "Si^i^elfieatioiis «• to M««a4 produoiioa will 1>o 
•ont 3rott lat«r. a« requireiS,'' ^oted on the eidlQ of eoo^ of thoso 
Isot two ex'dors were thm word* '*lt ia un4©r»t00'1 that if there io 
any roduation in price, oiuae ie to apply en this or^«r«* The a»in 
ieeue bau^s priiioipally «|»on eonetruciion of the forster elauee. 

The rirat three ordero celled for 350(X> pieeee, and the 
ItEOt two for 41^00 pieoee. The »o\iliing aia^terial used in the annii* 
faoturo of theee art i alee was fumlatied hy pl^ntiff , m&d eertaln 
K«tal inef>rte, in different ehxupee nnii eixee, were fumiehed by do* 
fondant. Of the K«nuf (leturod goode 'lefeti^ant took ahotit 95^000 
pieoee oalle4 for by the flret three or^ere, and of the other orders 
only 00 pieoee of on« of th«M. To oaaiT>l»it«' the unfilled bal«noo '3e- 
fendaat should hawe ehipped to plaintiff approximately 580,000 in« 
sorts, of which he had sent only about 35, OO, 

Flaiatiff operated as Iovk «e def en v«nt shipped tho 
inserts and stepped operating on reeeipt of a l^itter from defendant. 

TS8 . 

4w^\94 iroT«n(b«r Z7, 19^0, In which f!»f«n1mnt «aliJi •Coll«ctlont am 
▼•ry alow anfl «ur ouetofsers * « ♦ httro a«k«d th»t w« withhold further 
»hl|im«iit« * * * our iiteeic Is in«t awYlng mry rapl-^ly * • * »o w€ a«k 
thAt you clo not «hlp us any xoro muroh^'llto until wo advlso you to 
that offeot*^ Thin ordor was novor oountomuuido4 tmd no o4lTieo to 
the contrary was glvon. On Maroh 1$, 1931, defonda&t wroto pluliio 
tiff that InetoAd of buvioeoo got ting hottor it wpfoorod to bo woroo; 
that a ahi|M8«ttt on Dooottbor 51 wao agiiinet dof<!U}<lant *o Instruct Ions, 
and he could not toll when ho woul«J ho able to diapoae of tho goods, 
Plaintiff made dessand on d<»fortdant for shipping inotruotious without 
arall, mnd its fr'^otor^- mimmf^mr testified that to bis inquiry of do* 
fondacit ov^r tho tol^^phono on July 4, 19^1, ao to what ho propoood to 
do about allowing plaintiff to cosi^lete tho unflllorl oontraot, ho 
ro9ll«d» •Nothiagj" that ho then ^ald to defendant that plaintiff 
must know <!f»flnltely when it oan oJrjip tho balj^co of tho goodo, that 
it has on hand a very ccinfl'riera^lo inv«8tKi«nt in raw mi%t^rriais, and 
^ef«n1ant replied: "t will take thean ^en I got good and ready; « •♦ 
1 propose to do so I ploaoo, and if you want to foroo any l«gal ao» 
tlen, you eon go ao far ao you like.* Uhlle dofea^ant denied hawlttg 
suoh oonToroatlon, it was one of tho (|uostlons of faot for the jury. 

On August 11, 19^1, plailBtiff wrote dofoniant, ro- 
forrlng to tho unfilled contraots of tho proTlouo year ;»nd tho 
failure to reeolro shipping instructions durln^f the current year, 
and asked defendant how he wished to settle the urifille-l con- 
tracts totaling olo«o to #19,000, or for Insitructiono to ship 
•$6,0U0 plus raw Biaterials wo are holding for your aooount,* 
«tatia$r also that plaintiff hold certain plooes subject to lo« 
fondant *s call. It do«»s not app^^ar that t^eae letters wore 
answered, or thmX Sefonlant took any further steps towards per- 
fom«nco, snd plaintiff instituted the prooont suit on October 
31, 19fll, to reooTor dsaiagos for defendant's breaoh of oontraot, 

Tho theory of the aotlon ie that by the letter of 

. ^. *,.-♦. ^-ifr Bu 

^t. -X 


FoTftsiber ^7, 19 SO, <l«fen4l«»t r«f»»«<J to go on with the coatrcicts* 
•ad that the contraait 1»elJig eiXent or Inlef tnitt in reflpeet to 
time ot deXlTory tho law implitu enn prc»;moi a reatonatXe tlao 
therefor, end that no re than a reaeon&bXe time hat elapeed. If 
this thc'ory le eorreet then there iras tutfloicsnt evidence of 'ie* 
feadafitU "breach qf contract to eupport the ferdiot. 

The d^feiiee ie baee4 KainXy on def etidai^t *e oenttrue* 

tlon oi the tW5 clmuee referred to coatain«d Ixi tne Xaet two cen- 

iraete^ It "being dtfw daat*e theory th«t the oontracte tere In- 

ieflnlta »e to tl»e of (Selivery, that the words *ao retiulred* In 

the oXauee p*?rtftinlng te wn«elf lcmtie«8» «5to», ptrsiltted ^lefendent 
to take the goo4» •%» he needed thf^jTs," and that, therefore, ha 

oouXd not %»« heXd to haTO 'breao^ied hie ^ontraete^imleee it he eho^n 
thai he required or nee/^ftd the gocMe In hie "bui»lri«»». He further 
oontendfji that if t>e XMngtiaMc^ ie afihigaoue then the oo^irt 9Tr«A in 
net roeeivin^ oral oTideiioe to explain the a^higiaity, 

Bui era do not think there was any amhliniity, and wo 
agree with the oontention of api^eXXee that the word "required* 
graaauatioiaXy refare to the ^nt^r^L '*»p©cillcation»*' and the Xcitt^r 
word reXatec to "oouXd prodiiciicn. * AppeXXee portiu'siitXy ar>:ueo 
that the oXauee dees not say **spfeoil'loatione as to the ;ime of 
p)^l, p, pjj^l t udXi he isent,* but "opeolf icatione ae tc Bt6uX. ,Ji produptio jct 
wiXX he sent yon ae required,* neaciing as required by the cinin- 
tiff, defen^^aiit not needing ep«iclfi«atione aR to «o414 produetien. 
This eonetrtiction is eniiported by testimony of d«f entrant to ihe 
of feet that the "dletrtbutor eaT>e* were aado from defendant's ^ieo 
"Tith interohangeabXe noiiXds "so ae to baXanee the production de- 
fendant needed, as he might seXX more of one kin^] one !!&onth than 
another an1 wouXd order the dif ferret kinds he neodo-)," and that 
•the lies were isfide int<^rcba}igeabXe in suoh a way that on dietriimtor 
eaps he eouXd ruM tl-iree of a iiind or two of a kind and a thir«1 of a 
different kind or with throe different impressions at one tis^e." 

iz -n.- 


IUBO«y at appelX^a nXttMslbXy ar^iufts, without tpeolfletttlon* of th« 
kl»4 wanted plaintiff mifht proo««d to fflouHd in unemti^f'&otory 

Thiw iBt«rprtt'atlon of the nlauso l«ftve« tho timo for 
dtXivory Inr'lof ijiito tm.^ in that onoo th«9 law woul'1 prootiRMi « roaoon* 
oUo ttat thOTOfor. ( Bylvoj . v, IjgJi, •© 111,, 'S^S, W8; HftmJltojQ 

▼. ifislUf lis i'^^ 19^. 198; ©aaa v. unj^s, Mli«. 1^4 fi»<i. aiHt 

qm^rm Q«A i iiiSMlil^ £2.. "». ! isi^ iJa* • ii-^ ^*«. 7a© 

(Okia,), 31 L. R, A. i«» £}« 613, and noto p« 619.) To conetruo tho 
contr&et othorwl»@ ii^add imiioso on obligmtioii ois ^luintiTt to 
m*auf»otur« tho doflKiio i^uiMatitieo called for Vy tho orders, b«t 
Toli«T« def«nd:iknt fie&m taking thorn unloo* ho "aoedod theai,* thuo 
rm'^^Tiuy. the coKtraet lae'juLun in mutxtalily, Whero tho tormo of a 
ooBtraet oro owooeptifelo of tw© olgnlficatloiiR, that will bo atepttd 
whiob rimdoro tht contract oi^fratlvo, aad whloh roudore tho obliga» 
tlcxieimpooed natuidly ^Ihdltig xmloae) wholly nog^tivod by tho Ian* 
|fti«tu® »jiB#d» CMiny..^ajo.t,.g. Xr^^hex Cg^* v. Whltcbroag , ^ Cft,tl Cg.. , 160 
111., S5.) But tho fiOBOtrt'Ctloa c^ntor.4«d for hy appellant , that 
dollTOrifte woro to b<* as<sdo VJ^jar^ or as nrM^ded by hi®, otlll leaToa 
th* tlMo for dollvorT «r doliYorifH uftoortala ani ind«finito, thus 
oallicf for tho logol i^roouirotton of a reaaonatle tlao thtrofor, '%nl 
^at is a r®a»o»»4bl« tim^ ma^t fimpfmA uoon tho otroijj^otancoo of tho 
ea«0 sysd bo d*?terr.jln«d by tho ;Jury. 

Appollont offorod to proY© certain ct>BY*>riation« to 
tho offset that dolivorioo ««ro to bo an ho nood<»d thorn, oad that 
tho iatortion of tho olauso rof©rrod to «a« tho ro«?tlt thereof. 
BMt it ia clrar that if tho oontraot was not anbiguouo aueh 
tofttimony oat inadmicaiblo, aad tho eonttr action of Ian* whioih 
prootnoo a rcaaonablo timo for dolivory oatmot bo ytiriod or 
coatradictod by a T>r«Ylous or contofflporan«oua oral sigrof> ?nt or 
iin dor St and lug botvoa? iho pvurtlaa* (Soo noto 231 L*K.A.^.3. 619. } 

arf> "• > 


■^f": J,f»** :' *Si:,^^ E 


't&X #«;i 

fli# court ^roporly r«j«oted proof of auch coiiT«r»At Un« and Tirop«rly 
cxfroLr«d its pr«rvfHtlT« in lntiruotliif( tho Jury upon its construe* 
tlon «9f thn contract » whior was In aeoST'^arioe with plaintiff *• 
theory, haH ▼• find no orror In »ue>3 lastn^ctlono. 

Vo do not find that t^o rooord justirioo appollant^a 
eoxtplsiint that ih« court exolu^ed ovldifenoo tondorod by him relAtlag 
to th# <j\ic©tion of wbat oonatltutod rrac' n«fele time, that It did 
fxoIu<!«4 iyad properly^ was dofundauit *a opinion aa to irhat votald hara 
tiaoB a rcaaonal'la tlaa for him to hara orAn^r^d and reofilTOd tha un- 
4!tllT«^r<?<* pr.rtt, ac It vac w^roly a efinclij«'*©n of tha witnaaa an to 
an ultimata fact In 1»r«0 to 1i^.n d^tarmlnsd by the Jury, { Atwet ronjc 
laisl i Vtrr^lah Worlga t. Cet^tiBQ;n^,e^, C^, C m^rnX ' 308 111., 24?.) 

Mil th« ordara l>aing «llent or indc?flnlte ae to tha 
tlma of delivery muoit 1 at It tide vaa glvoii to >'oth o^rtioa In Intro- 
ducing avid«nea l>©arlng on wfeat oonatitutad a roaacnatole tlwa, and 
thara i« Xltta« if j^y, groun^l for coeislaint ae to the rtain^a uj^on 
%h&% pht^e of the oaae* 

Evidftxeo v^ue r»?c«ived on Ijol-alf of pi&tntlff ai» to the 
naoasaity cf oper'Atiafc by *c^iitliiuouE runs* .md bneine; prloae there- 
on, 53in{S a letter on that aubjaot froa plaintiff to ^~ofend«at written 
»G»e tijn« prior to the roo(^ipt of aal^ ordera waa racaivad In evl* 
denoe, to >«rhioh defendeoit ot»J«ctad. 3o far aa a.ich taetUeeiiy bad a 
bearing on the queetion of a raaeo^able tlrifl* for i5'»rf©r«iano« It waa 
adiDleolbla, bnt If r«oalv®d on the thf*ory of an oatabliahad ouflito» 
It ^ra« objacilenahla. The t'^etlBBeny tejriff'd to s^aw tmrrniindlag con- 
dltlona unier 5«hlc^ the artlclee wars manuf aetrtrad «nd In that rea* 
peet bore unon the n^ieetios of a reaa.'>nable tla« for dellTory and 
waa relerant, and ae the ooatr^ete provlied for «pnolfle prleea we 
fall to eea any prejudicial application that oovXd be n<«de of the 

the da£^at$ea aouj^ht aero for leea of proflta, «id m 

ilea til 

it^l r. ' 


/ii^rsi;*!: «*' 

de«lin« Is tht sMurJcet prio« ef "rtdiueuiol , " a naterlai triilch plalAtlff 
|iuzoh%8ttd for tJn« purpoe* of carrying out tb« uentr«ct«. lliara waA 
•Tidone* that It had (l«terlor%t«d ov«r 75 per ctut at the tikie tht 
•xiit was brought. The wittmi elaln^d for auQti XO011 was ot«>- i2000g 
an<1 the 1o«r of i»»oflt« clalm«i3 wa» $S!JOO» T!i« fier'lict waa for 
18000* ApT»eIl»nt elalaa it wa« «% e6m'3r«»l»« vardiot^ \>ut the lotsee 
were au«ii ftt eoul^l only tse ai^proidBiateilf and all tiie Itm recitilree 
ir1ie» the l^ires ov 4«Mift^o oan»ot be glren with ab«oliit« oertslnty le 
that it be approxlac^ted. (B^EOSil '^. 0<aawe3.X J^w ,r3r4t)jy^, Oft,, 277 
111. 286.) Pomui'bX-^' the jury toolc defendant '• poeition that ft* 
plaijjtii f n^lao used r<s<toimiol In earrylag out centracte for other* 
no allowaage ehoiild he mMt for its deterioration, anil allo«e« &ierely 
for lose of profit ». i^e^nilly, too, the 3tir:/ iaey ha^re tiiKem into 
oooaideraiien thai defendant wm $iitltle4 to a roduatlon of prieo 
aa zioted oi^ the Xi^st tvo oontraote. lioiveTer that may he, we do not 
think it ie a omee of a ooniproalee Terdl^t, and defendant is In no 
poeltion to <30tt|>laln that it is leee thai^ the aiaoiint claijued by 

V« think there ie no ground for revf^reible error either 
in the eonistrjotlon given to the oentraot by the court or the in- 
struct I <?n» In aocordan*?e thftrewlth, or ae to the rulings on eYi<5«*.e« 
admitted or excluded. Aeeordingly the Judi^ent will be affirKod, 


<iridley, P. J., and Fiteh, J« , conour. 

364 - ^0^ 

Of OOOiC C0I»9TY« 

CITY 07 CHICJUKI ct al., 

*„.ii»nt». ) 234 I.A. 6 28 

Apwftllee l'll«d « petition, which irat «ul>««qwently 
•n«nd«(l, «igainst a;pi3«llant8 for * writ of iauui4awu* ooHsaimdlii^j thmi 
to eattc* requisitions to t^n ai«i4« for ten eapt? of iho fir« •&€« 
pftrtX5«nt of lh« City of Chioago, to oortify and niipoljit ^otitiottor 
to tho off loo or position of oaptain of »ai<l dflrparta«nt, «aid to 
eauoo y^lM to Ise lpr<5raot«<l or »fit>ointod to ««©h offioo, or in tho 
«lt«rr«ittiro if it «hoiil«1[ anoear that r«<|ttt«ltion swid oortification 
ha4 tf««i m^dlo on or prior to JPebrtiary 27, 19^-?, that r«tponrteott 
eauo« th« oaiary of |2700 por amiiaa to !)« paid In monthXy In- 
otalltfittnta, "boglurdBg irlth ITaroh X, 192^. 

Tbo oaoo was triod btforo tbe court upoii the issueo 
formo4 itnd a otlpuXation of faoto, »uppX«n«x)tod ^y oraX t«ifttl«on3r, 
and the writ vaa awarded aa prayod* 

Xn an idantieal prooooding liy V^« %• I'lrahDiber ac«i*it 
the OMie dofon Isjito in •&•• lio. 2660$, pr«dioated upon th« %amm 
otato of faets »nd triod upon the oauo OTidonee, the onXy differenoe 
beinii£ in the pt roone of the pXaintiffa, we fixed an opinion on iioT«i> 
b«r 27, \T/2:s^ rtsvertint; the order of the Xower court awarding the 
wrltt with a flnUng of faets to the effect that the rAguieitien 
referred to in the plnadinge w-jko withdrawn before the oiwiX eerwiee 
ooanioslon had aoted thereon. An apnlieatien for a writ of 
eertiorar^ in thttoaee wei deni'*d by the Supreme Court. For the 

8gB J 


t<i1:S^K:^t ^JJi 

J^X i^ 


'■'t V 4 


rtftton* fftattt4l in n^id. oiilnion, to ^^ieh rAf«r«no« iw aAd«, th« 
•rd«r Av&rding th« vrii of fiitwdtunus muat Ise rcTersed with a likt 
finding of tb« fttott, 

Gridley, ?. J., ana yit<;}h, J,, concur. 

-^ ?*!?i.: 



S64 - ^022 

1« find that th« r«qulBltiim lututtdi by ih« firt 
aar»hal of tl»« City of ChloAgo t^fbrvnay 87, 1922, ref«rr«d to 
in th« Y^leMlngt, w»g withilrowxi "by hi» authority ©a yobmary 
96, th<» ilay aftor it v»s dtliTOrvd to the oivil norrio^ oos» 
mlffslon, imd Waft bo wltMr^wn before said eoiJimiealon had aot<i4 
th«reou, purouant to a diocrotionary power »o to do Yetted in 
•ai<t fire «ar«haX liy aa ordiiaaneo of tha City of Ohioa^o* 



ZJl » ©00^ 

JDHB Ukjmm 


Mj^mjomf mMwsmrw ana 



234I.A. 62 

im, ^0ifiiaE Mmm^ Mtiwa^D iiii aPBsxuii oif tm mmx. 

Thin is a» «p|»«al fr^ji^ a jiidim«iit for oo« e«At 4«»«c«t 
b^siid u^on a §« l ^-fi^ l f^i^^jl^jl.,^ Wnd of i4U0« It !« ux-g«^ that th« 
finaing of iMo «oitrt in j^aii3«t ti^o wnight of the eTidl«[ftoo« 

Thio if th« mly ttrrnr roXi««fl upon, But ao tho bill 

of ^%m!ntion9 «%» not tlgcio^ hy tho trLtU. ju4g« an'J v$^o «igDo4 liy 
aaoth#^r jijwlji* oa tho th«ory of hit rlj-^t «o to do hoeimso of tho 
o'biiftneo of th<» trial jii^go, tlto l»lll of oxo«i»il9nti lo not a propmT 
l^art of the roiooaNt ^m4. mtot ho ntrickmi fho:r«from» (|lS92]L& ^« 
RjL£SSSyj.t 3^ 111, %4^*) Aeeor^i»iil7 it will ho otritik -a and tho 
Ao«70« will ho ttffljraioA. 

Oridloy^ !*• J., and tit^^, JT, ^ oonour. 


•^ ii vA ^ 



•iOQ m 8«oaft 

"•''•""*• M.,.u... i 234 T. A. 6 28 

07 GiaCAOO* 

X. u. mwm ft fti.. 

On iKpiMia •f nonMiur LXfcarxsij», ) 

TIU.ft i* aa ftp9«*l frwn » judifRMiiit fey $TOC «nd edats 
in pX«iiitiff*s favtr itt « fourth <ila«« »eti#m of tlw littnielp«X 
C«uirt« J^Xftlntlff «ilXeg«d in hi« 0t@te»«nt ef oXala iH@t Imi 
Mid Aii4 <l«liv«r9(i to d«?fen4aate a «©1»r truok» t%r vhioh tli«y 
luui «4pf««d» «tt«l «ft«rintrd9 r«ftt««4, to pny tiui yurtiuis* priM 
of #700 « P^%mt m. ^nfmXX ha4 boon ciit«r94 agaiA«t ^efoaaoat 
Bttfctr tfee •«•« w&» trio4 vitl^tit « luufy on i«i««ii fonw4 Iqr 
t)M «rfi<lft«it of LitehfioXd diettyliig tJ^t lui «T«r p«r^Uisod« 
or •«r«o«l to purofeaao, tht ireok* or that )i« mui jointly liable 

i»lth Bakor thorefor. 


Xttot of %im |»oliit« ttrgod for rirToroal roXato to tlM 
»tiffioioR«^ of tlM «rideiio«* ^t nm Vtiink it w-s ouffloiont 
to ohov « ioiat eitr«Q««Bt %gr def«»d«ats to imrohaso tho tmok 
ftt ooid frioo. 

Zt oppooro frooi tho eTld«ii«o that both dofomdonto 
inopootod tho tnsek aad had « oonreroi&tioii with nlalatiff 
ro»po«tia£ its prioe» «^eh pXalntiif oatf Buhor oaid woo 
•CProod upon. vhilo plaiaUff was ahoont froa hio plaoo of 
huainoos the truck «oa doXiTorod to aad oshoo^oatlr taJMi 
^ dofoBdanta or ono of th«M« mpoa «■ underotaiidiac with tho 
thoYt to a ohop to ho iwoodoXod. I4tohfioXd paid for tho 




«»yk» and ftf tsrwauNia «s«d Ui« truok s«T«r«i \«««lai Im his 

I'hll* t^ i^rsef !• nttt oX^ar at; ta tiM exaoi 
relntian Wiwaan tka tm dafenct(UBli«» yet wt ihXrk the eTid«aaa 
•iMwa tliat Uiay l»t«nd«d t« iNiaiiM aaii ii«r« faintly XialDla far 
%hm purchas* prie« ragardJ.«B» af ai|y under et^Ading Wtaaan thfli 
at ta a eoBssanitj intcr«9t in th« tra«k« 

Zt is alaa urged Vliat the »tftt«»ent af elalK daaa 
not atata a eaasa af a&tiaii. Xt« tufflsleiiasr was nit (pattiaaad 
iM^v and as it «iiff leiettUj^ iafajmad aafaadtnita §f tlM natajra 
af the eXalai* «hlah the Jelaiiig •f issiftaa asd the ahar&ctar af 
the dafanae indio^te «aa waXl mtderetaod* «« need net im a famrth 
elaae aase consider the a&ission af techaieal i^Tenaeiita th&t 
v»uXd. ^ dai»K«d eaaaatial ta atata a Xasal ej»ii«a of $%ctiaa ih 
aMithar alaae af aaa«a« But the state»aBt lit elmim at haai 
ia merely d«f ecti^ tmd was e^trmd hy Tardiet* 

rniiia «a thirih the iia««alXad Taria»aa aiXagad ta 
axiai ama not aat^?ri«X« yn% the point m&t* nat raised in tha 
eourt belav and* th&refarat aajuiat ha \arged here far tha firat 

Tha iMiat that Bitlf^r eanld net ha e«aied a« a ettnaas 

under aectiaa i^ at titM lowiaiyai Court Aat haaanaa after 4a» 

fahlt takah ag«liiat h|» ha vaa no Xaiigar aa adTerea par^« ae 

da nat daaa walX taken. Be still atnad aa a defendant ae ta 


ahaai jtid^ent vaa aakad and taken* Beeidas^ he vae/later in 

tha trial h|n defendant and oxanined uyan the eeaa anhjeat nat tare. 
Ve faiX ta find tm^ gaad grannd far a reTi^raaX af tha Judipaent* 
Aaoardinsly it aiXX ha af fima4. 

Gridlay* P. J«« and JTiteh* J,« w^tvct^ 

tfi^f.rr'i Tri **• 




♦ '•■. ?.>.• 

38« * 8t047 

App«il««, ) AfMJUL THOU 


ftfUUffD T^!!mK' -ffrBTT!:?^ Iff, 


234I.A. 628 

■ ^ 

FXatnttff %y«ttglit milt a^ninsst d«f9iid»iit ift r«<8tJY<sr 

freii^t ti^%iii %% Hw iiit«3n»ffiAtto«i of the rallroeiil wad TlnouBMS 

v(i«4t a ewmtpy liiiiSiipiigr «ti|.,eh Tun aorth «a^ 'i5««tH entdl m« 

tr»ok. FJli»tnU^f wiftis giiini; north 9n the mfhrniy Iwut 11:30 
9* »•, «s A 4«rlc» rjftif^ nii^t. 

Jl» t«Bttfl«r4 th«it <r*a h® «ia® eroswiug th© ire^olEs 
tfeo left front ^«f»l Of liiu ear dri>|t|»«d oTor tteo edge of tlw 
plMiJc onpo»9i»;; atii^ o^liooA )9tin to ioeo ooBtrol of tj^ oar 
aa^ hooA it uf tlM re.ilroad tr>»ck to tbo nortSsvoot* Ha Imd 
ft >i|iotlig^t ^nd tiKO lM»^<lll|!^ts on the firont of his oiir, waA 
nl«3f thojr 41(5 not i*nAbIo him to ooo n'h<?3-« h« a^aoe onto the 
<nr»«»nl»|f i» not a|j|>4^?.r®nt unless th« vonther j«'«rT^nted, Xt«r 
ho and hlo oomponion v»irlrrd for «&bout fivo ulimte^' to novc 
tho oar m frei^ght trfdn ocom from tho northocst ftt i^heut ton 
mil«« Ml henr, ond ntruelc its left fonder omisinc it to ho 
thfoott t.«>iwftrd« tho other trf^oh. 

The j^lonha at the? ^rosaini^ wore 16 fe«)t long '^nd 
laid len^itttdiomlly ^th tho r&lljrood traeh vndt therefore « 
dlv^nolly aorose tho hi^hvey* thno glYlniE o *oov*teoth* 
O9po*r«»oo at tholir ondo. But \\mm0k oono«li«t ron^^ osd 


u&«ir«n the or«»sijig wa» «eL]»|»ar«atXy wide eiKm^ f»r oritlaary 
trsatie •A « oouAtsy r«euS« tmd wu fiflMi aoUiiii^s in tti* Q<»ndLiU«ii 
or fftrttotttrt af tkie cr9»»in& t« ^ilaiioh tiM ft««id«ttt o«»14 
r«asoii*lDXy b« ftttritiited* Th«tt piniiitlff *« ear dr«i»l»«4l #ff 
oii« »id« of it io oaisiily r«con®il«l>Io with tlM f»ct tihat it 
wan a darkf. TwSny nl^lit and Im OiiiHi onto tl&e eroft^ixig froa aa 
U|N>gvado iMifore ttoe Xighta ««r« o««i upon it* 

Silt th«ro wa« »Tid«Mi«e Iby tKr©« per»«)n8 to tlie effoot 
tl&at ho aftorwardia a»id in tliair pri'i^moo thmt he titriMd aorth* 
vtot Oft th« raJLlaroad right •f msy thXnlKin^ it wk6 tho hii^hxnqr* 
tlaiittii'l' di4 iiot doagr aaleiiig Hm atatoaMmt Imt oixpljr aaid ho 
had no voooiX«atioii of it* l^r wa« it a«iiiod Isrf hia o«ni»«RioB 
at tho tiao of tho aocide»tt idb# nao hia ^tisooa ^ad aXiogcd to 
have h-erm yre^aont at tho tini ^Xaiatlff mulm aaoh a^teisaioa. 
J^Xaihiii'f aXao adadtte^ ho had ho«;n drialeiblg* 

tha Xo^owatiiro ^agiaoor c^d br&jiti^^ia t«stiriod that 
ahoa thajr fiV9% oaw tho ^ktoo Xi^ta on th@ uutoao^iXo thoy 
t&ooh th«a to ho tho ^Xaosifie&tioa Xighta mA hoadlii^t of a 
Xoijonotivo* >m% oa gettiag a XittXe cXooor oav thoy aoro aot 
aad tho «ng;inoer thoa oet tha lanOEoa and tshat th« eafriao off* 
tho (fagiaoer garo the acaaX signaX i^otlo nt tho «hiatX« po^t 
»l»oat doo foot froA Urn eraeiitiag aad th«!> eaiEin*** he XX w&a 
ria^iag fiwtoa^^tioaXXy. Mo aomo to haTo doao aXi th«tt oould 
roaaoaahXy ho exyectod aador tho olroaaotaaooo, aad thovo 
ap^aro to haTo hooa ao »ogXi«oaoe oa tho yart af dof oadaai 
aaXoao it wao in his faiXare t# yorooifo th« i«iutom»biXe ia 
tiixo to &Tort tho aOi^idont* fhat tho eagina«r cotaXd or 
eh<3iiXd hare dono so aadsr tho oiroionataaooa io aot in oar 
judoaeat efvtal^Xiahed by a proyoadoreaoo of tho eTidonoo* 
Itog^iraioaa^ tht^refore, of wh<;thor it nay h« oaid that pXaia* 
tiff oaoroiaod roaaoaahXo oaro or aot vith a yaro aeoid«att 

;5 A.j }f>'i>i^%i 

'.*>■■'* *ii^ 

■'H^ iK>$- 


th# Ju<igB«nt mmt >« r«Ter»«rt. and in «i««Mivd«M« with an 
i«i3«ibliajt*a d^aialoB 0f Um ^proM Ctmrt at *ta last /.>»U 
*•«» i« ¥lr |g|| V* ljLJL^Jttfni^m»T Contract^ €«., th« ^utuaa 
«it8t te Vfinendad far a «ew trial. 

aridity, i. J., «iiAnt4au ^.» ««mMT, 



401 • smB$ 




y, ^n 


J234I.A. 628 


«pl»fill«« f«»r lirniioli of e^ntX'actt. $li« eft8« was tried with«ut 
ft 4ttjry» «ii^i th« «otirt f««itd tlw lft^«& i«r dfffeniiaiit* tuHl 
eBt*r«4 » jti4isi»«»ttt niEftliittt pleinUff f«« ««ai»« Tlw wmim. 
f^uestion of f«i&t is «h«ttlior tliffr« wmi m emi^let* ottntrnet 

t^ offi««K •f fliaiitiff w«r« la Mi(^ii«;fm Citjf« 
Itt<li»fift» «nd fixM He^m«r w«i« i%« ptsrehmniiig <i<g««t with •ffie«s 
in CJil«is4«» Befe»(Jaaii»« Aain »ffic« and faotttvy were wt 
l^<thttr«t« !• !•* fiiul it 1i^ a siaits of fie* in C)ii«ftgo i« 
tiiorg* of it* mmm(^^nt M^viii J. t«r4* Learniiig tbrnt irXaiBUff 
VM in tlw »ftrl»t f#r ««7)c for i^oata to omrot vard woat to 
lt«onor*o offioo told mlMittod tho ipriee of 23 ooato a ofaaro 
foot ottrfaoo soaouro for d^XiTorioo in Svtn* »ad ^Tialyt 19ao, 
RooMoy oaid th^t ho vrrialA lot Wavd know ietor in tho dtgr, and 
lata that sftomoon tolophosod hia that plaintiff had docided 
to accept the offer, and th«^t he would ootid a oonfiffsatorjr 
Xettor* whieh ho did on llaroh 3« Iftm^ addrooood to def endnnt 
at its o«ld loeal offioo, confiminft the Torh&l ordor at oaid 
prioe, iindl snyinc ^to offieial ooafimifttion order will ho 
oont within the noxt de^' or as eoon aa our neohanieal depart* 
n^nt oan adtloo tho definite qptantitgr ro<inirod« On March IS, 



^•^ntmub l^kiuaitu' 



1»S»» h» «r«%« u clftf«A4a«t ttddrvBiHM as lMfor« to furaisli 
m% thtt priM r«f«rr«<l t« f,«.b. i^jnuUmrste »• J*» mt^^eot t* 

at plaintiff •• works (Hlotiigttii Cl^, I»4iiiiMi), The srdsr wils 
A«si«ii«t«ti ft« V», XOftT»C, OK tiM r«T«r«« si(t« sf the srds* 
w«», •Shlcaenti T« stftrt at •»«i« aad W eompistsd Vy Juas l»to 
• ♦ ♦ The ^MiU f« «p««ifi«&ti«ii8 st8t« tiiAt th««s pi«e«« mtt 
>• oat p«rf oUy scmarv * ♦ «, Cenfimiiig T^rlfria order givem 
Kr. *ss»d^»' «]ld sailed fsy In^lrjr sf a &Rta f « sagiiissr as 
ts iiisp«eti«B >«fsw» ftliipM«fit« tli««« l®tt6Fs fysBi HtMMT wsrs 
«i£iMd in y)« mmm tf plaiatiff . ty hl»sMilf, as puw^kutim^ 
««««t. ts ths UtUt 9ne erdtf^r «»f Xmreh 16, w«rd replied as 

^mvth IS, 19Sle, 

Raskell & Bsjrker Car Co., Ins., 
Bielilgan ciiy, indiaita, 

Be Te«r Order lC»»?8i 

OeatlmiM Referring te yewr oonfimlag erder ef 
mareii l&ta eoYerlnt, rec^iireaseats for ^^aata fe 
refrl|S«r&ter e^s» we b«g te mdrXm m eatoMt aeeept 
yrmr erd«r i» tiae aaaner in iriiidi It has teea seat te 

Xa t^ flret plaee there vas nothiac 
whatever s«id ahMit eattiag te exaet sise« Oiir 
etaadard aaterlal will arerage alKrat 90% ef material 

i ^!!m ? *"? ^** ''^®'*^ ^***^ ^^ lMa««ee ef material will 
Je 13* In width and ▼t^ryiag free ls«» t» 3d" la leagth, 
Thle is the oaly waQr ee eeald ship, without belaa psld 
f%r waste ef outtlag aee tl»e fer ee delag* 

yarthomore, you etate ship»»at te start 
at eaee sad he eewpl t«d Hy 9wm 1st, Thle Is aVselutely 
eeatrary te the original under st«>ndlBr which ^m te the 
effeet we were te st»rt sblpi»ent» ^n« lat and eeamlete 
•aae ^ /^tgaet l«t. 19ao« 

.^•4 _,f*^^*'**^«*'*«^ *• i»»>««tiea, we heg te 

adTiae we will eubj^^t ewr aat«rlal te laepeeUea rt ear 
faotery at Lyndharst, JJ.j. only, aad aet at jmir werks. 

^•fio.^ ^»^ J A ^^ •'*i^ '*"**''* ***• ***^ eendltleae we will 
aeeept your erder, aad we weald ^sk th«t you he ^««a 
eaough to adwlse ae pr««ptly. ^^ 

Toure wsry traly, 

«tfLted cerk CeHpsnles, 
Bdwla ^. Ward, 

jftitmrtf^ «^ 

\f ^if^ift 





-^ItS ^% H*^''- 


■ ■<•£■ At Of 

This letter ««»• %» iSm lajmAm «f «4ill*«» At&ittaat 
poLTtkmminH afftnt for plaintiff et MielULffim oxtyt ""^ «f t«7 
iii(|«lrtng n% t2s« ]!ft«!Ohnnieal depft^tn^nt i*»9p<sotlBi; the oonditiewi 
therein ii«Bt*4» ttleyhftaed ^erd th«it thajr would be eaUof o^tery 
tmA dieteted U^ )ti» a letter und^r d&te ef Hj&reh ^» 1920 , 


*Xs line with fimv letter •f lHareh IStht wmA 
emnilraiinff; eur telepkiHM e«inrereetieii ef this aeraJUMS, 

it is uBd<^r8t0ed th'*t yoa wtli. fwmieh tJh« 3* CerKbeard 
en e«r erder #10&T&»C in »t«iid«%rd siae triAth»» •»» 
de;^ coring te fnmliih eisee tht».t will elttsinate ae meh 
tnuitA fiie j^eaihle* 

]^liirery ef thia ftrd«r t« et^rt Jttse first «nd 
Ve «emialc?ted ^' <>^gu»t first* 

Very fcmly y««irst 

Hai^kell I& ^arSc«»r Cr-v ^iWKpmi^t l&e* 
r* 0. E«ea«r 

:^«reluaiiii«F Agent*** 

It dnes net appear th^^t there wan sny farther e s wim nieatien 

%«%MWii the parties sr ^Mir sfiients until the l&tter pert sf ApriJl 

(except s letter of Aprii 9, front Heiaier ts ^svd mskinir hSa ts sdd 

snfrieient standard else shsets f«r a eertein nnalMr #f sdditiensil 

piee«s)te liii oh there im@ R9 rtply) ^en %trd osOled lUieswr en 

the telephone »nd teld iiim defendant *>»w»ld hare te hixrc mi eai* 

teneion ef 60 daya in th@ disliTery ef th«it materiel** nmwtmr 

s4hrised hin t^ eessniniei&te with B^Jcer* eho hi^d eh^rge ef dc:liT«ries 

ef Kttterisl st plidatiff *s sfflee, sfeieh Ward did hy telei^mas. 

Belter replied th&t he lemld let hia Icnsir shont the extension of 

tins as soon as the sieehanioaJl depi^rtecnt had en Opportunity to 

sluiek up in regard te the matter. This oenirers«%tien was hoA 

ah'^t /pril 23* On Ai^ril PM^ 'Bt/ker ed^rtissed a letter te dfif^ndant 

at its Chioago effiee» referring to the telepluine oenrers tien« 

esying they were trying to fignre Ottt uluit venld he rehired in 

tlie nsy ef ehiv»entSt and that ho earpeetee) to ho able te Bdrieo 

def^ndunt ti3««rd the end of the s«eh* On the sasM dsgr ^^scrd 

addressed a letter to plaintiff at iiiehi«;«ll ity, attention Of 

Mr* Baher, aayini|l 

"Jj'.- *f 


•f 00 (S»y^» in tiM d«XiT«iy ef jrimr 0*i0B7ft«C 
0»T«riii« yo-ur r«<ntlr««««t» for 1» '5c .joiia y« 
••»• wr iiwf wtmXd h»re to «oao«l ii»^id ord«r« 

to M0V* our rt»w »^' utorljiliit i**.* c^rk im»t* frwi 
ibm doeks 1» Hov York Cit^» duo I 1» th« fimt 
plm*t9 im th« l««gilMiy«M««*« 9trik» ond in Ito 
••cwitd )ilA««k ^«itig Kii«l}Xn tf) ol»t«iii froiflit 99i9m 1* 
tarsfis^dF onwfj t« otir f^^^oWiry* fhi«« tdgotlMnr wltt 
Imfmt trem¥le« «i.t om^r iiXfmt li^&tt thrown a« « f^H 
40 da^r* l»tthi»d in mat ii«di»dtix** 

latt«ai«t« vnpXy %n tlm almve, t^r«lQr •MLlgisg 

T».mr« vtry trulyt 

^iUlt«d <^;rk <^<Hnp{$»ics» 

Kd^«^ *!• ^'^&rd» 

t» iaii» lot tor BffiJeor replied na 'prll 56 » e^^^rin^t 

*J0» S iftfid«r«ti0id •»rroeti7 iio«« tlu^t you ivill 
•MHpXeto ««ir ordor \i^ .m^»»% Xf tkis vlXX 1« 
•ttHndT eotMrx^ 3^i«Yid«d WD «jr« aUXo to got oorlr Drtu 
tiM othair »ii«ttf aotttporst o»^ ^^ iiidte#^ ti»»« i^aro 
tluit mro viXX* J^wov«r« X think jofi »hi>uld iK«kt ott 
offort to t:iTo m» to* or tkree hundred onv oot* 
o<wa^i«t« dmrin^T Jufi«» "fefslsaaoo durliijt^ JttXy«" 

dofftttdfoit throu*"^ ^o»d» »«iiiMi;«ir» r^iitXiod ott Hiigr 3^ 191^ » 


•it iMtt to askno^Xi^dgo reot^ipt of yeiuro of 
tlM> ^tli uXt.« Imt o««&r«»t yndorotend liwro yfm 
hav« roooivod tho la9B3^«9»flion tl&at tro vlll eo«^x«to 
yoiar ord«<r ky rouii^st X»t« 

If y^u will kindlor refisr to ouar Xottor of 
ilifcridi Xatk euiil your ^natwor to o>i<Mi widor d^t« of 
ltiu^<di ^^th« 3r<ni Hill find d«Xiv«zy «f thio ordor 
w^9 to f)t^;^t Jai^ Xtst ^Mftd bo oompl^tod Ijjr «giill%' 

Xn our X4ttor mt hpril 2dtk oowTiiwlJig o«ar 
vor%«iX otiurrarssatlon of tha i?3rd ^sw? eadea^pored tt 
eoBvoy to you tiu\% vm must h«T« an extonoiom of 
(?C doaro to d^Xiv^'r thio not^fri^X* Xn otli^r vordo^ 
fm doliTor thio MotorioX kotwooB i««ttot lot olid 
Oot»k«r Xst, or wo w^jXd kavo to rnfum€ ^oooy tMMO 

XiAdXy adfioo yr^ur viokoo i« rogard to tkio 

Oft Migr X3« rvyXylAK to tho Xattor Xottor Bolstr wroto 


■■^S. pMj^ i 


^:<!» ^'^**rr<f »,;>. , jr..^,l*...T..|v» *. !^-!-i "Q-fifi' 



•ilth r*f«roii«« t« ywmr l«tttr mt Majr 3»* 
ftWtti tf«llT«ry af C«»rklw«r4 •« tai« alMira ord^r 

Tlw 4ellTer3r yim ttontion. ▼!»•,« Aug^et lut 
t» Oct«lMrr Xnt is T^ry d&»app«lntiii« «aA i» n»t 
m% all a« yev a^iHitd to 4e» 

Z an trtmk ta vnigr X da not think ve will 
lMiil4 tha «a7a during; th« |Miri«d a« ariftiaally 
•zpaoiadt Intt X da think a« aaii aiw^lata mr^r 
an«»haXf af tl-jan liy mguat 3lst» — i»a haya j«ti 
will tixid it pofff»ll9X9 to giirt «• tha Corkboard 
aat li^tar than during July and Aa?wiBt» nr all durijig 


«a will hava t« dap«iid upon yoti far 4aliT*iriaa 
aa vaipilrad, am th«r« ia Mall likalikaad of aur 
bainir i^lil* ta d« aiQr iMttajr an tha aiitaida at thia 
lata d^ta.** 

Thara »i»p«ar» to have iHieii no f^rthar oaaamuBict^tian until J^aa 

2», ^en dafandant, through taard, wrote plaintiff ae fallavajS 

•#a ara ?<? turning your 0«10579»e» as hath 
tranaportation and lahor difficulties iriii not 
il^exait ua to aoceyt aarni** 

Thia lattar ima a<ik»Ofda'ig@d hy plaintiff** Tice« 
>r«i»ident Juna 29, 1930 » »«^lng tha arder had bean in aQfandant^a 
paasasttlon ainaa Marah ISj that plaintiff waa adviead it had « 
binding eontraot with dafandant far tha material aantian^d in 
the order* and on dafen<S«ttt'» f8Lilitr« to promptly arranga for 
ahipiant. plaintiff would huy tho notarial in opan narket, aad 
if aonpallad to pay nore than tha contrast prioa* would hold 
dafondant for the «xOooo« thia wa« followod hy o latter ^ly 7, 
1930, fro« HofOMr to dafendtiat ra tnmiair. tho order and rafarrins 
to tho lettar of June 29, 9nd ta tha neoc^j^ftity of haaring fro« 
dafandaat bafora eloaa of bufiina»a on the 8th whathar it would 
nako vhifOMBt of tha »«Ltt»ri»l, i^nathar lattar of plaintiff from 
fto«aor, July 9, atataa thct in the ahaanca of a raply to tha 
Iftttar of July 7 plaintiff was plaain^: an order with oMithar oon* 
oam for an eq^al anount of eork board «<aiad for in oaid order 
iro« 1«)»7!U€. 

On July ia» 19ao, dafandaat wrote plaintiff froa 
Lyndhurst, »• J, throng ita pre£<idant« Sdwa9« Boao, oaying;: 

.< ^itekna^is^^ 

«t »««•/ 

•5- y.-'U-' \i 



■it i>tv'^H^ 



m ''J'»'^ ' 


*OttV Cki«««o ^ftlct* Offio« has f«rYiapde4 ^ 
u» y«i&r X«tt«rB of Jvmo :?7t]ai, J%ily 7 th mmI tth, 
ad4r«»««d t« tlie», wltli regard t« mi •rd^r 7«tt 
•oBt tiMH tta Mc^tth Ibth, XVaO» V«. I05Y$*0* 

« * * ]Pr«ii th« rsiWFds in our offioo it 
4oo« not ottOK that we hsTo tk»9iai«d vmy ouoh 
•bligatioB or oTOft mm&m m doflnite provloo, « «* 

BuTlag tho miath of 4<ttly, X9;S0, plaintiff hou^t oork 
board of th«» fttaio luimtity a» callod for in ita order of keroh 
Xd« boiniE 316^&7X«8 Ofinaro foet ourfaoo seaaajro at 90i eto** 
iMiOh v^6 an oxoooo of 7i oto*, a o«piar« f«ot a¥OTO tho prieo 
■ontlonod in the trder gf Mareh i5« rotiiaXiiBs In a Xoos from 
th« breaohy as elaJteod by plaintiff, of 116, 39^ .St). Tho ]^rie« 
ftr a<^t)ir« foot board me«»imr« on or about iun« S9» lAkon plsiin* 
tiff*a order was retttmcd bjr def«Bd««t w»>« t| of a «ent hi^ghor* 
Vo fiiestion ^riaes s^s to th«eo yrieea or soaannsonto* 

Bo diopi%o arioea ae to tli€ for^s^ing faoto* th« 
naly di«)piiie ia &« t» idiMtt wjiO aaid in tiM a&ld eowroreationa* 

Zt io pXaintiff*a theory that a contract vaa 9«nipXoto4 
by the order Ho* 10576-C. vmA defendRnt*8 letter of Maridi 18, 
1920, togother with either plaintiff *a letter of ftarch ^, 1930, 
or the telephono oonTefeeitien of Mareh 3Q, 19dQ, (between 
Mr* ^fa.leB and lly» Ward) or both| that a eoBpletod evntraet in 
t# bo inferrad froM the condnet of tho partioot and that defendwH 
vat bound by th« aot of it» anient ^^ord* 

It la the theory of appellee that the »ind» of tiw 
p^rtiea navf^r net, th»t th«re w^ut no ace -ytanoo of the oontraet 
by the hesio effloe of def«.>Bdant» th»t th«r« vrRa no binding eon* 
traet under the otatnte of frMds (^oo, 4 of the Unifom »alea 
Aet)t "^nd th?t if there w<^a a oontraet plaintiff ean not reeoTor 
danagoo boeanao it did not offer to defendant the aeoMi temo 
nhioh it offered to the eoapnngr of which it beu^t the oork 




•If? *.. 

:^ *>.!«.,.-.? 


■ffjff, p- ff 

*v' ^! 




ft ^-k 


A|^IM»lXot*v mmin contoBtlon in thbt tMOimae no r«f«v» 
•AM vn* »ad« in ttui l«tt«r «f Mat^ ao« t« Dm salijeet •f in* 
S|^««tioii it did iiiit eotttiitttt* m eaDS|»I«t« aee«pt«»M •f i)M 
Mttsiter offftT in <l«fcndAat*» X«tt«r #f l()»rolk M. Zt will \m 
not«d tlu^t the l«tt«r of M$>rttb 18 ist^ited Vartt Mnditi#n» 
necftssary ta th« »oe4$ptiMa«« of t]ii« order* and 7jelt«d to %• ad* 
Ti»«(d prmnptly reeife<?tin|!: tliow. Theiio oondltion« r«qttlr«d 
•hiptont •£ tt^io »mt«ri4tl in at^^dtird oieoo and (Jl<«XiT«ri«« 
iMtwoott Jnne Xst imd i«itgttot X»t§ ond inovootion at defond«uit*o 
f»^«)tory* Aftor ^o Xottor w«t® writt*n and 1»«ft3?o it tmo 
Mi«iiniM*od« ^'AXloa «nd ''^fs^d <mair«?ir»od 1)(jr tole|»hiiM rofn^ettnn 
thi'L-fC conditionis, ^-falXofi t«»iifi«d th«'^t «tft«r Aooertaining 
tlif^t th<fe oondltionii wnvm sf*:tiafa<$tdiry his toXophoned curd t« 
tke.t «ff«ot« and tkat in8|»€^Qtion at tli® point of mtumfootnr* or 
ontering^ »« sport w;%« oatinfat^toxy, 'tliil«» '.^.^<tvd v&« wneertote 
i^etli«r h<i o^tlleci uy ^o]J.o» #y Wnllas &«lX«d him upv lio tootif iod 
t)i«.t ho foil cone«iii in not gottimyg m rt^ty to the iottcr of tko 
18th» ond dirnifd th.*»t >^i^l«s »^aid inop^etion «it d«fead{)At*s works 
wouXd bo tlftf^otOTif* 

In Yicw Of Ward's »oXioitttd«> to got tho order no 
ooon $to tooeiMOf it in »ingMl»yr that no alXncion to in«peeti<nn 
mui imh«t«qni^tttly modo in uqr eorroopondenoe* and %tH% dofondaat 
•hiytiXd JnoTo sought on oxtensloa of tt»« for oemyX^tlLnc ^^ ordor 
hoottttfto of ofifidltionB thftt onh^omxontXy «rooo« if it did not 
»oo«no that tho tezmo of the ord^^r hod hoon fully a^troed upon* 
^ord testified l^^^t in hio toXf^^hone ««nT«r»Htion hod • nOAtH 
lat«r» ohont April 23* with B^^Xeer r««p^ ?tin« tho nocoooitjr •/ 
on oxtonoion of tlaw ho again refer rod to «m OH%|eot of 
iaopeetion* ^%dlo BiOair roeallod no onolt eoaT<;rootlon it loian 
strongo that tho letter of April 26* eonfinoi«g tlu^t oonforo«tlon» 
•kotald rmter only to tho nottor of oxtonoion* or should oTon aok 
for aa oxtenalo-n if^d«f^nddn't*dia-'not'regard* the terms of "the 

ti ' ....^.;t..- ^JiM ^'* "^^'Ll^^:!^': 

t^ %i 

'- *:rtvj- 

;.<-!* 1. >ti.4lt> 



'i»* X^ 

>«jr «f^'. 


MStjritot A» ftlr«»dlar ••ttlett* That dff«nd^jit slumld ;Mi«k • 
Bluaic« in dnn cenditleii 011X79 mtuXA 9m«m. to Imyly thitt Ham 
ithtre «»r« ciE'Hied uyon tuid tt:>^tl8f aftttxy* TIm •rd«y v&« 9B« 
»f Qfin»lder«1^1« nckj^tude* «md If <a3rd ««,• •• soli el tons to 
IUiT« t«XB« «lo»»d that iM 90ul'i not i^^it t^ ^ftym f«r r, reyXy 
to his lttt»r <^f XftToH IB vlthotit teifti»b9niBrt; t* ««<? if bis 
soiitiiiidnff ^9<mld Imi nii^ft^ted it ia n«t eivsily ftxiaaiQed mligr 
idrt«»r r«e«iriji^ thi> l^'tttfT of Ear^h «0 h® did not ^aln t«I«i^sftMi 
ir Yiri%« ai-lmttt ttui q;|iesti«ii of iiuipeatliiii If kc irvgrjrdcd it «a 
»9«ii oils lii«t«Rd Af welilns tTwr a ai0tttli» f^Ad th«m «rit« sot elE>«iit 
|W9««tien %iit ffti* fill ttxteBQloiQ t^f till* f«r dcilTvry. Under aufdi 
sircmzaetxtao^s tli« i^IIcgcid oonvc^x'ttetliHS a'bent inspeeticii t^lth BcJmv 
l# Jca jBUtilt Hke «tji after t>sftttght. In this cenneetlen it will *()• 
iiot«d tJlii^t pXaljRtlff's l«tt«ir «f March X9 refers t« tfec; ri^fet of 
liaapeetioa witlumt meiitloiiiiig^ «:j«y flace th©ral'#r« It was lure^tiliXsr 
bteanfifi iB f3Bi»% Xm%t»r dcfendiMat v^&.b jrequ«»t««i t» itt^stirc af tlM 
Stmta f« «»gifie«r r.« t« Totn d«»lr« t« milni iim^^otlOB prtmr t* 
•hi|n«at tliat defcrndnni r$fe3nr»d t« it« reiBtir«R«iit af is89«t?ti«a 
lit it« f%at«iy» fli© CMirr«fip(i«d€tiWf «?A«fr xaot ladioat*? that til* 
eti>J«ot •!* i«»^etl«ii wan evtr in <|a«gtiim »ft«r March 20, end 
«• et:^im«t Ijiit r^gaard tint Ittt«r »f tk«t diitft» •e^ocinl^ 1a rlew 
•f d<!(f«3idmat*e Mi%i0e^:!tt9»t wn'1.uot« \si Uk^9%tiam *^ Mn9l«t« 
«€e«ipt»m«« of dofemdant^o eondltiowi* 

}:>«f •»dr;iit* B aatHaritios 9« tldiO ft«ib4««t rdlnto aott&y 
to 09i«« niuiYe %b» Jreyly to &» off«r eltlior Tarifd its totao or 
<3oiit^ia«d ftoms ommter propoool* TKft Icttor of MMve'h 20, XtftO, 
i» not of th^t o!isrir..ot«r* It tt9r«Iy omite roftrtBoe to tlM nabjoet 
of inofectloat idii«li hmd VooOMt tho oulijcct of oODTO^oatioa about 
wlKlth ther« was bo cl«iM of may want of h^jraoay* Tho lotter aot 
(>A^ paryorto to ooafixm that oonTorsRtiOB hat u ho *1b lino* 
with dcfoadaat'o lett«er of H«iTiAi It, «»d «o do not think it oan 
%« roaooBohly oonotraod othorwliio th«B Indleatlas an ohvloaa 

i «A ■». . \ 

t.r,■■.r^t . \>- !>:. . :il''tr*Si' '""^t.^s'^^l^ H£ #S'§f»#2^ 

*^-* '' tsstllwNw^ #* J«*^^' 

titter Af <l«f «ndir<iii* a l«tt«r of lUureh XQ^ «ad tlM 0«li»«(|a««t 
ooiidaet 9f def endsaiii iiidloa%«s Uunt titia l«it«r ««« •• rec*rd«A« 

l$z^,) l» «ld.« Ti«w of tlM o«»* it i« «f Xiitlo imp^opUmm 

nikBUhMnv ihmw9 «iia im t^rml anctx^tftaum of th« o«iKlltle»ii RMW»a in 

oo)ftdt»4}t it night he itKt^rre^ it3m% th^iiii vii«* tiMrc i« nothing 
i»o«iif»i stunt in Aoei^i^ting » writton ordior iiotia Igr «•1^^ •<* nmatli 
md ia nrriting. (iff,%rtlfM,lffll ^.fl, ,%> ▼• »tS4MI> T » ft gf„tt 

^mmA mmjmu^-* ^ «• ^* ^^*^ ^^ ^» »*^^ ^« iawit. 

jiffoyi^ftti taroyjainn C04 t> iQilMmft 3^»' 3^^i« so«, tHat sa 

Aco«pt«n«« n4»@4 not 1»«i in i^^'itingf Imt it m»y Im «&4« oriaiy •it 
be isf^rroA froot tte«t 0<»n4iiot of lam otiior |i«rt3r* (^o mlm 

imr !• it n«««9ii«¥3r in oy4«jr to t«l(« tbe oontMuit of 
onio ftnt of t^ otatnto of tfimiim CSoe* 4 tSnifom ^kIoo i^t) 
thftt tl»>0ir« 1»« n foxvumi writtoa contr«iot iiAie3ro» as in onoo of 
tlM ia»t£jit otate of fi»fit»t iottoro tNitnnan the parti«B ir«;Iatias 
to the aubjeot ncittov nnqr 1« oaid tn cranstitnte ono fts^er ro* 
iating to tlM contvc^ttt. Xt io onffioiont and binding n»««r tko 
ototnto of frondo if ono of tte writing* io fiigned br ^m ^ajrtif 
to be fduurgod. (toote m Ketiilo Co « ▼• HarlBM« Ingot »et*3> Co>* 
393 111, 4fn IMXMU. ▼• MxXImAJBmSk*) ^^^^ »•* »dni*oiblo 
for tluit vnrfooe no oroi eridenoe ie noooosary to obow that the 
throe letters of Karoh i»» lA and 9P reiate to the •mm eubjeet 
natter* It is snffieient if they are »e oonneeted as to show 
bgr internal eridenoe that thojr r«iiate to tiM oisiM oontraot* 
(to o torn M^taib ^ . ▼. Hartnan Ingot Metal co,> snnra ,) 




'^.^ :-tl .tr->f'4ti:tr 

r. • -', " 




not directly proyvclt ir* tlUnk it mmf b« Infer r«di fr«i t3M 
fAo40 «n(3 eiroiia8t«»««8 of tht ««»«• R« r«i^r«»«iit*6i « f •reign 
•trforati^a irikiiali liad » Xo9aX «»!•» *ffio«t •f ^vhieli 1m» fNui 
MMiNi^Vt M>A «lii<^ vas htld «ttt t« ^ mieli oa tht lettetlM«A« 
«i«ed in the X4»o«l lpiisi»««« and s&ia «N»7r«s9«»a#n0«« 0i^a m 
elailifcr statit ^f facte it wae hmlA in g fi^|>«» ^»ger C f » ▼• gs£ 
Clay XiBpttf a c turijia (^ ♦^ 291 11I« 240 1 ^M^t «^ l^r«*ii «f ordinary 
Suradesdey c^OTersfaitt witli Imeiiiees ueng** «]td tiM iiatKFe af 
Ineineee &tftt%T» ««ml<i lie Ratified in prt^fuoiiag tlut * jmmmm 
im cAiATg* «f m^cii • pri»«i9«i •f f i«« in Ump i^tat* mmlA 1m 
wtterijieil t« liittd Om (iiMjigy i» Migr lusiMico traiUMictioa 
witltim tlie »8op« df its ordint^^ t3»i8iiie«n« 

iMd if tlieir^ wer« iJMiisr d«a^t ftf fadrd^e imtliorlty td 
Make the d^&t^met ire thinic th«)re is auffici^mt evid^^iUMi fy«a 
eliien ft rmtif ieatiira of It m&^ be iafe]p^ed« it R?pe«>.re tluii 
the letter af Karoli 3» eonfixsittg ]^l«istiff*e Y«r>«l order mm 
reoeiTt^ iqr 4«f«adaiit at it« »Ai» affiee {ijfn^lmafnX) JiUur«li 24* 
1930* it Yaa alea tets^tified t« lagr ^«dNi thjKt aires were aaslMMiiii 
aith the Bea Terk effice ree^eotiag t)M» »ecstiatiaas» end ia hia 
letter ef Ai^ril ^ he r<»f«rs ta the f^ct th^^t ha had advised 
flaitttiff tim% he "had ree^iiTed iaetraottaas frsai ear frctary 
* • • «• mkiX9 Mr* Jlasa» preeideat af defendant^ teetifiad that 
ha did net haoa af «ioh ard r>r it atpaara that ha vas ill idiile 
theea nccatietiaBs vers in pragree»» and that !]*• »iniBel» ntere^ 
taij af the d«f eadcint nnd manager af the lav Tark office « had 
eharga of the plant as ivell »3 tha Saw Tairk effiee at ^«t tiats 
and that ha lonet hava had knowledge af the pendenajr of the 
negotiatiane. TIam faot that the rertneet for an extenBion cisa* 
to Vaard fxaai the factory orer a awnth £^ter tlM aagotiatioaa 
aaro caspleted indieatea kaowleige of than at the hino affiaa» 
if dafandattt did not intend ta heooMo haaaid Iqr tha aet of ita 

gftff^^y .f^i-tfi 


M If. 


^■ly^^rtflj f- f^.i 


i * lij r\ 



/- t'rili 



ag««t it waa it« dMty t* r«yMdl&t« the aet u9 boor as it «a« 
fttily infoised tf whitt 1in4 Imioii done 1^ hiai •!> trlthia o rooMii* 
ftblo tiH* tiMro after .(i^i£^ T. iyjJLfU* ^ ^^.X* 447^ 451t £dii 

Ufaooeh ▼• Jfettlcyi ^* IX XXX, App, «49«) as it wmo dof •»!««% 
iMXd titft orlginaX order f»r f«iir tt»»tlui iMforc it (Hka«fttian«id 

th^t t}%er« VAO « coapXotedi oontriket* 'i^o d«^m it insiatorlsXt 
tlMr«f«r«« wlaotiioir pX^intiff urat. »dvio«d tr not of tlio nooeositf 
of otttedttinis the Qontratot for ax>pro.TttX fxt th^ hOMO office Vjr 
dofoKdaat* Mnil«v th« ciroimctfiJiooa ratifiontioa iriXl ho yreeiuMd 
fjNHR 4of«iid»Bt*o oiXoAOO Bikd faiXar«? to r«tpii44ato tlio acentU 
aot» and tho prixieipaX wlXX h€ ^atoppod froaa d«ii:,^i&g hie :£iithori^* 
(ittBteLifi.. T. BypJ^Pfiiff Gfj.^ 3X3 XXX. &6X, SW; M2:llll&. gJLsljt 

«o foXX to 000 my foroo is tho ootttentioA th^^t jOais* 
tiff KhouXd h£iT« oi'forod dof@a4aiit tho opF^rtunX^ to fiXX tho 
ordor af tor it wmo snlXtgr #f h hroai^ of tho eontaraot. Tho onXj 
^tj pXaiKtiff ovod dcf^itdfait thoi^oftor vaa to imrehriao tho ^odo 
at tho Xttwtot yrieo ipoosiihXo s»o a» to aToid wm^QmBm&ry doMocoa 
to dofeadciiit* 

In thi^ How of tho oaoo no ttood net di»c«M tlW 
proyoeitioiitt of Xio (Sir&n aad r rfaoed* 'i<» think thojr ohouXd 
haTO eottfonod to the thoaxy of tho f aoio &b ahOTi atatod. Am 
oottrt vao oithor irrottg roapeetiiis tho faoto or the X^v to ho 
aypXiod to thMi* A roiroroaX i&« Uureforo^ n o«48^>rx» aad a 
Mg«ritgr •f tho oourt think tho omioo ohoiild ho roaaadod. 

mmmmm avb hntuMT^m. 

aridXoj, ^» ^•f *m& #itoh, 3,^ cOBOur* 



qS M& '^ iMfi*S»$ 

F, fer 



i ' "v^i^A •; -tt^^'^.^ 

>",. :. »V^ 

K - * 


• J887 



1 234 I.A. 629 

KUllXCXf AL C00!I7 


Bijr ihiii a^ptftX 4«f«it4aat« ttek «« reTorvt • ;)«4iB«at 
•Kfti&tt tiMnB for ffion«y &XX«g«d to b« du« mi a Xoet proBi^aory 
noU far ^iXoo, Th» not* wa« dated Qotob«r 3« X9X3» wa« dtt« 
ninctjr ^inyc idrt«r JLt» a&te, emd vac p8^»^X« t« th« «rd«r af 
*Biini«.r4 & miXX«r»'* «)tieb at tliat Aat« w«9 th« nam ef a 
yartJMir«)a.9 e«a^s«4 9f ]rr«d«rielE Barnard and i^hn S* VlXXer. 
yr«<S»rlek Barnard died an ApriX XO. XOX^, and in leay* X9X4t 
Urn mrrlTliic ^ftrtttar* Jaha J. i&lXXer, l»rr}ught aikit «n this 
tt*ta» attd an another iiat« far ?67«80* in th* minieipaX Cn^rtf 
wh«rc eopisB sf the nates wrs filed i«ith the fttatesent •! 
eXaim* Xn thai ease the defendants fiXsd « oXaia sf det^aff 
far #X00 «fsr Xe^aX serrleas rendared,'* The snit was nsrer 
tried, hovsTer, hut an hsrdh 4» X9X&» was dismissed f9T wi^it 
af iprosaoutian* Xn August, X9X4t tha fXaintiff earpari^tian 
vas famedi and aa^irad alX the asssets 9t the partnership , 
ineXadinc said aetas* 

The onXy def tnaa flusntianad in the affld»Tit of 
sMirits fiXad in the present esse ia that pXaintiff was «nat 
in existanca* afaan the nata in imestidn was si«aed» sad 
therafara* it is aXXeged* defendants *'newar signed say aatas 
ta tha said pXaintiff** This defense is taehnieaXXy true} 



?:• i *T' 


?«fn^ - tPI 

t .A. ■ a,«? 

V-. .. (^ ..-■♦J' 





Wt mfiMT plaintiff hm4i sImwa Uuikt ttot eorporstiaa «iie< 
to th9 a»»i»t« vf th« p«.rtii«r«hii^» XTlut trtnX Jtidg« p«Y«it%«d 
ttie a«f«Bdii]it«i t« •ff«7 itt eTi4«fiMi thm 9XbSm •f »«t*off fil«d 
in thm first suit* ant 9«nULtt«d owi ftf tk<» def«ndMit«t *;• m* 
3«yMmr» to testify U^iit tiM fittomey who aeto^l for nis in tho 
f irot eao«« end «ko luui oinoo 4i«d« *:^id lit. 80 Mid iQr ol«i» 
f#r aoryiooo rosdorodt** for tHo nottt and roeoiipad tiMs fmm 
iMmm'd a^ Xilior on fe%xuBxy 2&« 19X9, and t3^t Im» tio^nwttr, 
•«w tlMi oiumoelXod nolo* in the hands of liia fomtr Httomoy^ 
■nd thikt tho suit tbon pending waa dinniasod Maroh 4« X9X&* 
^oynonr aXae offered in evid^neo a p9^ of on« of his acoonnt 
books, in ^iek thsrs is an tmhUftmk^ «ntry, in him handwriting^ 
lAioh, bo tesitifiodt slioivs that on FeVmary '^9* i9i5« ho paid 
|d7«50 to frodoriole ^« Basmavd. 

John J. Kiiiort tlio saririving ^artnor of tho yartiMy* 
ship of Bataaard «> Viilor* toslifiod that tho natos voyo ''rotoynod 
to Bam^^d a» MiXisr aTto? it im9 inoorporatod. hat wars Xoat in 
our offioo^** $mA that tho only yaynont OTtr aado on oithor neto 
was $i If £• lt» Moynionr on tho neto for fit .SO. Tho attoraigr 
irtM hvotsght onit en tho no too in 1914 tostifiod that ht had 
aoytaral taXha with ^« M. SojpMMur i« sHioh ieyaianr aaid ht anad 
tho noney and yroMiaad ta pay it hnt aaksd for tiiM, and anoo 
gavo bin fiTO daXXistya on aeoottnt* hat thai no othor psynnit waa 
oror nado on aithor of tho notoa so far aa ha haov, 

Itofondants insist that tho dofonoa af papnont was 
ostahXiahod. PXaintiffU owunaoX doigr thio and oantand that 
as no sm«h dof snao is nontianod in tho af fidaTit of SMritat 
it was n9t aTallahXa ta dafondanto in tho IftmieipaX C«art« 
The mXos of the i;unicipaX uanrt rogording tho fUine af an 
affidavit af Merits are nst in the raoard^ and wo are not per* 

i^SMtfT' 'Wt 


• 3. 

■itt«4 t4i tftlct JwdieiAl Mtie* df th«m. l^ij^ ▼• QsASSJSSt 
City gy> c^ .a 8#0 Ul. OS,) Aslte fT«i tlMi%, htiwvtr, th« 
bill •f •xe«iptl«ii« d»e» n»t all** tbat mi/ •'Hjeetl«n wea »«d« 
ttpan the trial t» tlM «Ti^^«ne« rdcarditif 9ftyH«fit« Th« i^reaont 
mtit w&a %r«iig|it in lloT«ftV«r, 192il» wmrljr »iii« 3r«ara af tar tte 
naiaa in <|u«atl*B iiara exaeutadg during ^AXch tlaa th* ariginala 
)iAT» ^eA Xoet •r d«atv*3r*d« TIm •ridasM •/ ftr* >^«9tia«r a» %• 
tha «jLlaf«d aaitlasMat sad tlM a«kii8«Xl*ti«A of tKa Rata a la 
faaltira, n^ile tli^ii •€ pljilntiff *a mritaaaaaa ia af a iMcutiTa 
elutreeiar aiily* frederiek ^» l«im«ard» t« irImm ^7«$0 ia »llafad 
ta h«Ta h%mBk fald in tlia aatiiasastt did nat ieetify« t^tougSji it 
afpaa^a trmt Mm %ritfa af oauttoel hm ia a till XiTiac smA 
^ppmem^iXy aTaiXa^ia aa a wltfttsa* A» tha raatrd wur stands* 
tiMi findiss ahAiild liaya iMail far defatidaata* md f»r tlwt 
raaaaiit ^^ |ttd|pa«t will Iw r«ir«raad aad tlia amia« ravandad 
far a n»w trial* 

dridlaj, ?• J*, imd Bs^rndaf J*, 09a<mr» 

♦'. K 

.1- '.^y, 3? "^^ ??' ;| J" 

t J "" Ww-t ff,^ ;■: 







Ma. ajotici FITCH BiMYift^ tm c^^iiiioir 0* fm ommt* 

in tiMi opinion t^a d«tt# fil,»<l i» th« ««»• of |t.iUpi!M>y |^ |;^^ 
t*gflfih«7i bitt »«para:t« |«4ipiMiiita ivtirc «tit«rftift Jeanne tlw 

oiOy «!!•• fhi t»vi«f» ru«4 An t*ti» «*»• »p« i««iiti««a with 

th«mi riled In ^sm ^^mt «»««• mhI foir tli6 jr««iion« ataUd In 
th« «i^|nioi3 in that e»«ttt th« J»4«pff»t 1» r«Yer9«d snd tlw 

ftisfs»«»i& ill® nrnmsm^. 


179 • 28(38.4 



T A e 9 Q 


this is « twit f«r di«M»c«« #oeA8ioa«il ^ !dM 

v^v% turn tlM ciyit i>i4tt «f ElDlil^Mt ^-vmmt ttft«^ 29^ «ty««t» 
CMqii»S9« tiM7«^ sti'tfFittie^ off the left Ima^l nmning lM»ar4 
•oA f9adRr« AHA l»r«alcln^ oii« of tli« rii^t iiAm«1s* fhe d^«i4» 
aiat denied tliat Xh% ilriir«r #f the tmok wa« lt« wmrMit* fhn 
•Mirt f«i»Mt Hit i»«tt«B f«jr til* pljtintiff and iMiM»ft«d Ammgmu 
m% $2^«a9« B«femUait ii^^]»»ia«« 

Ja«f«]»dattt i»«ft iMt Mutest lli« oluirf* Af fMfflii^llM 
nn tli« pftTi «f tito mm is ch»r«» of ti&«< truck &t th« tiae tiM 
eoeid^at liii|>9«»«d« nor dis^tA 4«f«sd«»Bt*« •mioi'vhly ttf tiM 
tmcli* f»Ad tte «|ti«atl«ii mf e4»ntrii»t6i!7 iUfg^lie<Ae« is iavolTvd* 
^vfmvnX •MtiXigam€ #rrtty« lurt reXi«4 mm. \mX ^h» mmXn, qntstitft • 
tmi th« •al^r •»• «• 4««sr it iMiNrsAitry to dioG«o« or dooido • 
is lAotlMr dofondAat lo iog^liy roofOiioiMo for ite ttoclisoat 
*«t^f tkfp «M» oho ime driving ito tvnok Mt tli« tijot of tho 

t%T noro th«a %«• yo6r» ^foro tli« nooidont luipi»onod» 
dofootdyuit Iui4 in ito mwUj ono axoon vimmA^ idMoo yooition 
iidtlt t]M d«fond«nt oonyoi^r w»« tli»t #f an 'ic* eroiMo cirivor»» 
thiit io« hm drofo ono of d«fond«nt*t onto irueko, ioodod with 




i0f ! >. £ 

!^.f iS-A-ff^' 

io« 6r«Mi« •T«7 a *r«iii««aloB« utaicli 1m d«XiY«r«d io« er««Mi to 
mattmry* y«r this vork In «fa» n^aid t«« doIUrs • iM«k mA 
a e«Hmi««&«ii «nlii« Ciats* K« h^d a luily^r BMMd 6t«vkt tAMw 
li« kir«d Mid paid« t« kiil:^ hla in «iJdl«« ki» d«liTtrl«s« «id 

i(b» vtui Mt in th« «mtldy of tii« dtfcndiuitt mr tttlij^et In angr 
MQT to it» eonijrol* B«f«ndi[it%*» •up«riaVmd«ni tostified that 
h« knsv Hand mm|»1^««i a hf^l^sr, e>nd kn«w that it wsus mtstMuury 
f«r d«f«nd«]it*« driT«r8 to tmploy haliraro if Uivjr b«« fit to 
d* oOf to iM^ duetMi diif««d«iit ittftdo m objeotiont lMt» ko 
tovtifiodi nbktfmt^n do nit driY« tk« trttokd,* 8«Kd t*$tifiod 
tkat he wa« a lie«n«ed okmtffttix'l tlif t i«iiii® driving for dcfoglU 
exit, ke kad n«T«r fdlooftd kio k«X9«r to <!riY« Ilia txmdks tlimt 
*no driver allows kie hssXp^T to driYo ki« trucks" iNieonso *tkoro 
io a %Z% f ino in tko ttaiea* for so doini?) tk&t *>t^rk kad koen 
kia k«Xt«¥ for oix wtoko priov to tko a«aid«nt mid ctnring tkut 
tiso ke hjix6 n«irer driTan ^« trucOi; tk^t *^tark eould not dslTo 
a tmak;* tk«t k^ k^d »tt«nft«d to do 00 oneo and tvm into o 

Ob th« norninjf of tke day of tk® aeeidont* Hand aad 
Stavk started fron tko fBx€ of tk« %dro% Co^«iQr, at ^4tk 
stro«t Mid Boko Fstrk »TentOt Htk o loodod tntek, to mako daliT«i^> 
ioa. ]la»d*s rottt« ooverod tko t«rrito«3r tietm 47tk atvoot to 
d3rd 8 tract, oaat Of AiAOjMd ovomo* l^rini; tk« dajr tkay *kad 
a faw driRka«^«ad on tkoir ««gf kaak^ in the aftemoan* thajr 
stto^i^d «t Haad*a roon on 44^ atroot naar Indiana avonno* Sand 
and <5tark do not a^yoo aa to lOu^t ooourrod tkar««fto7» Mam^ 
ttvtifittd tk&t botk vant up to kia roeai ''to gmt Mae thing to 
«at aod a Uttie vina »« UaTiCt' th« tmek "ootaida-;* that ko 
foil oaXoei^ cind did nat ooakon nntil a«T«n o*oio«k, okon ko 
fomd tko truek oaa ffono and toiayNmod to tka defandant asking; 
"if tkaj know ai^thintc «ikont it*** Ka daniad that ke told tark 
to so on tritk tko tmok* tartc testified tkat wkon they roaekod 


•. -^ • I 





^^^ sj: ■ t m% ^nn 

'.■ K;-tD ^'^iJ»: 


• 3» 

Vm oornttr •f 44tli vtrtet Mid Xndiaiia ATviMft h« did iwt {^ t» 
MtMA*9 roou* 1m% tlMit H«ct4 left Um traek »«yliii; hm was ft« 

IMMM, MtiA iUr^otfd .:)t&rk t« n«et him at 86 th tstpcftt and C;#ttag« 
Qr^rm »v im«; tlUit KaimI wma then *yFtt1y siek, I goesR^ or 
•liiihUy drtutk»* »»d *I guosv J i*r« i^retty <ainink;* tJut Sit 
(i*t«crk) ha^l <^rtV¥il tli» tmek '•«*ilt# often" "b^jt'ttre that, Iwt 
R«T«r «»« t«Xd ia da e« %y MgrmM «oii»»«ted Htli tbt* 2^dr«x 
C««pj8«^, Tw«ttty •r" tmnty^fir^ mli!iit«» letter, whilt ^i%MMk WKi 
drlYlng ntrtli tn Hi^ii«ift» ATeime* tli« t^ocldent oeourred. 

did im% liirt £»%Airk Mid bud imi f^wcr t« di««th^r«« hin» tJuit 1m 

iwk» E«)iid*c» ««#|djr(i ttild ««t dejr«»d»«t»«, ««ia tlir«i «lefeiid«%iit n«id 

no kAQurXcd^se tli«.t Stark liftd i(v«r driven iti^ truok* wltb jir 

wltiiont ys« p^TfBiitiii^n of Heyodt Uft.'.«r thi pXe^wlings, the \>ttrd«i 

of proving tiiji.t i:.tifcrk wa^a th« ©arrant tf t*i« <l#ffnd»«t «iid s^titig 

a* att«li i»i tilt tim« 9f ^m fiteeid«$fit« ««»s U9«» tlie ipXeijitiff , tmA 

«« i^r« of t9fM titinlftn ^^t iplalnUff did net aitet»lii tk&i lMird«A« 

Th«rd ill Mt tli£^ 8liirlit««% eTid«»a« thi^t {l«!^fttftd«^iit «9(«r«ifiMid «^f 

oautf^X iiltat«T®r over &lej»lE» ©r tlii^t it «t«r ksftidttgir l!^er■Ultt«d 

hi» t« drl^e tii« tntek* tl»re is it« c<wn»«t«nt ^▼J.d'^adt tluit 

X««d liMv llia.t ^tturk w&s dririiig tH« trudk t^t th« tiM« 0/ tlM 

aeoici«at« fltjut thi»«3*y r«&i%m «iXom» on «^^t«.rk*» te£i;tiiMisy tlu&t 

HjiRd tftld bin to 4riT« tlM; tnt«lc to 26th str«*t iu»d ^•ttagu 

Qv9im ftirewi«« This wns isnMnytttttt. lbir««Ter» ^t*r]i fry 

frtatkXy admitted h« «&<» *pr%tiy^ dmnkt** «Rd hin tttiit«ii«»t« io^ f 

idMit Hioid ««iid t« hin «i f«w ;nlitat«a ^f»r« the «eoid»ato •▼«b if 

th«7 iMr« o<Mp«tciit, «ir« iM» »»r« r«iiehl« th»a thtM •/ Msadt 

viio adnits his r«ooil«ctidii •f what oecixrr«d Kt th»t ti«« is a»t 

oi«»r3 i^d Hand's te^-tisumy b^ to natters thM.t ooourred «h«ii 

th«3r mro wit dmak is quite un r«e»«imhle and proh*hi« »» that 

•f «t«rk» 

f«r th» rvasons indieAted, tho Jud^ant af tha Uiimioiyal 
Court will h« reTorsad %ith a ijLnaiag of faet« 

JUfT'; •:. -J) ntU A sfXlBDIO OF FACT. 
^ridlesr, ?• J*, aad BHmaa. J*, ooneiir* 

i* r 


%^ft *»'.«. 

'A 4 ** ■ 





■Ifi'k i/Uf 

179 • MAU 

^ZVBUQ 0? VACf . 

7h« emxrt f iiwSs tluxt thm warn idi* mui di^iriiic 
def«ada»t*s tfiaclt »t tlM Ujm •€ tht aeold«iit ioid «lMM 
lKiC]LiC«ii«« vfts th« fv«xl»fkt« eii»H# ^f thm mum «&• Mi 
tli« m^nt •r •^rrwAt «f ttw defendant^ «•« «m> drlTiag 
the truek wiihvttt dftf«ndmt^9 mktMrii^^ ]H9mi««i«M ^r 

%d i^cu 


1MB • S8S44 

2B4I.AC €29 

m o*rp<>rati«n* 


In Jnnuary, 19^* th« parties td this 9ttJLt VAtcYed 
iMto a ¥3rlit«tt ooAtraet Ity tha t«iflui of vski^ plaintiff* «ier««4 
t« mMiufr^<3tttr«« o^Xl end d^Xivex* te deffiiKljwt th'»ir "^dntiir* 
yahift«at otttpaf* «f «y Uf i«i«i p^iper fi0i»«r« of ««rt«i« 8p«9ifi«A 
kinds* for n^^ dtfttiidMit «^«c<l t# piir eertaiii «p**ifi«d 
prie««» p«3^«nt« to 1m ttad« twi«3« a niontli cittria^ tlw %««■ 
of tlMt eontraety whicOi ira& to b« in effect for m poriod of tvo 
yoaroy a«1IJ«et to « r«Ti«ioa of prieos of tor the first yoair. 
liaintiffe aioo oxproa^iy a«roo4 ^ot to auouif ^^eturo* ««UTer» 
ooXi or offer for oalot" any of sac^ flowro *to aigr etlior 
siioiaaala dloal«r« 4o1»b«r» as«nt, brokor» et eetora* oxeopt %• 
rataii trade* during the Xifo of tliia oontraot.** 

Plaintiffs at one« ^gsn Umi noMttf iteturo of floimro 
snail as noro spcoifiad in tlie contraott tehieth, as ao-^n as Xhmy 
vara nsanf eotnradi, vara talwn nnagr Ij tiM defand&nt« and paid 
for aaeordittg to tha !»«rasMont. In J^apta«bor« 19t09 on orar* 
««i99ly of the f ioiwro }oma aooumtlatod and plaintiffs sont a 
Idli for tlMn to defendant* and aoo« of tap » aalosd dafondant to 
ranoTo tho« baoanoa plaintiff naedad Urn ronn thoj aooupiad; 
aharenpon one of defendant* a efficera replied tiMt defendsnt 
waa OTer»atockad« attd aalwd plain tiff a to hold the goada for 

cc .; - 



>*&',- 1 -■^:«,^ :?.«->. - 

tiM) ti«e bolac, T« this ylndntlffs ii«r«e<t* I)«feiidiiBt th«r«* 
iiftcr •caXl^a •«%• only murlII ^ABtitl<»8 ©f fli»ir«ra* :p1b1»- 
tiff « cl^im thiit tlitfy ma4d furtb«r r«<|a«flt« of th« dof«ti4«nt^ 
ewTerca tlmee ^foro t!K» eni «f the yii&r 1920 ^ t» tttlBo «vm|r 
UsA «fi»aii»iiXai«d n«roluai4i»«9 Imt v»«r« ttAcli tii» r«q[tt««ie4l %# 
l»M t]3« good** 

&» J'ffiinitfVjr 2A» I9n* :i^lAlBUff » wrote » l«tt«v 9nm- 
^IsLlnine, that d«ir««4«a(it hud Mt <l#rs« a» it h^ agro^d in 
OetdbniTg to '^I'OoiBio taJdlag OT«r rmr eut|«t in r^mtB Ioo« Sf 
i&ttd ^g fto stfltto4l in th« oontTftOtt iA II Tory dlMrt tlBto*** 
a®<3f iving tto fijiawev to thisi Mtt«jrt ptminttfta mnt h bill fo» 
the «<iatya<it i>ric<ft of all so4^@ on h«iiid« All of ^^ioJi* ^a tHo 
OTideno^ toado to proTo* irero iaai»rfa«tttr«d in 19ao. Dofoit^liMit 
reAiood to pagr tHo l»ill oad pleiiitiff$i brought suit for >i«oli 
otmtJ'^vOt priGO, Bofendant maa« &» attoaipt to show that tiM 
'^alit^r of th€ fiow^i's was inf>trior» but its eouneel h»To 
appaarontly ahoadloiio^ that defouao. Th«>y iasist that plain tiffs 
eannot fjfcov^r the eontr&ct |>rio«» siO «tioh« bitt c»a only roeotor 
4tHKagos for br«»€ii of tho ooatraot, m»mr9^ bjr tho dif foronto 
botnoos tho eontraet 9?io« im4 tho marleet yrioo of sttoh goods 
ot tho tiBO msd ylaoo of tbe brocb^; oadlt «» thofo oms ■* yroof 
of iM<lh aiirket ^rioo^ thoy oIaIm tho finding tmd ^^d^ient aro 

tho first reyly of plsintlff»* oounsol to this 
MlgMmit io to 9<»lnt out thut is the bill of oxa«ptioss thoro 
is no oortirioat«« slgnod by tho triol jnlgo, to the effect 
thot snoh bill cont&iso all the oridonoo in tho ooso. ^o hnipo 
•xMoinod the l)ilX of ojceaptions snd find that this i» tsmo. 
fhoro is an affidaTit of ons of fief«ndoat*s sttomsju appondo4 
to th« bili« et«ting "that tho forefroing io o tamo and eorroot 
transaript of tho testiaMnyt** but tha Jndgo does not oertify 

J1^ rt- 





<i ■■£ !' t ;^ ■» .If ''.'I'i^i i'y} Tt-^^'-r^ <"Ii f'fTl^t*l''E'^i 

It k: 


thnt ms«h trrmscrlpt ««fitftlB» lO^ tli« •▼ld««««^ «»r dUies tte 
iraSAcrliit Itaelf r«aitt that 00^ is tlM f&et. For thi« 
r«»fM«n, If f»r «« other, tlM> .1u4^M«ttt ef th© trial ftourt 
KUiit HMOcssarily b« ntftvmfid^ as it i« oitr ^itjr i,« par^fitmft^ 
if tlM eTidonort ««rtiri««l is i»ttiif lc4«mt t* a^atsin tlK* |a<t|^ 
ai«»t« that thtr« T»a» other 0Tiden««, not lsiclad«d in th« l»ill 
•f «xe«9ti«nii« uttT ieiont to Justify tlie fin?i4«<? «a4 ^di5»«nt 
of tho triia 6<mrt« 

U»Timnix'^ i» Ti«w of the n^ry earK«:it oont«ntlQii of 
4ofOttd>mt*0 aottns©!, *« haTo ejioMBlneti th« authorltioa su>witto* 
«i4 tlio &y0m0n%s ^T9&^nted en th2» |iropoaitlo'<'^ so o^i^HMiod^ «nA 
we <*o rj&t h^fitnte to e^jy ^it »»» tHlnlt tlie contract prioc w^m 
fr&pmrl^ aioi««4 uii«*ey tlus f«L«tJ s?l3o?m in tM» «a&o« 

th« i-ii^te @iiA UaMUtgr of the prxtlee ^.r« to bo 
4«t^r»An€>i V tho px^Tieiono of thr t'»lfoia wai«?e . et. In 
tiM oontrjsct ia ^eatlon* uo pl^ ee of dsliv^ry in opc^oifir^d* 
Sootiea 43 of tho ^dloo A«t provi^'eR th^^t i4ior« «u«h is tfec 
fftot, th« piace of d^lir?ivy iK ^t »«ll«r»« ylaco of tiiainoss* 
tlw eTid«»nc« cl«#uriy i»hoir«i th^t the flcivers nor.? msmsfG^ctmr^A 
th«ro «jfi^ hold th«r« at a«fe]idicnt*» ro^ost^ sulijeet to th« 
ojr4#r of th« a«f <wM»«t# tbtn was a emff ieient d^Xiroyy of 
tho goedo in meetion to th« d^f«;nd«iitt^ and tho property in 
th« gooau i;hor«hy pi^aBOfl to a«fenda»t« 

*V0!t if tho contract oould b« oth&.*wloo eonf^trwedt 
oeetioa 19 of tho ;.>alo« not proTtd** t^ t •♦^fiere ther; ia » 
eontract to eoll ♦ ♦ future goodo toy deaeripUottt ^<i goodo 
of that d«e«riptlon ««d in a d«XiTer«hIo istate ar« uncs^B- 
ditioii«lXy appropriotod to tho ooatr&ct, ailhor h/ thi» Oi^Xlc? 
with the a»o#iit of the Iwyer, or hy thu loityor with tho <i86UKt 
of th« nollsr, tho property in th« good* th<iro«yoB paoi^oo to 
the httyer*" tTho jirideaott ahowa that tho oontruot ia thio 



«m)4^ w»i> tf tlic^t rt<ari»Hirt miA tkr^t gco<!n of tha dosoriptloa 
•p«ciflf»« in the sontreot rnd In a id[«UTt^ratI« at»V wer» 
tt»c«iiclii»iieLlXj appr^prlaUd t* tiM oontrnot ^ tht •elXey 

«t«feii<i«at« :lt«r« the |>r»9#rt^ llM yM^cd to tliM Tsayer, wmd 
iilMm» «^s tn this ««««9 tifct} lavgrer v/ron^fuXXy r«fii»o« or ncg* 
l«ot» t0 p»3C'f»r th€ eoodfi, th* ri^t of tho aeXXer to nadif 
tttiii an ii.otioa ;.|;£i]i«it the llttjrvr for tlm ooiitrtict l^rioo of 
the ««.«<?» Is sp«cifi^aiy a^iT«ii >jr iso«!ti»ii 63 of Ui^ a^oIoo 4tt, 

INtroiteUatn eott»&fi !&«^ to tSiiidc that tf ao 
eoii«%WMf^» ««:i«ti^ 6,5 of tb® "->aiea .^et is iropign/^t to oectlox 

Tli«rQ io no auQii v«paw&m,f^» ^««tid-n 6^ sov^ro ea.«09 in nftiidli 
am ».'-?tio« f03r iHm eaiiiira«t pr4a€ ai^ lio iBjelntalttM^ nlsUo 
s««tiaa 64 QoTftirs 9as«o mii^^ifo |i0'$-aipta»09 -<^(%& j:*«fu»dd or tbe 
oo«tfa«t reyixdicitod, in i^bi(il Oiisos tS&o m^Uoa landt ^ for 
4«»ii^^ oaXy* jjpan ths ttnaiii|»ttt«d fi&ata of t&io aoao^ oo 
tlii;t]c nl^lailffo* Kctiott m.Q pmp^^Xy lirou^iit una«r osetion 

for iintf r(?a»«m» atii^cig th« 4ud|9[i4'nt io affixaod. 
SrldXoy^ Pt J«i and Bamoo^ 1«« eonoujr* 



"3 •''i'ti.'i 

< - ' >, 


} f 

./ y 

aoo . M9f ' J (J y^ y 

». H* OWdttftS, jrr.^ w^ ^ "^ 4 I j\. 6 3 

▼1^9 } ttOUaijPAi. omm? 

«r eneii«9. 

plAintif f oliOmft to 1|« <lit« him a« «» iwrreo^ «i«ni»«iftt f«r 
Ills ••jrTi««« AS a r««9L atitiiU l^i^lmr in f indiiME « fWNAukMy 
f»» ditf«wliiiit*« reitl »8%Atli <iit 4«x«» «feeifi«* Ijr «» *«fe»d- 
Mit* Ztt hi« stAt«Keat 9f eliOm pXadnUff 8tll«s«ii tlb&t dttiriag 
aU #f th® tl4M %f mi* tv»ii««s<»tl«&» in <|tt«eU»a» uliic^ •e«arr«4 

is Glii«iMB» SUA V&0 duly UeiHMW^ iis a r^al e»tat« yst%)mt \f$ 
^^M\ «ity, t|il« lie |«foved, Ke adtalit«4^ lw««T«r« tiuit 1m 
wa» not Ueeiss«ia )»y tlm »Ut« ftf XIXiMin t« aet aa a raal 
• t»%«t« terakex- or r«al «atat« ea3Amtatt« tlM tofasdMst ooataads 
tliai tkia d(SiUi.ft9ioii i3Mr« ai^ ri^t af rcoeTory aaA ttutt tlia 
^utMPMAt Must tli«raf#r» Va raTeraad, Tlbt p«lat «aa «adt to 
tlia tria:^ MMirtt aii^ iiidt«« aYarfmlad* tha »ra9«r axo«yU«nt 
wave Mto^« 

^•otiaA 1 af tli« aet af lt?l in rcl^tian ta tlM 
ragi»tir«tian «!»4 r«gMl(^.tiaa af rael «i^tai« Urakera a»A raaii 
a»tato aalaanmi (Ca2iillU ^««tata«« Clu^^« ITa) proTidaa 
that an an4 aftar /aaMsvy 1« 192?, it aHail ^ wnlaafM far 
«^ fT%mn, ta aet as a raai catatt Inralmr %t raai ««%«%• 
«al«iaun witlt«mt a aarti/icatt af r^cietratlaa iftoncd ly tiM 

' . 


p .nf. t-^if'ir: 

m^^sf C5 


s (ft «-W-lfW 

li. liti 

*M4mi ^sm 

d(|4Wa» iM^-ik I. 


X)«p&rtn«nt of H«iii»tratieii aad IMueation. i«oti«ii '6 pr^TlAes 
how »aeh a ••rtifie«t« mmy ^ obtalncdi* metx^n 4 abIm(i it th« 
duty of •rerj r«aiX «»tat« hr^kar to coit«|iiea€miily display his 
««rtifloat« in luis pX&o« of lM«i»fttiis and to notify tlio JPopart- 
n«nt of siny «Hoa«;« of feio %usin«s« ioe?!ition« Tim nwtm oeetion 
proTidOtt tli&t the I^op^rtwont ohall d«iiiT«r to •ach "'regis tranf* 
o pookot eayd of a prescribed nise* iriaieh oejrd »h«ai eertify, 
under tJi«? oeni of the BepnrtMont* tJi»t the pernon eiwiee nano 
ftppoiir» thereon ie e regloteyo<^ romi eetate Inpokor or roaX 
00 tote »aiot»iM»i, »M the <i«!^e siogr he« other ooetiOAo of eeid 
not proTido for thio foeo to %• paid upon the ioettaaoo of ee.oh 
•ttoh oertifieate of r«<igist]f»iti«n, whieh anst be roaovod 
nnumallys th^-it amy eertifieate ietm^d ander tho proTisione of 
fiaia n.G% aey he r^mlsmd hy the Beparlaent* aftor notice and an 
opportunity to he her.r<l« for nl^eonliiot i^inounting to diitilioiMot 
dealiikm end that a ii»t of all reisi«:tyante mnd of ^IX pereono 
niMoo oertifio$bte« h»^-re hoen suepended or rowked ho pttbiiahed 
ootti-annuaXiy* /eetiott 16 of iJxt utat proTidos a h««vy penalty 
for viola tione, and eeetiom 17 proTideo th&t nothing contained 
in the aet ahall »ffeet t}M poiver of eitiee »nd ▼lllagoe to 
toXf license imA re^uilate r9»X ^etate hroker«« hnt th&t the 
ro<iairemento of eaiid t^ict ahall he in i^d^ition to tho^e of msr 
aueh ordinanoe ef ^ny city or Tillago* 

It appoare th^t in i^ept<inher« l^Sltlt defendant 
exeontod and delirored to the plaintiff a written eon tract 
in v^i^h th« defendant soipe to tho plaintiff the exolusiyo 
a^eney to find a pareh^teer for defendf^iit*« property for a 
priee and nyon temo therein mentioned » and in ea^e of roiy 
oale of the preni»e» during the life of said eentract» 
defendc^t ««r*od to poy^ a eow^iosion of d^^dO. It aloo 

■^r ^^'iJl^tlt 



8pi>«ikr« X3^t in Xmrna tivam « BontH tta«r<Murt(»r ]^laiiitiff fowid 
ft pttrohitMr, f^M ftisii«d « f«f««Jk e^ntraet for ttM jnr9h^H9 
of wisvid ]pro|»«rty fo^' tU«} i^rio« and on the t«inift m «ti#ne<i in 
th« ftgeney contrmct, %«♦. tli t fli«r»it<l&at th«ii r«fiie«d to noli, 
or to e^«0ut« &ny contrive t of ottXo witk ih« f^ropoooA yitr«ha»oi^ 

Tli« Xi^w i» 'i(f€!>Il »#ttl«d in titio iii%9i%9 tli.^7.t niMrrft 
tiif sfwbjftct w^^tter of etii ogyofutOBl lo yrohibita^ imd »*do 
unXawful hy statat«, it (Saititot ^ oiifore«>d« oiren though the 
iit«i3At© «»«r«?iy iftrii«ti» ss p*tt«^iijy upon mil (9<'f4H!tf<»r i.«iia d^oo 
not in t«f»is aeelKtre tii« ^mn t » <iNt»i «'¥ »i4»- (slllJjgAii ▼• Mfl5JL»jytA. 
iS5 lii. &25i |3tl,^^.a '• iaaaSE* i^*? lU. »4«, S53; 4 a.C.X,, 
4S») Vtt < in this 9ti!t.t<» 1i^.s be^n olt@d '»stileh luis dofartoA 
In any wanner from tlj* prin^iulo m icjeiart^t fh« fi^pplierjtion 
of tJaia frineiplo to th« admitted fseto pr»v«iit« tho plaintiff 
from r««0Y»r4»g tht £,'. lifidiiolod ««wni«4ioi3, *»y«ib if earnod* 

Fijo^tiff *o o^^nool diiosi c^^os in ^1<^ It hao 
bO€n bold tli4e.t in A !5ttit %gr «i real sat®t« broker to reeoTor n 
o«H»i«»iont it le not tmrnn^^ry for tho plaintiff to olXogo or 
to proY«, 4lL._.t3af.. flrt t. itU' |i^y ..|f.,, that h« %m^l « hrolcer'e liccnoo 
mt iho tiao the sorrieos in <|u«etioii ooro ro»4«rod« Thooo 
oaooo only nvvty th« rule th&t t3ai«^ w»nt of i^ lio«n«« in onoh 
oonoo io « Mottor of <lef«a««^ ^ 1n» ploe^od and proT«d* (4 
H. C. L, 46,) On thAft theory, pisdntiff'o eouB»oX insiot that 
as no «ich defenoo io n^nti 'Bad in tJie pffi^#iTlt of werlto, it 
w»« wKlTod* Tho atatttt« do a not r« mir* mmy ple*dinrf? or 
affidaTit of KoritM to h« filod hy tho def«ndent in fi^ fourth 
Qiasn O0OO in tho Munieipal Court. If the J^nicXptil Court h^o 
a rul© on th(>t imhjfrQt* or if it has hy ruio i^dopted sectioB 
^5 of tho Ji^raetieo \9%, oueh ruion tm»t ho ohoon toy tho Mil 
of ex©«ptiort«. They «r« not iB thi» r«cora» and *« aro not 
p^imitted to ti^Jco Judloiia no tie* of their oxietoBOo* ( aixhy 



Iff v;» 


tliiit this atatate d»es sot rettiiir« n real c^^tstt Vnoii«r t« 
bar* a liqcttst, 1»t »«rt?ly r«'iulr«« hjm t« 1># i*^i-!l<^"lg?9o. . tv)iicth» 
It is e»l(l, 1« net tlMc b«M Uiiag at a lle^nii^* 11> iff nt 
••rit iB th« etatention. i;!^ reffistr«tloii ««rtifie»t« and eayd 

vliiQh tJM Btatat« r«€^ira» a real «atitte 1»re)c«r te el^t^ln fr«M 
the Deyartmant of .^«gie)tr^ tlon asd £diae?tli>&» eenrtittite a 
lleefifie wlthoiat «iiiah -tb^; »t^1»t$ Pi^^'^a It mi&lavful ^>o ionduot 
a r^iiX 69lat4 br«i'(£r«4S9 IxaSi^s^sjS* .'-- ir^ittoti li^^^aE)*? isB nothing 
iB»]f« thaa a d«rtirioat9 parperting ts; s^ttbdrlset th3 !i9l4«r to 

.t^ f«*A4i'i« f:'«85a '^kftt ?Tr; ^.u^^n ^^mid -th.-ut i?i c^^r a;?lnidn 
tiMi ^im^'t *;y^**)d ijft urJiiyiaaj ^^ i.-mt^^ti «tf lef^-wid^jtat to .find Vam 
la^ee f4i».^ t>i«t 4*H*\i'ti»ilr<iit %kimn th^ m^tV:.>i fa^t»« aa-i f»i* "ili-it 
yeasea tii.t^ iuOi^w^vit «f IjMi .«l^i^t-:jii?va Ca»srt vrixi "b^ .T-j-jror-juA* 





J^^^lp ^* ^^^^9^^^m 


mm emMTT* 

m» mmtm fi*pch B^x3.tMwm$ tai mtmm oy th-i? @mii^» 

pl«mm ^ll«g»lt» in sti1i'»t»ii#0f thiit l»#f«r« tfo« judgaietit wmi 
»iit«r«at pi»lnttff «Msy«fis4 i»itfc ■mf«»i4«i8t« anA with oiSmr 
or«(iit«rffi ©f 4«fei!i4«iiift tft accept In fmXi »«iUt»«st af it« 

in aeesriSime* «itli sai^l agfvoMLOiit flaiiitiff whs paid am^ t«ti*y 
f !▼• p^r M8i» i^Mlok it kMl a<»e«^f%«4 Im fUlX «#ti»f a9ti«B m4 
di««^i{i2'«« tl»ftjr#^f • ir» tlu»si«r f»l«»£i, jpXoiBtiff flX«4 r«iplleAtiMis 
»t«(tiiic tlL:^t tli« itll«f»li 9«tiIeBi«iit mts ao^o tsftmr tiMi Jtt^gMmt 

r«fr«sft<;»t«iil«ii that defen^0«%i>* prQ|>«r1gr *«* Ani^r wtfiicittBt 
to p«ar tbeir «r«diteri> t^entgr^fiiPi ^r o^st of their ol»iso« 
0114 oioo ^Hioil th«> iuid«ret<m4i»ft» iMS7^««oat nmA eo&4itlon** tiMt 
•1,1 tlio «ro<litors slumld r«d«ivo aot loor^ tlum twonty-fiiro 
feir ooAi of ilurir olalMo» irifei«rofio» In fskct^ oMoo of juoIi 
or«4itoro reooivod sore tliaia that p«roo«to«o« Xojsvo t>«iBs 
Joined on tkooo r«plie«Ltioii09 a trlol vao ho4 iMfoi^ tlM oo«rt» 
INI suiting in OB ordar vaoatittg tlso Jtt40ioBt and OBtorlJte j«i4|^- 
iioiit agalnat ihm pXaiaUff for oooto, fron «hioli ordor 
^udipoont tbio oppool wio yovfootod* 



• Sim 

mBt9nA9m%» mm yitrtii«rs is Ui« retail «h»« 1mi«1ii«ss 
in wM«c^« and &lM«t A|^ril 3L» 1922^ fMuuS tlui»s«lT«» 1b fAlili« 
eir«ni»^Mie«a* One tf tlMir Xargeat »«raSuaiAlM or^diters^ 
ayiMUPvittisr itfi^ dtifendntiita* eoa««nt» pl«#«tf m r«i^«MSt«tiir9 In 
d«fftiid«&ts* 'fl&om •f 1taiiiin«ii« «bA ImuI « fliM •t e«rtifl«d iMbXle 
»e««iuitaat« prmpitr^ a fttntoMiit df R»!^i«t« tuad Xiat»iIiU«a« 
A^«ttt April XOtk, ft ««€ilfi|r ^f tli« «r«f<3iterii w»a oalI«d, tht 
fiaiatlff tkutn JutlA « JvdgKtnt fiot« %t (l«fea<d&»t« f«r (^SOC, 
4r« Ayril l^4t IfS^t an^ •n r^^oeiTiiiK wbs*<i; «f tiM dradit*]*** 
«««tittg« Mimt 401 att«r»«3r t« %hm mmmtims vitli iiuitj««ti«ui %• 
"Bit i» «Ad Ust««« and ••• iM»t d«t«i«i^** Tliraa •? fetur 
erQdit«ra* ««»tiiig« vijrs l»Id mA |»Xalntlff*s att^majr tastifiad 
tJi&t im w%«s '^r90@iit at iai «uote me ?^ tinea » iiataimd ta all th^it 
mm a«da, praftiaad na thing an iNiliaif af tha plaintiff* aiMl rm^ 
poriad «ai Ita ha^urd t« tha plaintiff *a fra aidant t 

At ^tm firsi aafiti»«( afliwnt imlS of tlsa aredimra vara 
praaant aY ravraaaatad ttgr a«itnaal. QtiM af tba X^agrarn dxflniaad 
th« (Sitae tian and "pm^^^^A & trnp;:? df tha accountant** rafdrt 
containing sA eatlKata of tha raXaa sf ail tk* yertnariAdy 
aaaata iwic! a list of ip^rtnerahip llaMlitiaa of the dafand&nta. 
fiuraa daya lat«r« a af oand ma^^tins «aa li«Xd« ti^ieh aa» attandad 
\rf m»n% of defendaata* draditara* a% thin ttar^tin^c tb« adtda* 
a>iXity of bitnkmyt^ ytroaa^^diaga a»a dia«iiiaaad« and it wm 
taatntiTaXy daaidad l^ tlwaa preaant not ta 9a lata tka fadarml 
ddttrtd if all Ifeui ar«ditara wauXd oanaaat ta <*a tmataaahipt* 
ar aaaignnaat t^r tba Van^fit of dr^ditara. a prapaaitian ana 
»ada Iqt oae ^iiBan» v^hta had fanMr]^ aactnpiad tiM ir«ni»aa in 
ffliidb daf«ndaato* bnainasa waa aarriad aa« ta Iwy d<ifend(mta* 
atoak 9t aar^uAdiaa, at a priaa aqnaX to taaatj^fiTa par oaat 
of tiM aXciijaa af aXl orcditora. Tha ma^rity of Um oraditora 
f«f»rad tha aaeaptaaoa af thia propaatltian* «U oaa llMaia^a 
«a« choaaa i^s tmataa and diraetad ta yisit «f>oh of tha 

^•iH3 Vi.:M 



■A *->f?^ l^ •«*'■ 


«r«dLitors and ond«aYtir to obis in th^ir o«ii«eiit» 

At tiui ii«xt tt««^tiiis TlMMKiioa r«^r|«A thut h« lukd 
TiaiUd •««• •f Um «r«dlttrs »iiA had written t« tkm rfai«ijid«v« 
«ad th&t *ail Iw k^td talked irltli* had «|pr«»d t» aJsovi^t tlM 
««tU«ReBt pr(i]^««d, 7lMr*ii|KiR, ftppar^ntly on the th»«ry that 
^MIM or«dlt*r« lOm had not «9e«9t«d irovild d« »« •Tentually^ 
d«f*iid«nt« Made A ff«»«ral citslcagmiAt af th«ir i»MrtJser«hif 
9^»9%9 to Th«iftmi» as tyiifft««» tmi Im f«f« a >)ilX of s«le t* 
SijMiiig nAm pfLld tiM a«;ir«i»d priee* ndiieh v«is pla«»d in «ft«v#w 
in « haak f«r th« b«]|»fit of «XX tht <tr«ditdr«» 

Ahottt the tin* •f the l&st n)««»ting» the d«f«iid«titt 
E«»«m«t*in e<ai«d $i% th« f>I«itttifft* hmOc tnd t^tik^d Mr. v«iib« 
the pT9sHmn%t to Join in th« 9@ttXeM«iit* tviKM aii^ld h* thou^^t 
defendants oould pagr BArey and isfj^ired «^h(mt e^ i»i«e« ^f r«al 
« state evncd hjr R«9«iiftt«i«* of ^^dlr> the ImmH h^d loMiiiAedC^* 
ftesensteia •xplaiattd that this w&m lei«a»h«r«d sad waa of tit 
rmimm mh^ye the inombraneee* i^woB teeitlfied th^t fln^aiy he 
teld HoBenetf^in that "if erergrlwd^ w&js willliig t« reeept tiveittgr^ 
fire oente on th«^ dallar^ we ^^uld toe»* HinMmet^in te tlfied 
thnt -ivane eonoluded th« co«rrcr«atien by sf^ying; *A11 right, 
lfr# lte««iuitei»« we wHX neee^^t the tymnty^firm per e«nt,» 
ilr. ICrtMMt plain tiffin rioeoyresideat* ilM w&s «1«» pr(9i»9at« 
t«€$tifiedt ^ re«i»XjLeetieft ie that Mr* xirfmm agreed te tioceyt 
the t¥rentyfi?« yer cent eettlement.* 

On h/sy 4* 1922^ pizantiff had Judflseat entered ea 
ite jtidgment note. Apperently* ]»Iaintiff*e attorney htA the 
•xeoutien en t>ii» Judigaent in hie poeaesRloa ^t the tiae mt 
this ir ut cenrers^ tien* fer he t«iitifi«d th^t *^^anB netifieA 
hia a^ttat Mi^ ii, i9a :, that plaintiff ''had ngvaed te take 
teeaty«fiim per eent»* and direeted hia te return the ejceeittioa 
te the eeart fiXee, On th^t day* a eaahierU Tenoher^oheeh 
ifae »«nt te the plaintiff tur an aaeaat equal te ene»f earth 




aiMitt te«f#irt*^ «nwt mi» giTen *iii faU ii.<»fitr4 «!aA4 s«itlsfa0ti»M 
of lax «l«i«i«i «f tltt F»^«« h«ri8iii »gsiii«t st«Mi & nmmmt^iM** 

wm9& t9 ^imm^ Sinftfi ^(sk w&mmmmtmk «f ilie st93?«, «ia4 fitter 
wmmmUm "^ ^^m% 1-310* ifeicl* tl5»r *"«?«t»« ^^1^ a*t^t mww 

im40MmU m® mUim4 ^tril 36, I.fa2* nl^l® the «r€dit®r8« 
]ft@€)tii[%s «97« in fr#ipre»^, ana fli^B«:»si t«£^tiJri@a tl&at hm t«id 
^Imm that 0»fi or %m drc'iit®r» »i.#it ©Ijj^^t to «st »eta«»«at. 
flm if«!@A9^ itew» ^at mitker #f tli« t«» Qredltvr* ii^«e e^lM 
w^.r« tl«i» f*i# in l^ai i*m« prttisfemt ©» r€s9J*«^«wt«^ Isy emans®! 
at «i^ «f the ffly^44t«rii» »««tl«®»t cjiid tlisit «©itfeer ©f t)M» 
«wir ^igmifle4 M» ^v^i^ai td -^« <iont|Mi Titian iMpnHntnt. ^2ctrc» 
ii» im eYld^R«« tteat «ii|r •m^v »f ^®r«m4«^t»* tw«ntT-nii» 
er«ditop» wtm p»A4 m&m iSsam tweaty-fiv^ pmr c^»t «f hl» ela^iM* 
It la oliOjBed fey |>i*iiittff •» e&ufiii«}. that the aettle«» 
'Hmt s|f3P«.««at w-^s aud© ftft«r th« Jmdlfipttfitt w^s »ntf»re*d, »ii« 

•felu»1F««if»AWn ^^, 

,"»f.'^ i...^>- 

-■^*g>'^^.-Altl. i^.- 


mi if it vns* that f».«t, in 9wit <i|d^i»n« Is IwsftlMirlftl in 

mi* <me4, for tl^ remcMm tlimt If iim tifilstiff »s <as|« «mi 
IMdd »r satiisfSM s&f t«x» tine |«i4#iieiit ms «iitft9»4« Ow otmrt 
ImA |arlfi4i«tl«iit cm m maUmk wm^ f«r tlii^.t pirp»iift« %« 4iir««t 

it tn tif sftmntist ftf r««E«i^ (it^te ▼• a^idt%i^ la ux« s?^H 

iyM« r«g&r4I#«« »r t^ f«£». «f IJin ftm^ ^tMr^ ^^ r««mJlt Is 

f%m sain ^#Nitl»ii iaiNi4ir«d i« it^-y^r« as #^iilNi]^Nir4 
yy ^l«iiitiff»s @«iiaiss&« ^Im ^mm^iUsm &^mmkm% m^m^ ts 1» 

IMMrtiSft ts i^idl iNiiPS^fJlItt i»«Jf« faii ill fttll JUi tlt# 

iitAt94« naiatiff •» sinaissi «4^ 1^ ^mm^t sf B^ eftytr if. 

f £ ttU ^^t m» mtmri^ fm its fN»«lti»«. l» thut simm, f^ 

turlttiqi «««l»s»itittii a^^««ismt «»» sl^»«^ ^ sinNi«i S3^4tts«« «»i 
it ^%«#^€i$tl^ ^I'ttti «^.t H^t 1^ ft ^tj^artt mrmmimmK% mm&m «itli 
sue sf tUs »<rf^ Imfmm tfe@ ^^n^slftiim a#rs«««t ivi^ «ig»^^» 
that sr^^its* liM 3r«s^iir«4 sse^tri^ fsr t3fei# fail iMstiat sf its 
oi^liii sud tb@ mmitt li@i<l «tpj.i ^.4^ m «6«iP«t srrit]|g«ii@«t ims • 
frmt4 npm ^m etiKir si^ttsrs sf nm mmp»&i%imA t^gt^mmmt snA 

^iss. mm m» m^4SUm i^ iwi*® p^4 im fmil i»s»« mst ifm^Umm 
U Wm mmm^iUm mtmmmt im ^^ wammr sr fsxw* T^m is 
ltd #Ti4imss sf m^ m&m% ^^fmrnmit im pt|r tUtse in i^ii« aatf 
%1^ «na«ii«s UmAii ts piPSTe l^t m^ i^^ysHmts sere not asds isf 
•r sa iN^uOf sf 4.%fmnAmU» Int ssys si&sstsd frssi ilMm» «lw 
fUTSlMis^ar «f tlw pw9^r^9 V **» ♦«» »s»*iistt«tti^ sre4itsrst 
wimo^t «i^ fr<s«4t sx* ssimiTiiitos s» ^efsB^Ui^its* yart ts Wimt^ 
m%mt tliat :rssiiit« tii OsaiUst ▼• yis^y ^ iOd ill, 16^» U6, 
«»« fAM.IMll^ t-* g.rirr^?i|i;,1>^> U 111* API*. iO^»i0«. it is h»U 



and ii^ tke M.'hp&m^ &f mi^k & r#t-^i]r«m^i!it« th% ^imp^%itiQn i« 
^ic4in^ u:pea ^l w^ «MP^^ ^ it* {^^ also I^ <-^«r|iir! Jurist 

Mtm^iMS. ttli6i;«d fr»»4« th« l^a*4e'it m^B ^m. tSiis plAiii* 

tiff t© »3s©if tlMi fr«aii «h.feyg»4.» Wim tri«a e^urt ©Ti4,©ntlgr 

arg^»«iit« |)r=9i««nte4i ir« aare »im-'hX# im »mf iM%% iikm finding, 
©f tfe« trlel «^.irt im Maaif«»ti3r «ygaii!«t tli® w®ig&t »f ^^ 

Qri^Xeyp F* !*• ^Hsi'i %^m9&^ «F«, 69f)«ttr» 



a34 - 

fm ^, r, 0, Bjnm mmnxt mmp^sr. 

/V t3 "^ JL •ri» ^> 

®e-f«Bd4mt, fe«lKg «'ti#4 f©y tht&e months' xm'At of liia 
office, l©eat^4 «n tht t«iith fl9©ir of s&r of fie* l^uild,l»g in C^^lcngo, 

fllt<S & ««e©ja4 a®®iad©4 affidaYit of latritu, statiRn thmt duriiig Bueh 
thr«« months, th® lesaar rifeii0<J©il#d th@ lower floors mui the froBt 
©f tte© l^utliissg;, »»4 'feuilt aft »dditl©» to tfe.« »«^e^ ana tljat la th« 

i*©Tk of r<se0:n©tr^?©t.l<ifii t)i« tntr^^©© to tlxa "fetiil^ling va« *p&rt.ially 

rtifeM«,H, f«f«!s«, e^?.«ist and lirt^* ^.i<3li wai tra-ok#4 iritt hit 
©ffl^«; t}!!at BO Pttnr4,iig. w&ttr wa^ fumisfced dnrtiig ^art. of fhe 
tim#, ae-'* tJimt for two m^ntha tlt«r« wa» net euffisi«nt fcoat tn ih« 
Ijwililjig %#«8tyi»« th« iTid ©f the corri'^^ra wate fero^sri &-pm\ and «x* 
pea«d, a»d that *tii-.« ftetftl va^ltic^ of wmM pr^3Jls#s, me a r^Balt of 
%hm *«tiois9 ©f th® pl'^intift af«i]p«s^'^ii@»«d, w&» greatly i«er$aeo4 
and r«B«ler«a valatltta to tfe© «5«f®fidaat for the purpo»« for wiiieJa 
th«y »#r« 0ceupi®d«* Th« affidavit also Btmlm that for th«ao 
rettoeaa 4«f«aa4&nt Tac^te^ t^« l«iM}«(l |^r^ala«» one 4 Ay Iseforo th« 
ft%plr&tlon of hill liaise, mi4. therefor© elai»« he i& not ind^ibted 
to th« plaliitlff 1». wiy iu»o-i^t« Upon def^n:ii*rit ♦» motion^ the trial 
ootirt etr^o^k thi* affi^Avlt from th<$ files und gave a Judgment o£«da«| 
d#fe»d«U3t for th© sysoujat of the reat stipulated In the lenae. 

On thie m^ri^al, defen^^nt elf^isis his second asead^ ftf* 
fl4.ftTli statea « goo4 def««s«, xipou the theory that 'when a loeaoe 


.« ,•>' 

•^ '■•• 


le 9n^M fur rcfit he m^ r*c©u|> dwa^«« tot sucay loss Bustalsea l>y 

r«-»eoii 0f mif %ei« ©f the XeE«or t?lii©Js, tei^^. to 4«prtvi» th© ie8««« 

theory ^0i2W>eel elt#$ t>i« mn-i^ ^f ^^.mtjng, v, |pTi.i^f ,i',> 146 111, 481, 

heia tKat ^htrt a l%«i©r io^ji^ an ^et njno,tii!it,^jQ£ |£ j. Vr.tii ^|i?|-^ g£ ^|j^ 

li^« «mi!italai4 Iby r®a«K^«» ©f »itiste tkr«i3a®li,. Thmt ©a-s*«, am@Bg ©them, 
is otitit la tfee easft ©f lulj, ir, i.tMI'i^..3^|^,. 234 111, $10, a?, 1b 
whieli iM lriipre®« e^urt ®tiit«« tk# ^«1« to ^« tJsiai Hn m actioa 
f©r j«iii i^ider a Icmse, ds^®^«» s'asti&l©®^ h^ ih® t«B«aat ^|r rt&s^n 
&f m. ht^^mh #f tli« toatraet ®f l^aaing en tli« pitrt «t the lajidlorA, 
sa»2r %t @«i i# fey tlie t#ii%at h^ wa^ ®f r#©^i^m6iit, «4 ^«riuat«« from 
ttes 8W& hm owes as .r«®t«* 1« tfe# ^«»« ea«« it i» f^ls© sai«j *Any 
««ti ®f tr€ns|>a«s ®f th® l^aioi^ @r ©ife^r asjts wfeieM are «3Baw#Arrw.t«4 
or a^ilic^i-itlj f«rf0y®#4 a»4 c-o^aslon 4Mmmm t« th# toaaRt .la r««p«ct 
to tiso ipj»o^4»«« l®wM, -&}W fe«- jroo^iti^M "fey th« tfKimBt in aa motion 
foy rout, **^** It is nt all tlmffs t© l>o iiiBa«?r9tisod, too'is'^yer, tfe«t 
BO wyoBgfttl aot ®f th® lais.*iior# <|olas>.rs him fmm m r«^v<sry of tho 
r®at fof tlhe pT#ir.i»#» if iho tosmiit oo».t-iia««s to ©©o^#y iko promioos* 
1r ««©h a c%»« tho t«B?.ifc«t oa» oalj rso^i# sno^i 43M&akC®« as )i» su»» 
taiasi from tti« iDsla»?f^l «%ct» of iho l^sdlori ^i*^ mum diwsiago to 
tis® tenant la r^®p#«t to tho ff®mi»®» le«t««iS,« 

fostlag ifeko Sfeffid^vlt of merits hy thifs rule, wo fia4 
B® all«gattio» t^«it ihoro was any 'bro^oh of tho leaso, asil &o faots 
iaiO|s«A ^©i»is4| SMCfe a broaoh, mo liffldavit do«si-.aot stato that 
tho work or r«aodolliiig, as clan© 1»y th« lossor, wos wroaisfttily or 
Hftgligoiitly «t nAlffiifrully iomo, m4. tho f»eio r«oitod 4o nst shov 
thrkt suoSi i»o« the fm%* fho affi4«.Tit sl^ws that a«f«E>'.ant coa» 
tinaM to oeo #y the priwiises uatll th« day hoforo his loiiso ox- 



tioti or m paJfiial evictiasa at any tlM»* iioreoTer, it i^peiar* fro« 
tK« l««i4M» t5®tw«?.^ii tlie pariltis tluat tl5# l«aii©r ®x|^^assly r<j««rved th« 
ri^iii i«>- ©lit tar tli* dtjffiised pr«,»i.s<&.» for tJit pur|>oas« a,f mal-lag «tt«li 

f©r tfce »ai*@ty, i>r®««2»¥i&ii©a ©r iMproT6!iR4*iit tb«r©of , The affldi&Tlt 

1^« Jti4i-:j£©a.t ©f tli« Mtaisicif &1 court 1» affirmed* 


0yi41^e7i ?*. ^tt «!a4 B»i*b#S| ^.^ #^ii«tir» 



of fh/6 «s%at« 0f 


iS4I.A. 630 

fMts milt wm %]f<m#it t« 'r«^T«r 4iisia||»« ftr itxiMftg* 

fttiiy em»iJig 1^ deaisk «# fXaIs tiffin i»test»««g i^m mks nm 

wiMi &ll«ge4 ^ 1»« tli« siw^r ©f tft« iiiit«ii».H]^# t*UU« tli« stliey 

^fmmmskt&t m0L mtmi^m ^airftd nUiXfit^ mA nmni^m ml»mi^^9% 
4ef««dsai fU«4 &nXj tfee ti«ft ftf |]to g^Msrali i8»«»» B#f»v« 



fUft ©f »ot pjilty f«t ia iftmift liii^ |>lai»tiff «« a3.X«£;aU«fi •f 

««i^tiig »ti«h Ofer^^tloa ana e«nijro:&. fh« ©«iirt saMj •!* is 
ton Jl&t« mm* Tim woai4 &&W i«f^ve If i% was d^i^iag i»im«rfthi]»$ 

t^«1^4 i#i^p« lift wi^Mlriiw irmt. i^ mm U mvihU ti^ <i<if tiuliiait 

t0 C®t ©motSisr Inw^mv^ mmA mn ^mm w^iii ©vny ii»,tix tlie ««3Kt 

WM rmmt^t tte.® »«w ef«i»»®3L far def«adi«t askt^ !«&▼« t» fll* • 

Itoat** /^t«r ^M mrUmm «f tJip#« »itiii«»««» for m» plaintiff 

kadi 1i«#ii ^«i^, ^@,ir«admat*s s^imseX f^i9€at#^» aii^ n^slmd XemYs 
%e fU«a 1^ ftiwa sf^^iftX fl«m st^tlmr mat d«fea^aat did iwi 
l»@ss«»s «r 0^©yat« tfe® ®»t<8i^%ii« la ^«eti«ia at tl»« ii«e ©f t^ 
&eai4#at« mi& tkat m^ iaieg94 4riwx' 9f tl^ ^^ms wits a^t Mb 

w^ *«Btlfi#4 tl»t &« wa» rlalag 4a t&e «mt«a6i»U3Le at t&« ti»« 
^f m» m^mmt MB4. m».% i«^«ta4 fU»aa, tli# @#a af d@f^^dumt» 
im@ Sriviag the o^r^ nad t3iiil tl^r« we^r* %m grass af. 5«iiiiilc ^o 
ia tJ» eiir# a«f«M»#l far i«f«a#^at tiiea af f«Bf««l. ta i^ra^e lay 

^yrdw4 the aat^aoMie fvmk tlie aef^Bdaut far ttm aarpa»« af 

4«liireriai ^la WQtmv m^t wtr« tl^a in tlia m3tt %lm% ag^MMA 
Wii«#a« <itfea^aiit*ii s«a» alia ^^rktad »« a aaoHiaiai la tola 
fntl&ftrU slia^, s^gif««4» (s^t t^ ra^«9t af ^^t* ciair, ta driire tlia 
«ar fair lila aa 1MI» (st« ei«ijf«t) erraa* after liaar© aa ^uat dari 

#(ur at ih« tin« of tlui »«rii49»t» m^ ^efrnd^rnVn mn mk» t^n. 

^iyim ^® ^»» ^^ tl3L^^ ^TtmjsAt mnA not o» aiQr Ii«i»iii««i8 ttf Hia 

A% m» &l9m «f tim ptmlmtUf^B «via®iii^» mo^ at 

tiMj o3k«»« ©I" sai tk« €^lA«««#t f^®f«»^B«t r#ip#8t^4 i«a'tim«ti#ii» 

,la «fr«0t^ ijifit if' m# ^xr find, fir** t^ ®Yi««a«« ttet a%» autt 
-m* ^m% m» Bwt wa^ mt 1mtm nm4 n^t m^ tlm tf- Hm s«€i4«At 

tl^9 4#ftiiti^i §t« Ql§dt until. af%tr tliiist |iii>tni@ii#«s lm€ l»»«m 

a,, mi ux. mif. m^..3^amsLr* ^mm^ ^^^ 3tu. sm» «a4» 

tri4l83r» t* !•« «»^ Ba:m*s« J«» sdacntr 


i >.':• {■'. v.:_f<' 







272 « t$»^ 

o Q .-^ T ;\ r Q 

m mxQMQ, 

BR, msBtum rirm w&irmB'p m& miMim ^y i:m e^uHf • 

Tfel® t® as £#pfaX from ma ©Mtr Tae^^tlfig a Jiid^ent by 
<mnf«s&l@ti« tM# ,1ii4l^®iit wae ^rs two aete* «i|i««4 l»y ^efuj^tlfintt aad 

Su« ill Xtl.4» ojai tlt« ^nfwaee ^?«ia that plaintiff*^ csXaim wa® b%ry#d 

B(^f#»4aritf |9ap#4ii«t«# ®«rtlfiii^ ©#|i4«« of the ©i?#«t #f ^i«» 

©li*i3if« Ittil^lJBg, Sfelesg©, iXilaote,* for :|4sei open li not« ef th« 
pmrtm^TH^p 0f latlii Brci», m%d« in ^hiea^o Isi itX4. a(& rrt4«« 
»to^?p® |feA« wsrti t>i« e©rir««t «i4dr«ii» ©f th# i»iaij3tlff at %h»% tlm«. 
lis. A|>riX, itli, sa a8te»4«d oehiiaitXt w«^ fil«i iis ib« »«3s« <sa«», 
sl^««a toy both 4«fe«^a©i«, ir* whieij» &©ear41»€ t© th« c«rtifiiidl cofiy 
tfeer«©f ^reducM by d^feriflasats, tli#r« wa« Xl)si<ia, i» exactly- th9 

Plaintiff ih«« pro/iiuc»^ « thirt G«rttfi«d sot>y, whlcii 

ira« lik#^ tfe® I,a»t tu all T^.mnf^ctm Uwt on:% vif , that, th<» fl?»t 

«|si«r4«4 e«l5#-liiX« «««tii0 to, fe«4.T0 b««a proiue«<l in «owrt a»4 ejchlbltttd 
to tht trlftl iu41|!<9» b^t It is iMit oontal»«d In th« rdeord b«fer« us. 
1fh# fXaiiitiff t«atirie<! tbat in BoT«mb«;T, X9S2, h« «x«isln«d s\i>Jii 
originni »«fe«d«l** and fmmd "my ii2i^« was Xift«4 nm 3» l>« l^riiMJdi^lX;* 

that li# «Xiii6liae4 it agMn in Febntary, 1.9S5* ani foiosa that iios«9» 
body >ia^ {^A2ag«<! th« letter •8,* witb a p«iieil, into « **C," whtrt* 
ui[H»n bt called the clerk's ?»tt(i«"*ii«« t© that fttiirt^ im5(! the clerk 
(»rnji*d th« •C* «»i'1 th«ri g«T« him th« certified cot>y iwhich h« ha4. 

:Flalaiiff als^a offsre?! Ir «Yi<3^ao« n, o©rtift#<l eojjy of 
a sotie« of th« fir»t n««ti2sa ©f ©r«fUtQr«, »pp«a?l#dl to "ii^fdi i» a 
ty'0«wrltt«a list €i.f er«^lt©r«, isel»dii«g- th« foliewingt *S, F. 
Trlantafil, Ifts. Ex. Bid®,, Mmf Yt^k, 450. 00,** Atta«h#4 t® this 
Halt is trhat purpart ^ t« he th« »ffidairit of % qX9TU in the «ffi^loy 
9f th« ref«r«« ia hafikmptey, ®iati»g that h« mailed r*otice» *t9 
lai the creditors df said hsusXrupt »& their iiiSi^ed $m4. &4l<^ress«« 
ftppesr is the sehedule of ereditorft filed hs»reiii»^ luad th«t a Hot 
of the eri*<lit0y» *furaiahea hy the attoriiey for ©aid hcoiityv^t'' i» 
attaoh«4 ^® s« sxhi'fcit, fhis |nurporte4 affi4sirit# h©w#Y€-r, is BOt 

%oa thift eri^^ftiEiae the trial oourt hei^ that |ilai«tlff *« 
olaiK oSBiasm. t*m» diseharg«4 hy the h?^kT»#toy ijrsoeediiigis. We ean 
»©t Mmy thi® GOB€i«si©n i»»e erroastoms, fh*!> hniikr%jtptoy Isw 4«^« n^t 
ye^tiiyi'* the hankf-yrat to 8«i^dl i%ay natl®^ t© the cr«i1itorf ; that 1» 
the stttty of the referee. Th« h^sakruiptey a©t require* the "b^nikr^aft 
to prepar® afi- f lit ;a lict of his <5re4it@r», ^ho^iw^; th»*ir r^'sl* 
^*«oe«, If im©"»^R, the jaaeouist ^vi9 t« taQh, the c®Bsif1er?*tlo!i, tm^ 
h^w aeotjred, if at all; an^ f'arth«»r frovidee that *ai <ii80)5arge in 
hankrttptcy ^hrnll release a hanleru^t froia all of hi» pror&hle debts, 
excei^t ou«sh as * * * have not he en duly aohe^i^e« In tir^ for t^roof 
Olid al.lO*aRce.'* IMifer this seotiofi. If a deht ie ^uly soheanled as 
provided hy the aet , the hanlcrujit is rel0ft**ed t'rerefrojs hj the *?rder 
of disetearge, whether the er^ditor re©eiy«s neitce of the fcajnJfntptey 
liroeeeiSljigs or not. (l&S^ k ^SSm KmMMS. iiSL»t v. ^ro^f 1^*? ''?"». 
94.) Ihe hnrdsii was on tbe plaintiff to show tb&t his sI&Ijb vss cot 
sc>*^«lul«d. (¥^ Momftjrk V. ILa^ag, gSS 111., 425.) In view of th« 
fsiOt thst i» the first aohedlrais filet, the nitse saa addrees of the 




J^lit- tB't 


plaintiff v^re gir«n v?ith anb^tprntitiX accurae^r* that hit d«bi was 
•ch®<Sule<|. »« on© fi«« fjr^ja th« partH«r»hlp ois a n©t«, >mrl that tblt 
»eii^«iuL«i vr«,« followed hy «hb amended scbedi^e in «z»otIy th« Hjumi 
fojrik, y>ith ike possible ©jMiftptio** of ane l**tter, ve think It could 
not w»li b«f Jaeld that tk« f»r«t>omierai3e« of thi» eyldfiiics fli;^»pertt 
ib« plfidntlff ♦« the^jry tfeat tlia* d«1>t wiiif not •duly »erj©4ai«d«* 

It 1« f\iytJi»r eleim©4 tbmt th^re was firidtac« of ft 
B«w pros^iue, fh?^ coux"t fi&«»d that tfet weight of tfe« «Tidonoe 
on this polst wa9 y^slisat t^« flalsiiff, a»d wo jagr«« with that 
eQBeX«4»i€»B. t>tt «iYi^«nf!s« ?»b to the a«w prc^^ilte i« lUi^ertalB and 
eoTstra^icftofy, «»«! is pealtlTfily ts^^iied fey tfe« ©aly d#fefi<?Ka3t 
who it ssllage'l to 'hstT<& «mi« jm#i a f roMi^o, 

Hit iadgta^iit ©f tli-« Eimlei^al atsurt i^ ^.firr^«d. 

Sjfidloy, ?• J4, «Mtt.a Barfisio, ^,, cjocemr. 

JU' ^^C^: 



AP^^iM mm umiQi'^M, oouat 

a jm«^i?»*^&t r«fi4ft'r«il ag^imst Bi® afti?:y m r^tMsst by a Jur;f for tli« 
tiff claims thmt i«f«m-dinit .rtfuesiei liim t© sti'bKit % sk«iieh ftr 

f«y «k two*®tcr^ &dditi&a IritteM; tiimt flsisitiff pr«i-|ia,r^d mieh 
l^Xaim 8*4 «|)e© if i ©alien*; that def«ii4Mit »cc«ftad. t>i.« «ai»« -aad 
«.ur««^ t® |>a^ for th«s3B at th« -rut® ef two p«r c;®Bt <wa sm ««>ti- 
«at®4 #oet ©f IlijCK?©^ t>}«? 4©f<i*'»4^^t t® take tfe,^ Md« Isl^if^if .and 
fii-]^@rls6t«!a4 tl50 «?^irlt} ifeai ^tfmMmit mli^%%M fei^» Mitt t©ld tim 
pi«iimtiff the^r '^^art tao fcigh; ihfat aift^r Wftttiag «s«T«ral moBtfei, 
4mrilig' wfcicli <Stsfim«is«t ag:ri»€i! to fay |»laiiitiff *» ^ill, etef^ndaaot 
mgiiia e>ifpig€di hii) mind nni wMtit^^ pl«y(i« «ad n^toiflontlozis mr^de 
according to fht ©riglB:al. ©keteh, wfeich tsiaiBttff fi?t)<j©<s<i9<l to ao, 
^lai 'to«?f«rt tlbJSry w#y« ©-iSjffipX^t^f!* «i«f<#«d^it t>;jl'1 tls<t ijlmintiff !h« 
Im4 o©BC5lt»d^^ ftot to ^ ah.«a4. Ilawr* wnua ©vi^l^ncie tending te 
»upi5ort thiB tht0fy« Tli« i,mf9MAmil QXmim.0^ thai ^ben th« first 
tktteh wa« msd« "by tb.« flaiiatiff , def#a4aiRt aak«?i tlie plaintiff 
wb-at tfee prctpone^k plswa wq»u1A O0«ti that plivtutlff •al'-i It would! 
eo»t Slot to «3£e#«4 1^,000, Inelualng his f««8, fhereuoor. defenjlant 
illr«Qted him to f7«pgur« plains itaid sp€rclfieatlo»« opoB that t^aalii, 



but tfeat a®f eulant w«i,» iifir«y mht& to get «». Ma of l(-n& than 
i$lS,000 for tl^«9 work uo ^1 ?*««<»#• tliwre ^n& roai« evldcfic« ter<.<iln« 

fhe only ground, fh&t is argtt«d hy 'isf ':»Klarfit ♦« ootinMA 

for * r«T«raal ©f t1h« jus^ipe^ni in that t%« v«r':Mct la ,'.%galnat th« 

aii4 ^ort-ioHB ©f t%i« r«is©ri« ©©utidniat; ^fe« iasstimoiay ©f ih^ wlt» 
sttttefit ^^^ i&fterj«m<^ exa»i»iiil0tii in tlie Xight of tli« ^rgum^nts 
•f e®-u3a»i?i, *e fini ©ux»«lv«» ^abl® is* &?iy that the ferdict 1« 
»&nlf«5-t-tl3r a^fii«st th« weight ©f tli« evld^isce. The origiRiiX v«r-» 
"llet ir«fc8 fer |4§C;, ¥?tdeh m^ liair^ la«e!3 lfidw0«<a, in p-mrt at le»«t, 
Isy deftsdaiit *g affi^atit 0i m^ritn* M0irav®r» tb^ c««rt r#^utr«4 

isM# aiifl f¥.3mish«^! t.h« '^^liM^Jt for a twe*®t«sry ctr««tuir«, ^i^ .aiwi 
i?lth t.h« the»ty i>^«i iH® tilsjjt ^^w lust 'iss-stary strualyr* w«r» 

f#y tts0 rta»©n» 8t%t©4,- the jwt1,:;'mer4 iR %fflrmaa. 

fridifty, I*. *^*, «5d Ba;rji3}^, -T. ^ mn^'j^r. 

im « m^m 

ip^ limit. 

la. wsfi0s mm mmstmm tm mmtm m tm omws. 

€^Ur%m4 U M^m^mt tmm mm^%0 Ifai* t» .?ti*ru«iiy, 1923. 
m wm'tmsmy m^ leas, «i«^ i^u^ttrr •» soss^nt, 4«f«ii^UHi« 

ir«tiiifiMi4 #@^t«ii% t(i<N;i»« «f tly» if^^lm# &t |4&^,^^, feF imntli 

tfe« plmimntt *hm m% i^im m%m% im l%m »utmm% »l" 

ft liu^Tt tto« plaintiff liaxi Itft^pMmt f«r %Ji^ full «MMiiiit mf iU 

lit «mfmin&^%*» WUtf m% eptestifttt ^i^!!Mi*^iir lit 
flaiaiirf i» « f^T^tm mrmr&^tXmt m% Ummm4i in XXXimiM^ 
la m% 4i»«ttssi«4t m^ in tii«)r®f4iFe wlir«4* flKs iml^ rmiaiatBi 

4#f^»a««t m m» oia» tf »«t«#ff , mnA im Ulmvim i»Uv%a% 



Mf^MwM%*» mmmmt tarn im •rr«3r im 9X»$m$m tli«t 
th« Vsj'dfiii #f fifi^of wme upi^m tint plftiatiff at» t« ^e «X«i« 

•f »*t»9ff • Tliat urns a]% affiXMfttiT^ 4«feil»«9 aii4 np^ii t^ 
^tto^rity «f ^HiiRlJgl^l lU ^1 X«. 1* ▼. IliAiaUMt 206 IIX. 

3L24» 1.33b« tlM «i«if isnd^nt li®.d Urn Imrt^a «f ^jr#Ti»g 8«<li d^fi^iiM* 

«t<»««imt» lie 3iM irctttirmct otheif (|»#dB •f ^Ni ▼«&!»« 0ti9tt«d im 

on i^iieh tbi^ pX»in%iff*i» m%m%mmn% »f ae^uBt sheii® that Im 

w&M Qr»titis4 with m^^wl^ iMm s^»« iminytt f#r tkt x'l^.t^m ^f 

mi ladittf «r 3r##«$ift fur s^ttidi ir«Ni4«9 «r v^lttp «TideiMHi thas 
ibis uiiimp|}«irte4 «fta<N»i@iit t^&t Itn ]^.dl r4$t»r»«4 iillMir k»#<Is M 

tii« fluilitlffl ana m« plitlBtiff •« pj^i^gi^eiit aad ge-serftl 

4mf%n4Mn% vmn giimtt «i?eSit im U^ plaintiff *:i stat^i^at ttf 

^3bat «»at^3r &iat«tt8»t» «if ^.e4;i«miit ii«3p« r«a4@r@4 t@ tlMi 
defendamt* to whioH se ^lijeeti^tt Wis.8 »mI«; ilIs« tk^t ^tfend^at 
3^«i4 t» tksD plaintiff « ^ring th© iiti»ntli «f Apriig 19S3» |S0O 
«s &a«mmt ttf th« )ialaii«tt fthona ligr t^ last o-f »ueii a^nthiy 
«t»tM«Mm%«, B«f«n4i!^t aifftt tefftifieA tlist Im did Mt iearn 
Hiftt mik^ n%m%mmm^ AiA litt giv« ^lai tlM ex*«dit h« n#v 
@i«iMi antiX nf t^r this «ittit vmn W^im iAd n slMrt timi Iwf^r^ 


*v,a.4.; ti^. 



tlie trial. lQfna«r saeh. eire^BiEtane^St ms think plaintiff 
w»» entitled t© interest upon two grmands, riz»i that 
t}itr« was ».ii i^oeaumt stated, nnd th«.t tfetP* ima uarf^ssotta'bl* 
«»d TftjLatiAus d@X«3r In fn^iMnit* 

A 9.itd»tid!} Is raised r^gnrding the aamissi'billt^ 
•f eert&itt te'^timesi^t ^t as tti® ease was tried ^ tfa» eourt 
witl^cmt u 4ury» it i» pr«8a»sd t3s« eourt «iAii8id«r@d ottly %h» 

fU^ $m40mn% ©f l&€ MiiEieipal Court i» «tffi3«ed. 

tridXs^Tt P* J»» and B«3!*fi@E» #., t»<»ften£r« 


^ \.C ' '■"■> ■■Ji'-J' 


■ m^': 

m9 « mnf 




/iJ O 41: i • ri • O «J X 


up«» a st«t«m«iit ©f Qlsiifi aii^ging that 4i«!f#iidMit m^e hir«4 tt 

UlM A %99A Of f iill f 74»» ft yi4^X«iMl IBt«iti»» URd <l«U^y it U 

m Mid »t«ya«« »l«iit» thi^t h« fiLil«4 %© d«Uy«?r th« X«»4 da tiM 
•MM day, iLB^ Uii--.t «li«» it ^m d«iiwy«4, tif» «aya iat«ir» ^tal 

th^-re i» fio m'bgftmitial di^p^i© as %& th« f&fti»« 
Plftintiff @« 4@0iriBg. %& hiiir« « i#ad of fish l3iwii#d frMi tiM 
r«ili^»4 ftt^tion %m m e«id stdiraicv nmf^lMPtiee « e-j>.us«d omi 
LiRiaii%«ir» « l*»|Mr«Xi@iitatiYe Qf t]i@ firm froK vAmk tbey ^^iw^t 
tlMi fiito, tft «n««8ft 4«f«ttaiatt» vii» is « %«iaB«t<i^« to hmX it* 
For tliat ittx^ooo^ Mux tf*i«slai»i!, one of tHo pXalntiffo, tmtL 
Mnklater w«Bt to M&ytt%io*s hmimii on et •5a^«r«lftgr efteraooa, s^^eut 
fOtty oftttiook, Maai^io woo fiJdJif; fei» roof o«d UfOciotei* eiinl^d 
t© tho roof to talk to hljo. Ubx Tr^ioteaan «lid not ^ «»• 
Liitkloter told Mara^iO tH&t lio»J^inlcI»tor» wi^jitod ooM floli 
hmX9A tmm tlHi 4090 1 to o do^^^i^^tod waroJiimoo* Montbio oaid 
h^ oouiS got t^ tiok out of tho d«ipot» Imt it 000 too ioto to 
«ot tlM» 4»to tho m^ro^iousot >oo@»t»o ho liod owiy ©ne m«ii to hoXp 
and it ooiad toico novo tlioii too Imtirn^ of toy Im cot to tlM 
l^^^t, u load tfeMi fieli, X^iakiftter eoi4 ih^t he '^wouid toiBi 
!©sTo of tho ooirohoiioo oAd hoTo it open,« if Itaatibio would 4o 



'^ 1. 


• >? i'» 



'i.f.«f f-..-5S3lli??'^ 


til* ^umlim* MumU9 eaids "Ml right* t^Miii I*U Haw tti« 
fiah i«le»]i i»iii •f tli«» 4«|Hit sii^ ymt ii]^» t^ »•« to the «mir«iuiit»« 

fUi»tifrii 84iir hla <liiiiif ^ia# ^t Ait m% »t«alE t© .Hia, »«it^«y 
i«f«ii4i!ii% m9 M« 4riv«if lai«v tkut mt f 1«^ l»«i#»g®d tn ^tm 
$^min%lffm* flMi <li^i?%r t«^tifi«^ t^at lift i#»tliefi «w.r ^19 lamm* 

cloMd} m& mt kmmim ^"^t 0l@# t6 4@ wit^ tela i9M» h» i#f % 
it i» defiiiiSi&sit*» %iui» m0> ^limreA i% m& mn^is^ wmrw$m» «^a 
Umi f iiH vtipii iitiU«4« 

flut UUl mme% hmM ^Kat it mm 4»fwm4jm%*» iltetgr 

•^ notify hi« triR«5i|>^ f«y iii»ti^€ti»a® m$^B:^d%m *i» «Ji«p«»iii©» 

«if til® ri^»» ^»4 t^a4 t«r#jidsai *m&.%4 mt 4©M1mF«tteiy^ ^-mit 
tli« fiiiii- t« iii^ii» wiifeimt tiding t^ t^finellMfti «« •fi><irtiiiiil^ 

th« f^U««. mf9m0jm% a|pp»«4 tA liiiT« th« rii^ %&1imt trm. ^m 
4«9»« mA k«a«t to tli« nftrel^fHiii*. FlmiiitirfB agreed i» ••# tSu^t 

^Mi iwr«]|j!»i»« 1^11 iMvt «i»«a uBtiSl t^ iriv«r $^X4 get tli^rs. 

l^ftii€i.aat^« ikrimst hmX^A tiNi fi^iM to me wr^ikmm^ Imt n^s to 
wfyivcd tli«T«» w^e ]»X€V»iite4 IT«» 4«Uir@ri»@ lii» ift«4 l»ee^e« •f 
^« iaiittjre of pXaintiffai to )efi{^|> tli^ir part «f th^ mm^rmei* 
OiearXy, plainUff« ««x« Mt enUti«d %m mtlet of mm mt^ 
4«XiT«nr« -ii^if w«r« <^btiarK»«lk3.« Bi«i atttie« ©f tlist f »©%. Wwy 






A'^ Ail^MH:- 



»«i4« la f^feetg tluit ke eould not ieliY«r tlM finh to t^ 

ifiiilNi)3«tt8« tlLs^t dagr unless the v»jre3i«>ui«^« ea^ilA b« kA^t •9t« 
for th«t p«rp©»«» »nd that tJui driver Qmxtd net g«t tluir« fer 
litre than turd hdtiris after Im #9% to th« de^^t* ther«:f«ir*( 
R)3i«B plaintiffs arrangft^ ttt luevt t^ varc^oata lce|it open 
%iitll ttix •*«ioelc»*' th«y lEiE«« tlimt 4«fendfM»t^» driT«r w^^m]^ 
nat ^ %her^ at tlnat ti»«| iiad« mni«ea thty «»r« viiXing t« 
^«T« tho driTer kseep t3sk« f i^ in hia inman a^ar SaiNla^» it ^ma 
t^air da^ to mal» aas^ athiir prdTlsiaa fer tiM 4iapeaitiaa cf 
tha iaad iriMs it alMntXd i«rriir« at tKe wajf^liaaa^* tiM raaard 
e£t«wa t^t thay «lid nat pert 01m. tlaat diti%>|| i^r did Umi^ madim 
«B^ iMmi^ AS ttt i^kiat liad %aa«ni af V&0 fi^i« fvit#t ^^ 
i7iir«r*a aot in X<»a?iftg tlw fia& in tli« mmn ^^r^v ^kmAt^ wtm 
R stapid thing ta da* %ut it pra^&^y wmiXd n&% hsmt ae««tirrad 
If plaintiff a ^d parfaxnad t^ir p«rt af tha @antr&et» ftr 3iad 
aead raaaan»lila aaiNi l^afora BSftttdflir ta i^aairtais ishat IumI 1»@eaaMi 
ftf tbair f iah* "I^mi plaintiffs nera guiltir nf ^<» fiX'st 1»raa«0b 
if tha aantiNi«t* ^aiava sii<^ ia tlta faet, «r ifeera bath peortiaa 
wre in daf anlt, thara ^m W »• »i«aif«73r •s ^it eivtmat* ( Ha^yl^ay 

SSl* '»'• ife ^itaat^ . ^fS XXX0 $Z^^ 6St«) ItoraaTart *« ^tr^ alia 
ppa^enta i% thing l»«ing daa« witJ^n t&a ti»ft atipnlatad will tm% 
&a a^Xanad ta aT&ii af tha iian«p«rf@3raanat ba liaa HiKaalf 
seoaaianad,*' (IialpBa^ T« fa»atar > ^9 III* a$4.> 

far ^M raaa«iia statad» tiia jnd^pant ia ra^paraad with 
a finding of faatn* 

tmmmaii WZ7H A FXXIXDIQ 07 FA0Y3, 

SvddXa^y t« J,, and Bataaa« #•« aaa^ra» 

'?«5** Mft •?'- 

4tl« feet. 




»- « ,< ^ 

»»«-£^ &i»i^- 

309 • 

plain tiffts w«(r« guilty •!* tla# fii'ist ixr^a^ «f tlbe 
#f their 1ft «»• 



)23 4I.A. eSl 

OF COUi C0U«t1f. 

MH» .ru^f x€^ FifGH tm^trmmi^ Tim 0Pi«fo» o? thk oomt, 

^mpl&iuMii t elaiising that It 1« c^ er#diitcr of th« 

©e®rb®m StR«l &: tyo®. Oiwsi^smy as** t!3« I>«ar>>©m T®niiiRs»l War«hoiEi«« 
^Sdis^fUTiy, acrpo ration!, flits! it a bill «^.aiaet them allQ^lng th»t 

t>j«y l5<t-3 cf»i.sft^ delo^ fc'US!lm«««, leaving iebtn mnpaisS, -aR'? pri^^rlAg 

far t"h^ a^iisatRttt'-eRt ©f % r«c«l-r#y as<i » -^isssolutioii ©3f 9ai4 aot» 

|H3'Tatiaa®« fh.f "bill ale© »lLlt(g«» tnat »ub^taatlxiXly the only 

si»3«t of 9ith97 0f «^^ cor@oratl0ii« ermslsts of & leM@ l9«tw««B 

tii« 'Bugene S. Flke^sual Trust* «!ia4 lt« trustees, of a war«hou&<i 

IjtjildiRg ia GMcaifo, whieb lea^e, the feilJ m^r^^tn^ is of th« 

v@.1q<» of a^ttt #3S«0Oi>s siii4 ®aiS Lan^. Truct ^a<i Its tru£st«ee 

w^rt »iiis.d« parti aa d#f<jBda«i. 'fiiey im««ereai, adiiiittiag th« 

s3c«C'uti©B ©f th® lo^se, teut ali^iag that It wa« no longer in 

for©* «i3.1 effect, but wa» t^rEileated aBd caiae«Il«4 b«for« tho 

filing ©f th« ^ill «f c«fmpl»int, 

Thff record sho^s that about Bine months iftur the 

bill -^a^ filBa, *n ordsr who '*jrii<5r«<t ^hlch rf^oites that or im^ 

tlsn of th« folieltora for sal'l I/yil TT^«t f^nd itii tr-afit«c«, tho 

r^^getTOr rm^. t>ie coJwplafeinayBt >-«lBg orfjo^nt T&y cottiiefi^.1, "anfl It 

fwrti:«r a?>Dsarin^ t>iat the partioe ssovlng filed is this court 

tlioir |»«titlo& calling upon th«? rocftivor to eloet uphoth^r be 

wouli tfiike or re^t^ot tho lease herein, aA4 It aiipe^rin^x to the 

court tfeat a r^aaonable tiae nae elapsed within wnlch the re* 


©«iT«r »!hf«iilf5 liaiffl »»4« rtnch «l®ct.l0)!5, th« «0aTt fln«i» that th« 
jfecelv«r yiaft laot «£l*5«t'«d to »^0f i »iii4 l#a«e, saatl "by M« f^llur* 
eo te eX^'Ct fc.«B llJiPt Me rl^bt t© «,aoft «ali! l*a®e, an4 it la 

tberef^r© order^^, a-(!j-«.4^«4 hb^ fi*ier««!iil that th« ■partlf*^ K©viiag 
h^ Bnd t^h^y ar«^ heral?y ilisw.isit«4 ae i^aarti^a d#f isti^ai-.t , atnA from 
tM« ©.%««•* Th© |»eiltl©fi r«f«rre4 t« ija »al4 9Td»v hm« mit b©«n 
©•rtlfiati t& tills eourt as a pmj't at %h% re©-op<l» jaor is therm 'my 
©«3ptifl«at« of ^\.A*!tnm in th« ree^tril, 

C©,mplssili3^int *s e^wJSftl urft; tliat tbe ©rt^ear ^b'Qvm 
rtolt«^, mutt tiie r^t^rae*! for the r©a»30]n that it io«» not eoist^ln 
iti3.y fiB'ilrjg of f fi«t«, »s*ii is ii.9t %y^pi»T%%6. "by ^mj cssrtifieate «f 
«Ti«!ei5 8«. €®imte.l say tfesat *a. «le«i"«tml srier Im efeaaeery tiifti 
ie pr«^:ieat©i oa a. ■e#ja«lii®loi5, ®f fi4©tt itoat ai-u? not r©ait«i in 
it uffll be rtY%»rs«# 0ii apf#al,'* I» 8M!>'3©rt of tills pTo|>i»sltl«a 
«»^ttpa#l clt#« m. wm^&tT ©f eases v%«y-« t^at atmtaa^jBt or Ita 
t^mivaltwt itt^0#ays, 'fetit tJi« tml« no «SM$u««ed a^iJll^e awly wjber# 
ife« <lecr«# ©r **'i®o3retr^ oM«ir'* In t**®®tiou grtiiits t-h<? r^sltsf 
IJTiftyed for 1r tlie 1)11-1. It 4©€S sriet aiJtly t© a ^«cr®« or d®«rdt«l 
or4#jr di«Ml^sirtg a "eiil, as su^k !;«, M^t%® «r or-a^r-r in mim^ortu^ by 
'iM» ^humim 0i miam.m, {Elm^ MMS^iA^i^ '^* 1MM.» ^^^ 111., 
^^Ij ^MkMm ^* H*kKf%,%,$ i4U ill., ^46,) 

tfe« parties who w«r« filffi»isae4 fey tits 0]r4«r w«r« not 
faTtl©« ©ospiaiBiwit, »or did thty ptiiiy for say relltf. Xt is 
■|>0!islbl« tJiat tfe« ^atltlon ]ftfsrr««l to 1« tfes or4«r dixaisalag tli«B 
f3Pom the ems« «iay ]r5av:s eontalii^d si prayer f«r relief, Iri th* s€Bs« 
ifeat sucli p#titlas »fty limve iisiE^-i tlii» e©i»rt to Aismi?^9 thim froia 
ib.# ca»tt tinI«!Bi ijQL^ ro&$lTftX' i»ec«pt«4 dx .-:^.opt«il th« l.«as« reJT^rred 
t& 1*4 til* 1)1X1 aa4 ais«w«r. Bat such a. prayer • *to be ne«o* <J1«* 
mieftM,** «tc., • 1« i^atrt «f almosit *sv«ry tuaawap In dh'*noory. The 
f^iitii y«elt«a iB tb« ora«r, if t>i«y b« Q&Xled iimiina* of fmetj «&r« 


»«ff loi«Bt to «wpport mn ^r^^r diemlealag tht MXl &« to th« 

For tl-** rflgrirriff »tftti»j!, 1>f» ©r«!tr is «»ffir«o4« 

dri^^le;^, P. -f . , faj"? Barnes, J,, cw&cur. 


36a • 290S6 

AfTpmXXmm « 


3^ this &pj^^ <l«f#ii4^nt e^elfett %*} ^^TeTis^ §. §vd^i<mt 
p^ei»«t him f€*ir p0TmmnX S.»ijui?i#jt» «»^tf!ln«4 ^ th6 pl^XntXtf 

op^iiifA^M in:l^^ mmti^iiX ©f hi^ aiitomoMle "Igr t^ dsfesdofji* his 
itt Isli^- %lJ6« *f ttet N:eai4«st h* 4i^, sat drlT^, iRuaas*^* epcrat* 
K1 s i-r^nt. •!' ^«rra^t# ^ 4id sot ^-^oogr ihet k# <|T^s«d tb^ «?^% 

e^n%mi»& tlu?t as a m(t%%€V Qf law lOiie e:e.84 ia rithia th€ rule •f 
i^n^XiftMlity fmnaunoe^ iB ^),jfjt; ^ v« Ps^^ ^ ^07 ill* 4^. JtIaIh* 
tiff*c esmiaeXy with «^«'l 09nfl6@i}ee» ifteiet th^tt Uiits Qas^ i» 
^ittr«XX^a t>y th« Xisier decisldii «f j^rcJa^aa v, JTa^g * 300 111. 4&* 
la Mth «f tMm ca»$£>, it ti^x£ held tfet>t th^ liAa»ilitjr 0f « 
fallw^ fe^ i& juries 3f\ir^«4 )iy iSa^ ii«siiS«<t^ tt»« »^ ^» cutttMiliilc 
%tr his e«A (ix> d^^ghtcr meia ajpajft the 9Frin<:i]^t ^t ag«ney« r«i4 
afti •« the r«l@ti«n«hS9 af ^araat mad «hil«« li a a— the ^astiea 


, suaf\u 

rid.s«4 in thiv e««« i« «^«tti«r» iti^ii th« fsiiet«s {sfo^vn* t^ 
rslation of pri»4}i|i«l toid «g«ftt 0xi«t«<S iMtuMieii tli<g( defendant 

ani mo a^ii «tt th« tlM« of tlM «e«l^«iit« 

flm 4,»fm^dtm% ie tm ODt^ttpftthie i^^igr^^^oica* with a 
IteiXy oefteiisting of « iidlffi* two fioii» «ii<i tlxroo ^^^^jfr^t^m* 
i')!^ ola«r fion* ^^rwiiif im#d t^-®m^«fmtir ytaro at tb« ti»« af tli« 
sie«i4o«t« <!id not a.iv« i^itJ^ hi» i^aroeto* K«» Xlyed e&t a ho«fltai« 
vlMPTO IM wad mpXoj^^l* l^fmn^&Mt leopt lant %\it«HB0i»il.e9 isMoh vaa 
iisoS 1r^ kim to maJe« profo^tiioiial. 0'@11»» sii4» mlioii O'pmrlm&iiiy 
fimmmeitmf^^ for i»3.ttaiitii*o* Mt toi^tifi^ tli®,i )i« ao»etl»«s tOd3£ 
tito f^BiJiy fosr a riSo mrmmA %h^ f^rlc®; th%t li@ mtim^ <troT« t^ 
oor MlaooIX; tSamt hia irit« 60«l.di not ^rt'w^ iim oart ^t tlbikt alw 
liad tli« pTlriloi^ of t»l£|j!ig tht oax ant, if aha &a<i: aoaa oso to 
irito it for itor; tliat )m Imd iioir#f for1i&4^o« %ti» oon mwin to 
«ia« titei emp .c^n^ Iia4 noirai'' Sii'i^st®^ him to nfie^ its ani thmt ha 
prewiwedl Sr«?l» 60uli ^rimt i^ ear, Imt feo liad nevf^r lee^n i^iit 
4riT0 it 119 to tlie ttiNi of tlia n^oei^ant* 

Soir^ral d.«^i® taoforo i^m a^eii^st, '^e di«f«a4@3it'o 
liif o i^ndi two wmmn f riaa4s Had arraaga4 -to vlnit a friend in 
•ilot]»»r fmrt of tJ^e ^itgr of ohleago* t&@:f ^4 tiaa»«d to go 
\fy mm el^Tata^ raiirom^ and atroat esirs^ ^t on tha naming 
of the ^Bf of tfe« a^etdent, d«^fondstat*s wife tel^ifj-hOB^a to tlia 
««i«r tsotton ttoat tear aon ^iionid h&rtf a day off ani ^uld givo 
tbait a traat ana talca then in tlia iiaiBfeine.*^ tlieran^on* irain 
t<»^k tha ttmtmiiOl»iia fron «i£^fand]!int*s fiura«o and* with tlia 
4af andantes «dfo ^m^ Qhi3.dran« dx-ciTa «ronndl to %hm lionaoa of 
tha atltar mmem alio aara to go in IAm naalilno* i^^iant iM»an» 
i^b^ %^ra on tliair «a^ to visit tbtair frio»t aiMn tha ^oai^ent 
^&p|»ana<ft« tlm^ were driring vo^t an thft nortli drire of aorf iaXA 
llaniaTardf and aa tliay aippraaalted tha intaroaetian of •^tata 

6 (. 


ei|gt, in^a.li94 ou^ «X ft T^SiB%4MTimt at tb$ i3^rt^»e% Q«m«r ftf -itiitt 
t© Jji» t«ia.^r @li0f may tla© i#Mtliif»®t ^n!i«T# Hifs C.«i*«Ji« tJ^y »l*"i»4 

|i»se«4 it aad 3ii^e& tli« pl.«diatiff , inflictini a strimie ln-|mry« 

e»iieimsiiiii was r«^el*e<i (p. 44)j8 *f^ weight 0f r^1it«krl^ ^^ports 

Ir mm »f ki« ^^iatf^eii % Mm p^mlmUm^ m^ mt mmmmim, ^ ^mi«# 
G^mM sem® rn^aii^ &mM mm in hMxamw^ wim tM f3riii«i]?i©s pf ^silc*. 
»e «gr«e with ^M imj^&m i^mrt «if t^m^mmm- ih^% wJi«r© », fal^y 
pT9vt4M& his fmily witli «a asil^B^bU® f«*r l»i«if' |j2.««fsttre, e^sTftyt 
^Mi. Mn%m%mimmm% ^m» di<?%&ie» ©f aatttsr^a Jm^^tie* »hmM mmi^tti 


•eltrtUrH^r ai^iitiguiched/ fiNMn ^» Mitk^ mm^ &vt- fttat«<l 1^ tfe» 

eomrt its fe3Li«'#®,j *lii thi» &am^ 4«famdaRt*» tasagfeter nnt B«t 
B#r«l3r ilri-?i»i^ t^o emr f^r pl«a®ttT@, lsw.t im« u«lBg it an a fiattlly 
t^rruM^ « 6a« <»f tli« par^m&ii hor fs^tHer te&tifi«^ he k@9t tli« Mir 
r«r ^4 0m of til* 9ttrpftfi«s ht t(&8tifie4 hin tmght&r wmm c%tterl»«4 
l# ^iT« it r«ir, ♦ * * ii:fe# ms f«rfsmi»g tHe lKt8iii»»ii luul cMty 
if &«3p fi.^«sr in t^ wuMi«y ti^ witk Vam wmmB ^tlv«ns9d U^ hi».» 


j:^'"'- ■ 

.• ^\-':.f-i-r' ! 

Irf «t»^- 


In Umi fT«i£«»t «a«e« tilt «vi4«a«H» «1i»«f« tJbi^t d«f#ad« 
IKli|t*» »&m w^» nfti ^ifiYing %h« «i^ jr<»r Me o%n ptetmnre^ lm% 
»t feia ffl»tiie**»® w^^mt hm wan nniii^ it on & fiiwUsr «rr«aidt 

T0»m»$ wi^ diilMiir®* mat ^M mf^mm&% k«$t tfo« «#?« rniA m lUbd 

g«t «t drl'Ttjr.* ^^ke did nm% Mr^ a e]&miff€imi*« le^ a^ Mi$kt« 
iniM iritlimii #:{i<Ni«»aii^ h»T mAtmjtit^^ %ttt ft^l»»4 h®T mm t& dtiiro 
f*i* 2Mir« In 4riiriii^ ^le fii^r %mAm rnktiU ^irmmMt^mm-st^ }m mm 
ajTivinc it with &is f<^tfc«ir»e p^miM'&i^n aai smtfa^jritr. a» «gu» 
n»% 0n0am^ ^ «^^ pi^^^l»»^ wf Mn iiiii» «mtjii4t tl^ nmm »^ Mm 
iit«r »« 4#r«a4imt*§ m^m%0 w% im m.» pmumim tin^t iaitr in tii» 

iyrt#r giTiiti full e4ii!uiidt.rfrti«a t» %Sm &w0m»^^9 ^^ 

m^ ®iMf« «f ty, ^^|yi|| T« ^ m^ ,^ Ji#a?^* ii» &f e#»tr0|LXijig sint^riif^ im 
tlii» #»s«« m€ Wm%9 ^^mfm^t mm ^mimMmt in limh%^ f^w ^ti« 

c^«ii»ft^«iiir«a^ «f Ms »«»*ii m^^Ustftt driving' #f 1^ i^t«i»o'bil« 911 
tlMi »€0ati#ji in «ni®#ti#ii. 

liii»»r ^^itti^nn hMim INi^eit irmia»«4 r«CBiNMtof tlM iiMlesi* 
Miil^ #f «#y%«ia eria^ii^e, m^ to- ftil«g»4 iafrti^ar r^Msirk* 9f 
<s0mii««it «»^ «^» t^ tw» ref^»«4 i»fetrm.<iti©»ii« *« Mf« <mm»iA»V9t4i 
i^«m ^«#tiosi« ead tMnlc tli«r« «mg. a# 'r^^f»3f«il^« i^jnr^r in iM» 

"Wkmt -mm gif«m» 

f«t til® ir««i«4iii« stat«a« tli« |ti44^^at is affisraed* 

aiM41^« l»« ;•« m^ Bani«»» ^ 



.'. ^V- iif.!ti>M X' ' 

■Jl! i^n,.' 

- •*(•* i' r ■■■■ .•1 «,•, 


3^74 • zmm 


3# T- ^. ^ OCf 

mm': \ ^ mxcMm» 

Utmitl^ &i^rXim tmlMim ^^^dm } 

t^me»%* the mimm mm l^t 1^ mtM wm m««lciIf»Uy 4weMt 

l^^vn A ^»y triitl tij« f latntlff wmmrem4 m» fv^X mmmt tf 

^m% im $9^4mm% i» fm %m ^mUm mm V^tm i^m mmm% 

w^m ^ai 4®f «ii4§«t mm^^y»€ g% u m mt m^ ^mmBOm f<sm 
Sim tftlilftft «^«li t«f sM4a»t mil mmmfmfm^timi i^% a:«fem4«»i 

utmii^is K«l»ai«t bM mat fXaiftttrr «t|pNi«^ t« de tli« m^4 immiMg 

eira^^tiftll «f tHi «»i^| «Mt% paoiitlff $«7f#xmiil its p«rt tf 
tli« «ipNiiM«fitp m& mimm m mmmMlm tste «»UT»r«4 t» tiM 
^r«nili«it ^feK e^i4«t«(l t«irt» f»if SO^ tm}a«n U3m tfee e«K»U« 

»at»|.tt#4, ii^«!^ m^ a^fffn4^t &ee«pt«d srlthout dbjectUa; 
th«it tli« x-ta^oaftlil® vaaiM df tlwi ««rlE ^l^i^i ^ the lOaiMfiff 
Is t«» «to3Jii»^a fmw «afl^ tA]»i«,^ «t»4 that it wm» m% %ntll mmm 


J# W% 


tine after th« (l#f ^ii^^t had ai»<s«f i«4 1^ mrk titftt A«f9m&mi 
first siiisge@t4»d tMe '^rk was unt]ci:if«il3.y di0a«» 01* not d«]Mi 

flit eir4deii«# ©a iKifawslf »f «l«f «iidwiat t»»4© t© fr©?© 
tSket ^ImimtUi «PNIM «« a«B3^1et03i3^ ri^iis^ m^ mrk mitMn tmk 

m9k w&» m% 4mm wimsm m»,t %i3m mi%4 wm m% mmi^mU4 Uf 
«^«ttt six ««€7l»s| ^3m% t^@ii pmr% t^f ^tow s»M« 1mM tm^n da|.lvii7«i4« 
•»« tf t]b# #ffle«r» «r tit®' flaintiff * i& a t«i«th0a« od»ir«r» 
«&'ti«ii wltl^ 0»B »r 4tf #!i4B3it* « «fft«*ra, mM h» -mul^ b«f» in* 
iWHPk i#ii« wiiMli t^» <lt®r« ^^*^ '^^^^ ^**® »^ i^f^nisiit n#®^ «•! 
fiir f0:r tli«m} mm% mism mm mr%mixk ^mfn^%9 ta ti*# i*«iirk, as 
i«:Iitiiirt4# i^.«k y^^iimt 4«ir ««^^t t» Kiiiini ^m% «l it ^a© 
0Wy» Ift i-ftlistttaX tte tlfttatlff 4tai«cl, tiimt sji^ «|ws#if|.e tjte* 
•|i^ lH»«tt -f ix*jd f«r tJi® ^i^®ti«a Qf tfe« w«rle, ^a4 a®»i«NS tUftt 
it ever »^@#4 t© #© th« i?©»iE ftr is»tlitii6 if it wm m% fimifi^A 
MiiMn tta da3rs# 

1^ 4u]nr siii 1^» trifti e^rt h«ard t^' ©-vidi^i©© ayim 
iiuBst ©©afU-stin^ ^to©ri«B, «mi %©U^wa tM fiaintiff*© Hhmrf 
-I© t!»e ^fp©rt©4 % ^i© gr©at^if w©i|^.t ©f ^^ mifi4mim» Af t©ir 
® ©^refttl «x^»i»®ti©a ©f t^ «Ti<Sii»®e 6«iat»in©€ ia tli© re«©ir^t 
s« &y© uaa^i© t© mm^ ttet f^^ir 0©a@lu8i©a is aaaifeatl^ »ip©ii^, 
I» f»st, it mppMBrn t© «s tlu*.t tM thmry ©f tlie pl^Oatiff i« 
smf y«a©©naMs ©ad |rr©liabi© tlwsa t^«t of tfe® 4«sf«ttdaat« ^^a- 
©i4«iria« &1X tl4«.t Ifeas >©«» ssaia Hgr a^fea^j^tH is^maaei, tite 
f&st r<Mi|]»i tMt a©t«ith»ti^i4ias tlni mfm^m%*9 ©ials ^%t 
pl.«iaiiff agi*««dl t© t$© tls® mvk ^%Mm. t»a €^«, a«Tertli©i©«©» 
wi^ fuU ka©wi©<S«© ©f til® f&et t^vtt ©aly t«a t^lil©© ©vr© 
^€«Rplet«4 in i®a dsir»». it ir«e«»iv©t. «.«a r«*taia«A without 
€»1&4©©ti©aa %h^ remaiaing ftttir Iiaa4r«d «jtd oiast^ ta>I««, ali 

'SJ^ «S*- 

t' ■ 5 n .^^ 

nj^f;? <!>,k* 


.^-•^^ --^ 


, f:^;!:fy;.*: -'ffc 




of ^i«h «n>r« »«d$ aMr« than %«a 4i^« fOiA th« last of »lii«li 
««re »«.4« aix «•«!» after tiitt oantraet wsm lUMle* J^ M 
4«iiig» 4«f«»dl«ttt walTod iim ilst li»it» If th«r« «»« lo^f* 

the ^ry m^ iMwis f«F 811^ wm nXX^wemm^ <m^ t1mf n^uXd aot 
%• f0nBltt«4 t« gii«iis idiat iwa^mt, if &a^, »ag^t t« Ini iai»«»4« 
iUi t« 1^ aMnoit ibf til* ^td|pi«]itt it is tftt« tluii 

Tliie «3fFQr» hi^wer^x'f ems l»« ^iur«4 1^ «. X'««iittitiKur» Xf« tl^r«« 
for«» vitiiiii %mk «a^s fs>«n ^« tsi^ tlii» ft|M>ai«» i» fil^A* tb« 
il^altttifir «lii fiic la ^^ €k^TWm i^tfttm a x^mlttitor mi* vm 
doiX&^t t^ |«i4gNMS«t for Vm tmm$^M®T^ |9t9« wlIX ^ ^flsMid 
at ii9p«llaiit*8 ooBts; fi^«]rwiii« 1^ |li4pM]it will 1»« F@ir«rs€^ 
wbA am @s«i8@ 3rdB«it4«4 for t]mt «7ir«r aii<^w# 

^rid^9 f« !•» mk^ "Brntm^^ ^9, «8ii«ix]r« 



.•/ mA 

m$ • 29oa 

H. §• BAM, mawmt^ 



20 '' T ^- C Q O 
t> ^i: l..i-i» O O /W 

mm tmmrt. 

10^1 mummM G^m^mmmp 

»a|Lt ^t matmm'^iXm a#««s^ri«ii» t^iii^t@^3^ in ^^ ^^^® ^»^ 
tivtJritmti^n ef vm-tml r^m stu'tain idlAiftw frsoitit f^r «mtisiMibl30 

it «»iitr«i®te4 Hi til m» flflkiiitiff l» ^9^ fttir tfe« »iaiMf&«ta7« 

m ymmr ^er«eft«rt plaintiff ^«l all #f 4#f endmni* b «»ric frf 
tl»st ^har&ct«y» ^ior t« August 4* itas* « dispute aaroM 
betiftea fhn parties tfjr r«a»4lS of tlano feet ^at tlitt 41« »«i4 
iiM« li^r Hm piaiti'U.ff k^ *d#im3U»f«4 4«f««i«» ^<s €itb«r t» 

«f i»l!ti(&ii it 1NM1 iai»»s«i%i« td o^tmin ft4^1»lil« 6»«stiasft trtm 
tiMi Rikidi di« 11014 •* l^iiiftXi? « Mttlemeat viui rmMdm^^ in 
t^^ 4ef«iid@iit iTKiTQ its ebeck t« th9 |»I«iBtiff f»r the ^ai 


f < 






•f #a«(^Oi Aim its fif t^eft ]pr«mi9sor3f ]i«t««t «i;gr«r0i?tiBg |17»384«6Xt 
figrft)il.# motntiay i» »iia««««i»ii #a the aist df «a^ iswsth Imginnlag 

4i«ytiiii^r 8IL* I92:s. tli« tslMKOle nad iiAttt* wtr« trsiiaadLtttd to Urn 
flAintiff iM a X«tt«7, iated August 4» Xd^^d im mtiioh 4«fettdeBt 
SUMS '^Si is our und^rs^t^adiing thai the alMv« <}9nsti1i«it*B yii9iB«iit 
Iji fmlJt »t aXl of jr^^r nee^imts acalBBt our eftrfn^etion to dato 
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thin ^^4'^ty^^iil^l^ prt^^^i'ti^j^^ f #i!' t^ .;ai^^^»i»« af ^^ '^sJoltil'.f * » 

%t.jit,s »f tilt ^>«a<s» ief'm^diiKt aM»tr-l«'S^lr I*. isiklB» #iM»4. %» tin* 
^,rt t« »af«5i^ Si^rrf tsia -plaintiff*® g»#-^s« it ti«e^ not eay* ttx 
'i««l«i«a»,. if B»t:i^» mf the ftiijat #f' fliilfttlff^g ^Htiftft f^r 


^fi--\ t 

m %m& lis ^tewi %0ii€, A» mt mi^ m^^m ^ ^^- ^hXUmtUn «f 

m» ^im^mt^ imt mw mmim mmt mm fiwif« ©r i««® Must 

Iws- foraiiliit* mm wmlA ^mm Hii&t ■mm ^%%mmM»: mmw$m i^yi 
€<mj*i mA m$ trier »trilcijig m» ^fU»'9%% #f a^rit* f^iw tlMr 

mMl^^^ I*. J,, ^mk 3nsim&^ im^ mmmmm 






1 \0 

y 9 o ^ T ,'^ r Q o 

^^^^^^^,^,^#0*^ ^,^ O- '-i, -i. ©i'Ae W o ^ 

mmim wmm miSLvmm m^ mzntm m tm Qmm. 

tluii Misold f#riii» 4i«€ ««0A «sf i«F« l#aTiiig m wimw mt^ tut 

iJiat in fue% tJi«y ^f» B© liiter«»t th«if«^lii, fh^ biil is a©t 

C^dKl^iMBar fm9 »i»r«iat«4 reemtr^r #f tl»« ^r«Kls««« with istSMritgr 
1» e^XXect tliig remit. th» 4ir^«r iipnQifitiii|)c ilbs re««ive3r mXam 



, !. Tj ' 

iMMis M« !l09|»«r (ixcept«4 %9 %hi9 writer «9^ «^p' £!▼«» le^vv 

ill* ®«aftplai»«»t« aad th« fttiriaft»» ^i4 li&^ l^d o^^^rge ^t %k9 

ff«AiiB«3 &»d e^lXeottd tlie r^nte; t^i:»t th>@ ss^i^regate rentals wMt 

$if& ft «tt»^i iH'&t tii« »t«7® #B t:^ ftr&% f%»&r is 9tt^fi«d v 

ti^naait mt Him rnKf^Lmiammtii «ii4 m^ f«rt]i»is tli^^t MfrsyAa lui« 
r«fa««4 t« f8^ r«'iit to tlMn nffiant* #'^ agent for 0«n^laifiami» 

«nt B^fff«r« 1^ Qlm$Mm masm im^imst is tte pi^p^rtjr ift a prd» 

w&« jpr<s#al iA d««Lrt itfttB 0ml4 li«mx*|Kiit an^ «ti»itte4 tiy^t li« luiA 
%« eMEPOHftO «iiit in th# }liittioi3|^ S^mFi f#r i^ai Ism o»fisi4€red 

ti« «j^P«i»te<l up^n « bill vsliioh is »0t r^ra to* Tliis is %rm 

ftto^ «i«t^4 la m, ui^rerlfi^a %iiX« «it^t@its-t any pmef of sadii 
fofiio^ \^ ^ffidfeirlt or ©tkt^rsriso* ^t»eli !» fiot this oooo* Boi« 
tlie r«ooiT«r w(%i^ opfoiated oa bq tidn of tlie cwninloiiioato 
i^ppoirtod y^ mf fi<l.»>Tit» luid ayott t3ie a^teissions of HOop^r ando 
ixi op@n eoart; @«€ tlu^ evidoaoo ayea idiloli the ooart i^e'lod im» 
prt»@TTod li^ tli@ 0«rtlfieato of e-d^isaoo* ^ tlilnlc t^ oy^poiat* 
tt#at ws^fi lastifiei %^ tlio tiriaioaoo bo tak«a aad. yr^^aoor^od* fho 

r> J;;s-; 



^ to V 

Ify » ««riifieiKt« ftf «Ti4«it9«# A mism aHir« lilcit m« 9r«s«ttt e^st 
i* ^TlP , V. M3X9 ^*^ ^^^« ^l^P« ^^* 

ih0 statat«« iBiii^ is oiipijid »la»«t TvrlMitlai In tJto o](^.«r in 

q^e^'-tien* (€«MiXl*« ^tatai«»t c^ft ^a« ;^ft3^« m») 

^rldXiiy, ^. 1,^ $M l^jmeftf #•* @«»a«iii;rft 

.*-^.v»*"i:! _£•:•'',:;■? -i j^ldK' i:T. f ^y,^ - 



.,. rN 

im • 3&458 




Mm mm %im wBrnmrn 

234 I,A. 633 

Opinion filed June 4, 1924, 

i.lfe iM&mmmtm Q©apMi|r, iss-iiM ata imsm3»p.®« p©li<sy#ia ahii^go, 
©a th# life ^f otafi intl^ysi l4ifl&«|.#y, f^r |1,0O?U fife |s@ii^ 
©oatalaei tfeo faU#wliig wor^, »ffcis feliey * * * BimXt M la* 
«ma%^tmM« mf t«y %vm fm^wm t^m it« tffttt ©f l99i^. except fox 


jpliHl ^^Xleging 8it^»tan'liallf %h% ft*ll0irUif« that la th9 appllct.- 
tloa of tm iimnT«^% mt^th mm iwidU^. • psLtt of tb« policy, bo 
falooXy r»pr««©iitiid tb®.t l«f fe».<t ito dlMs^o of th# "brmin or 
n^tvmm «f»t9mf boart, oi" X^mgv* ftii4 thiiit b® had &rr«r coxi» 
•tilted a l>ky«iolmii for mkf mllaont or 4l80ito« of tboto 07|^ao, 
imdL hm4 mot withla tl^o f*ree«diBg five y«mT« oonsultod wiy 
^yoioliui for any oilmoat whatooever; that a dtligOAt pltysloul 
O'jcfMniitittloii wRdo by %M Ooap&»y*« aootor fail«<l to rofoal the 
falfllty of tbo aHOYO ©ontiaBOfi r©pre»oiitatloiui5 that tb« poll^ 



,^?S.[ «^ anul, b-'jlii iioiuiqO 

WM i«»u«d tmeeil upcrn repre»«nt»tioa« amid* l>f the d«oea»ed| 
th!«t th« d^fen^iit h»d no other tnforamtlon tmtil after Ju&« 
SO, X9S1, when It r©e«lT«d •Froofa ©f Oeatti,* stating tliat 
Ulbaker hmd died #ii February 28, 1921; that 1b July, 1931, 
It sBftd« mn iay«stijSfLtio» a^nd f©%md th&t l««lbelcer had etat^A 
la hi« applloatioa tfeat whleh mm f»l9«, sM had coao«aled 
iBportant »«diml history, la the plea it i« further allegi^ 
that at the tiae of the applieatioa |<eih«ker had pv^iaowtYf 
tuhermdosin in a pemaaeiit fosrw, fr®ia wtoioh he aerer ar«@oYered, 
and which eatised hia d@ath| that all of aald aiattera were 
wholly unkiaowa to the dtfeuda^at ^atll after Jume SO, liJIll; 
that lioiliaker wilfully aad fraudulefitly deoeiwed the defendant, 
and iAteiiti0!i«41y oo»oeal#d from it the truth e^&eemi»g hi« 
l^hyftioail ooMitiom# with the iateiitio» to dofraM the ^mt^fi^ 
aat| that the defendant relied upon the rop3?teentatiifta! aiade 
hf the imiguredi that immediately npQn die oo very of tbe fraud 
and of the fae^, it eleoted to a»d did dieafflrs tho ooatraet 
or ipolioy of insuranoe on August 8, 1331} th^t on that dmte 
It entered v^n ite reeordi and file® the faet of dlaaf firsiance 
and r«ool«8ian» and on that date wrote to the plaint if f» inforst* 
Ing her that the Humranoe was obtained by ffaud and misrepre* 
oentation, and that ao a result th«r#of it roooinded the ''polioy 
oontraot* and had omnof^lled the polloy on its re^orda; that 
it tendered to her the i^re«iu«« that had been paid, with later* 
««t| that the tender wiie laade to her *not only as beneficiary 
under said policy but booauae so far as thecowpany hae beoa 
able to asoertain no legal repre sentativo of the estato of 
oald inaurod haa boon appointed.* the pita further allegos 
tl»t the foregoing letter wae delirered to the plaintiff on 
Auguat 13# ISait »^^ tbat oho wa« then tendered |69,6S for 

9Y9W t1[»di.ti«: 



•*?q»7 ?i; 

3^"* ,^ ' 

:T^rf^tft:n'': ir?: 

. « .v>/ 1! IPS) 


t ©i? bst^-vs. 

7^% arm <«a«-, 


premiuBU sad Intfrett; thAt no «^b&i!il«tratiaii has •▼•x been 
taken out or applied fmr \ipQn the ««tat« of the deooaaodi| 
that no oxoQutOT or aamlnlstTator or other legal repreoonta'^ 
tivo of hia estate exiets; that on September 7, 1931^ the 
plaintiff retiumed the preaiiuaie and intereet vhieh had he^n 
yaid to h«r» stating tbmt ehe refused to aocept the« or any 
aooont leas than the faoe of the polioy, 

the plea further ullegee that the defendant having 
done all it eould or oan do to effeotuate rescission and 
restore the parties to status aveo ^te^ and being unable to 
find ai^ one against wh^ns it oould Xaafully institute suit* 
at Imm or in etuit|r« to enforoe said reseieeion, oontinues 
Its tender* fmd renevs its offer to do anything that may be 
proper or neceiMMury to complete resolssioa and reetore all 
^rties to status ftiifi ante « 

All affidavit of merite vas attadMid whl<^ stated 
that the defenae eas resoission in faot, tKised on th€ fsaud 
of the insured* fo the speoial plea* the plaintiff filed a 
general Attsurrer* the trial Judge eustaiaed the ^immxTeT^ 
and the defendant eleoting to abide by Its speeial plea* there 
was a fiJi^jLing and judggasnt against the defendant in the su» of 
fi*07&*00* and this appeal is taken therefroa* 

As the ease aas deoided by the trial Judge upon a 
4Mearrer to the speeial plea* all of the faote therein alleged 
are taken to be true; that includes the faet that the oontraet 
of ineuranoe on wbitdj siait wae bro\A#tt was obtained as the 
rea\ilt of intentional fraud on the part of the deeeased* It 
is olaisMd on behalf of the benefioiary that* as it was pro- 

iPtaa rt>T$ djuf e 

'--si< '^■S- i 1?^^*' 


■f^f * 

«»^ ^JP( 

» -1 \> A .*.U^- 

A m^ ^4Sui^ £ml^ 


^ ?'3^i:# 

'? 'A »;>>',.:.''■ 

Tided in tb« policy that it ahowia i^ l&Goiit««tabIe afte? 
two yeajni froa it* d&t«» which vm» two years fro« Janimry 
19, 1^0, and &s euit mui brought l>y th« plaintiff an Februaty 
S, IP22, a^^Xy after tlia expivatioa of the two yamra, no 
defenao mich aa alleged in the pXaa^ie available. On the 
otbef hand^ it ia olaiaed for the Ine^drer that on Auguat 
IZ, 1931, when It notified the ben«fioiayy, lafonaing her 
that the insurance waa obtained by fraud and that it ree* 
einded the policy eontraot and h«d oanoelled it, it brought 
about a reeoi salon which ^t aa end to ^e e^ntraet, and that, 
ia away ereat, it had no reaHi^ at law or in ecraity at any time 
l>efore suit was filed by tl» beneficiary, and aa a result, the 
opexmtion of the Ine^ateatable clatiae was suspended after the 
death of the insured tmtil euit was begiai, snd the plea, there* 
fdre, was filed ia mpt tlaie, 

Xn the Ttew we take of the taise, it is only necese« 
ary to consider the ^eetion of reeoieslon; that is, did the 
acts of the laaurer, whic^ took plaoe within the two yearn, 
and wJUoh w^re set up in the pies, so affeot the insuranee 
contra ot that thereafter there wms no liability on the ia- 

Wiat constitutes reseission i|[ gaifY la aiaoic on 
Reaeission and danoellation, Sec. 1, the following language ie 
nneds *fo rcaeiaA a oontvaot is not merely to terminate it, 
but tn abropite anr) undo it from the beginninin that is^ not 
■trely to release the parties fr^a further obligation to each 
ether in respect to the subject of the contract, but to annul 
the contract smd restore the parties to the relatire poeitiona 
iilii<^ they would hawa oooii^iad if no such contract had erer 




; -jwiw; #»' 

«t. -inf #C 

»4fc?*i#i te »C 

» %. 

been Bale.' 

la ^AOifle ¥Ait. Life Xng. Oo . t. J|Mb "^^ ■•2^« 
no, vliere an «x«eutOT «u*d an insurmnce eoapaiijr for tha 
policy of ittauraaca whl^ ooAtalaod a o&« /ear ineoatestable 
proTlslon* the oourt s&ld» la ooulderiag the aasvar of th€ 
laauraaeo ooapaajr, "As fia&Iljr wstdut to Toad» * * * ^.ch 
paz&giftpli allegtd va^ fraadaloat miseonduet of t>i# i&suTod 
in pTOOoring t&o polley to bo issued as vould §!▼• appoll* 
aat (the iasuraa^ <wpa«y) tlie ri^t to reseisA it at any 
ti^ before it bo^uso iaooateatablo.* la tbat eaao it vas 
bold that the Botieo of reaeiasioa aao glTOB a day too late, 
and it «aa iatiioatod that if the notioo had been giTea* aa im 
tbo iaataat oaeo, vitbia tbe 80»<&lled iBOoatostablo period^ 
it would bava beoa good. Be^ York Life Ins. go« ▼. ^^|§^ 
151 Ark. las, 

^» ^ESat-T* ^^tual Loan Soo.. 303 Ala, 51, thB 
eourl said, *It is elesentary lav tbat one vbo baa beea la- 
duood to eater into a contraot by tbe aaterial aisrepresoata* 
tioas of tbo other party, my, if be aots rith roasoaabla pr^ ip^- 
aoss upon the disooyeiy of tbe fraud, resoiad tbo o^itiaot 
la to to; * * * or, if ottod for tbo ooasidorati«i pioaiood, 
be vuLj dofoat a reeorery by ple«diag aui sboviag aa offeetiTO 

In Boatiricfc ▼. butual Life Ins. Qo.. US, 
tbo oourt said« "Ho aast aot orerlooJ: tbo diatiaotioa botwoom 
an aetioa at law baaod oa roseissioa for fraud,* an aotioa 
wbero rosoissioA nooessarily prooodoa tbe ezisteaoo of a 
oauso of aotiot** aad aa aotioa la oquity for reaoiasioa. 


- ti : 

.J00i-r!>r^ 1-1 

Ofi^ «Y jt 


A •^..,: 

,; j» rt- ca j4< < 

01^1 sjnt:* 


«i>^ti80«4 i&w 

;i# is* 


1» the fommw m.99 reeotasion l» effected by %h€ aet of tb« 
party injtired. In the latt©r» he ««ek» the aid of a cotJTt 
of equity to «ffect resclsfiloB. In th« ©n# ^«« th«^T« mamt 
he an election to resoind* fully aettft- u|>on»* i^ ttmt oane 
the court held that whs.t the plaintiff had done •*«ff«ct«d 
a oo«pIet« &voldanoe of the policy * * * before the aetioa 

IPaS OOI8l9tn'0$4«^ 

^ ie^lajfthy ▼. || , ^y Yoxk: Life Ing. Oo>, ?4 Minn» 
5S0, *h#re the plsiatiff had hc^n IndDLO^d ^ an agent of 
the defendant to tafce out a poli^ of ln;S!U3riinse aa th« »©• 
©lilt of freiuduleal rept'esentatioi^ of th® agents and h^d 
given hi« note for the premivm^ whieh note had be©n negotiat- 
ed to a third p^tBQU and jmdgment obtained on it, f>^d the 
plaintiff required to pay it, and the plaintiff had then 
"^iarotight 8uit against the inaiiranoe oo»^*ny to reooTer the 
amount he had i^id otit, allefing, as the gyoimd for hie euit, 
reeeission* the oourt h^ld that ae the plaintiff, on discovery 
of th© fxm^, ^d psomptXy returned the policy to the defendant 
with the retnest that it he ©itneelled and the note returned 
on the ground of faX»« representations, there vat a 

reeoiesit^n, snd he had a ri#t to reoorer* 

^a Ludine^on t. ^atton* 111 ti«» s?08, the court die- 
tinguiehee between ^an eotion for reseieeion ^Simi. m\. action based 
on reeoiasion^* 

^» l^homaa t. Beala^ 154 Maes. 61, a dletinotion 
reoognixed by thf^ following language of Mr. Justice Hol»es, 
*A bill in equity ie not like an action at las, brought on the 
footing of a reecission previously oompleted, ♦ * • The found*- 

!5© »© 

r ■ ^^if^'f 



'■ p f 

mi imscm^ 


tioa of this bill is that the Teeeissloii i« not complete^ and 
&ek8 the aid of the court to tt&k« it to*" 

la Byokeya^ Qoapaiay ▼. Whurtoa, 145 la, 61, th« 

eomrt stated that where one party to a contract furnished a 
Xegetl grotmd fox rescission the other party to the contract 
aig^t rescind it without obtaining the former's assent thereto. 

la Afflterioaa Qeat. Xife Ins. go. v . BQ8eastsia> 46 
Ind, App9 537, the court said: *the question now being coa- 
sidered is one of first iaipression in this State, and ©ouad 
reason rec^uires us to hold ths^t an election to rescind because 
of a breach of warranty ox for fraud should not only be im&B 
Icnown to the person entitled to enforce payment of the policy, 
but a tender or offer to return the preaiuas should be atada 
to 8U(^ parson with reasonable proa^tltude after knowlsdga of 
all the facta* In case of refusal to accefdl and suit is coaK» 
menoed oa the policy, such premiums may be paid imto court 
for the banefit of the party entitled thereto** 

It will be aaaa, therefore, that it is a general 
priaci^Xe of the law that a contract aay oe rescinded in pais* 
and the question then arises whether a contract which is a 
policy of insurance, is an exception to the rule. 

In Jiutual Life Ins. Co, of Hew York w. Hose. 394 
fed, Rsp. 1S2, the ineurer brou^t suit in equity to cancel 
two policies of insurance. I^eh policy proTided that it should 
be incontestable « after two years frojn its date of issue, ex- 
cept for non-payment of preaiuas." Suit was brought aore than 
twa years after the date of issianoe of each policy, the court 

mbmM 9d k'tio49 tat- ut^^^fift e:? =?.-?' it* «t^ ■-■ ^f^ ti Ui-:. 

♦i^ V * - ' ..^ <• ;..;» f^ ' i '.,1.: «:' 


'"^^' ^•maakmsa-ta >« 

■aid* ♦*fhe grofund u|>oii vrhieli e&i^cellation Is soiight Is that 
iih« polioiea hart Tseea resolndM, The a.lXeg»tloii is that th« 
«l»pXl option ooataiaed ai«ir^r«»«3»1i»ti9iMi as to th« Inisured^a 
Ii«a3.tli and llQiaoir luiMta; t^t plaintiff b««Mia a«ar« of suoli 
»ltf«p7eae»tatio]M and* om tho ground thereof* on or about 
A^ril 14« X9BX (that in, wittln the two years) tendered to 
tb« d«fen>Mnt« the presiiitta whioto ha€ th^r^^tofore b««n paid, 
and defiiaind«d tho surrendtf of tl^e polioias to It, yfbich they 
rofU80d« and therol^f it ia eltissed the poiioios booaaa and 
iF«rft 7@aoind«d«* In an olal^oarat* opinion containing an anaXy* 
ai« of tho f©llo«riiig oaa#«» m:Wl U^ l^V^* 99- ▼• M^U^ 

ex moA, im, im f^o. assi m»ii^^n ti^^ 99* ▼• MJ^jm- 

QO. of ta.> XT3 S.0. 558, ^ S.I. 70$; i^nar ▼. Qhle Stato JL^fe 
|ni. Co.. 6 9 Ind. App. Sa, X^X l.S. 3X5; H^iydy ▼ . Fhoe^a: ^t . 
hm 1^', ^ft 3.80 M.0.XS©. 104 S.I. i®6j Iffl^oy ▼. Old Polony 
Ut^,m^ %*, 2S7 iXl. S9S. 131 «.I. 108| MMMStMUJM^ 
^. T » fhaygr. 84 ©Itl. SS8, 203 fao, 190, th« sourt said that 
in only on* of theae oases, ^-^It, the ^l5>noy ^<^0. had tbero 
bo<m a renoisaion of tha polioy of insuranoe during the poriod 
of ooatostatJility, and that in the other five there waa not 
presented nor oonaidered the Queation whether if there hc%d been 
a resoiasion during iiiibh period^ a euit Ai#t l»o brought to 
oa»o«l the polioy on the haaia .of sud^ raaoiaaion af tar the 
expiration of the period, or whether in a euit bron^t on tho 
polioy thereafter euoh reaeieain oould be relied on as a da» 
fe&aa to the suit. 

In that case, also, the oourt oonsidered the IBItnal 

Ufa Ina. C^. ▼. Humi Packing: Oo. . 380 Fed. 18, and ^effeygon 
Standard Life Ins* Qo* ▼. Molntyre. 385 Fe<' • 570, and ooneluded 


< n .%fcinfc nM ftty -■fktf.iMrtii 

that th© ^uyni mkBit uupport^d the oontention that m rfttolssion 
lE Pg>^M ^i'fe^iw the cont©«tablt period ira« a sufficient act of 
Q(mt«i9t« aadl that par^eeedin^ la emjrt w«y« uot ««eentiftl a»d tbkl 
tli« lala^pp*^ < was i^t la polAt* In the Stoa«r <»««, r«8» 
Glssion mm —t up %« « a«f@&»« aiM susta^lmcd* In the EQg« o»«»^ 
the oourt «8«d th« fc^Xloiriag laagtiag«; 

*if a folley of isstarano*? has been reselnded for 
f r&ttd in the f^aty thixB pointed o^t^ during the 
period of e3fit«stabiXity» may not sueh resolisftioB 
»e relied ©n %« s gi^uad of a «uit ia ©gtiity to can- 
«ol th© policy, brought aftor the txpiratioa of ©uoh 
ooTlod^ ox wmj it be pltadod fto & dofens© to a suit 
b»o»^t OB the policy after th« tjcpiration of iiueh a 
poidodf It toftas to at that it is hitrdly a«oo«»» 
&ry to do ®or® thaa 8tat« this mx««tioii thaja t© 09»« 
to th« ooaeluaioa that the iaooatsstability elauso is 
«ot ia the wsy of th« toriagiag of au^ a stJit or the 
«»ltin^ of such a defease, the «|uestiaa nmamewa itself, 
there? is aothiag ia each eX&mee that is ia the way 
of a policy ia saeli a eaee be lag resoiadea; i»e,, 
baroti^t to a teupmia&tioa ia each a way. That cX^uee 
Has r*othiag to do with what may or may not be 4bae 
dartag that period. It oaly doaXa with what may i^t 
b© doao after %M Xapao of that period. Qaa it bo 
poasibXe that mioh oXaaso, which does act iahibit sac* 
a teraiiaatioa of the poliey of iasaraaoe duriag 
suofe period, does iahibit its beiag availed of after 
the lafso of s\t©h period* Stic^ a positioa • i.e., 
as to the ter§?,lBatioa of the poliey by resoiesiaa, 
ta^ea ia a suit to oaaoeX, or ia sa azaae; to aa 
aotion to recovoT oa the p>oli©y • eaaaot r^.XXy be 
aaid to bo a ooatest as to the policy: i«o*, as to 
its rmXidity, It is mereXy a olskim that it has bmam 
to aa ©ad aad that, evea though mx^ oiaim ia basodoa 
the Toid»btlity of the policy, eatitliag the iasarer 
to bring it to aa ©ad» 

ihat ia sought i@ not aa aToidaaoe of the policy* 
t\ baa aXreis4y be? a aToided duriag the ooates-table period, 
aad what is relied oa is that it b&e stlrieady beea so 
avoided, ** 

Barai raokiag Oo. oaoo^Caapm). weat to the Sapreae Court 
of the Halted States, but the actual qtiostioa here uader oon* 
sidexatioa, was not there eoasidered* There seeas to be, how» 
OTOr, siHBO ooafliot ia the decisions ia %h» redexaX ^urts. 
fbere ia a dictaa ia ijorthweetera m%. Lif e irj.s. Go. r. F^Qkpripj 

'»■■'??•> If?*«f; 

■'' "• --Ik **•<» 

tftg.i? SB^ 


tm r«d, 496» (Oct, 83, imz) to tbeeffeet that th« !»• 
«iir«^ ©omld, aM nhould h^m hrmsL^ht »ult withtn tbe ineoa* 
t««tii,l>Xe f«rlod, saes tliat a csiate«t iapoxts litlgatloa titfeer 

l>y SMlt €»^^ 4tf®ii»« to oae, Stit in that ofttn tie policy bftd 
alrmdf ^®.ii in f&wm fm this fall %etm, aM af^ll outlet had 
|>#«ii wm4m thereafter fo? F^lnstat^me-at, wliAch tea 'beea all0w«<i, 
^ t&® f^at«, it ia iiot la ^im* 

fhert. strt ea»«® la &^%%t jiirisdietloas wfeere tli« 
pRtt«t fmim Ur^lf^A, Ms "b^eii t^saidarsd, and wfelofe, yoint 

5t«i ^^ ^-^t ^^t '^s «i%©li & ©as®, feltlia^# 1» tl»at «&»• -ifhtB 
til®: iij8ti»«t imd«rt©#lt t® us*,® a f^soisaloii. It rtf^M tci la» 
f©fii t%# plaiatiff m t® t1l« fii©t» mim it ©Xai»ed It IismI 

dinmr^md.^ am<a wiiiofe r®M.#ir®d tli« policy void. Anotfe®!' ^9« 

la im^,^%m V. Bt^e.^pl^l,, |.^lt,J|^fM,f, q^f. S^ S.W* 4Sg, ^t 
Im tliat imm the oourl ««9isiete^ timt tljere e<7iiid not b« 
areAolssloia s&v« ^^r mtitiml etita&«»t» aad wa amth&rlties w«re eited* 

|i|f.fey#i^ll,,itjWf^,r^,mf , ,|,?3f ,, #,, ir. j^^lfR,, 3®® f%^. 5S, ^tud 
foiP tte« plaintiff. Is a®t In point, lui, tlier^, «rait ims br^ugfet 

hf tiMf iBsurejr wtthl® tfee iBTOjSitestafel* period, iiad tfe® lat- 
t#3^' 8tate^0Et i« tr^ Of ^n%^l ^4^^^ ,^f,,, J^^, v. f^..ffpi^^ffl, aSS 
!• !• SOSt 

Tht oalr «»»• *n tJiis s1®t« In mhUh the matter^ 
i««miiijp.y, fea» b^en mtprmrnXf ©oasidf red is that of fotrt^I ▼. 
^utm,^, |.^lf. imf QOr>. SS9 nX. Ai^P. 59. In thmt caM th» 

d»f«Bdaiit8, »^d ^ a polioy ®f liiwrtance ooatalniag a two 
fmt inmntm^m.^ «jlau»«, olaiiaed fmud, «« ia th« iastaat 
l^s«. fh« |sX«i att mp fmwl, and ttat tht ooa|»aiqr h»d aan- 
©©XX»d th« paXioy oa th« groimd of fm«d axid t«ad«r«d Imcit the 



•!(»* iff 



^i-" .■■■■■■ >;«irJii>fe»^ 

IpircHftliuM wliloh bad hmmBL ptkiA^ mid deatmndtd «. return of th« 
9«Xi6|r« fb« Qoarl; mietftlnM th9 ^mmrv9T to the pl««t siad 
althOMglj ttatlag tliat It Is aa «l®m#atary rule ©f law that 
fraud Tltiatefl aH eoatra«ts, irlsetfe«T of ln«iiiiyame« or othez<» 
vla#» fe«ld, baslBg lt» c<m©l\i©i©4, appaT^tjtlyt ohleflf oa the 
|lpaM**y .ffi^* (jB^m) ^^^^t rtselssion wim m% m ief «b8«$ and 
•ftld: *f|j« court tfeere bcld that the <20]it#iit y«f»rT«d to .»ea»t 
ft oo»l#«t 1» ©©mart wliert th®r« *a« a plulmtlff and a defeat- 
«ldtf tQ «!il€ii t%i« Injured %Bd ^e inmst^t 6t his teprssentatiTM 
0t b«ii#fl6ia,ri«» mT« parti#«»* 

A mjtetntX ftail|^«i« of th« ^SM^i».y mm d©e® not e«ea. 
}io«tT«r« ft«tiiallf t& de^ida tli« qu#sti0ii. I^ th« Ft&Mgay eiag> 
ft polloy of iiiiiuritftct« w^s issMed &r September 7» 193j6« to oftft 
Sl«1»«oskft for p^O©0» ]^.y»m« to M?8 ispoa feis attalniftg tK« 
ftgt of «ight|r*ftir« year«, or t© h.i» tstato ia eafto of liis pr«v» 
io^w doftt^* It QomtaiB#d & om# y#%r imoamtofttftblt elaiijio* 
fho insurftd dlod Oft April 13, 1917, and aft ftdoiftistrator vfts 
ftppolat«d Oft ^uXf 19, 1018, w!io l?roi;ig^t suit oa the poliey oa 
i0^««fe6r 7, 1918* l^e d«f#ftdaat, ^n iay 13, 1919, filed ft 
ploft alleglftg fratsd lii the pro<mromeftt of the poXley. 4 dftmirror 
to that ploft wao suataloed, aad tho plalmtiff reoovored, tht 
eourl aimoune«d th« priaoiplft that altbougb the death of the Ig^ 
ftttrod within th« year did sot destroy the otio y#ar inoontestablo 
^^roirlftlon^ yot um there wft« no one ir* sxistoftoo whoa it could 
ouft, as it had no powor to haTft aa admiftirtrator api^iated, the 
a{>plioatioa of the iacoateetable clause was svspendei until aa 
admiaistrator was appointed* The eourt held that as the reeord 
sbowsd that an admiaistrator was apt^ointed on July 19, 1918, 
•ad that the defeadaat had kxiowled^ of the fra\;^ oa July 1, 

rr^ it^ V at iDO ^^^^' ^^ 


.SJI.^ ^ 


19ia» ^isA flX«d its pl«a on Kmy X2; 1919, aadl so bad all«w«d 

•erermX maatlui after Its dlseoTSTjr of th« fraiid, and after 

the eippoiiitment of t^e adiisinietxator before the expire-tlon 

of the ymkX In ^ich It iBi^t hare filed m bill to ssaosl 

the polloy« to expire^ it hik<d permitted, by its negligenee, 

the l^oontestable period, imder the prinoiple aanounoed eboTS, 
to lapsst 

Isitfcer ia the MmSt msia. gut^^**^ »osp the <»««►« 
of lii?e^*^ff ▼• iftr^p^l^t^, ^ifff |^t <^f» 3B3 111. 1S6 snd 
MMSS^L?* )ify Yeri; Ufe l»g» So^^ 308 ill. 93, was the 
^mestloii of resolRsioa, as it oecunr in the instant oass, 

It is trtiS that the3f« are soae 9?ord8 ia the KayB;wiy 
east that tm.y b« eoastr^tsdl so as to suggest that to preoipitate 

a (»»iitest, there sust be lltl^tlon; for exaot^le, Mr* Justloe 
Oubh, therein 9aid« ^l^e eoapaajr stay have one yeat (that being; 
the eontestabls tliie in that policy) and no mere, for inTestlga- 
tion of thft Questions material to its risk, and if it does not 
within that time, either as plaintiff or defendant, contest 
the policy it eannot do so afterward,** The nse of the words 
•either as plaintiff or defendant,* wouia aean if taken literally, 
that thc^re Must bs litiistioa, land that nothing ^ pais, such as 
the acts of resoission hete pleaded, would suffice, But, w« 
do not think we are Justified in plaoing our ^udgnent here upon 
that Innuendo which ooours merely in the course of the general 
literature of the opinion and upon a subjeet not essentially 
©onnectei with the erux of the o&se, nor pertaining to the 
MiMM»ninf leading up to the aetiAl deoision of the case* 

\tm h*4 ee h' «o mi^ ^ii mitt b^.^ *iit2 

■-.(Sir .^fe^iT'^.- -'•■•■:•■ 

«* . , ... 

u fs 'Z ''i T * ' 

i^ftMft «i> 

In the i&staat o%8«^ the Ineturor Aid all that oould 
)»« done to &oco«pliftli reiiol»8lon« laoluding in what wa* done* 
ft%te«pted reetitutloa ae to prealuisa that had beea pa.ld« the 
pollejr^ s&setialag the tx»ud alleged la th$ pltm, wae avoid- 
ahle ah Inlti^ . axid, upoA due aad proper electioa md notloe 
after the AXneorety of the fraud* and within tiro jeare^ eae 
at && end. What urns done la ^dmlttedt A beneflal^^ry may 
dispute the olalaed reeaiseioa, and, thereafter, eiie, and if 
the defendant falls In Ite proof* wmy reeoTer* but the les^ia 
there would he n^t «%ether thg Ineured wae at the time of the 
trial «mtitled to teselnd, hu% whether, ac<s©rding t© the hie- 
terjr of the prior o<»iduct of the insured it had aoeoipliehed 
resolBsloa* Until eueh a polief heeo»@s incontestable by the 
lapse of the tlmm fixed, it le, like other ^atraetei siibjeot* 
as they are* In ^nurt or out* to resoiseioa far fraud* 

fh% iasurex, here* notified the plaintiff on Auguet 
13* Xl^l* that o^ August 8, 19SS1, it elected to, and did there- 
Isff rc^eolnd the polioy oontraet, and stated the faots of fraud* 
that wae notioe of a matter of fast) and it mem pleaded and by 
the deaurxer advitted; and it took plaee within the two yeay 
juried* that we think was euff leieat* 

the statutory proTieion as to Inooateetability wae 
iiiot enaoted to put a premiuft on fraud. It was enacted to ao» 
CNSlerate a just olaia or defense* if amy* on the part of the 
insurer, that being the ease* if, early in the history of a 
poliey of iaeuranoe, here within two years* and issiedlately 
upon diaoowery of the fraud* the insurer renounoee anc^ res* 

ciads the contrast and notifies the insured or the beneficiary 

fc. . ' 

■^ «!»;?* S,: 


I f •*■ ST. -;■ ; "1- 


l<*t ^*'' ■■'»'* «f « 

.^ .;:/?? «!- 


nizln, inui » « 

ii<it ■".■ 

I. vii ., ■-i- ti I 

v.^fr ^j.x ri 


•f th« f&ot«» that renuaolation ^md res oi as Ion ought to 1i« 
e<mild«y«d good* It la ao iKBLrdship on the lnnur«4 or th« 
l^eafeflolary; mid tk® necessity that such acts shall t4Uc« 
plaoa within tbe ao~o&ll©d ImooRtestafele period^ preaarrea 
the rights* whiob the logialatura h^d In aind^ whan It an* 
aotad tb@ Ia«« 

taJting that view of tbso&se, it beooraea unnaoaaaary 
t^ discuss whether or mot, ooBsiderlnf the fact® plaadad* the 
opaTstion of the laoontaatabla olaiiae • as In the Baaaay a&aa • 
traa s«sp«nded» 

Being of tha opinion that the apeoi&l plea alleged 
faeta a^floient to n>i&w reaolssion m>nau»m&ted vltbin the oon* 
taatabla pariod of taa fmsxB, wa mre of the opinion that tha 
de«urrer ehould have lka«a OTaiimled. 

The ^ud.piest, therefore, will h€ yaversad and tha 

o'ooHiOE, J. MB fmmm, j* oosotm. 


■--. 5' n .1, > *> ■ 

■i>.*?i ~t^ 


m0mn oo«« 

, m Ah, 

QQ A J \ p Q Q 

Opinion filed June 11, 1934. 

l»Mil©XM0 SWmim fAtim, dellf«yt4 t!i« oplBi^n 

@t&t« ^iriags Mxik, ti oorpOT&tl^a, an^. filed & at&t«®eat of 
isljiia* ffee d«f^-ii:«fUi»t» w«i*e d^iy «err«d with ti»Bm«&ft« &M 
om J^i»si» ?» XWBX, flX«4 *^ls«it a|ii^fiata»@#, ^ u.&tiom 0f tba 
d»f« ^^^ stattMpiit #f #lalii tfe&t had fe#e» filtd was 
sstrlek^ii, 8«<l on JvtM9 19, 1^1, *li# plsintlff filed a» 

•Flalntlff** elaJjn la fet P6S.0C for hog fee* 
d#llY0jted to tb« OXub FmVtt & tovtt D#v«lop»i!siit i3rttdi«ftt«» 
Vllafc«» Fl03fldii» 

nmintlff ta.l«g©« %Mt It delivered to th« Qlttl» Fijm 
4fc f^im I^Tiil.opm0iit i|iidi®».to en vmrloBs f|»to« a« chova ^ 
»tat«eteat attaohod a«uflt»d •je.3(;hlt»it A» ^ad aadi€» a jaRrt of 
tbi« «t«tft»«iat of oli4tt anoimtlag to |668«iK) «)ii(^ is 
ohoi^ la detail by oi^ld atftt«a«&i attaoikod «»ykod 
*£lchiMt A*« 

nftlBtiff ftXlopeo tiiat oald goods wow xeetiTod by 
o»d 0«I**A by vr* fftfto* 

nuintiff ft! logo* tba-t on to-wit: my 14 th, 1319, 
tlio defond^at, 4. Ewy Cznuso sad the Xm»«o SUto S«y^ 
lagp mxk^ 4a •orporatloa) »tta»ant«®d th« iiayaoat of tbtoo 
oblpaoato, *t\lsh go&T^atee is In irordo aad figuyoo a« 

foiiowo; HMfW atATS skrinm sum, 

ChK^gat iiay U« 1919, 

Q-nmr. * ^K:^ 


,t^?£{ . iT s^rrL bQlLt i-foinxc-0 

'Post rloTi4m ayoeery O©,, 

ftiMiaoola^ fla. 

of the de-g^elopmimt of the Hog taJsa of the Club f&7«i 
*!id foim 5)«Viflopji8ent Sy«.dl^t«, %t Deey J-hint* Florida, 
d©slx#8 "fc0 pXa.«« ®©m« of fei» fe#i orders witfe s'ou; 
si-iMi you ar» li«r«'fey authorleod t® fill %%q orders Iot 
f«M to te0 sblpvjiid t& I3««r ilwjt • a»<f we will guajf».nt«« 
pBLfm»n% of th«ffie telll» upoa Mr, %tt»» O,!* youi?« txuly^ 

flaintiff Rl]«gea thef bs^t y«f5u««t#d; both J. Il«iiry 

jETr^s^iSft ?».nd, thi. Kr»ust state Sarings Btjm to p^y thin 
m&co%mt nmmrfkl tis«« mnS. tlmt t»oth «l^ff.iii1?j.iit8 fe«Te re^ 
fii®#d fitad silll yef«i®# i© pa^ this aecoiiBt to %hM daa- 

of th# pi&iutiff of Isei. OCi» 

etsfe»#«|tia-3atXy, ©a July i, It^l, tlie dtfeMaat* fllod 

as affiaBrit of ticrits. On foTc-p'b®* M, 1033, ita or^ei mm 
«mtor84 oofit&lEliig tbi foXlo^lmgs 

"H^m omm* tfct plslntlff la tiiis eaxiso, tlje d«f«iM- 
aat b«in-| al>»«Tiit «ad not r«pr^»c;at®d. aad tt5tea=^%poii thie 
«a«b»« oo380a oa i» r^fmlatr ooi»s« for tulal fetfs^yi? ttee 
Cotitt without a Ji$ry"an4 tlit Ootuft Itavliig heard tb© 
eri^ieaoe ajad tb^ aygiaacnts of oouasel* ^-n^helng ftLLIy 
a-dTlaed in the pr^aises, emt^T^ %h% fol lowing fl&ai&g, 


•the oouyt fiada tfe© lesuee ».gaiii«t tbc fi«f«»4-» 
A«ts» J. M®iiry Krmis© and tb# I?#aii« Stat« Savlnfg Bajsik 
(a ooi?|soratloa) amd as®«s^©s tfet plaiatlff *« taa%ge» 
at the twm of six hyjidrtt ©ijitf #i#t aa^ 2*0/ lOO Dolls.r5 

ikooortijagly, i^M^^Msist to ttet fladkag, |m«l|^«at w&o eatertd ia 
faTOir of the plaiatlff agaiast tb«f d^^f^adiiRt* for tho sua of 

fhis appoal i« fyoa that Ju€@sioat« 

l« Bill of ^xosptloaa hms hmn fllod, aad all w« 
Ikftva to ooaai^ar 1^ tk$ oon»9a law reoo7d« 

It la eoateaded «a bolmlf of the dtf aadaats that 


%o «4r* 


upottt l3#oaue# it doea mot ©Diitain th^ 9ipm.tyat9 of %H« Bank, 
aii^ It is ^tot alleged ^y %h^ pUinUff lA its 8tmtiH»#«t of 
niMlm ^Hmt tfe« mm emmM€ itj <wr that tli« B&iUc fe&^ aur 
power t® 8BilE« it; ©tf %hM% tfes aas& t-rer ree6iiP»a any eo»» 

sideratlOA tbisTtfc^iP, ©i' fe«iiitflt tli^reueadeap. Sot knowing 

liu&t 0vi(l«ii®# m.@ imtr-0€ii®®d ©a the ti^i^.l of t,ht ^^«, 
aas! ft« tli€ pt#ifi»^tioti i«, fron the atmte of tb« rft<50t?S. 

ttttffiQisnt t¥i<li^#« td dt^n^iB Ita 03iitj^ &ii^ jtistif|r tke 
flitiiiig %Jia ^« J^ipumt <if t^.e cKimsrt^ tli«#« oimttmtioi^ 
mtm imt«i»tel#. fi»-r «m#.t »« lofidw, 3tiffl€!i^at ®vli.«iio# im« 
imtyo<lu0®t.d OB ®11 tfeo»t Mfetter® mt tli© triml ©f the ciaus®* 
fitrtHiiT» it wm% &i«# "^f itfflsim#i tlait, if th«3P« was may 
«yn^ifi2itir ia tfe# t^wm of tli# wTltttm gi^tmEty «■« to tli® 
limMlity of IiTftmsOy ©? t^« lia^ilitf of feetfe ©f tls® d«feiid« 
<iHii^» stiiffi«imt tTl^tsiet m» %%%mimm^ Mpm tint «ia^^«9t 
to «jtplaia %hmm mmr» the fa©t timt t%B #tmt«ia<mt of aUlm 
sots w tlmt %m%m9 n.m tlfet Iim>sji« Stuto Savings M.nk ^mmxk» 
to«4 tlio pftpioat of m® «hl|sa«Bts, wtiiofe. p«M?aBtr ia ia e«3P» 
tmla ^qt€m aad flgytarost ^^ sot |^3P®T«at tfe« pXaiatiff fT«i 
latT©<ttt«lag furtl^^r rridi^aq^, a» to t!i« gtia.raaty, tfc^a is sot» 
mtlir o^tmiasd ia tl»o writiag m it is sot fortu ia the «t&to* 
a»at of elai». fhm ^Isiatiff »«t lap in its statsaisat of olsi« 
tJ^t it dtlir^red tlis aio»@feaaciiso to the OI.1A Fata & toiwi 
Uovolopmoat SyadiontO} that tlio*goods w«re rooi^ivod by aad 
©.SC.M by i». %tts»* OmmssI fOT tfes dsfeii<J*ats argi» tfest 
tito «say&aty of payaoat ms to b« md^ \ipaa ilatt's O.lf. of 
tlis bills, md m% ispoa bis 0,K« of tlio rso^ipt sad appfo^fsl 
of tks goo^ as sllo^a la ths st»t<wi#at of ©lsi«» All «i*t 


tmy hM.r9 b«^i €imkgkf «cplft4A»dt and the diff^renee, if msf^ 

9l««jre4 «if«3r 'by «Tldtii«i$ «m tli« trial* 

It is fmirtls^r mmtenm^ t'hm.t %he im«!id«4 8tftt«wist 

0t Qialm dldniM^t Stat* Ik &mm^ ^f iji^ldB ftpiinst %h» d«feBdftii't»* 
flit« WMi » «»«® #f th© foian% 01a»« in tl!s# i^ssKBieipaX 0«imr%^ 
iftad.« la our Jud^«®t* tiJ© »%m't^ieB,t ©f elais amply iii.f9x«t€ 

lii» a^fen4ii;at» ^f tha imt^«f# ^f %hB ^l^iM 9mdBm Ig^iBaEJ^* 
f|,^,^.t||p,^,tt„ ^^ HI. Aipp, 4©0, 

It is f^t1^«ar eoiit«ad#d tMt t^nre is neittiiiig 

in tfe# Im^iag Uiw* iriT tki» 8tatt wM«sl!5> w^uld ituth®Ti«« tli« 
HcrfeMfixit Imult t9 ^iM* t!it gua-Tanty « ^^t wt ^ net •▼«& knoir 
w^th^T i^M a«f«md£mt tenk W&8 ^«9^ mMT th^ iMm of 
IXIii^l«» fh0 nf fldteirit of it^Titft 9t tli« Bamli^» of ttdmrse^ 

taking by tfe« BaisJc im« ^^ , tT& f|.y^ ,p fitfc tfe© rteofd be» 
fo-yo %ui« ti3« ^nentioa w!i#ttj®r tt^« pH?.y®»ty wae ^^lty% Yires. «!•«• 


Finding BO orr'OT in tlie resord^ tls# Judpseat will 

|M» gtffi3a»e4# 

o^mmm, a. ^so ma^sai^ #* mmmu 





t '• ■? 

,'sv'^m:^. »r 




# » nx 9 

«ri» O O t> 

Opinion filed June 11, 1934, 
opinion of th« ««^t%» 

im t^e «nsfi of 

of m^ pX&intXttt 

In August I^l» tli« mtm^mt mtmM W, afOft«ai«a 

118^ 4t@S St» i«w»#ae# «.T«By©, ©aid, as^orllag to Sressmi^a** 

If 1 «aiild fifid « ^oy«ip.* On« ?««ii%» h99lilkm9rpeT for tl^# 
plaintiff g titjitlfi^ ths.% hB m^9 ptmat^nt vll«fi &3P»»««iin «ill«4l 
ftt the offii5« of th« plaintiff In ^tJigvuit 1981, «a<? tfeat 1j» 
Itci^rd ISrosMMii t*ll the Islntlff to g«t a t»u7dl»»«y for tb« 
building mal that h« «roul4 re j^ifs kis fiax 90ii^i««ioa$ that 
the hoe^skmtq^mf wmM aji entry in tb« plaintiff** l»ook9» di«»* 
otlMAg ^u» pso?^«rty in maftstl^A* 7li« «ntry vas la piirt em 
foll0v«t *|S2,000, ffllgbt eoAaldtr 50,000, Oftsh down S,0O0.* 

;, belt": notaicrO 

irscA d.AJb^, 

1% ttkoviNI^ al«0, %h»% tbi property mm subject to » aovl* 
0»g» 0f |IS,00€> iStie im thru* |r«ikrff* Shortly aft«y glYliif 
t^« plaintiff @iutkerlt|r to •#ll tl^# pxop^rljr ai««c»*a ««ftt 

fb« pl«lntlff t«9tl.fii!-d tliat ar^nmrn^^ htif&w fftii^i 
t© .fu.ros>e» t©|.d Mm ^feat *»fefttip»ei' proposritiaa ytm g«t ofi ttjl« 
««ittt» fmx may t»k« It yp w\%h Areola of Chaaile* 4 Hil4r«tli;« 
tlait AarcAla bad m p&wet of ittt^mty 8ya4 'tfe* dee^a 1« «igMHl 
^y n» mud. aiy wife; It is already thsre** 

flM pluiiitliY mm ft liot»B4Ni 7«»1 «st%t« ^muX^T thmn 
w«at t« w®flt t# g«t it pmr^^a-a^r. Ofi» Oitbxg^B ^fii to htm ^tfim 
ft»4 A«k«a ki« ft^nt wbat hm %m.^ f#» Ma«» nM k# tqK>k fel* <»ttt 
mM «i^wp®d Mtt tli« isfc^reiftir la ^e«iloji» i«»itl«# in 3«<i«tter, 

1^1., 08li»fta mm^ a.« «ff«y ©f #3O|»OO0 tot tli« |»f^p«yty, la %hm 
tmttf tj&rt of J«;B^a.iry, X9»S, cire>««ia»«,a rttumisis., mn4 th« iEfttt«7 
#f th« «&!• w«.« UMmik Hill taf feia ^t!^ tM plalmtlff aM 0«l«Mm, 
linth &t tli« pUiatlff»« «ffi9« jmd in tlie affio« of chandler 

I^^Ttfi- .mm ofign»d 1% m-ldfmm % lett«» a»t*di Jtn* 
MiMTf 10, 19i@» algn^a l»r Oi^«fta# aa4 tra^if, th# pluintiff, 
lAurpoTtlng to »«>jsait im offer ^ ash^iai for ISMIt^^ ^^3P th« 
l>ro|)@7tir upon t}i« t«vni tm ftgrt^di^ aM wlileli ««• «iife«iltt9d to 
Areola* Unit lottor reoiteo t^t Oi^a»a k»a doi^ooltod iritb tho 
plftlntl^ * ^o«ic for |IK>0* It «s« oritten hf tli<» booldloofor 
of th« pXaintiffy In th® prooiraee i»f %h^ plftlfttlff ood OolMNni# 
o]^ ot tho ti(^ It nao w7ltt«fi tb«$ ^«i& sootlosod tlk«r«la ««• 
flToa bjr OthoKA to tfeo plolutlff « k. tmt da-iro lfttor» aooording 
to tlio testittoay of diftiiioa* sroa^H*.© and h« w«to at tlio «Uia* 
tiff *• offloot «^«^« )Mi> OoloHuti IhMI gotio to olooo th« dool* 



#tr ox %iro «.t t'h# offio« «if 0hftnid(lftT 41 Mlld»#t%. fh« partlet 

»»%, aeooirdimgly, at that ©ffiet, T!i#r« trti-* pyf^ft«iit« tht 

plainlslff , 0«li»% 0.r®#iwi«» amd tlldt tint l5^tt«» Imlaig one »f 

timii»«4 itt tl»% iWNitliftg. &tm»mm t«?itified tMt aft«r li« 
^tM tslkM wilk the fjlaliitlff imi^ <^il3i»sm «tt plMntif f »» offloii 
%» hmd mm^^mtm^ %tm.% tINf m^t m% C%aii<ll«t II lilldy«tfe»s mA 
t^lk tha »%tt» #▼«.?* ^»^i »©ooxiiiii^y, they »iif a^d ^ipa 

m mm wt^M^ thmt %%m i^Uimttn %t Umf% m..fmm^ m^ Umllf 
mM.i tliat km mmm %ik« ^^ mM tm% mrni^Ut i llldr«tfe ttOe* 
t^# imU«««| that li«, 0r@s»»ii, thm mM thmt.h^ mmU. h9 *11X« 

* «<miMii« m« mmm w W ^« tu^ t^t it iiff^^irM nii^itir 
i» ]pri<s« fi*^ tli« pir«»i^sltl^tft &« M4 «i»feiiittM, tlit |wrie« iMiiaf 
|8iiOa0 la«t«aa ©f #§0OO0, Wfe«» %m mm mkm If li® tm* irillliif 
t© flatipjr ai*t wlmt«v»« th® ttfmi #f tte« <^»tyii«t w®r« mt that tlM^ 
lit %mm^t94., 3r«e« &M tlsiii.t hM Md tfe« »mEi«9r i» tli@ biftnk* !!• 
fUTth^y t«»tinM t^% hm wm rm^y, will lag ».ad atolt to ^sy tbt 
Fr<!»l>«ttiy in ^m««tlosi acMserdlag to tli« %*Tsm disettsotd at t))« 
tlflft l»« mm m% €^»mSXtt i^ ill€r«t!i*s s^ffle*| tlkAt IM «m« wlliii^p 

to oiga « «K>ntraot th^r^^ tluit d(»]r« 

t^^ w 

■ ^M m 

«^i* '',^*fff 


\*m 0mm for mm a% th« tlai^ l5,« 9\mwmA m^wmmti ttit 
9Vfliptt«itim ®f QB^mM 011 Jisfesimry^lO. 11^^ irfelofe warn m ©ff«» 

t0 fU3r«feife«« fm th0 mm ^t m$^om, m4 %h%t m&nmmn miit«« 
Urn %# «»a®ts« #t«3r t# Hitt, t3r«i«i«!!ftm# t^« irritt^n wt^mMiiim 

tM «&««!£ mtil lit, t%« |.*lalm%lff, w#m1l; t^ %hm m^tin$ m% 

It Will M S#ir% tfe«T#f©r#» f|«» flj« IITta«1i6# flMkt 

l>f^©i*r« m fwr«iHi««ir f^ar tlj« f3r#p«ip^ in Qt3«®ti©a, m^ %lm% 

}m €14 pw&mjp* m pwt^t^mw imt «. ptim «?»ii^is, i© ©ad of it9«3.ft 

uma «at4iifE®t«>:r3r' t# %tee #0ftm*mt«» ^ir lo a«Ti^.n t, aro«i»iKii« 

««tiiit ii« agnfit tot M'^mmli wmi kiw »,tf«. ffe« #Tli#miws «1,»« 

my t!i# fusilt ®f tfe# plmlmtlff . fht trial J^f»» «^iiftatlr# 

9m^ Oft^mm* grmi llb#lir m%^<m0^, 1mk«n t9itt!)«ir» a#!!i#ft«taMttft9 
t^t t^« i>l»ljitiff did all tlsBt mB mmmmtf to «atitl« M« t* 

willing to mmpt 119,000.00, prmim^ %• tm.0 'Siily on* oomls* 
«iaa to f»jr«* A«, th©r#foT«, tJ» plalfttif f had ^«« •alloyed 


to ««13. it« to find % imrebas«T rvadty, will lag ajati ablt^ wwl 
%«iii <lofi« •«« umA 0ro««m» h^d no ob|««tl«>A %nd vat vllllug to 
»#U flit t^«> t«imi, b# 4^uld »9t ^^fcftt t)}« pluiatlff *• ?i#t 

lm &mml»uiom9 n& matter whmt hi® rtlatl<si»« nflti iNmndlsv It 
miilJrttlk. Hi« pT^N&liMi t0 tl«« pl^i^tift Tipm0A imtd a, ^lai- 

likff «il^i^tlaii t0 i»tfcy liitt* wh«.^. ^iNsiai «&# pfoim^^ ipM4|r# 
»m.9 ami itiXllAg t<3i buy* fm% Qm»mim& mtmiXIm^ ^m^i^mt 

0f 811d.rtt^, stud a^Ry hat« giv«a tli«fli aa ex©l»3it« mg«acy b«» 
f®te h« mkpl9fm€ thm plaintiff , m^M iw»t In th# ty«» of thm 
1««^ ftf f«#t «iir i^tlii||isitli ltl» pt^l«« to tii9 iplaimtlff • mm 

tk@ pimliitlff )^i f ImlftliM hU mi^. tliifcl :i^7<»ni«« mm %T%nm^%9^ 

ttat® a MMii^g l«gi»l ei>ll|^tl^ ts5> lpty m mmi%99it^n ta th« 

f1l«7# l« ^mm^ Qti^ia cm liolmXf of tli# ^i^ftna&ati 'tiatt 
tli« t»e^«ltiaii i»f CNii^ataii m« at mil timB tm^^eat t# xiitlflCMi.« 
tl<^ %»y <m« lll«si0iidtot<»i^« ^t 1^# T«<$0M «h0w® t^mt w^ts 0«tssisA 

mM mmlXe4i hf thf mnTt, he testified tlsiat lt« mn frilllsg to 
•ipk tl\a (SDi3tm€»t %h^T^ %hm-% i&y» madt s^p^iftntlyy wi^out oja^ 

ip«f i9t#a##. t«» -^tfe* oo*»lX«4 s»^:rti^:p# Futtlien it in olytloiio 
t^:% tk% ml» wsiuld J^fo f^at tfeir©a# fe«4 it »®t tet«« f©» a»ot»* 

iMm*» ftttlMlo «« to t%^^» mmmimim mm mm FlAl&tlff« 

It Itt «.l®o oomtimi#d Ht thM d«f#fia«-iito t^t the 
^i^lstlff mo ftot o Xlo«»ood )>rol£«n «»^ •• «^^^d ^^^ i«lftt«im 
Us aotiDiu the e>ridoiftO« i^Kuroa t^«t tb« pHtlntitf - sXthmi^i 
tko fesul a «ti|itte iioenoo* mm not Xi««a»«4 ito a rwa oot^to b^kot 
toy tlio Olty ©f Ohlcia^* »B«i^i'« la thu affidavit of awprlto 
©f tb« dtefeadantt no »u<5li a^feawit lo relied «poa» 


'» -•«' , 4#« 

^4/:. 'it 

,^ J*i# 

■^^■O^/ ^ 

rtoord 4|;»«« init mhsm tMt &t thft tisatf tli« eontsmet 

fwmih^m «it3r of 0l^im^ at3it!ieri«lag hlfli to do bu«*» 

InMMi mm m mmmm oantmetor. %n th® affiamirlt fil«4 
bl" thm defitttil&at thi0 ims not rolled up^n %« & d«f«iisOi 

fhe ^jmm%l0n. of ®. lie«m«e I© on© ©oXlat«r®-l %o the 

n^%B ^11^ it h9m msmy %iim-B '^mn h#ld tlimt In sue^ 

«i9«HtMltlimO«« %!»» i«0«il»00 of «b ilO^BOO will bo p70» 

•iMMnA ^lao^' proof 1^ «%• oontittTir i» t^rtoostod l»ir ^^ 

m, ^pj. is J mir,, tfj,%|Mt ^^ iMif ^ i£ 45; 

A ^rof^i oim.»l»itiatB of %hM mmT€ Im^^ um to 
tJlo O(m<»lu»l0a tlimt wm aro tm% ;|w«tlf4ed l& oir«yridiii|; tlio 
|»ii»oi^ of tlii trial. $m$^ AM ^gfiii%iit tli.<i g»»iilf««t «oi|^ 

Of tlio tvi^s^mott i^m^ii fw3p^#y, tlsmt no «-ul>«t3inti*l owofo 
voiro K^do Im th^ trltl of ^^lo i^oo* 

H^o |H€p^mt« th#r«fo.i?«^ vlll ^ afflfotod* 

ttgg^i^^m, <y* i^^ ^mMi^» ^* 



i.- A.-'e .:«lte 


^#..<;'^ <* ?j 

t78 • 88S94 


0f OKICfAaO. 

I o / 



1 «i-l» U 


Opinion filed June 11, 1924« 

|8Nii«0l.« d^t^liiii^ hf the plMintlif, fht Wliittlesr Oms^ny, 
m0^w$% the i€ftm^a^t» ^mMiSi fmmk t#ii'$«X3i aitiX«s.y Company « 

1.917^ at Iift^iml£ft» ixidi%i^« th« plaintiff tiaxc^^i o^er te the 

^ftisidbat 0#rtaiii moriiteiiiljl8# a4d]f#ifi$Q4 %& Automobile umemnn^ 

def^niaisk Ift^uM & 'bill «)f is^dlmf 4M iLgr«ed to ^#11t^7 tlM 
m«7oha»ai#ii t« timt fsmspMS^ mt 0I«T«X«.iidi$ tbftt th« d«f tiuUiit 
f«,il«4 to d«»lliwi-» tli« mer€^aa4i«#, luad the .plaintifi fil#d « 
olaia for 1$>S3 rlth th« ^ @fendant; that on MftT<^ 30« 19X9» t^ 
a«f@Mitnt aotiflM the plaintiff t!jmt tb€ m«irohandl»fl ^ad l>#«» 
stoiftd hy tt at th« tlneoXn Fireproof Storag« Jo., 5700 SuoXld 
«r«au«, <IX<nr«lati&| ^cm.t tb« plaintiff th&n iaatruotod tho dafend- 
ant to reoonolipa th# n«r^iajidli«« to the pXaliitlff At Obtoa^i 
timt the d«fexKiant l^oored the instruetlaas ana f&lled msA 

r> .-> ,- 

F •^. 


,-^SG.r , : r*a^rL Jbslxl ^oin'r.rrQ 

Tmfvm^d to r«tura th* m«rch»iull«c to th« plaintiff; that tb« 
K«T0hftndi*e mka of t^ yntlvm of 1^9* 0X| mad tbstt by reason 
of tl%« dofoiidi%iit*o fmlXturo mnd -refusal to dellvev or return 
%%» mordbs^tlioo mo instntet^d* the plaintiff v%o <Siii»ago<l in 
Him mmonnt «kforo«ftid# 

flit af ftaiiirit of aerito 4#nioo that the defendant 
tooeiTtd m oliiip&iomt wuHcod aM billed ms allogod, ^t »v«rft 
Itmt it did re@€l70 a iltip^at fraii tlie plaintiff ^ooaoigBOd 
to plAinttff, motif 7 4utomo)>ilo Moeosoitioo Oostpsi;^* OXorviand* 
Oklo** It donloo tbut it failed to dellrer 1^« sbipatont «o 
diroetod* \m% mv^TM th&t tho 0!ii|iiii©iit ims rcfusod by said 
A'Uto^MdMlo Soooositien mmpsm:^, ^nd dimloo timt th# ^i^l^tiff 
instrycrted It to return th« ghipattnt to the pXaiatiff, or tond* 
•rod thm 1«^1 fihmrgfES tl^f^refor, sad a@ni«« tbmt th® thiimont 
wnB Of tfe© Tsiluo «illego€« 

At tlio trinl» il^lots mus ^fore a l^try* imo Ooldborg, 
tr«a«isap«r and fontrml ^i.nagor of thm i^lalatlff, t#stifi«d that 
in April, 19i7, thm plmintXtf shipped ©vor tte« Qt^nd trunk 
Uniltray th» aorcd&iimdioo in Question, &nd thftt aftor the ahlp* 
aent* &• oorTespondiOd witB the defendant in riR^Td to it| stsd 
that tho a»roha.ndi«o i^o novor returned to tine pisintif f » and 
thftt %hm ronftonahlo emrkot vnluo of the morohandlso vno 
UOO. Th« ®nlf other oridenoo that irms introduc«d w»« 
np of ocrtain l«tt«r9^ mad tole^rajgm* lo oYidenoi v&o 
imt in 1i^ tho dof ondant* 

0n Bopteashor tS, I^IT* th# d«f imttant wrote tho 
]^l.aintiff« aofcnowlodging the reo^ipt of the plaintiff's olaiei* 
On OotOho? 39« 1917^ plaintiff wrote the df f^ndiint, stating 
that it had fonrardod ^ader duto of Bo|»teift»or M, 19X7, its 


■1&-V? n : 

•<, -. ', f • • f/o -..- 

m jm-^tmim 

^}..m ^:''a:K<^u^,:-: vt?t<:..-: ,^1:lff-Lj£"w ^S- 

J:-%^^tlm ^^J-'"^ *'i* t«> •• - 

iS«*f**.,)£; .t&M %6iTMm^CrT!^ 

^j?.i6 -.V 

shlpaent ««,de frtm our t«^&%9Tf at Ml«luiim)ea» tM.g to Olorolsnd, 
0)iio» Will yoa pl«a«« it^rlee tis the ^ToaeBt statu* of tbls 
Olmls aM lot u« know nrltoxi w# sa|r oipoot «ottlois«»t of osmo** 

Sa t^o lotter of tlo|»t«Kbor S4, 1917, theplolAtlff 

**1l0 aro oaolooiBf h#T^wlth ovst eltUm »a &l»e»To, 
ftMOmitiAg to i^i.Oly irihloh l$fll#4 wl^ y^^ oa 
«000<»it of yowr failure to »feafr dtliToyy of t>?i® 

tlth thi« daioi we are also oneXosiBg origlaftl 
bill of lAdiag togiotlier with ©opy of IatoIoo* 

Xtmmmk^h m» fOM haro ftot b«oa o^Xo to ob^ir 
dlollifenr ^ to t%d« tiao and th% ^htpt^nt v&o 
•3riil»&Xl|r «iiio 1» April, wo trust t^t you will 
fttoa thlo ol^-lm foy proapt pa-jriieat sadl faror uo 
with romittaaoo to ooror at an oarly dato** 

On iarok B0» 1918, th^ diof^adaat wroto t&o plain* 
tiff mo followot 

"Hoforriag to the above olsla, pre««at«a Wy ymj 
aad-er ds-to o.f tept» B4t^ 1917, iiaior you^ fSl, I 
woidd m<lTiat ysti tfest thisi «l5lp»®at arrlTo^ at 
aie?rol9iwi, Ofelo, ^mdf»r «at« of m^f IStfe, sad otm* 
sii^oo m^m pTQpetXf notifii^A a« no reapoaao »a« 
r«oelvfi^ to this aotifioatloa, okl^oiont aao plaood 
la Pisbllo itorago, with tho Lla^la rirei^roof Stor- 
age Qo*, &70O luolld A70«, QloTOlaad, uader data 
Of May isnd, 19X7. 

0iidf r th«( oirouins^aoeo, tliorofora, i ohall !m 

ead If you will klwily arrai^e* with tM ooaolaiMio* 
ti^to 4ollvoxy of tl^ akl|ttoat, aa4 i»ii^il olaloi*" 

On A9V11 d, 1918, th« plaiatlff tologfOj^Md t)M 

dofenaaat tliat It 1sm-i reloaaodl the original ^111 of lading 
to tl^o d#fsadMnt, *Floaoo wire ClOT^land 90ooaal|paiag ship* 
aont to us at Cliioago witb all poaalblo 8poo^<* Q|^ April 
3« 1SK16* thM dofeadm'l tolograplMd the plaintiff, *Toar wlro 
tad* Hiavo wlrod agoat Foaaa Linoo (n.0T«1.%nd to roeonoi^ 

«*^ «f-«Fi!; .-tS-jv *<■ 

i&'mix&l e.» tti't 

Ok mf 16* itl@» th« plmintlif wrot« t&« d«f<^a£lEatt 

*^ lMMr« fm.T tftttty of H^iy Ist rt^Taing our 

olMa wliiok wsis pl«{ae4 witfe you %m4«3P elate of «^«li - 

f©-f ^ ama WIS i&m m tm^B^m wfey* witb th* lafoj 
titaa yaw feav»., y©u o?^SB@t pa«« ihl* «Iai« fm 
im$« |^|ig.#at whicjh *•# trast youi will <!©.• 

attd »ta.t4sd tINitiria t^fetm&m %© tfe# plaintiff*® ©lala. It bad 
tfe# ii8itt«ip *t33ad@t mapeifigatii^n t^eJjsiIy wltfe th« Feaa. Oft. 
mt talpaamiso aM ai«v«l*^€* ^4 ®TeiytMa« f#ii®i^X« iis h^img 

tone to- Ittifify t«» a gatlsfae'l^ry ^as.lusl0®.#* 

^ Ofuly li* imt, tins putatiff iff^t# tii« -4ef 

*we hmv© Im^ a© woyd fr«m- y^u «lae« my 3S, oti 
|tl!>@w «Imi8i» f|il0 diaim la of luiig $tan4i»f %!ia la 

ft psttttetkf olmkX «fea^c» aM ehs^ia li« ^s«#d fer far* 
siiiitl »t ene©* FX.#»t put tBl© mtt«!r tfes-dm^ foir vm 

^ impMtt 3« lfli» ihe mfmA&tsi% tmplUA^ Mtrlslaf 
tfe« plaiatiff tM% tl-ie pa.Fey8 im {^tatmtlon »#?-« iiSi4«»i0iag 
ftnti^ i«ve^lgeLtiom letth its ai^t st ?«Xpiml»e» IMimm, and. 
»tat«4. *l Mve t3rsi««4 tm if^tiam a;a4 ©m t^mlpt %^p^ to iw la 
A pe«iti^ii t@ @ld&« 0ut f^tisfmotoxily*' 

On migmt ^^* X^3.S« the ^ladatiff wr^te t^« d«f«s^ 
i^t» 3t%timg th»t it imd mmtrHi ^f«ii^at*e lctt«r &f Attgiurt 
Sa4» *sM v©uX4 life© t® Imvs yo* «Mivls« w» If ymi a«« not na» 
In « posltiaa to sake a deficit® r«p#i?t o« tbl» elaia*" AaJ ©a 
^«fiiat S7, xaX8, %%& def®».fimt «iikaoirle«lg#d tfen r®eei|^ of tlte 
pXaintlff •« X®tt«iP of the taad, a»d wrote as foXXarrsi 



:M ;i;t; 

*l» furtlier r«f«reae« t© ate^ve eXaini and in 
reply b«g to ailtYl»« that r« baT« thl« m&tt^r 

la hamd« •p»«islX|r with the Fe^n* Qo« at 

bel^f diOiae to hurrir t® <i eatlsxaotoTy eomelusl^a**' 

Oft $#]^t«Bito«]r Mp 191t^ tlie plaintiff wrote to fit 
d«f«iid&at» acOcaowlodgllig the defer^cia^ntU Xetttr of August 27th» 

•■wls^yela jroy •^tTlaiJ ttet tMla piitteT Is being ^ili*» 
gontljr followed up* Efiv« ftm miftlsing ^ rspairt 

sinee th® A&%9 ©f ysiiT letter rfT@*re4, to«* 

^ Oot«*lMiy 10, 191S, %li« Aiif fn-^aat wrote t^« plain- 

•Im !P«ply to fmit letter of t#^* tSth nadox 
^'^nr #^ I deoiris to n^wloo t^t I wrote Agoat Pt&n* 
00. at fi^lpajmiao on Aiiptst Sl^t, aad fe.!%T# -ast y^t 
rostived his r«|ioyt« I m-m stMiag m oof^y of m^ lot- 

*!•? to tfm fr«i.^t Olal^n k^mt of thmt liomd stn^ bopo 
ifeis will be til e is«s3ao of ofetaiming tls« Tieefaaary 
infor^satloa wlbca yom iimr« my asf?uT^ii©# yoii will %• 
fTomp^tXy s4.irlsoi as to »«ttl«»#^t«*^ 

ffeo evldemoo, ^#T#foro, ohowM ths.t on SopteaifeOT 
S4, 1^?« tho pXaimtiff wrote to the dtf^Btl^.at m»kin^ a olai« 
fof ^63«31« otabtlag tb&t it was mi4& on aoooimt of tht d«f end^ 
sot** failure to deliver* ik t^iat lett«r« t^ pl&intiff ftomt 
tiMi origiiml bill of li^dinf %»d % oopy of the lawoioot »n4 aslE<^dt 
«• 00 mioii tiaft bad olafwod and n^ delivery bad beon shown, 
tint tb« olal« b# proag^tly psnid. IP^&t letter, th© dtifeadaat 
Sjnodlfttolir itokDOwledfOd, but a«tbiag furtber boin^ doao« tbo 
plaintiff wrote again oa Gotober 2t, 1S17; aM tbem oa ^areli 
SO, 1913^ nearly five ^Rontba l^^ter, m\a nearly a year after tho 
ebi];^»»nt bad beea laade, tbe d«fetidant wrote ndttittiag that 
the obipaieat arrived on ^y 18, 191T, andetating that the eo«» 
•IgSioo ^id beofi properly notified, ^t there waa mo rtepoast, and 
tbat tbo soro^ndl«#, on Say t^, 1917, hud hmn placsd la a 


m' X-'- 


,J^X!5;I .^f T; 

V "f «^ 'I 


' t' ft tit 

two weekji lftt«», aa Apwil 3, lilfi, tb^ plaintiff 
t«li^lfft|p«b«d t^t it ^ad f«l.«Mi#d tbe origiml bill dflading 
to th«^«f«fitAMit» and a«lt4Nl t)i« a«f@m#mnt to t«l«grmp1& ai«v«* 
X&od to r^eoaiigR the sliipidat to the pl&iAtiff • th« deftadk 
WKI t«Itt|?n»pli«il iMUQlc tl^e i^rt aa|r t^t it lu^ teXegratpl^td t)r« 
•.gWBtt of tlic Fonsft* UiMHl» 01«r«i»»{l» to rocottoi^ the sbip* 
M^t to tbo plalatiff at diiioago* ru^tht* oorr«»fom4«ao« 
im«s#d bttwe-a th« parties, %at, a««^miagly, ^ith^ugt? tiie 
ttif^mdmnt ■«»« willl»g to m^nd 'fea.^ tli® ^offlfe&iidiao, mti<i b&d 
glYem notioe to tfeat #ff«ot. It ooviiai not 1ms f9uM» 1% is 
»l9l»a7#iit fT<m tlie eYi^&c4^ thi^.t %h% Amf&^MM% in somo «m|r 
iodt trai^ of tte« ^oT^mndiftO and irB« uaftbl« to Ita^t it ro» 
turaed. It aay h9 th&t if tfe® #trid«mo« mU&wM. wmTtilf that 
th« ^f«a4as4t liai r«e#iv«d the »«T0lm»tl9€ a.n,d r^otified tteo 
0oaaipi«e* wbo 4i4 i^t r#»i>oM» tliat it i?m« ^titled to imt 
tlie sot^n&ndioo in otoiafo, am<l tlhat tfe^n %hn l»ujrd#2i would 
l>o ui>o^o tlio plftlntiff to tako ai^ropriiito »t«po to bmro it 
£tt%urftod« Byt t^ ovidi^oo shows Iioto t^&t tho ploi&tiff 
relOftjNid th« erigi]»dl bill of lading to t^e Sef^od#jit» mad 
aclEed th€i def^iLdamt to rm^tmif^ the shipmnit to the plaiap* 
tiff at <:%io^iO> ®M t^ftt th« defendant ftOQttioooed s.iid ooat 
out a notifio^tian to xeoofisii^ th« 8kipm«Bt aooordingiy* 
^liito o^lously^ tfecr«fo:roi tfeo dofsBd^at waived wbstrrow 
ri^to it ttl#t hftTO ^d growiag out 9f th« f«^ot« if it 
woTO a f»ot« tl^t tlio o?igittftI 4OB0i|^0« woo notifiod aod 
f&ilod to tiO^o omt tlio ttorolMal^UMii sad mt tho ti«o of its 
waiTOy» it aooimod th« x^oepoaoibilitf s-xid obligation of 

SL/ j;^:^M£M. Vd'' ■■■^'^^I'^^'s-:^- 

•i;ri i' 



t9mn»l0^ne the m«iro!i:imdis«» m Bn^w^mM in its telAgToji 
of kptll 5, l»i8, 

InPUBRmoli as the atf «)aateat peit |a mo ©videnee, so 

timt t1i*?3P® Is nothing to ©©mtyndi^t th# «vid»^iioe latroduoed 
©a b«Mlf of tfet plaintiff, m^€ a.® the ovid^uee for the plaia- 
tiff tends istTongif to show tlfe^e &«Bwi|>tioa of %n ohli^U&n 
oa tfeepttrt of tfe# delfBdant to r^oonsigit the .»er©feaEdi80 
to the plaiatiff at CSaioagOt aad the turth©* faot that tlis 
morolmadlso i^s »«?«» jfodeliirorod^ »s ars of tiie of iaioB tSaat 
tlj0 Jud^oat, oonfiidayiBg tM t^mM »^« it is ls®f©rii ia«, is 
mot agaljjiSt the msmifost wolglit of tfee cvid€>mo©. 

f1i,o Judpioitt, tfe#ytfoy®# will h% af flrmod. 

Q^o^LsOE^ J. km fum^mk- ^» cc-booe. 


CO . 

136 «• 204X4 

Jkp MhBOM, 



. ! 


^y^^^' l^' 

Q /! T A <^. ri 4 

%mtmm. ooimt. 


Opinion filed June 11, 1924. 

m* munm O^mmmW. ^llwrea tiie ©piaioa of 

Hit eouTt* 

t« ir«o«v»3r dmnm^s % r«af®a of tfee aal« ®f pl&latlff»« 
)Nm3'«li0M g^ods «lii(^ wfr« stored la th@ def#iii^lBat*t imrt* 
lMms#* fh3r« wm« & -r^rfatat la plalatlff »s fav^r f®r 
1X^000. OOg btt%, at tlj« siui|^»tl^ ©f tli« trial Jiii«»t ^«»« 

▼«3Nai}t for %h% ^l&nm ©f |@gl.0O, to rftve^t ipfeich the 
aief«ii>l^fit f?0«#€ttt@« this fti^iMiX* 

fli« ir#o©?d <ii9.elo««© tMat on Aa^»t 1» I9ax» 
flalatlff'a bou^tHold fiirxnitur* ii«« i»ls©«d in storai^ ia 
the im3P«!i©u»« ®f HBd&ozi * IJellaadaar m^'A. « vj&rthdtuie receipt 
glreA to plaintiff* |}ef«iid»nt «u&<»««dftd to the business of 
ttttoea A Kj«lXaii<lei and oondisot^d tli« «mrehous« in ^fti««tioxi« 
flit oootxaet for tb« »tomeo of the goods proridod tt^t 
^plaintiff p%y^ to defendant fS.OO per noatli otonkgo oli&rcM 
o&d the OTidsnoo shoirs thut d«f«na%nt soat hi« 1»ill» oa^ 
aotith* hut th&t no pftymtnt trats smdoi that oa liaroh X5« X9aS« 
iiifOAdaat sont pXalntiff a rogtstored Xottor otatiag, lussoag 

.^Sex ^11 9a£ft tein aoxnxqO 

M^a^- •• m 



other tMngi* that thc^re was du« item the plRlntiff to tho 
defendant 9mren momth*B storage and oart&gf «^&r9»« to 
Hare It X, X9S2p &n& ttmt a lion was olaimod lapon plaintiff *■ 
lM«ai«hold goods* Tl»« letter oostalmad a detaaad for pajnaest 
and atatoct that If tlio amouiit wi&« not paid beforo Maxefa 37^ 
I9SB« tlie goods would tM adi'ortlaod for afJlo a&d sold at 
ptublio aiiotloa at the vrjrolioimo Mo* 303S iortli Olark stro«t 
&n April 17, 1032 at 10)00 A«i« Thi£( letter vafi reoelred 
l>y plaintiff oa Mmrofe 16, 19^2. n^latiff testified that a 
fow dnjra after ha reoeired this letter ha tmm dofandaat a»d 
told him thsLt ho imo tmabla to pay tho aaouiit he o«od aad 
at that tlao r^^r^oattd tl^^t ho 1m ^T«a iioro %Umi that the 
defoAdamt agroM to do ao^ atatlag that the letter was but 
a ♦*dtiit*i that xiothing rrmild he done tor&rd selliag the 
household ^ods imtil defeiadamt notified plaintiff to that 

ItwlB 0* Mttlt testified for the plaiatiff that 
h« wits a pr»etioing lawyer in -Sfeiostgoi that he had praetleed 
his prof esji ion for about fire years; that during the fore 
part of April, 1923, he e&lled tap the defendant la ref erense 
to ths sa^ls of the household goods aad told the defeadaait 
that he represented an estate i» whieh plaiatiff was a boas* 
fieiary to the extsat of about |3,0OO»C^| that ^e estate 
would be olosed in about s43e weeks to two ©oaths aad he 
rs^ested the def eadeat aot to ssll the household f\iral« 
t«re* He further testified ttait he told the defendaat •tlat 
Im sass s«wsthlag ootw tip eo that we oov idn't olose the 
eslMits in a few aoat^ I would see «»t he got it if I had 
to pay it s^elf.*! that the defendant 3tRt«d tl»t the letter. 


$M$ Mt^^ fej«4.i 

'X,' ,_'?rf1ir;(: 

■i'"iifr xt 



««a1f plaiatlff In y«f<*Teiiot t® the pT©j^»«4 talt , im« 
«er©Xy In tli« nature of a *dhm* for the money d\j« and tliat 

iftfuudairl wo^.dt mot »»11 tfe© g©od« wlt^io^tt f lr»t getting ia 
tcmeh wltb tim witntfts* 

tls« dtf#a»^nt t€.«tlf led la hU &m befeaXf aM 

denied that pl&ittlff to&d T®c|»««t«d tfeat the »a.l# of tfet 

l^ds b« jpoatpoiiedi tlwit tfet fir»t time he ««r plaintiff 

wm in Ji!i3^# i^iofe waa abOMt tw© m^Btfes «,f tty tl« «#l« 

tm)lt plaoe, ir,i4ij Apxll 17, liti, Kb t@®tlfl«dl tlimt fe« 

Md a e0i«r»y«atl®a witii im9 iwlt ^a th« t«lt|i^c»ii« tmt that 

iHl reftts^d ts po-atix^n® th® ««l#i tli%t h« t&W Ifelt tli« 

amoimt «^wi fmm plaintiff immXd !mv« to b« paid &t tb® »al« 

w®uld taice pl«i»« ©a A^m 17,, ltS3« Other testlas^ay »»• 

flTfa ^y ft Mis® teasel, Mt slaet tlnet* wisst li® a new tri&X 

ir« will r.;0t dia«m«» tl^e tvideixee la detail aai Ijjit* aot 

«tte®pt®d t^ giv* all tfe® t#etiffismy ®f tls« wit««ii?* Imt aaly 
giatol^ ®f It «« w« d##at ii«a««s«yy fat omr duels los# ffeit 

«fldeii«e f^rt^tr shomi tl^t d«feiidiiRt etnui«d a pt^lilioatioft 

te b9 i»id# im 1^# ailKi%^ Bally Joujrml^ tb# first Fublioft* 
tion to«issg March SOth and tM Imt kptiX fi, 193t. Th« 
ffublloatloa is ia the reoord and shows tli^t tfeer« wt9 abofut 
iixt«0a liftt« of bo"ii»«l3ioId goods lftoludl»« the plaiatlff •» 
t© h9 «0ld on April 17, 10tS at 10 ©•cloc^ at tbe d«f«adaiit«» 
«Rir«kauii#; tbat m dtxly lie»as»d ftuotioaeer €»iidAot«4 th« •&!• 
©f aOLl «^ iO0ds as adT«r«ia«d aad ^laiatlff •« g!s»©d» wf 
»0ld to oaa 0. Kol« fo* #47tS0| Itoat about two aoath« there- 
ii.ft«3? plaintiff oailod aad dusiaadad hi« bo^sobold gooda but 
mm m^enmm tlmt tbay bad baaa »old on April 17, 1933» 


^»'yif;. ^Ss*' "i^a rtf 

t#^ «fc<(^ 

Halntlff testified as t© the ralue ©f th* Turiou* 
^•iMNI of housebold goods that wnrf^ soXS^ th« %ggTeg;&to TaluiC 
of whidh mm |9Xi»60« Tbc teatiaoay of th« plaintiff irso 
the on^y evldcno* giren on th^ «|ia»iitisa of valt»« Tho Jury 
srottiTiifKl a Toxdiot of ll,0OO«OOt The court required a re- 
mittitur of |79«0O RBd Juagsieiit wae entered for |921,CD^ ag 
abore etated* 

ffe Mto Dot dleoueaed theqi^etloa argued by tlie 
defendant to the effect tMt the verdict was agaijMt the 
manifest welgiit ©f th« erld^^-noe for t¥>e reaeon tliat there 
iKas ^reJtJtdlolal error in giving inetrmotiois 8 and 10 ooaiplalned 
of by the defendant. Cfeisasei for nlalntlff In their brlefe 
etate that the defei&dlant Is In no position to raise this 
iiuestlon beoa^iae the defendant failed to exoept to the 
Instruotlons before Jud^ent was entered as re^ulYOd by 
eeo. 74 of the Fxaotloe Aot, te think thle !«•* misapprehension 
of the record* It appears fro® the record that the oourt 
gave the jury eleren instruetlone and the defend.^ nt ob Jested 
to the giving of the»« the record does not disolose at 
whose request any of the instructions wer« ^Ten* And it is 
apparent that eone of thes were giwea at the re<|u«st of ths 
disfendant and of oourse he did not objeot to thes* 9ut 
oounsel for plaintiff in their argiweat show that the ttro 
instruetiOiis e(MBplalned of were girea at his suggestion* 

8y Instruotlon 8 the jury esre told that before 
a warehoussiBan could sell goods stored with hiai to satisfy 
his lien, be aiust oomply ?>ith certain statutory requirements 

whioh required the girlng of ten days* notice of his iatssp» 
tion to sell; that if such notioe is given by the warehouseaan^ 



^Jfl S»« 




%rHi Mf 

V 1,2; 



and th07ttaft«Y ttjr his ^9t«» irorda or geaexiiiX eonduot he oaus«« 
the o«ii«T of %M ^90^ stored to reaooaft^Iy iMllevo that the 
m.l€ irill sot t«l:e plaoo» tlie tmroliouoMMa oo^ld sot thereajttor 
Mil the goods to i^itlefy hie Hem without &gela oonplyliig 
with the roqiiir«iaente of the statiste whioh reqxilree the glTlng 
of ft Aotioe of the e&le. This instmctloB Is oonfuelsg fisd 
iasooumto* It was mdiBltted on t^ trial that the salo vtts 
hold ia csoaformity with the Xrnir. The Q\ieetlon for the 
deoisloB of th@ ^vay in the ^tso w&s very sii^lo* The only 
^ootloiL wius vhother the defeada&t had told the plai&tlff 
that the household goods would Bot too sold ^attl d«f«aaaat 
gftTO pl&lBtiff further uotioe and the imstmotlon hy referrlag 
to the provleioB of the waroho\i«e aet and recsuirejEent of 
atioth^r not! 00 hefor^ oale oould bo wndo w&m misleadiaig tod 

lastruotloa 10 was to the effeot that if the 
Jury Oeliave froa the evideaee that plalatiff receiwcd the 
statutory notioe that the gosds wo^ild he gold and that plala- 
tiff and parties acting for hUi ©oaaamicated with the def endf* 
wm^ aad asked for an extension of time and stated *if it was 
sImoluteXy seoeosary he would raise the sioney to ^y the 
storage odiarges so as to awoid having his household feoods sold," 
and that if the Jury believed the defendant stated he woiild 
l^stpone the sale and failed to do so without agaia notify* 
img the plaintiff* then the verdiet should he for the plain- 
tiff, fhis instruetion w^s highly improper • It In effeot 
told the Jury that if Suit told the defendant, as hs testi- 
fied» that if it ms absolutely neoessary to prevent the 
sale of the soode cm April 17th, he hisself would i»ay the 

srt ^i 

a ^J^f ♦r.:^ 

,hl08. 8lJ£ 

T'SS''^:^§T??rr;^ ^; 


%0 tbe 4«f«nid&at sM tt»t on aeoauat of tbl« defendant 
«|P't«d t« p0«t|>oa« the isaXe mnd fitlltd to ao »o» fl»i»tlff 
ootiXa r0<sot®Tt In ots^eT wor!«» tlie ^uiry wtr© told In effect 
tJiat If Mult agreed td pm~f tfet o^t^fts t«& th« mtmdmt In 
m«« tb« teftfitant T%fum^ t® postpomt tli« »ale tbet tt 
wuia be feinting vkp0n Btolt aM tMt ti»« deftndint wmiid g«t 
Mia a<*a«y. Of mrnmi, tlier« ws.i no liability on Bialt to 
pay me d«rfem*mt i«ad fe# ©mild not %» li«ld, Th« Jurr »i#»t 
iroftdilf l«>U«ir© tlimt tifet d^ftmaaat emld Mw ofetaln^d stll 
hi» i80a«y witbo^t postpaniag tli# 8«1« If k® !i^**d insiated 
iip©n It, th« ^-irmtat lifting im.4M \if l^lt. I!iat«» testimony 
to %h& nffmt thm% h& imwld pay tlie <i®f«m,daBt in m»« th« 

latt«jr f«fm»«d t® pastpon* t&® ial®, iktruld aot b© ©©aslder- 
«d fey t^© P»snf§ «Jt®«pt in ao far »« It wa» a F»ft of Hult»« 

o«8W«?»»tloa witk th« dejr«ad»iit m tendlnf to mhm that 

tfe« atfeadant agr««a to i>o«tpoiui tM «al« and fox no other 

ptrpo90» nad tJs« Jwif should %M,rm bt«ai lastrBottd to this 

©ffftot. (^ th« ^wstlon mhiQh %M jwpf wore to d<&©id«, ▼!«: 

vl&ot&or tl^ dsf®n.daat had &gy#»d to fO«t|^»o tlit ml9, the jniy 

•feould Imiro hmu told in a »koir«» pladn %ai »lispl« Inatruo- 

tion tMt if th^r h9Xl«vm fy®« a fTtpomdtmnc* of tfe« «vld». 

^nm m^^T th@ Imsttrmoti^as of tfe<s ^\a;rt» tfeat tfeo dtfeadant 

Iftd agreod to poatpoi^ th« bwA$ fmm hptil 17tfe »ndha-d fs^ilod im 

do so* then tb® pltintlff w».e entitlod to roooTor; but tht 

tnotrmetloiMi ware m worded that in our ©pinion tfeiay Tory 

pT9l»BthXf ttiaXfid the ;^wef^ 

for tfeo giving of tlie two instructions, th« Judf» 
t of tfe« Si^OTlor OouTt of Qcok County !• r®T«roed and 


U :' 



uj; 3a^ %^ 

'• '^ f^ ■<*.■■ 

^ y.\ v* 

thm emm^ tmmM»d for % ^w trial. 

utmn. p. J. mnnmBt 

liiiXt i do mot »gr#e with all tMt is «aia 
©f tli.« 9Tmt of tfe® tn^l court in firing the tenth iaatru©- 


■'^(Hmam^^t vV.,.w.v,-*' 

■'::A..:i::^.}'iy ^«'-*'«^'""" 

Jtp|»#:lX^($» ;, 


tmm^ 00. , 


A^»#llftmt» [ 

9 9. J T /\ 



opinion filed June 11,1924. 

m* ^m^ttm ^*mm%% ^xtm^m ^^ ^pimm #f 

t^« oe^titt* 

f ««©'rs» tfe« pifie^ of 4i «Tl©ftd ©f i^ftt t^ld t© tlis ^^tm^^miA 
mtmmtXn^ to #S^0»St» 1^ m.m mum tfit« btfor* & Jm4g# nM 
|«if «md -^^ye wm a ▼ttti©* in ^iaiatlff »a tmm tot |4SIS«H 

j»Artl«« 8n%#r#^ latis na lA^^mmmit iKfetw^ the plaintiff agr*^ 
to ftOil Ana t)}.9 #»f«iiai^.at &i^r0e4 to l?ti|- 40«000 Itw, of a o<»rtAim 
IkimBk of ptfmw i&M on th» I4t:b of U&p^me^imt rlalmtif f vyoto tho 
^ofOB^at ft^novtodgliig ditfeB«tant»» oMot for fho Fd,p#j, 
fliiiiitlff 70({«ii«to4t dioftMaftt to »i$ifk osd ro^svii tko l«tt«]r 
i%loh WHO aooordi»t|^7 aoiM» mkd It io agrood tlAt tblo *obo<tlod 
tlk« ooAtntot oot<»ro4 into by th« partioo* Xt piraxridod that tlio 
l^rloo to iMk pild oikis tNit which ps^oroilo^ mt tise tioo tbo poj^r 
mui d«Xlv«»r#d« f>«« «vl4«ooo fvLrlls^T olMMro t^bftt ^lointlff l»d 
«old to %h^ dofondisiit o«i « ia»bOT of pTloy oootoloao o ooiwidoy* 

O f^ • »'■ \ f^ -r 

.^Sei^II sci'jX, telll fioxniqO 

<• > .i;j 


•ItolA fUttaUlqr of pft|Miir» ^% in tli« vi«v i^ 1»lIu» of «^« «mni 
It will mt l9« iMiiNMgii«»ir|' l»» ««% fortit tk««« prloY %»ii9»etl«M 
^Oaii»« they aj» net ei«.t<^flaXly »mt«r into »> d«elsiOA of tbt 

iftt'f l^foiMi ««« Th« «vid#n&« fmrt!it#T abow« that on U^rtngbrnt 
iy liiO tlto pAp#r m!r^Tm€ hy ^a S#^««1mi7 «y<l«ir tt»t hmvliig 
'^•«a d«llveT#4, t&« a«fim-^at irt©tt plaintiff stAtliag tk»t 
"OnlAg td e^Di't'ii^n hi^iry <K»fti^ll«ti^i»i r«#@iir«4 by txs d\i7l»g 
tiMi last t«o wfieks* ir« isa^t mm% f&n te Qs.&<»«l ail ^t^^wn 9m 
hkH^e %^)it^ tB&t f®tt hM^ am ^^$^t f&t nm*^ t<m da.i'S XAt«x 
gtmiiitiff i^pii«d^ tMt tM& imt^s^ ^»« »a3#aui94 f#7 #»liv»irir 

ftiviiMi plaimtiff Had r«<»#iv^ fT#a tl$« »ill mm&^ %h%t%i^ti$^ 

piaiatlff wfMi tina^i# to mmeeX tli# #3Pd#y. kftmTfmt^ ^«T« iwirt 

a saiaiikat of min£%tmt«mm \mim0mi %h% puf tt«« la rtf ©rtn^a 1^ 

tli# pKl^^t I»lal3itlff «iOiit#iidlii^ tl»ii^t it i9^« holding tttn ptptY 

fttsr tlis A0tm^n% m^ muSmai^Hm^ to di6p0ii« of it to etk#f 

]pftxtl«o a« il«f 0ia4^at }md tmwmi^€ usi t^t plaintiff tl&.s'oiii^ 

Ito o»l«i««ii not if 1^4 itw mmtmmm tJMit It %tii4 tlit i^pmr oa 

lmsd« t)i6 impor la the mmntXm^ having )9##b temirHL in diio^gt 

i«^l»g 1^« f0Tm p».tt of ii»ir«3ii>«ip« ll^t}« Bk«x# wasi oiriaeMW 

tOBdlAg t^ etto» t^at t%i# prl(» of tl^ i^-pOT %i«^ d«or«ifc*«4 
t«Mii4«jm1^1|r ^md that plmintiff «%.» imaMo to find ft pv^retettov 

for ttio pfip^tm It @ad« d#n&iSLd@ fo^ s»AfffNmt on tlio ^oftBilit-fit 

i^i^ $mtm i*cifii8«d« tho ^«f#nd&at tsl:i»is tlio position he h^^ 

mmmXl9^ ^o oMoz- a»d «&«, tb«r«for«> oot llabio* iMrroiftX 

mmiOm lstor» «iid of tor the ^it «a« bro^^t* ^^Iftiatiff ooid 

tbo ^p»t «a«t on tbo tarist.l oxeait WM glTta for tbt wioimt 

mbiob ^o plaintiff bad voooIto^ on tbo i«aalo* 

4t tbo olooa of the «videa©e tbo oowrt laatrttOtMl 
^it Ji*3ff ©tally, ana told tboa tb»t tb© taootloa for tb«i» 

d«t«taiiiatlo8 w&a vh«%li«r t^e o^ntrscrt ^ut^Tf^d Into for tlui 

mXM c^f the ps^pex on ^«p1i«»kb«7 7* X@a@« w»s ®Mi<^ll«d ot r«* 
|nidU««4 by tlfe« defendant, aaad If thejr found froa the tTid«i9t 
W»mt %hi» Qontraet wa* liot Ciftfi<»€Xl#4 by eutuiil ooas«nt« theit 
irer^l©* sh^ni'd bij for tli# plaintiff foir tb« piKrcha9« prioo of tho 

pai»«Y loes tb« aaouBt ^ooeivod by tb9 plalAtiff for l^o fNipot 
wliiot it ^a ir«8oX4U ffee (umiTt fwrther inotruot^^ tho Jaty 
tim% if t%oy fO¥i»d tb« ©ontsmot h^ad b#ttt omn^llM that pXaIar 

tiff Tsa* «mtltlff€ to ifooBvor only tfe« laottat wfelofe 7tp.r€8«»t«4 

tbo diff«?rei3t0« botwisfiji tlio wm^kmt ^m.l'm of t^e p®.|j«3f at t!?« aato 

of i«livoiy aM tteo oo»t«m«t prie«, i^iofe «fesso^tmt the mnt% stetoA 

%»d booa agr«#4 ^«»i by th# fMstrtlto to b# |4Si»O0« tiio oourt 

fu]rth«tT la»tr»otod thtm tfeat im shs^so tlioy f^ii^ fr«» tbo 
s-Tideni^ the o^ntrstot )o4 not boon»ll«d* by ogi^om^at 

of botb partioo nmj »h^nld fia4 fox t^ pXiiliitlff ia tbo mm 
Of |4,iXS«84U l^ooo iiuittiiotloBO «ot witli ^^10 mpprmmA of 
oomiool for botb {»oTti«»« So ^^opXalot w^o »&4« om tbo tTlol 
to %%em0 smi i« ofty o?pni^t aftd«» kor« t)mt tb*y wofo isfyofoir* 
fbo Jtury r«tuniit4 o ToMiot id fa^or of tXaiatiff for |4»6XS«84« 
^oroby fiaiSlau in of foot tl^.ftt tbo oomtiwiot )i»4 iwt boo© ©«»• 
ooXXod* fb«T« 1» a grout ^oaX of aTgiiiMf»t im tbo briefo filed Jaf 
botb portioo «« to tl^o o^truotic^ of tbe utAf^vm ooXoo oot» 
b«t wo i^itii. mil of l^lo oygiMioiit la ^t p«7tl:&»»t to o dosisloA 
of tbo oostt* As hBM booa o^todi» ooimi»«»l for botb purtioo 
a|3fOi!t4 tbat the voydlot should bo for tho j)-aiaitiff aod that If 
tbo ooatroot bod booft ropudlatod tbo «MO\£iit obould bo |435«00« 
bot If th« jwry fouad tto»t tbo ooa tract hs^d not btoo rojmdiaitod, 
tbo Tordiot obooXd bo fo» #4«SU«S4« »o argOBOiit i» Ka4o tbat 

tbo flAdliig of 13i« l^upy la faror of tbo plaiatiff for tbo 
Xatto? aooittt 1« afloat tbo aaalfoot vol^t of tbo oridoaoo 

^» -c 



» ' • 


?liyCKl to 

'^^^^' .^ ^ 9^i-^tli ^W!' 

'f'#'X w- 

iMNiftiuMi th« 0fvtMum Im %he trnmr^ m tlii^ fuller v^yimatitA 

ant it Is (!^f fiiUMim, 

fmum^ pa* mn mmMm, s\ mumm. 

MMimiM, Mis tmtt fTliriKl* 

Opinion filed June 11, 1924, 

A^FiAt mem 

met oou«n. 

«• jfiiifl® 0*ao«« dtiiTfwa. ttm ^F-iiii^f «f 

%lMr mmtt* 

ttix0s ir#ajrtt and ttis n^^cs of figt» wl^lle eroaslmg O^ximlport 

ftmm w^m » f«f^«t %«1-b1 uf tfeiii tmii* wteasr* tin© Jmiy t«» 

Hill iR«tlc» thm emxt gr%iit#4 « hait f3rl«d» iiat <m the rc« 
ttisX %h0 pa&^gnmt mpiptalftd fvott wm eiit«r»4« fbi» suit 

M l«>iig «!»•« iis©t a^p«aff. In tlie ordlaairy ooi«r«« of llti- 
i^tloa In 0tim.^, it thcmld Ii»t# b««a di«p08e<t£»«t long »g». 

%Atil|M»rl mveim* at tli» pXmo^ in ^•vtios do«« 
fi0t rm mfk^tlf mi^t t®a vt«t, but * little to tfee ecmtfewMt 
«ai tt*)rtliM«t« »ad It is i»t«3r»««t«d by tmi^ »t«ii«s, a adrtli 

tm^s '^ mx 


.i-^i jii aituL L^Xil iioiiiiqC 




aad south »tr#tt* nsiiatif^ ll¥<4 irilih hiit imnnits ifi tlui 
pnm%»m9 l&mt0A m% ^m f»orllM«Mit p&tnmM #f %)t« str««t i»» 
%i9»««tiim« fh# f«tb«r eoBi^liMt^ A Mld^ft m. the ooviMiir ium! 

tli« f iMBilXf liv«d ia float voomi la tli« Teair »2k3 ups^tTti* th« 
•ftia «»%x%iio« to th« btaxdiSig »@s thrt^lpi & Amy in the eoi^tlt* 
vfltrl mwmw of the Imlldlng* dtesortlr t^tore th« a«»14iiit 
ptitliitiff*» ^otlte? hitd told «,n ol^lcr elilld t^f th« faalljr td 
f» tft » start fi^ am srziuid amS ftpp^^rtiitlf p3ial&tif f «v«x^mf4 
«^t liis »9tlitir ^d said aM a^psiiTs ts INtTe fens oitl tltTougili 
tits si^seft im4 thr€m# t^ is@7 mt t^t s^ullivsst ssam&r of 
t^ lb*»i3i^ag« f^s stdtT 0MI4 «l)o stjijrt«d ea the ^rriaA^ 
iMi ths ssstt out th# «si»# d00r» 8ii« ip«opl« itirmmd m wmtWsmnA 
^tm% mtp i^i&% mm BttmSim^ mpp^immumt&lf im itant sf tlui 

INifftS«liiit #|Mitsts4 a de^ls Ii»s sf fttr^tt o«7s 
la Qamlpoirt aveavis* fli«3r# we^t no stTstt sair tn^-elcs in 
USuicm sirsnissi* Ths STid noi^ fux^tk^r tt»^ ts sl^sw thmt tlis 
«st i» fttMtltm priot' to the &ool<dMittt vas iNiIsi; o$)Sfmts4 
s««t«9iy at a X4nr valNi of 9|«#d« alio^xt ei^l sllss 1^; hmmi 
t^t tli«7« sort ssiA i^¥soi» s^onliag ia Osjudpttrt si^sem 
a1»otit for^ feot «%st of tho lat«in»«otioa sad soirtli of t)ie 
vsst^oioQi! txiMife valtlag to ^oard tlis appToaohiag oar; that 
4^ saar was sXoviag doimi t^mt i^lalatiff e^t off tho cmrb^ 
Startod to 07«^s c^isaXport airsmMi aad was atrask %f %%» say; 
tlHfct tli« oay aas lWBodi&tsl.|r stoppsd and ^e ^ild was fo^aid 
with tels loft feot oau^t ^ 1^« soutH imsoX of tb« froat 
tiraole or soas oth«r part of tk# our la front of tltat wliooX. 
M was lying iM»tw«t«^ tfeo two stroot sar tra«au« 7h« ear was 
thmn ^tfcod up, and tfes ohlXd was takoa to a oomer drug 
stars for tlbo i»3tri^»o of rooelrlag surgisaX attrnttlsn* Bs imm 


iij.'!.. ^j'ijiii-.'iv' .t-'Ci. liv ■■'.* 

n-^!' m 

■';*> #* t 

tUtta t«Jc«m %Gf his .\mM hovova tl>e ftt7##t irhti*e It* wi-8 ftttcMI* 
•4 )>f A phy«i<»l.aat aaid it ima fmmd tlmt tM %««• of ^i» left 
foot» eir^ept l^<i llttXt mm$ ^*t9 9immh9d m&A %1m mXt 0f hi* 
tl-i^l X#g ii«a «I»o injiijr^,. Simof them mt«t b« m r«tTisl 9f 
the e%s« £m aQ09iiiit of e^ fis^^iltsr lastmtetl&ii^ w« ^iii not dl»» 
0ia»« the eirldim«« f^rt^«y« ^t ir« thli^ «l)sth«7 pls^iBtlff 
m&d0 out & a8i««» V9MI n#t ft ^•utieii &f Ism, \m% 9o« of fft«t 
fosr tb« |u^» a»a tli«S'«^fGr«» tl^* ^^^uurt dia ^#t 9fft la r«fii)iUig 
to di'rent a if«t<iicrt fet th9 d«f«iidt%iit* 

!• At tli« r«qw#st 0l tfe« fiai$tlff tiie @ourl 
§»▼# %M ^f 4a»tTU«ti©« S, wfeit^ i« as f9lX©w«5 *!%« ^ry 
9X9 l»#t¥U0t«€ tliiit* if tl»i:f h«li«9« fwmt tht eTidmne t^t 
liiA i^laiittlff »t til* tl^ @f tlii m^Ksidi^mt was « e^iM In»«» 
twtta th# ag# 0f tli.r«e &a4 famip jrimt*» tfeta he 0iijs.n©t, lHiesis»« 
#f h%B t«a4®ir y«»i^.r«» M finnlltir ©f* #r l># elmrg«d. with» mt9» 
l9imn99» 9t Bti^igemM in rt@E^«rt t^ tli# ^i^eidftnt in thl« 
mw^ mi %9 t® w^limm ftt all saf wM»t ttf ^« ©sfe..r« em the 
pskTt #f th« €®f««-jlmnt^ «# ^m%0 If tlif JiMrr f«ifth«? fe«li«*t 
ftmik %lm wrtm^Kkm t^t %h6 a«Hil«l«sit ea-utsisg tM lajuvy t9 
ia«4fttlff «&« a«e t0 ti^ want #f dhie &&d ot^Umrf mr^ Isf tlit 
4l»f«fidftfittt ^Nm |i»« ttkHKt fl»d A v^raitt foir th« plaintiff*" 
fh* ohjtttioii urgfiS to trln imstsmotloii by th« d«f^dytat !• 
tlmt It timtmitm m tmm'WTf \spos «vid«se# of ad^lijg#a«« iMt 
ftll«ft4 In tilt d«olaimtio«,. Of m^mm%, the iB»tru0tl^m tli^uld 
tetv« t^ld th« pxxf tbat plftiatiff e®«ia oaljr y^eovtr for mii^h 
Ii»^lf«tt9« tm urns alX«g»d in tli« a««lfti^tlaii mtd proved lif 
tli» rri(l«ii««. It if msit eroyy •Troiuicmjt iiifttrutftioa tlMtt vill 
»mri««t * r#v«««ml of » |^pt«iit« ^t in this o»«« wfe«T!f th« 
fiMistiOA of liatDility iia« a eloso ot» «• 8«Miit« ¥»di«r the 
t«eiBi<»a« of the Etiprewe Oourt* mllo« the jmOf^ieikt to o^tael* 

j(i^ y 


-m-:". r 

f ♦f?i»^ ^m %%t *>fe^t 


•-■Sk'if 9V*1. 

Mmm. ^W, ftyi ^t> ^^3 ni. US} ^fmr ▼. ^4^g^ ?jHfY ftjn 
SiSA^ m^ ni. xmi icmsL ▼• mmpm # 9Qr> «^ ni. 4o9| 

is ,i,.<frtt„l-a,,P,ff ,l?t^^ ^^ %i. ^i^« 

•ad 8t«ir«ft |r«a3P« of af<» brctu^t antlt to T«eov«# f(»7 i»«7s«mia 

iiijuxi««* An Isi8txuieti0fi elislljaT %# the ©a* wai<3,#r ©©iiBid«»» 
atiom ^mm ^rmA bmA It m^# ls«ld %a b« «rrei3«€tm8 and t^« l^ix^^ 
«i^t m;^* i»«iT«rs#d f©y tfcat #«s4 ©tlstr r^asome. flit emivt Ifeert 
l^iaiM ®ia% tfeat tl^ last tudt ion fir«t ap?««aye4 In tli» «i»« 
of %i^ , <g@ , Ql%^ t^lin^y Cl& > ▼♦ ,^l^:y.« 19S III, 4X0, wfetr« it ws^m 
^nttss^&M timt th® l]iat^n3.ot|«3n im-s exraaeous li#cia-tis« whtther 
tlio ahiXA 9miW }m gisilty el o&ati^li^toiry n^gli^smm ims « 
^^feftttlim of ftftot tt]i4l not l%« us ®tat#4 in tk€ ifisst7u@tl3m« 
fh« <50wyt h<iM la tfe« t ^^ ^.oo tfe«tt tfe« tnstr^ietlom «ra«i5ot 
«Bl93«0t t@ tfeat ©bjieetian ^n.i\ mffitm»d ttm J\ii|pfi.#iit» t^^ tfc« 
q^jajfeott i^if^^ ffe« ooisjrt iimid Cf«13I) ♦'tMt Hoiaiag ka,a isot!)laf 
to dte wltfe th« ^wettian hero |i«i««st#d» tn E^tmor ▼• phlo^i| |p» 
pL.»y %ilfi#y C?;»t» S3^ 111* 1S^» ^ iaat^ructl^m mm giTon for 
tlMT ^Imljitift l$mo€!4 oii tlio kfpotliooio t>i3kt t^c plaintiff wsm 
in t>^« wxmT^tme of oy^.ln»:nr ©^-^^ ^'^^ cmiti'sa for his oott oftfotjr* 
oad ii<ihri«iiig the Jury further, tfea-t if tlioy &oli«TOd,f»«w all 
tlio ori^tmoo ia tfeo moo Hfeat tl»e j^loiotiff w' o ia^u]ro4 by «woJi 

OOlXiOi^fit ^^^ ^^^'^^ ^** l«f®IMi^lJlt • • ♦, ^uld feATO STOlAod 

mtm ©ollioioa by the oxeroioo of the higboot iogifoo of oo»o 
•MMlotOttl witfe tbo t»3r»oti<»Li opomtioa of tfee leod, t^a you 
•iMiiild find tlio dof^ad'^Bt • ♦ ♦ ittiltT«' tfeot ia^ttwotioa io 
liMitiOol. witSs tbo Qm in tteo ooso ot bwr oo for 90 t3N» <|wo» 



tim mm im^n mmmUtmtim. U mmmwM* % ^i« abtl»«y 

tfe« imatrueti^t m» fe«M lw€ Wmmw. i% m,^ mt limit tfe« 

mn^i^mm of the <S«f#«^ii«ii wfeiisfe wul€. »itrr^at n r«ea*«tr 

miBh m>4 mwdim^ tli# 3Pi#t 0f w-«#iPtf|' %# tfet proof ©f 
«t«#i^»#i (i^iP:g«€ hf %hm t#0isyrm.tiea.*- %» »©w;jpt f^Ttfe«y 

m$ mMUm^m- m tM i»r% ^f ^« ttrtm^nlj «n&tpt %M.% irfeicis 
vtitf. «M»fiii In m® i»Mlmm%im %m% fm&% mm Imm-tmiaX nM 
mM tp^tU) *Mm»U0km %m^m tfeat m^m mm ^itt^mnm ^%m 
a Jisfy i»<siii i«^M m %«mmMm t^ -pwmn 9tni 0tfe«ir m$U0mm 

t#f« it iiaii#«j#ife®«fc3fy to 4tt#»iaft. f^ iatiBji:^ ,f^m i | ' wmat m 

km in fullaf w nn l«®t.m0tl^a fbmt 41^ mt limit 
%1m in#it #f »<^TtSf' t^ tfet mugli^aw istoXfM iB tfe« Ha* 
<&iiimti<^» tilt Q^iirt umld in tli« Mfiltel MIt«CF« ^i) *It 

^mm ^mw-m^ in tM m&lmmUm i^^mMJ** Mmm- MW, ^* 9m • 

wm 111. 1.^1 mm$m ^* mmmMm. M'mt.MA0 ^^^ Maie.)«. 

i^isikftitl f#3r plaintiff m^ mt mmtm^ %%ii% th« 
iastTiMatiom i@ 4i0iri^0t» tet l^ia m«itl@m »i^im» to l»« timt d#f«n(l» 
»iil ste^^ai !m»t bt i»i«giitt#^ to Mit&« ttttcli ot»|#0ti^» in tbitt 9mtt 
lmm>im% tkm «»bj#@ti#ii im» n^&t 9v»(sifiml%f polnteil. #tst $» tli« 
tifia3l, And in m^T^tt ©f tisl« «it«« tmin m^mmt fy^-m tfe« tJ»s, 
mg$(tmm ommt mt^ t«« '0f tM i'\tp7e»« Co\».7t of thi«$ ttat** Tti« 
fva^ti^ in t^# r«tl<^ir»X Goi^irt* mM ».1.»0 1^ thit stfittt ^ourtti ^f 
lUin^m vhm th9 llliitols (^plzdcm yeftrr«d 1» «^« Iimi<Sii4 

■««J^ t^^M^ 


•tut*, i»«tiosi 71 <»f tl%# I1m#tia« .A9t py«in4«it %hA% th« 

tliai l>«f©ir« fiml |w4#^««it# tM« luMi l#«« 1mm tie ««titbli«li- 

•4 i^tnisti^ in %%U st&tt* fli# fl»l»|##tl.0ii of %hi^ 4«ft«^teii^ 
m» amffieinmt* Ml,l»,„ly mmkMp ^^ jligilffii. lit ill. 

d<^i lybt^* ^tei^it. im iu» ^M« 

flit i,f.f#M*%ii% furthtie <»iJitiwiiii timt tUt 
•ff«4 ill jpftfi^tiig iMt3m#%l@ii M©, I* ^ wisi^sfe it ii«^ ^m#t 
%& t#li th« iwtr *^* ^^'^ 15^ ^1^^ tJst |i^g«« #f tfe# 
«]rediiliilitr #^ t%# vitii*is»#«t %%w ^^ ^ ^#t %& €i9t«#urd 
^* t«iitlj«»sf of m iml9m9.m<&4 wi^mm 'mmm. m. ^^'telf of 
tli« 4tf^ai;a»« eittflf ImN^ii»« 9%^ witE«#« m« %a »mf Xojroo of 
tiM ««f isat^asitl Imt %hmt it »mo tfe« ^tf of t&« iary t« r«» 
otivo tiio t«8t,iaioiif of m^: witmmm in %M li#t of all 
%1m otUeT o'Ti^oeo t^e«i»o o» t^oy »iml4 irtoalvo tiso t«9ti««^ 
Of ot^«y wtt»iri^#o»« Ani to totm^ino t%« orodil»ili^ of sunb 

iH^lOirOO 1^ 1^0 l»ftMO p#illOi|»l.#8 «Uill. t^oto % WhlOb tll^ i»m 

tofolao th« «ro€ifellity ^f Qth^r iriimo»««».« 

St limo hem lioli tlsot t^o ^Tiac of n •i^iloY io* 

«t3motic3ii In a pors#Bal lAjiiXi' >oEko# a^l»ot tlio otiro«t oar ooojM&j 

mm mt imm^pm^^ HfeBOdMI T. M-^mm, '/lly t^t Mt,» ^» HI* ^*$^i^ m^ :v^f ▼* mi^Mm^ ^^ ^^^* ^p^* ^^i mmw^ 

Its lU. SliU^ loalpy ▼. atauiaaeyty. 174 111, 68S| JNauiott t> 

/'^^ll ^^^1,T„ ^f »43 ni. 430. 

^ tlie i.^bo.ytf ^.feo th« c|tio$tioo of lloHillty im« 

Zfr'M ^T f-"fpil) 

irl'tiMNis wim »%fm€ m tM ^tttet m^ ^M #»« thm $i.mi^^m% 
*l»t tlb^f M$h% mmBMmf th^ jetlsti^m «iEi.stimg Jwitwt^ii m^ 

l»ir« iB 111* IP#limIt ©f tfea i» €tt«»iiaiBf tfe« w«i#t 

•*i# %^t it was iii«*r« ^ip#p#f to 6i3sfii.»:i*»? iii.# iiit#yit«t 
nHiili II iiita##ft smy l»Kt» in t]b« tmmX% of tli« nisilt^ li^ 

w^% mf ti-t smit, #iat* If m«r«i iiii* ♦ '-l^lgawKit fm plUnUft 
m^i, m.0k.%mt tlie »%js*«t mw mmmw ^-^^ w^ja'iA tglitMisli m 
ItaliHitr mpiiBit ^iii MSt ^mtia«iai tfe« ^iii,i?t »ifei4 Ct»tli|t 
*tli« iF«iiS(%JL#» #f ^i:fl#3r«3f mmd mmpMfm- itiiittM ^ti^«» t^ 
«0ti^XMsa mi^ 4«f'#m^ia% l^t no i^itfttntg i® %d te« €ii#z^^it«4 

flm tmtimng' mf mm «®fl^#t it t@- l»« ttw.t»i tM mmm a« 
l^fefcl ©f ««^- ^tM-T i»il»ii«t «»^ 'Slf MIS afftaM t^ 'fe«- fai? m^ 

tm ^0m imt 'n m^f ^ tlt.a «mit, • k «imll»» iiwlnietifiii 

i^» Bimtl mM,to„»^,ff# ^^S 111. -m, %•«»»«• It im«' 

^b^&iic im <m*e ao Imj^ rtt^liM t® tfee d«f*?aa«.nt«* 

I® <^-* i#|>)ii«i» ^ff wlii«^ «*» a ««lt t© r««0!V«!P 
iiMifftii an^illiAt til® latitat a».r «(@aqp6^t ^^« emirt Imstniot^^ 
Hm $mf tlmM tlmr mm$^ th0 !«%«« of tfe« wMifeilitjr of ^» 
wi^«ft«««,. Imt ImM. m> n^m t^ cll«w«4it tfe« t#»tiai©ny af mtt 
Mtpl<»fte «i1sft^«e mm^n of b«h»lf of t^ 4mfmu^nt 9iAplf 1m* 
mm0 hm wm m m^X&fee of tli« a#ff«i4i[iit» »at l^^t it m^at U0 


duty of tH« ^wtf to refitire the testiiioiif of su^li i»lts0«»^ 
ia tlid U|^t of «.1X th« «irl40iioc ''tho ostao a« ti^ey woul4 
jr«e«l'fO the teetlaony of imf otheir wltnfte««" The o^uTt 
modified this iii9tiru0ti<m hf addlag tl^t the Jiyury were 
to teot tlie ore4iMlit3r of eu(^ «B|»lO|roe tlie nmi^ no tliof 
Wfnaid aay othejf witneeo 'ill tlie emt^loy of an IMlTldcusl 
llti#&ttt«* Tlt«:ir« W33« anotlier lA^trtsotlos i&4vieliig the 
piXf thm% la detexmifilng th€' o$^41biIlt|r of tbe ^itne&eee^ 
tHey t&i^ t^« iato o«msidcrati£m* enoag otiier tl^lAge* 
1^# rel3*.tl»n of the wit»eoo teetif|^i»f for either t>lelatlf f 
oir ^e 4efem^iit# ^M %%» imtt^eet lie mi^t hei^ ia the re* 
e\ilt of th* eult* the smirt lieli tfeet t%9 Iftsti^etldd ee 
off^re^ feR4 as nodlfled stmted a sorrc^ot pyopositlsn of law 
aja4 etstea xh^t th© t*eti^oay of mRple>ynm of lltlga^nto «baiitl4 
)wi eei|Ji«d eji4 teet-ed by the simm jrulee ae afi^lle^ te other 
wltods^ee* und )i«ld %afc^T the two iaetifuoti&iie seBtioiie^« th«re 
vao !to espo? in ref^aeing t^e laeti^otion mo offered* T^ls 
mm w^9 wmwtmf^ ^ t!j# Stipreae Cowjrt, frhere it wee held tlst t 
it wee erroip for the oourt to isodifjr tlie l&etruotlsa* tmt ot& 
eeooiiat of the otli^r lastruotloa ^Yen »n the {^ueetl^m of 
d««teT<fftiaiAg ths; orediblllty of ^e witBes«oo« It ime fyrt^er 
liold tliat ^0 laodifloiLtlcm did sot li^^^rr&ftt e rereroai of t^e 

hi tti* .l^^alev m-m &« iii.strttotli>B »: « glToa to tbo 
of foot thttt if aAy witaoee ooo in tbe e«#Xoy of either pxuiatiff 
Of defendsntt auoh reletioa sight be oonslAered to^thf^r rl1& 
eny othe» relsitiotto vni0h exletea hetwe»a ewefe witfteee mmI a 
yaytf to the euitt «»d that eueh iatcrect* ,if ^oiqr* ttifht bo 
lidiered hy th« jury la dotermiaiag the eOi#t to he glTea 

^-^•fi JiJi %il: 

%» tli«. %«stljBa0ii3r of mm «lti^)ift« th# muTt MM %%%.% %h^t% 

i» lilwmyt f»f#r ftr %M $wtf t® »§>a«lsl,€y ilie late rent. If 
ir«t%dt mf tm Witt i» ^t««»l»lii« felt #t#4iMllt|r.* 

3&» 1^« i^^tl^ f^yiif tl*« l^ity wrt ii^ifiiL<it«d tM* 
liil^ lli#t «90ii»iit? t^t fm«t tl^at sK)r' witm#8# te4 ^#m ot 
mW' la «Ni mml^f ^i ^m plaintiff m 4«f em«teut in «ltf«i^a- 
lag t^« wtl#t tluit OB#t to iMi ^wm. t» %!»« te«tlii0By ®f 
m.^ i»ttmm»M m^. It im« li-#lt.» f#ll©wimf tlt# l^nlny ^f^y . , 
ti»t th^m wm m «lN»*««tla3., $tmt im gltl»s tfe« ia«tmtt» 
tl<^ iai^#m#. It mm immmmm* M tlit mm @f Mrim r. 

tplnl^n i>f tl»# mmT%0 iNildy iB @^t*li:liig 0f impl9f^9 vitw^^mmm 
Cp.#04)a *fte :ii«xs0a%l luttrttt mi^ m&% m mlm-tim mi.gk% 
p^BfkiUlf anft-at* isi i^t t@ '^ ©v«»l^Mi<Nl is w®l#iaf thmit 
mtmnm^ Mt 'teitt tfe«i? stuti^imtii mm U 1w ii*t«tlf 41f 
t^dl:tt4 #:r 41irftpti'IM4 1nI'«^w»« «»f tin^t fmtt., is n «mi«iltitil9tt 
mif^ pssmtii mm wm.m %m itmilf U m4&p%t mm 'w^t^. mithsT 
vems^n m^T etip$itiemm imtmm'tmf^ la ttm Hyjtant ®^«# if th« 
4«f#ii«te®t »®ft htld llafel«» if iTOuXi^. ^ |»l«»»lly on »c«5oviiit 
©f tfe# a»^l^si®# 0f tfe# is«&t©y»9m wli® tttttflta In lt« m^lS 
mM ifc» il^i%e Pmttmit ««&ld« ^tfel«i i^^i'ft 0u#t stdt to be ov»y» 
l#«|i^** fh» rtfa»«d Imetf^Mrlloft Ihms t«pftftt«aSy beim afpfovcA 
1^ Qisijr 3ii|»r«g»i mut%* %i«t t^#s« #i«l»i0Aii» tti« ^Tlaf #f 
tlt« lii«tf»iitl«»» Mr iii»t M mmmmim€ «f. ii!ill««taJE«ii Xlt«f«* 
»ll|r« tlMi lutstTuetioa «&r bo 8»14 t^ b« a m^nt^Qt «tat«««'»t ^f 
tli« l%w» It It mx3t ^^plftlan that, «ale«» it 1« wor^lM Bore 
nlmxlf um 0msm€lf tImA van %h^ inmtruQtimi «ub«ltt«4« It 
is Xlltsly t^ t»€> ifilftXe^dlng fsjr th« rirmsi^iMi glir«a li& tlis i^laiott 

! i'Vj* 

%^ t 


rot tfee flviair of ixistxui^tlaii a, oa b«h%lf of 
plaintiff, th« jiBdfEipat is tersToeiSL amd tb« oauM 7««.%ftift4* 

mm »• 0c^Eai^m< 



oooK mmtY* 

*mu«. i 23 4 I. A. 6 34 

Opinion filed June 11, 1924o 

m. ^tSfim #«®fiOII dtllTtr«d tfee ©r-liilofi &f 

WL Qt4MT »ati^'r«4 ^l»y tfe« OiFPiit 0®«r% of 0©#Ie OQtmty at^dtfy 
lag » d#0r©e ©f ^w&tm^ whm-^^f tfe» fmstodiy ®f th«t 'plaintiff «» 
miimw ohild ii;^ ti^^«ii frmt Mm mwB. mmkt^4. to %hm ^^f^ud^nt^ t)m 

fli« if«^ir^ 4isel0«e» tt%i.t on the Ittli €if jO»#4MiMnrf 
1S0?» tk# -partieffl t0 tbi« twit w^r* msTtted; tJiat. as s rts^lt 
Of stu^li im.nFia^ ft »#si jmlliui "t«0 b<»f^ to thtm| tMt •timnA 
f<ii&arii tli'Ox^mft«x it-3r^i3r#t @#iiymii^ fll#4 li@ar Mil t&t i«pa3Pat« 
wiliit«ii!iit#e ani i#t h^lmiid <l^®lm B« -i#}»tri^@li. fil«a m oipa««^lll 
fi(|p ft ditrora#, ©ljair|^»f ftlliat#7|'* Tbft »»tt«» «»«« om'foT hear- 
Iftf mid ftft«»ir ft hftitring tl^ il^mko^l'h&t fttfttiNI hm vomld diaai«« 
tlift )»I1X ana eiit«»]r ft a«otft« of diiroyoe iiM^r the tTotftblll; 
tiiftt k« ttieii oaXXftd t^ft isftsrtlftft lato bin ohftalitirft and «u|:gft8tftd 
tlttit no furlliftt ftfttiftB he tftkfta \mtil th« two year* had elft]^ft4 
ftlaft« thft pftirtiiwt lm& ftftfftmtftd w&4 tdb«t thfta %bm bftftiMUBiA oidMI 
fllft ft %iU foir dtvoroft eliarginf d«»«>Ttloiu Atiiftx^ntly tbft 
img^fttKni ftf tfet ««mrt «ft» ft©t«a wiyoa «ii^ ftn a»j»iftxy 8» 1920, 
tiMi huftl^ftftd flledl him bill f»r di'mtm ftgftlftftt th« d«f«aAiat, 

ffmm - ^m. 


,^ijwi ^.x cii'.ju 1)9/ ■■■ :-^cr.£crO 

-TJWll TO? ffO 

rj.x zmxrx' 


fliliftirgifig h#7 with des«rtloii« alltgliig tli# t)lrth of their 

m& Jiaiiua mid re<pt««titig t^%t tlia mMto^f of tb« ohild 

1^ giTOS to fetal, Tfe© d«f«siirliiiit filoiJ box aii«w«j', th« ramttw 

OMM on for !ioaifi|« boforis ^M@o JPlSL^^fei^eir mud % dooree «»• 

«iit^r«4 stviirdiiif tbe ©^aplalirnKt a divorot oa the gyo\uid of 

<l«i»ertiaa, aaa ttet &» 1te4 tti« oay# and ©u«ito4y of theij? ooa 

iltslliMi, srt#|«ot %& %h^ visitittl^B by th# «sotb«f mt otat«4l "tiwi«, 

this iMQtmt WL» m^tmt^ M»mi^ %, XiSO. it fvurtli^ir a^«ai^ 

limt tlio (^ilA Md MiKH tftlt^a oaro of % t1&«» fmt%«ir «a4 !i«» 

mot liTo^ ifith Islo mot^«T siao« th«y ot^rmtod, irhto>* irm« aboDt 
tho f th of 4wmmff, Itii) ^yist i^t %h^ timo of th^ ^o^^ing of 

%%» ^^mtm osysOt l^ot^r^iary li« 1^0* Ji&lluo ims t!%«Ei six yoaxt 

•Idi ft»d liMr XiTiBg vlth ft m^t w^o liad two yo^mg olll^r^n of 

Mt 9i9m, tmvln^ h^i^n piaoot tli#rt by t&o fatli#r* Julimo tn^s 

tken &tt«m^ag ooMool &i^ wao In tint first gi^do* it furthe^Sr 

«|ifMMur» f9oai t^« t%mM ^»^% olthoy^ tn^ o^iM ^d boca la tl^ 

ffttli#ir*e oils tody nlmm ^« pttvmto wtsro o«pa:rato4 t1^« «o titer 

Iia4 oall^d f^raotioalXy ov#yy i«ji^y to »^«$ hXm, 

AftO'i" tli« Siv^t^ Sni^ tm^m §T%&ted, ^ little more 
tli^l tim y«ar»« ^0 ttfwnam&t flloa hoar fotiti'n^B. oa ^prll 9S« 
1.^3, |i»Ryiiig tl»t th# aoore® of di-ro«e@ feo modified aad tho 
euotody of Julltio mimTdod to her* Hi* pttitioo o«t «p (iBMl 
f^im ) t^at OA tho S4th of Sopt^iiboir* X0X7» hor then liuoband 
filod m liilX for divoroe 1b tho Oirouit Court of Q^ok Ootrntft 
olmrging tlso pttttioBor ^%%h aduXtory aad thmt »\il»«#qmeBtXy oa 
i0TO9l»«r 9» Xtl?, tfee Mil noa dlMiiaood on motioR of tb$ oo«» 
plaiaft»t| that oo ^wamtf 27, X9X8, oteo fiXod feor MXl for 
•Oparato »ikiiit«moito« in tbe airoult Ootixt &goin»t her tUoft 
lRMil»aad* ohargiag him with oxtreaac aad ropootod orueXtyj that 
«ulMOQ»«ntXy tlte dof«a4i«t filed bio orooo^iXl prftyimg for • 


■ i'-<i mum 

^ #i«i' i, « «* W 




•ft t%k(NMI IMIt ^ iE his Mil for dSVO?oe« «?hi&b im« dilWilftMld 

&»d 011 %\m xmh of $«^%«i^NMr^ 1019* 1&*v bill ima dlsulased for 

wm^ »f 4iQvd%« It wa^ fB-rtfe«ir ftll»p4 thmt th<P O&anoclloT 

w^%^€ %1m\ %%^rm «r«r# ft^ gro^asit for dlfOTtw ob aceoimt of 
•^Xttty Mia <sia Ftls-miyry It, IIKI©;, <li]iiG^i9»ft tfet ciro«»blll. 
'nm fsliti^ fmrtliitX' ••% «^ %^% s f«w ^lif* aft«T the ^erMT 

Imtlmitd imd wife im #ii«aii»| that simet thft itti.«g»d mis^triM^ 
Mlivm M« l>#t^ llTi»g with his fiit%«3f .wa h%» %XX%^A wlf« 

iM9^ "bt? tm f^wt^ <»klldir«ii| tliftt ^iliii« urns m#t p7ai^«rl|r tiae«i 

II t»»0if fttv^ li^irlftg «m%B w^n fei® bo^, tfe« petition *1«^ 
««t ti|i tijat Juliua liii« \mim »*|^««t#<l ana mt% ^t&^^tVf ^klc^i 
«ii7# 0f ; ^M,% wm m« ikblfs t0 t&Jlw« ^7« @f Mm$. tlsnt 8%e «i« 

iiw 0®:mipyimg » %mi»% aM femi «%ff i©itat a^»«y t® gtv* lil« 
fTOfeap »»<! ftuff l0i«mt «^r«, @t»d ^IMit lit no %ism i«t» tlfe«re assiy 
g^Kmad® f<»? tfet «^«.F|^ii of adwitety «ii*ae «|sftln«t h«ip Ijy hmt 

Om 4me S» X»St, the w*it«r ©&«« ott for hoa^lag 
%m atftor hdarliig tho t««tlai@ii3r ^ witi»i»??#® la op«m oowrt 
tfeo afeis.a««Uor rtfuo^ to moaify ttio do^sroo of Alvoro^^ %r^ 
^Xmtm^ feor |M»tlt4iai« Aft©rwar«l« ©a Kofwona^or li, Xt33, 
nfOtt XooTO of tke O0yrt» the !W>th«» og^lm f iXo<l hot fiotltlon 
AlpRliiet hor for««r hiiolwiiid, liin^ying that tho (Sooroo of dliroroo 
^ »o4ifS.o* nsd th»t tho OttOtoay of Jmll«« ^ wmrdod bor. 





»« %h08* in tlt« ptiow p^^tlliiaii filed by h«r» txc^rpt tti« stddl* 

tional aXi^gfttioB tl^t 8lme« thf aotfe of S«pt«B^ir, X9t3, 

•li« bad not lM»en la th« etmpMLf of €ni# Austin v&o «m« aui#d 

ft« the 903rT«@poi&Stiat tef t]ia ItMfiband ia feiA bill for aiYOvaa 

<^tiair([^ag adultftT^. the wmtti^v mmB oa foa? lieariag b«fox« tb« 

<ISeta&G«Xl0X aad &n M&m^Bmx 3©« 19;iB|i tli^ m^T% «nt«ted tho 

9M«T ftpi^i^ltd ffom aimr^Bg tt»<» miiitD^y of the c^lM to Ma 

oiotlMiS'* fbM muT% !s,f t®if lioariRf orl^not ftmM %lmt feotfe tb« 

f&^tr sad aotl^ev of ^rnlitai wer* fit aaa ptopoT poreoao ^ bavo 

tlio eavo satKmsto^y of Mai tMt siaot 1^# «ato.irl.i^ of tlte 

^oroo for ^iTOXOo* tl%» otatiidi aad pooitioa of th# xi^theif 

ligdd aliaafi^i tliat ilio liM a amital^io %t@i^ foir tl^o Oliild ajad imio 

now a fit aa€ proptir peraoa to Mto tli# ^stiro aaS omatody of kla« 

iia«l tfeat it m.B for tfe« ^mt lat«3P«at of tli« ofelld th«t ho ro* 
si4o with hia w&th0t9 

Ffon tbo oriSsao® it mpprntsm tMt tM ^sotlieT ro* 
ai4«a at 1S16 lyMlaoa mrmsm» koopiag bouoe for oao CtoraoXiaa 
J^7ao4«:r« w^o ooataota wliat io kmmm ao a aoft drialE parlor; that 
o&e ia gottlag |10,00 por ae«lc froa rrao^or; tbat th«y Xiao ia 
tiMi aaooad fXat whii^ o^saiata of six tQumm ia a tvo fXat baild* 
lag* th9 potitloaor toatifiod tiiat tb^ro wss tt& li^or la tlio 
fXat «iioro aha llv«d$ that l*ra«d@7 had a obiXd fire yo&TO Qld 
«lmg •!# aaa tnklag oaro of; tlmt tl»a Xaat tlaa mh» aaw AiaGitia 
mm ioptia(Mr 2B^ at ^raodarU hofl^« SBo furllioy toatifiod 
tint ^ore ir&c no aatoriaX (^aago ia her ooaditlc»& siaoo tbo 
iioariag oa tho firot potitloa alM» flXod for a aodifiimtioa of 
tlko docawi, «z0«|>t at tfea ]|>i^oeat ti^o olio w%9 not Itaapiag 
oaa^aay with Auatia; that ao (^lasii of adultory tstd e^er boon 
provoa a^»it l»or in ooarjeotion aitb Aisitin* me ftirther 

•.1^ ■A'i. L': i-. \>'^d 

tj.i;TC>E> imitlt«: bJ.^ 


ttfftiflftd thAt at wm tiwm Sulinm told her tb&t bis •t«9m>tlier 
mt^mA him irlura h9 wmm i^iag to g»t im% of h«y fa»ll|r. Tho 
Mmk 4vklivm 1^ ULl^iit oi#t yeaur* of ftfO t«8tified that At 
OQO tiffi® the 8t«p»othii; toldi IiIjb to gut out of th« hoviooj t)i«t 
ki« f«th«? aad otepBHUtfeex were lioth good to him a»d that bit 
8iotBe^7 tTOfttod %im kiMlf$ ttmt ha WA&t«d to g» mad liiro wltlb 
kio 5»ot&eaf» t1i« «^do«©« f^rtbex <Sl«oloo«s t,h»t tfeo fathor 
MMI •ii^X«f«il «• ft iaiotoxaiia foar tl« Sutfaoo l»|»«» «ad had Iwim 
«^p|^ in tMt «^ft for ii^otst %m& fmttm$ ttiat ho l^lYod &% 
4i3.f ICOBtoii stvoxi^o w^loli in Xoos(.tM ii& tl%@ B#irtl»Ni«t oootioii 
of tli« o&ty* Tho fath£:r toot 1 fled that Juli^tt tirvo? m&^ tmy 
{^st^laint to him ahomt bting taiotroatM hf th« otop»itho¥; 
that thtf all »|)|ioairod t® g^t ai^Xong wtll togothoTj that about 
0otohoi? lat, irhtea th® moth«» iMPOagirti ^\aim hoso ho msm Auotia 
itth hoiri tlait ho ir^fUM ^tsaiiM vith food omd oiothiBi^ that 
l» th« msimm ho toot hla to tho foiroot Frooorroi that ^tilluo 
attoMO'i the .imhiio oohoolo aM gooo to ^tiiroh itin^i-o* 

9&t llho H.9mmt% who lifoA &t 1S18 fiOidteo» avonoo 
tootifioil f03r ilio #»foiii}%mt l^at ho tirw^i noiet to tbo Fvao^So? 
ftpa^tKOnt and om^id «o# imto It thrim# th« wiaaov; that oowi* 
t^UHlo ^tirooa ton aB4 tooXvo o*olofili at nl^t thoro oso a gr^it 
a«al of m&tm in tho FmotoT &|»&rl»e&t« oli^giiif and vhiatlln^ 
'^lat ho mm diria^iiig th<tro| that ho n^r^t oao tluliuo' mothoir 
artxeic, but that oho vao * awful mi^f^l that ho oav hottXoo aaft 
gLaoooo on tho ldLt<^^ ta^Xo, thia irltaooo a^i^ttod on orooo* 
•»Mftl.»jatlo& that ho had ha4 tTOHAiXo win tho potltloooz, 

Ono 41100 Koo^ov tootifio<2 for tho def oo^at that 
oho had livod In th« flrot opaytoeot of lirao«or*o huiXdia^ 
tl»t oht had takOA oaro of rimodor'o ehild for ahoitt Z^ yMX«| 


tfe&t «fe.<i mm tlb« pftitlQfttf tht'T«« ^h9 fuTtlitr tostifltd to tl>« 
eff«ct thut th«?r<!5 im« impip%vet r«Xatio»8 b«twe<»ii th« p«tma»r 
ajiit Fta««»i. Oa ®ro«s «3riimliiatl.o.B ©fee Ji<i«itt#d tteat afet had 
h^S.. tx0til»Xe with tht |»@titioi&eT» !%« l^«titioi»i]r ««« »0% Mll«A 
In rtbuttidL ft»d aifl m^t r«fut# any df tl^fi t#stiaM»]t|- glTsa by ttk« 

fy.» i« imLtefttiuBtlalXir all ®f tfet «t^id@»«j« itt the reoor 
t« tliiBk th« f iMlag of tbe cama«j«lX©y to tfee #f f cot tliat tto» 

tititia and tli« positioa ®f tfc* ^titiamef Md stib^taatlaUy 
ah)suag«^ adlii«« tl)« dfitttiism ef tk« m^m^ sua tlat it ««« fair 
fte« )^Mt interest of tfen «lii«» «feild tfeftt fet r«ei«# witlt M.« 

»etli4iT» i« n^t smstnliifiMi %y t^ tTid^mi;®* It WfkB m3kf ^ont 
«lx an^nttm pHer t© tli«i8«it«»iitg »f tM ®Me^ oosss^lalmed of 

that thM SUmnsmll&T r@fiiB@«l to naaify 'tfe* d®03?#« of dlTOTesg ' 
a»,d loraietlottllf tbe ^aly ©b^^-g® i» tb® |i«tltla»#ap' s etimdltioa 
tlist %mk place ftnafiag tl^©©« alar a^atlis trm« tteat s^t Imd e^i9«d 

)i»r rtlntl^a «it^ A^istln* i# thia^ tl^s ^-rlt^B-o^ of tli« p%%i» 

tk&mx Mtm^Xf Mhmm tlmt iiu#b wii^ tiot tl^@ fm$m^ '^mmwii^ Mhn 

%^Hlifi«d «lMi l^d !^t ••on JkiMtlm sl%o# »#iit«tlii# Im t#^t«ai&«r* 
iitelols wa» 9}^ly tfeo^t alx w#elc« lM>for« %hM p#titlo« »aa fil«d» 
T^« d«f «ttd9»t tRstif i«€ tMt h^ Imd ««eii th€« tog«tlt«T about tho 
fi3Pot of Ootobo^t ofeortly teefort tli» fotltios w&» filed* Wat 
im *»y OTtiit# wo thiaic tteft reeord dioolos^fi tJmt It is for tlHl 
lioot ifttereoi of the dfeild that ho x^mtiii wi%^ hie frntbox*, Tho 
tridenoo 9hmm ths^t tlie f«tb«r lo 9a»intaifti»^ ^ oyit&blo hoao 
Ofi ttt« aoflAiaiOO'l oootloii of the elty» and hAO »i^pot«AtXy takoa 
■^^ oaro of th« ohlld »• lo uoual la »«ofe o oooo. So is a 
toapomto wan awSl h«« 190«« working for tea yoaro for the ooao 
oos^MMiy} «?^poor»1» 1» v«ry fmiad of tho boy mad the ohiia i» 



4l2^ eaij^-. 


■ i" .?• 

Iik««l«t found of %h^ frntlMmm tm mt'S^wem shows %kz% %^ 

}iMN»to i»feiiOli %hM p«%ltiaa©y mmtm$, t© bring Hit boy wiui 
not idfel tfest It «Ji0Uia fes, 3^© It i^-p«awi f*om th« e^lden®© 

tm&YmmA &M tlie ®aii«# j*Maa##d isitfe: dit©©ti#a« t^ tlsmisa the 




S0B *" 389S9 

Otto X* ommi. 



2^ A T !\ ^^4- 


or ^IQUQO. 

Opinion filed June 11, 1934, 

U ^mnm O'^QMOE d^llve^r^d tfe« oplai©a 

Of the e®ij3rt» 

Pl&%n%ift Inrft^fM an attlon of attaok's^at a»|ftla«'| 
the defemtant ca^-lMiag that thsr*? wis 1500,00 due to him froa 
tii« itftis^Bt* Two pa.rtle« were «@rv«cl a«i garaltliMf ©a© of 
tfei^ aiiiswsr«4 that he h«14 In fete pottesslos |93.84 IWRioaglng 
to tli« defead^at. The oiuie «a» trl«d %«f ©re tbt co^ixt witliottt 
a pxry, fim attm^^^nt w%s saatitladd and Jud^^eat entered in 
favor of tfeo plalatlff fOT f46»63. The |udgaent al»o wtat 
agaitist the gasmloljeo for the amoijajt tliist he &^itt@d was due, 
aad it was ordered that after plaintiff was paid hin jud^emtf 
together with ooeto, the teal&nee Iw paid to the defendant, to 
reverao the jud^i^at the defendant proaooatea thio appeal. 

ease went to trial on pXaintiff*» eaeaded eta to- 
meat of ^aia ia wliioh it waa alleged th%t plaiatiff olaised 
there was dao hia from the defeadmat for oom«ie$ie»i |^K>0«60 
aiid«r a written o^ttraot entered into between the parties ^m 
Jaly 14, 1930; that the eontract provided that in oonaideration 
of plaintiff wieiting defendanta faotorr which wae looted in 
Oeraany, mad in eonsidemtioa of plaintiff instructing and 
advising the «efendanta in referenoe to the aanafacture of con- 


it).>.\i'x:*/ i 

.^'SC; :jjL bslix rroirtcqO 

eerlinaii wl^loli %M &mfewAxm% «&• wuxufftctusrlug* plaintiff ini« 
(ippoiiit«^ **sel« mna «KoIusiir« m.X99 ag^at fo; tlie Ifnited States 
«l^ tl^t ha wa.8 to M pftid XO p«TO<mt ob th® aaXea of i&ll oon* 
o«rli»A« tsold In ^®yloa« It was further alleged t^hat plaintiff 
▼islted d«f0»^iit»« f&otOTy ta OffTwany aM im0tm«t®a, them in the 
manufaoturs of imno^ttitmMi that def#ndEfit ha» sold a largt 
mmSiMt of @o!iO€irtliiaiat la im^tim^, \mt hm4 failaa to pay plaintiff 
his eas'oiii^iaii of 10 p«]fO#mt on mash aalot* 

ffee eirld#iioe tana® to ©how tl»t *ft«r plaintiff 

had gono to (Mipmaay siid. givom imstruetiotis to the A#fendaatt 

ht rotU3ns«id to thle ooimtry mM told eonei?TtlBa8 for the de» 

fOHi^aJitt a»o»t of th#«i appoitred to hav® b««ii paT©fea»#d hy 

hiai8€lf iiroot. fho ©flA«aee fmrfcher toMo to show that 
th«r«' ifmo Q08W ii@mgreoM#iit %#tv#^ii tho ^rtlos and. oot Ooto^T 
B$, IBIl, dofemdaat wifot® plalatlff a l«ttoir statiag thai tfeo 
ooBtieaot of <luly 14« 1930 «ao c^EOOlloS am^ bo loanor la foroe* 
fo thlJj lott@T' the plaintiff ir#pli@d Insisting that th« oos- 
tTEot fr^ii aot ostnoolloi, Imt iras ©till in f&to^ ■&..M effect. 
It «to«« to ^ agreed l>y t?:tt p«r-.fti«« tisat the oomrt fotmd tho 
amoixat of s^lee »ato hy th« plaistiff ptior to dotoher 38, 1921 • 
On tl^a ttvm tho oouirt flgnairod 10 poroont oommisaioa mm after 
dodisiotlng |150«C>D i»hii^ SUA Imd Mosi advaaood hy the dofondaat 
to the plaintiff, eatovod Judpteat for tho )mlaaoo or |4e»e8 in 
fairo7 of the plaintiff, aaA ther© is ao ©oatoation aadc that 
those figfer^s aye iaoorfoot. kt the close of the^iae, eouneel 
for the deffstadaat 8\a»iitt#d what they deaignated aoeeTen fiadiagi 
of faet and elm pTopoeitioaa of law^ all of vhioh the ooxdrt re* 
fuaed to hold* 

The argBmeat la aiade hy hoth ^rtiea «e to whether 
the ooatmot of July U, ISKJO »&e oanoalled. In faot thlc ia 


,"».;^'/riT« f^r!"*? 

«ii1lfltattti%ll|r the onl^r «.rgufflent sede, ir« think this argument 
is not pertinent to th« question before u« for deoialon* «fhethtT 
tlifi oomtTaot HAS oskneeXIed or i^ot is tmmtttTXaiX^ Binee plaintiff 
is not •«#]tin||^ to rteoTer aiijr oomissian for any 8sl«« i»ftd« 
after thd (^te the d@f«»]iaaiit wrote hie letter* statiiig that the 
eo«tra0t was ea&eelled* So that whether or tiot the eontmet 
«ii8 ©an celled ir©\ilA in so »ay effeot plmintifrU ri#t t© re- 
coTer hie ooamiesioBe 011 ealee ismde prior to Oot0b«r S8, 1331. 
A further argument eetn^ to he 3®ad© fey the ief »ntd2i.Bt that 
eiaoe eose of the i^lee «a4e to plaintiff hlsuself were at a 25 
l^roent dieooiptmt* he ime AOt entitled to a o^KBiseion 

tm «iioh aaXe* fhe coatraot i>roYidle« that the plaintiff it 
to be pmXA XO percent ooisiieelom on ealet f^a^de mrad we eee 
no reae^a why plaiatif f wae not entitled to his &&mmimion 
01^ the price at wfeloh the artlolee w«re sold* 

fh© so-aalled fiadln^ of faet and propositions 
of Imw eulmitted to the trial Judge west to the question as 
t9 whether thB eoRtraet had hees c^ao^lled and noae of them 
la aagr *a^y effected tfee qfuestioa for deoisloxi amd it is apjatt- 
eot for that reason the court refused all of theau 

fhe judgaent of the Mnaioipsl Coyrt of (SjioafO is 



ntliOa, P#J» AMD tHOiilSOII, a. Ot.)KG«R. 

.^m mil 

mi « 

mumm a# imm^ 



ikiiffiiX0iyi muomm mu^mt, 

ft «OlPp,t 

■f t^^- 

« ■<>>' 

/^ li ^tu X •/! 

0r mimm. 


Opinion filed June 11, 1924, 

m* ^\mti§^ Q^mm^ mnmt^d t^« ^laiof 

luf' tINmt %h^7« li^vS II Ml^uKot of $4.37S«00 ^^0 him &tk s t«iUBh* 

mk%* f^re w&» it v#ir4ie'l a«4 J^dgm^mt iia fa^er of plain* 

tiff f&w |2475«00» t® T^r^T^m whiok tM d«f«»d%at p?o«#m».t®« 

^ S#^t«»lMtir 1§» li30» A ^yjtot of 7| is^Atbtt* euEid i^IaIxd* 
tiff *« (eoattnti&m viui t^t it «%• «^gr««4 thitt li« tl^mKl 
4amm a «fti«ff ftt t^« smt« <if |S«€^«00 p«ir |r«ft7 e»& 1& addi-* 
tiotty if th9 ^M9i»m& pT^mi»d ptofi^ltie, b« wsa t« li* p&id 
•^elt Additi*aa&l goas>eit«atlott &« mi^t b« mgF9«A apoa; that 
th* ^simmt kt im« to 7«o«iir« as nMitl^^xial cKi«p»A»fttioii «M 
i»ir«T »gr««<l wi>@n sua tliiftr«-f€»rt, %• im« «ittiti*<i to b« j>«td 
itei hill »i}rvic»i iww« r^ftS^Mlaaiir arortlii that tli«y ••ir* 
rtikimmbXr irertli I7S0Q,0Q of vhiob he Isiad b#«a f^id mtS«oe, 
iiwiTiaf ft teXftjRO* of |437S«00« 011 l^ft fttli«r luuid ^e <lftf^ft«» 

ta^t - mt 


.^eei *i"I sauL x^aXi'i noiflxqO 


■-it»i» ifcsl 

9i |i5#00i^»00 |>«3P y#&r» sad tte»t it im« ftartli^r »gT««<3 that 
l^laiBtlff i» aMiti?>B, t0 tb© |$j^0C»0O »^<^ further Qtsai 
Agr^es^ent s.ft©n?srd«, %.itd, th».r<5f#r«, plalatiff 'ws.® only 

Flaiatiff tiff^'t'«a «vitt»©«. ttsn^iair t© »tj:pp©yt' 

«• wli^ |pnr« te^tlmm^ tMt »©al4 »«ttaltt its p&ti%i^m* flit 
lnaEy fttuffl^ is. fmr^r &f ^« pimiatlf f sad *fe# defeiaamii^ nfgu^a 

#l«Airly of t^« opiaisia th«^t if tiii& tso^yd wms ot&«nri«« free 

f«tt« «yT0r, w« K?auld aot ^ wmrraat#4 in disttsT^i^ the fiad» 
lug of iii« l^dpyt ^^ uinm thM $^0mm^ m&st ^ T«iNiTs«d f#? 
0tli«r irc^«Mi«^i»« w« will irtfr^ls fx^Qffii di«#ift»lsg tli€ evi4«iie«« 
«K^'pt la, »# fax iMii it m&f lit %#«tiiimv|r im ttatiag tb« »»•<»» 

H^iatlff Q<5mt«R<t« tfeat %%« ©«?-ayt •mNl in i^liiig 
<»ii th® «^i®©l©a and ex€l««i0ii of #vid«^^nee • (1) W« tbisk. 
1^«T« w«.« a® «,nr^3r in the nilinf ©f tbt ©©wrt in n^^rmlttiiig 
flmintiff and tfe# irlta#«s ^«i«»«ll to giv« th^^iy ot^lmlan, »« to 
tli« y^affoiiAblo nmti mmt& rmlw$ of tb« n^rrioo* ?«iidcTo4 
lijr plaintiff, »9T la QfV«iT«llag tlj« d«f«?tif5aBt*« ©l»3#otia» to 
qoootloMi pit to tb« uriteooo S^bwoitBor* Yh« «Ti4«ftOi> t«i^o4 

to mh&m ttmt plaintiff and ^ceoU fe&d ouffieicst oxi^orioaoo 

to viufifaat th«» in i^vlag tiseir oplniono *» to tteo w^lm of tho 


»fiTTi99n rendu r«4 hf platatiff, «ilist vtlgj^t th« Jaty 
HFOuld §!▼« t© tb« opiaioiw i» not a q^estlom of law* far 

!ie wm msl:®€ if l!^« irts itj©-! aimsr« tfeat tlie ■mt^^n wtto en©- 
©««cS«d[ plsiatiff iMB m^mk0»T «f t1i«^ <i#f»R^rf,at o^mpftny » f#w 
dbfcfa aftty i^lalmtiff Isaa severed His csonneetiaa »« d«f®iid- 
8jit*s J8s:Rag«r, i^eeived & eslftyy of ISOO»O0 mw ««mth, plua 
t fmT&mm of th« prof its ^nd the m«« tf ta 4mt^»^il«. thin 
^tm»ti^u wmM a^>3«0t«d t»^ lmt %'bM ®>1»j«etloa im« ov«rr^i«d» 
III t!ii8 1^ think the c^tiTt ttrrM ^oati»« thl^ :&att«ir was ea-» 
ti7#Xy Is&anittrlml., (S) Oet»pli.iat is al«o i^tbC^ %1sim.% the 
0Ott7t «rr«d in o^HTVulln^ aef#aiii.»t»» ob|«ffitio© aasa la p#t- 
«ittiag pl&iatiff ta testify ».« to i^at isjlis «%Taia@i htui 
%9«m for foui^ ©r f !▼# ye^y« liwi^dlatwlf i>rloT to %M tiwm %% 
wt» «isp3.®3r«d a« «miis!if«r of tfee aefcuicfeiit* ^ thlalt tfe« poiat 
la Willi ^jfeea* Tli« fwa^y «swi»atioa ®a tbin i^^mi« of the ©aae 
aa» a« to what if^a tti© reaaoa^M* v®l«t of tfep «*rrlo«» r<r»- 
4i«f«d % th« plalatiff. (IJfe flw ^aftnaast »l»o aoaplalaa 
tiat the oeuyt mTT&tmomtXf aaisjitted ©▼«? lt» objection a 
latt^ir •fTittan toy th« pi?6«lsleat of tfet d«f«i!^at a0«i»aay to 
plaintiff a^ut « asmtfe stft«r th# t>lalatiff ©#aa«d to ^x* 
far tlie daf«Rf!^nt »a »»aag»y. Tha Iftttsr ira« aa followtj 
•tour lettar ir«j«?«^ira4 aad at tfct Itoard aaatiag of tlia itasrieaa 
©laoouat Ooatpaiif, bald today* th« «sftttar of y^i»T oXalaa aaa 
tlso^ucfeXy !!5i9oa»aad by »11 the ®««b«ra. If y^w «• going %• 
1M la clJsica^ «o<3a» would to« pl«&««d to harft yo-v ^^XX ai^ |p 




over thi^ m^%%^T p^^t^mmllf ^im Mi* «• X aik wwy iMilrous of 
ftrifi'Vimf at a» »«i€i&bl« aettlawtnt with lou,"* naifttiff • 

f»9itl'&« la ttmt tlii» l«tt«y «^mi pr4\^#irl'|r Atoitted Xn «vl- 
d«iu»t lN»«ftU9« t% wa« i© tfe© nmtur© ©f an iMl«il«»ioa that th« 

d«f«»i[i.d%i3it atill ©w«4 tli« pls.iRtiff for bit »«rri©#«. w« 

tl^Juak ^1^ letter flieuld ii#t teir«f tef#©» »a«ittt4» Th<?y« 1« n® 

»dbai,®alon in it te tls# feffeet tli«t ^Mi a#feaiisittt wa« still la- 

d«M«4 to the plailntlff, b®mts»» it might w«ll ^ tlat tb« 

^f#3a;ariat» «©Bt«mtlwi w%8 tfeat 1% fe&d pai^^ mp In f>sll» aM 
a^mld ^mirinm plmiatlff 0f tlii« f%^t «|50a iiuai»siiig the 
mtt«:r irltli hiM* (4) t© thialt t^fsi-t i»a« ao trtot ta tfe« 
!r^iim ©f tM <3®iarl la pmmkttin.% plMin.%iff t^ sfe®w tij® 
ammsiit 0f I»us4!ta»t i®a« fey tli« «.«f«ja4§j?it wisllt plaiatiff 
%«t«<l 1MI lt« m^nm^T, hemum^ plaintiff »« mimnm wsm to 
%hm #ffir<n ti^t-t tfe« cw^aRt i^n wag %© 3r#®«iT# la «4<iitl0B to 

vftff ®oilii«L«t«« at a pirofitt (S) U&t do w# tlitnlt tfe®f« 
may «!rrOT la tJi# fullaf ®f tfe# trial J^sdg* la r#fiiaiag 
to m^mi% la eTideao® tfee ir.omefe«r» off-iirM 'fef tht dtf«ad^at, 
Alnof. tfe# #TlA«ac?t fe*ll«d to m%m that pi a I at Iff Jai«ir ftayttilag 
alJOttt tli««. (0) to al«o %h^ naiag of tlit trl»l Jti4«0 vao 
•irroa^»ouo la mitalalag aa obJt©tioa to a c|tj««tioa aoitM tey 
oo^Gftool for th« ^few$tm% oa ovo9S«-eirsala»tlo|i of th9 »ltae«9 
ttt««oll. It woijld fe«T« b#«a ^rai5#y to fe>«T« «roii»*ojtaaiiao4 
tlilo witaeaa toa^lag to &h&9 tM% he wirs ^laood on aoooimt 
of bis tteing di9Qhn,t^6, hf t>»« defeadaut, bmt It w«« ii^ropcy 
to *tt«iipt to <So S80 ^f mowing tMt tfe« forasOT prowl 4eat b»4 
«a^amIoid d@f<^a:iFmt*t aoaoy. 

|lMi|>lalat 10 aloo «%«« by t^ dtfeadaat to last 
tloao 2 auftd 3 flfoa at plalatlff •« rirciatnt. By InRtrv^etloia 3^ 


iii^ii' atK ta:^4^. i>»jia*i&^n 

Ms aM.^-^^ 

•if '^ Zi^V JiV'i? : 

^ ^«^' ^^«.v^ 

t%M pxtf imr» UM If thi^y b«ltinr#d t^m all %M «▼!- 

tmm %%B pu-tt*! m u tint ©■,?i^f«»amti0ii |>lsi.ijiiiiff m.9 to 

fm hk» $««vi<^ «« %i^.«y b®ll#ir«4 fr« tfc» «iriti#a0« fe« mm 

»#o«iv#4t ttiiii ia«stimotim iwni! wr^mg^ li«#iii'^«# it didi j^t 
ir«Qtiif« %M j«jy to ^liiirt ft^ % frmpm^itmmm ©f tfe« 

iir4€«»9t^ tMt tli«- ®«iii|Niii«i.tii»i Ita^ a0t ts*®a mg^^d ^poa, a-aA 
f%nfe«ip %hm% tti« plal»tiff WB- t^ot. mtitlti U mmiv 9mm 
#mf#ii««tia» m tilt Jm?f b«ll#vM fe^ mm. mUttm t^. m 
m» mlf m%ium. t® iFe«-t4v#. liiii^ wm. mm feis t^T-rlc^s w«r« 
9m»ommf wmtk, tmtmmtim » »mf^X«.im«€ #f »« to t^# 
♦ff##t ttot imlsiit tl» a^ftBd^st lii4 f»T#€t a irmlidi ©^utirmot 
'twitsftaa l^« fitft|.#« wmm lifelek i^« mmimn ^md fmw mwm 
mmmm^i, thmi tii# p%m%M%tff m» mtmim t0 mmifm frtm 
thm mtmwiimt %li# r^lm^ 0f tl5,# terriers mmmtm hf Mss aa 
ptwt4* l«8s wljAt ^li.t 'IsM al?«ar hmm %mm^ hM thmj mute 
twpthmt t#li- hf tfe« ,lj@Mit?tietiis» tli^.t to Mhm tisch «. t^114 «««• 
ti^.«t it must te« |iiP©Tt4 tfestt tt lias &.6#»:iit«a and &gi?»eiS to 'liy 
litth |»3rti.#« i^il i«Mi f®» » amff tc^ftUt ©«ii5.®l<J»»fcti®ii» flfett 
JjMitini«ta«Ka wjfcii &i#4y pT«|Mt«Elibl t@ tfe« «Seftiidm»t. i|| tits 
f lirst pift#« %h®Ttm wm tm iHsptit* *mt t^*t tfe«-rf «m« a oontTatft 
®iit«»«a %n%& Im^mmn tb« im.Tti#«» %M #mly disputt l>«4ttg a» t© 
Ii0w miuli tcs»p#msit«iti^3'« finlatiff wkm t© y«»tiv«. It wm« xm^ 
ai»|5-ut*t tfe&t tti«»:r0 «rm« a v&llt «r!it#!f#<i lata &«tw«wi 
1^ |SArtl@« *M @f «se^jr»«» th«T« ««.» a Tsulid luid tuff loi^at 
<K«^i(ii«imtiofi. fli« ^f«?»^.iit eoBt«ii4ed tlitt the 09».8i<l«s«* 
tlan ms f»,000«00 p«f r**»t *^^ *^«^ plsiiitiff ca»t«ii«l«4 tfe«t 


^:im -f^m 

'i i^sJ# 


■■' ^nt^'^l 

•a:-^'rV'4' ^ 'V>,.i, ^.*^>.V 


h$ mm t^ t^^miym mw^mm%%m. la mm%%im to %h« |NJ,o®o,0©, 
•f <mi©&i» i« i'«»»f»#4 isa4 %he mmm rmsmmm^ Uw m mw trial. 

w'wflfe' T iSw #.*ffllPt!W' ^Ir 4iW'W''»i«P m^mWaMHinK-iHr^JGVillK wf^ 

fkitm.^ ra, Aso i»i^oi. J. »s^iu 

.,«...J3 4I.A. 6 35 

Opinion filed Jiine 11,1934, 

wi. mmim o»®©ti§a u\i^%m%. %%% ©fimi??® «€ 

1^« <mm3rl* 

l»la.iatiff )s:f^i^_t i.a a«*i.aa @f ^tai£«p9it against 
tfe« dtef®««siiii I© ]r«««^iri!' |T|^«W %%M%m€ %%\m ^m fel« f©r 

Jmapt««it %% ^Xn tmm tm tlit mmm% of fel« iilalai, to Tt- 

0f i^^ml #atmt« iB <^%mm» aafi t^at flmimtlff ©0cupi#d part 

i«:rtf vft# for sal* softd titat tilt mtm>^m% rtpliM th«t it v&» 
?»ad tb« Frie« w?;^,» |te*CKK:»»00| tfeat plalatiff aatd tb&t lit 
thoi»#t be Imd » yg^xfKkmJsmt for tfe« i&yot*«yt|r^ and tMt th« 
dfffdxid&iit agT««<i to pay fela ITSD.OO In om«6 th« property wa« 
«0l.d; that aft«3CwaT<l« h« pre««»t«d k |mrciia««T for th« pro- 
p«Tty to tk« d«f<m^»t^ to ^»« tfee d«f«iia«tnt »old th* pi©* 
ptrtf for |^,0©€!.00| tfeat fe# A««aiia#a |>ftym«at of tii« |7«©,«K», 

V ^'t^-. 

,^SQl^:i srtirl. belil no in iqO 

aiat that plaintiff bad no lleen»» «« n r«itl •Stat* broker* 

^f«ii^*iit »ff«T^ 6vi^etto« tcndlag to 9h99( thA% 
a.ft*Uft« mm » t«iil©!P »«mips^l»g ^rt of th« i»t«HBi««» in m»»^ 
ttoa saja« o« oy abaut ©•<s««fe«» 10^ 1930, vfe«s the d«f taaftat w«ji 
l^at^ing tb« |>f^ii««s» k« wi!t« ®j*ll»d Uf plalBtiff »»a t»k*tl if 
tii« 3»7tiBi3«s w«if® fo3f 9al#; tMt th^ d«f«n^.fit rtplia^ stmt* 
lag that he »0ul4 T»« willing to 8«1I tlit p?op«rt|r for itf^OO^tdDf 
t}}jftt pl&lntlff tn^id tl^t li» t!»sii#t h« lUMi ft piajrolk&sOY; that 
Botliing mm imid m^mnt aur mismi»»ie&B or a^ mw of a^^tf 
t^lsf IHtM In eaoo t^ s&lo wmo offooted. I^ro «a« fi2artb«r 
o^i4@noe t^i^lng to sliov thut plaintiff mnd %M puri^taooir 
of tfe« -propfTtf w«ro fariondo; tMt plaintiff liiPo%#t th« pm*- 
citfMMr to the d« fondant t.m4 that tfc« 4m.l was ooitaii»a^tod| 
tliat juot bftfoi^ t^« p^pmitm irort oiwoixtod for t^o nolo of tfao 
p^O|^erty# plaintiff flrot ami^ mn^tios of t^o faot that ho 
•liould l»o paid aoflo 6ommio^i@n| %hm% thft. A'^fm%6»M% tMt^^a^on 
ioniod tii^t im ims ontitlod to any" s^^ payment ^^d rofuood 
to mtTf omt th« doal if hM w&st Tocruir«d to v^f anything; that 
th©r@ia^^on tli« plaintiff et»t*d that ho did not imnt to pro* 
vont tho doal f 70% going throu^ an4 waivod aeqr olais ho ^S^t 
Imwm for his oorvlooo. 

fho o^ldfso® la irroeonollabXes It io in diroot 
oonfliot« but sinoo th^re smot bo a roHjriai of the oaao, oo 
will rofrain froa dioe«»«ine tho tooti«ony »^ *h€ oororal oit» 
nooooo, iS%mT tho rrldenoo of the plaintiff *a« in and tho 
dofom^At had introdaood all of hit ovidonoo, plaintiff oalloA 
ono Sol txd.% »nd ovoy objtotion of defendant, this vitneoo 
toatifiod to the effoot that ho oao ao«|taaintod with tho plain- 


^ Z4 i 

'' \:d^/.l£^"''' ■» '■■■';" ^::r>'4-,"- ■• 7 '' .??{,' 

t.4ii<l''^ i ' 


tiff imd In !S0T«m)M7« I990« the plaiatiff told th« wltnesa 
that th« parc»p«Tt3r «(»« for sale for |^f«000»QO« asd that plain* 
tiff wantod to know if th« i^itaett Bad m <m8toa«r to purobiiao 
tlie pTQp&Ttfi thAt if he h«n, t)i«r« imn a ohAiioe to ivako n 
littlo »f«m«y5 that if tht property wmt9 m^lA^ plaintiff eoald 
got 5 p«¥0«iit f®r aelliag it* this eTid^aee wae obj©otftd to 
ftftd «iks ol«%rl|r iaft^io«ilbl,o ia that it tsndod to pro^e that 
plaiatiff h«id bo«.» esiployed by th« (tefendtut to fiad s ptaf* 
oiiiuior for the iproptiPty aii4 th&t ho would feo -osld for «o doiag. 
Of oouroo plft'lAtiff oomtd not prov« thmt ho wa@ £?.o e»tplO|^od 
??,md wao t© lJ« |>f«fcid ia east th<i proi^^rty wss^g told, hy hit own 
o^^iaoloms «jid otateatsats to third parties out of tho proo** 
«soo of the def€iid.amt« WhlXo mon% of i^his-t thlo witness tso* 
tifi«d to was hToii^t a^t os orQJS«»^3ts28i:^ti0a, yot that 
faot dots !iot dhstn^i the sltimtiom h*«8tuft« the GteMw^mmitm?^ 
tloa wms omtiroly pros^r. 

Wim 9ftso utt^B s^ oXoeo oao on the faotn %i^ »e think 
^o ftd{iii«0ioa of tho tootiaon^ of this witn^so «so orronooua 
aad projudioiml. Aad for thii trr^r tho ludp^Bt of tho 3ir» 
oitlt QoBTt of Oodk ^tmty io i^^Ttrsed amd tho ^.mo« rosMitadod* 
for a BOW trial* 

fh« plointiff *s OftVii* of AOtioii vsus o^t 
hftood i^sKm aa iai{$llod pfrosloo orioiiag tttm inroof of agoftojr* 
l^other tho plaintiff ouoooodod diifMiiaod ooXoly ^^» vhotheir 
he oould f»roTO that the def ead^at erpreooly pwwileed to jf^f 
his $780* 00. That w&e th« lotue aado t»y tho atatOMiit of 


^«£r »T<i 

♦ ,-,* ^ 

^r,r: ^ #■-■■; '>©. 

> ^t». 

olalK ana tli« aft liftKVlt of si«rlt«. tlicte wt« erldetiodt 
that ef th« iJXalntiff and fe,ia toaght«T, tlmt tfen ii«feiid«.iit 
did »o «xp3?e8«Xjr pToaii8«» sa4: it waa n«t a#iii»d thmt t}i« 
l^Xalatiff pToeiiret ttee p*arelitt»«ip« f!i# only erld^nee intyo- 
duo«d A8 ft T^mik% 9f tli« plaintiff •« «jia^iBii«iitio& of Ii»it, 
t<i wMefe «>bJ«oti&il UMi «aa«, wwi tiMi 9liitl« wtatlom, *Did 
m« Fl«*.iatiff tell f&n tht fTte* ®f tm pif«sit»«« la question?* 
fh«!.t wiws ^1I» Itt til© aajeritir ©Fiai-Sf t% st^'^m^tn m9 
t%mx^ lult, <(rfmw ttet eb^^otion of the d«ffmdajat, t^ntlfltd 
t0 itult@ a mwimt of ^T«rawit&Ba!«»* leliaT^itiif t^ TemtA 
«h#mi« &f) I iMi.'ve Just irtmted^ that t&tf® ims only ^&« <pifta» 
ti®a «<l mmmnt &him&%«^d. to, a:ad ttet wm^ did ttee plaintiff 
t«ll Ettit t^e pTlee ^f tl%« prtisloes in m^^lii^m in iov^bor* 

Mmktiug im »l»d tke lmw6^ t^#r@foirst *" ^^t i«» 

did ti« defeiilteat .ismk* aa «xpy#«» fs^'omi*® t© tmy th« plal»» 
tiff It^.OC, liBd: did tli# plaintiff fWalsli a pii3roli*»ojf • 
wh«th«T ©r not tht plmlstlf f told I^t la KoTo«to«r, im% 
%Tti9 ptim ©ftlio pi-osds®* w*® omtlr«l|r irt«l»Taat mmd !»• 
mten&li so tliat in s^ vlow of it» la aqr pdis^mt^ dooo It 
«0«i »«to»^^l»lo tQ hold ttot ito odttlooloa ooaatltutod m<sh 
ois^tantial «*r©if ms to Jtwitlfy » rovei?o»l of tho j«d««nit. 

■.m^ iRi:Al© 

. ^,? !;/^. :■^• 

•t * 3i37I 

f|)jM||ift W9MUM a»i HydKH' 


wwmt w, m 'i^mmt 


; O Q /I T A .^P Q PC 

iic»]iic:is»ii).i, o^uRf 
or maa4a0« 


Opinion filed June 11, 1924. 

u 4nmim. t& 

i 4«liT#rM tli,« ot>ial?»is ©f 

the eoMxt* 

i>r<i0T of the Mtmielp^l Ciotjrl of (^loa.^, «iat#Tt4 o« def^fi^ 

»«duf#4 ft J\i4gm«»t ft^mlK«t tlie ^Itftaa^H'l Im that court, tey 

timi<^ denser %hm ooiirt gafsMatftA ttee df»f«nd[55iat ttmim to np-^wir 

att©im«y8 for tise plsilBtlff*, |1S0» 

the dftftael^-^at WiM & n«3«?^«siiSftat, liTiag In wiuil, 

of FiB««# An &tti^9^«at la »i4 «&» i^i#^ a«t by the pl«iatlff«» 
oa the grousid of tis® d^ffa^imt's n9»*»reiid«ao*, *»d a Ir^^r *a» 
«a4t on o^rtfiln res^l o«tat« In Obloago^ 1wlc»ngiiig to the do* 
f«n^l»nt« l\*lio«vti m of notlo« of %h«t bogliialsg of thlo aetlo« 
mm duly «»d« wid ft ©opy of tfeo notioo !*• ■oilod to tfeo d«f«iid» 
out pwrovMAt to tho ototuto* Tlio eauoo ms reaoJied for trloX 
la d\io oouroo, on OctolMwr 10, l»31, ffeo dofoad»»t liftd aot fllod 

» .■•55' 

him Hp^ma»xk09 tmr m.» fee Ff^r®««"atM im «@uTt« Th« |vX»lii- 

^iMiif faT®y, b®tls iii tlit i»tta,elw«m% tmvm ana mt tfee merits, 
^M AiiMMpii of tli« p|AiA^lff» ^^im ^mmmA «% ll^otxs* VlMn 

mwn mK^tm€ «i5««tmX #5r«e»l5l^ii to i9«igi* la I^Wf ©f tl>,# plmiii 

tiff* iNplwit th« mttael^«t pTTjpmwtf* 

tm ^et^hmt S, %MB^ nm^Xf it i'»i..x' ^t«? tb.# jttdt- 

wRHat •»« T«»4«t#4, %m A^'wM%%t pmmmt^iSL a p«tltlim t^ tfe« 
Ifeialeipil S«>Mirt Miii.®T tht iJi-^irltilofia of $e®ti*aii Bl @f tfe# 
Hii^ieipaJl a^uTt li..©t» asking %M &m-t% %^ immtt tm 5ttt§»«st 
of 0©t«>^«ir 10, imu flift flaSBtlff* fil#il th«tir mmmt ^ 
tlii« p«tltli»ft ®^4 im ^m i&^um t^^m prt-»«mte4, * fe«miPiJ^f 
wm }m4, r#mati»f in tfe# s^mt«»lmg <»f t^ ©i*d«^T frcfc® fr!^l«i& 
tlil9 a^p«ml lMfc« 1m#a p#ipft«rt«4# 

It Ijs ®^fit<sii4#^ hf thit- i#f#mfl.s»t ll^t %h» mpfm^l 
m1mul€ }m ^MU»ii«»«4# t^t th® ft r*»os tfe&t tfe« et^Mt mppMH,!^ 
ft&m l» »8>t m fi«al tad app«ttl»M# ©rdsy, ©ititig .^iley ▼. 
MimiMi* ^^^ ^Xl* MM-. flbmt m»0 ie m% in poimt» fd:r It i»» 
v®lv»A «m #?t#T fnaatiag m 4Mim^m on » ii®%lon istejrposea ^ 
tfc# sl#f«»-'1mmt» %t tfe« ®«w« t#»B of <w»uTti at isl^loh tins «!«*► 
oaroo w&o oat«y«d» A p«tltl®« In tfee imtiirt of ai bill la 
OQuity* fllod w^^T th« pT&ft»iQm of oootiaa tl of th« i^^«lol« 
1^1 Cburt ikot* m&m %hm thirtf ctftys o f toy |iaid[#Mmt Is «at«7o4t 
%m t%M&t ooyyt* ro^imostlJif that t^e Judfpomt ^ Tuoatod or sot 
asldo* md ttMtt tlio dofoiijlss^t |»otltio».ft)r \m gXrm Imve to 
d»fe»t« 1» In tl»«> »fttmto of o now and os|»ak3roto suit mni s» 
ovdsT oatetiMl uf^n tb&t potitlot# vmeatlAg th« jmdgBOot oy 
i^vlAg the dof^KlAftt p«titlon«r lo^ve to mppn^t tiM dofo»i* 

t^- «njr #jSf6^ 

.•r?iv ft 

fOijlif-i'" fii 

th# pB^$fmm% to vtsmd «« mmATitf^ 1« a final fynd ftpt;«ftlabl# 

»»dw. 4i, i-,ft,,,gM,r^, ,j^ a>» ▼• iiaii^Jtou^-f 2it tii. ai^« 

ffilfi^ ai^ mM09 lIltTe Oittit* 

thft a«f«aiasit oant^nild t!s»% the tffldaTll^ f »t m ttaeligs^fii 
fall#d to .©©aiply with tfe« rtq-i^lr^ss-eiits ©f tb# statutft^ iA 

mffl^mirlt i» eiiitirli^ stsKtM that ths d^fi^n^mnt*M plMm &t 
reeidence ^^q Miami, n©iPia»t wHi^ »si# e®rT««t« It »«««•, 
fe«i#«ir«!r, t^t tte« t6f#n4iiiit r«©«lv®4 l^is tail tddy®«.s«d t« 
«S©« its, ll^M fS, ^[«i^ ^Iflttft ifati#ttt m«ii# ?li>jrlda.* 
It fttrtfe©^ ap^p4mf« tliat tfee aotiet of th« l^ginaiiig of th« 
plAiatiff »« ®^lt, ssifeiXM ^ th® ^eft sf t^# i^l«lpa i:imt% 
&f dhi^i#»». t0lli»wiBg tl# filisig <if th« affi^irit ttft^tT^ t4»t 

4yit Btt »«»^ the ^fm^m* iMi# th« i.4iftiii.%mt &iii ^at r«* 
otift tJi« laotiee »ail#<l t© Mai tif tlit ^#apk ©f tlsn ipiiolp^X 
^idPt ©f C^iimg»» ifeM tliisii w%9 im% in 9, p<»«it4oft to fil« hi« 
app#»r®jia« msd put in lii« itff»»«, l^« did t^oeUm iiotie« ^ 
tli« mktetinfi of tkt J^ud^^nt sgsilnst him iu MmpX» tlm« to 
mmMM M» t& i^.r®«#&t lil« m^ti^n t^ ^^ m^w% to irmc^itft th« 
|t^pi«stt withiE l^ittf (3^f» @f its ^t«« btut h9 MXiifmttt%9^ 
Xf ehom mt% ^ puxwrn tMt eoii^tt* On ^0 ^ tb# liidpMBt 
tMMi «ttt«r^^, Oet^ber i©„ IS^lt 0<3tif»#l f#r th« i^lai stiffs 
wrote tli« d#fend[^-nt 11 l«tt#ip ft^isittg^ tilii thnt ^vtA^^nt haa Innhi 
«iiter«d tm that dmf Afidiist lii»» in fm&r &i tl^® flftijitiffSt 
fov tl^ mm 0f |^«©00« i& sin Rttni^toii^t fuit irhiQii ^d b*«il 
«9Miim<ic4 %h% prtiriolM 4itgiiitt» mmA h« im« &^l<ri4i«d tbat ittlMt 
tlui witt#f tnm ptrop€3riy ^^mx mxm of tfi« plAiatiffs wmA.A 


"^ir^^ 'J:M- nm.'^ 

0e«9^ 17» list, tJi« «0f®»^».Wit r^pllM to tJrd» l«n«y, 

«ia toi) Mg a liisinrir t«^ ^t te ni^tli** itt »ad#tl tli^fet fo« 

ipomld ^fl^ttX* tl»,lft ^^«ti«iii for ip0d vi^ Mt. fo«Xwi.s» m yoti. 
ami iS»..o. ^»#iJiit» will f»:«M^irt iyi«tt#r fr«m »« vitfe Cis) « 

$^^i« 0f m,f»» I ii#p« r-^^ *^ii imit t® i0itg witii («■«%} 

iii d^i^f© wls# iptfy^nt^ta^ him in ®tk#ir ii».tt#T«, is.iid y«t h« 

»#!tiiiftt tfe« ^0f#m^lmist %M thim ^ms*, I3«l &t ©omtlBuet to 
l,fi^y# tte# wjstttt mtil tfce f©ll@wint: inws^ir, mm%n$ to 
€^i0&i»' &ii#iit Mg»®% 1« IP^t^ »i4«^':iai»^tl.aii ^'i« ljpr|r«^3p t^^mt 
a. aiontli tli«3r«mft«tf ani flimlif pT«»tattag l^ls petltiom »« 

imwAty, t&« ^fl4irtit f0t mttm«ltoi«*t l^itiNl t^« iNiitJ«ao« of 
t!i« ^lif «mfte,at em Mlimk, rimxm^ ^hmM b« o©ii«ldejr#4 «iif f4» 
«l#sit ta tlit al*«:t»«« of 80i8« »b,«wiiii to tlx.® «f f®«t tliat tb« pl«l&< 
tiff 8 kmm tfe« ^rT#ot »%ili»i; a^dre^s ©f tfe« aeftiida&t at %h% 
tiiwit fe*** f»ilM •» «»g|«0t#a ti> ilvt it, t»ay» »5»»tmtiJi« t« 
fx«i.ia4 <»i tWlar pufU ^}t{M y* Sgafffi^* tO Xil* A4^« 841« 
IN» i«tli »^0i4»f w«« ita.^. xr the pUlatlff« M4 enttrtalatd 

itay diap^ltl^a to pf#v®at tfe« A«f«sfid>imt l©iLr»lmg aliout th« 
ifc«tiaa. that tod te»«a iiwtxtwtea ot tM ^Mpi^nt r«oav«r««. 


4« %@ 1ili« ttt#3rit« of tl):« isstt^f t<»tmA on th« 
#«f#iidma«f« petition ftsd li^# «ii«ip«; <$f tl)« |»lai»tiffs tli€r»to» 

t&» d«f^idUttAt •«% feTth in Isld put&tioB tit&t at 'll»« %!%«. 
iMi i«M»iMl 0f tb«' |iMi|^imt 0f 0®%®%«ir 10« l^X« %« im« ill 
at lliftitti» wlt)^^ m fe«i3r» w^leli af f«©t€^ him teotJi boaily aaa 
i»#&talX3r t$ iiitH All ex%«at tkn-t "m w^m lii«&pi^l« of tmkl»f 
«ftar# of ills nft%t«ip| timt la« sub^i^ta»»tX|r :rft00T«i!«a %18 hftnlth 

wli«» It* lift4 his attoirntir m&k% ^n l»v»«tliBktioia« rssultiAg in 
t)^« di»i!K»T«rf t%sk% hi« rf^X iMiUt* Ibi!t4 l^ta l«¥i«4 «.p«m i^iiil 

4«f#nse to tfee plstimtlffii* a@tltim» 

In h%» t^mttmmf ^^ 4«f#m#«.»t d«»«iri1&«4 111* illtt»«« 
A* *a|^ te^mt^* statiAi tli»% it iKiiifiA*4i Mm to lils ^d for 
fomjp aikf»« af t«3P timiels h« wa« iNNik 9ai«i s* ssj^atally t.ff»et«4l 
tliat Ii« Wuj« laiafeie t# lte>:Ml€ hi» affair* wad mm n«t ftfel« to ^!?<^1 
fi»t «oiws f©tir m^ntl^* H# »1»* t^^^stlflft^ tJmt Is Oet©b«» 13BX» 
^ «&• Xi'tind iritb * mm mm»d hUmttm, in riond*« wit)i «%*• 
%« «ma in %<&*ii^»@ «t t)!« tim0« on^ mma^ Imnd Ae'welQp:&mit pl^yi* 
Jt m^n alad gl^owii tlmt i UB*t:m was m etileag© at tM Mmft 
*f til* lii*iri&g 9m the a«f®adant»» petition* but for 99mm 
rmtMm ^ 4id »ot i^i>p«aT 8ta^ testify. It W3&* &TOi%#t out aa 
*x^**«Hi3iftittiiMitl<m thm% tfe« dff«ta(5»nt did uot 3r«<9«ir« the ••»• 
Tio«8 *f a <io«t0» at «r*y %ia»* in €©an**tioii with th« illiw** 
t* *hifl*i Iw t®«tifi«d. fh* ^viitime* sb^s tliet •«ft*id«T*tiX* 
aot7**p^id^o* t*®* pl«^e* fe«tw**n *oim8«l f*» th« i^aintiff* 




9MA t^« dsfeadtnt, i«»»dlately following <KHm««l*s letttir ^f 
Oe%al»t^ XO^ l^Xp %M ^f^fmi4mnt*a Xettet in reply* of Cotob«y 
Xft l^X. 0^1 ii0YinHb«y 4» 1$B1, eott&8«l fet tht plaintiffs 

iTfote th« df^f«ndi9fit «Lipiin« •AylAg thfst mo furth«x ooai^^viiltK!* 
tld» had b««fi reo^ived fr0» hlJi« ma h* h«4 Intlanttd tli«y 
ftl^t •X|»i»<il» 14 his X#ttt? 9f a^ebev 17 » aM th^t unless 

•iMMi dsfinlts &t'mxi^:^Mn% »m^, aisds abm^t th« Jiid(p«st in qu9s«» 
tioft^ by thf f^>ll0wiiig Friday, stej^ w^xtl^ \^ imksn to ©olleot 
tlis 4«ipi«frt» llRii^T fi*.t« of i©Y#«fe»r I0g 19SI, th« ^f««^ 
a&t ir«]^ll4id t^ this ^ni3ii2mi^ti<m m%^ s ie»i;;t%iy Xsttti^t sst 
fsrtl^ in fmit, sl»iXs sfcios, typsunrlttsit pm^» sf tUs rs^r4« 
gplag iBto tfes a^tttsip l» mu%T0n^T»f »itfe ssRSldeysfeXs d«tmiX, 
In this l^tt'vy tfee d^fsadt^jgi.t r«fii««a to si^iaalt aii-y py©i>®aitiMi 
ia ssttX©®«»t ef tla# m?ntr@vsy»y witfe the pXaiatlffs and fes 
«^t®4 ISu^t bs eamXd «N^aa to ^loagp asiy tiai« iis'ssatsd ta ^t lis 
IsmI sffiss ^^sinssi cm Imaa im Florins* irMen lis mm.ld Xi^« ts 
sttsM ^, sni lis sf»\tXd ^fobsbXy bs in C3fel^g» t^« foXloviag 

%i^]» aats sf ®#ir«ttM7 X4« XMX« c^'^^ssX fot tiis 
fXAimtllfs rspXisi to l^is Xstts? ft^m %h^ 40f«M^ut» aad 
aa^itg dth«r thln^e, sfftf^d to h^&TS thti^i'^eseAl&gs in whi^ 
tlMi pXftlBtlffB tJ^4 re«ov«r»€ tfeftlx* ludipisftt op«*»«^ mp ss 
iLs to ' '-?e7aiit the dsf <^a^mt to pres^it his tisf «ass* pT0Tlds4 
h« took &a:fi>Jitag« of thtir ofttr within t«B days, Ftvs asys 
Xatsr, ©Ti Koveat»s» X9, X9tX, tfe# ^efsndfest r€!>Ii«^ to that 
Isttst* r«f tyring t® th» off«y of sotmseX fOT tb# plaintiffs, 
saying tJmt fe« did ?tot mnalUr it «»i#t whil« I as dissuss» 
lag this wattsv wltli ymi aikS vxitia^ ilyout it to you tlis 4sy« 
fXy tiy^ a»iA this wsy y^u ©euXd oo^at tea dmys pretty qtsi<rit.* 


;cf ■' 





In thin letter th« d«f«fidnnt ^tmmwtm %h« tYanwMrtion «t 
fMwt liKigtli ^ml aalc«» aaa offer of 8«nXem«fnt« l^^^er dat« 
0f ^rm&htit 25, ItaX, «»»vi»9el for pliil6tlfibftgml& m>%e tfet 

«iid ft^tsd ^ikt ii tHe t#n d^ir p«ri«ft r^f^FT^ to in ooii&««l*« 

Ofimao^l would ap?«€ t© » f«j^tli#i* dfetlej- of tftn days from tho 
M%9 upon «fei©h feo i«« mritiag, frltfoiii wliic^ bt wotild ftgrto 
tl^t tlife dtf «m4iiii% n&^t p9m»^fit his ^of tiiso in tb# o«»o 
im nlkiob t^^ pXaiatifffi hmi t«oiNr«!rod their ;}ua^i»Et« Bndeir 
cmM of I3o0e8tl»o;r 9« l^o 4«f «»!^»at ng^-lft wrote oou&«ffl for tko 
pXftl&tlffOt o<lvl«liig Mm tl^l l»« l^d nrltton to tho px^im^ 
tiffo, tit«BMi3.Yfto^ pw^po»ln^ 9mm n,tw ^oio of oottlosi^mt* 
V&^tiT dft^ Of MemSk&t 9, IISII^ ooittool for ^m ^Xaintlf fo 
«tot« %h9 ^f^mSi^.n% dtollnlag tb« offer mk4l» hj him In liklo 
lotttr to tbo plmimtlffo dlroot* 

It also ft|ip«sir« f r<m t%# to^ird, tlisl yM$; da to 

tloB to ^e 01@rk of tho lihmiolpi3. Oo^irt of ^:%i^iOt «aIc« 
is^ Im^tf »^&^% tl^lo <»!i«o, &3i^ wid'^T ^%e of ioToal»«x X&« 
%M%0 %M ^03^ iryott tfc© d«f«»#®Rt living Islai tfeo liiforaiii 
timi ro4f«MMto4# 

ffeo voI«mi»em» «>rT«»fO»d«fto^ partlclj»at«<i is l^ir 
tlio 4ofi»al4»t» withia a fow dityo stftor %he |ad|{Bioat in fm^or 
Of 13i« plaint if fo WM oiit«r«4 in tlKlo oo«o« tmA oxtondiag 
^lirou^Nmt n period of &^out t«o aontlis tlb^roaUTtor, is mt* 
tiroXy inoonnif^tont with tb« defsna&ntU position taken n 
f oar l&tor, to tliO of foot that bo o«« takon ill o^out «ho 
timt thin judk^pi^ftt o^s ronderod, *nd bo^«o oo inos pool ts tod 

; -v «■ .-iV ff »« .-ft j?Sr*f jr. 

If*! r-. 

"Stf?/^/ i^t 


as t4> be u]»bl« to attend to fel« Affairs, fh* w^rfupomAnt^t 
l»iU^t«« quif th« ooittx«U7« and it further ladioatM tb&t 
til* d0f«ad»iit took th« pOKiti9«« wh^n h« l«Am«d of tHi9 ^y^Af^ 
Mst* tbst hm would ^fck« ^re of thd s&tlNiy t^oa ho got roadisr* 
jui4 ikot btfiox«« 

This ims on ootlon at l&v. Althou^ tbo dofosdont 
WBM ftdYlsod of tbs ItEid^ieiit la aiqplc Mm to ons^le liis to 
present hlo KOtloa to vmoato the Judgsetit^ within thirty 
dnys as |»ir««onbttd ^y tho 9t»tuto« 2i« did not do oe» foT 
ofi^yoatly no other reason ^toa tho foot tltfit ho proforrod to 
nttond to suob of fairs as he had In ham^ olsowh«r«* ^viag 
deli%oratoly negXoetod to avail hiaftelf of the roaodr Ini had 
at Ian, if ho vlshod to be rollorsd from this |wlg»eat« im 
are of th«» opinion tb&t tb« trial eourt erred in granting 
his the suitable relief i^r^yed for In hio petition^ espeolallj 
after h« had no^ooted snd pootpontd araillng hineslf of that 
rottedy« altheu^ fttily adrlsod of all the fasts « for neatly 
a yoar after the judgMttt had been entered tiad Im knsv pzooooA* 
ings W9re oelng taken a^lnst his property la (Siioaso* 

For the reasons etated* the order of the i^nnleipol 
QtfUtt of Ohioa^ sppoalod froa is rereroed* 

taTLOii» p.j« iOEu o*aoi]^m^ j. ooiosii* 


^i* 1^4.51 'S'S^i/Xi,?; «.i.. ^' 

,(• .t*.-*"^' 

119 «• IW99i 


2 3 ^- T ^ 

^- O f 

Opinion filed June 11, 1934. 

m« ^Bfi€E wmmn ^umt^d %%^ <»0iftio» «f 

tlb« <Mm7$« 

»3r this mppm^l %h% Mfm^'&mmt imm: i* Oiaaaaa 

9mrwftmj^ ^i its tmsiaes® it fir#^iiiiififljr m^^^ nvtside eoaetnui 

1% aumufasttiaMMl* I^ 'lk# 0pBT«« &fit» biiaiii«i-9« tti« defendant 
0iv« %!$« plaintiff «, Pir4tt«a Ofdty fos' de^iag tfee a^&efeiiift «^Tk 
dn 7t WlX#3r pla%ei$« for whlsh isork tk« flaintlff MPto It 
I*iii4l |510tOO.» ffe« dtffiitoat af tuTi^rd »tiit tfee plAltttiff 
ISt ulatiNlt iNii^ tlie i»i<3iiin« w&w% <m tli««ii |»Xat«« im« exe«ttt«4 
l»;f «!i« plmlAtlf f a&i IImi^ w«irt t«e%%urB«d t« ^# a«f«Ei^B%« Ss 
*i€ ©€«xtMii^ tfea plalttilff ««at th« «t«f«A^iit a bill for tiMi 
iKKi^ dotit upoa tli««# 1^ plates « based on tlie rate estate! iehed 
far tl^e tatal msilMr af plates at %he total aomaaasati&a 
ap^atf ii3»a«* tba aaawBit af this Hll beiag |?7«40» The iimivmSh^ 
aat aaat t^« plalatiff Its <9Aieslt la aayaeat of tt^ia &ill« Xa 


3ni;u D^Li'i noirriqo 


«f f«otlii|p th« b&lanoo of th« 7t pl%t««« and for titat r«««<m 
tilt plaintiff r«ttdni«€l tl»« &mfmsAmkt*B iikmtk. «»d d«MkBdcd 
pi]r»fi»l t9t tM fFdxlt #!»»« 09 th# U |ilftt«tt« 9s » bMilt grmttv 

tliaa tl^t fiat^d hf tk^ t&%%i mmp»nmkti<sin wbi0li M.^ i^t^n »gi««4 
ii|»Mi f«)ip ftll the piifttes* Zt ims %hm plaintiff's ^ositism tliftt 
« wwmmm^^ emt^smmtiim foi th« w»7t €dA€ em tb« Xt piatM, 
in vi#w &f t):»« 0Rit9#lXtiti^« of %}}« lNtliii!»<»« of tli# ardeir^ ««« 
itl4»60* The mfvm^^ t^ pn.;^ tli»t fn^Mitt tmd tli« 
ia*ifttiff^ tlt#T#u^«m» )»r^ij#!^t this Jittit* td rtooTtT it. 4ft«y 
ft. tvia^i )»«f9ir« t^ 0fmt% mM » pxef, tk« tm^wm ««i« foimd for 
tiM plfi^iatlff a»4 the #)taM^;iMi v«t'« flxod at t^« ai^iaiimt «u«d for. 
Ottd^ont foIlev#(t ftO€i>r€liiglf • 

J^ th# ti«# tite dc<f«BE|^nt «^t«r®# it« m-ppmLtsm^em 
in tM® e»»#« a trlai ^ ^uirir v^n d«i^m^6d* Frlor to t^« 
0«iMMft«KW^ 9f %h% trial of tlio mn^^ tM mUi&mnt fti^e.l 
!«»▼« of tb« oourt to witkdr«w ito d«a>gind for a Jury trial. 
Tfeo plalfitif f ofe|«ot#4 to omefe plt^^taval and th« trial 
oottrt oufttaiiMsd t^o olijaotioa* it is &&m ooRtoa«io€ by tho 
dofom^iit tliat th« oourt orr«4 is tkia mlisg. In our 
ofiBi<m tho ruling m%» oorroot. tiooti^Bi Sd of tho MimioifAl 
Qmt% Aot» ao aB»n»Ao4 im ll^l* (0$MU*« lil« Stattrtoo* ^* 
37# par. 449) provi^oo tliat la «i«o eith«r party flloa a 
AonaaA for a |ury trial* %h» oaoo ohall te trlo^i i^y Jury 
*taaoo# iMrth partioo ohall oai'ra trial by J^iry &a4 os^taftit 
tlw oaaMMi to tito eourt for trial without a Jury** Thio 
ptOYiai^A H»at bo oeaol^oro^ aa im^rso4lJig ttet i» oootioa 
30 of tbo MWi aot (OnhiU^o lll« Statutoo* ote* S7, fAr.418) 
adopted ia lHOf » Tpr<»ndtag o»oaf other tfeitt«o» tfeat » Joi^ 





*«i|r 1m withdffMm toff th^ ipurty flllBf Kk« «■•• at ttif 
Um iMifor* the trUXt* 

ffli« tef«ft[^Mst eoat«»d« tbat tiM pUiatlff is awt 
la a p«9itl<m to T^o&rnt^ oa tli# ^uil« of aa Uipli»d eocitsaet 
%• pay «tet tb« ttaiftUi* vork os tte i»ipt« i^leh vere aolntalljr 
■ftOtbiJMd «a« raaMmablr «ert!i, ^•oa^ae tha j^roof a aliovad tMa^t 
it lHi.d acult aa axi>r«a8 o^itn^et to te tlia voirtc at a atlpolat^d 
l^ea* ^deh fUra4 tiia •M^panssti^i at I6.40 a plata* aad f«r» 
thar, tb&t plaintiff ahould h9 liaitcd, Ia tlia a«mmt raooirai* 
abla, to #?7»4e» iMoauiia t1b« raaderlRg of a atatasaat for 
ttot aammt* bjr tho plaintiff aftar the vork aaa f^MM» ■■oiuitii 
U^ aa a^^oijttt atatcd* mad that tl\ls was a& istasipratatlom }ff 
tibo plai&tiff of tha t«nw of ^« oontTaet, vhich it ste^ld 
not fioa l^ pa:rsitta4 to oliaa^. In dur oplaioA^ aaltllar 
point is wall takmu Aftar tha ^luintiff Had fiaiabad the 
vast of aa^imiag t^t 13 plataa^ a MIX for tlie part of tM 
t9tal oootreety repr«iOBtad i»y tlsat part of tlio t'ork^ iFaa 
«nit to tb« def«ndaat* fha eostraot 1iati^«i tiM partita^ 
aftlliAg foir thm oa^inlBg of T9 plataa* aaa ^am a till la 
tuil forve sod affeot* It «aa KOt »atiX aftar tkla tiaa tlmt 
t^ def«»^Bt c^iio«llad tha oontntet for tfee balaaeaot tha 
aork* Aftar this mju»llatioii» the pl&i&tiff aaat tha dafand* 
aat a atataseat for the aaofeiAiag of the IS pXata«» for aa 
aaoiiat aMsh it dAlaad aa« tWMwm^la oo M paaaat ioa for 
U» work doaa oa tkoaa plataa* cm t)ta aaaaa^ti^k tkat aotblag 
f^urtkar aaa to ba dent oa tbis ooatraet* 

it is appareat tkat ia aaadiag ita first atatoaaat 
tka plaintiff aaa not intarpratiag its rights aa to tko votH 
dMie» ia tha Xl^t of tha oaaoalXatioa of tha h^Xaaoo of tko 



,ir ^n r- TnJi' li 

■»ii; --m^. 

»^'.? i): 

;ii7i'»^ <»f? #<»i tm 



f«il9i»«t« HOT inui %h» «#iidiiig of th« bill la «a|^ wtkf ••^)h* 

^tv«eii Hkm |Hirll«(i» did »0t purpoirt t^ od^rtir miy 8i1ntfttl<m 
irliiol) nl^t l># p79s<iiit«a altftr tb« plaintiff IhMI doiMi a «miX1l 

Ifi^rt of th» frozt CHiXleil fQ7 aiMl tli« diefiiftdiMit kiMi «m««U«d 

It i« 3oa$««^4 %h^% ^wT0 im« a irairiftnoa b«tv««tt 
^9 iiim%m^m% df «Xaisi ^wi the ii«e#f« ia t^t tit ct&t«;MMit 
of eiaia ia foir @»o4»» nasrofi ai^. ««irtlKg^adl8« sold sftd doXiTOT* 
#4t wl^at^i^a tfe« ^oof dl««aoa#8 m aimia for woi^ a»l la)»er 
pairfoiraiodlf ^d whernao th« etat«ftaat of olaia w$m up&& a 
^twtiai 'na^mat^ mm tbt pi^f le baaad oa a ' I'mii'tei^ JSmUl* 
Mm fa? aa tl%ia poimt ie ooiio«!ma4 it is fit:^ffioi4mt to i»oifll 
oat t!io ?aooiNl 4oaa not cii«@loa« thmt aa^ aij^h fuaation aaa 
vaiaa^ 07 mpgvd ia Xh% tiriai oourt. it^ thetBt&T€, aajr aot 
Ho jsftiaoa ^ tlia !a0f«»a^at is this «smrt» 

It to OfaitainliKi furtlitr tJsmt th« trial oo^rt orTOd 
ia at«taiiiiag tlt« pl9.iatiff >a olijaotioa to tb# d4^f«n&dajp^t*a 
•ffair Ift ari^aoe of a lattair vintt«ii by t^e 4€f«aaaat to t)ta 
flaiatlff vm^w ^to of Haoimba^ IS, X9S0, ia r*i»l^ to a Xottav 
mrlttaa l»ir t!ia pXaiatiff to tl^« dof«adaiit wm$mt data of aa««»» 
liair XX, ahiab lottos Imd Isaott off«f4N3 ia a-tideaeo liy tita plaia* 

tiff aad rsoaiirM witliout ©Hj^otiaa* «jiid t^ «^i(^ tl^a i^Xaiif* 
tiff ropliod hf a Xottav datod Dao«iiNr» 16# whicdsi Xetta3r TmA 
tjitm ^i««A af farad ia •^iitkmmm ^ t^a pXaiatiff aad iroo^i^od wii 
oat oblaotiott* la aim of tlia opiaioa tlntt iwoaaaah aa tho pXai 
tif f*a Xattaira of {Niaeai»av XI ^d DaoaMl»ax X9, liad l^ea ra* 
aaiyad ia aridBneo, vfaic^ ailMtantiaXXy aat forth tht pl&iatiff 
poaitioa with raf«r«»no« to tbe oontratoroy teotaaoa tho pa)rti<r« 



Si^X*'^! *i? 

tilt 9ou3rt i^i»ulil M,wn m^mkttm^ %\m t^twrnA^tat^M lett«T of 

••If^affrrlng »tii,t«M#Tit«, i« are furfefetjr »f th# opinion* 
li<j*«rver, tbat d«f«adsittl ?»a» not etftiffl^lft1«I|r ?l^|uAio«l Ijy 

tiMi oouTt*» mil lug* fli«s r®«]|5«@tiT« p«wiitlo»« of tb« ^«ir%i«it 
fti ««t fer^ im %!il« «en^i^p«»il#%0f , were isXtmrlf pt^mmkt^ 

(Bifimiofis fK»tlil»g wmB ft#itd to ^m.^ i^f««#Btmti:t»i l»y th# l«tt*ra 

1^ the plmintiff iFhieh wtsre y#€i#tiy#<i, in evl<i,«a«i#* nor eoyil4 
lin^ tiling fti3^th#r fm'fm b#€n a4^#il l» Bm^ pirtstntfttlmi ms^ I^i* 
fftxt ©f tii« a#f«ii:i*mt, if its i^tttj- M^a i^en r#@«iT«d im 

ffe» d®f#niim.nt fttrtli#» «8©nt#n^ tliat thm %Ti»A oonrt 
«y:r«4 in In^tmi^ting ^0 |iii^« Th« @dt^?t otukirgit. t1»i |«t7 
oimlly «ind in S0»« i^«-p#qfta it %%f b# iimi^ timt th« eb&rg» im* 
not a<$0i£entt» fov mem^m^ tli« e&iift taXd t1^ p^ that tlii 
ftaintiff ^alaii*4 thskt it Ji»4 a. «oati^#t witli t^« a®fsfitlr<nt 
«t»«l tijat tfe« 4«fenciiant ha4 bfiiaiife#dl it» mii4 ftuillMRr th^it it 
i^Mi foT tb# |U3r|r t<» i^tftsmiiM w^t t^ «(»atr«9t ihi« »ni «^»1^«V 
ttm •plaintiff tmd lt«pt it &t hTtm^e^^ it* »r<I wfe#th«r if tlit 
IjlAlatiff Itnd ktpt it» th« t^f flaunt tes-d liT«?4.^«d it» f^i« 
««• <|uit« lAO^srirtcrt* ffe«r«i imji mo el&i» thAt tfet filalntiff l»4 
1liy«a^«4 t1^« <M!mt7not« fh« 4#f«miant lsn4 tfiXMtliae tilt 9v4mi^ t«m 
l^« iv^ilt i»r<»lY»il« af t«7 it 1ia4 immk pikMttf 4mmM ^^ ^^* plniiF 
tiff imt ikot i»ott|il»ining nXmiit th« eiu»e«lll»g of t^« ooatim^et 
or suing on tlie ^oin of « li«Ni^# ^0 solo (in«Hfition p»ooont- 
•« ono a« to vhothev «Mi i^lalntiff »ns entitled to l>« ooi^MHit* 
»%t»4 foT tJao mifeino iwo*lc #mm on t^ 12 plntoo, on tfet ^noit 
#f «. i^nfMiiiai mm^Xt. or only nt tHo Wkto fOY pinto figwro4 oft 
thft onoio of the ooaoMmsnti^ft ntipulnlMMl in tlie oontmot for 

tb« iBAoeoxaef ftf %h« ot»ft7g» r«f erred t«» «t arc of tho opi»» 
ioA tliftt cm tho whoX9 iteyft^ the J«r]r sust haro radars tooA 
elo&rljr tb« icflfuet thoy were eallod «p«i to ^oido* and tha%» 
tltfMrofOTO» tli#re w&o sot au<^ error « Ia eoaunootlott vitk U» 
^lorffOte tbo pxTfp &o would vorr^ita rororoia of tblo ^idg» 
MK%« M the eoadXta8i«& of the oourt*o ja1& el^rge to tbo 
jtifjr* it ftppmora fro« ^e rooovd t^t tke eotart oddyooe#d 
OOfinoftl reinreoentlng tl$e peirtles ssdl aoi^od if they had aaTthlB^ 
to Bu^^et* ^otte 8uggoetl«B0 voro oa^l** aad the reoord ^moo 
oo aal ^iahio e^mveraatisa ba^ ai^ forth h ot w ea the oeavt %ftd 
«o«i»ol« the ooiart apipoarlftg aow aad ^oa to tf»wA to the luty 
with mam farther reaaiHca la the «af of a epriil ■—■til 
07 iastrviotioB* 1„ ^te oouroo of tbli oollOQuf, the ooart 
a^ted that if the Jury fmrnd th&t the oontreot ^^a aa 
feir by the def«i»3^at» tboir Tardlet voull be for the plaiatiff 
in the atn of |77«40« ^Rd» oa the other htmA^ if they foimd 
the e«Btxa.ot *nM aot aa the defe^«Lat wmtdtttodt h<it aa omp* 
taadod for hy the pl&lstiff « their Tordiot vo«ld ho fov ttM 
plalaUff U the aan of tild.BO. That «aa tee laat ^iag 
•aid hy th@ oourt to the jury or th the heariag of the j^nr* 
oa that erudatioa^ %ad the eourt thea auhaiitted to thaa mm 
form of verdiot* fladlais the iae«oa agaiaat ^e defead&at 
aad aaaoaaiag the t^lalatiff 'a daa*«M *at the aisa of t . * 

tl^ oo\iTt tolliaf the Jury to fill ia the VLaak with the 
a«eiHKl they fovad to bo ^^o* 

The def ea^^At fmrther oosteada that the trial oourt 
•n«d ia aak:iB« oer^ia alterati^w ia the a t a aigWf hia ropnrt 
T hill vf ovooptioaa. The ooateatioa eeesia to he that iaaaameh 






9M %h9 ft^m^ditk^ In %im %t%ml mmr% were t&k«n in short* 

%mA ''lar ft tliiHr«m# m& mm»»t»m% mikwt mp^t^mt • * • ^^^ 

g9»ylil« fvpoYtt" it mil at<^«am3rlly aomsiratd aM t^u* oiadi %hm% 

mpmik %%% pism^mtim^tmi of mmh. a> tefoirli.^ it urns tlie duty df 
tlt# f^t^xt to sijp it and 9«i^lfy it as m murmet bill of 

«K©#ptioiJ« mad it w^iii *s. ateiis* ®.f ii«©i?»t4.aii f©r t^# «»url to 
mX-mT it« It las %hM €nty of tl^« tibial Imagft t4i 6«ttl« tli« 
ttiii «>f «aio«pti^^A« »M his 4toisfi#» »• t^ wlm-t oeem^Tta a^riiic 

434. It m^f h9 mlM f^Ttli«t tJiat »« ^v* sic^tmt«S %ll t^« 
«»tt®?« r#ff r^M to %f ©«miis#l f^r tli# it-ftaauBt in ttii» 
cs0im«<»tisra, aM tm ®?iir ©pimi-^a i«!ffi^ «f ti«gs ®a.y Imi laia to 
fe»ir« mn^ effect wtet«y«:? »p®m iKh#i«»«^« ^ir€««atM> tio» <lo 
tfe#jr vitally #ff t®t tfc® »i;ib8t»at« #f tfe« ^^tt«r ««»»tatii«^. la 
tliiii «jE.o^ti9®o. fm^f ttiJitt* ««tittly to "l^t «3il« of t*i€ mmi'* 
oifOl ^3^7t Ttlmtims to tte imsttiaotioiiOt wHi^i. i^ iooortodl 
ia tisii i*#«oipt| to ^t w«Mi«f of pifeTto of tk« ohajrgo of tbo court 
to thM |u3py» sart ti^ fu^potioii of wfeotlio* tbt aoi^jii miko aMrooo- 
iiMi tli€ |a*f or mmM-mt» a^t #«rtala fointo ami*i»g ^o pyo«o«#» 
i«.gO t^t l«^<liE,tol.y folloiro^ tfe# ^nfgOt »-M fla&lly, * r©» 
oitfti ti»t th# ^mf totlto4 wi^ tlio iMiiiliff, end thmt tfe«to» 
iifto»9 m timiir olMMMSioo oad o^t of ^«if lio&tiiit* it vos ttifrs^ 
ioto4 tl^t t^ |ii»ry «^#t t^tnm o ooaloa ^ovdiot. 

fo fim BO #rr©t la tlfe«' f®©9ta »»4 tb-tirofOT* tlio 
|«ipKomt of tlio l^mioii^li OoMxt in af f imodl* 



<0 tt at* 

2 3 4i£ x.A. 'o oo 

umt Qif AL mum 
or mx&^QO, 

opinion filed June 11,1924 

m^ jf\im%m tmmoB <i«xiv«r««i the ^pinioa •# 

tlie oourt* 

iimi«i]N&l 0ourt of mim0^ m^imt tim4)i»f%MtmtB lJHKlfi«Xd 
«aa mf»<m, ii«»klai; t© rt<9W«» mm»y %% ^d pn^ld the® %» m 
^tit|i0slt cm a oeHB:tTaet, veod^itT whitjfe he liiderto©*: to pmrcHi' 
% ttos'® aad furmi»blagisi ft^m th« ^f«adaat». It wt.s th# 
pl&isitiff •« #li!i4» tfemt th« d«f®a«!st^t8 femd i'«pare»«atea tbmt 
tfe«y Iia4 a tl>ipfte y^ajr wrlttt® Itaa« <ana. tl!« store, ais4 timt 
I^Iji «attTM iBt^ th# oc(ii9i<ltt3mtl'm lin lm» to T«eeiY« fo^r 
t^ pmsf^liftM pri09» »a it tuTiiM out thmt tMf hs^A %& Im^m 
$% wntingt totit ir«ire «^y«ly t®«»«t» froii m^nth to soQtb, 
«ti«r««p#!i,t^,@ plm43fitlff GlKlmM h^ tTi«<i to r«»©laA th« oo»» 
tmot mM §tt bi^oic tibit »oa#y h« l^d Timid &w^t to tisto ^feidd** 
mn%m &« a d«|.M^«it» Tfe« rrid®is©® WiC« hocrA la tfe^s tTl&X oourt 
witbo^t m juTf, mf t«r v^ieli, m fln.41»is nas abMI* for the plala** 
titf* aiM Juil^oat wt^o «nt#r#d in la is f^roT, for |14S0«%« 
to rrrsr«o that ^odgoont tlie dofonaaato Imw porftotod tM« 


Tho oute»t.^4ao« of th« plaintiff** OMO ao o^va 
If «^ oTld^aoo tuteftltted la hi« bo)ialf« wa« to th« of foot tHat 

d O V.' « ri 

^se. , LiioO 


mt!ff ..i.TCf'Tl.trd'T 

^3-^^' ' -ii:;** <»'St 

Urn «4mt %0 tht «tor« la qu«stla&« i»y tmrn^m of &ii mdrtHlsi 

far lt« »ml» whiQ'h bft4 lM»#ii »Ad« )>y the def^siidaate. ii^ R«t 
both of th« (tisf«3adt.rit» at t>ie ntom and after ao«« eonrorM^ 
ti<m, the plal&tiff msk.tt4 th<N& irliitt ib«ir prlo« m« aad tboy 
i^id It »&« 0380O,©O| tl4^ recoil, tiso pimlatiff a»k»d. tl»« <!«• 
fttaamatd if th«?sf Imd a l«; oa tli# «to?«t ^»^ »»* of tfewa 3f«» 
^li«^ tMt they l»d a tijr#« y«ftr wrlttwa lo»«e la %Miv pa»»» 
««»lon^ oaXliag for n rfii-atml of ^?»,0© titafimg tlje f lr«t yoair, 
and ^0.00 this mxt fmtw Aft«3P a^ae furt^#r ooaroraatioa 
oonoeraiag th€ itmoixat tht <!«fea<iaat» imut#d imid, doira ia oaob aad 
l^o flgi^ttidr of iRaleiiif i^lMi^iioiit papmrattt* tho partioa all loft 
t^e itor© md imat to s» bs^^ wii#'?« tlio plaiatlff Md scmm 
oaali aM oomiaritits la & a&fotf dopoait isox. flie dof#adaata 
IhmI stat«<l thBf vaatot a la^OOO oaslj f»ayiioat« f)i« plalatiff 
oaepl^iaM that h» ha4 iUOO,O0 or |1SO0«0O Im th# baiik» ^ad 
tlio dofewMnt® ««g^.itost»4 tfe»t lio pay that oirer to tb#« at oaoi 
aad imy %%m balataot of |g,C^O the aoatt ^jr« t%#n th© p»rtl«i 
tmM^odl tlia piaiatiff*» 'btkx^» it mi.n fomd ttiat ha had |l$03«0a 
la oaals aad ooonaritl^a la lils dtp^ait box tad he taraod tb«.t 
avo:r to %&0 ik9f»M&.n%Mg for wi^lok tlit^^r ptTo Ma a rootipt 
xaadtiag a« folXotrot ^nmmirm of 'Bf&»t!f imrf mirt«cai ]|«ii^o4 
ma/SL ¥)iro« Oollara la aooi«ritl#o ^aa. oaali aa a dopoalt oa 
•toro with oomploto ooat«ate» at 4^4 So* Aohltiad Avcaaa 

(fiJtta»a« »af! atoro) without liability, balaaoa fa^ltf.OO," 

At tba ti^^ th« plaintiff »ad« tble fltot 
&ad took tho rooeipt* ho ask^d for a bill of oalOt b«it ona 
of tbo dafaad^nta eta ted that tb« hoXp w^o g«Wi aiad b© would 
bvl«ff th« bill of aala dowa to ttee store the aext «omiag« 
fha plalatlff ttrstiflad fea also aokod about the leaoo ag^la 

'\i> %^iSA)£»^ i^&^ 


and o»« Qf %ht «l«ftJii4&iit« r«i>llftii to tb« ef f«ot t)j&t t!i« 
X«ASt ml*® imiild t»« wMtmSmd to %!*• flrit thing la tfet 

It m« pkyt of mm mm^mmt tk»% %)m flAlmttff wtm to l^tnl«fe 

« witUfaetory laa,©y««F m %h^ mtm Ht nmm m^n$ t® glT« 
fm tlie balanoe of ^« pnt^^m^ wti^m mmvmting to llSOO, 
©a tfe« tallwimg ®fttiar«Sfey rrtnlag tli# plsliitiff INmI hia 
-«ni^i»«]r at %h» 9toif« lyi^ tli# wotm w^r® i^ly «3c#«ut«d aad 
«]|^f»«tt la tlie »#satii^ th# plaintiff » irlii> Itrntl tft)cm 
po«»«ii9loii nf tlie s»t^a?«, iHHid« fwrtter^ntw^ ferlnglag 
tli^ t#tal Histmmt ^lA mp ^ IliOt.OOt *^»^ ^« ttstlfitt I10 
iMka «»9i^ f»drtli«r mmh m^^ilmhlm t® |>a$r th^ ^Ismw of 
1^,000.00 wliieli Md b#«» fiic»4 Uy tli® ^^fm4mtm e.« tl^ 
ftnwu'l tlidy mmt h^^e in. mmh* Befox^ tht ii&t#t ir«iT« d«» 

tkt Xm.m* the pXai»tiff testiflM tli&t Blc^ai isriiggestft-^ t^^ 
oait imtil Hi^i^y ^#3^ai&e« wli^ mmtfthims^ vt^d b# all. tl^t^ 
smSi ^n HcMni^ b« oiuso Imok to tlt« «toT^ %itlimi.t a X«iii»o« fHo 
Flmintiff %»l£«d him fm t^« li»s^ox>d«s. mno and iXoos ckI^ Iio 
Aia m% lemw tfteat it ii»»« ffeip@ia# ft iMii#i1&©» tfe.# ^aisitlff 
di»©iiTer«d tJNit tls# p3fO|sei't|r unia msnM ^ & iira. SollEe«ridqr» 
wti#T«us>am %%0 plulatiff ®«miiiilt»«l h«r »M «bt told bla b« 
mnX^ inot tev« it iinr4tt#B l«»«« ^ »h« Ima. pttwlood ooBtoat 
•loo o lOftOO to th^ «toi?«, ^« plaiatiff tentilied tkat th« 
dofoadaato lt»i*t <»©ad»g to th® staa't «ir«iry doy »ad Imi told thoo 
wlwit Hro. Bolk0*oiqr ^^ osfeid to lilii, «ad tfeoy r«T>liod that »ho 
•mo 03r»«y« • Tfeo plmiatlf f doollaod to ooko oay fvtrtho? pof* 
iMsito OR feio imrOfeaoo of th« »tor« until tfe« d»f#iid-ato do* 
llTOXOd tl»o loooo tfe#f Imd r«fTO»«iitod 00 feolttg IB tfeelJP 
pooo08»lo««» i^feo\it o *o«dk after tho i^too wore asod« o\it» tht 
dtfoRdmntss m&pmkmd ot tho otort and ongi^otod tfeat t^e pUla- 


'^ w f , .ff5 Y,-, /!.>/,r'0 f>' 

'rfi* ^?l< '"t ^^ ''■;;; %i: ?;?^v.*j*fi 

tiff memmpmit thm to ••« m laiyw^ ««ad fm wtll har* your 
lflft««,* fk« pl&intiff ixi%}jtiii#4 ftmt htfr wo«ld hftiNi to «» 
«mt to a t^^ip^tmm tmA mil in m mim QolAmibeT^^ to liook 
ftf teT lil« tftoro in Ms «il>o^o«« ftinA mwmttiingl^, he wont to o 
7«stft«arftiit a««urlir« with tiM d«f«milii»t Uc&aiUm, to tolof^iont^ 
l««iri«ig tb« <lef«iifi^tit Iflooa lii th« ©tore, with th« jamitor 
mad a sal««mii vho fema boim ^ired by tb® plaintiff om tbo 
re«!»i»^«ilitioii of tfeo dofoi^ssta. f^o plaiatiff testlflod that 
wisoii ho got ^fik. to fife.® «tor# It m&m <slOii«4 «»d tlit'ir« irmo o 
now Xooit oa tke ^o^ so thtt ho ©mild ®ot got in. fhtre woo 
an outojsobilo la fromt of tfet stom la wfeioh the disfen<lanto 
iuid iippo7e»tl|r oottOt ^^d ^t^^^ tht plaintiff got ^^ to tho 
storo tho d®f©n.^B»t gloom WkM sftttlag im th« atatoaotelio, aaad 
tho :i>iaiatiff t^stifidd thmt nXmm top. hl« thmt if ho paid 
wroif tfee root of tho tuosoy, it woi^ld h» dl ti#t» Mt if 
It voom't imid ho would hoiro &X1 th« stoet miA by th« folloo* 
l«f mmSm,f» fhio iKfi^o on rrl#»^y. fho plolatiff to9tif i#d tHot 
ho ooaouXtod a l&«yo»t aftof whiefe hm woat to tho INUldroa 
Btoimgo oad. imroho^iso OoiiiMaB^ aai sTTnagta to lyiT« the ■loi'i^aa* 
dioo la tho otoift totoa oiit mad pixt la otornkg-e, Im.%9 thut 
oiroalag a tTuolc tt&m tho INk3?ohomoo ©Ewpoay wont to tho «t|i70 
oad tho plalatlff hrojco th€ Xooh oad thoy t»ogaa to load tht 
■tOYtHmadloo iato tho ttweStg vhm tho r^i^loo orrlTOd aM orrootod 
ovoirytko^ prooi»it oM tooh thoa to tho i^oilo« ototlt^* t#ipithor 
oltts tho $p9^ that haa hota loadod oa the tfuek* OM l >a o oaoa tXy» 
it appooFo that tho fOodO' ta^oa to th€ etotl^ wtrt T«tu7aod 
to the otoro aad the portlto ooat to o noi^horlag honk, whor« 
tho koyo of 1^« »toTO weyo tui^od o*o» to tfet hita]t» to ho hold 
aad^i* an sooroo affooaeat. oatil tho nr^to of the yeoj^otlvo 
IttTtloo to tho «oif<^i!mdio« had hooa deterained. The axaot 
totaa of thlo oooipoo aiproomeTit do aot aispoay in tho fooord* 

•V*. V ^ 

•t .© o# 5?*fO 

)i|s« ^Sffif;. 



i iite<»q w5ntXy» the d&f«adaAt« got poum^nnian of tb« ^p^4m 
«ad ml^ th«]B for 8o«otblf%g X«o« tlum |l»000, &»a tl^oy 
fil«dl & ooimt«7 dl&l^ lift tb« 813 it ftt b«ir ag^liist th« plaLi»» 
tiff, tmder wltiofe tfee> so^^t to 7«eover frawi the plaintiff 
th« dlffere»e# fe©tv«#B tb« assount tfe« plaiutiff had ftgr«t4 
to pajr for tb« store, |S500«00, &nd the siaauzit of oitah ho 
IpfkM In, p^lus tho avonat th€ dBUwlmik%» h»4 rtoelTOd in tho 
tiiltlBiiito SRle of %h9 »»y^ttadioo. ¥ho aytount of the ludfpoftt 
KtmHmd tho pXalAtlff 1^ tho trial ^url« |1430*3S, r«preotiitod 
tho amoimt of oiuili lio he^a paid the <lef«M^Bl^, |16C}0«00, looo 
mortals Oj»tim&to whioh t^ Sofiradaatfi ha4 talcoa o^er froai oaloo 
Mido at the otore ^rlag the Bhort period the parties 8ef« to 
h»v« be«a la Joist poosegslom of the •to:r« aJftor the plaintiff 
had |ftid over !sls |X6O0»OO amd wae rofmolmg to pe^r the hoX%&ot 
of |400#00 IK oaoh, OT tuna ©rer the notes, until fee rtoalTed 
his lease* 

OOMBOOl f®» the plaintiff in the brief filed la this 
oourt direots onit attention to & s^tloa to strllco the hllX of 
•xoeptloaa froa the reo©rd« This motloa wms w&d^ la the plaiSF* 
tiff's h^ialf in thi^ mutt shortly &fter the i&:^poi^ «mi filed 
hort mnd the siotlom 9^e p&»99d ^poit %t that time mmA sill sot 
he entertaiiied a|^& »oir« 

Instii^port of their appemX tt^e defea-'^mts oontend that 
the reoard f«»lXs to shov tl^t the ftlXogod three f9t^x written 
10M« «as m pft^t of the ooatrmot mt sao may p&rt of the «Mi*sldef* 
atl®n for whlsfe 1*« plsljatiff agreed to pay |3900«00» In this 
o«in«otloa, the deffn^? nts toatoad that the reoeipt railodloa 
the ooatraot «tf «i« pftrtloo sad la the hrief filed In hehsXf 
of the defesdmnte that rs^celF* !• referred to so a •reeeipt- 
TOatraot"* It Is quite a|ipavoat froa the reoord the.t the re«» 


-^ ^m 

.^ ' ;. 

«elpt r®f^rr««J to waa Xn no mkf th« ©©ntraot b«tw««a the 
|Murtl««« that ©cm tract w».« o;^l aad 1»to1t«4 K^t imrd3iaL»« 

plalntlff»« theery, ol early 'b©Tm« mit by & prm^Qn^etmn&t 9f 

for the 8tox©, fi3it\i3F#» ana st^cit af ^o©aii in t;fe4^ i^t&t^^ &m 

f«wp lli&«« an %hi$ -pTrnkiBimt wfelcfe tl^sy «©t# 111 a position t© 

»«iiig^ to t!i® plalatlff, the faet tlimt the r«®eipt saSce« 
im Mmtion of tfe« le«i»«# but i»«f«ly Teftr* to th« *ttofe wltl^ 
«Kwi|sli>tt ©oatsnts (flxtwx©* asa »t©elt)* ia <m» apl»loa d0«s w»% 
if Stay «ray affect the ff«»ttion laTolvea. Iti tfee f irsst plm©« 
the y#e«l|5t iras a d©0a»»at aot alpitd by tfee pl»,i stiff but 
T&y tli« A^ftfnAPMtn, aad tff^^ii if It bad Immn «t^#d by tbe slain-* 
tiff, tvl^C'iia® w^y-UI b« a<fel»@ibi« im nsr^latiatlon of tbe tr?m«* 
m«tlaa. In caniieetieR iritb ifhl^te it wa« issued. Hud8#a ir, 
..|ey«l^.^t@ H#»#Tyg Lif» ^ot.. as>>. ^m 111. 4pp, 34«. 

fli« d#f«mtl&at» al«# ©omttmd tfemt if thu plaintiff 
wi«btd te reft^iiMl thm o^Qutimet ©laimluig frs&tid ©r «i»r©pT«®#?ita.* 
tiaa, b« ab9uld feiiir« ^imm ne pr®ii^tly» and tli^it be wa« rsot in a 
fOftition to rtaeind aft«r b«viac» im «ff«ot, ©eafiraed tbe eo»» 
tmet by ^atteaptiag to seeytto tb« ««i©^»* r«f«i'riag apparently 
to tbe plaintiff's attempt to t«t tb® gMMfat into » storai^ 
wam%mmB mftar on« of tb« df^ffwdaats bad maaaged to ^t tha 
plalatiff out 6f tb© BtQT^ whlX« tb© ©tber oaa ig«t ^ ixaa look 
oa tb€ doivr aatS olootd the stor# wp aad tfe#a r^fnaad to gifnt 
tb© plaiatiff poaaaaaion aal«»a b^ ttjmad OT«r tha balaaea of 
tb^ ©uasidssrriti^a. la our opiai'^a tb« plaintiff i» not oboaa 
to hm^^ doat smytbiai to praoluda bia froa deolariaf tba 
t^«ot rtsoindadt aad aaiag for the aioaey be bad paid. 


•» iSJtS^ir 

•' ITOltt>*n 

',■*«?• j; f;'^ f\!f 




. t# 



.i«*fe mnt mM *'y^ 

Om tM ^mry tttmt mmi^rmim %'he plaintiff had 

idth te« deftiti4»at«, h« a^Bk^'4 about tli« Iiri.»« «,M tk«y 
*#«wa4 M« %hn 5m<l m. t^rt# y«ia.y irritteii l4»ft#e« fbt i>l»itt- 

tiff mm M» -^adoriwir ^taaiai^i tii© Ims^ a f«ir dsyt liiteir 
Kil^B tlt« aot#te w^rn ^.4t mt» m a ©ondltlna py«e#d«mt to 

f»:nr»4 t©, pXmiBtiff €««MM %%» tmm* Af%m timing mt 
wh& Ifci® Imadls^-jrd was and 6Xn&&Y^t%m ^^^^ tli^fe 4ff®B4%«t» did 
m&t hm9 ft l^iMi* a« thmf Md mpmmntBa tfe#3r feM, tit plaia-. 
tiff ♦ lis r»up®iMi« %& fwe%lmf dft«aad« for 1}fe# l3»|.afc®e« ®f tli# 
fixarefeaae l^rlo^, u-tattd %hmt lt« «ai» jiat ^iM$ t« pay %aytlii»g 
«at-iX %h^ ^m^m^ th^ li».«i# «» tl^ty liftd mff«»A t#. it 
fdllmlEg tlii» iemiM tl^nt tilt Stftna&ats naming to iftt 
tli« plaLliitilt &ut 0f tlt# iit«>t« iMii imt ft &«« 191^ m, it* %M 
«^«m th« plaliitiff d.ttt^tsi %» f»t p#9g#^si^B> &f t^« »t«?« 
Had tittiis ^t tli%t am^fe ©f tit iimfej«gjt*-s^tttr &f tfet 
«mt of tht eoats^l of the sl€femd.\iits, it wmf n&t b# ss^ld tlmt 
iMi im« ia fkny gssiiii:#if »# ©©»flBiiiig tk# 0amt'«0t «i» t© preeludt 

itifadlotlmg tbat af tfe,t plftiatlff «.M r-iit witsiet^^s, oa th« 
Um» of wts«tls«r #if fi@t tSi« tutelttcrt-nssaatte^of tbe plaintiff •• 
9«iy«^&« iBoliiaei. It !««.»«» teut, as ecmaa^l f©r tfe# a*f«'iidmiit« 
F«4t« It, in bls! r«|>lr ten«f» *tli« qusstioa of wS»-t exaetlf 
wm ^m 0»atm<»t« m« a ^u#«tloii &f i^0% im t^« ^urt*** 
^« iJi8u«i« b«ixig sii]toltt«a ta th« <J0MTt iritfeomt ft piry* Tbt 
«0urt ip«»#lir»4 tliat <|ii»^tifi« in fKTOi' of t^ plfeiatif f and 

1^^ oounool for tfeo ««f«aaimtii fir«*««od. th« aourt fcr tko 
7eftft0» for t^ift fiwAli^s$ *t t^^ *^*«^ ^* ^« ftji^nouniMsA, t^o 

^^%$ . /»#^' ' 


fjftjer .♦ ^ <,^ 

• T: f:^i'if. K' 

■ ■ ■ / 

m\iTt 9tiit«4 1» miS»9tmm thM.% he bellftir«d tli« plaintiff Midi 
hla wltii®«.«»« had told th<» trutlit w!ill# tl»<? d^sfeRdaata bad, 

a« tiJii ootirt ptit It, *mmm$TmtBd tx®m^mt>M»lf im their t»«ti- 
mimy Qn %h& imt«rial Que»ti«>tt«, ^m fm tMt 3r#a«a», ii»lier« tli«i» 

t««tii80ia|' i9 n#t oorr«»i>0rt.t#d, I 4#m»t glfe » gre&t <!tal of 
iwii^t tiJ i%.« from 0a,ir #»®^iii»atif*s of tfe^ mi^num fMi w« find 
it ia tise rii€s<ar<l, if# art of tfe« opialon tfeai tijt %yiel mmT% 
9ntimtf Jtefttlfied in tht ©©mclual^m r«a«ls«d. 

Kimiulfal QiMtt i» «tffiTm#d. 

jiiKiiiif Awnmm, 

fAtl-OH, -FU. 48a 0«aUII1iS«l, J. -a^iMmiE* 



.' *■ W ^ ^ 

i # 

im - tmn 


'*"'\^u... i ^3 4 I. A. 6 36 

opinion filed June 11, 19S4, 

af tilt e©iiTt» 

#«%l#m foir dte».g«a f@3r pmtmwml lm|wnt« imff«jrt4 ^ %!».* flalai- 
lift, i&gr r««.^» #f tii# iai«g8d ii»giifmt# ©f t&«t dmt<^mBM 

Me m^Tm* f\m impmimi mm^mimm af F«t« »«0«lT«d by th* 

^i« iilaiiatiff wa» flMi^ witb fe«r fetMsH^M andi. ls«r «»», stad • 
m^ b#l0iigiiig l« %li# ^atfta^tttt mmpmn »■* ^^ lttt«w-«®tioii of 
mmm mmm mmi ^imOmr vif^^ i» tii« f itiftg« af i«xvr»* i» %i»i 
«»w«iitr «f ^SewilK* Illiafti*, \mm mmm l« & nortfe «aa south 
•ti««t ftB^ nm^my ^^mmm «wiiii«« it l» « «U,^tly «»3rttJ^9t smi 
•omttmt«t dlrsotioii, mm ^tmmmt wm» ap«mti»g » «I®^1* tim<k 

,^^91 t ri aituL b?.m noiniqO 

mm^> - t«l 

the lfttt«r 1» y«f«irT«sl to in tb» rtootd a« a half 

line of Stftnlay &T«iiue an<(3 tti« nerth rail of l^e v«st boi&ad 
tx&dli of tlie <lsf«a£i@at oowpiiay. ApiMreatljr tli«r9 ira« ao roadvay 
oa th« 8out^7l|r aia« of tto atr««t etr traokj* On thmt 8id« 
tlie right of way of th# atr«^t oar ofisw^ay wa« oontl |svu»%ui or tery 
oloso to tho ri#it of vmf of itie «Sil©ag©, Swrliagtoa A (^ulaoy 
IMlmiy Oom^toif* ?h« orasslag of the^ lmtt«r omtpuagf at Ko«« ' 

av«nu« iras prot«et€d 1^ oros^^ixig futts* atte»d»d ^ a fla^aaa^ 
Imt the oroaaliig of th« dtffiii^jit c^mp^mj vaa x^t to pretaot«<l* 

The oolllslDa in cjuaatioii ooturrod about ona o'olo^ 
in tb^ aftsmooa of tiua^ksgiviftg D&y, X9ie* It «s».a a d^rk, 
»i0ty day sMBd a itrie sling rain ifaa falling* 7h« autOttoblXo 
itt <ru««%lum naa boiag irlVMi by tb« plai&tiffU l)t]uibaiiA« ia 
a aoutbarXy dirtotioa alo»g Memt aTtiiu«« Ib abo^t tba o^atsr 
©f that atp««t« th« plftiatlff'a kuabiLiKi waji aittittg on tba 
Itft hnm ai4« of the i^nly seat in tl}« autosioblla, and t)?.a 
plaintiff waa sitting on th« right band or irtstorly aide of 
tbat oaat* Their aon* a boy of abowt eleven y«ar» of age, waa 
fitting at bi© C30th«r*« feet on the floor of the ayto«obile, 
idtb bid feet out on the running board of the ®ar« The ai(ie 
•uartaina of the ear were is ^laoe no as to proteot it« eoctzpaate 
frcwa tbe weather. The a^ito«obile me traveling at a speed of 
about fifte«i Kilee an hour, and ae it a^proa^^ed the eroeslng 
it slowed down to eone extent j the plaintiff's b»eband testi-^ 
fying that ae he orossed the traclcs be wae going about tea 
Kilee an hour* ffee street oar of tht deff^ndsnt eoisfsiay was |ire» 
oeeding in an easterly dijeofciun, along th« traek on ths sowtb 
si«le of the railway, and it etruek the automobile a little behind 
the middle, |j«»hing it over to the east side of Hoaie aTenae and 

^-ftf ^^ 

..-i'-i '-'i.'K. 

*♦-». <*• 

« little to the ^o^t^ of tli« «ftst iNnanS tm^ of tho d«f«ii4^ 
imt ooaspsur* «ft<^ •vlaglAg It aroixii^ mt t^^t it «»• faolag is 

iik:teo%tt * weottrly liiTectl^ t»li#a tli» tw® Teklolea osui® to » 
«t«ii^tlll« th« aiitoaiofeilo w%9 n#t ov»if*tm^a«d fe»d noxit of 
It* ooonpftRt* wmtn t^7o«n out of it* flie t^otiaoajr toodoA %• 
•ho« thnt th« fititoasobilo warn i»«i^iod ^ an^litiit a tftlogxupli 

tlio pXm'intiff *» ^ixft^itM t«9tifle>l to tl^ooo g»8enl 
ffkiam mmA tus%hmt» thmt %M fro&t v&tolo of liis OAir vr^te on tlio 
tfftiic of tho dofomlMtt «iifiq^u»7 whilst 1i« f .irot tmm the oar mppT^iol 
iagt i!^lHii£l )30 ^ f ««t Mmfi tfei%t ^ to that tlM« bo tuna l^Oftztt «i 
fl»^p or otl^^r mpralBf ml^pis^X t<»uMa4| that lib«i oov mio •p|if9«.«li<» 
Ij^r 3r»lpi<ily» altliaisffe lia &m}A laot toll t>i# emot i*to of opood* 
Mtoir oono f^trtho? ^(|%#irtlc^alllft l># teotiflo^ tla^t feo would oof 
ito oipood wto a^ottt SS liiloo i»ii hmT* % oxooo-^ioisii^tioa 
1^ |iloil|iiirf*ii btt^Mk^ t««itifl.o4 t^^at loolcii^ tli70ii# tiio 
'iols^ftoo win^bmm la %km oi4« ouir^aso ^o oo^xt pTOi^bljr ooo « 
aiotikaoo of 300 fo«t| tMt tl!i«rf 1x0.8 got oeo«i|^ irolfi oa t&Mi 
^ olMMHtto Mo iri«v| ^iftt fto hm WL^pTm^^hed tfee tim«iui Iio lookot 
botli w^jro <^3r«f«tUy, tls3po^l^ the wiad> '^ oMold s^M ioia^moo 
^urtmiEo •* tlsio, ot o. |;^ittt about ^S foot aortb of the t9»^» « 
and thfit M i^xt Xoofco^ «hoii hlo «&ooX» wort oici %hm oouth 
tVBtolto* aM mt tMio poimt '^0 feoo^a his wlfo oay tbot o 007 mm 
ooMns* tlt« pXnintiff 4id not tuxii bio eoir i% oitko? dirooti«a# 
aor oltoir M» «f»ood . %^ i^i^it iawMNtiatoIf 13io oollioi^ 
took ploe«« tho evld^BOO w^e to ^o tffoot ^at tho ploiatlff 
md ho» foaiXy Xlvo4 i^t fox f aroii tbio i»t«/ooctloo &ad thojr wor< 
aXl f««lXi»» with ito oturrouadXiii^* Or tho norlbooot oorstr of 
%h* late»MMti^ la ^nootloa, thoro «ao % teoAio eXoto eoataiaf* 
%M^ o aiiai>or ^f tOBHio c©urt»t *lii«li ooto ouTTooxndod ^ o ol»o 

■ B li^qta* 

;5rrsc'!<-; ?' 

"^AJ^a&'i rfi^ 

a«ttl&g «p femein^ awpti^irted \9f ttift M»wkl imo^n upright* sad 
enwft pi«9e«« AboMt UO f#*t vent of t1^« eomeT &fid a«»y t^« 
«id«v&3.k ftlong th€ netTth «ld# ©f JH»nl«3f afenii* wmi a soiill 
m« «t07|r Gilding u»#(S »« a 9l^ houst, 4$ the plaintiff 

x^t&lng t& ©I»«tim0t ^ely vi«w %« \ht iti^et :rallwiy rlgist of 

«3EO«pt & fair t^ftes al^a^iH; Hj^»6 aremit Rsd otber* aX^ag ^t«;^«7 

1%« plaintiff »8 eon te^till^. In fiul^t-lan^i mm l»iS 
Hit^tt did* Ee 3ta^t#d tliat be «ra9 >Am;g,l>l® t0 &m ^vi% Ihrisn^ 
th« irinScm itn t^ »id$ ^rl»iim witl^m^tt :r%l8i.Ag hiiasalf «ip 
ftli^tljr, &nd th;«^t hfi taw %ki^ m3e thti^u^ tbe wlaill»»!ki«ld 
|m«t b®f0y« it »t?m^ th«», m «ti.t«-d that th^ autc&soM\« wa« 
1»«li%g diriir«ii %«n or fiftsun «ll«s aa ^oiuor e^mt ^ftt li« oonAd 
sot t<ill afirtl-^iag ii^out t1^« spc^d 9f t1)^ fit^ftt ^itir* 

!%• pliiintiff aXsiii testified in gen!@»€ t0 t^« f&ott 

«X7d«d|r f«ft<srred to* a^« eta.t«d tliat fto tte#y m|^piroa.ol3«»d tho 

stTe#t o«r oxosning 9h6 *ws^» Just ait ting, looking (suti* tbat 

•Iba di'l liOt »se« anything «[^tit tfeey ntTO •Jn«t &iN»«t upon the 

timsScs;* timt ft« tli«f weje on t^s noirtk tz^edc* the *T<i«t e&v 
•no^ned to eoad Yl#t oixft of tho «int o? i4.r;** ^at II «n» t1i«R 

ilNRxt SO f«ot mmft sa^ th«it «h# did aot notio« ftSf ga^ T»laf 

oonndftt *fui n« st^rtifed to efon® t%« txa^U* il^« fftnt^ tln^ 

tl» diroet oajf m.9 &pp3Poaefelnt r^ry foot. On os«wi**«»Wilnntion, 

ol^o t««tifiod that tho inlnglaos iriadotr in th# Bid* ourtaln 

op^ooito hoy warn afeout •» by 6* ^d «s®t sfee oould look out 

1^fou# tkio window, but oho oowld not •oo wtj woll on aoeount 

«f tiso nlitj tl»t * th« f o« *»» not to snofe n gr«nt «rtO!^t *«• 


'ira \-i- 

It wm» fi^msm* ^^^^ ^^I ^^ v^^ <^^' ^'^ ^^ ttmtAt i»)ii» «bt 

first l0ofe«a mp and Mur %h€ mf» i^.l&h at that time ms mlMmt 
3$ or 3§ f®0t tTom tl%«i:r 11^ of tir»vel| %hm 9»m immMnitmlf 
•aid, "flitT« la a (Wiar|« istM tli© m^ wmmt tfeiry wtrt on %tm 
tm^ aad had %^«»ii: stJmcOc. 

Fojp tts« ifceftm^mat* on* 0«9®isi4«ll testlflt^ tfest 
ikt tM tia« of tifeo o#««sprr.«R«t tm dutstteii, lit i»a« imllciag ifo«t 
along %M« n&Tth side of Etimloy a^roa^o^ fi.t i& point doaot^ing 

oiroir II ¥lo^ and »i^»i«*3tt»tolf %m fm^ mmt #f n^^mt uTtmiO, 

fts«l tteait fe« »tw t1si« ii©ti»e»1»ile oo»ing s^atk ©m to»» i^Ttmai nmd 

tiko otrof^t mx e&miMg mm% <m itmloy s^tnuo; %Mt tt %pptmm6. 

to him t^o %ytiMBOl»lle imii @ic»i»ing mf f<iT tl$« orosiolAgi tlimt !io 
oomlt tiot fosm «in Idoft 1^0 to tfe.# O'lNNNt #f tbo otm^t 9«r» is^ 

lio «o^i4 m^r it m.B tm'VOl.ii^ »t *!&n oirtliisiidrir ^mtoi** %tm% !zo 

%ii.4 no diiffiomiqr »^«i»$ tiko »tr®«t mr oominf fi^n t^ iNwt| 

l^t ^ firot onw it w^ma it w^4i nlpomt « liloidt wtot of mm 

mwmam m^ he first mm th« »*jitoii®teil« wti«B it wmo piooiac %ho 

alloy one hilt hX&Gk ^orth of Sttsnloi- aTOiiB«# Oa mroiss oxaigiao^ 

tion fee to^tif IM tfemt tM« mm am affxtoi^mo oloi^ In t^o 

•IMioA of 1^« antosK^ilo oo it mpproa«i»t4 t!ie oroooli^^ th^t 

jnot iironotto to tl^ oollinlon ho feoiuwl » i&«llj tfeat tfeftt ooo 

mil lio Bontd » ^t^ro 1ISMI n goaf &nd a ornoH** 

One mnsok^ b feoy tiWut 13 yooro of ago »t tb© tint 
of tHo ooonrronoe Xn (|nooti@n« to»tlfl«d th** tio w»» oa the front 
ptntfom of tite strost oor, otmndi^ |^t ^oSiind si ad to tho 
yi^t of tho nototnoni timt hm flrot mw tfeo otit^BOfello wfeon it 
mo ofeout »0 foot fron tiso oroosing* at wteieli time th« atroot 
«a^<r ono o^out l&O fo«t fron Hmit oTonon} t^t ot tb&t pointy tlM 

\4:M I 


•l9» ^to«ii» ftliciut 6d f«i% firo« tbfi erovslfic} tbnt tlst^ mti1ifi«ol»ii« 
«»• «»llMr ^t <^ *flMNUimi|» x^t«*| tl»i« ht edtild toe tlisou^ th« 
^juM mt %h^ frottt of th« etr««t osx f^r a distiia«« df tti^ 97 

Jiiotlt«jr boy ti$uR^4 0ti^«i^» «^o mnM with ia«s«k st^aa* 
lug cm %%e fxoAt |il.fttfOf)i «f th€ wax witli hl# ^elr to tfe« f yont 
•f t*t# ««jf» t«stlf li»d tliaf afeettt liO fs«t ft«ai th« eTOstixtf 

tilt iK»t0xaiiii «tmrt«d iPlagiBg hii^ gaag aaa Kt snw hiu r#T«wi# 
hU m0%9ti tbmt the okit wm folim b#tfp««m IS iuid M «iXe« »a 
Is^dr i$li«m it «i^3rtM t^ •X^nv d^imi itkftt l^« ^S a^t •«« %%« 
mtl^MtoMXn ^QKtll it imn ri#t la ff®mt «f t%« mt «u&d «& t&« 
f«li«$ t^t IMI oneiai •«« ovttf a m#^ omt in f roat ftf th« M3'$ 
tl»tt tlL« imttti^lilXa if^M 0iin^ &t a i9^4#irat« fat* «f •p#«4 its it 

got 9ll%tb« t^flkl^ 

«Mi4 0^i^pc^«s fU^MMi flit nmm 9.rmi^m, tmtiflm^ liimt li« di^ Mt 

••# thf 0dlIliti«m l»Mt h#iyr^ ttit ^m«& uid th$ft lo^ktd u^ tnm 
M» ah^Mk^ &^! »mf the ets^iNit ^t p\i«l^l^ th«i Auto^ebllo •roir 
^ t^« ti^ of tha »t7##t» m t««tifiM thst $k txaia imA pm% 
g<m« lijr ^M hm hBd h^mi mt%9nM%$ %o hie gutts; th&t ii« oonXd ••# 
« tTtaia, oa tl»t Mf» t&mt o^ fir* bloelcd »im|r« 

1^« i^otoxiaam of the d^ffta^laat** «tr«#t ^t t«i>ti« 
fl#<l tb^t lio first «air tl^# fttit^noMlo wh«ii it waa «l»dut 1B@ f»«t 
naYtli of tb6 oroooiag %m At that ti«« ^« i^o alMiut U»0 f««t trem 
Muem aTomMi» ruissiiig «b<mt IB mlXoo an li«iay| tl«t hm tlioa i^to 
10.8 our aa ap^lioatloa of ait to briag it m^r ooatrol* aad 

iMgjKa ii«t»iaiac lii« gon|( oontiauouaX^r} t^t aa th9 auto»obilo 


4« :. 



AppYOftfllMiA th» OTdatfinf it 4t«r«ft9«« it» 3p«#4, atn if ooz- 
ing to A «t^ imA tUm atmrted up t© evot* th* ar»sslag« aw! 

v^m h« saw it «t»Tt w^p fe« §!&▼• M» oft» fta mumt^waf mppXimim 
tiOR Of iUt mm 3P«Ttr»«d t:bft a^t^ll tlimt tfet ©ar ttew slid 
aXtiaiHr ^^^ rails betwe«r» M ««^a S@ f««t luid ^liM imtd oolXittloa 
«lfit m^ mx^tmUlti tM% hx» jmdipsmit wm lOmt tk« fttite^ie^il* 
ma ^i»f ft^mt xe mim an i^mir ivf^in it wmtt ntna^i tu»t ^ 
m^W »♦« m}mm% %m m&m» ttor^ug^, %M ttimt wla^w «f hit mr* 

It i« a^sotiiVt tlMut m0»T m« liRir <>f ttlii ttftt*! 
•m«li i^l^iimet Ml tl# plftifttiff »i li^lieiid mf tm^wm ^«ft i^ity 
•f* in th# 0|»e3nitiO3s. of hi« imt9iMiliil«« »ar »ot ^ i»imt«4 to 
t%« plaintiff* AM «a tfe« otfe^i^ hftndl^ ^f«3r« tb» pXRititiff 

«oiiXa l3t |MHettitt«d tn TtOQ^eif, it irt« i»oiiiti»«Rt xtp&n hmw to 
all«f« aad pj?#v« tisat ^«# lji»««#lf, "mm i» t&© ©itftap©i»« of 
rooo^BftMo oaro for lior oim oi^fotr ti^n t)%@ oo^ooion 1» sftiestioo* 
tm m^ opiMism^ oo tMo «iria«so« oo «<& f i»d it i» tbia reoorcl^ 
^$ ou^o'^mot of 1^1^ )mm 'lmm% ^tfj^milf «ts.t#d, %h% qmootioa 
of th« aogXigtnot of 1fei# d«f«»liat &»# a^Ioo tlio ^tte«tio» of t^« 
dteo e«tT« of tij,# pliti^tlff » ws?« foT tfet Jvjry, for it oould att 
t#»«oiia^l,ir 130 omid* oit^os that tl^t ^fto^tAt itsmi fin»« of iiO|^i» 
0mm o? ^t&t tl^« ploimtif f ofto ^t im tho ojrsroioe of duo ooM« 
o» o wKt^ir of XmiTt 

fljo d^fimsfaat oomtt'Me t^i t^o t^iol ©ourt merHi 
in to|^yd to tlio lootTuotions, l^, this oomsi^otioAf ^^ oooH 
foiro oa ifiotimetion roodiAg 9m tQllmmt 

*y®u o^ro iaet^motod tfeal if y m boliove froa 
tiko 0Ti4€!iieft tl^i tho i^ioiatifff wiklVB io tbo oxoroioo 
of 0Jdiiw.3ir os^ro for iBair om onfotj * if you iHiliovo 
fYOft tlio eTidomoe tliat nh% m^M in t^o oi^ireioo of ftu«b 
oom • wm imjuYod oo o diroot re^uit mad io ooaooooomoo 
of t%M! Qogligoooe of th« def^td^t «• ^li«rgod in thM 

«&**■»• -y 

*JI ^-y 

>!<li^'J.. ti-:..- "■ l* ■A'^ i: 

iMi#ii«at« t)i«» ftiik nhmil^ tinA U« d€f«»4aat guilty** 

•tru«tloii« tilVing th« i^iy la »i^mimmm tfent tJfee ?^l»latlff 

ill %%» m«^lm9^%imt mt any mvmi t^mt^Sm In mm m»*m. In* 
9ti!^<5tl0«ii of tlilii kittd hsT# been mfm*oir#« and In 0th«*« 

-^>,.. SiiS 111, im, tls« Siaip'r#^« O^yt «ai^ %m% «tl»« pr^otl« 
©f $iTiiig Ia®t3rii0tio»)i r«f»TTi»g t^ |«fT t@ thm dt®larati«« 

%!«• «ii«fi3M iiiwx fee fi^ii0wM. i^^siM ▼• My^i?^^9?,.^^^sMa.,fc 

$©i 111, Mi. fk^ Juapy &® s^ tulm a##is n©t tea-r* ©doaiiom %9 
me- the d#olArst.i0a tmt hm^r i% tmM, nm it w^uld py©"be'iily 
%MiV« a t«it^«mffy to <i0i9,fs«M» tlti#« If %Mf did, Im «>mjr oplalaa, 
tfet proper ffmttie* la l®y ^® trial ^-tttt, in tb.« ia)it;me- 
tiom», to »4iri»« t'h« Jtii^ la staipl«, pl»ia laa^yy*g#, wli%t tl*« 
fti^'^uiea df tli« %ll«gi,ti#m« in tk^ 4s&l^T9.%l&n i«« nfti vlHit 
tli« i8iSm«« |»i'ea«{i1i«t f%t t^«i^ #K€ii8iom t.r»« A9 ftt&t«€ hy th« 
Sa|»T#ai« Ocmrt In Kfl^j^f ▼• l^^^l^a, IMP ,# ,^l^iff , ^i?n ^* * 
mz 111* Si4, If It U p-mp%t to ^w m^ %.n iii»tr4®tiaa ait 
all, •*!% mM ©nly tj# Jiiiitifi#<S w^r?& tht d«8li5.ratl0» i» & ao»- 
pl«tt stat^^eBkt ^f a <mM«« &f %e%i&n** la ^ur ©pialoa^ l»«wr«-r«i^ 
ttnltber tb« mat l««t eltiNl ^r t^.@ (^»« of ifuyi^y ▼. llg^m 4 
«i^liwfti#Mi li^otyle C^..> SSO 111. lti?o. S4«* l«>tfe of »fe.i«h mr« 
y«li«& ap®ii l>f- tte« a«f«i»a^.iit, in c«>nt®iidl»g tm^ %h9 glTiag of 
tliii laifctTuutiaa %h9rm i|^t#d im» «tT0»#a^# ii4|jp©iFt tbat aontea-* 
tl«m. In ijotti ©f *h®fie mmm tfe« di»ol«.y«ti«>a« o©nt»lm«dl *ll«ii?- 
tlo«a, y^np^etlag the oi^irs aa*l css^titloa «xerol«ed by t>5« plain- 
tiff *liile fe« *«-• rldlag m«ap0«» tiv© tr^elss of the d«f #ni^s%«» 

-y^ '■ ^; ,i>.V j . ,Yi:'V; <-j T's '"i i> 

'If^of ^«??.*?^ *.t' 

i'^>: <^i;?->^ 


f-rr.^-: "* 

■? ^i ? 


.'tJ', .-^ "i: 


<-«t«<4 tNi# fs: i>f 

MMl tli«r« imm a <fontx&r*T»f at to «h«t}i«r %h% plftl&tiff liad 

tMNm in the ftsiftroiMt of & i»ir0pe» 4«gi^e #f tm-f^^ In 9«Y»ittl&f 

Mii8»lf to b« ta»o«4 l*i th« iMHtltioa «l dasietr irtile^ r««ttlt«d 

itt hXn lAjturles* It inl« li«liS that the tf ft^t of tl^« lantruv* 

tloiMi imrolTd^ in t1^o«« da«««« ws^ to lls&it th« •xeiroi«« •f 

«Mr« wad «ibi{tifm of t%# pli&lntllf to tli* tia« v%^n lt« ir^ii in 

im^^m^ m0kr^m^ 9t hlg mu^^mt in putUistg hiwm^lt in tluit 

^otitloiu Hie d«Gi&»i.ti0ft iiiY0lir«4| in tit* «»»« &t Mr i« net 

«lMni t4» that objecitlcm* f&t %h^ tll«fiLtl^ai ia tl»« vaarioiui 

«9iiiits» AA t* th« <^y« »f tl&# i^laiiitiff* ire re td ^« «ff#et tiig| 

•«ai4 ^ialatlff w** t.fe«R ima tlie'rt «a4 th«Y«f#for#« aad tli70«|pi» 

«\it all of sftid 0<»0ar3f«m^» in tfe.@ ^xtroise 9f I^m «Mur« anA 

ioir &r9 ir« pr#«#at«d in t^# e«i«ft at Imy with m sitttt* 

t,'^f^i,l<m,iy^<y^i^-^ ^i> iroit* '^^^^ *^«^« *^ * «imiaT m* 

stTuetlon giT«a itad wlieaw tiiN» dii«^;s-mtlofi oosLtmls^d « emsat 
wiiictli ttidd ^r'ytin alleg&tit^ns 0f aegllsftAoe wh^i^lt v«Yt »ti|i'port«d 
lif tli« «fH4«iiot ^t i&it^. xmTt not 8»<^ »« ^ «fttitle tk» jplala^ 
t4ff t# y«e9T«ar« ^tk#», ill th# mm ^t ^t, it i« €»«at«i^ted 
tluit <m« of the ^tiAtft* eftM#ly« t1m s«o®iid« e<i^^i&«d otstalMNl 

«Rde out a c8i»e ®f »i)^ligme«« wenr not supr-^ rt«d fey tli# «PTi4tome«« 
^ tisat ititimtidiL* w« ar« of the opinion that t!*« gl^lM ^^l' ***• 
ImetTUdtloB* while not g»9d p«aetiee# wa« sot euoli exrer ae irouia 
narmat ^*» ywerwH ©f a Judpiest f«ir the |?lalatif f . 4e itae 
IM»liit«d out la i^o^tt ▼• l^yim ^ Qyeftdtoyff Oe.^ 245 iii. 46f» tUe 
effeet «f Seetion t$ of the Fraotloe Act (OaJsiill*» 111. atatutee, 
eh. no, eee. ?«) is *to re^^iye t?3« pr«a\ai|stion to be lA^Igwi 
is eiieli aiMia«« (vhare thexe wae a geneiTal vei^iot uader eeveTal 



■■'.■ ■ SPt'' '.. •* ■'>' 

•ij) 4 iif-\ #fli[X»t-rt j|i*< 

tfet f»©«l counts to wM«fe tilt #vid@.)a«« was a|q»lia&l»X«,» tt^m 

10mm^0 ihmwiam,. mMenm Wbm m% mhmltU4. la th« mm at 
bior, IB »upi3©yt of 0a# ©f tia© ©«&tmt« ©f tli« atelSTatiaa^ v« 
air« aMii^a t0 l«i«lv.lgft %li# i>r#«ii«rptls*a, %h%% tfet verdlet ®f 
lilt $ntf, for tlh® pXftlalif f , *a« Tm»m m mm^ mmt» t« trhlc* 

«»|N^ W *fet ^#f#fi^ist t# ^#ftt mw^tm ia.8#,. ^,t i» ©ur ©pin* 

tills spimicsa. It It n^ffi^i^mt t© say tliat w« ar« of tM 
0piajl.»» tlii^t tli®«« ^«iit« wmm ^©©4 «m4 it i® im% mm^^nd^d 
^iSmt tMf w^m ^im»tspf)orl®t i»f %hn mlMmm* 

fmttMit mmpluim in mi.^ h-$ tli#' 4#ftiid«.ist ®f «i.m©Ui«» 
iwitimtti'®» glwa ^ tS»# tTiia «msiij^ jfiMMliaf 9m f®llow8S 

*flit aw,rt lm8t«©%* tfe# |Bfy tl«t it !• 1»«^ 

pWiie 8t?#€t« &iid lsi|?femy», nnM 1% aoii^ »» t© «?08» 
mM y#«y0#ii »tir##t on* trm^m^ #m«irti®lag #y^iitaaff 
0t.|?« int. mtmg «r## aa4 t^m-t tt in tM m^%f ®f «#iTaut« 
«f tfe.« str#*t «.x <»^ii^&iiit«.* c^pimtiag mm w,mn p\%Wli& 
«t.y#«t» t4? I9:» csn tfet id#.lgs^ ^m <^ltt f««^«©BabI« ®#a»m3r© 
t® m&M imiVLTim t® p«t»wii» ^t^tfulXy trlvlBg- oa tfe« 

jfe« t® tl^tt imstr^^tiom, it is ^dsttadtd thst tS» 
a««sliS:Tmti.^a: <iciat*imt4 m &>ll0&tUm^ U t!i« ®l" f«©t that tHt 
i«&feM«nt faiiffia to j»aiatiaii n. iaol^wl. i» ©«» ©i^iaidn, thl« 
%m mt & mli4 <^3®i**i^» t» tM liiAtimttim* It ^mm ti^t t#Xi 
tUt juvj %lm% it r^ii tlMi diMty of tfe«- ^«f4siiii^Rt t© ««»i»tsiB« 
m l^fcont, Imt tMt it m« it« #itr to *Imi «m t!i® i«ol:mtt«« 
f^« first mmnt Qf ^0 d««li&n.tie»a (^iS|^la»ia«d »f th« %lX«||fti 
3i«glLigftii<»e ©f tfe® d«f^nti*iit ia oat#l«ss»ly <ifitliif it» o®« ©▼•» 
llM» il#«« air»mi« oir«>«siAg» at m hi#«T rate of »pm<k thaa vat 



::iCsjjSte su' 


I - -"■ 


imd«T ii»f <»it«RianitiMa0®«| m^ th^ third mmkt &t th« 
wlittfet* iNi »0toy«93a #f the ofej' l» ^«i«tl^ii mtk "^^m %1m l<i^* 

*lf t&# |a:ry fi»^, fr«^ t!i# pir«p0iilj»»jiet #f tht 

ttef #»c«ip«is« #f #iri.lMwry ^.ir« ami. ^iitio© tm fear 
oi?n «Nif#l!y» aa4 timt wfe«« laj^r«-<l sfe* waa fi^laf im 

wm% mssit af mt«,# if ^ti^t m tli« :^Tt #f |fll»latiff •• 

!siiiil«Mi«* will m% ^ i8iti3^l)>l# t® t!?« pl*ilit4ff •<* 

l«»» »a« to giv« It im« aot mmt* Im ^12. ^^ £CS£# ^^ 3tll« 538» 
ft |lMt#M»it for tH« plmlmtlff vaa rtfeTtttai* mm^ ot^#-r r«««on«t 
for tli« ilYlitg of m oiaiilar lustntotloti, is irl«w of tk« OTidsAoo 

tli«re fr«»«i5it»d« Xa tb« »tat« of the «Tidi^«Gf itt tte« <m«o at bar^ 
«t axa of its* »plai;m tifeat tfe« giTing lif tli« laatruotloa aaa 

% ai^tbor iaatruotloa tl» covert told tbe Jvory t^t. 


Till: r ^^f^n''\ 

;f ■ •; '.■rati 'j'rV'f :■•! t^.-tit ■ 



Hi &9tn 

If t!i«y found t!:Hi iscii^ for th« rlaintlf f, they alght 
award beY» as dtoagss* aia^ uvm «.» in th«lr j»d|pMimt» vmimw 
^ut •Tldeaoe end iastruotloAs of tbe oo\:if*t« sli^t b« a fair 
aaipunaatiea for th« iajurlas aha had austainad. If mnj^ so 
far aa suoh teaagaa var« el»lflH»d aad alltfpt ia tha daaXanc 
tlaa* 8»r« t^in ^am hrr« an luatTttcrtioa raferfiaf la tlia da» 
elaratiaa^ »Bd tha poiat aade 1* %%Bt the daelarati^ft allagad 
MMtr^im litjt|rl«« n^ii^ wmre sot ati^itoriad }sf th* ^a%laa«f 
aad it la arguad that if tlia ^vatf 'had f»t held of tha da» 
eUtratidtt at «ay tlaa* the^r votild Ij^t* haan adviaad of toat 
laJuFlea, ThlG^ v^re aXl«g«d thfrtln* hut aa to vhlsh thera la 
BO t«atlaoiqr* ^ vma poiatad o\}it hf tte S ug traao Gsurt ia 
WJUeUL V* Aurora. Meia 4 (Jhlo^i^ R> R. Co.. a^ara. 'Tha 
thaory ia th6 «aaoa la i^it^ %h^ lastruetloa (am aalUag 
rafaranoa to tho daolamtloa) haa b#«ii hald ^M^jaotloaahla 
ia« thnt It aarely r^fara tha Jurf to tha daalsratloa ^ 
aaoertala what faota 9.xm avarrad aad ordara a Ttrdiat if 
auOh fao^ hava ho«i pi>ov«4«** Of omiraa« the jtury la tha 
mu^ at hair did not soa th« daelaratlda ahlck ^a plalatlff 
iMid f Had «ia^ did aot kmm vhat d«i»g»a aha elaiaad tiiaraia« 
aad tha mUf o%|oot la aahlag raf ar«iao« to t^a daoiarati<3a» 
mis to adviaa %hm jvry. ia s g^aaial iraf » that tha plaiatlff 
ooold aot roooTOV aa^ daisaget axoa^t thoaa alaiaad la har 
pXaadiast isad tha iantr\ictioa did not vmrraat th« avsrdiag 
of aay "^^yffg^ oaoai^t vtieh aa ir«r« «arraat«d *n&dcT tha rri« 
d«ao6 laid iftstruetioia of th9 oovxt** Th^rd »&a ao axroT 
iarolvad ia thia iaatraatloa* 

Dariag tha trial of tha oaao, ao«« arid^aaa had 
ha«i » raawit o d » orar ohjactiaa of oouMol for th* daf«aai^at, 
to tha ef f aol that thare ami ao gktmmM at tha oroaoiag ia 






in %Ub mm wtm my m$Uwi>mm iwgftrdtim %h« f«il» 

tiff mp.iiiB»t tl»' a«fiijiiiife»t fur wir fai,l®r# u miw 
t«i» iptfi» m % m&%^Smm 0w tt|^l» %% %M mmttim 

fli« mmwt mtmm %%%» imttf^etlo® nm^ tfei» laiM 
■mm. nmt^mM m mTm-T* It upp^mm frj^m %^« f»^ip« tli»t «% tlit 

tiiKi t&# lattfTn,#ti^iiB wm^ btisf ««iii«M 1^-.ii.l*« »iirt' «iM 
®»i»»#l. f0-y' tJft'* a«f®fi<timt im« mir:gijif tiNi gliriag ^f tfel« !«<►■ 

gtvim ii»l«»« 0i$^ii6#l f#r tilt ^taiBtlff it^tat «'tea»>tt t# thm 

pmfg la ®«Mii,t^«rti©ii »itfe M» ©i,#»iiig «i^pEi«#iit4^ flat tfe« 
|i,la„ii!tiff mmm w^ #l%4« sp^isft %%^ t®f#m#tmt teei^y.^^ ^f tli^« 
failUTft* j^imtatm §&%#«#■ n ■, m »lgBat« ftt t^« «i^««« 
ii^» 0»i»i(«l f®r t!i« pXmliJtiff ftetM tisat fel» wtaia i« «t^t« 

t# t&« |wr# wl4«t#«|i©ii tfe« 0«»%rt «ai.|pi:#d tli» iat«t»tt4®» rt.fu»«4» 

tiff t44 MOitf ^» it^t«««iit is f^MMiti#il m %U $mf^ f «ofe- 
ml«lif» il «ft|r mail bt ®aidt »« ©©xMft»«X f^r tfe# defea*?^t 
sMfgin*, ttoit thU ttstf^iit dli. i^t t»kt tli« fine* «>f tl» !»* 
•tim«ti<»a» itM i» ^us* ©■piiil0» tim ^^tmm^t m« «atllsl«<! t« tl» 
t«it«i«tl«ai ami it should tmm i&mn elir«a. W« »«•« of tl*t »i?i«- 
l©a, hOTr«ir»»t t^t XU ^&%im &f tfee trial eourl in thit ?#• 
flftM ma 3^t iii«!^ ft« U wmm&t « tinr«3ri»i of tbi« jtid^Mmt* 
^ iriw ^ »X1 tl^t ^0lK |»lm(»», it mmmt Imi «m»i4»t«a tl»t 
ia T#t\iJ^at %hmif vtr^ot th# Ji*fy 1*ft»»^ it* la *ay rMfN^at* 
tlr« a^««a«« at p^tas or a fXa^^aui at the orasalag. flk«ra 


tjr^S"- ^ 


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iiiili|«et« a»d 1% isuitt hnvt 1»4N» ffBUyslr eX«ay t^ %h% J«ry, 
%>iat iJi« <fi.iftiii ©f ti^ flaiatiff *»,« tfe«t tili« mt »»» op«ra%#a 
©v«r tM« «^t if ft e^#ifiiit mmmw0 rM *fe»t Hy ?««.s«ii ©f 

tliftt »ad that &Iinj», ^« plaiatiff nsMi <sta;t«iii^ <SiM8ag«» Ut 
hut iajia3fl««» 

tli© f^Ttfefir f #lmt is ustit % tlt« € #f nMtat 1« ^wp- 
j»!Hi 0f lt« »pp#»I, tbat tfef plt^iiitiff ms p«»ltt#a, w«T ltd 
0^j#<Hii?m, to «l?«w fee» ImiMIitr t® ptf f03r gwrttia wttepetl^ie 
ttwttawRii* 9lm li»4 r«aiilir#<i ®.ft#3r th% #.©mMrf#a©« l» fiMSttioiu 
^Tliif h»T mmm'^mm.mLtim, it wis i:(n»^#% m^% t^at ^« |»1&1«» 
tiff Jiat mmir^ t^««« %j^«l»«»t», «M®i aa f#«^ir#e% «xiMtiwiP» 
tii»ft tlb® imd %Mk»d hm^ msttqf %r0mt&msi^ 9f tl^is ItiM s%t ^mI 
ir@®eii*'p4. %M »1i# iftflltd ttet tlfe«i"# wmtm thtm, aadi sfe# «•• 
t%mk iifik#<i f^f tlt« flls^iitltii^#d ihim t.M ft^« i^pli«4: tli»t it 
wmB b«€8ii^»ii «1^t 0<3si?.ld 5s«»t ^ff 0ird tl»ea» f1ii» «imi »&t pr0|NiiP 
ir«*di3r®crt ®jmai®feti0m, *» It fet.€ H&t ^«ii l»rmi#,t m% oa «t»s«* 
i^mnl^ti^ tMt tli« fi^iatiff li%di ^tl&im <^lr •^ fmf tt^trnxm 
»aci tijm <liB0^tlWtt«4 mm* m^m m»t t*t#iMif©f«», m Q^mMim. 
f ©t any «XT;laiiaitisa its t© w^ »h« lat-^ »ot t^«a «»re df tli«»« 
t# «#e at» T«si«#ii, fe®fr#ir%!r, f®r iirlisar^liig tl^t |ii4ii«at by 
tmnmm ef tnis i^ttftt^ mhidh irm» imltt tririftl. ffe«r# it so 

roy tl^« tmmmm giir»fi, tl?® ^u*1g3»«mt ©f th« Superior 

^mrt is affiirai«ii« 

■ v^: 

2X6 - zmm 

UMm ALfmmm, ) 

£^aAH KOHI, Sf Al. On a^i^«^I of ) ^ _ 

uuM iom. ■ 23 4 1. A, 6 36 

Opinion filed June 11, 1934o 

th« ©o-apXaisiafit, $mip»!s Alttiau«»a» file«t a bill 

i^rate Io1m« to s^euTt hey iiot^ in tb# s%i« af Il0,000» th« 

Im «>p«ii ©o-ijcrt of tl5« aadiml; ¥l^i0!i «li# atoltted was tsi« oa 
the l0aA« fble t^md&T wa« r«fu»«clii It i%a allngti by tht 
<|#f«ia4nnt im %et »ii»wty, that alttoougfe sfe« »lg|i#(l %h% prlROl- 
pal aotis in tlje ai« of |10,000,. tte# lii<letet«?^is.®«a w.t?^« In faet 
mXf |0«4X0» %@ thmt urns tut ftffioumt rect«(lT«d toy bey on th* 
X«&ii« th6 Mlim®® «if IS90.00 l^®lag r«taintd by the oo«pliii»» 
WBtt this mmkiag tbe l@an iwmrioiJis. tht issues were T«f«rr«d 
to a wfc»t«if, wha foimd th» a»vc?uat dwft on the lomn to b« |9#TS0. 
followiag tl4€ laaster*© r©p0irt, a cleer«« «a.A «ater«d ae^ordlngly 
in favor of thn oosipI&iiMmt* To xeYerise tbat ttcrr** tht defend* 
&at fewi pe3rf«ct«v*l thla appe%X» 

In ©wpT^yt of her ap'oeal thfe defttidmutt eontende %\m,t 
tbere are two eubataiiti^l varlattOf^e fo«twe«B the bill of coaplaiat 
•Rd the «via#BO« 9Md the findlni^ of the «ft«tet, tfes bill ef 


,>5iei ^IL snuL b^> 



■0)9 ^iS' 

TO? t^ f w 

-^^«* "Slfi' 

■^^ nn ' f?t ..^'^ "-' 

.'JxFv.i j<J^ 

0oii^iat iiXl«g^ tBai tb« loitii had h^m mmd® to th« ^9fi»m?tnt 

Hy a lr», S©li*t«, who im» tli« ©cwKplainaistVa dattgbtiftr, and that 
at ft lft.t«T p^tioA the mmplMim^nt hmd patQhB.m0d the lo«it %M 
wm th© l%m^ tsemmt of lt» st the tlft# af t&« fillaf of tfc« 
■blll» the iimiittT f&uM. trim tha evldt-me® that tha \&^m im» 

ii#gatlmt#d wltli th®- o&mpIaiBmut in th# firat lB«t&a«fi and aot 
irith h«7 dau#t«ir» in mt,t ofl»i<»m» this is ^ult« iamat^ifial* 

fhat the 0«2pl%la«mt mmm the It^^l. ©wati? aad b,al4tr ©I the 
lttdebt«iil»e«i? *t th© tt-^ «if th# ,f ilii^ af tht Mil Is aoH^, 
Qi»80tl<m«t. At the tlsMi ^ppllmtlQU wm vm^& fox thi^ inaitiiig 
0f tlii»^» mi«iplatlimiit was pfftf^flag to Iftftv© foy ^'«w 
f&ilt aad sfaomi" ther^n-ft^rsii© wmnt tQ Htw YojfSt*^ is 
mmm mimtoMlmi^ in th# t«ttl%0m|' om %h^ t^^stl^a ^f wh«th#7 
m» Imn wmm ^mmmmml^^ with the miiq^lmiit ^t with het 
^ia^t«apa ifeft«T th® ©amplaiii»«t JmS left fsf i#w f©irit« It 
tmmn from tte# «irid«me€ 1ft the r«»i?©rd ths^t th« mother %nd 
^m#tey -^4 a joint baak me©ouat» m»d th«tf Eoeouaiii ir^rt, 
at lea«t to 8ii».® «3ttiKat, imt#yailafl«(l» aad. tht dmaghttr w»* 
is th« 'habit &f B«g©tiatimg loam« la ^hmlf of h«r ^othtT. 
fh«the-r ^« &ri*aag«i^,«^atss for th« wfcfeliig of the loma *ey^ ■©<*•- 
9l«t«d mXth the laotber or with the <fem#t«r, <>t ^fecthcr the 
la,tt«T timnsferrtd the X&mi to hex ^'Othet, la no wty affe«t» 
th*i f^et that th« defeiidaat g»t the tt<»ii«y aaa is i\o^ ladcbted 
to th® Qow^laimut t« thu «irt«iit ©f th« loaR. 

It is i»l«» oo»t«aded that a Tmriaa©* •irl«t» hf 
t-e«sott of th« fact that th« bill aa«g«« thtt th« 'Itfenlaat wi« 

ind^btss^d to the oo»plai»ant la the 9vbl of 110,000, vher«*» tho 

aaotor fo-ojad th€f siao^mt of the iad#btodii«o« to ho #9,750. 

Shioh a faot do«s not oroate a rarimnc«, of <K»ir80# In tbio 
omoo th©ro mfco a diei^wte hotwoea tho partios ao to vari^MO i^iai 


V >; t^^fe; "^.''i 


,^,-..'it- <i*.f«^f. 

■«.::<;; «^ 


M *»?i-* 

to %%t la th^ ftill ?<fl*:nmt &f tlse fsioc oif tfe« pylaoipul not*, 

«T^4it». If It ^ fijraM th^x% tM defcactiat mts «ntitle4 %« 
Q^« or ^CMr«? i^f thofit gT^dits, that ao^/«-«i Im s$ »«a»# b« said 

«x®imt# the prinolf^I »«»%« la tb# mm &i $10, 000* 

of usiior^* tfee eirld«ao«' olioini that lls« ©oirplalnsint m&d b«j 
<ib»i#toir w@T@ xf^Ttiroiitod hf m lmsf%r mm.e4^ Mlwm&Am fhit 
KM^iaiimat liyiiirliM np&n havimg fe«f law^ty preparo the «ort- 

Igi^^ p».p®r«, f#r whlolj sfee told tfe# dtftBdant o-y k«r fexofbty 
i^o ims »«p3f««e-]atliig key, th^f* frm^ld b« m cli8,yg« of tlO»OOt 
irfeiofe sfefi womld «3cp«@t tb® di^f»ii4^mt to utt^-adt W^mi tlio piYtieo 
woro rnmAf ts sa^^s^ t^ Hit loea, tfe@ ^^ispl&isniisi or b«y dauithtev 
gj^TO 0lmg?i0ii4 % 0heoiE. fm |0,41O»OO« Mmmomd r«t»imo<8. tho tlO«dO 
vrnd gs^ir* th« d€«fri?.dK.ttt Ids eh«^k f&r tlie t>alitae® oi* i9,^iK)0»00 
!#»« |4«XB f«3i* y®^^iim# 8?tsasp« !^.,isi«1 peooirtiiaf f«o«. f^ ooaplaiB- 
a»t ret^imed t!«j lmlta<§0, t^©«0O» sad it i?it* this wbieli is tlio 
l»i>«ie of tl5f' dr-ftis^ir of i^miipy, latrrr^^^^i hf tfe« dtffiid«mt« 

tfeio i»»«t«T* foimd tJmt tli® clef«,ftd;imt tferougib hoir 
^TOtlkOi* ii0gotl£.to4 tb« loam Iftttmii^ » brot«T sii««^ fsxCbim %nd 
tlu»t hia oomsissiom &mmm%in§ to fSOO v»-t mid to h\m Hy tiho 
oosplalnant out of tl«« 1890.00 »b« jr^tmlaod at th« tlio alia 
tumod tb® pro^Nif'-^a of t&« I^ua ovot to tfeo aef<nid<iBt. It i« 
^« d^fon^aJttU position ^«t tbti ^ri^tno* im» fmot^ «»« to mhmr 
tiimt Eubla wmii not s^otln^ la tha oajpa-oity of =-3. r^rtskoy for tho 
itfonia^t, Imt m», la faot, the*ln^t»B a^»t. fh« 
•Vid«no« «Jio*od tiafct Babla ma la tht real ootato businoss 


'^m lii^. 

d% MmH xm^l 

•\'i^f\W ■^t" 

/^-rwdpiic* 0i-, 

mtA lUMl kmmi all the -mxtim im^lrt^^ f»r «0s»« tiai** m 

f4»ir Itist »jUt«»« a^.#^ %h.% hmkm ii^%t^ liii mml4. g«i si H^^OOO 

lih» ^%%f ©t CM.<mjp, «d tM- hmkme «iig«««tM tke -©mtsislaiiiaiilt. 
Mpmrmtlf %M ^M^mmmt*^ hwmhm mm tfe« «@aipliiil.iMift« umI tlui 
X&tt«t mm mmilUtig t© «ai:» t!s* Imn w^mmi^ML mt^ » ffur ^fn 

XmWt flm mf»wfkuM%H hmthm »m ^Mm m^ told him q{ 

%mm <m mm f&th^t pt^pmr^ %^m.^m^ m mmmm^tt io«4* «al. 
IN^IA »i(iie€t#t tMt '1^ g» t.m« »#« %ti« c^^l^latat oa tifeit 

t©ld fe,iia tfeat fe# ^a€ ar^.ag«a ^« loam witte tfe« eiwi^lsil^iiit, 

«f %%9 mmTitf ^M^, me%Mt he UX% %^ imm. »o«it m m Mf« 
mm aaa fe« UX€ fetir ttot it m« all fi#st, t^t fe« h*4 soli 
IMii ^««^t1r|r t» %^« mmB Jmi katir wljat tfe«y psit for it, «j»& 

Wat, K@llm MXa him he hm agrt^ t^ i^ii^y ^00 tm « «0maii.ft«i«m 
foar th« «^i»^ of tK« loan am^ th^% h» ^ad icjpQiccii td «»siaaia« 
•Hi oir li«r #iii»i^t€fT i&l»&ut %aJti»g afeip« of hi« (l^bin**) tmm 
Mm tlk^ <»»$Mi m^4 timt h« ai^l^ «aiifii^lim t^bv^t the wi'tm#»8 i&iftf 

lii^ l^r rmx» ft»dt j^rt1a#r, %!»% it l« tfet 9tait#s *i»^ T»i»rtl 



m^. *ffi- 

■ i- '* ■'• ,' 

lOX tl 

wltls til* 0OiipX»iimfit» tfe* liitt«r »*ld ^^ot^iag mbout f^TlOff 

•&W li«7 a^tliftsr %^f&tk% ■wMMim^ %tm Imm m^ th^ )^4i^m^ %ttt^.% 


pimp^ttf, atltd l^t tl^l* l©sta int..«/feii4«, %n« .sibotit tKres w««.k« 

3At«t Wg* SMi rtt»iri^M sisid s&w %lke wltii«»o at^ut tbs lofta 

tli«9t| t^% Id^ Vftiit«d t# )CB9« v^t It imul d od«t t# a»ili» 
tlMi l(^i»i 1^^ t^t wlt&««® »aid «lt« tt^i^ld expecrt him to ]^^ 

IKlXl^t ^^"^ ^^^ '^^^ ®^* waiiXd m&t .1^* 0is»@«d te X^lc 4V«9 
iai»- pft|^:» sad ««« if «ir€r|rtt\iiig %8$.9 all fl^lit aiyi tliat tlMi 
wmlA aluo «3$padt Heliim*^ ^€Mi^l««i@m to b« paid; t!Nit Solm 
•aid lit didn't oaiirt t» kmm i^rt^inf itH^ut «xp«ft8«» Imt mlf 
«i]it«d t9 Ittimr visit It -touid i!Oi^t« «• *fdii mf ^^t t^t «9«hhi»V 
mud 8h« to^d hiai It widuid <m9% IN^i ti^t hft 1^11 h9 Mvipimf^A 
l^t «»• Ha ^^mp m» t1%«f 0ou!4 fftt it s^mfwhmt^^ wm4 h# »aid^ 
lit w&u\^ wi^% tlifi lim£^ nl%% tli«B» wb«'r#^^>0iif th« vlt&««fi a«k«d 
lilr« to #v« li#ir X%wf9t m l«|^l ^MNioTiptioa of th« ^7^p.e3rt)r s» 
lk« OQisld X0Qk it ii|^ Mil »•• if it «iyi all Ti^t| t^mt ttr« 
tiiba^nd in»d« miit ^bm p&|Hix« iiBd le^tod «^ t^« 7*(3dvds| that 
tlw •sp«as«9 im mmoHs/^imn wit^ tli« p7«pii»itioii of tb« paiifMi 
«»• #lo«ao» °'^d foi* ioolniac w ^® reooirdft amd ^auiijQijftg 
th« tltl«» IHO.C^$ tluikt 9lt« is«li3^ d t^« #10«00 itda for tkm 
pT%pMm%lmk of tilt p^pvm^ i» %l^ tiNMflfc foir i9»410«06 whltik 
rnhrn ^r* to ^««diid« l»tt ftlM did aot ptkj tbc |40«00 laitil 
Ut«r m hB wtm d»i«« wotIl for t!i«» rii^t aloag md st* p^iA 
klA tlUi^t fliMbYfi la e«en««ti<m witi^ i»t%»t itmm irtii^ tkMi aad 
li«» MotlMfiir «w«a tii«« said tam9 te«tin»d t« tfe« iwyMat df 



ft'' ...^/tC^v^ 


•lui t«^«etiflM that In xsali^lsig tltia l^sm tli€ T«ti«d ea ftubin*8 
jDMl|lpBiift«t al^ut Iohii*s lmt«|prl%y »ii«l ^Im^ as t0 tlste v$ly« of 
t^at property, ^he teatiJlsd thMt giit maa lijfer »oihey tmqxuBntlf 
%9n0i% moT%0k$!t ptkp^T, vmrnXlf tlixougii % Stoker g &fi4 t!»At 

ii^ifli %&€ xMigDtiatad A giQ0d mMMy loanit fo:r thitai* 

I» our opliiloa, tfe« fiMlUg tfeat '^"u^lft i^» laot 

•Qiiaideired jis tk«i imfmi^n%*m hr^kmT ^m& 6Dtltl«4 to % eoa* 

«l««ioa^ im® f\5llf ipf.rT&iit#ll fey t|j«« #vldej->.«#. Kolm «*« o«M?kJj|f 
to plu^ ihi9 8®©0»d m&rti^m lo«a %«tf foy tfeat ^imioso Muie 
ftpplis^-titm %o r^^^im &s,d %bo lattor r«f$rr«4i him to t lie eoav" 
plelamat. itul^O^ 1m^ plmm^ othoip Xoi»io fot lolm, ]^ t«»ti«* 

fitd tMt fet pia®«€ otfetr lo»m» foir %iM with tfeo iKi<l-'0ity Tr^t 
4^ iairlago atufilL* Bt ao^ tftstifio^ thskt b« hi».a oold oovotoI 
piO'Ms of ^Tot>#3Pty for l^hm* T^ «via<?no* ^lo«o mot sbo»» bsmt 
lo it «l&i«iNi by tho a^f#M%fit* tJNtt th« otsiq^lAii^k&t g^t suiy 
^^^t of thliii cKtmmissleia* H^o, $#iii%« t«ftif i«4 tl?mt 9be told 
Kofeji sho iFOt^li 03C|>«ot ld«# to pay i^Mm*« ooaiiisnioA^ togothor 
with oth«r itiims oho wtrntlf^n^d ho K«»iild Kuto to st@ad out of ^o 
|KV»#«0d0 of the lOftA, aiivd t^t h^g i& .ff«i^ota»90, «««to4 to 
}Emm wh%t dodmotioA it wo^id bo moo^oomry to a&Jco to oo^oy 
tliooo it«tt«* olio to ^f th#so oxponsoo dlr«ot» and olio told kla 
it *o«ia bo |$00«C©, to iJfeli^s. liO &g3i%«d, la of foot, tfe^reforo* 
t%»» pi^yttoat of o |300«00 eowsiooioa omt of th« prooesit of thio 
looa liy tho oowplolnant oy h«y ion^tox, w^sat tht dliootiom 
OT fo^uoot of ^o tiofoiulyat, atodo tbrou^ feor brotiiey, it is 
tyiMi aimt ICol^U tootiii^NBgr i<t *«>• iroopooto oofitsatdioto tD^ot 
ot^mittod io ijobftlf of tlio o^Kplftiiuiat* ^voiror, it io for 



r*«^' *i' 


tilt mf%M^nt *® aak» m^t %0t aefta't* of ut-ujry, i»y i?, 

%<$ <ix» »o a.» t0 tfei® it« of la^o*©©,. whiefe ivml td EmUh m 

unit* |jr0|>#t foT %bt «aptiii»at m m^ulrn %%m mft^m&^&% 

Imn* Qm^lmismmt bag «i-ll#i pw ttttrnti^i t@- t^t a%s9 ^f 
J^ir^ ^. lii»i<yp|> 1CK3 in* iXX* r?® ii^ m®t m^t^ that iMiiA 
ia pgttat^ f^sr tIfetTt it »*» ^l^ijfii'- mmm tkm-t tifee ljy©lK^ip li»» 
ir^lvet mm tit® ^i^mt ©f tm ImMt mtkwt %Mm %M hmtm^, 

®j^ liaii ^* ,gi;ili^ii lMt|tei>.^^aJ»., #^if^Mt ixo iiu 

iwi^o'l'rea Bit«tlc»^as tlsiitaf t# tfet ©mt fiafttemtM Im tfe# 
nt l«p^ ^d la tl»#t «»«« It w/» liftit t^t i?fe#T## mt tilt 
1NMr3rtw»3r*» ^rt#tl4m m- i*f-wtt# w«^wstt K%f«1fe«XA emt tf ^&* 
f»at«{|» of t^t Ismail f©r. tlie piasrp^sc if puirtiii' «»*«.l«i!i^«» 
t# &|^mts ©T bi^limxi wte IsimI a^ed is tfe© ifc«|^tl^tloi3is ia ^ 

tft ^tss,,? ®u4|$.««i^ tJs« «iM»%»ir »!»«> mTT&&%ly fmmA 
t!a»t Hit* 'Di»oM. m^ % <:ilia3rg» oi |40*i(^ f@v mamimtUn of 
tli« rffeof^ in tlm Tisstoailsjf's offiot^, ao «.« to itooort&iii 
tINi ©otkaitioa of %M titlOt ^fei«fe «^'« * ^aiaP swad r^ooaalO^ 
olMKi^tP for Ms «etwloo«t «i»^ tlKttt tlilc «fti a l«|^tiiMtt« oaA 
pmpmf tfti^mttmk foir timt pijni^»«## aad did tiot »alio tbe 1 



Wm wil^ln hmt fi#rt» 111 ^miftiiiifig tlte pim^mtl^n &f a 

sht Bii^t pj^pmrXf >Mtv» 59?o«iar»d %ht «fl^ii^ asd. ptld for it 
mit ^f thm i^mQm*4» of %^ 3#f[«i» ^^. tlrt !%#« «f psd«rx» 

tittt «f tiMi |*»p«.Tli|p, thi?^ii# tM ^fsmmkmti^m m.m toy ^» 
liiwi tint pmlfl, mi% mxf fsiff ®f tli,# ^^.^ fo? «J8t iite»tf».®t ©f 

t«im#if^:i tiii®%ttiii#iii ©f 110,0110 mi. %fc%t mttrtt* nkomia 
<if i^iO.<^« It 1j» mma $M ntl l«ime m^ili m iM <im« ii»» 

title ^T a ,p»i^-iit|r p0l,.i^ <3ei¥trlag %hm loftiu llr*. S9l»itc t*»tl- 

fi#d ttet «fe« «#iiti.aii't^ tliiii. mm mm ©-f tlif »^i-*«s8fitt»t ^9m 
It, l^loi lu^^ii bov wm^ it ir#-lt ##®t t^ pt^m3t0 %1m ImM fraa 
Imir m li«ir ii»t^i»¥« %^i ^tiNi l%im» imm ititmm te wiii^it Mlam 

«i]r tisat tl^t l^<$t that uitlm^ttXir tMj mmm mt imii«t«d vmom 
hmt that <p®i«|)lilm.fflit i»m# iiiiti8!f4#4 t® ttly. ui^m hmt lmwf0T*B 
mmmijmtim &f th# m^^mim in t%i« Re««MNhMr^s offli^t^ imliMtMr 
ioxy in%mntimk ^^n t^ 9<»«|»|jil»i»fitt*» p&3f% to gpi» « u3ti3Pl£t\aii 
r^ituta on thl» Imn* la d#t*j?«liii«g rli«tfe«3t %%^ «»»«atl*l 
•Itwiatft of «»Yiarr ftr« i>T«ff«iit In a g;lir«ii «&•«• tlic lat«atl<Mi 
«f t1^« peurti#»t »« *^«y *3r« mte t<i i#pt*» f yoi» %hm faott wid 
9irmHiUit«i«ii«» Mir ^ «®a«M*r#d ia i»osn«etic« witli all th« 
otiMitt «?-idim«»« ia %hm mM%^ gl^mmm v* ay«Jig^ ^U ill. sis. 

•KO'tt «T*C 

ffr ;i^/:s,5M v^ 

fiw HijgSl 


^■•y. *fc.; 

* •flPW ^■iPWPwP"|R(^P«f'r 

the off#ii«« of 'isuTy i» pwmX in its mattt:r« 
w«ll a« la ika s^crti«eti a% law, || ^:^# t. ^i^Ml* ^ ^3L^« 

tli»t t:b« uis^rious ®Xeis©at» of th# eowtymet, as ii#t forlh 
parties a.<rlimll|r iiit«»&d ia%o. 1® @^ #^iaioii tlj,« «jktt»» 
^f 49i^« feiMl twt thm mm a*4« sm% fe^ tli« d^f^jytot l« t^ 

thtmu^ f^#t Am ^^mmm, s. mn^m^ 

iw « tn§&$ 

WMkMt B^U,$fJiM , •t aX« 


\ A 

4I.A. E36 


or ^i€Aa0« 

Opinion filed June 11, 1934o 

mu MMtim mmmm «iiiirftv«4 %%€ dpiai&ii &t 

Vkm mmx%» 

Wf thin ftpimul th« plaiBtiffii seek t0 ^nr^svt 
an oihi#:r «f tli$ i^yslelpiiX 0€r^rt« ▼m<»sitinf mad ft#ttliif mnt^ 
m JiadpMmt tux |l.tsi7«00t i^i^ %1^«r ^^ tee^rer^Nl af&ituit 

l^tlti#fi !flX*<l toy t!j« ^tefendi^at mot* tima thirty dajra aft«r 
ttift j^tdpitiit in faTor of tti# plJ^lstiffs had 1>«4^ «ftt#7ttt« 

t^« plaintiffs }^^ ^•^a tcaaats af 
lisid^r m l^iMMi for « t«im iMigiimlfig latjr l» l.sai# amd. ^adiag 
493ril SO, Xtaa, ^^a la <^aa«otlc»B with thi* injmmef and imd^T 
tli# te7i» of the !«»«•• th« plalatiffa Iia4 a^^i^«it6€ |XSi^»00 
with tli« 4#fead^at as a (iiaraatr i'ex th« jp>aTfoi'i^a0« »f th« 
ooip^taati #f t^a Xaaaa* fii« 1©«»# ^r« tfet aata* April 6# 
%mi0 tml it ma aptataatXy axtmite^ u^u d» ^^1* ^«»)^ ^^ 
l»«ara tt» aotatiaa tl^tt It waa «x«mita<l "la i^Taaaaoa af *.t»« 
i«a0ullott#, M»y 6t^, X^X«« Sy th« t«»a* of tb« X»»aa tbt 
pXaiatlffa ao^aaaatad, «at»af: oth«r tliiaga* tfeat aa intoxicat* 

img XlQtiort ao^d aa saXd^ atarad, k.aat^ distrlbfuttd or givaa 
aaay ia t^ damiaad 9»ittlaaa« duxlaf the texa af the Xaaaa* 

•\ . 

.^Sei ^11 smih bsLiI noiaiqO 

(>'-^ f. *■ ' 


th% 9wp%'mtiim &t th« l«aj»«, »m0tin$ thu^tby to T^oo-ret tlw 
1X800*00 d9pcMilt«d ^3r tbi!«ii vltb thti dcfftndatnt, %• a guK^i^nty 
fox* t^9iir ptrfex-sitaAoc of th« oortm&t^ts soatiiined la the lc«««9 
t0g«t^'@x with late.T««t tlif*'r#oa, tilt «3,.ef«m.<l«.Bt bm^lag rcrf-u«#d 
to ?«tiixii tb« n^««|r as r#^'U't«t«d* ^y tSi«l7 9tAt«s«{it 9i 
QlmlA this pluliitlf f» all«gM tlwt tliey l^d pnTt^tm»^ all tht 
<Mnr«i!aiit» ^At^la«d Im tli# l«^f«« tl!^9 dtffsi'd^iit filed ^n , 
Affid%Tit ©f s^@r4t»» itdaiittlB^' tbat tfe# IXSOO.OO 1» ??««««- 
tion liad to«€?B d#.p#»it#d ^ the plaiutiffs wltl!^ tSie d#f«»iS» 
iAtt *« all«g«d, tewt tfe® dtftttdaat d#iii«d thtt tfee pleliitiff* 
|»«d ^^ff orated th® ©eHFiBtastntii o^nt&lasd ia tK* le-s«, mad alleg»d 
*tfe»t the pXaiatlff* »old ©r <m«8«d t® b« s<»ld #a tlit |st««1««« 
d««ori%i«d In t^e X«M« * ^ • iatosrlc^^tiitf Xi^vi&t, %» 
m&A ia Ti«X&ti@% df %h® 1^» JtBd @f til* afte^s^rnt c»f %h^ pX»>im* 
tiffs wltt^ tfe« defii»* la thl« affidairlt th0 •Jafi^ada.Bt 
ftot^«x mtt fertB that am a. i-'^'SFtiXt of tli# ftii«g»d talt df 
lfttoxlai.tlztg 14^"uoir tipaa tl^«s» ^r^Mls^s^ by the |*laliitlff«, 
ft Mil foir liijti»@ti08 WiM fil«d by tM f «dex&l ifcut>>OTltlft« 
ftfftliyit tl».e plaintiff* mud t^« d^f®mtl?feiit, la th« l*Bit«d 
itftt«« l^stTlet vldurt^ to enjoin t)m sale of latoxioatlag 
llcittosr upon tbs pt^mi9^»p ^n4 for abftteiHiitt» as « ;«sult of 
which th© d^f@iid$.at had «uiitmltted d»sMigft« in «3r©«®*: of t!»« 
mm »vmd for* 

$9 l^ry ^mmn^^ «*s f Hod l»y oither pmjetf tiiid on 
Ootober S« 1^12, th« oaoo wmo rerohtd for tri&X^ in 6\3» oouroo* 
without a jury, Tfeo d«f«iidaiat f ft Hod to apptmr %% tb« trlol 

sad 8 f tor hoArittf tM «irld«2xeft the trlsl oo^irt f oy»d tbo loouso 
for t:ho plaiatlffii* iMiao««od th«^lr dteaHngoo *t tb» ouii of ll^T.OC^ 

"Jjjf »••• : 


TiiL'!^ V US 

*«•» ti.'. 


r^J02 ^SH^^ iQt 

Mi4 entered ^Xifi^^nt for thut aiasoimt ill favor of tfeit ^lal«- 
tift«« On MoY««^? I&« 19^^ th» dff«}&d^.iit subialtt«<$ a. raotloa 

to irm(mt« tli» Judpi«nt iamls b«f0r« lOii* motion wa* ai«p©««d of, 

fm fil# a p«titlo» %o tft^fttft t^« iMfiiiiiit, »iit ^pQtL tlift fil» 

Ittf of tlilii p«tllioiQi t)it plaintiffat d^v^xred te it* rii« tflal 
oimrt <yTe7in23L«<t tl^e plaiigitiffs* <le««urr<i7» &a4, %h<& pXil&tlfftt 
el«eti»g to atsmd tey tJit 4iwmrreyt th# «j©«Tt ft»ttr«<l tto« or4«y 
»ippi^led fima, g?iu&«ljig tb€ r«li«f i^raye^'fox %>3r t^€ d6f&M* 

if!b.i^ t^ f'laitttlfftt ItaA r<ie0v$r#4 on Ont^lNiir 3, ll^a, 

ii.^««|»M f««Mi vitii «i»%<5r#d^ li#t f@rtk tlii%t %t thi» t|ji« i;^ 
il«m 0f tti# <a«f#«aeBt»ii «it%#rii«^ir t® *«lr for % Jufy trisX una 

ttial «i»|»«iiyii %^ hrnvm M^m i^ie} ^li%t eijit© t%# f 11 lag of 
%l^ d»f€tidant*« mppmxmne^ 1% Ita-d b^t^as, %h.6 ^li«f ©f tfet 

titit »» |ttr|r iMil.c«#yr %M. l^mn ^fttfuirtd at mr ti«« aiae« 
tliii iMklHMiaioaa^iit of thin msit $«id tli»t it m&v.ld xtdt tiav* 
^€» r^a-eliiNi f»y triiil li«f©r« m |^^» ap t© the ti»« df 
f lll»« tfe« <l«f«B4^t»» p«titloa Ji©r laitll %%€ iMwrt jwiy 
•adUNi^Y had tMi»«a «ri4i mp* Sy ^i* .p^titi^n ih% d&t^nd&nt 
furt)^«r »«t fortis tbfet n«ltfe«r M Hdf hli attore^y v%» awar* 
»f tli« fa«t th.%t the «m«a Itat tia^n aat for trial aa OotoUar 
St 1^^» ay th^t J^sdgaaat liad beaa ax^tercd la tht oast at 
l^t tima* aM ttiat na lE]ui«rIad|St af mxeh luasaasit oaaa ta 
aithatr ttea defeadaat or fela fettoraay, umtll aftar tba a#rvioa 



'.iiA Atttd 

* - ' T^» 




f1^« f3«f«a^nt furtli«r stft itp la liia ^«tltl@a» tlmt th« |udf» 

flMiit In ftiTQT 0f %t^ plaintiff* mm #tTQn«o>as» in that it 

iNltl ti# tli# i!^3«i%3et ^lal^iid %M t^« ^Iftintiffg* ttat^iMsat of olftia* 

Mf lsl« fdtitlmi tli# dtf^iiiMit further sot fortb 
ttot %0 hsi6. a gooll a«f«i^« to t^t»tlfft* olaiA# vltioK 
im» thmt tlie plaintiffs t^ld iatoxioaitliit llt^idtii on %1m 

Xms^wM p7iml80s» o^^atxmfy to the |#i^Mii of tit@ loaoo imi in 
^flOjUtl^s of tfeo iJiiit#a St*tto» law* imt t^t ^y r#a»oa of 
»«uo^ oitlo*^ tl»« rtdtTaX mitH®Tit4«« i5%'i, filed m feiii ia 
•Qtxity li^laat thin plalntiffi s^nd tfe« 40fs»a%st» a« ©wneir 
of the pt^mimmwg nn Aptil t^, tMl, ^n wtilofe #!^t» m t^i^ip- 
ftiry imJ«motiaa wi%i Imiitod im tlit f«a«tml ionsrlt «a|oiiiliig 
tlio ^lAiatiffo from »olli»f iJii^5Ei«^tim|r li^oro oa ttee 
f*«ai»«o| ttmt a flmal l5«%.rliig on tfe-at <mm«» ^^a h««y4 in 
^v^Y X^^0 m% n^idli tlait ^<i t«iiii^^imry iaj-tmotioa wtis laaio 
90f«Kftftiit and tM (lefoiia^^tt ira$ om Joined f r^s oeeupying or 
using the fr^ii»#8 for s f€«tif tfe.#?«^^iifter. it ws?.» furt^or 
«llo§fta hf the d^f^nMn% im bis p#titioa» Itmi tl&o plain- 
tiffs 1^4 ooastittoi %M9 met» roforre<l to witkotat hio k^ovlodgo 
#r ooitooivlt iiai tliat 1^ rt^ooik of tho proslsoo ItaTing ^oo» 
i^MKl ^ tifco ro^oraa C^^irt* tlie d^foa^s^^nt ^d l»ooa «aoi»lt to 
'••on^ or rout tlio i»r««i8#s» no & r^^ifmlt of w^i^« ho tmd 
l^oom llbftttft|{Od to on oa;toiit in exoooo of tho «ii»ovait olaittOd 
1^ '^10 plAiiitiffo in th^%T »vd%. 

1% i« profldod by oootion Z% of th^ iiNiiioipal Oourt 
iot thM% if no motion to v%e&to« oot ooid^ or trndiSf a J^t» 
•lOftt entered in %hm ^aioi|«l Court» olmll bo oiitoitted vitliia 



%hit%f dftya after th« j%tdgK«iit 1« mt^t^d, X% gte^ tlicHre<tft<sr 

n&t b« Tiioftt«d, a«% jfe«ldt or aj©Aifl«4, ©ito^&pt as mi?t;-e®l ^t i»rlt 
of «rror ««Kr l»y a bill la »Qt?ity* or fey a patitlc>ii to JSAld 
Iftiaieipal 3o\trt» ««tti»g f^rth grauada f©T v^^oatlag, ««ttlag 
aitaa 0t modifying tM mm^ vhi^ would ba aeffl^iaaeit to 
oauaa tha «a«a to ba ira^tad, ««t aalda or siodlfled, 1»y a bill 
la a<|ultyi» provided fuj-tSiar, t&mt all ^vms In faet, whitA 
Mil^t feaw baaa oorraotad by a writ of «rror ^«i^| aob^f > at 
m^m^n law, aay bo oor^aotad by i^tloa la tM a^aaar ptovldad 
by law foroimlXar oaaea, la Ifee 0lre%iit Oourt^ fha patltloa 
aiabMittad by t>\4i ^iiftad^at la tbo oaaa at bart ama oat imr* 
Iportlag to aat fortb gfmmMM for 'vaaatlug tba |od^oat t^* 
oovarod by t^a plaiatiffa •isfelob i^vld fea emfflolent to oaiMO 
tb€ aama t@ b« vaeatod« oat as Ida or abodiflsd by a bill la 
•Qulty,* as proirldad In tb# atetioa r^farred to» 

Oltatloa of amth^ritlaa la «oi a#«aad la att^port 
of tkm wall aa^bliabad proposltloa thm in ordi?r to obtaia 
rallaf fr^m a jMg^eaat st lf*w,lft a oo^rt of osi^ty. oae oust 
$,hQm tfmt he boo a good dofoaao to tm aott^a at law aad that 
tba liadfOMit waa tha retult of aoiMi ttiataka* fr^«ul or aoeld«at» 
ittHil»»d witb aay nogllgeiaoa 0a ^a |»art of tbe i^rty aa^^lag 
tba o^itabla r«llof , aad «ir4aat oboo tb« JtxdipMat %t law waa 
oatarad* Xa our o#i]|loa« tha |iatltl<$a aubaltt^l by tba dafaad* 
aat ia tba oaaa at bar waa s^bjeot to the dewurr«r latarpoaadt 
both baaatMKi it iib«ot4i oa Ita faoo that tba fallura of tha 
dafaadaat to appear at tba trial of %h^ aotloa at law wa» daa 
to tba aogllsimoe of hl« agaat* aad »lao baoavtaa tb« patltloa 
fallod to abow tbat tbe d«if#Bdaat bad a good daffasa to the 
aotloa at law* Oounael^ wbo bad baaa ratalaed to repratent tba 


;^i< -.••. c. ^-. ^ Aft : 


'i4<.> al 


etwfisMBnt im %h9 aotioa at %tm, 1»%«»4«^ f 11 lag dc'tinad far 
fik ;|tiT}r txiatl l?vrl for 9mm r^sim t^% van ^at 6mk% m^ thi« 
]^«ul%iNl Im %h9> d«fmilt |iidgp«nt being imteired ag&lAait th* 
4iittmnMn%0 @xii& t]s^«« th« d«fisiij^iit*8 4#f^ti3.t muit l»« ^mstgtA 

%& th.0 »»gligffa«Ni of t.h» €ef«aiti.js^»8 3r#pirtt«3atative, siftd it 
m^3f net li« sai^ t© li«!.ire resultsil fif^ai. e^.311 %ii &ecid#mt ex* 
aiistfklc* &« ^B m WRr^' th^ ^ftie of m lilll ia «^t^itf » to fi«t 
a«i^ tlt# j|^j|i»«ikt« WP & j?«tit4^m i» tire Mtmloipftl Qm^ti 
ia lth0 mttar« af mt^ a Mil, rwll«y v. i.lttX«> if in. aati 
ijyto ▼• M,ll^» ^ ni^' ^^1 £Mlt ▼• g»ia«i. 9i 111. ST2} 
H^ ^* Ba^^ 3LS4 III. Its. 

Fwj?tlJ«i59i©»«^ it ®f p-t^T« ii^m th© 3^e<3«»M t^at th« 
plaintiff* sl#B^«lt*<!i t%^ iti©0»00 irltfe thft d^fto-d^mt, to »«• 
^y# %hHT obt^xvuaoe 0f t!^« eafstajiats ®f tfc«ir X#a»« f?i^ 
t!i# 4»f^Bdjist, fdr a taiat fe«fi»«liig mf t, l9Si, % hl9 peti- 
ti^ds« t^ d#f®iife»t 0e»JB|^imlm» ttet tli« plaiatlff» sold lig\K»ir 
c^» %h^ p7@ml«««» eoiit«&iry t^ tl^^tti^Bm of thtlr Xtft«# «tad &gr««» 
wmt witM MiB« ftmd thi&t hf tm.m&tk of *9m#l^ s^lff'* %}m r#de»il 
ttm^^irit&iNi ^4 limtlttsttd inj^mstiosi pyo«#«diiigi om i^prll 
B3« xmXm BmmBnmxilfg th« dff£i^«@ tai«g«dl in th« ^111 fited 
liy t!ie F«4«tftX autboTitlf^»» siust l^&Ye taktta plaot px^ior to th« 
tia« tb« bill iiatii filed, wfeisfe *»« Iwfoy* tfc» t#i» ooT«i'«d by 
tHe l«ast« wfetali tfe« plsiintlffs ffiad® «itfe tb« d«f«!adv^»t, mad 
in i9oim«eti0ii witi? wfeich tl&t tliOO.OO wa« d.«po«lt«d. It l» 
»ewb#3^ft itll«®td by th« d^fen^st, 9ltli«]r in hi» sffidy^vit of 
ttHTits 0t iB liin p#titicm» that tM plaistlfft «•«! iato 
)pi^««ii«9iaa of tiMt |»7«irii»«s i^oek^T to t1ft« d«tft of thm b«gi»iilaf 
df tbft X»«t»#. tfeiie i« i«aitt«riia in «J»y ♦veat fof t^Nt eov»n*at« 
<Kf t!i« X«ftiM 0oymt tls« p«yiod af tte« X<Ki«« o©Xy. It it iJiB»t«^al 


'■eft ^.:'^- 


00 imx ft8 %hm nmmBt of %h» Jiuiipteiit iNilaf in «x 

titat eiyieli s^n ttwrs^T m^lM ^\9% tm ed Qf %f th« deftaamfttt 
itk a T^tltioii in tSi« mismm of a UU im •Qultf« fiflL mrtt 

unit mm tor ti^ «eirT«et i»#i^t of firincip^l axidi int«T#«t« <Su<i« 

fimm in s^tkiJii; In tfet« mmrd t® #ii*r that tb« p<»l»t i^d 

ti„„toffHifr^».'^i. ^* MmhMi, ^1^ iiu iT?» 

with 41r«otla«i« to ft«pi^mpi %!^ ©tdi®* in fu«iiti©n frmL t%» 

tmmT^» of t^t mm't* 

f&ty:^, Ft «r» ais o»a5i^-;ofi, j. 


iSO <» MM 
Wkfm UUQKX, 


Appellant* ) 

M^mAh mm 

Opinion filed June 11 1924, 

#f tli« oourt* 

favor 9t th<s plaintiff foif tlkii mwh ^f $mum» t>tl9 i^t» 
aidat «ft« exit « red on a JMgaitj&t xmt« t&r |B0O« vlth l&t«7#«t 
ajE^^atUii to l|^X»O0t <^^ i8&«00 ftttorsof't f*««» fh« Ju^iff* 
acriit miA imt&»Ml Oft S^ftitnbosr 1» 1^3* Q^ ^eti^MY 14« foX«» 
lool«g tb€ ^f«adii»t wMNr m isotloa ^ Y&oftt* tl»e 4«ifi«it 
«mt«retl s^ltuit tilm ^ mnfms^ion, hM in nu-pp^tt of tl^t 
MOtloft ho inroooatoS <ui affldmTlt oottlag \xp %si ullegod 
fmiluro of ooftsld^^ration tt>r t^« x^t« euod tipoiu tho noto 
o&s d&todl iovoslmr $« 19Sa* 1^ thl« af fidaTit tho d«f«idp» 
itst »«t f oTtli ^»t lio 9«£rol»«od o gfoooty oad «iH:ot f tom 
^o plaintiff* loofttod on i^inMRliitft tmimm »« 1830 Oo^artlaaA 
StT««t, €^lea^, at a |»rlo« of 13580. OC, of wfelefc |17S0»00 
Vfto paid la oaoli ftiMl th« IMaaAoa of fS^OO.OO vas paid la tho 
fom of t^ Bote iarolTod la tfeU «a»oj thf t tfe# #1?$C»00 
repre seated tfee ooaail T&tloa for tfe« stook of aio:roh»adi«o 
la the atox« aad that tflift |IK>©»00 »&« glTca la payaant foT 
th« leasa oa the ycraalsoa, whloh th« plaintiff a|pro#d aat 




. \i^ 4: 

Hi* 1ili« i^t4«»a ©f fK&yty sai ^it^^If fmmtn, me, that It haa » 

ttf^ iBamid tmt m»»,|:^ -Ilia l«a.»e ii®y bt mM« t® a#«-aipt tKi^ 

■«#rtsla i&t.ti>m^« P«xullmi *5it ^l»iiii-»g of th^ nmi0ismn% of %)» 
«»«t of tii€ le^^t n-^ tfes^t m n^wtm&Mt 18 » IMS, tli^f laadiatt 

ttet th« i>l&l»tiff «^» .t«fw«4 and »t4Il tnfmm t@ ii.»9igii0 

tmaaffi? ©:r tirtn d«®r tli« »aid I**** unta tlsls »ff lioit* aad 

Hi th« BOlift, siii tlsnt t*i« tlsiiiitiff h»€ gtv^m lia 9th,«y a©ii» 
»i4«x»tli»» f0if %Im I3i0tt*. flit ttfiri4jstitt furtkAx* tttt f«ir1h 
Im M» mfUmnii t^t tlit |»laiA%iff %ma re?»®v»4 1800 weirth of 
ift#r^iiB4i«« ttmt th# utoirt la Q^s*«tl(m| nmd im fx%tthet »«t fortk 
tlMUt iriffe©tit oai>teliiiii«tfe» l««i«# Ur tM p«7lod ag;T«€^4 to, iNi 
mm vasmin t^ fi«U mm ttovt or t@ oocitliimo to o^y«t# It *oir 
^ mfm»d m mi% l» tojroiblo enttf aad dotiaa«T of tho o&ld 

■-t'^rr ".^fs? 

■t* «wf s* 


v"'.' ■'■ 'y<i*~}' 





as**!* ^# t^*^ 


<9li$' !!S^i*l% m. 

In cmr Qptvdtm t^^ affl'iaTlt f&lle4 %o sot out 
m gD04 <l«fi%ii«« t€^ thu pii.iiitiff*e ft«tls»n ^jiul tli« trial 

it9\xT% did not ett 1^ ^nf%n$ tM dftf<*8 sotl^B to 
v»<»&t« tN^ Jft4pamt i9fei@^ im^i h^wa rnktrnte^ st^imtt %h$ 

d«f<!iiiftat ^f <^iift«€l^is« It is a.p|»«,Y<»t fto«i t!)t« d«f «aip» 

tiff ©a ll0V©:mfe«T i, llt0t, Ml€ ^l-t M W0B,t iat© |>0«S«8»lQ!(tt 

^f tMt s%0r« ftm^ w^g still le fOii84»«8loii of It »t tb^ tl«» 
h© executed kl» afftdtavltHi filed Ic;. twfr^rt #f b4« ssotldm to 
T&eat« t^ p^^mntf wM«ih wmm mtmmt a ir«tt.Y ftftiiir» v^m^Xf^ 
Oot«lMr» 13, IMa* It fiirt&«ir ^m9kif» fimw tM dM>f»adii^at*a 
AffidmYit t%yibt tl»& Imail^M iiSi4# m» m^mn to tlAt^ont^fis hi« 
(if h« »iMi# &^ at 1^11) tsaitll aftftr tl}$ ^i^ipHmt ^r €^^8^ 
ft»iiiaii. i^« «»t»y«<t« th0 t.ffii»vit 4«*#ii n^t ««t foifth tJ^t 
tlif lan^loir^ lift» h9^m m t^t &ihl^ mnttf s^ad d#tai»e? #iiit« #f 
x«f«:r td «kii|r «^Gh siiit ^"rliigy Im fii«t« ^#ii ii^titmt«t* 
f«d« ftll l^t i^pm^WM iw&m tli# 4#f«iid«jit*« iiffi^tit, h» w«m 

Kftdt" pit3P«l^ftiiig t%^ 0t&tn %ad giTlug tkig note %nA ttl#t 
w«ll loi^irt 9fism %jtw^mm.% wtth thtlaMl&rt «lii^ w&uld 
0pftimt€ ftn « gd«»d 4mtmmaip If tli« luadl^rd 4b«» e«9k no* %9 
mmt Itlm* Xft «fttli«7 «9if€ft« th« ^f&M^At*# ftffld^irit !• «e»» 
«9l9»asm» for %hm tliliapi wkl^ It dttit»« Ail %1em% la inolnAti 
wltliia It imy tm %wm 9M y#t, «ltlioii|^ tli« ^^tmek^mt n^rmt 
tmmxiN^ «tit aai^gMMttt of tli# Imse itMlf t ^ ^» ^««i^ ^^ 
|MMMli^^l« po«i««elon of the premismt fo^r R«&tlf » ff^T aaA 
any eoBtinii* hl« ^sn^fiftldA* th^r^ «®t;«l<3 •••« to b^T« 
a iraiiT«iP on th# purt of the defen^iaiat a»d tfe« laiidlorA la 
tlii^ aRttisr of tbs! f^vKml «««lgn»«st df th« wnttMi !•*»# 
eovft^iag tiMi i»r(^la#9 la duftAtioa^ 

II ' k *• 

*^ia 4CK> 

t % '. 

f:^ ^'^■ 



ooriteneSft that the ^'mA^mit emten»d «rji T9ld« in t^t tl!« 

thfsn the poirty of fetterai^ ex«eute4 in eonneeiicn with %h% 
aote. It t« w«ll «i8t3^Ii«hM tls-s-t In talcing J«Ml©««n% oa a 

ly glTftii la %h» Tf^rramt air |>«i»r af attafft«ir «ji«<mt«d in 
«ona«ttisa ^i%h %h« m^ie and t* misuil %e ttfi^tly ^mTDu«€« 

stiKl. t]teit & de|^irt«t« f jfi^a til© Emt!i0irity ^^nfntT94 vlll 
jf«a.d«ar n ©eaftssi^n void, l|| ?j^r <»piai'3a, fc#w«"?«rii tlitsiv 

1$ with la tfe«it priaoli^le* tb« peif«y ^t wmTtmrnt *f sttoT* 
aOT ittt%«ii#d to tlii^ ^#t« attt3^03riii»€ mny at^7i»»]r (X) to 
afsp^ax f0T tkm d^t^j'^^.nt aB€ ©0ftf©«# ft 3ij4f»«a-|| (S) ta 
»&iTt sM ir#l«a9# ftil «3rT'@3f» HFt^in^ migbt iat#xv#a« la mil 
«U9^ l»7e<s«ediag»; %i34 (3) cj^iis€at t^ ij»e^i.3t« «x#9iitl3a 
af&a tht |ti4ps^!iit, ^hmm\^ t&ti{fXn$ aa<t ^afirmiag all 
tl^tt ay «aid attom«f ss&y dl© lif ifirta« fesr#of«* iw tli« 
eep^Tlt i^l€^ i^fi ^&t#r«4 hf rXttvs of t^ia ^<m^7 mt 
wartaat of att©Ta«y, the attsnaejr y^|sr«»#atlai t!i« 44if*ai» 
nat (1) d<mf@98«^ th« Judgm€.nts (t) r«l#ris«4 i&ll tlie #rroTa 
«})i0U mi#.t Itmvft imt^fvtaf^d la eatim2}.g up tl)re Ja^fMmti (3) 
ecmseated to %ii l«a«dlata «xf'«iutlaa; aad (4) %gr»^d tiMtt 

aa writ of mrt&t or «f»p«8l ©hsuld b« pira«»«mt<»d oa thff Jtidf* 
aia% «al<»r«4 aad tliat n^ Mil af tQ^lty s^otild he f Had ta 
iatarftxa with lt» ap«f»tl«ei« Ofta«» t® wMsli tfee ^f«ndaat 
Imlc dall«4 tmr att«atlaa la «u|ip»7l ol t^ifi mygiUMmt* axa 
all oa*®* In irhicte ^h^ mttoyn«jr eaaf9ft«lag |ad|^nt dai»ert» 
ad f rem the mathoTlty ooatiiiaedl in the a«Lxr&at» la »o«» 



tMif h^ 

wfts ooajfe»s«iI tm a not* -^ni/tleir a w^tvnM% &t newer of ?ttto«Mif 

of tHe H#1i ^ fti^f'^^*^ <^3r fil» A Mil in t^laitr im.f» irold* 

of »tieniO|r, Iml tha* irmsld »ot affect tk» umlidllti' of th« 
ludipont Itoelf • It will ^ «#«i th»t, in f^ot» t^« d$f«9i#» 
a»t Immi ^tf%n%^»4 mxk t^ppimX ftrnt tl^is JMpKemt stM tb# plmla* 
tiff 4o«« not linroko tls# ws^itey of the tight to afep^atl^ l'i*» 
oXmdoa In %h^- <30|p^rvit. im tuoker ▼. aiilp il q.l» 213^, 
our iNigpronNB Qmxtt m&tmd i^^wd 0s^» to tlio tff^ot t^at 
<>«^oiro o mm ^ootlb t^mt wlii#!h Ibc io ttnthofitoa, to <ao» sad 
m^Tif, %hmm it Is ^<»d for tliat la^leh is warrsiSktoii, h-aA irold 
foy tfeo :r^fit»* Go» l»ltt. 3S8o* ffe« coyyt fmrtfe«r plated 
out tkat iludgo itojr«|r Ita4 ol>ot2TOd im Hit ^^Tk od Afoao^, 3od« 
160t that iord <loJc« Iia4 pt^t^^rif »U4i^et*d tl^t tbere «€ro ooHO 
«xoepti^iio &M4. Ximi^%i&jm to tl^ls rtxlB^ m^fUmfi ^if%^T^ tlioM 
§m A ttoi^ioto 03reo«tio& of tht ftut^ofitf* «iid ooKOtlsiftg £| 
is &<Ho4« mhteh i» i«^iroi^T» th#ft tlit oxf^mitl^a^ io 
w&d. %h^ «xo«®e only io toIcI* int irh@Tt t}»«rt is aot 
* OQiiploto oxi^mitiMi of o poirov* or w^oirt t^o bouBd&irioo )M^* 
tiFO€& tho mx9»mi? m»4 tl%o fli^tfui ox^cmtlam oro oot aiftl££«U.o)i* 
al^IOt t1i«& tlio triioXo vlll bo void.** 

for tl)ii r«m«Ofio «toto4» th<i Jiauifwtiit of tb« :&»i«aiolp«ii 
CSoiurt io af fi?wid« 

fc? ".re^jT'^r 


»c«4 ,fn.'- 


« /ftiv 

i -f. ?- 

a 0!|l. i 



^^ ^i*^^fjn St. 

.'ti^^h' *^^ 

At J".' 

366 - 38548 

2f. 6. WII.60S. 


f-^ • ?'i • v> O O 


opinion filed June 11, 1924^ 
KR. JUiTiOg 1%0«@0S &faiftm€ tlk€ opinion of 

tM emirt* 

Umi pXalfttiff Vllaim Irro^ght this &fftloa affUjurl 
tlHi d^fe&daat^ T^lion Cb&b Qomp^nf^ to r«^v«r th« eost of 
r«^l7lng tb« daa«g«e to hit eleotrle &%itosol>ilc ^Qonnionrnd 
^ m, oolliui^n vith A tftxicMbte iMX&a^ag to the d«f«&4aiitt 
lAkicih eoXiislon irf^« alle^d to &«▼• ^ecn OKiaooa ^ th* nog* 
lie«ae« af th« dl< feti<!sjat»g »«tvaat, aad wltbott any n«|^l«> 
fgmko^ on tk« pi^Tt of %}m plaintiff's wif« who inu dTiTlBg 
t^ ^leotTic ftfttomobilo &t the tls« in «|a*6tlon* T%t«7« 
wtm m Toydiot in tha tri«il court for ttie plaintiff, fl«» 
img his a«a»t(^ at f^UQ»m» tb« plaintiff ir«ttitt€a tha awi 
of |6d*3B and ^ndgaast ima antered in bia favo;^ in tlia 
ftttloipAl (kMT% foif ^9. 76* ?o r^Toraa tb&t ^udgaant tlia 
dafeiiiant tiaa parf eotad tila appaal* 

tha oollialon in quaation ooeurred an tha vaat 

ai4a of Oh^rid^n Baad naar tha tdgavata? Boooh Hotel, in tko 

0ity of C^iioago* The Itotal ie looatad on the eaat side of 
mbtiMldtaka Rood* Tbf>T@ la aa opmk parking apaoo on tba weat 

alda of Sheridao RooA wid a little to the 90u«i of the hotel 
onti^noe* There «ro two drivetwjra into thia parking apaoo# 

tl^t "^ BM 

,^S6I til enul bsili noxrtiqO 

OllftoM, m© triirtiiif tfe@ plmiatiff*® mw^ mnth mlmg tk« 
w«®t .isldis 0f ife^fi^am B»t. fte:« Itll^w ©all Ib tm#ffltiaa - 
mm mmlmg m^th iil«»!^ ttet #it«it «4#» of ili<s?i^3i SmM* 

Imdlng in%o th# paifieiaf «PMi«« it «»% «l©i^«« la m <Sia^«mal 

strati tbt 3Pig^t ftm^t wht^l ®f tfe:e tXn'^ttio aut-©»-0l&il,«, . 

ffe« flmintiff »« wif« testified thmt ^h% fly»t 
#1»«#»vM tM mh vrhnm It im-« &.mu% m f ##t a.fe©a4 #f h«rj 
tINftt «*^# ««* tk# fmk &tmmMmax p^t fei® fe®«.ll mit ^M tmra 
dis.g»a«lX|' ^.or#»« %hm ^tr#tt In ft^mt of Ji«»t amsS t>mt sk« 

tiNi <STiT«y #f lili« ftllw €^fe «*fiat #a lii» «|»»«t t# mUm tm 

mm imtmA ©f ttet feln M«k wb©€l hit tlst froat wfe«#l ©f 

t^« iiaarfeliig «pfco« ^i that ©mir« w«ip# o^fstaatlT tuTmlag im and 
o^t of timt ii|««4i| tlMit m1m hsA Wm darlviag alHmt is^ ail«« 
aa '^out md wm t^% faatad tli« liotirl iti^« <ma€ a^im to %iK»ut 
1© «il#« «a liotit. mm fm%h9t tftstlf l«4 that i*!s«» »t» 
nrat ii®ti##d ^ie e*te i* »»« atmrtiaiE to tufa •▼•^ *•• 
tlm weat ©it«% m^ mm al»©u% as fe«t fipm tb« n«yth 

)^« t» 

■=^ sS.'4 

^»& -f^' 

^4- -Q^ltl. 





:^B{n br. 


•ntranoe to th« immitig sp^ee* Dim ot the wlt ne— ■ » 
tioiic4 A iroSiaa irho was stimtilng oci th0 BiS«««l]L on th« 
wmX Side of %h# ttTeet* vmlTlag her h@ad &t the eab, 
«^ th07e va^s oowi t«»tljiioia]r to the effeet that Sirs* irilffos 
mfid h«ir friesid tiif3t«4 to look itt this mtmeax* Urm* li^ilsoii 
«tts »«k«d If eh« sav ft voiiaii ataadixig & tho «tr#«t« on tte 
««0t side, $,nd ehe said 0h« did not. Mrs. dlffertl testi- 
fied %^t whmt slis flifst sft« tM TelXow ,d».h it ims 4Q 09 30 

fsst mmf and that it rmm In fx^omt of thea; tisst when sbs 

flTst eS^t^^wm^f it ims "tiimliig xl#)t in froat of us as 

m irs7S going * "^ * it ims not Ib front of tho imrlfciag 

s|Nio# whmi it startoi to t%am« It ims probably S5 o; 30 

fe€t ^tm%h of tlui purklng spaes i^en it t»raod;^ thmt Mrs* 

911 soa |«it hier hmkss ^i and tried to stop. 

9ai ^s(SI^ ^ oonduoto^ vostimg for the <3^io%^ 
iNitor 3%ui Qom^s:si^g irtiose bos ^ui stamdlag in the imrkisg 
•ipftos* testified thmt he saw the o:>lll0ioR In ^uesti^l 
that he saw the felloe OBb whtn it was 100 or SOO feet 
south of the hotel ana that* as he got |tist somth of the 
hotel he started to ttim over to the park ling epaoe oa the 
seat sidto of the street;* that as the eah got ahoat to the 
eeater of the street, the eleotri© aatotwshlle mmM aloa© 
that the oah iraa going aoroes the street at an aA|^e« 
headed «ortbwestt aad the right rear wheel of the oab 
hit the right froat wheel of the «ieetria ear* Oa cross- 
exaai»atio& he testified that when he first saw the eab 
it w«ts 50 feet south of hia i^aa l^xe «leotrlo ^s t© ta 
25 feet north of the aort>? eatranoe to the aarlcin^ spaoe; 
that the oah w»e turning aoross the etreet end had jtist 

.-^di-i^AJKft; frK 


'*"!ifii iV*)U;-. 

• t'l t^l? ■>!:**■ 4Nlil^t ^t;' fPfvj^l' #.^^' ^ 

'd £mu ,-- 

nei^ mt t4 

>.\!y:^'"-< '^*^^ 


■' ." 'T "''t i' %:.! Z^f'MS 


fX:t^ 't 

9Mm% yeac^td tte® mf^%»w ©f the «tT«t*t| tim% m mm%4 •#• 

%lift% %k« «l»«ty|« mm mm is®i»g *»fe4>at tw«i »ii.«« iji how 
if^«ii %hm mast mtmmk %U^ 

^Nl »ti*#»% fT©« tb.t l*®t«l tM flr«i iMifr tl« <»|| wl^H it V1UI 

mft. ^img 10 ^» IS ttll.«ii m h^v^ tlist i« tlir®m#t t%me- m9 

m wmmm pteiwaiiiig ^m %h^ wimmilM mvlmg ^#r teaA f^f %fe« e&l»| 

thill; mhm im» 011 -tM# wt#% 8sld« #f tli:« »tT»«l5j ll!ta.t thMtft. »»« » 

«il^»gi in til® »p««€ @f tfe't fl»etirl-e ®,utai»©^il# ikmm^in.t§flf 
iimf&im lilt «®'lli»l©ii smt it istii»«t «tt#t^ a it^f* tjt ©rtw-* 
l»i t««tifi#4 mm% ^mn h^ flftt ««3r the tlt#tri« 
It w&« n. littl« m&m^ mi %k% m%ml #»ti^»#t aad t>f.* <si^ 
si^^t m fmt ^thrn mMw Sim of tfet «Bt»aft©«j« tliat tM 
m^ im^w ft l!«j«i Mf^ft It ®©t %0 tli^ «iiit»ifeii«« of the payitliif 
ftpi#i| ^ia.t til It tiaam im# a»,cl# «l^;w:t 40 f#«t »«>Mtli ®f tfe# 
«litxi»ii4«| ttott tfe«ftlte!tii -llBiit lit thi» p*>im 1.0 fe-^wit 7S tmt 

m f##t faPO» 1^ %tm iam t^ttm mi fiirit i»|«iTt#(i to mk« 

titot .li« »aw «, w««»aii m Wm wemt »!«!# ©f tfet stJ^«t »»«irlitt 
fe«T tea^. f&t m mh** m m» aAti if t%«s lmdli*8 1b th9 
«l©otrie amt«»^tHlt tii3m«d t^ l#0t fe:t tl*l» *«»«*» eat ls« wtl*! 
iMi did R»t 1mm. m ^m at»-t«4 that hw fe*li«ir#d tte#r €14, 
sn»s, hm i%ml%f mid ti^t &» dl€ i*#t »•« Mr«. ftl«o» look 
♦t«T t«ywm,rd «h« «r««t mm thim w&mu wmm m.nM$ - »J aoa't 

9^ thmt s^» U4 m% look »veT t©*a^r« tfe» »#»%.* 

■.»?j ■5«.'jf '^<^ 

4HMf!a« ftfti^*^ ■ i-iu fe'ir-i 

d&« WmwamX9%» tim «mm^T of the gjsitragt «iA 

tlfl^ ^ %l}« r«|Milx«« tht part* tliat w«7«i repl&e«(i And tli« 
ti«t iim»I.T«4 in miikiim tl^e t^pairs *%^i therir «Q«t« 

for tlie (i«f«ikd^at» mm a^nss t#@tiflM thut h« uma 
itt «>&Ji3iit#ir aiiit l]aiyt£iti#i%G3r for the 4«te-mdamt mi^d that in 
tl»e eou3r«ft of « ooiWNiittitioa fe« had with Eto, aufford i^oTtly 

titt« «li« 9SIM the tmxi,wi3» *Xt vits ^ijeotlf in front of th#l:r 

Ob« titt, » trlT^ip t0t t!i# ^1©%^ Potoir Bixo coapiay, 
viio WII.S st^ndliif lit tli«e -paifklmg iifibO* «% tfe« timm of tKe «09l* 
a«st* mM hm fXt»% oai^ tti0 olootHo Oftif wIk^ It «%« ntl^oet 100 
f»«t fif^s tb« point iBifei6T€ tMe ^XllsidH; t«>o*; pX&^ aact tlmt 
ttre aout thi&g ]^« obnerrod wao tb« tollow Qskh tusmlag la; tbmt 
at tfe^ tiao tbo oeb ttita^J: i&t ^^^ #l«otylo osr wst» ia»o^t SO 
foot Bortli of tfe.0 eatr^moo to tlia purklaif spaooi tli&t fee oatr 
« oay staadiag oa tbe loft sl<Sfe of tii« otroot fa^ctag so«itli, 
a^ttt 10 foot a«oy f3P^» tfee our^; tlisitt tb® irlvtr of the ©lee» 
t»i«€Oar ffwuESf orotaad th« ot^^dlag oar aad oolli^ed id%^ tfco 
ToXXow Ctefe, wliiefe wm« moYlag nmtj olooly, whllo the «l®otH« 
oar 1^0 timvollag ateomt to miXeo as hotir, whl^ spood It *altt» 
talaoa tip to tfea tlmo of tbo eollloloa. 

Wm JmlXm QiOi ^tisttiHINniy* eoUlts, tottiflod that ho 
tavaed aroixad olowly tonart tiie ^yrklag oi^oo» holdlag oat hlo 
IwaA ao ho turned; that there imo a oar ooaiag fyoa tho aorth 
whloh stopFOd for Ma; thut Mro. Wllooa wao dririag the ©lso» 
trio oar pretty olooo l»ohiad th« othor oar Jwad »»ho wwtm^ oroa»A 

-nt» - 


►^'z- -:.; ^^r.: 


1 ^tffi" 

■sm tJDi^ 

on %yie rlgbt and hit »• &n %h» r««.T of tht mt at th« 
rl^t pamdl;* that at tiitr tl»# of the edUl»i«| his sab 
«»« sivlftd 9 or 4 alias «a hoi^ and tUt «leetrid mjt iras 
g&ing 30 or as «ii«s an bmir ^»€ <*tlie 8^«d &f the (»I«9» 
trio oar i»o BOt oJianfi>4 as olio oaaio toirartfo ao«** Ko tlion 
t«8tifiad that at tfee tliio of the <joXlis4oii ih% two ears 
"Rt^pr^d rig&tlh^ro,- rl^t where tfeoy oa»« togoth^r.* 
So fiirtfeer tc8tifio4 tlmt tb« tip© ladioo In tlbo ©itotrlOt 
imr* talking to^tlior* 

One l^n^or testified tfe«t fe« also lim iwployoA 
mm a ohat^f^ur tor tht cl«ff»iieiaiit oontpaiiy an4 wm» staadi&g 
iB tbe par&liig apae© at tho ti!s# ©f %m oolllsli^a ia Q»eo» 
tloA) tisat tht ^b InTt^lvfid va» i^la^ to tufm t»to t^t parit- 
isg 9pa0O aii€ at the ti'<i^ 1% sma* tht %uim the ofootrio 
^sr iras aliHmst 100 f@<&t aipaf» ^ming %Qu%h at a opoe^ of a1»out 
Bt> iBiloo a» hot^ whii« tii« oab inmi going 4 or S ^l#« an houri 
'Uiat tft«j «l€ctyio ^ty «^stiim«?t at tfet swm rst« of 8po«4 «a4 
f9t»ftt part at tfe« eleetrio mr felt t%t rear ©f the oal>« 

Om i'aterson t««tifi«d that ho wm« a TOhloXe itisf^o- 
tor and Isrestl^ter for th^ diisf^Bdaiit ooapmf ao-^ tMt hl« 
|iooitio» «ith tm ^foiMsmat isv@lvo4 t&® duty *of iaveotlgiiiit* 
tn§ tlio i&i^foo of atiton^MlOii t)iat hairo boon l«TolTOd im 
oolllsicma*^ • ptemam^f wltfc follow ^l&o» 1« thini tfstlflod 
that ho woat to tt*e gar^iO w1i<^tc tho plaiatiff •» eleetrlo oar 
wm» taken aftor th« oollislon in j^uestiaa, andi looked it oTor» 
lo t«8tifiod lA ooloi ^tail ao to tba d^oagoo he found and ^o 
stated tlm^t hie opinion one Umt the fair, reasonahlo and e»ato« 
MLTf 009% of saklBg the repaire on the i»T at ^at tiiM would IHI 

_. ^^is,-r fiH.f ff'."; §?f, .f.f.4 J*5T,f' ^' 


' aVS Wt^ 

h&re, ? •; /!« ?»i»' 

WW e^ 



;^.l||r*^*Aiw. <v 

■v«f(t iSf «M»f 


# .?!!:*»■ 

HOO to |X3S« 

On the eoTiflletiag testlaioair ils we h&v« otitliaed 
It alN»T9» «• a:re n^t la » i»o«itlaii to sar* mi ^ afttter of 

f«iKlant*« ahaufftuT was fr#« fT«wi n«gllg#»©«, a^y ooiild wa 

mkf tkat tb« fiadlng of th© fnyy «%« ftp^lmit tlae aianifest 

weight of the e^tdamoa ®a either ©f tlsiosft <|ti«9tioiui» Tb« 

^K«9tiom ef Mr** ills0a*^ mx9 wmA 1^ taitftd magligen^e of 

tfeft ofe&wffomT, woTO ptop^Tlf l«ft to tli© Jiiiry* la ©oatenS • 
ifif tMt %M Te^r^ot is a|^ia»t tlie mmmiteet weight of tho 

•iri4#Eo«» oomn^tl for tlio deftmaimt oonternds ttiat wltli^ tli« 
tiNi t«liiOio« ma far a^Lift ato tToa Mrs* WilsoB |)likO«« tibm* 
»t t!i# ti»© tho otji&mffowr stmftt^i to ttam oiro» sla* should 
1mt% t»«oa «ibl« to avoid tls@ oollisioa» fli« Jury did not 
»««oh that oonoluoion asd w« wotild aot M justified l» sett* 
ip«i.t#|do tfeeiT fimdiag ®a tfet tlieory tljat tfe® Jiapy's findiag 
ii% tills rogaxd wm a^imst tl^t nanlftot wt i|^t of th@ eirli» 
^sot* Aft^r all» 9«tl»at«« of vitsoosts as to ii«t&iioo 
tki^o SAiroir «iitJUnibt««« and tho ^i33?3r nftf woXl hmvm takon into 
oomtidozmtioa tho faot that suc^ ootinatec &aro always diffl* 
oultf Imt oopooially so whoa thoy iawolTO tuo ol3jooto» both 
aovUif in tho namaosr doaorlboA la tho tootlatoi^ ho to* 

tho dof«?Bdant fttrthoi' eosaplmiao of eortala roaailtti 
RStdo during the oloaing argfuiont to tfeo jury ^ oownsol for 
tho plaintiff and of tho aotion of the trial ©ourt in over- 
ruling the objootiono wbieh w«ro Int^rpoood at the ti«o» Theet 
roaarka woro of throo Iclado. Plaintiff's oouaool rof erred to 


•, f ^ 

ritcnAi'?:^^ TU^ttfsf r'^r:^-; 


:^ 'hinvnt -f 



,:r<: -.i'-.jt 

so/' ^ : it : ■' 
(itfM»*V Sir 

t)i# faot «hmt 9mm of the Jtarort droTt »at<i'mobll«8 &nd h« 
fttatiKl thmt tto«© of thmn wh© <lia wj. Id pi^liafely b«"jinto\i«d»dl 

to thiwk thmt ttee Tullow Ckb Oeaa^jsmy ^o^lc ©aaie in fe^iNf «iMl 
«»S®iiv©r t© ^«»,y mad ®!K« tfe® motions ®f tfeli «lija«ff««3r la 

wMt tl#y mXl d©, aadi tfetii te« skot itof^ss tfe^ utttci.* ^t 
ia»®^er point i» felu »f pMiemt «irmm#«5l f&t tM plaintiff re» 
f«iPT«?l ta th« drlTisir 0f t!t« ¥«ll^ ^fe i»iraX-r#t in thla ©ol» 
I.l«iii» aadE mA& tJba* it ims t© bt «x|j#©%e«l tlwit ^e ^^sid taltt 
-Hi* stimd afid i^iaiNila tMt t'l^« %«@ia#ii.t wms aot lil» ftmlt* 

4riir«ir ii&p#j»tliig %& lil« w^a^anty ttmt be waa 7««f^iwilsa.# f#s 

mt hi® fiitat* U it i»® M« f%tilt h» w#mia not ^e la tli«lF 
«aipX©|r»* -ffe© thlr^ rfMiAflt mmplmim^ tf fe«t4 ref^t^nee to tfeo 
witii«»«8 trlio t^»tlfl«4 lN> mtm tm ia^mtm&tmit aad lirr«Miiti@ki«3r 
tm tli* a.#f«ttSsi»t 8!»d i^.iit %h9 ^mim of isi« ^uiti^n h&4 to 
i» wltfet iirf#8tlg».tl«^ mkd tstM%i'm^tin$ tltee €aam.g#« t© aatamofellwi 
t!»t fead iNMfii lav©lirta lit ©olllaiai^* (^im»«t for tb« pl»l*» 
tiff t^Urtt^^ Id tMis ^4ta€!^«» us tfe« 4«f#s4^»t»« «pi«f«»8id»a 
^i3P«€l «#tlJaatl»f wit»«i«»» 1e #»»«ludiag hie r«mt3t« to tli« J«fj 
0<im»«X otsted th»t I*© tli0M#t it Mm m *lap0®itl»ii» (sM m 
*mt:^m0l^ twt m« Omfm^Bnt t# take ^i^ fb,« tlas* ©f the <9Qurt» 
til* 5«»r ««<i *^ wltii®«»««, t® th« ftxt«»t »f ti^ days* t« 4«ap9»» 
»t«tt« tMt th# plftlntlff iwt» «atltl«4 t« h®^ tb« mnt of t«» 
folrlKg Jsl« tl#«trlo mitoooMlo, poU toy tfeo dof *i»4*at. In oiar 
©l^laion ooiio of th« y««tfitirko thus eoMpl»i»»<l of wojo not laipropo* 

wlillo tfeo objooti^na «l»l©h weT« latOTpoo»<5 to othOTO* alfi^t 

d'^i iii'^ 


tWfWBtJbt ^Ki: 

%mw gom mtmHB »if the r»<>i»r^ ^y tinmrleliic tte«t itliic 

«iofi9SS t}i@ stT«#t 1« *#h&t th^ All aiy* im4 also hift roa&rins 
fts %€» tbii Imnftoto? t&r tli# a»fea4»tal6, wssto lordly propor. 
In si^«i*kl]i« of ^lai m m pmfm^immXi Hito^ ootlotatlng vit* 
»••«• Oo^«ctti«l «.8 pifOlMitMy ai^kinf %%« iatlaiatKim fe® m« 

^?, wfelek «*« not B.% all na^ipfmiitod t>f tfe« T^oor^. Im owr 
0|»l!%i@ifc» towoT«ap» %hm iitiisttiam pr^semtot ^y t^« wms^tkm mm^ 
plAiuM of 1# im% smofe «mi to w^.yyiimt mgat <li»ttti^iag tfeo rof** 

for ttet ym«0^.® ot«.t«i tbtjadpsimt of %hm mnlQlfml 

arBtuiif jfef riESiii. 

fAfi^i, F*jt 41® o»QOii0E^ 4, aoimm^i 

mumt d. hmntii» 




J A. 6 37 

coon occ^in. 

Opinion filed June 11, 1924, 

m. MBtim momm <liXiT»re<t tli« ®pi»ion 0f 

%h% 0ouxt« 

% ^l« ftppsal ^® dl.«ftnd?'Jiits seek to rrrerte 
ft d«OT#® ^literfsd la the eiymiit Oouyt ©f (l©©k <^imty, r«- 
^ulafJUim. %li««i» Its f7U8t9»« of %b« 0&-o|»«7mtlY« Moiety of 
Aato^rlciat ^ P»y the plaiatlff , tht otm of iX?#400, Yfee 
imit v&o oiflgiiialXf laotitii%«t ^ptliuit l»rrl$oii l%7toy» 
i* A» Sftirife«iioo» @,]iel ^dhn Ooo* «« Trustooo of tho 0Oi»O|>«fft» 
tlTO Saoloty of Aaieirleftt Su^aodti«atX|r« ^vkensoB and Goo 
MHMiod to l»o TruotooOy '^'^t^'PpsjrewlXr^ fTim tho testlmooy of 
@0«9 tliiy continued tb@iT oonnoetioa wltk tbo $ool«ty oo 
*ft«soolatoo* • It ft|ipmirlag th&t th«y h^s^d b«#n aueeo»46d no 
fv^tooo 1^ $oy«oiiJtif Stoinfta ?^iid J* R. «illrlJB»y «a OTdtor wito 
0ttt0T«4 lit tbo tlfl^ %%• meawi. «&• r«%oli#d for hemrisf« tub* 
otituting thoa io llim of BoiAoiioom »nd ao«« 

Yho ooii^Iii>liMi]it aXlsgofl In hie bill of ooi^lolBt 
that tho tbroo {lojrtioo dofonaant ««r« tho Tnuitoos of tl)0 
qo ^ oy owttif f^ooiotjr of AoieTioOf with powoiro^ duties snd 
^ligfttioi^ whioh m^T% Oft forth in a o^^rtsin deolsirmtion 
of truot, oopy of wtjioh wao att*olied to tbo bill» Bo fur* 
tbOY ollogod t^t in isoTfwbor 1930, r»Tlc«r, Hawktiwon »ad 

:r i^ 

.^£^1 ^11 aavl bsXil aolsiiqO 

.i5.^«?^s: .M ^.^-i^ 



?j.!5- «*:/^^ 

ftfUfit foy th« imrpoa^ of puureliAiilBf m Uf« lti«»7^iio« o<»apasy« 
to b« iwuaimtd and e^nl^ o» fey t«?«i8, as t3m»t«««« purstmnt 
t« tfe« pow«^ gsratatftd t0 thm ta %h« d«cU7»tioti of t7ii«t« 

ii«i« wiiai ^» a«f@ii^,mti"^ ftiit #ittertd iftto^ tb.« |!»#iff$iniMiid« 
•f t)i« n^iflE wlii®li hm mm «a^#^ t0 ^ aai ^nt im tlimt son* 

thm F%Qptmm fcife l,iifi^:3»ftiMi 0^* ii»i &!»# io the ate^ #f %!»« 
a«iia<9X|^ ^ildlag f30irp©ntti0a. m «ll«g«a f«iriib«i» tfe»t at 
%ht T««|U0st of tfe« tlif«« d«ftti^at«^ »s tf%8t«««t aM ie ©rder 
%o «iii.bX« tlt« ^sfiplaimi^ t'i» 3^.k« thl^ puf^^lisaftt at a irri«« 

«At» teft4 0®ii««itl#a %hM fitet tbat t3i<i t«f®M»iit« ^#t« hit prlof 
cti^sls aM l&m f.«iter»d int® tfet ®©mt»0t« &i purefea** 1» fel« 
©mi mm9t, Mt* *•» reality, f«ir me ^t«« d«f«!Maiit» a« tTUiit««« 
0f tfe« Qo^pemtlT* ii>«l.«ty ©f Mm&xlm^i m6 f\urtfe#r, th&t after 
tM «o«|>laimBt hudi eat«?<^d tato suofe ooi&tmot* It i»« «ftT7i«4 
@mt »ad |HKtf#Tm«dt ia aeeoi-iaJioft wi^ lt» ttswi, stasi tfe« ««»• 
«id«fftti0a i»si€ f^y «t®ek 0f tit© Uf« Inaamnot Ooai^iir ««A 
tfe4» aisdl^ag ^iri>0r«ttl€Sfa m« funil«li«<l bjr tfe* tliT«« <l^feaa^ 
mtm» m trmBtmn^ and t?$t »te<^ of tli« two C!c««u».ni««, %hm 
^yolm««d WMT tuTR^d over to th©»« t7iuito«i «n4 »ec«Dt®d by 
tkoa la aooorasiiiee wlt*^ tli« %*twm of thft ooatraet lato »t!lcfc 
oaaplalmmt bad ent«T«*d, la th%it i>ete«lf» with tbt tQvmwf 
9mk«tm of t!io»« atoeko. the e««iplai»»nt allejg^ed tlwat he fead 
e^TTl^d «mt «m« |»«TfOT»04 •!! thla«8 T#quiri^ of bla la tli« s*ld 



«i^ b 


^f^^M :;-^ 

>o ik^ 

mm%V9^e% of ««pl07»aii% BmA that the r#a«OAftbl* rtt.ln9 of hit 
uet^lwrn wtiM i&0»000« Bf mn tmmntlmmnt to %h» bill th9 o<mii>1«1ii» 
«a« ftllogefi tlia^t in Qcirryliif m^t ttit ttuss of bis oaaiployttOAt 
eoatFuet tJKi in. mmplfing with tht instf^otlo&o of the d«fendi<* 
ants* h€ fo\md it iieMi»«»7y to h»T« the 9#;^i stance of a lawyer 
iPtio hMd had «3C|s«jri®«ii># Im %M- ls.w of insmrsa©*, s.bci tJj|»..t in this 
OOSneoticm t^« dai endante ili rested him %& emu^X^f t« f* fhotw 
tom^ n^o m^m » eiOKboi' of the ■^km.^t mse, mxfmtiene^d In llistix* 
mom wmttmr^^ «»t tfe«,t lie €id oo «®plor ftjomton snd th« lutter 

3»03rfor»««l oertala ©eyirie^e, «t tl?« e«*»^l!t.i»iMit»« r#5^3ioiit for 
«ad on %«l%itlf of tiM def^m^mto* for wbiisi tli# i^mirgo of 

,fS»©00 if»8 «»«l@» i^iofe wi.# a rtaj^aateio ft« fof ffe^ ««rviof8 

roiKl^.y«<l» t-Hf! tfeat %h» 0ma^XM,ifimR% wio liitl»le a« tli« agetit of 

tile defefi^i^mts for tMt aumtat iyidi tlist lio who tatitl#d to bo 

|)i44 oit#i iiao^mt bf 1^«i mf^nCmMti^, la to euolt. mm 

m» tb« sfOiB|»lii.iitf^at MsiBOlf iwio eatitlti to, for si?r<fiee«. 

the anoircT filed by tlio ^f«»i!lE.mto a^itted soae of 
tie f^ote al;^e||e4 in tkt feill of^N«apl®litt and d^nlecl ©tfee»T«, 
»»a. the iM'swm titme formed will 1m mf^TTmd to Isereafte?. ^o 
tentiaioiijr a^sitted warn kot^rd b> tke 0lia»eelloir is o^ea eourt, 
&fte3r wl^lc^ m doo3r«e iRMi <mteTOd, la ^hiel tfee c^liimoollor fotnid 
tl»^t mm^lmtwm^ liad rendeT^d eorrioiNi a« allefed l|r liiia ia b,io 
Hill of oo«|ii»iiit, whiai w^yt ro*«©imMy woftW the mm of 
HSgOOO, «sad t^t lie l^yi oxpwidod i© amd al>out his e«pl03r««it 
^o oim of |iiO0«€^» i&ad ttiat tlie reoeoi»iMo value of the o«s» 
▼iooe :rond«fod by i, W. ftjoxaton, w«ye $3,000, -snd by the do- 
o»eo it «*» ordoipod, 4id|«td«»d aod d«0Teed, that defend^ato, 
as tfuotooo, pay tbe ©oi^iaiaim* the a^^K^gato of tbio em* 

at tbe onoalag of tbt bearing before tbe ebanoeUoti 


,iV^- U 



gM??f #il ./io.«:j^ 

-i • <!V 


MtttTset of empldyHHsnt and thitt tb« reftsoi^bl* trIu* of hit 
8«rvio«« wtm iSO^OOO* Bf an aiten4»ent to the bill tbt eomplmitt^ 
»»t aillogoii thitt in oa^nqrlag oist th« teTvs of bio omployaMnt 
ooatxmet oad i& ocwpliriag wltb t1>« lastTuotloBS of the dofondk 

aato« ho foimd It no^ooorir to hftTo the iu»?.lstaiio« of a lawyor 
«iM9 l&Ad hitd oxporioz^oo In thi» l«w of in«i;ura&oe, ancL that la this 
ooimoetioft tho def tn^Mftto dir^otod hiie to OHfiXof f* f* fbom» 
tcm^ leliO w%o ft no«b«r of tho C^l«i%j^ m.T, oxp^rlenotd In l&su9« 
a»o« aottoTSt 11114 tfeat ho did oo m&pl9f Thoyatcm ^id tho latter 
porforsod ourtals s®inrioe«, at th« «Miplaisatnt*« teq^Mmt for 
sad mi ^half of tlie defemdaiits* for whl«^ tho ^utrgo of 

#8^000 «m$i stado* whloh w^ii a rt&soimhXo ft9 for th# nerviot9 ft 
r«ad*?i^d# tad thst th« <w^plalfisflt was lia^ble as th» agont of 
tlio dofeai^eto for that anouat mtA that ho mm «atitl«.i to bo 
faid ou^ aaotrnt b^r t^o mf^n^mitn, la addition to sueh avm 
Ml the e^i|»lalni«»t biaiiolf ims oatitlod t@^ for ssrrloos* 

the aaowf T fil«d by tho dofondm-ato admitted saae of 
flio ^«tv al oged li% the hill of<»o«iplo.liit anS denlod oth^sv, 
aaci the lostioo thua formod will bo ^of^^rrod to horoaftor* tho 
testlai^ail' siidMsitted was hoard by the ohanooUor in open oo^rt« 
afto? wbicdi a d«er«$e was 0]it«^od» la whloh tho ^i&noollor fotad 
that «>a^p4aiBaat had rondered sorTiei^i aa allogod I7 his la his 
bill of ooi^lalat* whledi »er« roasonably vrorth tho mm of 
tlS*000t m»d tfa^t ho bKd oxpoftdod la aad about his fi^ploywmt 
^o otni of $ilO0«0O» and that the t oaooaablo mtluo of tho s«f» 
Tioos if«!i^r«l bf «. P. thoraton, w«to $8,0c^, 3»nd by tho do* 
o?oo It mm ordarod, ad|ttd|^ aad d«cTO©d, that dofend«^ats^ 
as frurlooo, pay the ow^lalaswt tho it§apf0^t% of this s«A^ 

/tt tho opoalng of the hoariag boforo the ohanoolloiPi 

;t n^]tiN 

a *j$;t 

4'^ «*1|P»- 

^ SSI m-. 

t. ;-;w 


f|vj«.« jJ-iSjJf^'fMJ 


ta -^i 

-f 'T*' 


4l9mmm%on ta^k plae« )jetw««ii the oourt and oomii9«l for 
%he revpeetive parties^ on the qv^Btion of whether « court 
of oquity h&d juris dct Ion ot^t mioh a eaoo ao iraa prtoented 
liy th« alle^tioiio oot up in the pliMkdlnga* From an cxastiaa- 
tlon of this diaousoloa^ as It mppemim la the ree^rd, i»o 
find that o©uns«l for both tfe« eomplalnaiit and tha d^;f<*nd» 
aa'to took the i^oaltloa aa€ s^ statad to the oourt^ that tha 
oaaa^ aa made out "bf tha faeta allaged in the hill of co»» 
]pXalBt« ma ono within th€ jurlsaietlozi of a ooaxt of octulty^ 
laaaBRi^ as tha ooiiplaliiant ima not 8««kl&g to <mforo« Any 
paraonal liability oa tha i^rt of tha dafandaats, tm% wa« 
aoakliig to aataMlcli a diaeraa apilistt tha«i as trustaaa^ l^y* 
want of «hloh would Bttoaaaarlly ba aada item mv%%in trust 
l^roperty In their featiids la the oapsioity of trustaes. It la 
now uyg«d tiy the daf en^tanta that aXthou^ the tristl eourt 
nay have hyad jurisdiction of thla oaaa, as s eourt of ohan-» 
oary» on tha faots allagad in tha hlll^ sueh facts w^t^ siot 
proran and tfeerefoya the oaaa Mi It stood af tar tre i^roofa 
wara iii» naa not vlthln tha ^nrlsdiiotloa of a oo^trt of oqnity^ 
asd for that raaaon the decree of tha trial court should ho 
reTersed. Oo^zxmaX for the dafanaanta contend that tha oo»» 
l»Xirt.»aiitt having alleged tn hla hill that tha three defend^ 
sata, aa fr^iataea of tha Oo-^p^ratltra Soolaty of Amarioa, had 
angngad hi« to par form tha aarvloaa sat forth in tha hill, and 
it a^peariag fro« tha dooXaratioaa of tha trust* a copy ©f which 
mm atta^iad to tha Mil, that In order to hind tha tr\aat 
aatata by any action of the truataaa, such action aast ha •©»• 
curred in by at laaat two of tha truataes. the bill aada out a 
case which was within the Jurisdiction of a court of oquity, 
but that tha proof shows that only one of the three trustee* 



"•«• ,«!«i 




•* 4 *' 

? t6 t 

MiHa the mntTtLOt of m^tl^fmnt with %tm coaplAlnaat and that^ 
therefore* niia«ir the dftt^iatAticm of t7iMi«» th« tTust e«t»%# 
im« net bouBd ^ timt »<rftion of th« slagXe t»twt««, and twkw» 

mxieh as ^« tfts«t •«%&%« m» r;0t bouna ©j InvolTtd, •Qtilty 
did not hav« j^drlsili&tiiSRt but tfe« Q<jjspXala«{i3t»t remediy iia« at 

iR. OUT 0piiii€m» thim mmUiMtimL httmmmB tmmtf^r^U 
F07 trnkmim to if^lcli v« aMXI r#f«tr l«t*t» we feaT« r«s«^ft4 the 
eonoltifilom tliitt tli« %mmt #tt&t# i« Xlal^la* eT#ii tls^u^i %M 
9&&%Tii&t of tfee ©o8i|jXaii»&»t iftay liav# ^«eii tnt^x-ed |ato by only 
mm df the thr«« tnuit#«« of tli# e«lat«« iilii»«t»«l), as the €»»»• 
f>h^iimnt |)«i*f0£mt^ asiirie^s wi^i«^ fitffiitl:t#4 in tM mmmiting of 
•cdffloiisnt «t#alc 0f th# Inavurasik^^ <^$9Qi>aay mi^ tht Buiiaiag 
|©rp0mtio» by tht 0©-%«i%ttv« ^©iety ©f itti«Ti<^>, to gtva 
th# S0«lety oeatr^l ®f tte^aa ti?i> eoipp0fatiaii»« the trwst ©ttat©, 
thr©«i# thm tyuateet., ^Ting timn a®©eipt®<l th« bantflt »f tfet 
«Wi|plaift«it»» «®TTiw«» im« liable t« ^y hl» a y®»a©aabXa 0om» 
nmm&tlmk th^refdir* fhe ptomi 3i@tde« In 0t;^ir Ofim^ii* tustmlfia tht 
bill m]ad» tbair«^P'3mv^» th0 i^lat asad® la tmtaitabla. 

tli«s'# ia a© 4lisp^ta la the #irld#ii<j«' ©var th« faet 
that tht d«ft»4®at FaJkax* mating «a a Truataa of thi? Oa«K>jiaf* 
atiira S^oiety of AaaTicNa^t anggigMi the csoaplalaaat ta aaquira 
a aoatjrolliiig lBt<%raat la tha lnimirana« Oaaqpaay aad tha 8ttil*» 
lag e^yiMJim^ticm. teat th#r« la eaafXiat in tha taatiaony as to 
tha taiaw of tha ampl«faiant, and aa to whethay the e9\iT90 mit» 
mu^ by the ootaplalaant waa in ecooTdanea with thoaa tatma. 
fWft1m99 tb«T® la no dlaputa in the avid#iioa airair the fact 
that tha oafflEplaiiiaat, in os^rrying out hia asaploynaatt aacupad 
a aantiaot fOT tha puraittMia of anffloiaat otoc* to aentroX 

■i *%.■** tL-r-j'v g*tiii';"i.''s?? 

^m% fr' 

•Xif^ IS* 

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■•>. rt^w--''** ^' . 

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^i; ,.i^.!^'iii tC4ii^.j 

k *A" 


thfe two eQ7po7fttl©iis» %\m reopl#» Uf« ln»u3raia<N» Ooi^ny 

BO dl»p«t« »WT tit0 jhiirtheir fi^©t timt »i.ft«» %%% ooi^l^naitt 
hft4 oldaed the <i®at3P»©%«i ^t puirolm^ f^T th# ^ontr^^llittg If* 
t«f«ct ia tli9»« tw© 0»x|9emtio]si» tlbt t«f«iidant trustees^ 
ft^lAg for th« Oo-*qpe7mtlT« 3ool«ty of il«wH«it ««ri««3 ©iit 

«o3f|^9i»tte»iia, aii4 fi®-*^ ©fwa th« eoatrelliag iitt«y#«t la bdtfe of 

fi«r« ill a di«i>tit« la t%# tootiiioar mm to irliotbor 

tlto itf#iid£:;ftt tiraB't«H»«« la ooaml#tiag tliis puro^oo^ aotod 
ttitli its@«rX«#:gt of t^-# o^»i'^lAiB»at*« ooim#ott©tt wltfe tb# ooa* 
%i»oto or Ilia aliog«4 «i|»lofa«at 0¥ Ms olaia f07 ooi^^fia«»» 
^m. ia <3M»imi»otioa «itli. %)m a^oalriaf of tlb.@ ooattaota* Tho 
O0iii^laiaaat*9 t^ntl^ajr «mt to ^m tff«et tMt ^c aad I^j^os' 
ktMl aoiroxiil ooafitimi^ei coa«i#imiag tM @t^l»je@rt«ii^tt®7 of tl9# 
^a[p:Uilaftnt*ft mspX&$mmi%^ aad ttmt f%Tk:»T stated to tli« eoM* 
plaiaaa* timt Iio waat@a, iii!t5 to aitlsoy ©xi^alao or a<^idyt a 
llfo uurasaaoo ooi^^^a^* for tho C^Ot^nttliro ioooity^ of Aaoiiaa; 
t^t tlio ooaplalaaat* at fa3rkor*o sro^n^at* «aa« lai lnv«eti|p»» 
tioa of oofoxal. oon^iaaioa vklc^ liNi altlnatoty to tHo aakiai; 
of s^ otMitxaot for tlio p^iraimao of a ooat3t»Xliag iatoroat la t!io 
Faoi>Xoo Ufo ln»«mao« ^^mm^l '^^* i» *^« ooutao of hia !»• 
vo«ti^ti<«a» the eowplaiaaat fowa^ tJiat tli« latter e-^mpany 
aXao oaaad tk® ooat^olXinf iatertat la a doaa towa amiiaiag 
la the City of cshloafoi that t!s€ own«r»hip of tliia balldlag 
ma la a ooaatato oorpoTatioa, im<S that a e0at3PolXlng'»lateTOat 
in tho lattejf ooaaaar oouXd aXao b« obt*lae<i| «ad at Fmrkor'a 
dirootl^a a ooatyaet waa eat#rod iat© for th« puTCl»»t of tbo 
ooattoXXiag latasreat ia l>otii tiio lawi3»ao« c3oKpaay aa€ tl» 

km» jfKsm^' «*««»aa/il »t/ 'r,f!K|?r«io e-v i mt 



• 'li'jfj 


Building Ooirpomtloa. m trntititd that in theix ••^omt 
tuT^noe^ ||0 toXil l^mVkeit that he waati^ t^ knov «!mt hi* 
(i^itk«r*t) pl&m wftnt iritt5 T«laii<m t© tfe« iMi«oelatlo» of tht 

XnmiTmao© OonpftS^ to tli« «S9*0|5emtiv« S©«lftty# and t^t F»ylc«» 
•ftl4 timt M did m% mnt t!^# OiM^^Tii-tivt i0#i«tf t« iNi l»»mi 
ill ee^ttiMi^i^ii wit^. tli« liiaifmii«!ni mmimiW «t %i.l| t^t li« ««at«d 

1^«ie« is 31© mntt^^mmjf imtm^m %M p^xtim «T«r tfef^ faet t*mt 

all d^xlag tiMi tlsgi« th0i§e py«Xtjiii0ary atgietiatidi^ ir«r# foittf ' 
«ii betw®«fc A^tia mat Fsty3t«r, it i*** tfe« ijai««i?«tii^iitiag thitt wfewi 

tut lti»iiif)sia@# OeMa^sqr mit %«^(iiti3Piia Atustii^ «m.» to 1»e«0iM! tht 

f»«»i<f#^-»t of t1a« IiiKiiraiiiet a©ai|»iiy, H® ttstifl^a ftartlwr tl»t 

in tM mmimmtm Imt mf^trm^. t©, FarittT told him tfeat wh«i 
tiM ln8^Q2«ae« Qom^M^ yms %ecimix«4» ^ ipaiiited tl^e sto^ vbiisli 
van to 1s« psdr^Mi«4 ia tb« iat«i*©t of th« 0»©i>«rativ« ^^«i«ty 
«r iamttm^ to ^ IdsiUNl in tm mtml^^mm%*B nw»m mutt that h9 
ii«ttt»d 1^® o^AipaaiMat to v#t# tbt at#i»fc mi! ap«fftt« tlie ooiqpKijnf 
ii««»f'dlag t# 1si» ismmt $m^k0mu%^ mwmltim ^^^^ F»^»tf fitm 
timt t# tiaM»| md t^t 0c»i^aim».t %%*n vtatM to PttieUttt tfe»t 
im j^ir#|^riiig m dirftft of tb« t^mti^ot t& he e3t«out«d b«two€ii ttios 
lift wmX4. m%%m^% t» Uwifp tlioso item ia siad aad foUov t^«a« 
1^ ono of tlio»o proliMlnary iat#rri«w«, tb« ooapXstii^Bt teoti* 
fi«>d tti&t tli« ^ootion of hl» 0mm^m9,tion wm disottsaod ia m 
^smemml my Imd tlmt %im mmpluimnt ^Id l^&^er that ho would 
not h^ Juatifiod in &«e«ain^ the pOiiitlon of py«oidoat of tho 
tmmuMknm ^*agpaay» mhi<jt who to bo ooguired^ at a oaXory of 
looo tiloa p$*000 o yooir* pXuo ooo p«t e«!it oa tho pTCNoivM in- 
OOMMI of tho ^8ia««a» sad thot Iwrkor oait ho thou^t that mM 
not out of tho way, aad ho furthoir aiiSgootod^ ao alToady otatod« 
thut tho ooir^Xmiiiaat »»outXino % baoio of eoatxmot* botwooa thoa. 



^is •?* o# *'**a» ■ ■"■•i^ 



^ . ,J l^'-J ;''^r' V-..f ;vM*, \ 

• ♦tit t«tfi^ fom 'tmr Xmmm^. 

fhiB mmfitmtmmt furth«y tevtifltd thAt ht told 
i»ii]^«ir li« Ima his own ftttorxidy, who w%« '^wf fsftlli&y with 

TiOM la ooai&^otioB with %lm working mx% of tbe pi^posltlon 
fiwr Hiiifii I»»x1ri$r WMl •ftg^.giiig klii* m^ tfe»t, of ©otjruft, tb« 
iikt%03mo|r« womld not ae th«f work t&r rtotlitliig, stM Farlcor oft^id 
titot would be all Ti^%% mud a«l£®4 if tho attoi-nsy ms remoo»» 

mM#t ea«l tjoimg ii»tMip#4 tJi-at ht w»«« $^wk.»t ^M the ooatpl&in* 
j^t to m ft&«s4 and «Rit^ him to iitl.|^ ^pl%in»Bt *4lo tkXm 
i^flt and get ^Is thlag golitf «« fmet ae foesible** 

4eoo3^iiiii to tl?o ooi^»i»tiiit*s teetinoiir* ^e th«3f«* 
ipm <mgiLgftd f1^oarmt«m mi. dieoeeee^ wit^ ^i» tii#a«tall« of lile 
m0^%T«mm with fm^MoT ly&d aelced bis to o&lte it draft of a o<»ei» 
tt&ot l^tweeti ^e e©«pU4»aRt mad thm trvrntmn of tlte 0o«»%e»»» 
tiwo ©oclety* »m<^ iyi wcmli IboI^^ the decile aa tfee eos^lt,lD6» 
iMit Iiii4 o%itli»id tli«m« It mppm.t» from t!i# o^$ipli^lii«6,t*» tee» 
tittoair t^t ^e ftii4 fltomtoa pT^p^t^ m mmmrmi^Am of the ntx^ 
ioiio aattOTo timt w^re to be ImolMed In ttie ooBtr^ot is&d 
titee o«li|plAifiikiit teetifl^ tl^t ia t:&e tlilM o«mfet«eioe witli 
l^lrer )ie e^lMiitted t^ie mmmm^Mim to bi»« 4ooorSiitg to %im 
mpy of tlfee mmmtfrn^tom, so it w%e mt-rodi^oed im e^idenoe^ it 
J^eoitedl tfm% 0€«Q)liM.B&itt wwm to reoelwe iS§«^0 a jreer mmd 1)^ 
of the groeo prOBi^wi reoelpts; timt he wae to giwe the 'Imel* 
noes of the Inmariyioe i^KpstAf euoh ti«e ami fttteutiidii ee w^uid 
1^ meoeeeaJir* bat that tmtiX he bad arTaaged the eeattere of 
^e Matlooal Qs^gea 00*, with whiel) he wae thea oonneoted^ to 
that they woold aot reciuiye hie further etteatlea, he wae s«t 
to \m 0<tiQ»eU«d to #we his entire tiwe to the Oo-<>T&eTmtiwe 
Society of AttOTiMu thia Koaojamliia ooatai»©a a further itea, 
i^pareatly to the effeot that con^alaiaaat wae to hero full 


ar -if 

'^'^'^ " ■ 4t>& 06 w 

•iHkii stsAA In t^«»Mi« of mkid Atmllii %« trtist«« and b« h«%<t 
%f hin« a^oag otb#7 F%^i^otf#o» &« o&llat«T&l to tho p«rfoyai»Bo0 

of thisoomtT&ot iritb tbo C^}«K:^p«t»tivo $oeloty of iMsoriofu* 

0Q9ipI«iiift£it t«etlflod tlbiikt at th« tlso lie Imiioft 

tkio m«»oimnd^ta tc» i^artosr^ Ibo »«kM lultt to t«]c« It mnA gi ovoir 
it ooarofiilly tjad find out if it mu$ m me^oi^teaeo nitli Mo v&im 
ioyotaMi^ of tlio armiifoaoiit thoy liad outlliMBd *t t!^«lir 
proYiouo oo»Tor^tl^mo« ?iM ^afker f«t It im bis pookot lad 
Onia ^0 wmiM go ovtr itj tfe-at thor ti4 uot ^toir iato aa|r 
lAttgtliir dlo^iii^oiom of tho toimo of thm ^^tmot itt timt tlao^ 
w» fmM^w mm in & lamsetf* Jmot atf toi^ tiiio» tlio ot»ispl.&i»itiit 
vttat ^Mit to i8Tooti^t# t&o po§»iMlitl#^ eo^nooto^ vit^ oorovA 
ooMpani^o h0 hmd iB iiiad« '&&.% mfthin^ d?fialt« asu»i of tltot trip 
mm iRftoir lio r€tu3mc4i to ^ioago lio Xo4umo4. ol'tljo possibility 
of iMl^txiiriiig ttio ooati^Xllmg iattreot im tli«i Fooi^loo Lif« Inoux* 
aiioo 0o3^pfts|r« ob^ upon iroi^oftlng tli# posoibilitioo a» to thst 
^sa^pxsi to l%ir]c«?« amd aloo tlio po^lMXitioo of aoe5ti:rixig the 
lmiX4lii^ m^0^% irofftyvod tO» l^axtosr imo voipy or^oj^ liit#i*eotod in 
b#^ pfi^l^oltioBo tjid wt^^ t!io oomgliimjit to Isiriiig kl« i»«otla* 
tl^iio* wi^ iropira to %hem^%n m eiilmiwitiixtu fhM ^Xoljatlff 
t#atifl<^ tbat ovoxy tl«o he imM oooi^oion to ooafor witfe JPorko* 
la tliooo !!sattoiroi, h« oi»oke to him with to pit ^ to th« propoaod 
ooatrmot to be en%ef«4 into by ©oaplaiRant and tfeo truotooo ro» 
H^rreoomtlD^ thB Sooioty* ana that <Mt<^ tl«o Futarko* otfttod that ho 
had boon oo busy ho hi^ not hud tlMO to toko It U|^»*>ot it io oil 
yight • m wiXX fs»t to it oadoi^ it |ust a^o Quidc oo wo got tl»o.« 
Eio tootiii^aiy furthoir «oo to tho effoot that o oooond traf t of 
the pjf#p©«od oo&tTstot botiposn i^tm «ao py«porod# irtiioh Forkor 

«-^2l£- f 






itiutj 4m imz- 


•tilted WM &oiMi|»tckbX«« kpimynrntky tbln draft of tb« ooatTftet 
««« th« one tf^iol) finally lod to m br«iijc b<H«t«ii ttw i^irtie** 

f|i« first dM^oi»iiiAt ubioh t!t« 0^»|^l{i.lti@.!it t^9tlfl«4 h* furtilAhed 
ShkXker, was in the i^tm of & miett&imadtMi fteirelf^ !>ut this stoond 
dmft iftt« a fosBi&l oontrftet* r«<»ltliig t^t %%e ^mOp^rnktire 
IN»Ol«t;r Of ^«rlQ» dftitljrM ^ pur^^st & <Mmt3r&IIiaf Interest ll^ 
tjiA ofitttvi^ tt»d o|»«3?»%8 l»mi3mi»o« @<»ipEni«« (t.ppiirtiitXy it mm 
%%% #4r^9tiitio» Hi^tli^ Ooeittir V0tild Aocrt^iir* 9«Vtt]«l ociiBp^nlat 
•ttgitf^d ia dif fein^nt liii«« ^f la^i^xwae*) ^nd it ftirt^^v t#» 
«4t«di titat i9l3«r#iMs emmt^mmt k&i. 9^#0iii.l k^mliiAii^ njsA 
^mllti,m.ti&iim f^v th# 3ir^.nii^ti^im« -p^^nlmsmp %^ ap«mtla«i 
©f euofe, 0s»i^|i«iai«i9» tMT«ftt«> tli-« S@-ei«t"|r ^ifl<i3r-«€ ^«pl«l»» 
•At fts its ii»mma0« m£$mw%^ fnir » t«iit #f film 3r«ftt»| ^tmt 
tiie ooa^XainKut w^» 1m 0T^mS,tm tty put^^so lBt«y«Bts la i»» 
ffux«ao« ^ii^iftal#«* &« the Stte^itf slg^t d«t«tmlj»i»» vltb f^mi$B 
fttT&lsb€4 l^^m hf the I^N»i«t7s timt lii£«Rue^ 9m it l^mia te 
affettsiiiftir^r to injitMioribo f0r lito^, ^Mitipli^iiiRiit wa« t$ pii^0b&9» 
sad a0f|ui7« smA m^Qk, la bis i^tm«» «3t9»^t aa to iiaali t^^^Iify 
lag ifeair»s aa aigbt M aatd#d t# ^itsalify direatay*; tb%t tba 
a^^ ii«»a ta »t^ta<l la @£ittpl%imt>i^t*d aaaa« ^t «a« to i9e bald 
1^ Htt* «^<mg atbaa? iHiarpaaaii, a» o^lXat«fal. far %M ^yfa*aaae« 
af this amtraet l>#tw##a bia m& %M iaalatyj m^ tb»t e^tji^lalaf* 
».st at ?my tl3»i» «tp^ii »aira#at# ima t® exaaat^ a pyapar dteXata- 
tlaa af tmat ^it ©tba* domwiant, «hawlag tba iateraat of tb« 
a^alaty la th# stoelc* 'tm% tba atac^ wb.» ta fttaad la tb« aaat 
of the e«mpXalaiiat ladlirldaally aaa aat a» t»i3Mit««| tb»t o<3«» 
pSalawftt warn ta liaipa ao«pl.«te ob«r®i aad csaatTaX of aXX argftmia»» 
tlaa aflittwnuiaa asMpuaas. fwtar^^iaaa af ia«uraaafi aoapaalM a» 
•ta«i la »»«l» eoapaal^ii »»d af tbalT apayatloa during tb« t«wi 
af tb« oantiaatj tbat h® w?i» to bsv® full pa»a» aa^ atJtbarity 


^i :..• 

■>t &^(is- 



m' «>¥?. 


mi mi 

^t&i ^ «i? »*«• 

>3<5-'/ ■";.- -^ V. 



^lis'A jv„i ;Jju^ii 

asifii '\f^ 

to irot« %hm utoi^ m h^ mm fit» im titt «x;«v0ift« of kit 

dl»<wr«ti#a» tmd full p^ey to dett»ml»« the poXley *jid 
«o«»r«« of I»i«iiiis0« of tfe« lii8UT«B0« o?»i)B|miiie«, mm full 
»uti5:0rlty to fisploy or ^isf^Murg* ta^li^jriMit aunt a#t«r«Hi(i 

t!i:#lr «icii|pi»u»ii#]i «d fiOi authority ta 4*^%#«ai»# tilt fowj 

nM »i^«%sii«Mi »f til «m»t«afc#|a ii«®#«««iiry #r »iiv«iii#iit in tl» 

*t!mt all 0r#mi»stl0» ®f ia.s«ma«® mmpm,im ©r |wt0Ii»wi« of 
iattTfst i® l»®ttTaii©a ooi»paal#«, &»€ ©f pvat&htLHtm ©f «t0<]it 

%M #m€^ lm«itati<^ fey «M.«ii B©ol#t:^.* this dmft ®f o@ii%i^»ot 

fwethmt |>iNivi€©d tlimt t^« io@l«|^ mp'-t'M %a f ny »i^laiaaat 

m tiiii^ #f ii&»^o0 Ik fm»» p$^«rAm« •iwi«!ffio»tiiift «»^ ^f ^ 

gaMNi9 p^^e^«ai srig^ipt«« pift^Mt ft«8il«nii»siiiiill'|r« 1% iilft0 |i3>#» 
Tiani tlimt «M>@^l«&ixiai»t K^uld rs^t ^ «aep««ttd t^ gkt^ hl» •»» 
%tm tl:«a« stJBsl mtt«r»ti^« t© th^. p^Tt^mmnm ®f his dmtl#« isowlt* 
tli« <»0atm^t tmttl !$,« %%a so &r«iig«d. tfe.# smtttin #f tj^ 

iK«i^Xai»ml f#«ti;li«.d «»t tlii® l^ft ^f wntm®* imtB pT($w^m4 
lif HIP, m#»taa mM i% mum mm iwm hU %m%ims^ %}m% a% 
%h» tijsm m im%«itt«4 t% to fmt^m %h»f w«©t ov«?y 1% in a sea- 
«ml »&f ?^»€ %%m aaly tfelaf l^fit«3P ec^iBiwmttd om »;%« tfee ipyo* 

pijii««, mwt 0©i^laliB»:at tuplftlned tliftt prwisloa <if th^ c®a^ 
%»»«%. llm tilt |m?tl«« iwipimt#«. m tfet o«ea»lom of t>rt> ■«>»• 
ff^TimwB «tt w^i^ till* diuft of ©mitjpaet tr»» ^utoai«t«il« «ow- 
^UiSABt t#»*ifiM tlmlf F»iPlc«» toelE it away witli hl», smA tteat 
to HiA * tmu% It » »iMd»«T of tl»«» ^UT tUftts tfeat an 

isttf mia l^t toift of tfeo ooiiti^^t mo oppoxontly gliron to 


^««i^i» fni:f <*#I^T «t 


*<* ^ -'^ ^i^BWI fcj:. 

'il6 »«iw 

Hvkmt mtlj in Sm^mm^tf imi, m« o^t^iAinamt t«atiflfid tttftt la 
irayiawa tmnfmitmimm witb Faylctr, the lattur w*4<^ It pl&ia thmt 
WMipX&liiAat ma to tak« tii« titl« %& tfe# at®** (&f any im\xf 

mwm tm^mim %hm% w«« t& m ^m^lrm ^m, %fe« «to<^ ifa« to 
l>« issued In a»apl«tiimnt»«f wmm^ »ia<l votM toy fel« &« h« «a« fit, 
«bS tliftt It wm mMv%^m 1^ rag^lE^cir «k«it c»^ii^l&iaiyit urns %• 
l»w» f^l iw>w«» ^a miBt^©:irltr 1» i»t#3rasiii«f tli« p9li^ mtA 
mmrmi^ ®f tli® i||i3iMmo« hmtmmm yihi^ fia« t« fee «iigKge€ in 

*• it »i#t &o^ai:t«j timt ffeflctr «fei«i, ia t%l« e#Beeti€»B^ 
«l iittiit to lmlX€ tM« tktMg mi^ fti^isa^ fm. m^ <to»«t waat tli« 

a0-%«3mtlir« a®€i«ty t© fewt *myt&lag U m wltfe it 0t IN 

WiMm tm 4m3L witfe th« ^«Ofil«« Lif# laatimn©* 
|Mm4is$» ^»{ipXi»i)ia}it itmig^^^tud t0 %rle«if tMt mo agTtt$* 
U pisxmMm U& mUm^ imt» mtil tlmr ^'^ t1i# Ooopue^ 
J»f sm mt^moff mm ^mmiitm m f©f®ifmll« rejmtt oa It. 
mmi %him wi&m ac^a*. f}i.« m^lmimmt t«#tlf IM tlmt pu:r«iMyit to 
tli« 4ir0etloa« wfeiofe Jrm.*lt«i' h)R.a ^ir#a b1«# lie did net di«9Xdci« t« 
t^« puftifta witli iili^a h« wn-a aeg^t'iJitiagi amt ielsoa and imm 
^f« wlM) 0sra«4 0if 0@atir&ll«.^ a inijority of tMe ete^ ia the 
WmpXm Uf# X]ii»i3irfta<»« i^^^npyfti^ ag»l th» mmMXph duiidiag Oon^^v* 
atiotti ia wh»a0 iatevtgt li« nna aistiagg ^mt Jt^t ^f«T@ tli« a««l 
iRa» Q^0®e4 tlifl^ €ifte0rirr#a« tlir#u|;^ mum dtli«3r «oure«« irb.o th« 
<»«pXaiattat «a« aetiag fot^ im€ %h^ &alt«i Itiat w)3i«th«x* or not 
tlioiv lafOTiifttioa im# oorroot tM feo amid it «»•• iliea tbia 
eofttmot foir th« i*wrols*»a of t^« oaatYolXiag iat«r«it ia tlioaa 
tat dcM^fMuaiaa iraa oX«»««i$« it «^« enter^ii lat^ hf the eompHmiuMnt 
ia l^ii mm wmrn^ 1%« O0iq;>xmia&at tostif i«<l tbat rarkav liaA 

■lltapRMI iMCf fl.Si^ 

#^5S v'tisiij 

*^:^'<.ftr J/: 

v^* ,'«?- .^-Jhar *#; 

-yi^r* ■: >*, 







•*m jbfi4>/ - 


:j ^^i*.-4:j-e 0*^ 

4iy«ot«<l him mt to «li»«»loia« wko lila prmoipils ir«r«, aad had 
gtvm liin tiro Tmmm&m t@t %m% r«^Mt» ftsir^^ ^^^^ i^ tli« 

s«3.1#3ni k»ii« vlio tl%.e pujr0lisi««s' really «ii»^ It aig^t cMtui« thes 
to run up l^i<» ^rl^l Md niXm^ hmmm% it iti#t freeipltata 
Xitii&tl«>]i* C^yiq^Imiiiaiit t®stifle^ that tlie latter vaa I'siykerU 
pnaeiffiOL r««a©i»» fei» «irpl.iyaa,tl©a li«iiig that tfe«r *««re feeing 
atta^#d ir«a^ fr#^'aemiay ead. that li# d«»ir«4 t» Mir« a@«^ tub* 
•taatial feuaiiieiia or «»t#r^ris« tfeai w^uld m^t te« 8ia^je<it to 
atta..<*., «tj in thm #T«»t t^;.t im mtt«,dE t?a« proaeeuted apili»t 
tfe« Co-ap«ratl¥» .i00i#t3r am«#®afftilXy» tMt they m%m teami 
•MM ft^pertf tINAt w&nM be ioan^^Mi' frowi. tlte rtmiXte @f atit^ an 

A,e«»>rd.iiig ^ the t#«tim^i«y i»t ^m^lMimml,. at iteotit 

tMi^ ®ta^ &f tfee pr0©e«^»pi* lie fea4 ##^s.8t«a t® €&fis^t 

Prnflmx at ti^e gent sal offieee &f tlie C9e*0^r»tire ^eelty ef 

Aaerlm, aM wtslle 1^ was tli.«y^ Farfctr tmT^^m4 Ma to Ifei^en* 

s^fli^ m^fijm$ *^* A^tlm Is thi^ea» m^ le lr%tidliii.g t>tia lasuraACM 

#eal for ij«»* whereispMi, Hai^eiiaoii r«iMtrkeil» *tell, liow a^re y^u 
getting al0»«t« to w&idfe oBttplaimjat sii«w®r®^ «naej* that 

t*pfm thl« eeoaaloa another geatleptm nmM itaadiag a fee fm% 

mm^ fmm m* WmnHmmm^ aM m* farker %i 

to hMM0 *m m$ <»oe» eiiotlier truate«*« 

fhe ©ontraot for tfee pirotea»e of the €©qatrolllntg 
mtereiit i« tfee ^eoplee l»lf t lB«ur»ao« at>auaay a»<t tiie R^dolpl^ 
dulldli^; Oorpomtl*^ watered l»to ia the Basse of tue oo«g?lai»» 
aftt» vltfe KeleoA ana Hoy, wae oweitiMwatea la Janmry 1931. Tbe 
o^^lalnarit testified tJiat he had a talk i^tfe l>rker o« Jajwmry 
0, #f Hiat fmat, apilA OR&iag^teatl^n to the feet ths^t the 
itraet iMteeea the ooiiqaAlaaat aad the Oo-Operatire ?oolety 



:i^- &>^ 


^i^ qt^ i^jl »^- 

'^y r.«i? 

.js m>»i 


WM nil IX tim«ic^imt«a» l»«imi3W# Faft«Y had hem ImAy and tm^iblt 

It »«ttl»d# «f.M ratter »|:^#«d aixt »mf:g«i*1st4: tkfet tttf gft W«» 

to to, Th.0fmt®m-*# Mfim im %hmt putpmm, mmplikimnt %«•• 

tifi«4 timt *fe«y <ma i» to i^, f^r»*o«f» ©ffi«« 9^ti^mntm&% 

tbey« |^ii<^<Mi4 ai^ it« Uwm dil80iui«#<l« Xt »««»« t^t 

#f th« a«>-OpijfittliNi i®«4#tf l^f Itii fiMml %^m%, Ut ©os^lmli*- 
<«iiif« testified, %h&:% JPaiflcejf «x|4mine4 tisat tisis ©tfety cojrp®*** 
tlott, w:iii^ mm m^wm m tHe Sirmt i#rle»m t«e«ariti«« Qmpimf^ 

wm tke- mm fjm mitM t^ m^^mtXm mmttf got all tfe«i» 
ia«B«n w^ -^^^ *^' S®i3«3Pi%l4i«: ^iipmy fe»t mt#9tlmtM jsll t!i« 
»t##r m mmmemki'm ^f tfe# O^^^emtii^e ^^«*3r, mM. %mt at 
^fea.« m^^>Tmm^ iB t!^®yiit©a»» ^ffi«#, ©vtsp tlit a^tt«» of th® 
^»t« ©f th® 0oat:m@t 1»«tw«em ®c*«^-IsiEaEt mm. %%^ S«i-Op#»tiw 
$®©.i«ty, ucsiiplmiiiaut t#»tifi#€ tfe»t fmarl^tir s%st««l %tot ija bl« 

mm 0(M)p«i«tiip» ifiN^nty, tmt mmm hetwtm. tfet esjmplalaiMat 
wM. %M aip«i*t l«»t#ya, e«e^3rl%it« %tm% tfet e<»iit7«.e'l 
iMmi^! b« ■smtm sstisfattary in t%»| tmim^ ^^rmi^nt iwrnpltia- 
naKl' im4 bl» ^aim®<sl s%».t*d tliat tii«^ mm ao ®%3*0ti0m %s tfentl 
s^mM mpfpmgm&tlf tli« itmft of o@%ti^oi m.^ i$im;i^^ n.m&9twikingkfm 
fh€Tmipmk» &&mp%^im^t t«?stifl®€# f^,Tfe»y »«id that hm wowld 
a:n»Mif» « ^laf @r«m«« witb kla I»iar«y» ip9i0 iMia Ir* ^^rxis F. 
WilltiMMi, «t ^e ©ffiiMi of tfe« l.atfe#r at HimXt pumt tuo on t!>« 
f0ll0idiig SuiMlsiy aft««i*O0ftt '*litx«^ tlt«., 0fi?«ld th«» 9igft t&« o^a* 
tm«t; am^ «?0ii|^liilii*at »iid his Ij^wfex agraftd t© ^ at tht «f- 
fidt of m. llXliaJM At tfee tlai« iippoiatftd. ao«pl»iiiant U9» 
tifl#4 tMt t!i«y k«|»t that «i|jpoliitaai«at» meeting tmrlK^t th«T«, 
«« »»11 us M« I»wy«ftt llr* filiiiM»j that notfeiag w^i #«id f«« 

Hfc^ i fx 

iXh ^^■'. r 


tiMht ^'^^ 


a f«» mtammtn aft^r tli«3r ftrrlYed At filiiawi* (»ffia«l that 
f imllr ^ft?iE«Y got ^ thm ^i« ^bAlv ^nd saldU *l m w^t 

going throtJt^ «fitb this oofitmet* Xr, Austin hn* «h0«ii that 
iM iMMi a« 0oiifldan(?e in tlsn Oo*»Oi^imtiT« 0ooi®ty of 4»«riett^ 

sifti i refu«« t® go throu# irltSi !%#• ?h« ^omplstitmnt fwtth^t 
t#«tifl#4. In rubnttal, wltfe 3f#»f#et t^ thi« ©e€»®iont tteat 
vNrn tiiey i^'Jmi all ptrnmnt in williaMt* ©ffiot, tfe« e«mtra,et 
nAiieh ma^l&itmM ba& «ntttp#a into «ltb IftXaKm iNia ^y, ma 
i?a?adue«<i by i^apka^i that %lm <s«i|^ainant hmd ^aa«a tfei» eon* 
tra^t to WIXUaiMt careial 4mfm %»®fortt%iat» fOT dflir^i^ to 
Pwi^gfrnt^ tmd %lmt 'h« had ai«im!!»s#4 tHie details af tbie a^ntxaet 
with Ssatfe Farkav aiid illliaaio, iHPier to tlie Sim^y oonf#i«in©« 
T«f«iTr«€ t## i^d that at t^t agtnf tTone^ fhomton wm* prvaant^ 
aad that ^m^. thay Ita4 ttati ^liaoii^aed tlie ooatiraat» iilliami 
had 8talN»d tl^at a* far aa h# mnld aa«» it »aa oatiafaatarf • 
CMi^Ialnamt fmrthe t toatif ia4» «itlk iraf6?«na« ta tita i^iybiy 
aaaf#T€naa in filiiai»* offi«7#, UNit tlt« @niy ?aaa^ii ^xtat 
gftta fai- ^fttadng to |i3Poo«#a altfo tfea O0iit«aet irma timt o®»» 
pXaiaant hSkd aliaan %lmt Im» had n@ e»nf Id'^noe in tl%@ Do<»Op««ai«» 
tit^ Soalat|r of Anerioa^ noir in hi»« iTaiMtasr; tliat faTfca^ »i&i4 
notliia$ -^ inaiieato in aliat aa|r 0«^^ia«Eit ^a ohoi« ouoh Xa«it 
of oonfia@noe| tliat a!i«n Fmr^^ir liade tho tmmomtummmt aljrtad^ 
ipate4» Qoai^lainant askod M» w^Nit ^« objection ana, aa^ 
l%«ka« ytpliad, *woli^ jou ^nH »hm any flonfid«a©« in tba 
ability of fe«? aa-Oporatiiro Soolety to parfora tfeingo, and you 
oboa no oonfidanoa In «•;* tha^t t1i« coapiainant tbon oai^ 
»foHi» abat aoal4 yva;i «iigg«att ^n yov «n^ga«t any roiM<ty for 
tfeio la«* of oonfidonoet is it tbc oontraot t^t you object tot 
If tm, fAm.% ob«Bi»o «o you p^opooa in tfeo contJaotf fkoro shoal 


.f<& ^id H*rll 




rjsiii& ««*^ 

ftw4;lf U.a.i pt: 


not ISMi ma^ aiffim^%f in nui ^tti&g toge«l)#a> a^w aft«7 
v« hftvt gotttt «o tmXn If y<»ii li«v« ««y olijtotloiis, tills is 

tli« pla.o« mm th#%l«© t© riMHM^ tli«aB.,* Q&mpXgt.iimRt f\xT%hm 

«*id to Mtt tllli&»»p Ii«f03r« going ©at ^f tbs 0ffl««, *»»»• 
iiv«T» %kim dmt ill all H#t« It 1« a goi»d ^ike» and it i« 

^kti^Ttljr s»tifl!faet©irf to ^s« mii X im»t ^du» iir* filll«Mi^ 
t» «rr«ag9 witli Hi*, Austia iim4f. Mt* fltoymtofl^ Mt* imM%lm 
iff tatltX#d to «- rmitt ii1N»f«iI o^Mg^o^sstidn $ad ^, fi^«y»tmi 
is entitled t# «w*a^«e«iti^ii f#ir *feat they ls,*"ir« doiiie** C» 
« B »«j faE8aai,»fctisaai» th«s i^lmimtlff t«ttifl®a trltfe m^T4. to thi« 
tmeiatat, tMt te#f»y« ^iag omt of tl5# ©ftle*^ 1hi.?k«» di^raeti^ 
ia^« l&iqp«ir ^ ft«#erlai» from eoa^laimnt mM ftrntntm. ^%%^ o<^i» 
IMiMmtiim %M^ mmixm^ mm thim ^mX im f^€ ^m» t&j m» itad 

I« alt^iy^ ff^t#4^ it i« £l0t ^€||ill<| tMt tb#C!<»MlMll 

'mim ttm 9m^mimm% lia^t #at#f#4 %nim with i«l««ii «M i®jr, Ut 
tli« |5ii3r«^wi« of tb,^ ^utrollimg i»taire«t is tlmp FiK>pl«« Uf« 
£a8isii«A«« c^i«|ayty Had t^e ImHlftl^ tisll€i»t Osifioi^tl'^n, wtm^ 
in 8^iMttitae«« mTttm out liy th« tTmtmm of th« (^•^O^mtiirt 
^^«i*-|f df jyneirl^^ tli# latter tlsiuB ao^ttirisig «mffi stout sto^ 
im tl^so %m O^^pttniod to ooatvoX tiNm^ mm thoy wore otiXl 
oim«<l bf tl^ @eN»0|i««iitlv« a<»ei«ty «t th« ti»« of t^@ trial of 
tills ORSO| %»^ it is mot <I^Bi«4 tlutt tli« ti»iiMtotio& vts a 
pr#fitabl« oii«i for tfe« S0«i«tf • It «.|»|»«»»» fMTthey, fr©» tho 
tftstijaioiiy of tlio oo«|}l«il]iiNat» tli»t vm&Bt a&t« of Jmvmrf ia« 
1^X0 %lm l«^tt«7 o^At m l^ttoY to Ptt^fkmt atatisff tliot b« undst* 

sto«4 tbo furolHaio of thf stools ia tits tiro eoaipftnios r«f erT«<l 
to «Mi t® fe« ©losed tli« f®ll3wia« dtey aa4 fes stated tliat lio 

«r«r^*- ..•? -i^yvrt •«f?'>,Jvv; *.,-!•; 

i^ Tur> itlr'^^^'t if^^sS: *^ 4«<--.J!: 




■.> #»-»^ 



.,W'2J •'it 



%%» oontraot. C^ the foS^Xoiriiif ^tt^, t^m^lskimmt «:rot« m 
l(nt«T to Hr. tUXiiMHi^ att«iTnt3r f^t Fmtkmt, statlBg tlwt fat 
Hiid iddr«s3«a lfitt«r« to Ui»l»&n itiid M^f, s^rieing tliei) thi^t 

WUiiami 'mpmmnt04. him (o0«plaiim!d.t*») printipAls in tli« 
pir«^NMt« of tht «t0«fe ©f th® tw© ii©rp®fa.tt0!i« ref «3rre«i to^ 
Md tli^t illiiaaw lm?i In him pmmmi&m %h^ fiimda fim %im p^t» 
p&m of #lo«iag %M twrnmrn^ion f&ie that pwin&ipskl^ nn^ hm 
t#<|U«dt4Nl tti^ai im tM@ c!@i;^i»iai^ti&a t# l«t Wli'Ua^ti h^ir* ftiqr 

rmm^m^^lM fnlvm 9f %m mmplmiimnV^B ««TTiees la B#g©ti«tl«f 
t3i«s« ®0ittfa®t». St wa» ©osi^X&lsm^it's tli##i^' ttet wB«r«Ni« hi» 
oyiglaal iHa4€]f»tma4iag with F»ffe«3r feR4 feii*a t*it>t te» iRa.s t® fe#» 
e©«« the pfegia^at of t^t F#®|»1«» hif% l|»*«3Bftiie« iSciapungr, om 
t^« mamsf »ti^^at»^ $ki^«Y« ^Tlmg s«e» fit to ftl^mdsB tbut 
a:rma|g^^t# its )i« iia at tl^« time ©f tlte© ©•0fif#ir«»e# la iillli^ 
#ffl0® oa &i»sfey, aai^ifery 9, :t®^ bairinf ®ir}%a?«ssl.y «t&t«4 at tfemt 
tli^ tlimt eos^lmlnimt as tr®l1 «» fhoimt^B «m« «mtltl«d to li»« 
^id for %^ mrrimB thiff tmd T«nd^3red« It* mm •ntitled to 
3pe«fov©» fyDiffl th« S#0iety, sfblcfe, tfertJUj^ lt» trast*««, kaa 
ae^uirtd th<i 6©at7&XIlag lfiit#?««t is the two eoa&mlatl** referred 
t<i» thr«>\i#i aad isf mmmm «f t$)# eontrftet vhiah thm eogiplaiaaBi 
)^d ii«fOtlat«d« % rcas^iiAbXt o€ii[p»MUiti0» fOT Ilia •«7vio«»« 

Th« iKsmpl&iSiaBt %mc! b««o t¥i^\i|^t lato tou<^ «ltli 
l>^iMc«ie tfcit^«# m.^ Cferaif, i%^ testified ihmt he wr» *i» t!w 
ma^lmj^mmt bTOk^vfti* lmitlxi#»E, pli^eime high gr«d« »«ii$** th&t 
l>ayic#» Itsd mw» t© iil«t y«py^{S#-atiBg to hl« thut he wanted t« 
diTiaaise an l]i0ux%ao« ec»i|)aiiy ^nd ir&a lBt<^ rested la getting m 
mm to '^fl»d it ix^/ ^nd he wanted a a^n big imott# to be the 


« ^' 


- ...V' y:.k. 


ct!^ . 1^^. i«tti 

t^;;5' JHS^-JJ-tTS** V 


■:U l»«i 


iwreijiiient of tli« mm^mif »inl on* wImj. tmdtrtto^^ insur«,ii<j«« 
Mm » rts^lt 9f tt^ift* 0v%lg liit«»«atiNl t1)e (^om^l^liiant and 
iiitxc»4u«»<l him to l*»rk«r» I* la iip,?< ft^m tli» teat I- 
moxty in tl)e retorS that %hM 0»mpli:^i&%iit wmd a sun 9f long 
«xp«rl#noe in tl-m inmit^sk^m hvmimmm mud ^m# #m%ir«l7 f^aAillmir 
«ii^ it. l« Iiji4 oiNsiplifrA 4Uf^tm^ offl0iaX peaitioas iritli 
inammiiee mmpmmlt^m mm f^r ««im« tl«« Imi b««» pr#«ld#iit of 
t^® Old Oc^liOiif ilf* lii»iap»^ mm^mmf. It furtlstr nr-seara 
fx«m tfe« y«i»f4 tfeatt Farltej aM bl« »a«#oi4t«« w#jre ta no 

Itr. th<iiiat«m ttatiftaa a« a wltiaasa f^r tli« 
flminaat amd im oerrol^yiitiiiB ©f tine t««ti3i«my of tiat lj&tt<?T« 
itaiimg 9%mT tMrnga., Imi t#iitifl®4 ©a aa.tt2r^jr ftft€r^«K>a» 
«Nr <lii'3r pieim t® tlit i^i»(iit|? <^af«Ttm«st in »liUiiiM»» offioe, 
l*»jiFlt«« iia<i mm ®&^tji%mm% m^m in %%« &ffim ^f tfe# witataa 
im ommtit^lsm iritfe tis© «»pl©|^ifat mwitm«t# te#tir««ii tht «q»» 
lilmiffiKat «i»l 1^1® «^^-0|»«mtlv# a0<il#ty, ®»d t!mt %h^f all vest 
«v«r tlw oi»^(tim0t t#^tlii9T« mmmmm &Tmmg»» wmm m»4M la It 
jlpidrttiiant ta am^^stlons m«td# by Ft^5E«3r# ^-*i«i finally Pmrt^w a&M 
it ffa«i Mtlsfaetci'i^ t0 kltt« this «itm#it4si te#tin«t tMt la 
if«iiftirlc«€ to l%t}mt m% thin tim* that <*lt ma m pr^ttf dbriMitio 
oimt.mot«* im& tlimt iP«]pl£air ir^^i^liaA thut it wm sOX ti^ • *ba 
wm%%^ to imt tJ^ ^^^^(imaitillitir m m. &m%tn.* this witaaaa 
testified to tk® ciiife«fa »de in tfe® «ws» at tbls tin* at 
tft^kOT^a «ttgg#«tioa» aakiiig it a eoatmct with th« airaat !••• 
tei?i S-eosixltlea Oowpaur f8ttlj#3f tMn th# (^i-K)^ei»tiW Society 
•f Aii«nm« fhla witaeea tte«i taatiflo* subatnatinUy aa tlia 
«ai^»liiinaiit had* «11^ 7ef#r«A«a to tlia SNinaaf oocyferoaea at 
tlie off loo of »F. tlUiaaa. at taatlfio^ tlBit fea told ir, 
tillia«a» af t#y FsJkar had laft tfeo offlo#, tb&t Ha oxtjaoted 





wltfe. %h« mm^im^mt fo.i' hit wirn.e#» in aotuiirlaif » 

tli«f ««^ul4 @© iato ©tfeef llfi#» of ia«^m»e« l»*#t., ami that it 

l»4t lMi«» imd*iy»t®©d tliat aft*? t.b# e0atiroXliiSf Imtsrtst la the 

«t ps,«ao » r««« «^«3l ^# «>^ *^® i3P0^ pir««i«« immm ©f tJj« 

^ifiml tt^»fiimm4i» &f ls&® #M^lj^»ia* oontw-et fT<iBi ©#i^lali>» 
■m% fe«t»«j@m Ma smt tb# a®-C>|s#fmtiw i#«i^f , t® wlii^ tl» 
®cr«pl^i.»iif lift<l y«f6t^el la feis ttfttiii^iiy* ^t ttont t^« f ir«t 
tfmft of tfel« oontmsrl wteieU 1*^4 oc^io iato ^.l« haai« was t&« 
out oi wkie^ fe« temi. 1&tt«#a tM mmtmn n^xm ^« took ** tisft iNgftdtef 
emdr^^WMiw ^ f liliiu«i« otfle«* ^m M mia lio wouli Imft aothln 
furt^oy to ^ witii tlio o<»pisiim»t. 

^aa^ey aaaiittM tMat lio Imi toXd tfee ooaif^iaiasat tfeat 
^i» s»»%omtiiwi ioointy mm% B®t b« kiaoim In ^mseotioii with 
mm psm^m of tlio Ufo liMmf^aoo Qmfpmyt fox wbiola Ukoy w«»o 
i^@»tiAti»i» ^% 1*0 testlfind witlfei TtimiNl to tMt «i^J«#t,t!a^* 
Ifeisi toid tlio ooaipi»in»iit to M oaiP«fta mhmxt that ©oatmott ^n^ 
^ tola Um ttm.% hm rnmt m% satof iat0 emy oonttsot tmtll stfto* 
tfeoir lft«yo» (Willi***) ^^ fa«3M «ia it, aiid fwrthoy, ttet 

t not HO »€# im y^ttT nftii* ^««»t»« if 1^ 1» J 


mt of tmliiag a owwlsei >» fro» row* X 
Dit^ got to l»iT <iii<^e*ly toec*?^u»o I «» roi^reooating a t^ait 
oatato «ad I fflftaaot af foril to imm tmflao^ my tUat i haira 
l»ytlci|»atod dlreotXy or indlieotly ia tfea ptirohoaa of &«f ^ 

iia^ ^ 

■r^ mi m^-mx^tmm 


' r-.-^if\: 



Bits ii> ©»©?«! 





it<i -vAv? 

#l» ^t t' 

".f\,;i 4«*i w4*ig K?ilw«4 



tlBmtm prnpe-gtUu,^ 9m0mt furtMf t4»0Ufi«d that X^tt cm« 
frldajr iif tei7mooa« ooa^Ial^mt msm ^fid t^ld bis be li»d fteX»im 
and Hoy %% tl^« polat 0f a^ikl^ » cofittaot ikad INix^ir T«€|it«»t«A 
'm.m U »•#% biA tb# foXlwlag monaing mt tiXllttai* offie** 

*fc«rt tl5.® XAtt^y woiddl write tlsm ©oatmeti tfeat tii«y «®t tlj« 
foXlowiag momlJig at iilliiawi* ^ffim m^ h^ l@ld M^« fillljMM 
im ira.nted hX« to tmke » i^i^mt^^t ^%ir«€iii %b« r«opX«9 Lit 9 
tmsmmmm mm^» ^^ ^f »M ielsoa, and t^e trmt #«iiit«* 
M thill p4»i»l Im tli« %#stia0iqr #f I'az^tn »s it ii]^««f« is tiMi 
T^mtdg tfe© wituftes Api>aT«»tX|f )»siml» imto tfee «ii;b|#ei of tli» 
««pXoy«^«fet ooatmot wltfe tiit ©^atpXaimut and &« t^@%lfi#« tltti 
tiXlia«« mkm Pferkey what feln ii|^®m«mt m* witfe J^mstia, wfeor*^ 
vpoa ?«7k«T twnsd t^ Metm mm^ mid th&t WlXliis^mi wmm ir»igr 
\m»f mA fe« «Mg^et*d ttet h« g© to |i4« att«»m€y ana hav« 
lllli teift tilt «g9ipX9ps<mt oi>iitm«HI} l^«t be ft9lr«d i^uitiii vbo 
Mft X^wiyti? m» stttd i^i«tia iiv# teim Tl5©»«t0a»« ad.drf««, as^ IM» 
flN^t 4tii«tiii tlse f0XX@wiag »i>faiiif mt tfeomtou't offl©€, t.®a «t 
tluit tlsi»t th^if pmmmtM. to fei® <fiJrk#y) a ooia^tmot i^T@7lag 
A«»tia«» ii«rriotii^ ttii^ %%&% tfel* eomtmet w»« »ot In %uo9T4»,n&9 
with tb« t«x«i Tm IM^ Mi^ witli i^antlB, n.m li« toXd bia that 
w» truftteo ipouxa 6ir« to »%^ 9ws^ « oontTftot* aM thst he th«tt 
««g8iMit«d th&t ^pktimpu the ar#at teetem tsi^t m%^t into that 
«^t3%et» with aiodifiaBttl0a««« »ad he (J^ax^fcev) e&ia he would 
eaoii hm^ &ai aeet ifc^etia m4. thomtoa et the Xdtte:r*s office 
at foiiir 9*9^Mi that aftevm^c^a, Ms further t#etlflea th&t ho 
TOtwjfaedi to th« oft lee at the tiae appaiatet, wh«a the ooapia la- 
ant i^re»€iit6d hi« with the aaiMi djt^ft of ooat*aet, wh«7ett9ea« 
PatarJce* fw^rkea that the aSma^m Md not heftm aade, and ha 
eaid th»t he would meet 7ho?atoB «M the oo«pX@.iaaat at tlM 
offioe of hia attorney (^Xlliama) of the folXowlag afteTBOoa» 

.... '«* 

f'T^*'!? ?' *fr''**?^?''A 

■O* awl ■ » ■ :4J||> 



¥mft^t then ptv« hl» T©jr«ion of whmt oomirrtd at th« 
SNaidikir m^Hftm^m m% tll^e oftlot of Wiitlftm«» whi&h did not vayy 
•ul»«tii]»tijai|r t^i^m %hm.% glv^ii |>3r tb« c^«^laiaftjit. He ttntlfied 
li« Tmm>t'k04 ti»iit Alls tin bad no «oiifidtiio« In, th« Co«Oper&tlT« 

Society of m^Tiim^ m&a tto% te.« m,M to 4u8ti&9 *|: ^m*t ^t« 
tt d® feu»l»€s® witlb, a tsam wis© iriXl writ® a e^ntrmet llkt y«w 
B&v« written,* w|j.erimp«aa, ffe®imt#ai «t».t«'l, tl»t ht l!a4 <liaft«d 
tii# eontraet ana timt If it «».» mo% »fttlsf^etory# It aif^ 
^ olmag^ wli®r«mpoa, ?a^«r stated tINat he ®s«i«id?rre4 tlje 
««Mi^Xal^imt ^e.@^©»«ifel« fo,t tfe.e c®istta®t} ami ttet thiB iNid«4 
tli# iiit«anrl«», @ts ©r®«'®-«m&iimti<^a Farker t«^«till«d with 
T«fer«aei# %o tfels eoafsiptjie:®, tliat sa fee imlktt «mt ©f f^# «»ffie« 
•f lilllmma, k# ®tat«N4 t@ tilli&as tMt li« woiild not t©uch tfee 
^»1 witfe Awstia in it| tfe&t m mzM U MilUmm^ ^fh% i^al km 
m good deal,* * * ly. 4ms tia lwit«##mt^ vmm wmemf ®a thia «l#al, 
li« fem« fmthmii tr^m Friary - fs'o* fum^Mkf till Fyiimy. * * * 
IMI l« «atitl«t^ to 8om« Ms»a«y»* ».^ fe« fajPtls^T t#»tifi^d that 
tllli%«a mmke^ hlat tt^w «aoh Ausrtia msi.9 «ifitltl«4: t#, wlsereup-aa, 
1m (Farksy) y#plt©d, *1 tlsiak if jou giv» tola |S,O0O y©^ will 
fcavt paid liiii w«ll.* 4t tfei« p^lat ia bis o.w©§*«3ca?55iBatl«» 
^^airlcay testified, *l #9a*t mm h!km m ^any* I thm&^t thst 
h» vaa «ntitled %& th^.% If h« iK-aat«d to go ftli.*a4 «» a broket** 

Vaxker l^irtl!*,^* t#«tified tbat ha nirreip aalil aay^liiftf 
t® tfea otb€X tTiastaaa abmit payiaf %he ^^©aplmiaaiit fi^OOO aa4 
tfeat tii# 8til»jaoft of 0?)«miaiaai\t*<» soatraat witfe ttea Sa-0]^fatiTa 
idaiaty was nerar •bfisiii^t Uf, ^nsiderad, Totad upaa o» dls- 
euaaaA i&t % maatiag of t)ia traataaa of tba Co<»0p4rvatiTa Saaiaty 
0f Aaiariaa.* la aaaaaatlaa witb hi# a?©®»*aTiyBiaati&a, rarkaT 



f* f f;\ 



'.0A *»!) 

':f) »/? 

td £ic 

*]^ V. 


tftstlflftd ttmt duarln^ the period la quevtloa^ h^a 4iad HlftwlL«n»on 

AM @&« w^r« ibe tt\r^0 ttust«€S of th« Soeietyi that th$7« 
*•!« no officers aan tbat th«y nev^r keft «ay y««ord« si»t any 
niffiit®^ ©f th«ir »e«tiiig»» aor reeord* of nay kind* H« f«ap« 
*fe#» t«8tlf led tte«* tliexe was ft«v«T a ?i€«tlng ©f the tnaBte«©» 
*^&9e»pti]ig 03P ratlfjrlag ©y autboyltiag n©gotlttioas with ut. 
Aiistia* w® n«T«r ftt ®ay tlae iiadt a ooatraet w itis ttt, l^ustia,* 
H« fu7i1%«ir testified ths^t th€^ tir^te«© fiaally mM A ©©atYftOt 
with ielsoa Rad Hoy, pfi£r©lia©iag th« e^att^lllag lati§;«8t la th« 
l»©3rpi«s Life iasuip%a©e Coap»af ansi %h$ ^adolph Buildiag C^*» 
p©iFiitl3a« oa tb© ©sMMi ^isift %8 ©©6 ooatalaad la th« o©at7©©t 
©lii€^ 4t»itla a©d« wltli %lt$@e |mTtl«^©; that tli«ir© were •©«• 
©ll^t 2^difl©».tloae la the details of th^ doii.1, irfeieli w9t© 
not »fttipri»lj tli^.t ^« pmr©«e i^rlofi imld fey them ©m© tit© 
mm0 pT%<m ©».ll.#d for la the eoatimot Austin haJ eat^f«d iatoi 
1^©t ©ft«« li® (P&Tkeip) ha^d l^i^koa ®ff a«fOti©ti©a« with Aastldc 
©M ^@ I^tttr Md i^d© It kjiova thiit hM did aiot wlall t© mrrf 
©lit ^i» ooatract wltfe M©l@oa aad ll®y, tfei© latt«T *®t>#a«d fi^ 
a«f©tl©tlQa« witli m©»» nad •tbe Oo-<*p«fiitiir© a©d«^ pi^otlonlXy 
th© a©js© d©&X» pr&otioaXly tM «aa« ttzmft« bu.t a ae© coatx^ct;^ 
tlH^t tlila ©oatraet to©t©©^ tfe© Oo*Op«Tativ© sad ^©Isoa ».tsd ttoy 
©«© ©I©©#d t©a d%ya or two ©##ic» af t^^r Amstla tiatd ^©n ©Ilmlaa<** 

€to ©ir©fta«-©3caaila©tl©a F»TH©r t»stlfi*^d tlsat b« &©▼«!• « 
pl©yed Amstla aad th^% a©lt&«r h« bot the Oo-Operatlv© Soolcty 
©f A«©tl(m oired him >^aytt%laf| that A^wtla hnfi r^adercd the 8«r« 
Yloe© he had »© ©» to *g©t hiffl©©lf « poeltioa ©• pr«©ideat of 
th« P©opl«© Life lf»«ujmao« Oompmnf,* and that tv«Tythiair ©a© 

golttg s^loog ©ooothly uatii Aaatla aubftitt©d hi© ©KploymAat ooa» 
t^©t» «h©n h© {Tntker) ©aw that *»ll?. Aastla ©©• not the klad of 

• tf-i""-,^ 



^4411$ MM- tilt Ji i^'4imfq 


« Will to tjrw»t in • b{i«iii«s« AmW* m further testified,- 
giirlmf m Wm tmmon mkf b.# did not br«mk off fel« relation* 

wltJs tostia 9hm il5«y wtT» TOaf^rriag t^^tfetr m% Tfeorat«m»» 

♦ffl®«i %^iAt th® e»pX©|m«at ©#atm«t b<it»«ea Aitttla md th« 

«3©-^^^#3fa>tlv# Sool«ty» ®n inittu^y SLfttmooa, Just piwTloixs 

1^ tk« Bw»iA^f mmfnTmm in milium* office, that *l im»ted 

t© ^ irtsrt ttet my bX©»^U|j with i^, Austia ms fiiml i^s^ 

fix®<i, I w^mteil ft tliira^ -p^Tfrnn t^ey«» and ft resi^asible 

mmm I waattd t© g»t m t^l^tUm with Mt. .4iuiti» •#r«y«d 

«ff«©tiv»Iy WHS ^i# re^toa I wmatM t# dll»®u«» it «itfe hi® 

la illiimsm' ©ffiot. 1 mM,%m. t® fimiiii it ri#t t>"'«a a^^d 
t^«t® and t immm t^ im mm thi^t my l««r|r«7 ma p?e»eiit U 

^ s^ir« th%t X m.€ lt« I ifitemiM tMt mt t^« tim« i «a.« &t 

flt®*iit«>ii»si ©ffi0#.* ^aTk«r fwrthtir t6 tifiM tHat fe« la^v^ir 

latiro4iic»«<i Amfftin to i%it«xisoii mm a06« a.« tli« eottplaiaant 


He furthiiir t#«tll'i€d that he «3tp#©ted to ^ th^ti# 
witfe tfee ps3feM«« of tbe Uf# lattiJ^m@« Ootapimy ««3. tlJ.t mil4» 

»«at«4 witi; tlst 0©Bty».ot Qf ®tspl©ym«at littweea tfee ®0«pXs.i^iBt 

mM tls,« ^9^p^m%ire society wud tliat wjj«» tl»t im« a^^liwr^d 

to ld» to« wiui *th« most iitttaiii«#/"di««.^l?©iiit€d n&ii In Chicago; m 

t^t IMI tli«»u#t J^^tlA ncmia ;i»k« tt good man ^til b« g»t thAt 
#aiitr*«t| tlittt »t tb© tia* b« irai» tallflftg ©Wrr th.e employment oon- 
traet ultli t!i* ©^wirplaliiRttt an^ •nioraton ©a S«i.t\iy<l«y afttToeo*, 
h# dlld[ nm% know tlv« oemfleii^nt lm«* enter #4 lata a <^ntrm©t, 
im hi» •«» »»»•» «ritb liftlaon fend Hoy; tfemt h« foiind that out 
BS%mvmt^, *siiiA 1 was ettmnftd wh«Ei 1 f©und, o-^st h« liaa tak«m 
tli« c©ntm«t m tela «wa nft«», be<miwir« I told hit* 1 dAr«d - &t 

,*■??.?? K*^;' rf 

„'■ • riyfi^ ^■tj.wt «<? 







.•xfi"# 4Wf #ft«!?it 

ii»t h&Adlc the d^ft.1 tiMili WKf, h%mkus€ I mifi^t b« aoeiued of 

It wikttld hmr% te««ii iroTtli s <swiTt#r of s uillli^ii dollars to 
the tmat «fttat« to ^e^TO l»ad Auatla ^ thiro^giti with tb« <t«ftX 

^nd to k&YO bai fei» »• pr<&8l«iir]it of t)i6ir lift ina^Tmnm 

Q&mm^fi tbat thft etaaaing that ^mmat hSLwrn flvea th^ w«?uld 

limv« b«eii worth & ^ts«ijrt«r of a minima t©lla»», and thmt %» 
mmt^d to \mye Mmtim 1% thn% pQMititm ^ tint 11 ht pt«s«mtet 
tk&t al»®olmt«l|' rotten «®iitm.0t|* t>^at Aiiiitia nigoad hl» o«a 
inuRs to th«p p^^mwi e^iat^moty aM ^witli t^mt Im ht» posstss* 
lim !i© tli@\i#t hm emiM foirot «• t^ si pi tl»ai ©natrmot* (tlt» 
«»plO|m«?iit mjatrasft); tfemt having thiai ent0rt€ iiato th€ irnjp- 
<^tio @oiitVA«t i% t^.iM owxi imsi#» *m trie^ t@ forot m« td alga 
tfeis eispldy^eat eonty^ot giving Mm ^SO,^O0<3,'DC' (tlm? 6@9Miid«i«» 
fliti#» wble^ w^« «mll©4l for la tfce p'«r©hms« eoatrsaGt exeented 
by it^iotlm^ BM^ 1^« ©«ifisl«i©jmtioa wkieJi ira® ^ft^inrard Aetttatly- 
fold !>f tM O^»0^e3?mtlvo aooi#t7 for t^« ®#{itr«^Xll!iig iftt«r«st 
in tho twrnmikm 0ompfta|r i-ii4 tfe» .anildiBg Ooypomtiaa) • 

ioXi^n t«»tif l»d mnmtmiti^ tM esm-traot te.« ond loy 
liftd aoMlo witli ^ustifi* to ««ll tht ©oatyolliag i»t«ir«ot ia tfeo 
I»|fo iBOOimaoo Qm^nf mnd the gull ding OorpoimtioAy «iad he 
Miid in tfclo 6oimeotioii tbat i^astla i»a<i« it ^oof that feo imo 
m»t ©<mtmcti!ig for hiw»eXf tmt mm tradlag for oosiMifi »loo • 
•b$ rirpreseiited tfe*t h© %.%& &mm pttnnipsil iifeooe a&sao ho would 
tmt dlvialg*.* Ii« testified fwrthor thmt otter tti« «»king of 
thio ooatr&ot» Auotio iastructod t^^ to go to tiilla««« off ioo^ 
itad ioloon ^tv^ Hoy itokod A^ttotin for a lottor stating that tteiqr 
wore at llbor^ to ii?o to ifililA«o. wfe© roi^roooated th« priacipol 
for ulioa no UnoHn) fe^d boco noting, tnd to 09^ up nogotio- 
tiono witfc tb«» dlroot. m tootifiod further that Ptirltor oao 


s^iin njLifQ^ ti 

^tt' ^mm 




»t WiXlUMi* offlo« at the tlwm h« wvnt t]i6r«» and tiiat •hoxtly 
th«7#«ft»Y th« deal «a9 <3Xo«ed« WRd so diff«r«iit tttma v€T« 
ev«v iMid* than thos* ttft forth in the contract AuntlA )mA 
ttnWTmd Into with tb4^, 

€»• te9tifi<Nl ^8t h« «ms one of th« tx^mt^M of 
th« i)o-Op«witiir« Socd«t|r of laierioit la 1981, mA turtk^wi 
that h« n«vftY |»d vftt Avvtia imit l3«#ii litt rodvioed to Mm la 
•ny way. H« mX»© teatlfiftd tfemt hm mr^r dlao«««9d with 
M» asffiooimt**, Hitl^eiuiOtt stM ftJ-kty, tlit purcOiftS* ©f a 
life Insummsa Imilding i^lth i^rtiemlar y©f«T«iie© to th« 
^«opl#*» Uft laatiraai^ Efcilldlag, in whloh tlb® liaadolj^ii daildi* 
lag Oori^omtioa or the l^»o|il»»» hifm lnmm.m.m QmK^^nf wero 
l&teTe«t«d« On o«^»i»««xaaiafttlo«i« 1^ t#stlflftd that rhe flwit 
lca«v abcmt tli« pur^mse of th# Uf* lasusnstaoe Osa^ay oom* 
tlwi ia Jai^mry, Imt h^ og^vld ^ot t«ll «^t tint i^ that aoaM 
I^Htt h« firat laaari^d aboiit it thron^^ Paxkar, aaad that thay 
thoittsht It mml^ hm a ^*©d tfclag. la then t«atlfi«d thai ia a 
ffm^ml aay ha aad jiaiskeaaoa mud Farkay ^titlkad of tha puro^oiaa 
of that tmUdlag and tha Life Inetitaaoe Ooa^jaay;* ttet ha did 
aot ra call aha thar FaTkar showad his tha ooatsaat, aad ha 
w&ialA not he aartaia i^a^ay &t t^t h« raad it| thAt ha askad 
Fajricay If tha QoMpaay aaa all ti#t and 1^ aaid it i^a; that 
ha did sot yaoall ahathor ha aakad Farkay ahat it tm« i^TOpoaad 
to pay for tha Q^mpmsxfi that the daal aaa dlsoaaaad hy PaTkar 
aad mn^mmmn and hisaalf ia tha of fleaa of tha Oo»OparattTa 
SoGlaty» aad that oa this ooemeioa **th«y diaousaad ia a gaaaial 
w&f th« imirohaaa of ^aaa t^m eoaoafaa • that Ib th« Buildiag 
wmH tha l»if« laaamaaa ao«i»aay»« «ad •!# all agraad with ■»• 
^urkOY,* «». ftKWkaaaoii aad sqraalf, that wa ahould* purehaaa tha 


t« »3 

rf* iN^-'f'*?* *** 

^ f ;,r?: i? 

# a/ .>r. 



f^lT^a^la this ®»tt, wltk te^tfe Mmtlm 0M rarlE^T, aad thai 
mm^ to hU #rf 1@€ ii^iiig li«s matea t0 t»lk witli l^ia ms^ 

ti^a s..Bd was TtiNiiirlug m Mg «al«.i^ »m4 h® i^®%#4 t& 1mm 
fmm milUm ^m^iBv m m%» if hM mn.% imt# %kU t»mima«« 
^al, tm mum mi^ mi^% %^ %m^mM mum lm pm^ wp m 
e#llmt«T«l m m t« mmam him %n Mb mXikrf* milim» thm 
t##tif lea m t© ^« <^mff»ii^te# wfeieli %m^ pl^m ia fei« «ffl«# 
tfee fallowing 4Nr, a\»^ir, ^i^i^i^ i, imtrlMB-^^»t3ftt«4 tli?tt #11 tM* 

m i% mnd 4i«t5«Mi»«4. It *ith fmMkmwi tfeat l#.t«» im ^m»tla asd 
flfe#imt#ii ««* im ^m4. Wmwk0T %^M mmm%1u t&ftt hm dl4 mt lik« 
tli« pmpmm^ mmtm^U m thwm t®«tifl«4 t# tfe^e f tartly* y«- 
oi^i^ai tiMit W9T0 ism€m at ^feat tluMi* «.» &«yeiii l^foye T«f«ry»d 
im» ^m he mM ^mt I^i*I:«y ttrnt^d tMt whll« h« iroiUd not |^ 

afe««A with tli« «l®&It s-M w^mld ast mi^» muy ii®«ti».<it with 
4i2stlii« %Tm% tM l^tt«r ^a4 «ftmt mm* ti%« oa tbe »Att«v« mnA 
tfe»% wls.€th4?T li« wa« l«^Xl|r ^bligmted to hla or not* h« »OMld 
^ wiXlliig %!» imy )%itt eaaMithlag for th« titt« h« ha4 8p«Bt* 
m Am t^«tifi«!4 t© ^# f»e% tlmtt Thoinitoft «e«tit>a«d th« 
tibial fen I»s4 for ii»yn«*«, stm Pn^rt^t mti4 h« wri^r'd nn% 9hjn9% 

:fJ* ,|#. 

t-!^f*^ ttBSMI' *■ 




to th9m •lth«r. wiiilaaia furtlier t«»tlfi«id tfeitt thomton 
fltftt«d tliat h« ou^t t& hftire ^^OQC) for wKs^f )i« hftd #ob«, 
and tlimt Aiuitiii st&tft4 thst he thougjbt ht im» e&tltl«d to 
|Xil»0O0 for his 0«$rTto#o« In this m»sneotlaA, Atxetin t«9tl- 
fiftd In rebuttal, to th« «ff«ot tbi»t ^o ima* ao moatlon of 
♦lS»00 at tfe« o©«f«ip«no« Is tiliiRffio' office, exempt to 
mt tliM^t Iblo ootTlooo iB brimgiag Al^mt th« tiur^^lio of tho 
INiildiBg mlone wcjtjld bo worth not l^m tte*a 110,000^ und tfeat 
tli# Lifo li&@i2rafto#' ^^pemf deal «mo ^orl^ o gr^i.t d^ftl oovo* 

In. »«|yport of their appo&l tist a«feiilte.nt« ©oa^ 
toad tfeot th^re are oovoml roo^wio ii^ir Auotin i» r<ot o»» 
titlod to roo®iT« ifeBytfeiaf fro« tlion^ Oao of tli® rtaooiw 
iiuTftdl l^y %h«m Is tMt Jiustln rsmdt^rod His otrriiq^e, is ao- 
gotlattlag witln li«i»oa md Mof» tjpom tfoo Mole of a. @<>iiiiid€r- 
atl^a to him In the for» of a mklmtj ^M ©oassisoioa on pro* 
iiiiiMi« Oft ^r«$sld^^mt of the Xms^tmaoo ^m^vmf, %iid th&t diix« 
lag th# AO^ti&tloao l^o oulisiittod an ompXojr^^mt ^^atiraet 
la i^ioli k« iaelitsiodl eertolm ** ooMitloao»^ vMeli i^tr# aot 
a iMkirt of tht agro«NH^!it or asdi^rot^^adlag lio )mi emtorod is to 
witit Foritori oad it i® tli® d^foadaato* cottt«ntl<^ tfest l»y 
ia^ootiag lato tfeu propoood «apXo^«iit a|fro«i«iit tfeo^o now 
eoaditl&ao, feo forfoitod his rl#t® to aay «o«ip#aaotioa, and 
t1m% Farkoir iras jBOtifi^d la mfuting to doal wltfe hXm f^ap» 
tho», Ja oonnootion «itli tl»l« str^woat« t%« dofoadnats |>©lat 
oot tlkiit la roaderiai^ tl^o dooisiOA la tho trial ooisrt* the 
oliaaoollor foiaad %hm% l^rfcor w»« jaotified la rojoetiag tbo 
ooatraot proparod toy Itustia^ la oijr opiaioa* tbio coateatloa 
is mtoaofolo for two reitooao, la tho firot pXacc, the emoft- 
ii^ of whotbor or not tho oo-oallod ••ooaditloao* iaoludod 

^ «fi 

1 Jit^ l%)<* 

1fc# 9 

,*«ii^ -«i^i. ^i^. ^^ *Cf:^ 



*»*(..'■ ^ •# ■- 




^ AmctiB in the draft of th« emiptloytieiit eoAtraot^ whi^ Im 

attl}ttitt«d to P^Tki^T, wtr« a im?t of th« oTlglBaX uadeT* 

•tftiKllAg «ater«4l into betiretn tho«« two laeii* 1« the «^j^»j«et 

of dir#otl]r ooQflietiiig testlmofi^ri A^ustln testifying to the 

effect tfe»t they wtre, aM ^rk«» t«etlfylag to tfee effect that 

they were nott tudh oo7rol»orsitifig fa^ote «e are to he fcmiid 
%m, the reooird^ in our oplaloo, eupport the ooatentioa of 

theoomplalii&iit* the teetl^ioiiy of CJralg, mm to i^t Pe:^er 
told him on the imhjeot of what kiad of % %e» he wanted hia 
to find to baadle thie iae^ramoe \ivmime9m, wtM veXX at the 
*4teltte4 fftot timt Amttin mtM & warn of long e^rperleiioe in thm 
insuT&noe hueiii«es« aivl r^rker fiM hie »eeooi3tee knev nothing 
ft^ont the buwlneee^ timde to etitposli the imsition of the oo»» 
t^Iftinamt to the effeot th&t F«tr)&e:r «&Bted hia to heve fuai 
wiaiftgeaient tmd oontroX of the husinees* oonferring from tlao 
to tliie with F&rkey, r^thenweret the re»«©m wbieh i^tietln 
testlfioft Farker ^vo him for hftrlng the etook ai^eitr in 
A^ietia'e tmm, ie « logleal ono« ]^ thie oon^eotion it is 
lisf^rtnat to mote that the dmft of the empXo]^(»t oontraet 
sillHiitted hf 4taaitiB« oontatinea a proirision to the effeet 
^ftt at any tisie, on re€|w«»t of the trueteoa of the C»o-0|ie»- 
atlire Sooiety, he irould eseoute a pror^er domaaent ohoeliBg 
that the stool: in »^le mm »ao. in fact, the property of the 
Oo^l>e»«tiwo Soeiety» &nd held hy hi» In truet for it. Another 
reaeon for our ooaeluei >n on tbia point ie, that the testinoay 

^j^e not show that itvetin laid aom these eo-oelle«*c3o»lltioao« 

iti the draft o|/e«pXof»eat eontraot* ao ossentisl to its oo«- 

svMBatl^* aXthou# it i« hi® position that the eontraot wao 
drawn ift oos^llanoe with their prior undrrsl^ndiag. The re* 
cord show wi^iSintmdictioa that at the Sunday oonfcrenoe in 

•ft?:;© «*i« i.^ ia -^-^ 

•ltht\;*«C »rfi? 

.*f: .77 



fiXli«iMi» ©f fl0«, w^m. i»i,flE«ir »tatM tbat fe« wsuld haY« nothing 
wmte ti» tl» with tlie de«l» aM «&#« It plAla tSimt h9 vss baelmit 
hl« ft«tion on thl« dimft of tl^t €f>pXo|rm«at Itotnti^et wbleh Austla 
Ibad submitted* tb^ latt«T ft^kod w!)ftl»«T or not &»;r o^ ^^* pro* 
irl»le>as ii»7« 0ll»|«9tioiiaH« ^md stated th&% if titers wet^ anf 

1^ %hey omgtit &#t t«» li&v# may txt»ulil« fiittliif t&g«th#ir» la 

d)ir o|>ii£i'jR« if i%itk9T iimmt«d t^ get rid of ^ufttin «jtid «li»in» 
mtm hi« from th« trsi^tii8«i«ti#i^ 1^«y had been negetiatlmg^ &f t«r 

Ati«tiA tm^. brought t^<^ diHil vitliin re»<3li» «»d tl3ti« g«t the 

advftfttftfo of t^t ooiii»ia}i^tl@a of th^ d€&l« without oiirr|rini|| 

mltmi^ tlio oMlgp^tiona i^iok ^d 1ni«ii tmttrod iato« »o fiiir 
ft* ik^uitla Wk» m»».o«niM» t%'ie woiild tovo ptiyt«i«d lust mlioiit' 
th« ooutiMi liii did* 

it i» t^« fiirth#r o^mt^iitiom of the d^f ^mdiiBto tfe&t 
A«oti& imo ^»t omtitlod to r#oowr aiijrtliiiig fo; hlB «@nrio«s 
bmm,Mm% bo vlolm.tod hio Imstrmetiofui* i& oate.?iiig iata % ao»» 
tr»ot «i^ i«l9oii mud l!0|r* for tli€ imr^iteoo of tbf^ o^ntiNilliag 
lattToot In tli# two oorp®ratiam« iaf"olvod,i!idividi»l.l3r. thio 
point aloo l« tfe® «wb|«©t of dir^etly eonfli^ting testimony, 
^tkotia testifying thmt bis mutism in tbit r^^td imo In f\ill 
ooa$»llan0« with bit iii«trttetioa«, tnd faTltor testifying to th« 
oontnury* m rmiMA not bo HMsrlisod ta bold tbat & finding to 
tko offoet tbat, in ontoniit imto tb€ eoatraot i» hio o^^n BaaM« 
iikttStln did not viola"^ bio Inotr^otioiio, »r©o o holding uwmrrmnt- 
od by tbe OYidonoo* but *« do not rogurd th*t cfoootion »» ootor- 
ial» booftuoo it i» &di6itt«»f5 that ^tftor A»«tin wao oli«i]iotod, 
tho tirtuitooo of tbo Oo-c>p«r»tivo Sooiety of Aaerioo wont obood 
aad OMU^otod tbe oowtmot for t^« im^^iaso of tbo two oorpom* 
tioiM i«?olTod» or a oontroXling intoreot in tboai« on prm©tio» 


:v 6ii£{^ , ■-■> .ftl4^^^ ifen* 


mtlf %he mmfi' texism 9.9 hM hmen nt^ttat«d In tM Au«tla <«m* 
tiEii.<?t« Tb« «5.fLfea'ls»..n,tss, as ti*ust#-08» tfiere/or* ree«iT»d the 

full betitflt af An»t;la*8 »*irTl«i«», mat tbo«« »#rrl0«s ir*?* 

»fe€m\<S n^t b« !h@l€ lia^ltt, ^ r^mmtm ©f tfe# f*iit tli*t th<y 

it ?i#t t® oi^ajBldtf tMt tMy #i»^14 f» iit\«^*a aad iiNil wiiai 
K^litoa waA mf» vlthmxt imr olaitt on %M# p#irt &f 4m«tlB mA 
timt In any e¥exit» na ag^ftt oay m©1 ©Imia «iCM»p#a8atioii ©0 tiM 

»g«at*» ttBTftmM, tial^fit it imf ^ Mh9vm. t'k^t m^^ %i»%ism of 
thm pTtu&Xm'l ^^^ ^t%h k3Bmi^m^0 0f tb« ag#mt*8 9l»ls« la 
IHiia ^N^««ti®ii» the i>»f®.ia;diMit« ecmteiKl tlxtt it io ®1«»» aad 
imdinp&MHL tlnmt I»gjrlc#» wa« tfei^ only t^^ette ii!i# 3ra«w wfeat 
9%Trie^M Austin Md T^nii^'t%€, mA fuTthst, tl»t tl-tr« i» a©t 
^« slightest tTi4«'a©t* in tti® rt^rd tti«tt »itli.#* Soe or Sfti^tii- 
»&& hM,d SNfty lejiowl®^#l, ®y ir«F« ia laay way ©Isarfit^^ with k»crwl« 
«^f»« of iM»tlm*a oltvla* Im &wt ^pimiQi&^ %i^m oo&tentiosc &ip# 
a#t ^.Tiiip &m% hf th« :r«o0'f€* 4tu»tia t#stifl#4 tMt h« did 
«i«t both ^w]s;txurea mxi (h9 and that whea h« s^ ^t f92»«r« 
l^jrl£#x iih0 iatTO^o«d th««« trnXi^ that iiu«tia w^ns the mem who 
itma ** handling this liisi^r«ia0« d«al fo:r i«i««*^ aad th%t liaiFk«as€ia 
ai^ftd how hii urns g«ttlag on* P%ir%f»]r fta«^ Oot a<^ni«d that tay 
®m^ th&ag ^>olc placNi. tlia t4i9tla0af of C^#» la this oobb«o» 
tic»a« Iss 90 ooatYadU-otoyy »« td as^lte it veTy uaooavi nolag* 
It »«•«• to u« to ha •atlralf al«Rir» from hia c»ro«9*«%asia»» 
ti^a» l^t h® a ad lavlcaasaa »aiS Fft:rk:«7 aimmummd thit vhala 
|ii?op98itloa, mad th»t thuy (ild thia htfor« th« traaaaotliia wan 

<•-¥':. n 

-it ';.»?^-i ^^(ft 


;!{« 00 


«at#y«<l iat*» mm they ApemA l>«t»«en t]b«tt»«lr#« tbat It 
» good thing sm«l timt th^f wattlfl cnttr into It. fhm r«o®»d 
«l4-0w« tiiat tlhe Oo»Opi»mtlYt Society of Amfirim featf auit^tt mt 
tl?i» tint of w^imvm of |®t0^O,OO0, It la not di«piat«d tliat 
tJjey 9*id Mit a eoaAidemtloit of nearly tSCK»,<300, l» ^OQmlrlag 
%M eomtitoliing l»t®ye«t In tfce %m mtppmU&m IiiyoIt^ feow, 
T^t • t3PftA0ibOtl«^ of m^ wm^t&m, hf m Kimot ««tat«» pmm» 
immA of »u«& pmpmttf m tfeis iooi#ty wmo .|ki«®o«»o4 of, ooulA 
b« «at«y0d into by lt» tmotooo witte':aiat %km toaowing anything 
l^»ut it* ifould bo f«ry etmn^ iadi©«4. fli€r<j Oftn bo »o dou]»« 
of tlie f&ot tkat tlj&«« tisrto t«ist®«o ii4 ti«oui«« tfe» iwfcklng 
of t'lilii <3miX mk4 Tm^4M€ % mnnl-mi^m afeout it, ^for« it wsm 
omtft^d into, Jmst m Qm o4iiitt#a tJboy di4, cm hi$ orooo- 
oi»k«inoti<m* ffeo ©Yid#a<^ in t^« if#©ordl iooo not ^m^r ©at 
th# 4^ttention ttet tfe#®o truoteto wont nisoot »n4 eoaijj>i«t«d. 
t%io deal, @n tli# ttfwi mfei^li Ism4 Moa oneur^d o« a r«»uit ©f 
th# gorvieoo of At»«tin, oovof'lnf a «mn»idtmbl« porio€ of tiaOa 
in ipio:r%noe of tlio fnot tb^t ht had anytbii^ to do with it 
Oir ««» #ntitIoa to any Qoi^»<msnti«m fOT Isiis oorYlooo, ov timt 
igiy ou«$i olniia vns boing fsn4o« 

f^o tof tn^anto eoatoni that tbt ©^tapXtinaat fead no 
QontTmot witfe th« d@f@ri^.sintn, no ti'tuiteoo, nnd t)iftt laio olaiw* 
if any, no* against fnrkor IndiYiSmily, eitlng, onong othor 
mmm, Mmm. v^JkiiKyu «t nil, Ul III* #09; mnaamn ▼• 
Jtoli# 3«5 ^1» U4, laA JiMuJ^' l#»»AI« f^ fr;^* S<^ Ul. 331. 
In tlio %&!, ea&o^ Sohuidt omo tls^e oiirriTittg oxoeiito? mA 
trmatoo of toio fatli«y*» ootato. f*o of hit oiston onok filo4 
Mllo for on nceoimting ogainot him, and tbero w€r« »oYeTnl 
O|il>«ols fro* orders of tlJ« ?ipotwito Oonrt, onturod in tlio nntto* 


» if v' •^i f ' 

.. r ■- k^ 

of his fat]^9T*« •«%&%« pmidlng In th(» ClYouit Gourt. Tb«0O 

mammm ii«y« &1I eonsoll^t^d and r«f •rred t(> n Rtactor i& 
ohftiieeTy fot tlie tftl^lag ®ir proof. A part of the property of 
tb« oiitsto imo « Ig'UlldiAg )jtte4 foir oo^morel&l p\xrr>0B€9 in 
^0 City of fJhlcsgo. A water tank on the Toof of the 1ntil<l» 
illg oollapjsed fey r€ja«a!j of d«ft®tl"ro 8i3ip?>0Tt»t ml^ fell throu^ 
thfi ^milding» killing mn ^aplcyoe of oao of tlte tenant «• tfeo 
ft^SflMmietfrntoT of the eetftte of thit eisployet lirou^t itn ikotion 
f©3F 4mm,0i» agiainst the tenant and alto »|^|j|«t Solmidt aaA 
l^io ^3rotliOir« ao mi3rviir&»f eKOomtoro an4 tr^iete^-o of tho eetiito 
of t'hett father, ffee plitintiff reooverod s ^Mg^enl In that» eaa Xatoir filed m& int#3^Tenlag petition In tbe oon«oIi«^ 
darted oase to i??^loli rcf^ren^ hae be^n aiad®, prsiylag fox* aa 
order directing th# srtrriirlag txeoiitoap mad tarns tee, to pay 
the jiidgaent. After a ^tearing on tfee Intenroning fetltlaa, 
the trial ooxLTt feelA tfeat tlio imtonroalag potltioner Md e 
lion e^^inot the trust e^tatOt wad aireoted tfee <?it©«mtor and 
trustee to po^r it in d^e oo*aree of a<lt%ijaietxmtion* upon aiipeel 
fttm that deoree, to this' oottrt* the degree ims reTsreed ssm^ 
thm m>mm ragimded» with dlTtotions to disaiias the petition* 
The oftuao HAS th«n taken to the l^roso €Niurt« on » writ of 
eiraN»r» and the ludgment of the Appellmto ao«n «t4i &ffir»«d» 
tiMi tu^reae 3o\srt holding that is the notion at Inv by the 
n^lnietmtoir of the estate of the ^e^Hft.sod employee of the 
t««aiit cin the Ouilding vhioh irats a port of the property of 
the trust eotmte, the eourt wais without inrlsdlotion to en- 
tertain the notion or render n Jiidi»oat» unless the aetion 
HAS aptinst the deffeM:vnt, pers^WMtXXy. The eourt f\iTther 
hold that it fti^t look to the ^ole reoor4« to determiai 



■t$ .em 


nimttie? QT not tbe J^pt«iit ag^la^t tl}« execmter sm<£ tTu»t«e 
vsfts ft p«t«^Biiil Jiid®R«{it sipiiast hlm» or & jmdipeitt to ^ 
Mitlaf l«d aiily from tb<3 prop@7t|r of the tmst o»t&t«* a&d 
th^t an AXaalimtloa of tbn TSooird^ in th« m»^ of the a^ini»» 

tfttt«y of ^« ootmto of %li« d#o«%««K$ ^»plOf«@ against tho 
»ir€cmto» mnd tmmtm of tli« tim»t o«tatt, di®olo«od tfeat it 
WMi mpimt$sat that th« o»ly ^.mii-« of ^^-^oti^n @tsttoi» «a.« a mtsam 
•f motiOB agninfit th« 4efe»^^tmt pfti^onrnXli** Is our o^simloa 
this m^m i» olsarly diatliiftileli^ fj^om tl^t stiit at btur* 

ftafers-iBg to tlj,* otl?«r o»«o« oited by tli# 4:«fesdjMit« 
on i^is pointy tht j^m^^^i. %vff -astfely hol-d* ttet in «x«0atia|f 
tti®ir Joimt powar, all tr»«t««« fi«w«d i» & will tnj«t aet, la 
our opinion, ttot jflatM MMJ^^ authority for tfet eoatrary 
•f tli0 proposition t3irfo4 l»|r th.# 4#f#ti^iit«. la tltmt osifto^ 
tiro oofitplainnfifl wt^s osq^loyot a® & lirok«f » by tbi^ tm^too 
of a' ttviot Otttate* to ofetiiia a lofta for th® teon^fit of tlio 
•statot ^^<^ trti»tee j^i^ttlsiiig to fay kl% a o^KBiiosiom frm 
th« truBt fMii4# fh« oomplaijaaat ti<l all tfct work m©c««a-'%ry 
to obtain tl*« loan* tmt tNsfoit th® twtiia^otiom was fwlly ooa» 
naaeatod^ tl)iO tn»it«o died* 1 s^M^q^eiit trustee oonaiiis^a&ted 
the d^l &&d olite^i»ed t^e lowk oa eti^ettxitially ^e e&ne terwi 
mm ^ose for vhioh tHe oo»flaiti«>^t litM aegotiated^ «»a t^ue the 
oourt fotiad tlie trust had the fruite of the oowplaiimnt • » 
IftHor* It will be teen tlimt in eotto resfeet^ t!i« f$.ots 1|^ 
T0lve<l ia tii«it oaee wmt^ w&% taiilike thoee involved ia the 
«a»e »t tear* tine oourt poiiitea o«t la tbs eaee oited, that 
l^e ooaiplaiaAat bed fiot alleged tfeet the agreeaent betweea 
bim aad «fee truatea aae tbat tfee true tee ehould not be pei* 
aoaally liable uiK>n their ooatraet, or tbat the oo^^aeatieB 


■0» r|.i^ ■*?'«*' 

i3 i-'f 


■m f^y 


•HM.'lk t»f 

Ut m^iivkm the lorn »hmxn^ Im a Urn oa t%e trust txmd. 
tht omitt li«lA tfcat «n4«r tli®»« «lrm«iiiitaii«e9» th« tmlf 
T«mBAj of th« om^l&lxiniit for ^n^eitsatlom* wa« a p^Tsoaal 

mm mgainst tl:i« tsrustat ttHplojrimg hlA* 1% will 1»€ 8««tt 
t^t «liil« itt 0i>iK« resptoliSt %%b frntts^ imvalwd In %lmt 

fVMe m^t» v»ry simiXaJp- to tfe^st isvolv^a liftiro, ta ©they 
i^np^etg, til® fa«t« art «ati.r«ly dlff«v«at« la tfe# cmim 
ftt ^tg ^m mll0^ti(mM ^f tl>@ e<MipXml»a»t*» ajs#iidM mM 

«xpTei8'^. •pi^vlsii>ii of %hM a«0l»^ti#ii -^f tru»t« «ikd#r wMofe 

?r«ir«^ t© i^fe,® #ff#et tliftt Im « «T«at w®re tfe#y t© *mi tiiif«€»»» 
ally Xiafele, fey rtsaou «f nay mmtm^t,. latu ^hi^litlMsr »^#t 
«mt«v» >«$ thw^ ia tfeatr «#tiaiii, a^ t7us««ts, thmf ««s« 
•not d«aliaf &r m^it mm vmpm»ih%li%f m i]iilinaml«» ^irt 

»• tru«teee 0f mm expT0«.« %3ra«t, ^Bd»7 tl5« mmmm l«bw.* la 
t^t 8lt«iatti<»a the r^^tdy ®f t^# ©isii^lmliiiiist wt.« tfefxetor* 
Mit «.|^la«t tfee t«f#iiiaat» #t tithey ^f tb««» in %%mit li^Tii- 

mil tftf^^tr^ »m 

,f#3p tli# yeatona stated^ tfe« d«oi^e« of tl^e Olrimlt 
msLTt is affii?®«a« 


jw? fr. 



am or miiOAOO, 



Opinion filed June 11, 1924, 

dfliftyed: tij« oplml«>a 

of t'h® ©©y.rt* 

iw«f«i a JM^#at of Ih® -Mnaietptl C^irt ©f 0bi9®gi>, wte«:r*^ 
h« ws-s flia«4 |tOO ana <w»'st« ma«t It was furtli^i* ©ir<ler#di ttmt 
Imi lat Oisi^itttd %o the K^uee ©f lleriptotion of th«? Oity ©f 
(IliiimiC^y imtiX t!i4i said fimt wmm ^ii.i.d» the ptrlod of im^Timnr 

iMRit BGt til ®xo#td %l% moxitlis. 

A ^0'ii^l»iat wm» f1il#<l ia tfee cast, eharglBir tMt 
t)ie ^sfeadaat i«ra(.» tJ^e keep^T ®f it <Si»®yd«rly lia\is«« cm th« 
ditjr th« dosplalAt »»« fllf^dy tli« dtfeiada^nt wa« |il«.ce4 \mA»T 
arrest dad ^yt«ii hmft^re th^ 9cmirt« ¥lt« rtooTd reel lea that 
tfe« 0Oiirt tlifr<stt|>0il ti^dk Juflftilcstl^it »f the parson ©f th« 
st«fea4sfefit aaa fttrtl*«r tfe»t the Ij^ttsx* toeing duly »trl9«d 
try the oQxmt aa to feia rigbt to » triaX by Jmy, elsct«.i t# 
iwdva a trial by ^wry, ^her^upon h» #:Ka©ut«d a forwil vairar* 
wliiali «alirair was dtiOy fllad ^m^ appears ia t^a raoord* fbm 
rm^9w€ th«a raaitas timt tfea ^««a i»aa, by a|p?aawent of tha 
partiaa^ amt«r^ into la ^ven oaorl» sulMiittad to tKe ocmrt 
without a 3vry» A oontinuaiMW wia than l«d to another day 

tea .A.i^^'? 


I^Sei ,XI anii-l, i)9lil: npiniqO 



Aiid vh«n the oauiit esun* «% fi»T tslftl on the It^tttr day, the 
d«f«»cictat sioT«d the oourt lor l«e-vt to witfednw M« Jury 
vf^lTev* fl^e eourt denied that motida« fhe only e^roT &ll«gtd 
^y tlt€ defendant in Buprpert of ^lis appniil, 1«b tfee atotlon of 
the t;l«l 0Qxsitt in. df^mylmg hi9 m^ti&n Set le&Te to iritMrmw 
ithB |aary waiToy, Tht mmsmn law rocsord only Is before u». 

|j& 9t2p:ort of %hm oon^^jatloa imdf^y the doftsd&at 
has ref#Tr«d ua to •onrral oases IsoIdiHig it to be error to 
dony tho motion of a defoxidsyat for Isavo to wltbdmw « jury 
vmlt^T proTloutly ejtoouted ^- hla, where ouoh motion io pro* 
oontod hoforo tfc« t^rlal aotimlly boon hog^ai. th« oftffOO 
thMo ireff^ri?@d to aro all OTimimal oaoos* In »«Y«ral of thi»|^ 
th» 4u3ry ualTOi iiwolTOd had heea siftood feeforo tht dof^ad* 
omt hftd h^en foifs^Ily ^.trsig^od ^ad Mforn ho had onterod o. 
]^lo«^ sud at ft tlsto^ thtrefore^ oo the csiuTtt yjoiatod o«t» 
vhon there imin no t»9!vm foTaod ox* ponding* 

1^0 06too «it hor «mo tot ®uoh t oftoo* It wmm 
not % orlmiaiil oftoo Mt & ^o&oi-orli&lBal oaso» whioh la a 
oaso of th« fifth ol«»», as pirovtdod hy the Mimloi^l Omrt 
4ot. !$oith«sr fiB arrolgBisoat nor tho entering of o foraoX 
plOA USUI roqulTod to mko an lsf;iit for the eourt*o dotervisa^ 
tioa* Seotioa 3 of tho Mtmioipal Oourt Aot, (111. Sta* A* 
eh. 37, par. 331S) provide© that »ln ell eaaea of the fifth 
olaaa, tho iosuea ohsll he dotormiaod without other forasa of 
writ tea ploadiaga than those horoisaftOT expreostly proaaailiod 
or profldod for»* So for« of wrlttoa ploadiag ia thle oiaas 
of oaaaOf ia thereafter proaoribod or provided for in tho Aot. 


%# wttcit r^tt 

?^;y-r.r • 

3«etio]i 48 of %h» Aet (111* 3tfttttl«» J.^ A* ch, S7 par* :^I62.) 
pTe3CTl^s th« pTftetloe Isi this eli&fts of eftft«« &nd no 7t* 
^ul7eii«Bt as to eit^«r fortaukl n,Ti^i^Bmmit or the filing of 
a ploft, is tb<^r« aiontlaaod^ }m% it is m«r«Xy f rorid^a t?l&t 
wlioro OB* 19 plae«<l imdtr «yy$st, @hajrg»<a witli tt vlolsitioa 
•f It eity or^liiAiioo# !i« *«fe®Xl, witl^out tmii«o»89ftTy delay bo 
tftkon t>y stiob offio?^x to 9mm ooairtniont brnmol^ of th© ifuiiiol* 
pftl Qo^Tt** «lio7« tHo ooiiEiilaiiit, ^o;«toforo i»«uo^« «hii.ll bo 
fiiod^ *aad suob dof endsfcat shall tl^tTO^pma bo do«tlt wltb 
aocorcllBg to the law in t!i# ommo ^mnmor as if ho bsd boom 
orvootod in %he first iiii@tan@« tssdo^ & watTOJit lairfialXy itottod." 
fho mmm oootlon providles that w1ior« ome io arrest td on o 
wft^nrant, ctergo^ ultb Ylol&tioii of au OTdiiifttioo* vho oball 
'^bo tm^on bofoTO tho oourt to whiob ouob ws^rsmt is TOtuxnoblo 
«i»i tTlod for tbe aliogod offomoo** fbo Oitloo oa^ Tlllogoo 
Aot (Xll« its. 4«^* ob, 34f Fsjr, 1709} oontaiito ^ proTioio^n 
to tb« oo«o effoot* The roeoxa rooitts that whon tb« ftofond* 
ant o%€*out«4 a Jury w!*iT«f# after fefertag boon duly adriood 
by th© mwe% iy» to Isio rii#tts In tbo p*«miso«, tfeo ea-ase woo 

*by agr»^^nt ia ©poa ooturt botw«em tho ji&rties beroto, tub* 
atittod to tfeo eoi«rt for txial without a juty," «bil« it bao bo«i 
bold tliat a ouit by a etty to rooovoj a penalty for ▼iolatioa 
Of m oTdinamoo la a elYll o^it» to wbieb intloo govo?aiag 
oTiainal pirodoa«ro do »©t 9Lwtf$ <?lty of Ohims^Q r . fill^ai^^ 
ZU ill, m&, tbia 0O«rt bold ia City of ^^bion^ v. Diofcoon^ 
SSI 111, App» SeS, tbat %hf TOQWijreieeBto ao to ploadingo woto 
aot tbooo pxoTlded for ia oiril ouito but that *%he aiodon pro* 
oodttxo to oafOToo auoh a ponalty is qiwiol-oriaiaal,'* oitlag 

WlggittB ▼. City Of Ohica^go, 1^ 111, 378; Ijaylor ▼ . gity of 


;:> «<a 


^t« ^A't.' 

^il «J& 



Ig ftl^ateiur^ 56 III, 3S5; Stat» r. ao^ifhtlc^ 60 uinn. I^S. 
The mode of pro09<lur« la «;iMi.«l-crl5iii^ 1 esses, tried in th* 
Jitmioipal Court of Qhlc»g3»^ !• »p«olfloally prorlded forte 
tb€ Himlcii^I Court i.ot, t© wisidti reference hat b««ii Btade^ 
«Bd »»der tbut ixroeeduM* It eo^ad ii9t be esid tbi^t th« ea«« 
At ims wk9 laet at Issue &M tMifore tbji oeurt for tirial »]id 
6i«poftltl«& when the ctef ^tidftfit^ »• shown by the reoord* v»8 
l^ropexly fedrised and executed the jury wslver# 

2t is argtted t^t & trial by Juary i« a eoastltutlaft* 
Hi yiglit wliioh «ill be j«ilouely g^ourded aad a isstloii by a 
defendant for learo to witM»tv a waiver of it will not lightly 
be denied* In our opinion tbat oontenti^n vo^^ia be more i^pT9» 
priate if this were a original oaee, la '^itv of ^io^sip t» 
l^bXe^ BM XI I* IlSg a <r»ai«^rlmlaal action to reoover a 
petaslty for the Tiolatloa of a city ordinance, brou^t in tbe 
tali oi pal Ootirt of Ohionf»» tbe defeadsnt oontendtd that aeotion 
S6 of tbe liosiioii^l Court 4ot was ^noonetitutitmal, in tbat it 
7e«;uirad that petit jurors be drava fTtm the oouaty rather thaa 
froa within th« liaita of the City of Chl^mgo, the elaia being 
that o@rtsln oonstitutionsil proYlsicae as to ri^t to trial 
by jary were thereby Tiol&ted* l^e oourt e*aid« *ie thixsk it i« 
oleav that thie aotion, being one to re^wer a peaslty for viola- 
tion of a oity ordinaniH»« is BOt a oriadsal proaeoution but a 
^Til ault, that eu^ a panftlty oouild not fee reoovered in aria* 
iaal i^rooo^dinga. (oitlng oasaa) fhle being eo» aeotion 9 of 
4rt* t (of the Qonetitution) oaimot be here iavtked*** 

the defen^tent vaa ehai^^ in the eoi^pOaiat with» 
eiid waa foaaA guilty of, a violatioa of seotioa 3019 of the 

^ .1? 

.1? »jt«. 





dhloagtj aod« of 1911« The only penalty t'h serein prorided 
foT !• a fin* not exe^adlng |5?00 for «£ch offense* That 
irse th« penalty »u«d fot in tt^ig oase. The Cltlte and 
fl 11a gee Aet il\l. Statu tee JU A, ©b, ??4, par, 1709) 
pTQTldee that •!» all a<jti«me for the Tlolatian of any 
oi^nanoe of msij elty * ♦ * sjiy p^raen upon vhom any flae 
or penalty sh^ll be liBpoaed, »^y, «p©a order of the eourt* 
b« Isprlaoned <* until &udh fine* penalty ^^nd eoste shall be 
fully paid** Just ae in the @aee of tort Judgjae^e, under 
e« oir<maetaiio«e, eo here« ia^^rieonment ia proTided 
for until the ^d^ent» fine or penalty is paid, not ae 
]^UEai^hment for th« act or offense InrolTad, bft beoauee of 
tke refueaX or failure of t^ defendant to pay t^e Judgtaen^« 
fine or penalty, 

lia^imuob a« thia ^as no% a arl^inal o^se, but a 
qiiiael-oriosisal isroooeding to reo©Ter & p^salty for tlie viol»» 
tlon of a Oity ordinanoa* we are of the opinitu^. that It imo 
within the dieoretion of the trial court to ilkBnf th® defend- 
ant*« notion for leave to wltMrwe Ms j^iry iiaiTer« and 
no error ia ahoim to have been ooatrsitted in eo doing. That 
tlie defendant ime gudlty of Iceaping a diaorderly bouee« ae 
barged in th^ ooaQslaiat^le i^ot denied* That the evideaee 

ima auoli aa to warrant the oourl*a findinf to that effest, 
mu»% ^ freevmed* 

ror the reavofti atated, the judgMent appealed frea 
la af flraed* 

smmimf iurrxiiirsD* 

tm{)p-J-?i-*- frfPr*A$ Y«-f«ff«# ifXflC *«f? fXn^i "^t »fc«^'.' <?^. 

:•. f '/'-rie . 

.:'jf* bei 

343^ • mm,7 

iftlE ®0I^Mi» 


^.munt.] 28 4 I. A. 6 37 

Opinion filed June 11, 1924. 

m* m$ftM fi^oi miifm-t^d tm ®f'iai®B mt 

%%» mnT%^ 

l.«in&t« «f a €i»^r<|trl,3r fe0\i*«, Sim w»« t.Ti?#9t«d witfemsi ff%xr«^ 

0&mxii hm^TA th« <iv|,d^Eii«, fmm4. the 4ef«m4%«f gaittf *M l«pa«#dl 
«i find <»f #^«O0 a^a ooiitSf m:^ #ir4«i-ir«a tlkj»% «b« ^ i«prltN»a«4 
ia t^ m-mm &i mTim<si%&n &f the m%y ©f OBttl^i© until tiwsk 
fim and i»o«^ Im4 l^m i»i€« 

%%e tirl»l. ©mirt «»r««S. l« d^enyiag 1&«t »»tlo« for X^a^r* to witb- 

Hi&ttta f©y lJ«ftm^ In tkit o©uirt, wltk tl»® mimi ©f City of 
p^im-^ ▼. g-9.y-4^.^ ea»« »©, a®6lS, la w^l«?i» w© ©r© ttel© 4©y 
f 11 lag an o^i»l0«. n© #ii©»tiQa» lwr<»lv«4 lo th* ©»©© ©t ^%x 
ar« pT€@i©©lf tiKt «Bii« ©ft th©9© ixstrolYed in ©a©© ^©. 1^86X6* 


Lsjh l^^iit aoiaioS' 

of -|h« Ohiojtigo GSOde of lfli» pTOTidimg tliat «Y«ry dl«0Y<l«r-* 
Xy lM»tM« i« tlieifft^Sr #«ttlar«dl to l»« « ful^Xlo iiul»ajitot wiA 
^iMit *^k» luiopoT iiii4 all ptrsoms e®Rii««?t«4 *lt>» th€ ^utlBtvn* 
soiot th#7€of , %m1: ail |i«xi8o»o 9»trc»alsi»g. 0? f iro^oiitiiig tlio 

«iuttO» ailmXl lio fla#<l B0t «x0e#€laf two ht;indir«€ for 

OO.Ol!t Off#IIOO«* 

It will IMS ypme€se®.#ary t© o«t fortli at lomgtii 

iJiero, what IPO ^vo laoludisd ta cmr 0plaie?a fiiifd la o»#o lo* 
Si6X6« For reiiS0ii» 9%at«4 la %Mt opinio®,, '.-tiio |tidfsi#at of 
tilt HnaioipnX Qmrt of c^io^fo, «ip,p#«iXod fmrn^ in. tlio '«mmi» 
at 'Imr't is affir»«4» 

fAf,!*o», F»j, ABB O'aoitioa, ^. g#ia©ii» 


■^•H-f-, -^^ ■■ ff 'f!.^T<?*' 

::-''iX^y^'4 '■'. V * w| -fc tf .*.;: 

^•r j'^-f-- .■•>*r^^ 

Qin Of mwArn, 


M^mAh mm 

234I.A. G37 

Opinion filed June 11, 1924. 

% tfein ^wpmX, tk# ii*f««i€wit, lljuti S:rawft, f««1t« t« 

ski- waL,8 fsuM guiltir 0f b®lag aja ii^isitt @f a. disa»atirly home 
m^ m>» ordtx#t t€> p»|r si flat of fS.OO %M. easts , an^ tey wMsh 

1% «»9 f%irt>t#y'tt tlia.t stet ^ aaonittM t® the Housis of 

tills m«# w%« 00asoli«lat®t for fe#ai?laf la tfci» ciouH* 
with ttie mmm of ait¥ ^f ^siala^gg v, lluatty, <m»e i®. MSIS, md 

fht cfw^stloiMi iBT^lvM 1« tli® case at fear ay« pr«« 
«l»«Xf th« 8Ea« fte tfe©s« iiwolT«d la tfet two ©*.»«» ref^yrei to. 
It will b« iamoo^i»a^m77 to stt for*.!i here, i?l5!a.t has ^een inolvtdK 
«€ la tke opludoa* fll«d In tlioii# oa»«s. 

For tfe# r«.^..8oa« t&f^y^ stated, tfe« lud^^ont of tho 
Iwiioipal Qo^irl of Ot^ioa^, si|ypo»l0d faroii In tlie im,ii« at \mit to 

TATLOE, P.J. ASfi 0»CK>liiH01, J, O^DSOCK. 


.-tS'P.I ^11 eciu 



343 - 

om or mtokm^ ^ _^- 

'•'*^*-» 234I.A. 6 38 

Opinion filed June 11, 1924. 
mm ^mi£l^ fHiMil^ 4#ll?«d the opialon 9t ^% 

to r«v^i«wi a |wigK«nt ©f tfee Utialeipia eoast of Ctiloag^, ipfe«T«- 
"by 9fe« im® fti\mA ^iXtf of b#lB^ tfe« ke«^«T ©t % dia«rdtrljr 
|kim«« and im.8 074t7*il to pit|r a flmiB of |5«00 an<s oo^t9» and bf 
«M{^ It tms ftsrtke'ir ordered tfeat ^bt l>« o©wilt%ed to tlat aouMi 
•f Oorireotiom of t%)^ 0itr of 0hl^igo« %iad tho^o iNi omfittod ua* 
til oald fimo and oooto wore paid* 

fhio oaoo vao oonsoIld^tM for k«&tl&g la tl&io oourt^ 
wi^ tho €«feSO0 of &\ty of qi^^g^. ^?^ V, | ;|^te?^ e^m So. adSlfi^ «id 
m%t 9^ %Wm. ▼• iiP^^f «»^« ^®* SSil.7, la lioth of wbie^, 
o^lnioiiA aro tl^lo day bo lug f ilod* 

tt^e eu^otloiio inv^olvod in the oomi ot bof ovo i»ro* 
oiooly t!h« mmm urn thfm« isrolTod in the tvo &im— roforrod to* 
It Hill bo iianoooMttarf to oot forth Ii^to, wimt las lM»«a !»» 
olvdod in ttMT oiplRlono fllod la tbooo oamee, 

^ir t^o yoa«o«» otatod* the jud^tnt of t)to Hutilol^ttl 
Oo^iTt of 0hloago* »|>p«^lel f ro« in tho oaoo ot Mir» is offlirauNU 

8 J 


.^Cei «il s;,^:. . :,:_ iioiniqO 



21 - 29MX 

„,*fg!'?^' ' 

E34I.A. 638 

j^i ins MB iMi.u ym^ 

» mi 0400. 

Opinion filed June 25., 1934o 

nEtiPitK'iimM mmtim^ ^^m^mk Mti.'^mt %vm 

Plaintiff l»3f«»U^t t-B, *#ti#a, of th0 fOUIftfe ^ft»8 

m§siim»t %li.# itftadif,i^t8, tiiiima i®t«iiit Uislla l^ma, tioka 

im% tmmA. mi %# tHt otk^? %«« aef^ia^imts* Hie svommmmi «»« 

r#t«iti»«^1^« i&er^#«l»«]r t» liS^^ mA msk tMl ^f« i^dttt of tite 

«4 at to t^« mt^^^mi^M «lohii n^A X«Pi tm f350«00 la 
fairer ©f ^Imtiitii^ m. tit ©trnttsoat #f #1.»l,it, 

iftt« «mt«r«4l gxmatiiis fhisn 1«&t« to fli« a |»«titi0ii to vtioat* 
tilt ^MliMmt* fli# p«titi@ii «ft«9 iMTl ikf^HMit Ift tli« reeoTd, but 
1ili# mmm emet i^loh i»ir« tSMw \ tp flt« it, •tut** tl»mt 
tiM |)laiiitlff <l«aKii^fr<»<l to It 4md ttMs^ de€mnr«T im» ciufft%la«d« 
©a r»1»Tua7y 30t^ f ollowiiif a wit of .ftolje lii^yML «^" Umt^ 
t« mik« tli» d«ftttdMit« 9iillia« iii»l 9»Ua BdXfttt 9&Ttie« to tte 
juclgKtsit. th*y *»Jf« »«r»»d fey tJi«f bsilllff imd o© tl^ 2*tfc 

• ^Sei ,.eS BiiuX* Jbein nolalqO 

!»« tfe#ijr %iiwi is %him mm^m* m lii,ar®li. XitJt, im%, m or^«f 

fll9 s^ mpf of lilit ii^fstf^i^ii^t acm^ wm mtt im Idle womi ^ m 

U t&at ^# iraui a 3.i«iaa««a jml #»ta.t« li»«^»ir ii^ m me XXth 
0f i^f«i^« imu mk9 ^^mmmmtiB III limn l»fmii m^ mil*, mipm^ 
felt ifif% »iit#f«€ tm^ m wtittm a^?#«®«t autfe^in«4i^ fUi»* 

ilmffitxa aimmi^* m%mm^ ttlimii^i iliat nftt-fniiitdto plaintiff 

tuilmlttM fhM pt&p^ttf %m %,b# 4«f ©Mantis ^©feft »»d iimrl* i^m 

t«i a^pif ®ai tli.# py^eM^e f«^l©«* It Iff furtfe^y alJegtd la th« 
#f <ilslii, IMt tti« i«»l^i^sii« I^Xliwtt iMft4 miim 
t0 fwir flaiittlff f»iP %in mtft^mm Im ei>» 
Iwiliiliit » p«Ntliii.##» f»3r tiM» Fi^p#Ttf m wtmmt of #3S0.ooj 
tluit m th% Itth «lKf of i^mpaitt tmz^ ^^ <lif«»di>4i«« iolai 
m^ mtXm l^x «3(i»cmt«NI n #Qiitfib«^ i»ir tli« |iiiy«lHMM of tlM 
prt^p^nn ti»»* pXalatlff wilwilttei ^f ^ontiraerl for exooit* 
tl<ni to tlM dlofoBdKiitft mxxiSHu liMi doXlo Hovtta, ^t tfiiit 
t^«y rofiiood to oxoouto it niwi TOfwod to j^f l&U ooi 


'H'^ •'% i' 


%6 fjrp. 

rr* %: 

mm »g7««d| tliftt l^^tmffT m %h» itth of Aug;suit» l^^t ^ 

St Is further i^X^i^ thi^t aft4^nit.7^« oa th« 90tli dfty of 
0«t®l»«t» X9i3t Viiiiiitt im4 Ihilla mmm eoartt^M th« pre^rtf 
Il|r warraaty «l«^d to tiai and his ^tm* thn plitijitlff tb«fn 
mll«l^« ill his 9ta^toii«iit of olaliR that 1^ vUrt^ of tli««o 
foots tJtit .dof 4Mi^at« b««nKff iis^Mod to iLin la IOmi mm of 

A proftt wmf ^into %r« uripS ^f th« dof tndfmto 
Mai and J^MTiA tim i^y I3)« liiigioeit iil^uld bo itm%twmA^ tsot 

It io mm»mmmtf to foos ^pon i^^i^ Iniokui^ it is olnri^uo 
that th«re i« a© llebiiity tmd®if any ^oory of %%% tmso 
Al^ilMit 4i0m s»d ^rl& l^i^* fhi^ wott ifi ao nay o^Xigotod 
to pmf lO^lsitlff «£^ o^M* Th^ aofena^Bt MermB :%iid hla vifo 
fto &|ipoorod fr«m ^^ o%#to«#tit of elaist ptmAmd to yay 
pl^lAtiff |39^#a#^ if ito would olitoin a puri^ioot for thoir 
rofti ««^.to. Flmlntiff avoro timt l\e ftsmnd dof oad%tit l«i «ad 
hio wifo, metered iato tm tigit^mm&tit with th«i «»d r«e«ivod 
fi#ooo«oo ^mm, Wt %h^t mwm rofuo^a to 9«xa. 1^0 i^roportr* 
s^ ISfe&t plmiBtlff r«turtt®4 tM |1,0(K5«00 to I.iat lu^ hitt wifoj 
ttet XAt«»r on ho diaooY^rod thmt is^rim had oold the proinirty 
to Lus« ^od«r th« rooojpd ao ohovo otatod* It is 9lPirio%ts tliat 
noilJior ym n»t hio wlfo Md fr^mniood Ia any troy ^ foy ony 
flWMiiaa&oni to plaiatiff in tho tf«a«a#tloa* 

A orit of «>rror aoaniioo tho oiitiro rooofd« i3rtiaBtfy 

mm l"l« tl4« fsii€ %k%isM twiag no booio for say Hahllity m 


l»O^If of th«» d«f«iidiairto l«3i ^»d hia trifOt there ir*o no iwmMit 
ia oa^««iai9 the |udfOBt a#tlaot tl«a» ead it io roY«r»od* 

i^ smis 


"^i ,*'3tXJ^J-':-. 1'« 

■'i nil 

•^ ■:v ^. ■'«• X ^fif irt :!5r#:K- ■^-t: 

tf'^O'l ftTi 

if. »t 


.*Uk^ ^ 


■'M XU»I 

^ ^» A t^lliO^ #• SDJiMb. 

tfjT #? 

45 * 

t.<»iffm wmmu*^ 

Wlmlntiff in iTror* ) %mmr 


234 I.A. 638 


m^mit mms. 

Opinion filed June 25, 1924o 

m* wmMmm% -^mnm %*mmm ^mrt-rtd tM 

»pmi;«» of tfe# «i0mrt:# 

till* mrit nf «yT0r» 

rKiriF«ll» t^t mimmmtH w^sk^ wko At ^^t Um wis SO )r«»T« 
»I4lf fiat ^i»3r tlYiNl %#^tli«y «• liiHi)^»i m^ wift tttttll #im« 

teaim^it al«m% fey tfe^ ««l5ioa» nmd ocuwitt^t of fear aiot&«f^iSh»lsv, 
tilt ^fimaikat* ©n «h« 0tb«r Imad tht theory of the <l«f«fs<luit 
1« that »h« dil ^t ^)i8« the soiiaratioa, l^ttt that tlio 
Xoft plaintift on ftooount of asotliov «ommi« 

,^r:ei ,5^ anuL be in nolalqO 


ftm d«3la7«i^i<»% wm« in Ipo «$^i«ts «jid «^.irg«A that 
«»« 0ar »i»>«^t i^r«ki !.» I8ti» %h^ mummt wllfialXir m^ mU< 
%f 4#«tfoy«t itad iai«ii»t94 from |il»lii%iff» vi1^#yt Y»ty Qe«i«tRt» 

At the tl58« tfe© «am«« w«Bl t0 tFiia w«T« tJi* iginisml l»«u« aafl 
tli« flirt 3r#«wr# St».t«t« ®f him3L%AtimM, mpoa ^^Idfe i»«i»« mm 
plm^ mm mi% mm Imwm %3f«^ 4, im®, iiift: wnt t© tirl»l 

PMpi* WQ^. In tkM vim m t^i.# ^f %%^ mw^ it nit ^.ii#wmi«» 
M3tf U m&mm^ t^« «irii«ii«# im t«t&ll. 

mm. f*l.iijiii IMl«rt %mUfim fmx tfee pl^iittlff^ 
tliat i^« iRt« a ^vi^tiait. t«l#iiti«t fim^titiniHiip m^ Itod 
ti'^lNi^ ^« 4#f#iii.^jit| tiiat 9fe«f swit l^ty #«1P«» 0T «4#t ti^awi 
awfiag tfe® y««» %m.4., m^ tls* i»int#y ©f Itltj tfe^t la lfl6» 
«lEi# ted. m e®j^#r«m«« at tb^ r#^«wi«t ei Hit i^fea^taat At the 
latt^i"*® !s««| ^mt &t ^^t ti»e tfe® ^l^t^ft^brnt's »<m, plain- 
tiff •» iRiii^ii^ mt ^irtffftnts tti^t tli# ^M^m^mk i$U%M om 
lm4 mlim t%^ wi%%mm t^ t#ll hmw ^hmt ftU ^» *«n^t>t« 
nitt i«» i» wi^ mt ^«#t«f*i»-i.iw| ti!».t iKir «<m» tb« |iifti»» 
tiff •« iRigli^M* Cwfe» fm mwmmimm irili Imi rtfiwrirtd t© 1» 
tlile oi»liil0m a«» J^irt^iiir) U.^. l«ft l(i« wlft lunn! Md. an** liMift| 
l^t ».li# tNili«frii€ pl.ia.»tiff t1iT»u# .aa. Att03m«y thy««t«»«41 
to Wi»§ vm ^Ikmmtim sixit af^^liist tlit ^tfe'ii^bant* Th« nt- 
iM«ii fitrtli4i7 t««tifl«i th&t %h% mm 9Uf4, li« Im^ i»h» txy» 
liH( %• Mi8»ti»t« tlix9it# PMift «tt€»7&«|r ti9> i»rim %^^t ft 
tlm^rsti tltfit !mi %m^. ttd iproiiiMit fur a Alfmtm,, \mt li« «oaI4i 
l%km tm mi^« 8««e arxmiigMMnitft witli hi« vif» «iMiY«^y ftlto waU 
get » dlT^ree i^t Qwem froai )a«| thmt lift lita^ ocHEunatftd «rith 
ftiiot)i«f lft«]r«7 tft mgf^UU vitli plaintiff •• »tioirBey in 
TftgftM tft ft ftftttl«ft»at iFitli feis wifft in ofttft ftlift got ft diYftTGftj 



■■': *^'*:^ 

|to« Hit® mm ^mm t#M thmt pUimtiff wm ««!>a«ultla« wliai. m 

»y». CliM«il#y» 8tB0tliair Cfexittiaa sul«»tl»t Fim^tlti^iisy, mud 

mm* msmmn* ^fe* witia««» m^s^lii »m* tfe® <l«f«a^tejit ana rt- 
t0irt«4 10 ti»« l.«it%«t tM* mm* maavli^f fem4 »al4 tfe^t i^^m 

A l«t%«t fimm %%^ mt^miBrnt t& Mt, inttcl Smmmr^ 0^ IS^ft^ la 

«ftft fllq|«w«1NNi ^i# wlts»®# m tilt li««t ilMi mml^ f»t i«r Ia 
t«f«ttii«tt t0 fi@Mi fHyilHil itila^AtA* fS»» li»tt#r f^nrthe* 

»t*t«d t^t# wmii » as,®a^ #f |?s.» «m«^#«t(i %m mT»^* •^ ^^* 
witii«#s«ft »#iirie««. i^« IWttetT t«8tlfl«a tfei^t at tli« ©oi»f«i* 
«i^« i^ ^t iritJi tfe« «#f«aKi^af i»!^eii i^^wt wmm pr«»«at» %• 
«fe44|tl»t %^ hctpeA his irifn w©»14 a©e»!^ tfe* off»r of »«ttl«» 
mm% fe# «i« wi&iiMl tfertm# ki« att®fii#r wuft g«t * mwoto* 4»- 
ii»«li«it«lf» ami tfeftt tfe© ttfi^dant ftt tlitt ttm 9tftt#d idkA «*• 
williat ^»t Ajptltw »li«mlt IM» ci^mtctf fr«Mt Hi* wtfti tl«t 
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tU &t •▼«iT*fein« 1^« 1M^> <^* ^*»«r JMid 4ooi#o« to omt off aU 

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•h« X«ft» sh«i wouia not \f0 90r9md in t)i« ftllemtlos suit; 

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to t^« ^f©©t tteat ATttiiar wi>yl4 aotloai^r '^^ T«frp«wilMt 

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of a p^j-simaX mtiispe «.if« 3iMs«tiiva«4* ^% i^tlilag wit«7iml 
iNHfypiag <Mi tfet <aMNi, fte« listtw ^ ^mmry n»%, »tatt«« tlfeist 

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imtm& 0f g^ittf t» lBgl*»« »ir ri^iMti«N$* %Mit tlit^t m <m« «o«a.d 
t«a. idMit pXaintiff tti#t t«r td ^ aaa r«Qit«st«d t^e witiMi** 
tn inrlt# %•» ftnrtliiiiti «1mi mi^t l«uni fxmi Flfti»tif f, isrs. 
mai3na«r «»' Il7», «&XlA««« In t%€ Iett«v of ir«byu&ry X«t, It 

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m&€ aty «3r««* »« they tmr^ botheiflnn htar la th« B^mll^t alf 
•Mmmi timt tilt %t%^m»r kid wxlttsa «l»at i^laintiff U ^usk» 
•«ll im« Y«9|r m$gf vNm IM ItaqnuMl that Artlttxr Itev^ I«ft tlM 
^iflitirr ^ad tDximttMNidi to ^ir« his pmmp9wt iNiv«k«<l| tlMut 
•^ teope^ a 8«ttl»m#]tt w^uld M «A<lft Wfort l^&f and ir^.« 
o«iiri0it» to kwdw 0f mmy laf^rimtion 0l»talik#^ ttmtL Sfert. 
iliftif»3..«f| tlmt i^# «lt@u#t paaintiff m« ^«ir«&»®iHi,l»i# n^wA 
1^01^0% mmm^m Ust pmp&0%%im «ft® mtt igBmtimm, in tlbat 
m wm t& S^m Imw a lil^tml inmm« f»t lif«| H^it wl*t«f#t 
i^tm^ii^t mm mm^ it m\a4. @alf ^m vmtil faslmtlff r#- 
wmrsi€d^ int^ ft yir^i^iin if «M 0M m» 1^« wi^«8« fmrt]b»r 
t#«tlfi«8d tMt al>o\at f«iu? »««k« af t«T f««©ivii^ tls« X»»t 
Ittt^Yp »li«, i» r««f0Wi# td « tml.»^mw» Tmarnvt, nmtkt t© 
ief«Biftl^»» lit'ysiNi, tli« IftttwT ^vi»g 3P«rtm3m«4 fr^m »#w f^jk; 
tl^t al^« wsm &mi»M 'hf mm mi^n<S.MMt tMit »lie hai li#«a ®«iir#<l 
ill tbe mli«mti(m tixit imn 7«^^i^«t«tl %%t vltatst to g® w-il^ 
hm t# mt a4if«r^miit^« ifimia«#i m wt^^wmm %@ tii# miitt«Yp 

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mmmitl^M 0ffi««i, they ir«mt to ««« Micitlt:®!? attumcy, «md 
iift«tw»:i?^ tlwfct «fe# fea-d » ftiaptii«ip €^»«-ti»atiem with tite a«- 
fett^smit At th«! lfttt«ir*« hmtmi ^'^^^ ^^^ 4®f e-m<)a»t Mia mtm 
%h0\ifs^ it w^iiXd be wmimm.m t© ^ td ¥o7^to« QaiiM»* «M 
iMia Arthuv* i!9%3t« WMi ftt tliftt piftut* ^lat h«ir ornms*! adriMdl 
lisit t!i«i^ b« no l^^«T afffotifttioiw ntiN i^Alntlff im tmt9W» 
to ft aiT9Vft# until tlk« |»«riod of d#ft«rtioii had ftXfiiredU 
if tM» w#7« iiftt 4j&m mA piftiatiff aliould i^tftia 
ft dlw^vm, «ti« »tgli,t ftftoirwarift o©nte»a thex* tei4 bfteu ooUisft* 
i@ll| tlimt iftr«iM9bnt fi&rtli«2* •titt«dl h%T ^uBsftX liaa adrisftd 
l^r to mtmUi m %sm% of hor p*o|j«ny »o that plaiatif f would 




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tli«» ti»ittin#^ tlMRt ttj® d«f «mi3Mit mid tJnnt at ^ti* tint Animr 

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kitt U m ®»t im^ «m:| #»« ^fll©4 tMt «h© air! mot^ Ism* 
i«ait#4 Ma to M feiifpfi tlial & i««#k lattr tbe iritii««« mud 
tli« d#f«m#8q(it W9n% %♦ •«# AFtlraar *t f ©3fo»t« «.»d feaa « 99mm 

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mUMiiitttimi «iULt ^ ft* iiM 1^ Jmm mtmm€ wk^ wmmmmit 
mt% %m 9&mm% mrt»m t1i»t if m^we wimiim ^ ^ i$i» 

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fw^m i««#Tti?9ii p#fi©ll| tlif.t ©«mitgi®t te4 6MSft»#4i. »» fmrlfeet 
a«f9ti«^ti«»fti la t^€ aii#imtl.0m si\^it* w% t^mm&m^^d fl#V 
lag tfeia ms«# feM t^at ^# i#ftM«* «t®»t« m «|ii^»tlldrift 

fmt %9t to pf««« f^art^eir imitft agals»t th€ di»ftai?.iitj tli»t 

iEti^tM )^ wi9h»€ %h% ^%mmm- m» mm m p^mtmn tlimt iMt 

iM diiMMitisfiM «i^ lii« iiui|r«r an^ a«.®ii^«t n cfe;mg»| thtt 
tk« witii®*® t^txi a«iiti0^««l miii£>tli#ap e#'uai6#lL is ^-iiwif«- mA ■ 
.iyrtteur tli^ iisk«id >.i«t ^tii^r if it ir«»mis i»« i^f7»t«]bl« t^ 
fttftia feta Hi tii» €iii0iriife m%t«r wp^n h«T r«tit3rtt, wbierfe. 

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iwNWMa mi^lm.4 $^ taXt. pwr tl« sm^tttv &f knhvatU 9l»t9ti»» 
H^ « €lwmm aaa &« to wfeat 9vm 9f mmmt plaistlff would 
mtmm in m»t «i»ttt#»| t^t m f«w ai*y« l»t«r tfeer* wwm 
&m^9t mmmfntii^n m/& iietmwMn% mU%^ tli&t aht h&d reovlT* 
«« 11^N» fTPMi li«T nmt askifts ttet tfe« a©* «MHi»«t i© t© 
t^V0ii^ to »•« tei«$ tb^t this m» 4«m« isaid »ft«T 09un««l ^d 
r«tWM<t fw« fewftt^, »«a »t tfe« ir«t«iMwt 9f ««f tad^Jit tl« 



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o®im»«l t®l4l hmt ©f '?il« ««iif#f#ii©« Witt* Artlitar in f9if««^| 

tat «3»tk«tl>y 1^€ iimt^s^ «f tli# 4lLif«ti'#®» amd t^at i^iMi «o«a4 

%0k%n w«Rt ;'^ »#« ArtJjiEr*® mmwmml t^ «ni« irlaait «ti©««««^ if 
tm^^ M hn^ m^^ In ii«|^fiati&,g witii ffet tlalntiff •« mmml 
mm% %h% iiwmm^ thmHtumw Imvkw^ tm tffiat. i^« mfmi^ 

m^ n^m^t hm mum %tt pe^twrn^s^ U mX% mtil m^ dmmwtkm 

i«f««4^iil stut^ii tlm,% 1^0 1^4 %ai&iNi «tm k«y ^m ^m t@xa M» 
«ii# hm€ w»m up h»t miM mt U mmmm^ m €%mwm mtil nf tmr 
%hm tw«» fmmJtm fea4 ti:iplie«i, %«% tli# «#« alij««*t€, im«l«*i3ftt 

i»«4 emaa#*#l to ptf l^0O«©O |Mit mm%K *«^ ***« plalmtlf f j ths^t 

m^^ m% mmmttt to » 4ilimr«9 "«aa«»« tfe»ir« im« a «jHHBaltjr 
italic ftt%i^l«dS| thnt nUlittiff •» @eM»»#l «b|t«ted t« Xhfi 
-tlNit »ft«»i«Ftf» tfe#Tii 1WIW « «iMib«»y ©f ©tli«y «e«f«r«n«#» 1ft 
ir«:f«:ftii@# to tJt« tiMW .«tt»iP| tliiJt »li«rtXy tlif-r«nft»ir tli« 

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again mm tli« ^tmMnt %na tli«> lAti^^r ttatfrd tlsftt 9^ 
iHMt attfli li«r <K>ynf«l ii» tim ^UmU^m ml% ana hft k«d *^N1m« 

lii«y« wm ft diiN^«ft| tlkii^ i^« ii^ ii#t wisb t# lmv« th« ai«s»» 
tl0ii mil tsi«4 m m Imw9 m^ m^i^^y» ^^ «w^ mim ^ 

Hit ,iili««i»%iom »ult wauXd is^t !>« tTi«ai| t%at lmt#!r sfet ^»a 

•tiitAd i^# dli ii^t Kit^ t^ #la«i»ittlii»« t%m fmp»mktm m. m9&&mi% 

^«f©j»^«t, w«at %m m^ Xst%ty»« lt«Nii aM thm Xu-tttr t«l4 Iwit 
Hull mm md mtn... cMlOa li«4 0m0 %9 i«« Hi« ^luimtlffi t^% 
1itli« Tlslt Has iM>t a plwNmmt «»«} Hufct t«^ &t ^tmm wmm 

l&mt 91^ told in* irlti^»» mtm wiiHted t« ••ttl« wlllk plaiatiff 
twt m Xm9 mm ^n^ wlt^dxmv t%^ mnthlf i»%|w#iit« a^ baa l»«i 
vatkien tli&t %w> QJf %hm«^ m^^kn mf^etm^t^ ^h% dftf«ni<l^t told 
&9V t^Jit 9h» Ikad ftut^FllMl iA offwr te l»« «»ul« Hi p&y in 
^laiatiff ISO.OOO.OO or #^»©00«00 f»ir a ••ttl««eiit* aa^ that 
m dliniToe b« ©l>*^lwNU f»»« wl*i»#« *h«* iotailod otli«f 5^««V» 
mip ilio 1»4 wltli th« d«f«n<l^at ^ to tho aiiiath of iay* t91S| 
tliftt li^o ooo a wltaoo® to tfeo oEomitlon of tJ^« »l^oiiathrift 



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fNi «3e««mtt0fi of t!i« %in»it 90tmmmn% «h« »%ir %)i« ttf«aitftat 
with tfe« i»f««cisft«itte> ^:«^th#r imfm in i» »iKl«a.v©f to 

ItMiatA ia^ tegiuNt %# flit wt^MHi«« ttttitt^ir ^^ ^^ #&f emd- 
<b»t t«M h«v %^t th« wll^^as li»4 iMrtu ymtf vrntrnthf^i i^t 
%hm witmmm »im%%ii i^ft hud t^t4 t^« tw^k tiid f^ttli#ir tl»t 

•Hi w>uia *©«»i«# fe«? ©f ttlllnf •w&«%!i.iiif tliit uma motlrmt 
ft]»l tiiat «^« %Mi mmfnim 

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of ft ?rm»t asmpLiiy «o %M% i^# ^t!.a4 i^% tmmB it awl tliat 
.idft&tjar w^yM nit ^ isftoi^ feoj- »tl tli« ti:«« i® otttie v^ hU 

mt%%«mm% «i1^ kio wlf o so tt&t Ol# sil#t f»t ik ^t^iroo ftos 

h%a/m mtt h0 i^#t «ftl£0 o oottliii^sat with mitottiei' i»Aa» ii%oo« 

»lfo lio ««jttM to wMXHf^ Wm^t Im t^ ooi«r#7««tloii iil%« h!td vitla 
tllo Aftf^fyfeiit, &% tfe# l»ttet»o li«so« b«for« 4rtfemr wont Aimy, 
!kO mo omitiietmlly iiokliii hii» :i»ot^er fot mmmfg m t^t ho 
ootil.4 oottl.0 witfe li.l» irifo ftttd ^v« l^ot got « <livo:ro«| timt 
lA ^tiooo oo»wimtio»o Im T«f#7>oitiM» t^ oottliog wi^ plaintiff* 
tl^o alioootioft suit oito spolcoo of| thot ^vtHiiir sad lilo motboy 
iKHid tliot thoy ^d i30t imot mm •eoit^tX or ptiblioltfi tJMtt 
if tlio alliw&tloa mat ir»T« triod, it would |>»o1»feX|r i4ferolTO 
H^t ^« wltaoiis ooat wltfe t\m dofon^mot to ooo tho 



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i» wmf w^wp&mihlm t^r i^e ft«^fittlo^ 6f Artlmir %ai his vif«| 

iHmiii« t)i« d&f@m^laBt ilia mkt imll %h^ lati«t tlyst-t slit mtw th« 

49ifeMaf a^flaMi ^i»t ^i^v» wMi imtf little mkid in ^»r ^nmimim* 
Imi A^r^t^ iftid Imi wmtttd t^ »<it%l# iritlt t1l« plalstl rf HAS 

ifeMnrr ^is 0tl^.f^ mmm$ "t^s^n mM lif'laf «r&t^ b«r In^iliNaa ^ad 

ri&Xm&m to l)i{i«i«lf» if Mb 9^tk#f €iA mtt imm^mh him mam^ 
%& tettle i^tk ki« wi.f# %ii^ t%i« 0tli#]f iN»i»ia*« )iimi1sM t<» fr«iF«M 
a snaa^i^l t)i%.t the itfemtant ib&d AjdeM ]^«7 %^ ^mm t# »#« bey 
l^«ikus« sli« tpisated to t«ll tti4i witii#9« %tm% ^mt mm Hi&d »Rd« 

19 hi* Misd t# liHi^ir^iAiatiffi t^t hfi 1ia4 ai»t ^«a trnp^fy irl^ 
Niv| %%m.% %\m "mm aot a mmum #f litlg elitss} timt ^^ w«\it4 

iileis v©»ir «t«t to hm'wm %m «<»» jNif^mt»i f-mm 'hi« wlf« md i:«t 

a ^iToir«Mi| l^t 4«f^RMla»t wi^lil tliat ^x-thmr im^ !^i« «^it« w«t» 
i»t- «o»gi»iiilj t!ttt tfe«T« w#r(i a^ g3r»^««fe<i« f«>f a itif«^fMi| tbat 

«li« }£iM«r m&tMii^ iiJK»0ut th« &tli$ir iwMBia for a Idiig ti»a| and 
«lk«a th® »ltaa«s vtat to the aef?ni»»t in ^tumairy* ltld« ^ht 
4af«adyss| «mi set lli«m iMliig tv«ftt#d b? lia^s timt »ii« mm 
mu^Mp^ %% I9U to tVMtt <l9f^^sat*» 9Sir«i«al ecutditiea as 
a Ofeylatism SiAasiot iixaotiti^aat; tfeat aha w^n latar dlaalaaaA 
^ 1^ diafaM^at wl^ t*i«a tiq^lafaA aaatkar i^wtatitiasMit, i»^ 
tTaatM l»th tha Oaf «aA^itt Ra« plaintiff | titat tha plaiatlff 
aaa Taary aaxvex^ mA aaaid not «leap at aight| that sfea txaatai 
tha dafaailaiit ail tba tlaa i^il« the X»tta» aaa ai»y oa tfe« 
tTip ta Maaaa^ that at mm tiiai tha mtm^mX wtatad that 


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;t fA *r»^it i'^it 

1?l*l«tlff ma hlmmltm h0t for iit|mx»ti]ig Ji«y fTtm her but^tni^ 

ttm%td that pXa.intir:' m« »ot la Ajftfe^r*© «lst««; tMt th« im« 
t»«ii*li^ kltt &aa tlia.% afe« daa m% ap|»5f©v« »f tfe«ir sarrUgt^ 
«Ad «ft4»»«#i tfe^ «*|»iitftti«»iif tJMtt the aefta4?.at ^Id hw t^tit 
]ilaintifi*« ©c«m»#l «tiit«d tfent plmiiitlft would m&% «®cept 

for wlft «l«»d^in«itt aM tfeat tbiii t©g^tl*#3f wltfe tii© «Lli«a»- 
tl^i «mil iRl#t rm-^kt in n Mf iHwy^ if t^«r «»t iat9 odu^rt* 
mm- fwtthmif t#«tifi#d tMt tfe« ymp$m ip% tb# letter* tliat 

«li« Imi T«<i«iir«a. fSr««ai ^« ^ef^mmmt %f m^m^mtkim§ fe«n that 

«^ 1^*oM#t nil »he h&M hm p-mMmf Ismi 4m%mfmA nmtm ^t %h9 

%lm m%t tMt mhM hm )mm m^mmm ^f %li« itfemifi^iit of tsii- 
itti ftii imtm-tiii t%iat tii« ii^altr Qlmm% %M% Arthxat w%nt«d 
im flft4i« tii«r« ifeould Iwi ft dlirorcHi^ m« t» t]^ «ff«ot that 
l^imtiff 1B# f0i^idd«tt t» iMi%ti«ft i»Br •t lil« irtUttltiui nth 

IMT 3014 tb»,t thM 4.mim^mt mntm %lm plmimtift iu mM% «f 
dliroifci« %«» mmm$ hwt m,i6Mm mm»i ttet in th« l&t«7Yiffv 
■!» iMeid wtl^ Utmn mmnsXf, th« latt#T hma ««Kt#d l^tTe «M 
»o ^••ticm Isnst tteat tJi* d^ftiiamnt wi,« pdlt|r of mlitSAtlng 
tfe« »f feetlsn» ®f te;«R<» a^a fr©a pl&latlff . 

Urn. Xftvlmi M6it» ««ll»d 1^ tfcn plaiatlff. t««tf- 
fiiNI t^t ift i&rc^ ISia, A^e pvt a^ M in tli« m9mf for 
«ni&i03r««iit 1^0 a heu9^km»pm9, a« « r«!»tilt df whioh s^e «»• 
««^^y«d by the i«f«!idaat in that ©*p»oltr frvm tm1» tiir#« 
I that dwriag tliat tii* ^a t*X!t#<i irittj tb« d*f«a<liat 
1l«r a iattay timt «»«• f «« tfea 


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I«liia<l8 a&d wpom r«O0iYiiig it* 4M>fim4^n% fii^t«€ %Tmt it wm 

ff<6tt h«r Mft; thAt l3« w a ••puratt^ frea hl» wif«| thiKt tlM» 

wlt»t«i ttftt^d *t!mt i« ttto teA4P t9 n^ti^ %tm d#f9md&a% r«* 

pU9d *(l<m*t 9s^ fliat is too b&d. I do »ot mb»t liim to liT# 

witk t^i« w&mm tMe%u«« irlie is utt bl« «q«^1*$ timt tls* wiV* 

ftft«fi I<Mit«d at tbt 4tf amdant aad ask#d if tli« i»<»ii «&• i»f «§• 
fend th« d<»f t«d,aat f^^pliM thut h* wm»j t^mt h% h%d » TCff 

)li«| ft iP£>fklag ^tX$ %lim% i^ di^ m&t w%n% hXn to liT« with 
imti %hss.% %hn wits<»«« •« *iir» t^nt is t®9 ^mif^i t^t tii« 
dl#f6Bil»iit 0^t«d tliat t^m «»« ft MM-^ im90m &at f»y tli« 
iri^Mii»i to i^XHint aurthiaf l^at naat^d for tli® ^08«i| tbat 
^M «i^»MM3 I«ft th« iNi|>l.e]^«ot <»f Mt mm meeott; tliat 
w)iil« ft)Ni wa» tl^tr^ ^f^Mant y«fer^#d to tfe« plftlntlff »• 
*tli» ormturt* aM »tat4Ni tfeat «^« 4ia ft»t likt fe«y IdolES 
nmd dl«tn*t w^^t Iiot son to XiT« witli %«»} tMt if h« iia« 
diTot«#d ti« oould sarr^r % mtm»> ^^t w$m Mm t^nsnO.! tli»t 
1lii# «itiui«« ftsked if ^«ir« WMI i»iiif to 1i« » diirt^od a»d 
li»t ^to d«f€Maiit f<&Fliod #M iiopod oei tl^t th« wi%ii««« 
th«ft aidkod if Arthtiar'o wife «ao ft do«tmt# x^ftpoo^Oilft ii»—| 
^»t d«if#iid&et ftftid 9m fft^ fts fthe taa«« i^« «»#« but thftt 
iibt did «dftb t!i«f lEiMnr M^ittltliig about flftiatiff *• #ift»ft«tft^ 
difondsiRt ft^tftd «^ liftd i>i«xit|r of wmwmf to koop box nom mm^ 
mm lOfig ftft lie imnted to stftf • 

On OTOso-oxftiMiBfttioii ife« t<^«tified t%iitt olio dli 
not Imow the laalntiffl tiM&t th^ first oiko oht tolkod vith 
fthout tte oftftO oftft olHm Umi wm Mrvod hor with tbo mOffmmmi 
tliftt olio did aot kmam %mr uiroft found out thot oho kaov ftiqr** 
tkiftt ftWut tho oftso* msm further tootifiod thftt <mo tiaft* 


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Inui^iiil liitil ran ftwttr fr^n li««| tMt ha ild i»0t iwiit to vt4»* 
$mwt &®r| tfeat li# inmi m sm^mt*m Wfi im# of %%m^ rli^ 

j^M ^»1^ sls« mm %fe# ^«fesii«ii%»» ii^ft«i 4tam#t#!r| thm »fe# 
ItiNid itt l5iiM»«' wktll 9m wm vmtrlM^: in lf§f| %tet ml m« tinft 

ft]^ ilutt it mm UlA^tektlt t%.«t it n^uM %# ii«tti#d as iOmi 

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t»g«% m0mmm% ^hk^i ^ tlit aaf #i^tiit» #ma tl^t n^pr^tn^st 
■ma 0fftw^ ia «ir|.^m®# lif plsiiiitlf f ♦ % tli« t«f«« 0f tli« 
tuttrti Mfimtoiit** FjrettFtf wftii 'tia«(wii «f«ip' t© » t9mftt«#» 
1^««' if#yt ««iFtiMa pf^visi^^i «itit: r^r Arlltiop ?%-M it «»« 
•ifyeaaljr |?r«ifi4»d tfeat «u^ ^TOTisiaBS »li#-^14 ^ sail mt^ 
n^ m tff«tt if m ^mm mrtf msm. Mith. i. S'«i«irfr« 
ili» lM»i»g ^^ «i^yriM K^Mia t^bnw 3?4rr«r?«d to wkmit ikwtJmat 
«ii»tt4 t0 mwwy* Xt m« apf«#a ttot i0fm4.m%*n •«t»t« 

AM «»« llam« t&T 9Mf Judi^tttt tlsmt plaintiff »i#t ol»t?*iB 
in tli« 

9t» tilliwi S. itMk]«» i»« calleit by tfeft plalatiff 
iafi t«sitifiea tteifct h« sp^c^mlisffd la tterv«m» sa<i niental dia- 

»| tisat fe© tr«iit«<5 tfe« def«iida»t frw I9m to ltUl| tfeit 

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^ti» lmt%«T of t«m T«fferT#<l to her »«» A*tlsii»| tbat »h9 said 
i^ m^9 u^wTf tor hxthme on ftQommt of is^oir of harii^sty )mi* 
tv«#A hiii loaus Ilia %if«| ^ti.t i^# wm «|.«Mt%i8fi«d witli 

B. S0fft«t %m%ifU4. fm tls# pl&istif f , -:|lia% 

%h^% mtij^ i^Ni^t $!.»•• iai# miim0Mi&t M^%m sk^ 4U m% ntm 

«»ffaida«t f#pll«Nl iB tfe« aff Ij^atiwi tlisk* lb* 4#r«»«wit m» 
lit tli«^ n»st mur« in $wsm»%m(^ ^Ui «#«i| i^mt ^t ^nt^ tint© tlM 
iwrliM i^tmx U ^ «^1^ Ii«3p U mm op«m» ^t ^i<(l m% ia» 
iritt |il&iiitif f • CNi motliep ©«©«6«laa t^# 4itftiMi%at »0kiii to#k 
iMHT «®!ft una «a©%li«ir r«lmtl«tt %& wmm wnt^rtaianittl* ^t Hd 
m% imitm pli^im%iff$ %hm% At »a« tint tlt« wlta*«# ©ffv^^d 
to h«X9 iilaintif f IQ MB-kiAg 9mm mxrtmim m$a %h% a«f sfi^iit 
«^|«et4id to tliit* 

1^ OTo«««N»naaikfttioxi (Kh« t«*tified th^t 8h« hud tk 


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tiff* ^»B«$ti«ii« th@ deftndf.iit lifi^a o«« attltmMlt an^f ii!0«9tift«t 

^tmla^d by ptal»tiff taii prMuQed by feer on tfe*? ttial. fh«y 

l»ai^^ %hm% tM m^^t wm%^4 &xmm to lmr% lsi« irif«, it 

Is appa?«»% tfeRt tki »a^#F m» »t pl«si.«#^ witis, tit «wi.yrii^, 
l4» tl%^ ®^ ftlp«iili» $>3&mt mumm t%-«is^ •0'%# tlilift^ %& b# i;w«d 
l>r Aitliiaf asfl fel® wlf » in %#n#«ic##^iaf« fii# wTit«» ml>©«t 
A»tliu.r«# fmtfe#«'»s pfeymtafel mmA mm^l mmiUm %n4 ©f tli« 
fi%^ tl^.t li« 1» wtn^U m mttmA to ^^ftla#«ft 9M4l Bi&m^^t^ 
tlimt Artteaar mtmm to Clsi«ajp ^ tal£« ^aar^ «f it. 

nfttatiff t«iitlfis4 %m km mm Mtmlfa tljat ^« 
timt iit«t tli« il#r#mdtot In mm &% Peairty «md thmt ^a tli« 
ittlt, of the fo^l.l®wiag Oat^fee'jp, fli;» im* mwtimd »t that flse* 
to Arlliwi tliat %hgf Xivot lis mm(6t Ut it nuidior of ymuf 
•Stev ^#i]r iMynria^, ^r li^lmiia Wing «fti^ii4 la liuoiaooa 
t^x^, if«t«ml»f t® Cfai^Hio a,feo«t mOs t!ist teor Ituobaad 
»a.8 irojpy aijirotM t^ M«r \iatil &b@ttt t}i« y#mr ItlSj tbtt 
Arthur* « t^H^&w «aa «i«»t!i«^ip vlfflit«fl thm at DeaTOV ia tJto 
Bpring of ltO$# wli#M tli^y nwnaiaoA aofrefal iayti «t«i>pia« 
ata hotel* that la mQmamv, li04» plalatiff imd ooeatal^a to 
Oino to O^loago aad oaXlod oa tibt d*f«a^aBt at teo^ r««i4«M0 
la Mi«fei|^ aToaao; that alio aa€ h^t ImolteiKl toato4 «i apart* 
ii«ftt« aa^i tfeait t>»« itofo«4ii»t e«at tli<«sii aoao futnlturej t^t 
tlio tirttaiaat a»d. hoy li«»b«saa aj^aia Tl9ltf?4 tfeea la tfe*^ fmU 


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ham «e- 

«f liOf imt ^hm^t ft w»^ 8Mid tlmt ^urliif thai Tit It Xh9f 

fliiy«a «9afas a»i tfe« d^fta^at &ddlT«»«»d tlie plaintiff &« 
»»^«**, «»lt« i»r •litf*! that tJ*«i att4^i^NI * thmtm m^ 
nf^m %h^ d«tf#JSi^mt*« mmms^ U9m€ th« fUiatiff irmi ^i^tm 

m tfe*« at De^lTNi* iB ItOi, «%iiii tlie plmfmtif f W:* ti^fot* 
sffily iiwiy *^^i l')«»ir«i' in tl*« ii%tt a«^. «?m l>tir retufa t« 
l^ifflrt* »liii w%^pm§ Sk% ^imm »»^ mllM mpm. tl!# i®ft:ns(laat 
i^a tfe««r t&lM h^T Wm% irfell# «li# fm,« m 9tiiy#i', slNl 
wmA mtUut M4 ««l#«rli^ « ii|iayim#ttt im Mmm t^m^ pl«ii»- 
tiff »»4 hm ta^dsisa wti^ t© liir#, ffe# flMittlff tfeett ««• 
tfcil« 0t^t tints ttet ttM i&M ^F Imw^sa ^iii# to (M^^ 
a.igKl tfeat at %m ti8^ ,Ji^« feii^ytl t!»# t«ft^ »a.f ts 4rttar 
^»^t plmiEtiff mm *l«|j#«»im.t« ttet «i-# tii a#t like btip} 
li^t 1» imo plalaMff ^a4 Ij«t iKMitftm^i m&m4 ^ f^a«toii ^4 
lllv#4 i^^(ut i^ W^vi* froas tlif d#f«iid«-mt| tli^'t tb@ latter ii0ir#y 
isnt«a h«r t® <»©i« to Mt hmm$ tli#r#| tli^t tu« 4#f«si#wit»a 

tiff ffi^n la ^Itag© «fe-t w<mt "^ ««# ite dtfta^aat la aa «a* 
diaiiriKr t« ^?lag a^wt »a liat«i0iiA<»«« ©^aditl^s ia tli* fmailyj 
ttet %t tItRt %im tkm m:tmA«m% ^mtm t&« iai|i»l»^-»»ata#»a la 
tl»« f®»ll|r »@iild arr«y Im».t# airlatad. If i»,laiatlfT ^4 aat 
«ai^ lato tilt fmilfw. fh« witaeiMi tli«a det^lla^ atlier aAttara 
ipki«li la4l<mt«a ttet ttea ii^t1a«T-ti*«i*nr wta aat friendly t»» 
imria Ifeftii tfeftt tl^# il.«f#a#iiat i«ai la i^i»y ^iffaltli 9mi mk9 at 
Yaarlo^a iNNKplt^a* IMrHi im csinios^ soMi f%iXa^li>lilas tDat 
ifliil® tha ^f«»asmt a^a at tl^# litt#T plae«, Artfeuy't f»tha» 
Ilvad ^ith fialatlff at %hmi.t hm» until he dla4» itea fuftliat 
taatlfla^ timt Artlitur atstyaci away fyoa fe<>aa aoi^ tteaa fomaif*- 
ly aa/?. l«ft hew »h»Ba 8» 1915; tbat ^fy w^ira tfeaa liaiag la 


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tvmnmt^m and s1i« ooatimitt^ to ^^fm'pf %hw ptmtXB%» vmtll s#p» 

19I&» &»i iipokt to h»T Ktoc^ut lijrthtit ||.ettlag ® ,iivoro«| tb*t 

til© d«f ^H'^aat aaid Umt »li,« disi isttt «««^ h<&^0m ©ould litlj^ 
«att«7ai tltett 9hm »«fe«4 ^Xftintiff if sl^c did i^^l; thii^E 1% 
«»« It t©®4 j^laa foT plaintiff %m kxthwi to g® to ealltorai* 
t© g«t Arthur »«ay f3?^» ««T^,i» i&fltt«ii«N»«« t® wtiidj plala^ 
. tiff irr^liM in tli# ii«i&tiv«| tlmt anjrin^ tli® tl%« nit* Xivt4 
wll^ 4irtli%ijr »« kiu wlf« »fe« fes^a ^feinpf* ateijmiats in all of 
tii« laipge otoi^is in €ihle$igo« ^t th%i tleie^o v«if« dl««oiitiim«>a 
IB Wl&p ^m Ayt&aap wrot« tfe€ twttMn pmpl^ ttiat l»« wmld aot 

% 0»t0S9««xiimifimtl&» sli« »»4« r0fer#so« t& tiM 
fftot .tliat «!;« hB4 t#etlfl«4 in a s«pa3r»t# a&l»t#naD.e« imit 
w^iok s^ feiFTO#t mplBtt Attfetaop, %® fmrtfesir fottifloa t&tt 
t^ tl4 n©t kn&ir wfey tl^ ?3N?feii€3tat il»»ppTof«d of heT; that 
a»f«a4aist»o isoMis^t to«mrd plaintiff «*«# lioet of the ti9»» 
imtifQaiislJi^ timt la e«pti^1»«y, 1SI0, wM«fe. m# ii«^T« tfeaa t^-o 
j^9itn aft^f tl^e Instssit ons® im.« 'l>#fiia^ tlie i®f©ii>-i»flt m»% hmt 
at th« l^laer l©iiii# at |>l*i|itiff •« recr»»8* ^a^ tfe^t «Ko told 
t)to d«f«a&%»t 1^B.t noaothinf sl^oisid 1s« don* '^^r^Hsf ipl»lii» 
tiff oo^ia twi tiOtoa oatfo of I tMt tfe« 4^f®Mmat «t*t«€ Avthny 
blt»t4 hfr foy ovo-in^tteing, to irfei^ plt^latlff ropliod tbat 
9ho ^mxt^t htt\mt «&« oorrectf otliorvioo o^ would bAVO nrvoY 
^jfou^it tfe© inotaat oaoo ^lanlaot the d«!f«ii4smti that th« do- 
fdXMlfiiit €'t%t#-i that h07 "biuffiiieas affairs wert la »u<ib uhKf, 
^a aoooyai of th^ tTw»% agroomoBt* tha^t ohir oo^ld do oothittg 
vithl^hoir iAOCNM HiM^ i^^osa it on heroelf. fh« «?ltn««s thoa 
tostlflod to wKXtmm otiiot aootin^i with th« dofood^nt* ^m% 


'■& M 


W''i^:. ■?. .^ 

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<lf li^il'dlt w@F« u»|»l.«a«iftii%| tliftt «^:9i had » eonir^tsftticiii w&tb ilk* 

mnmrnXng A.tthwei %h*t tk« i»f«aaat aiili«d ^«jf if «li« h»A iMit 

ttfea^smt stt.k«4 btr wte% it mi mbmM «iM 1ife« plaimtiff iw^lltd 
all® ©®.ia4 ii#t tsillE i.i»^«t it, ife# f»rfc:fe.«ir t#stifl#d ttet »m 
tKmm mn* B^imttt m« mt %h0 mmm i»f %hm ©isamgi im A.Fti»ur«« 

OQiiti^etl l^t-t m^ im^mmmm ittiiur t<» Mrs* $«^irff is 191,4^ 
At a imaeiiit ©U«t t® wfct^ii tfe#y l»»l«»m»ii| tMt it is^ tls^i^ 

pt^Qttm nSt^t tfe« «l^is«3€# t® »##t at ^,t ii«ijli«iii» Ii«»flit9: mi^ 
tlmt ti^ 0,f »©li !«##tia^ ^mrm MM mt Ha?*. i@teMf •$ 'Ih»m»| 
■t&iit tfe# «ito##i gavi mn ^t@irt$lt»tmt 1»ut iitt m#t isi'it® 
13^* tiii»«ff| t^at tfe« tola fe#y feiwl»ii.ail t^%t »b« Xtft M^«# 
Siifeii.yff #»t ffe^rt Mi b^^. m p^#at «(^ IpMivii^ 
itiNiiiit %:m mei^lmB with, m^u 1» l^n #23il^ tli#.% tlft^irt «%« w6 
9mm talk ftfemit Air^Miy tMm i^m ISt# irtls«*ii| that m^ dl4 
Bat 09i^l&4ii, #f mm* i^NiTff •# »wlti-®t iritli Airtfemt mm ss^Tt 
l^ioa, a-^amt k#t ®a»it««t wltH, tB© otli^ir m#ii| th&% Kfs, Suteiff vim 
tlfe© w^mmM mmiBd 4a tfee ttu»t i^p-^iBi^ wNl* %|f tfe# dtf #»#&at| 

»f Urn, B^^rfli t^t MM. h^dm^mmX. mwMttmttmm witl» t^ 
4»fmmm% mt<0mn Oferlirlwwi. Xili, aM /ii^yil, 19U| tite^t im 
ligfcf^«^» 10IS» sh« liM «^ i«>iivfr*ati«i«i m% HFhlerls li®* ltl«%iitaA 
m« fat^wm^ mhmt t1»t ]r«ii«i^l «»f &> Imm mk ^« l)dm#« in 
irfel©1^ tfe^r li^«H^ tlist ^tthwt Btmtm Ijt «»« net g^i«« t» 
T«ii«w tfe« l«<k»#| fe« 'iPa* golag t© fst « «iTt»r©«| tfe«t ae- 
fmiiiBt tlNm r«^tt«rl««5 .Attlivar t© go to an a.ttoins«y»« offlo« 
Hfciii Hiiy utmld «#€ vlMit «(iul4 l»« ^otttt} t^t ^9 MfmMjiL% said 
t« FlmiEtiff, n^ kmm yon* winnafi i^m lyr«gaUt tad I 


«Efi« / i^i '/*•- 

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ii«T«r iMKpff ^hmsit 1%, mm mnithm wm ATtbuir. T^« platintlff 
9li« Im4 4r«t:t(iy«d m gr#t.t ttftny-': •f t^.e«« ^% %tyd w»t Aom m 

&mt% m<m m^tf Mf rnHm thm trial,,»tiff *fe«« %««ti- 
fi«<l. ^® fmytli^^ dar0«a-#xaia.*atloft tfens^l mh* if«at to B«nirtr la 
*p^ll, 31904» ta l>« *&rri.t4 U 4irtMr| tJs^t e1s« ^<t mt Xiw 

•ffiKr «feje«tiaaa of ®0«aiNil fm pUimtiSt* tm witit«»» tli«», 
•ftip 4!^J#<i%l0a« «i« im<|«i3rt4 t® 8titt« «li#T» i^« liir«a^ f^w 

ffe4i3f# «i^ al«a ^ifi^mA ta «irld*a©e »w«a l«ttei« 
INm^ «« fair as t1^# iaataat aaaa i« m^mrm^* 

mmtemlng tlt« ^>a^«r«atioa Im4 bataa#a plaiatif f aadt tht 

»a hm^ tmtBTte^, St -rfeic^it tiia« plaiatlff tmq%mB%md tlia* 
a^ttftthlif 'Nt doaa wl*««r«^ alia w^CH^ld l»a takaa mte at « aa4i 
tlia d« fend at rtfpli^ i^« a0\iia <la aatblag ^.ad tlmt Ajrt)»iy 
«auld da nathlag ae lia bail aaly aliat aa« glTaa ta hia tf 

^a daf «9M^t« 


"• t?*<^^"^^»rf.- *rfT .^ii^tf^L Ajm w^^fhr: " i^.'- .;?{ ^if^iv'-'r, •^/c -'■.r/f ^KVait 


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■« '.. f • b • ,. . > ' 

W^ f»iMi|0iltt9 WMi «^£iteit»iitlftllr All the tTidumM 
•ffereA 011 btlialf of th« tlaiatlff. 

Th* d»f«ii^s»% ©ff«r«d la •iri<lfa#« ««T9Ii lett«7t 

lXt^» Ji^ajr 6t}i* Attguit 0tb» 4iigwit 10tlat» Scpti^lHiT B9tli &»9 
0«t0t»««y 9th 3md Slst« 1$04« In th# first of th«8« It 1« 
sai4» iMaoaf oth«r tlilsg** * I te nH 9^ bow I mt& mtmt ^ 
r9#«»iolled %ti '/out m^TTttt.^ %0 bm$ ^m»n wl^^s mr kamr to to« 
liar ycmr lafftyidir • * • i^ 9irid« will aot let oo b* »«eo»» 
«il«d t® li«9 &T )>tT fi^jslljr* mna mSmltfm m^i3Bm% tlit sBurris«8, 
In tlift e#Qisiid« tli« ^iif^4asi W7ite« that Avt^nr** ffttlt«Y a#«4s 
Ikiit in hi« l3«uiiiM«« nad **S i^»ll f«#l tl»%t iri«i &y« mmml^ hBmt 
to fliO» if f%m n^rrf h»r« nM it i« a ocTio^ai ofiMittioii fts to 
n/hmum yoMT ^ty lioo*** the third l«ttOT i» to 1^« «ff«st 
t^t ArthttT'o fRtfe«r is fftlliag rspiaiy s^a^ tfcat irtl»ur sliould 
sotttm l)0«»* Za %h» ftmrth t^# d<ffrat$^«t st&toii alio o&mMH 
f»t oT«3r Arthur *o efl^^^ootion witk plaintiff snd o#rloo« hUk 
aot to M^rTr Imif bo^iuso otMi i«Mi not hio o«|oal la fiMRll|r, 
o<ittootio& or r»fi]i«i#itt« In t)%« ointli olio ogoim vritoo pioi»» 
tiff tb^.t 8li« ean:i^t f#«l tl^t Ills Kurria^ iritb ^XalBtiff 
ivould b« ^ppy} tls^t it ^<^o%}l^ h0 A olood oa hit life and 00 
liio poTOsto* llfo; that hi» fatlioT» too* fe€Xi ko^sly alsoyt 
^o aott«gr» @|)« %loo ro^^etod tii&t ^^lai&tiff ^toait aM 
toUi^ vith liOF* l3R tlie oortath letter tli^ writos to t^io of foot 
tlMikt AHIioir iMio »ot OooA frotdr oitli hnt ia fof oroaoo to ploia* 
tiff*o |aryoriois6 llfo; tbat ii^o «a4 Art!mY*e fotli«r &fro«d tiiot 
it would 1»o iNNHk not to sond out ai^ «iinouao«ai<mt omrdo* 

Aaaa B. Oobao^it oallod Or defeadtmt toetifiod tbat 

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f '^'^'^ 1 • 



•^ im« ei&.plo|r«<l »• * «i«i^iuili«»tt for tb# a#f«nd^iit tt^m 4«ts^t 

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